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Shower Surprise by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

As per usual, all pokemon have humanoid genitalia. 

Shower Surprise

Tom had been on the road to Dendimite Town for quite some time now. He had made a wrong turn at a fork and ended up hiking up and down Red Iron Mountain. After almost three days in the mountains he had finally gotten back on course and was nearing Dendimite Town.

As he walked he came across a large building which had a sign on it. Tom read the sign and it told him that this building was a communal shower that any person or Pokémon could use to wash off in privacy. Tom was hesitant to go in since he didn’t feel comfortable being naked with other people as he didn’t like being so exposed to others. After smelling himself over he decided to go in for just a quick wash down. He went over to the men’s side and before taking off his clothes peered into the showers. No one was there so Tom hastily tore off his clothes, put them and his bag in a locker, and quickly ran into the shower room.

Tom turned on one of the showers and began rinsing himself off. He was quite dirty and sweaty from his long hike and the hot water felt nice on his body as it splashed against it. As he rinsed off he could hear people chattering in the locker room which froze him in place. He carefully walked over to see who had entered and noticed they were Pokémon. A rillaboom with his cock and sac hanging out held a locker door open as a pansage took off his pants (leaving him bare from neck to feet excluding his tail) and curled them into a ball preparing to throw them in. A zangoose and thwackey watched in anticipation as thwackey took the branches out of his hair. All three had their cocks and sacs hanging out loud and proud. Pansage threw the pants and they hit the back of the locker. He cheered loudly as the other cheered and congratulated him, high fiving him even. Tom then quickly went back to his shower and stared down intensely hoping they wouldn’t notice him.

As they entered they did indeed notice Tom and took the showers near him much to his dismay. Tom started blushing intensely and covered his crotch with one of his hands as they rinsed off. Wanting to get out of there quick, he hastily took the body wash bottle from the shower rack, put the bottle in front of his crotch so he could squeeze liquid into his other hand, throw the bottle back on the rack while keeping the hand on the crotch, and started rubbing the body wash in. However, with only one free hand Tom found it difficult to rub it in hard enough to cause it to lather.

“Hey dude, want me to rub it in?” Rillaboom asked while rinsing off his cock.

“No, I got this,” Tom said quietly. Now that they started talking to him there was no quickly getting out.

“Are you self conscious about your cock size? We don’t cock shame,” Pansage said while rinsing off his armpit.

“No, just timid,” Tom answered as he looked at Thwackey brush water through his hair.

“Hey, it’s fine with us. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable,” Zangoose told him.

After Zangoose said that, Tom felt a bit more at ease and started to open up a bit. He then asked Rillaboom if he could spread body wash on him which he accepted. Rillaboom put a large amount on his hand before rubbing his hands together and using them to rub the wash in. Despite his large hands he was quite gentle with his rubs which made Tom relax and made him feel good about removing his hand from his crotch. Rillaboom lathered up his body quite nicely and even did his cock, sac, and nipples, which he was extremely gentle with. Tom thanked Rillaboom for his service and went to wash it off.

“So, where are you headed? Saw you had a backpack,” Thwackey asked lathering his crotch.

“Dendimite Town, no particular reason just felt like going there on my tour across the region,” Tom answered.

“I see, how many places have you been to so far?” Thwackey asked again.

“Quite a lot in the five months I’ve been travelling. I’ve come across so many amazing places that I never even knew existed! Anyway, what’s up with you guys?” Tom asked back.

“We’re just a ragtag group of Pokémon who live life in the wild. We figured we could use a bath and decided to come here,” Zangoose said as he rubbed body wash into his fur.

Rillaboom went onto explain that they all met while helping Pansage fend off a pack of manectric. Once the four got to know each other they decided to stick together, for it was safer in numbers. As the four stuck together they started to bond and got to know each other on a personal level. Eventually, they no longer stuck together out of safety but because they genuinely cared for one another. Tom was amazed by how they stuck together being wild Pokémon of different species. He then realized that maybe if he was with confidants he wouldn’t feel awkward about being fully exposed in front of others.

As he pondered that idea he looked over and saw Pansage and Thwackey making out under Pansage’s shower. Tom was quite surprised by this and asked Rillaboom if this was normal.

“Yes, this is quite normal. See, we like to show our affection for one another through sex. Though, we usually do it in private, but I guess the steam got to them. I can get them to stop if you want,” Rillaboom answered.

Tom said it was fine as he didn’t want to stop them since they seemed quite into it. In fact, Tom was quite into it too as well as turned on by it. He could feel his cock throb with interest and Tom couldn’t make it go down. He then asked Rillaboom if he and him could make out to get rid of the heat. Rillaboom was happy to oblige and the two wrapped their arms around each other. Once they did they started passionately kissing. Zangoose, who was sandwiched between the two couples, decided to give himself some pleasuring and began stroking his cock.

Tom had never made out with a Pokémon before, but he didn’t feel nervous as he made out with Rillaboom. His embrace was so tender that it made all his nerves melt away. The two then started kissing more fiercely as Thwackey and Pansage did the same not wanting to be outdone by them. Eventually Tom and Rillaboom broke the kiss as Rillaboom caressed his hair while still in the embrace.

“Could we do something more?” Tom asked shyly.

Rillaboom kissed Tom’s cheek, “Sure, you lead, I’ll follow.”

Tom instructed Rillaboom to get on all fours while he got his cock ready to go inside of him. Rillaboom did just that as Zangoose turned his attention towards them. Pansage and Thwackey then stopped kissing when they saw Rillaboom on the ground and looked over to see what was going on. Tom wetted his cock and once it was nice and slippery he inserted it into Rillaboom and began thrusting. Rillaboom moaned as he felt the cock rub up against his insides. Tom then moaned softly as his cock got stimulated by the tightness of Rillaboom’s ass. While this was happening Pansage and Thwackey joined Zangoose in the cock stroke, clearly liking what they were seeing.

“Damn, this is fucking hot!” Thwackey cried as he stroked his cock faster.

Soon the intensity of the thrusting got to Rillaboom and he cried as he cummed onto the floor. Tom then joined him as he poured his warm cum right into Rillaboom. He moaned happily as he felt the warm cum rush right through his ass. Soon the audience joined in the moaning as all three onlookers cried with pleasure as they sprayed warm milk straight up in the air and all over themselves. Eventually Tom finished and took his cock out of Rillaboom. He then began licking all the cum that had spilled onto his ass.

“Hey,” Pansage said tapping Tom on the shoulder. “Think we could do something?”

Tom nodded at him and once he was finished cleaning he got on all fours and asked Pansage to cum inside him. Pansage happily agreed and once getting his cock ready he placed it inside him and began thrusting. While the two moaned in unison, Thwackey was on all fours sucking Rillaboom’s cock while Zangoose thrusted into him. Pansage and Tom then hit their climax simultaneously as the two shot out their cum, Tom’s onto the floor and Pansage’s right into Tom’s ass. Rillaboom then cried out as his cum poured into Thwackey’s mouth who gulped it all down. Zangoose then shouted as his came into Thwackey. Thwackey was quite enjoying the cum tickling his throat and streaming down into him.

Once all four had unloaded their loads they took their cocks out and sighed heavily as they relaxed back. Thwackey wiped the cum off his mouth and licked it off his hand. Tom then asked Zangoose if he could make out with him which he agreed to. As the two laid on the ground making out and embracing each other Tom couldn’t believe what he was doing. He also was amazed that he went from being afraid to be exposed in front of them to swapping cum with them. Never in his life had he ever been this comfortable around others fully naked. While he didn’t care why that was he figured it was due to the fact that these guys weren’t as rowdy as other guys he had been naked with.

The two finished their kiss before standing back up with the others. Rillaboom then went over to Tom and bent down on one knee. He then started licking one of Tom’s nipples. Tom shivered as his nipple was quite sensitive and having it licked made him get goosebumps all over. Zangoose then got down on one knee as well and began licking his other nipple. All the stimulation was getting to Tom and he started squirming in place and then started cumming onto the floor. Thwackey and Pansage, not wanting to be excluded, went into front of Rillaboom and Zangoose respectively and started licking their cocks and sucking on their sacs. The two stoically kept on licking as their genitals got played with.

Soon their tongues got tired and stopped licking which was a sign for Thwackey and Pansage to stop as well. By this point, Tom was getting tired and was up for just one more round. He told the guys this and Zangoose said that he got a great way to end the sex session.

He got on all fours and started sucking on Tom’s cock while Rillaboom thrusted his cock into him. Pansage sucked on Zangoose’s cock while Thwackey gave him a footjob while rubbing his own cock. Everyone moaned loudly as their cocks got stimulated. Tom in particular moaned with satisfaction as Zangoose sucked on his cock. He was loving the warmness of Zangoose’s tongue on his sensitive cock. Eventually Rillaboom hit his climax and shouted as he poured warm cum right into Zangoose. This set off a chain reaction as not long after Tom came as well and poured his milk right into Zangoose’s mouth who drank it all up with vigor. Once all the cum was swallowed Zangoose took his mouth off of Tom’s cock so he could scream as his own cum poured into Pansage’s awaiting mouth. Pansage took it all in and even licked the little slit to get all the stuck cum out. He then took his mouth out to yell as he sprayed his cum all over Thwackey’s feet as the latter sprayed his own cum onto Zangoose’s chest. All continued to moan as they tried to get the last bit of cum out of their cocks.

After the last bit got licked or squirted out Rillaboom removed his cock from Zangoose as the others removed their body parts from the cocks. They all then realized that they needed to shower again and so to get it done faster lathered each other with body wash and shampoo before standing under their respective shower to wash it all off. Once completed they turned off their showers, grabbed a towel, and dried off in the locker room.

They chatted for a bit before getting dressed and concealing their cocks. Tom asked the guys what they would do now.

“I dunno, just continue forest life,” Pansage said unsure how to really answer that question.

Tom nodded and grabbed his bag preparing to leave until Rillaboom stopped him.

“Would you be up for some company on your journey?” he asked.

“Sure, it does get quite lonely travelling by yourself. Why ask?” Tom responded.

“Well, see, we kind of like you and it gets boring living in the forest even with sex. So we figured we could join you and we could all stick together,” Zangoose said.

Tom agreed to their request much to their delight and they all walked out of the communal showers together as a unified group. As they walked down the path Pansage jumped on Tom’s leg and climbed up and onto his shoulder.

“So, where are we headed after Dendimite?” he asked curiously.

“Thinking about visiting the Sunrise Falls, how does that sound?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter to us, we’re just happy to see new places,” Rillaboom said as the others concurred with him.

“Alright,” Tom said excitedly.

It didn’t matter to him either; he was just happy to have people to share the journey with.

-The End-

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