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A Priceless Investment by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

The anthro Pokemon have humanoid hands, nipples, and genitalia. However, their feet are similar to that of their non-anthro counterparts (design wise).  

A Priceless Investment

Tongari was a backpacker who left his life with his socialite family to wander the world aimlessly. On his journey he had come across the Miljon Plains which was a 6.5 million km₂ area of land that was comprised of six large villages with the largest one containing the queen of the Miljon Plains. Tongari had never heard of the plains before and was excited to see what they had to offer.

To his surprise the Miljon Plains acted very similar to that of a country. It had its own flag, economy, rules, and most peculiar of all it even engaged in trade with the Moda Plains since both were comprised of anthro Pokémon, with the only difference being the Miljons forgoing clothing. In addition to lacking clothing Miljon’s villages were first world rural villages as opposed to Moda’s first world urban cities. Miljon also lacked motor vehicles, but were a lot cleaner for it.

The currency of Miljon were coins, not Miljon coins or anything, rather just straight up coins. When Tongari went shopping at the stores he was shocked by how many items he could get with the collection of pennies he kept in his change pouch. He was also amazed by the items he could buy, a frying pan, a dish, and even fine jewelry. When people saw how many pennies he had they called him rich and treated him with high respect which Tongari took too well to.

After exploring all six villages Tongari left the Miljon Plains to keep exploring the world. After two more years of traveling Tongari decided that maybe it was time to settle down and find a place to call home. He decided to make Miljon Plains his home, while he was no anthro Pokémon the residents didn’t seem to mind his presence regardless of his wealth and were used to backpacking humans spending time there. After finding an exchange shop that would trade for pennies he exchanged every last dollar he had and got it all in pennies, much to the ire of the person doing the exchanging. Once he got all his pennies he went to Miljon and after stripping off applied for citizenship which was finalized a day later.

Since he was technically rich by Miljon standards he ordered the building of his new home. Despite his smugness two years prior he built a modest house as he didn’t really have many items to move in. That, and he was used to being a minimalist and felt he’d get stressed out in a larger house. While they built his house he asked one of the workers what wages were here, they said it was minimum four coins an hour. Once Tongari had gotten his bills and worked out expenses he realized it was more than enough to cover the basic cost of living.

After he got settled in and everything he decided to help the economy of Miljon by spending the coins he had, as well as to keep his social status buzzing. While at one of the café in his home of Azure Village he met a cute looking Machoke who was a server there. After exchanging pleasantries he asked Machoke out on a date which he agreed to. Soon the two started dating and eventually engaged and married.

Tongari took well to married life and he and Machoke were quite happy together. A year into their marriage Tongari decided that he wanted his wealth to be sustainable and decided to get into a business venture. When he told Machoke this he was quite baffled and couldn’t understand why an essential millionaire would want to get more money. Tongari answered that he wanted to work for something rather than just laze around allowing his wealth to take care of him. That, and he was a bit worried around the prospect of running out of money. Machoke didn’t buy the latter since Tongari hardly bought anything non essential, but liked the idea of him and Tongari working to make money since he had been finding it difficult adjusting to not having to work for things like he had been before his marriage.

After spending countless days deciding on what business to get into he decided to grow an assortment of berries and make mixed berry jam. He built a space on his property specifically for gardening and after buying the seeds him and Machoke planted them and eventually they grew into fine looking berry bushes. Once they harvested them they promptly turned them into jam. At first they sold them via stands near the center of the village and once they proved to be popular they made a deal with a midday lycanroc who ran one of the general stores to have them sold in his store. Selling them by his store proved to be quite profitable and Tongari wanted to expand to the other general stores and stores where jam went well with what was being offered. All turned him down though, not wanting to sell out to a rich local. Tongari wasn’t bothered by this as it meant less stress in making the products.

Eventually they decided to get some help in the form of a houndoom who was looking for work around the village. As Tongari and Machoke got to know Houndoom better they slowly started to gain an attraction towards him. Tongari steadfastly tried to deny his feelings as he wanted to remain faithful to Machoke, however Machoke pointed out to him that in the Miljon Plains it was legal for a person to have up to three spouses though most stuck with just one. After realizing this he and Machoke were more open to Houndoom about their feelings and to their surprise Houndoom replicated them. The three then started dating for a while before Houndoom married Tongari and Machoke.

Two years had passed since Tongari and Machoke married Houndoom and the business was thriving. Not only had their orders from Lycanroc’s store doubled, but Houndoom’s father, who owned a gardening shop, decided to relent on his stubborness and sell their jams wanting to support his son’s efforts. They also expanded their range by mixing two types of berries together much to the delight of the consumers who wanted a change from the usual mixed berry. The three of them had certainly made a name from themselves in Azure Village.

One Saturday morning Tongari decided to make a day trip to Quintell Village, the biggest village in the Miljon Plains, to attend the Saturday Market Trade where all items being sold were for trade. He decided to take three jars of jam with him since he wanted to have other people try their creations. As he was putting the jams in his cloth shoulder bag Houndoom tapped him on his shoulder.

“Could you take this with you? I really want someone to be able to enjoy this,” Houndoom told him presenting a red cloth scarf he had made.

Houndoom was a creative soul and liked to create things for use around the house. Recently he started making scarves out of pieces of cloth he found at the craft store which were incredibly airy and quite fashionable. He had wanted to make them from fleece and yarn, but since Miljon Plains was a place with either warm, cool, rainy, or stormy weather wearing scarves made of heavy material was not exactly a great idea so he adapted.

Tongari said he would gladly take it with him and once he wrapped the jars in the scarf he kissed Houndoom goodbye and told him he’d call them when he was leaving so they could start dinner.

“Sounds good, and maybe if you feel like it we could have a little dessert,” Houndoom said winking.

“Better make sure tonight’s dinner is enough to regain my energy,” Tongari teased.

As Tongari left the house he called out to Machoke who was busy scraping the soil in preparation for the next crop. Machoke put down his hoe and went over to his husband. Tongari told him he was leaving and would be back soon; after he and Machoke embraced and kissed each other farewell he went on his way as Machoke went back to scraping.

The walk to the market was quite long since the villages were quite large in scale but Tongari didn’t mind. While he did have a bike, three in fact, as well as a pedicab, he didn’t want to use them as being a former backpacker he was used to walking long distances.

Eventually he made it to Quintell Village as well as the Saturday Market Trade. It was quite a busy place, but he still managed to browse every shop thoroughly. None really caught his eye until he came across a small stand that was run by a boltund who was wearing a very tattered scarf and was quite dirty looking. He was selling a variety of rocks that looked as if they were hand painted. Tongari came up to him and browsed his ware.

“See anything you like?” Boltund asked while darting his eyes around.

“I do quite like this rock,” Tongari told him pointing towards a rather large rock.

The rock was painted pink with four hearts, which were colored maroon, black, yellow, and green. The hearts surrounded the word love in the middle.

“Just painted that one today, I can trade it for some food if you have any,” Boltund said.

“Well, I have jams, but I don’t consider that food food,” Tongari admitted.

“It’ll do,” Boltund said.

So Tongari took one of the jams out of the scarf and gave it to Boltund who gave him the rock in return. Boltund then opened the jar and began eating the jam.

“Boy, you must be hungry,” Tongari commented.

“You bet, I haven’t eaten since Thursday,” Boltund said scooping the jam out of the jar and into his mouth.

“It’s homemade and mixed berry,” Tongari stated.

“No wonder it taste so good,” Boltund said scarfing it down.

Tongari watched as Boltund ate the whole jar of jam. The only other time he had seen someone scarf something down was Houndoom when Machoke made his famous soup. Though, while Houndoom scarfing the soup was hilarious he found Boltund doing it to a jar of jam was just disheartening.

Once Boltund had finished he had a look of satisfaction on his face. However the face soon turned to one of terror when he heard loud laughing coming towards him. He then ducked under his stall which had sidings on all sides except one. Three tauros went by laughing heartily at the jokes the tall one was cracking. After they left Boltund asked who they were, Tongari told him and he sighed with nervous relief.

Tongari then went behind the stall and saw Boltund was in the fetal position hesitating whether or not to venture back out. He then looked up and met Tongari’s face with his saffron eyes.

“You alright?” Tongari asked concerned.

“Not really,” Boltund replied.

Tongari asked Boltund what was the matter, but Boltund refused to tell him saying he didn’t want him ratting on him. Tongari assured his secret would be safe with him but he wouldn’t budge. Eventually he came out of the fetal position and sat behind his stand. He then noticed his scarf had ripped when he dashed under the stall. Tongari seeing this unwrapped the red scarf from his bag and gave it to Boltund.

“My husband said he wanted someone to enjoy it and I think you’re the perfect person for it,” Tongari said.

Boltund took off his old scarf and put on the red one. Immediately after he did he held it close feeling the warmth pulsate from it. He then realized that he could trust Tongari and so opened up to him about his situation.

“You see, the reason I’m nervous is because I’m a runaway. I was a mail-order husband who was looking to escape the poverty of the Moda Plains. I was purchased by a male bouffalant in Miljon Plains’ Odeko Village who from what I could tell was quite rich since he bought two other mail-order husbands before me. However, after I arrived I knew something wasn’t right as he seemed overly nice and his other husbands rarely saw me and vice versa. Then the night before our wedding I saw him being physically abusive towards one of his husbands. After seeing that I didn’t want any part of him, and with only that scarf I fled from his home and decided to hide out here in Quintell. I used the scarf to keep me somewhat warm when it cools at night which is when I also scavenge for food in the dumpsters as no one is around. I did it daily until I realized I could trade for food on Saturdays so I painted rocks I found using dumped paint I found and offered them for trade. It hasn’t been working but I try anyhow,” Boltund explained.

“Are you going to do this the rest of your life?” Tongari asked.

“I don’t know, to be honest I’ve been too busy trying to avoid him seeing me to think about the future. But I have a feeling I’m just prolonging the inevitable,” Boltund remarked dismally.

Tongari then reached into his bag and gave Boltund his remaining two jars of jam saying he needed them more than he did. He then got up and wished Boltund good luck.

“Thanks, by the way, I like your green eyes they remind me of my father’s,” Boltund complimented.

“Heh, thanks, you know, you look pretty cute,” Tongari said causing Boltund to blush. “I’ll have to introduce you to my husband Houndoom, he’s quite creative like you are.”

Tongari and Boltund then exchanged names realizing they hadn’t yet before Tongari bid him farewell and located the nearest telephone booth to call up his husbands. Machoke answered and was surprised Tongari was coming home early, but regardless would start supper with Houndoom. As he made his way out of the center of the village where the market was he saw a bouffalant searching the area. He then came up to him asking if he saw a boltund around. Tongari lied and said he fled back to Odeko Village. Bouffalant grunted and left while grumbling about him. Tongari then made sure he was away from the market before quickly making his way home.

When he got home his husbands greeted him at the door and gave him a kiss each. Houndoom then took his bag and put it on the table and went through it. He pulled out the rock from Boltund and was quite surprised that nothing else was in there.

“You traded everything for a rock?” Houndoom asked Tongari.

“Well, one jar of jam. I kind of gave the rest to the rock merchant realizing he would of gotten more out of it than I would have,” Tongari replied causing Houndoom to nod in understanding.

“Well I think it’s a beautiful rock,” Machoke said taking it and putting it on their mantlepiece.

The three then sat down and had supper where Tongari went into more detail about Boltund and his situation. Machoke then asked why he didn’t bring him home with him until Tongari pointed out that he passed Bouffalant on his way home and would have most certainly taken Boltund with him. Tongari then asked Houndoom if he would be interested in seeing him as they both were crafty. Houndoom said he’d be glad to and could go next Saturday since it’d be easier to find him as he’d be at his stand.

After the three finished their supper they decided to retire to the bedroom early for some dessert. Machoke laid on the bed as Tongari got on top of him and they began kissing. Houndoom then laid on Tongari and began passionately kissing his neck. After they kissed for a bit Houndoom and Togari got off as Machoke laid himself on the center of the bed. Tongari sat on Machoke’s chest while Houndoom sat on Machoke’s cock. Tongari and Houndoom then began kissing while Machoke licked Tongari’s ass. As Machoke licked the inside of Tongari’s ass he began moving Houndoom around to stimulate his cock. Soon Machoke hit his climax and cried out as he poured his warm cum right up into Houndoom. Once he had finished he went back to contently licking Tongari’s ass.

After they had finished Tongari went on to happily sucking on Machoke’s cock while the latter moaned with pleasure while he rubbed his lover’s head. Houndoom, who was laying beside Machoke, looked on as he rubbed his cock. Soon Machoke came and poured his milk right into Tongari’s mouth who drank it all up with vigor. Once he had drank it all he took his mouth off Machoke’s cock and looked at Houndoom who had wanting eyes.

“You’re next buddy,” Tongari told him as he began sucking on Houndoom’s cock.

Houndoom moaned with passion as Tongari sucked his cock. Still moaning, he turned his head towards Machoke who met his look with a loving kiss which he met back. Houndoom then put his hand on Machoke’s chest and pulled away from the kiss before crying out as he filled Tongari’s mouth with his cum. Tongari drank down all the cum that flowed in, even licking all around the top to get all the cum stuck on the top. He eventually took his mouth off Houndoom’s cock and sighed with satisfaction.

Machoke then got on all fours and jiggled his booty in front of Tongari hoping he’d get the hint. Tongari did indeed get the hint and stuck his cock into Machoke and began thrusting. Houndoom then went behind Tongari and put his cock into him before thrusting. Tongari and Houndoom moaned together as their cocks got stimulated while Machoke moaned as he felt Tongari’s cock penetrate him. Soon Tongari hit his orgasim and yelled out as he poured his sticky cum right down into Machoke who purred as he felt the cum rush right into him. Houndoom then sounded off as he poured his rich stuff right into Tongari’s ass who loved every minute of it.

When the cocks had run dry they took them out and flopped on the bed completely tuckered out. Houndoom and Machoke switched spots so that Machoke was on Tongari’s right and Houndoom his left. They then laid their right hands on Tongari’s body as they put their left hands under the pillows. Tongari then puts his arms around the both of them before wriggling into a comfortable position. Since they weren’t ready for bed yet they decided to talk.

“So hun, your birthday’s coming up and we were wondering if you had any ideas for a gift. Houndoom and I have ideas, but we want your input,” Machoke asked Tongari.

“Well, I was thinking about something, but it’s a lot to ask for,” Tongari responded.

“Nothing’s too much for husbands like us,” Houndoom assured him.

“I’m not talking about a particular item, but I have no doubt nothing would be too much,” Tongari chuckled before getting to his main point. “What I meant by that was I was thinking about taking ten thousand of our coins and paying off Boltund’s purchase price and afterwards start dating him and see if he would make a perfect final addition. It’s a lot to ask since you barely know the guy, but I just know he’s perfect for us.”

“Like I said nothing’s too much for husbands like us,” Houndoom said leaning in to kiss Tongari as Machoke did the same.

“Don’t feel pressured to, even if he doesn’t work out I won’t be offended as quite honestly I just want him to be safe from Bouffalant,” Tongari admitted.

After Machoke and Houndoom concurred with him they discussed when they should go and find him. They agreed on Saturday since he’d be easier to find. Once that was decided they all fell asleep with Tongari hoping that Boltund would evade notice till then.

Saturday arrived again and since all three were going they took their pedicab with Machoke driving. Once Tongari prepared the ten thousand coins they were ready to leave. As they made their way to Quintell Tongari looked anxiously at the pouch the coins were in.

“He sure spent good money on that dude,” Houndoom commented.

“Yep, he did,” Tongari sighed heavily.

“I wonder how rich that guy must be in order to have done it three times,” Houndoom mused.

Soon the three got to Quintell and once making their way to the Saturday Market Trade Tongari took the two of them to where he met Boltund. Unfortunately, when they got there Bouffalant had found Boltund and had his hand gripped firmly around his wrist. He was attempting to get Boltund to come along, but he was resisting his pulling. After Boltund saw Tongari though he began frantically flailing about trying to get to him. He then started twisting Bouffalant’s arm causing him to recoil in pain. Finally free he ran behind Tongari trembling.

Tongari patted him on the head, “You’re ok, now stay with my husbands while I talk with him.”

Boltund quickly hid behind Machoke as Tongari approached Bouffalant.

“You, you’re that guy from last week. What business do you have with Boltund?” he hissed.

“Simple, I want to buy him from you,” Tongari said.

“You know, I paid good money for that guy, unless you can fork over ten thousand coins for his refund, I plan on taking him home and not letting my investment go to waste,” Bouffalant firmly stated.

“You mean this,” Tongari said tossing the pouch of coins to him.

Bouffalant opened the pouch and looked closely into the bag.

“There’s ten thousand there, I triple counted it before I left,” Tongari reassured him.

Bouffalant closed the pouch and clutched it tightly.

“That punk’s all yours, pleasure doing business with you,” he grunted before walking away.

“Thank you,” Boltund said as he hugged Tongari.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t have given him the money considering what he’ll do with it,” Machoke said.

“I know, but I couldn’t lose him, that and he would’ve had enough to buy another anyhow. Nevertheless, he’s safe now and he’ll never have to worry about his safety again,” Tongari said hugging Boltund.

On the way home Boltund got to know a little more about Machoke and Houndoom. He was still iffy on them, but figured if they were married to Tongari they could be trusted. Tongari then told Boltund about what his plan was for him which he was onboard for trying.

“I promise I’ll fit right in, after all wouldn’t want to waste your investment,” he said.

Tongari shook his head, “Forget the investment, if you don’t feel right with us that’s ok. We’ll just switch gears and I’ll help you get on your feet here. The main point of doing this was ultimately to get you free from Bouffalant. I only suggested the dating as I have the feeling you’re the piece to complete our family puzzle.”

“If it doesn’t work out, I can pay you back,” Boltund suggested.

“I have two million coins in the bank, I’m not hurting for it! If you really want to pay me back then you can pay me back with your happiness. I just want to see you smile and see those saffron eyes shimmer with joy,” Tongari told him which Boltund agreed to.

Once they got home they decided to have Boltund take a bath since he was extremely dirty from being on the streets for so long. Tongari ran the shower and once it was hot enough Boltund jumped in. The shower was quite large as Tongari and his husbands liked to have group showers and Boltund felt a little awkward being solo in large shower. Regardless, he began soaking himself up, Tongari said he’d be back with Boltund’s showering items so all he could do till then was soak. All the dirt washed off him in spades as he brushed his hands through his fur. He hadn’t had a bath for a year and didn’t realize how much he missed the feeling of being clean.

Tongari returned with a tray that he placed on a rack next to the shower door. The tray contained a blue loofa, coconut body wash, a fushia face cloth, and two shampoo bottles. One was cherry mango, the other was orange bubblegum. Tongari said he couldn’t decide between the two so he brought him both. Once he had washed his body down with the coconut body wash he sniffed the two bottles and decided on orange bubblegum. After his hair was done he opened the glass door and saw two bath towels waiting for him, one on the tray, and the other on the ground. Boltund then realized Tongari must of slipped in while he was doing his hair.

After he had finished up in the bathroom he hung the towels up to dry before meeting the others in the living room. Houndoom told him they were going to be having lasagna for supper and that it’d be ready in just a bit. During dinner Boltund had four helpings which surprised Houndoom and Machoke, but not Tongari who figured he was starving. Once he had his fill the others asked if he wanted to do some bonding with them which he agreed to.

Once the four were in the bedroom Tongari had Boltund lay on the bed while he laid on top of him. Tongari then gently started kissing Boltund on the lips and once he replicated the kiss he knew he was doing it right. As they kissed Machoke went and spread Tongari’s legs open and pushed his cock up making Boltund’s cock visible.

“May I have the honor of licking your cock?” Machoke asked.

Tongari took his lips off Boltund so he could answer, “Yes, but just be gentle.” He then gently pulled Tongari back in for a kiss.

Machoke then began to softly lick Boltund’s cock. Boltund quivered but kept on kissing Tongari. Houndoom then kneeled down in front of the bed and began licking Machoke’s asshole.

Once they were wet enough Tongari asked if Boltund was alright with cumming into Machoke, he hesitated but eventually said sure. Machoke got on his knees and inserted his ass onto Boltund’s cock. Boltund then began jerking his cock up to stimulate it as Machoke helped by moving his butt around. As they moved and moaned Tongari and Houndoom decided to get involved by rubbing Boltund and Machoke’s nipples respectively. The two moaned more fiercely now having two of their areas stimulated. Finally Boltund hit his climax and jetted his warm cum right up inside of Machoke who moaned as the warm cum tickled his inside. Suddenly Machoke’s cock then started throbbing and soon it shot cum out as well with it landing all over Boltund who seemed more pleased than startled. Apparently Houndoom had been doing such a good job rubbing that he not only got Machoke more hot, but he also made him cum. Though, judging from the slight smile he gave it was clearly intentional.

Wanting to go easy with Boltund since it was his first night they decided to do one more performance before calling it a night. They all kneeled on the bed before forming a line, Boltund was at the front followed by Tongari, then Houndoom, and lastly Machoke. The latter three prepped their cocks up before inserting them into the person in front’s ass and thrusting. All four moaned as they either stimulated their cocks or felt the cocks penetrate them. Boltund then started stroking his own cock not wanting to miss out. After a bit of stimulation the chain reaction started as Machoke cried out as his cum poured right into Houndoom. Houndoom then yelled out as he came right into Tongari, and Tongari wailed as his stream of cum went down deep into Boltund. Once the three had emptied their loads Boltund was ready to dump his and screamed out as his warm cum splattered all over the floor which amazed Tongari who kissed his neck.

After all cocks had been ejected from their holes they laid back and fell asleep in the same way they did last week, however this time Boltund and Tongari were hugging each other and the other two’s hands were laying over the two of them. Machoke and Houndoom had fallen asleep as did Tongari until he realized Boltund was whimpering with slight fear.

“Don’t worry, he’s gone now, and I promise I’ll never let him hurt you,” Tongari whispered to him.

Boltund was still iffy on the matter, but the warm feeling the others were given him eventually lulled him to sleep and it was the best sleep he had had in a year.

Two years had passed since they took in Boltund and he was quite content living with them and love had really blossomed between the four of them. They never saw Bouffalant again, though everyone was quite happy with that. Boltund was doing much better and finally didn’t fear getting taken away. Eventually Tongari and his husbands married Boltund into their family finally making it complete much to his joy.

Now that he had two creative husbands Tongari felt that it was only appropriate to try and learn some of their trades. Currently, they were teaching him how to sew as a sort of warm up. He tried to get Machoke to join in but he couldn’t as his hands weren’t made for delicate tasks like that. On one of these sewing days they were teaching him the running stitch, however he kept pulling too hard and broke the thread.

“Here, watch how I do it,” Boltund told Tongari as he slowly did the stitch.

Tongari watched his husband do the stitch with the most sunny expression on his face and right then Tongari knew that his decision that day was all worth it.

-The End-

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