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Brotherly Love (Rewritten series!) by rockruff_da_best_207


Author's Chapter Notes:

Honestly, this chapter came sooner than I expected, considering it ended up being longer than the prologue. I mean, hey, it's here so I'm not complaining haha. 

Enjoy! :3

Chapter 2

I felt so helpless. All I wanted was for us to start a new life together, and he gave it all up to go home. I wanted to chase him in that moment and fix all of this, but I knew any amount of convincing wouldn't change his mind. I wish he could see that what he was doing was wrong, that the only thing waiting for him back home is the opposite of what he believes. 

I turned back around. I got so caught up in the moment, I forgot Hannah was there. She must have watched the entire thing go down, or at least, the end of it.

"What happened? Where is he going?”

I paused for a moment, deciding if I should tell her the truth, "He...isn't coming with us”

"But he doesn't have anywhere else to go, where...where will he go?" she asked, her voice gradually getting more concerned. 

I was silent, "I don't know, but it’s probably for the best that we don’t try to convince him to come back. He wouldn’t listen”

Now we were both silent. At this point, she shut off the TV, but was still staring at the blank screen. 

"It's getting late, we should be heading to bed," she said softly.

I looked back at the door one last time before laying down next to the bed. 

"You can sleep up here, if you want," Hannah offered. 

I nodded, "Okay"

I jumped up on the bed and slept under the blanket with Hannah, hoping Isaac would make it back home okay. 


It was so dark, I would have been completely blind if it wasn't for the moonlight. As I continued forward back home, something kept bugging me in my mind to go back to the motel and wait until morning, at least then I wouldn't be so cold. I shook off those thoughts, knowing I've already gone as far as being in the middle of the woods. I knew it would take a while to get back home, even if I was going the right way. There was no turning back.

"He should have gone with me" I muttered under my breath. 

Saying that made me forget about the cold night, but remember why I was out here in the first place. I gritted my teeth.

“I should have convinced him to come with me, then he would have seen that he was only overreacting. I get he loves me, but for fucks sake, I’m not going across the fucking sea-”

I stopped. There was something rustling in the bushes beside me. As I turned to the bush, the rustling stopped. 

“Who’s there? Hello?” I called out.

The only sound I could hear now was my heart pounding against my chest and my heavy breathing. I tried focusing on the bush to see if I could make anything out of it, but it was so dark I could barely see the bush itself. As I was looking, I caught a glimpse of a pair of frightened eyes staring back at me. 

“Hey...come out, it’s okay” I said in a calmer voice.

Slowly, a dark silhouette walked out of the bush. I could barely make it out, but it looked canine-like. All I could see was their orange and red eyes. 

“Are you lost too?” said the canine. They sounded a little younger than me.

“I...think so. You sound pretty young, where are your parents?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I woke up a week ago and they were gone.” they said.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you just been out here all by yourself?”

“Yeah, but I have a special place where I go at night, I was trying to get there now but I ran into you. Would you like to see?” they asked.

“Um...yeah, sure. Lead the way” 

I followed them off my initial path. 

As we were walking, I felt like I had to ask, “How old exactly are you anyway?”

“Eleven” they responded, “since two weeks ago, actually. How old are you?”

“Thirteen” I said. 

“Oh, you’re much older than me, I thought you were going to be my age too. Oh well”

After a while, we finally came across a little campfire that was almost out. There seemed to be a treehouse behind it. 

“Here we are! Oh, let me get this real quick” they said.

They went off into the woods for a bit and came back with some sticks. They placed it over the dead fire and started blowing on it. The fire was back to life, and with that, I was able to see that who I was following was a poochyena about my size. Despite what I can imagine he’s been through, he still looked very innocent.

“That’s better,” he smiled. 

“So...this is where you’ve been staying?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty neat. Oh, before I forget, my name is Charles, but you can call me Charlie” he said with a smile.

“Huh, Charlie, okay. My name’s Isaac”

“Do you wanna see my treehouse, Isaac? It’s pretty cool” he offered.

With a simple nod, he brought me up into his treehouse. In the corner were a bunch of leaves grouped together to make a bed with a pikachu plushie sitting right next to it. There was a flashlight hanging from string taped to the ceiling, which served as a light source.

“Here it is! I hope you like it, I made it all by myself!” he said, wagging his tail.

“Damn, all by yourself? I don’t think I could ever put something like this together all by myself, that’s really cool” I said, looking around a little more.  

He giggled, then yawned. 

“Well, it’s night time, we should be heading to sleep” he said.

He laid down on his makeshift bed, then beckoned me to sleep next to him.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, there’s plenty of room!”

There wasn’t a whole lot of room, but I laid down next to him anyway. Despite how it looked, the bed was actually quite comfy. As I was closing my eyes, I heard him clear his throat. 

“Um...this is a pretty weird question to ask, but...c-can I cuddle you? It’s not the same with a plushie” Charlie asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine with it,” I said.

I felt his arm and leg wrap around as he snuggled his face behind me. He was so warm, so soft. I started thinking about Max again, and how we used to do similar things. We would cuddle each other every night, then it would inevitably turn sexual. He would press his dick behind me, sliding it down to my butt, then penetrate me slowly. I remember how good it was to feel him inside me. I felt something press my back, then jerk away. 

“Ah, sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to,” he said quickly.

I opened my eyes to see I had a boner. I blushed and turned around to see what he was talking about. I blushed even more as I saw he had a boner too. 

“I-it’s okay, I should be the one who’s sorry” I said after turning back around.

There was silence for a moment.

“Can I be honest?” Charlie asked.


“I uh...kinda got hard in the first place because of you. I saw you were hard too and  I...just couldn’t help it” he said.

“Ah, that’s alright. I mean, I was only hard because I usually cuddled with my boyfriend, and it didn’t take long for us to get sexual with it”

“Oh, I see.” he said.

We were silent a little longer. 

“How comfortable would you be if...we got sexual with this?” he asked.

I started blushing again. Was this innocent boy really offering to have sex with me? I mean, I noticed while I was looking around the treehouse that his plushie had a hole where it’s butt should be that looked pretty stretched, so maybe he isn’t as innocent as he leads on. 

“Erm, I mean, if you really really wanted to...I wouldn’t mind it too much” I said. 

The next thing I knew, he moved himself completely on top of me. I blushed even more, not knowing what to do. I’ve never done this with anyone else before, especially someone I barely know. He leaned towards me and kissed me gently on the lips.

“Um...let me know if I go too far or anything. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” he said, looking away. 

I turned his head back towards me, “Heh, you should worry more about me making you uncomfortable.” 

I kissed him. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. Being the horny bastard I am, I had the thought way in the back of my mind, but I never thought we would actually do this about an hour after we met. As he pressed his tongue into my mouth, he moved his paw down to my cock and started jerking it. He stopped kissing me and moved entirely down, then gave the tip a little kiss.

“I’ve only ever done this once with a friend, so I’m sorry if I seem...inexperienced” he said, and started licking my dick.

After giving it a few more licks, he let the entire thing into his mouth. I could tell he was right about only doing it once since his teeth kept poking my dick. 

“Ah, w-watch the teeth” I winced.

He opened his jaw a little wider, giving a little more space between my cock and his teeth. Every so often I would feel his teeth again, but I didn’t mind that too much. His tongue felt even warmer against my dick than it did in my own mouth. If he kept this up, I’ll cum for sure. I told him to turn his body around, to which he did. His tight butthole was facing me, making my cock throb even more.

I raised his cute butt up, revealing his hard cock. Knowing I couldn’t help myself, I started sucking it. His cock was throbbing in my mouth, his pre was dripping on my tongue. I just started sucking him off, there’s no way he’s going to cum already. Yet, a few seconds later, I heard his moan muffled by my cock as he filled my mouth with his salty seed. Despite being a little disappointed, I thought it was really cute that he barely lasted long. 

“Hah~ Sorry I didn’t last too long” 

“That’s okay, but I’m not done with you yet” I grinned.

I stood up, keeping his butt in the air. I got up on top of him and pressed my cock against his butthole. As I pushed deeper into him, I could feel just how tight he really was. Was this what it was like for Max when it was my first time? Charlie let out a moan as I finally pushed my full length inside him. 

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Amazing, k-keep going” he said.

I started off slow, worried I might hurt him at any other speed. Even if I wanted to, he felt so tight, it would have been difficult to go any faster. His cute moans filled my ears as I continued to penetrate him, increasing my speed little by little. I could tell he was loving this more and more, as was I, but there was this feeling that was lingering in the back of my head that I couldn’t quite grasp what it was. It wasn’t a good feeling, and I tried my best to ignore it. 

“Aah, you feel so good!” he moaned.

I felt like I was getting close. I went faster, enjoying his asshole getting loose as I was fucking him. His moaning was getting louder and more consistent, my thrusting was getting faster and harder, the feeling I tried ignoring was growing more and more.

“Ah, ffuck!” I moaned as I came inside him.

I held on to him, shooting rope after rope of cum inside. As I did so, I realized what that feeling was I kept pushing back: guilt. What would Max say if he saw me cheating on him with someone I barely know? The more I thought about it, the more I felt terrible. I pulled out as soon as I was done, too lost in my head to say anything. 

“Haa~ that was great!” Charlie said, laying back down.


I laid back down with him.

“Well, I’m exhausted, we should  get some sleep,” he sighed.


There was silence. As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt Charlie cuddle up next to me. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I didn’t say anything. Max won’t know, right?


As I woke up, the first thing I noticed was Hannah was gone. My heart started racing as I looked around the room to find her, only to see her come out of the bathroom naked. 

Seeing I was awake, she tried to cover as much as possible, "Ah, sorry, I thought you were still asleep!"

"I-it's okay" I said, embarrassed and covering my eyes.

I heard her scurry around the room, hopefully to find and put on her clothes. After a bit, she finally said it was fine for me to open my eyes. When I looked up, I saw she was wearing a red dress this time. 

"Heh, sorry again for that. I'm used to being alone, so I just walk out naked after taking a shower without having to worry too much. I thought I could get away with doing that again while you were asleep" she explained. 

"I understand, don't worry" I said. 

There was an awkward silence. I was trying to think of something to say to make the situation less awkward. 

“So...wanna get breakfast before we leave? There’s a diner nearby that makes really good pancakes” she asked me.

The sheer mention of food made me realize just how hungry I was. 

“Of course, I love pancakes,” I said, my mouth watering.

With that, we left the motel and into her car. There was trash scattered in the backseat, and the entire car smelled like fast food and syrup. 

“Heh, sorry about the mess” she apologized.

“It’s alright, I don’t really mind it all that much anyway” I said.

As I buckled myself in the passenger seat, she started up the car and drove off. The radio was playing punk rock music from, something that surprised me, one of my favorite bands. 

“It’s weird,” she said suddenly.

I looked at her confused, “what is?”

“Everyone else I had met always seemed so judgy, including my ex, but you seem to be the only one who doesn’t seem to care what I do or say or anything like that. I just assume you were trying not to be rude, but that’s honestly better than how people have acted towards me.”

“Honestly, I really don’t care how you live your life. It’s yours, not mine. I don’t know what your life has been like, but I think you just had bad luck with the people you met, because if you think your life is weird or the way you live it is weird, I bet I can find someone who’s life is WAY weirder than yours! I mean, I-”

I stopped myself. 

“...N-nevermind” I mumbled. 

We were silent yet again. Looking out the window, I failed to notice how grey and gloomy the sky was. I thought about Isaac. I wonder how he is doing...

“Welp, we’re here!” Hannah said. 

I snapped out from my thoughts, seeing the diner as she parked up front. Hannah noticed the gray sky when she got out.

“Today doesn’t look too good, hopefully things will be better once we get to Alola.” she said. 

We walked inside. There weren’t as many people as I thought there would be. The entire place looked like somewhere old people would go for breakfast and dinner, and it didn’t help the diner’s case that some of the people I mentioned earlier were seniors. The walls were brown, the floors were polished redwood, and the entire place smelled like bacon. 

“Yeah, this place is a bummer, but trust me, their pancakes are worth it” she whispered to me. 

I sighed, hoping she was right. After taking our seat and ordering our pancakes, we had a lot of time to talk before we could eat. Hannah looked like she had something on her mind.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I just…” she was quiet, like she was choosing her words carefully, “what happened last night between you and your brother that made him storm off like that?”

I felt my heart racing. I know I should tell her the truth eventually, but I felt that now wasn’t the best time, especially in public. I took a deep breath.

“Well, it’s complicated, but I’ll explain it when we get to Alola.” I said.

She nodded and looked out the window beside us. I was dreading this moment since Isaac left, but I knew it was going to happen eventually. The waiter who took our order came back with two plates, each carrying a stack of fluffy pancakes. My mouth watered as he set them down on our table.

“Enjoy” the waiter smiled and left.

Without hesitation, I grabbed the top pancake of the stack and started devouring it. Once again, getting lost in my head made me forget how hungry I was. After eating half the pancake, I stopped and realized that Hannah was right: these are amazing!

“Holy crap, these are the best pancakes I have ever tasted!” I exclaimed with my mouth full. 

“See, what did I say? Totally worth it” she said proudly as she dug into her own food. 

By the time I got to the last pancake, I was feeling completely stuffed, and from the looks of it, Hannah was too.

“I don’t think I can eat another bite,” I groaned.

“Yeah, same” she agreed. 

“Should we go now?”

She nodded and left the money on the table to pay for the food. We got up and left the diner. Looking up, I saw the sky had become clear and blue. Once we got in the car, Hannah started it up and drove back to the motel. 

Chapter End Notes:

I wanted this chapter to have a different ending, but it would have made it longer than it needed to be, so I just left it where it is now and have the next chapter have the ending I am planning. 

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and be on the lookout for the next one in the future!

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