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Hot Spring Service by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

Once again, all Pokemon have humanoid penises.

Hot Spring Service

Wolf and his team were incredibly tired, it had been a long day of non-stop training. They had been training for a local battle royal and were dying for something to ease their sore muscles. Luckily, the town where the royal was being held had a hot springs called Sakura Hot Springs and the group was making their way there. Eventually, they made it and Wolf, feeling as though his legs were going to give out, ran over to the front desk and put his left elbow on it as his legs fell to the floor. A tsareena who was sitting in a chair looking at a magazine glanced up when Wolf’s legs hit the floor. “You know sir, most people ring the bell to get attention,” Tsareena remarked and pointed to the bell that was shaped like a cherry blossom. Toxicroak went up to the bell and dinged it while giving Tsareena a smirk. “Aren’t you just a funny one,” she snarked.


Begrudgingly, she put down the magazine and sat up properly in the swivel chair. “Here for a soak, or a full course massage?” she asked directly. Sandslash came up to the desk. “Are you giving the massage? I’d love to have you massage my claws,” he said alluringly. Tsareena stood up and slammed her hands down on the desk making Sandslash jump back in surprise. “No!” she yelled. “Look at these hands, do they look like masseuse hands to you!?” Tsareena then sat back down and corrected herself. “Um, what exactly is a full course massage?” Wolf asked. Tsareena scoffed indignantly. “It’s a manicure, pedicure, and body massage,” she proceeded to say with a smart aleck attitude. “We’ll just take the soak,” Wolf replied. “Unfortunately you came on a bad night, we’re absolutely packed!” Tsareena commented looking over at her guest book. “For real! Just when I needed my muscles soothed,” Machoke sighed heavily. “Can’t we just wait until a spot becomes available?” Wolf asked looking over at his upset Pokémon. “This is the last soak of the day. We aren’t a convenience store open all night,” Tsareena huffed.


A middle aged woman came out of the backroom. She had long dark hair with a cherry blossom clip in it. She also sported a white and pink kimono and a sour expression. “Tsareena, I’ve told you a thousand times to stop being rude to the guests!” she scolded. “I’m sorry about this, you see Tsareena belongs to my sister who runs a beauty shop in the next city,” she started before Tsareena interrupted. “And, miss blossom had the smart idea to trade their Pokémon for a week because Lilligant needed a vacation,” she said using air quotes and a whiny voice. “So while I’m here trying to make due in this ruins called a “town”, Lilligant is living the high life in the city!” She wanted to say more, but the woman told her to take a long break. Tsareena took her magazine, put her hands on her hips, and with her nose stuck up in the air walked out the front. En route she hit Sandslash’s nose hard. “Ow! What was that for?” he asked rubbing his nose. “For hitting on me,” she remarked as she pointed to the woman. “I’m on break so you can’t scold me for THAT!” The woman shooed her out before turning her attention to Wolf.


“Sorry about that. Anyway, while we are packed we do have the service springs available. It’s where a Pokémon comes and “serves” you. It’s a sexual option though,” she suggested. “As long as a spring is involved I don’t care!” Wolf said as he was given a pen. He wrote down his name in the book as the woman handed him towels. “The changing room is down this hallway. The mens is on the right,” she said pointing down the hallway. “Once you’ve stripped you can go down a corridor by the bathrooms to reach the hot springs hallway. You’re room 7, enjoy!” she said as the four departed.


While in the changing room the guys discussed what exactly she meant by serve. “Well, it’s sexual, that much is true,” Machoke said as took off his belt. “Yes, but what do they mean by sexual?” Sandslash responded as he flicked his cock with his claw. He and Toxicroak were already ready since all they had to do was take out their cock and ball sac and were sitting on their towels waiting for Wolf and Machoke. “Probably like blowjobs or nipple licks,” Wolf suggested as he took off his shirt revealing a nipple ring. “Wonder if I could get them to lick my feet?” Toxicroak pondered as he looked at the bottom of his foot blushing. “Depends on who you get,” Machoke replied as he took off his speedo to reveal his floppy cock. He then put his towel over his left shoulder and sat next to Sandslash on the bench. “I hope we get a girl, I’m not getting served by a boy,” Sandslash remarked. “Well, I think you’re out of luck as I read that all odd number rooms have male servers,” Wolf retorted as he took off his boxers leaving him nude. He then put all the discarded clothing in a locker. “Heh, must have known we had a party of three gay guys,” Toxicroak chortled much to Sandslash’s annoyance.


The four guys wrapped their towels around their privates and walked over to room 7. Upon getting inside they saw a large hot spring located in the middle of the room. A bench lined each side of the room, and a large kitchen cart was located in the left corner of the room. On the cart there was a large punch bowl, another large bowl filled with water, and bath oils lined the front of the two bowls. A charizard was looking over the cart before turning towards the group. “Hello there, come on in,” he said politely. He had his cock and sac hanging out, both of which were quite large. The group took off their towels threw them on the back bench and entered the spring. Charizard then handed each of them a warm, wet towel which they placed on their foreheads. “Let me know if you need anything,” he said as he sat on the back bench.


The hot spring was quite warm and relaxing. The group could feel all their sores flush away. Eventually Toxicroak asked if Charizard could lick his feet which Charizard obliged. Toxicroak got out of the water and sat on the left bench as Charizard grabbed his right foot and gave it a thorough licking. Toxicroak got turned on by Charizard’s smooth tongue glossing over his wet foot. He then changed feet as Toxicroak’s cock throbbed with excitement. Eventually Toxicroak started quivering and cried out as he started spraying warm cum on Charizard’s head. He then started stroking his cock as more cum came out. Charizard kept on licking, not even bothered by cum spraying on him. After both had finished Toxicroak apologized, “Sorry, having my feet licked gets me turned on.” Charizard laughed, “Quite alright, I live for this stuff.” He then took his towel and wiped the cum off him.


Wolf then asked if Charizard could suck his cock which again Charizard obliged to. As Toxicroak got back in, Wolf got out and took his place. Charizard started by licking Wolf’s cock nice and good which turned him on. He licked it up and down and even wrapped his tongue around it. Soon he started to suck it. Wolf could feel his cock getting warmed inside Charizard’s mouth as he sucked. Wolf put his right hand on Charizard’s head as he felt he was getting close to his climax. The climax hit and Wolf poured his warm, wet cum down Charizard’s throat. He pinched his left nipple as he shouted out in pleasure. Charizard then licked the top of Wolf’s cock causing him to shiver. Charizard then removed his mouth from Wolf’s cock as cum dripped from it onto the ground.


Charizard then went on to lick inside Machoke’s ass before getting Machoke to sit up and started stroking his cock with his hand. He then fondled his sac before going back to rub the cock. The sensation got to Machoke and he came onto Charizard’s hand as Charizard took his other hand and wiped a bit of the cum off the hand and put it in his mouth. “Quite good,’ he said to a blushing Machoke. Sandslash then asked if Charizard could massage his shoulders which he agreed to. “I thought you didn’t like being served by a boy?” Wolf asked. Sandslash sipped his wine glass full of punch. “I mean performing sexual favors, massages are fair game,” he corrected.


After the massage was finished they didn’t ask for any more favors which surprised Charizard as he was expecting non-stop asking. “You know, this spring isn’t too bad,” Sandslash commented. “Yes, and Charizard made it even better,” Machoke toasted making Charizard blush. “Just doing my job,” he said modestly. Wolf then looked at Charizard’s large cock. “Does your job allow people to serve you?” Wolf asked. Charizard was shocked, “Well, there’s nothing against it, however no one has ever asked. Why?” Wolf got out of the spring, “Want me to pleasure you?” Wolf asked pointing towards Charizard’s cock.


“It’s a nice offer, but I couldn’t, it’s my job to serve you,” Charizard protested. Wolf was persistent, “But, it’s a request, and besides you deserve it!” Charizard pondered it. “Well, it is a request and I would like a blowjob. Alright, go ahead!” he said as he relaxed back on the bench. Since Charizard’s cock was so large Wolf had to hold it up with both his hands. He couldn’t fit it in his mouth so he started licking it to cause stimulation. It worked, as soon Charizard was moaning softly. He licked the top of Charizard’s cock and even licked inside his cock hole. Charizard moaned and wailed as his cock throbbed uncontrollably. Wolf licked all around the cock, even lifting up his foreskin and licking the inside of that. Charizard then cried out as a stream of cum poured out his cock and all over Wolf covering him in the sticky, delicious stuff. Wolf caught some in his mouth and swallowed it. The cum was warm and sweet, although it left a spicy aftertaste. Charizard spurt out the last drop of cum before sighing heavily. Wolf stood up as cum, in large quantities, dripped off him onto the floor. “Sorry about that,” Charizard apologized. “Don’t worry about it, it actually feels great!” Wolf said. Then Toxicroak and Machoke got out of the spring and started licking the cum off Wolf which tickled him. They licked his chest, his nipples, and even his cock. Wolf then asked Sandslash to get out of the spring to present their “gift”.


Charizard was confused until he saw the four guys masturbating. All four cried out as they sprayed their milk all over Charizard, who enjoyed it. They even shot it towards Charizard’s mouth. On one comb over he opened his mouth and caught a spray in it. He swallowed it and gave the thumbs up. Once they had finished, Wolf, Machoke, and Toxicroak embraced Charizard who took his puddles of cum and poured and washed it all over them and himself before embracing them back. All four were covered in sticky cum, but they didn’t care. Machoke asked Sandslash to join them, but he jumped back in the spring. “I’m not as big of a cum guy as you four are. Much more of a pussy juice guy,” he said shrugging.


After what felt like an hour of embracing the four went in the spring (with Wolf requesting Charizard join them) and relaxed as the cum washed off their bodies much to Sandslash’s dismay. “You know, no one has ever done this for me before,” Charizard said. “Well, we figured you deserve a reward for such great pampering. You made this a night to remember!” Wolf replied. “No problem! Again, thanks for this reward you guys. I’ll always remember you!” Charizard said patting Wolf on the back.


Sandslash sighed, “Too bad I didn’t get a girl.” Just then there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Charizard said. A simipour opened the door, she had a towel wrapped around her. “Hello, is Sandslash here?” she asked. Sandslash jumped out of the spring. “That’s me!” he said. “Well, Tsareena told me about you. She said she wanted you to relieve your sexual energy and since I was free I took her offer to be your server. You’re lucky, it’s not every night you get two servers,” Simipour explained. “You really can do sexual favors?” Sandslash asked with excitement. “Of course, I am trained!” she replied. She then took off her towel to reveal her pussy which made Sandslash’s cock erect. She then took off her poncho revealing her boobs. She then sat on the back bench and asked Sandslash to lick her pussy. Sandslash obliged and started licking away. Simipour moaned as the others laughed happily. She then came as her juice splattered all over Sandslash’s face and into his mouth which he swallowed right away. Sandslash kept licking the pussy as Simipour patted his head. He then started precumming as he licked. Simipour didn’t seem to be in a rush to get to it as she knew the guys still had three hours in there as the service spring ran way past the final soak. Now that’s what you call service!

-The End-



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