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The Underwear Thief by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

All Pokemon have humanoid genitalia. 

The Underwear Thief

Filou had been walking with his Pokémon for about six miles straight now and was getting increasingly weary. His Pokémon were also wearing out, Filou tried to get them into their balls when they reached the third mile, but they steadfastly refused saying they always walked with him and intended to do so this time. The trio had missed the train from Hibiki City to Rushington Town and had to walk nineteen miles in order to get there. Filou figured they could walk there just as fast as the train, however he sorely underestimated the terrain and was regretting not waiting for a later one.

Eventually once they hit their ninth mile, Filou noticed a pond and said it would be a good place to rest for a bit. His Pokémon were all for it and immediately rushed over to dip their sore feet in. Hawlucha and Beartic asked if he was going to join them which Filou told them he would he just had to disrobe first. He had been sweating a lot on the trek and needed to dry out his clothes. Once he had fully stripped and put out his clothes, he put his bag near the pond and joined the others in their feet soak. He took a water bottle from his bag and took a drink from it. He then unscrewed the cap before handing the bottle to his Pokémon who each took a swig from it. Once getting the bottle back he put the cap back on and tucked the bottle in his bag.

“You know Filou, you should really put on some of your extra clothes. People could walk by and see you!” Hawlucha stated concerningly.

“You really think anyone would be crazy enough to walk this path? Besides, it feels relaxing having no clothes on after working up a sweat. Hey, you guys should let your cocks hang out, I bet it will relax you!” Filou exclaimed.

As soon as Filou finished his peace Beartic immediately got to rustling his crotch fur around to expose his cock. Hawlucha was hesitant seeing it as incredibly wrong but relented and exposed his as well. After sitting with their cocks out for a bit they understood what Filou was talking about as a gentle breeze blew on their cocks making them feel quite relaxed.

After sitting there for thirty minutes their feet were well rested and the sweat had stopped pouring from them. Filou looked over to Beartic and noticed he was squirming and asked him what was wrong.

“Heh, well, all the sweat kind of made me horny and I was wondering if you could give me footjob?” he asked him coyly.

“Sure thing buddy!” Filou said as he got Beartic to lay down while he sat on top of his belly.

As soon as he was ready Filou began rubbing Beartic’s cock in between his feet. Beartic moaned with pleasure as his cock got stimulated by Filou’s soft feet. Hawlucha looked on as Filou rubbed the cock and began rubbing his own, turned on by the event unfolding in front of him.

While the three were distracted they didn’t notice that a Scorbunny was watching them from a nearby tree. He moved quietly around on his branch as he tried to see if Filou was a male or female. Eventually he got just the right angle and saw Filou’s cock. He then quietly ran down the tree and went over to Filou’s underwear and took a sniff.

“Musty, just how I like ‘em,” Scorbunny said with a sigh of pleasure.

Before picking them up he checked to see if the coast was clear. Filou and others were still preoccupied with the footjob so he figured now would be a good time to slip out. He gingerly picked up the underwear and made a hasty escape.

Around this time Beartic had reached his climax and cried out as he sprayed his cum up into the air and down onto himself and Filou who kept on rubbing the now sticky cock. Filou then noticed that Hawlucha was reaching his climax as well. Still keeping his feet on Beartic’s cock, Filou laid back on Beartic and motioned Hawlucha to get on top of him. Hawlucha jumped up onto Filou’s chest and kept on rubbing his cock. Eventually he orgasimed and sprayed his cum onto Filou’s face and into his awaiting mouth. Hawlucha was groaning and had a flushed face as he kept masturbating and pouring his cum out.

Once Hawlucha had ran out he laid back on Filou exhausted. Filou kept on rubbing Beartic’s cock until his feet got tired. The three then laid on each other tired, but satisfied. After laying there for a bit Hawlucha got off Filou, who in turn got off Beartic. They then decided to wash up before continuing their trek to Rushington Town. Once Filou dried off he went to go get his equally dried clothes, however as he looked at them he noticed his red underwear was gone. He asked the others if they saw his underwear which they said they didn’t. Frantically, he searched around the area hoping they may have blown away somewhere, but alas that was not the case.

“I’m not sure why you’re bothering looking for them. You have extras, it’s not like they were your only pair,” Hawlucha told him.

“If it was any other pair I wouldn’t care, but that was my favorite pair! I caught you two in those, I won a lot of competitions in those, I even learned to be a trainer in those! They have a lot of sentimental value to me,” Filou lamented.

“Perhaps there’s a clothing thief on the loose around here,” Beartic suggested.

“What kind of clothing thief would only steal underwear though?” Hawlucha posed to him.

“I’m not sure,” Beartic replied.

“I think something about the underwear had to do with it. I’m thinking either the coloration or the scent they emitted,” Hawlucha figured.

“I know, I’ll just cum in a spare pair and leave it out and see if it attracts the thief,” Filou said as he dug through his bag to find a spare pair.

Once locating a spare pair he put them on and began masturbating. Beartic looked on with amazement while Hawlucha was much more skeptical seeing as cum had a different scent than must which was on the red pair. Filou then came into the underwear and once he was empty he took them off and laid them out. He quickly washed off his crotch to get the smell of his sperm off him and hid behind a large tree along with Beartic and Hawlucha.

An hour had passed since they laid the bait, but no one had come by yet to take it.

“Look, I know those underwear meant a lot to you, but we could be here forever waiting for the thief to come by which means missing out on the Pokémon Balloon Tournament in Rushington,” Hawlucha told Filou.

The Pokémon Balloon Tournament was a competition where Pokémon had to pop balloons flying overhead within a time limit. They got points depending on the balloons popped and would also get points for style. A participant would partake in duels in an eight person bracket system with the highest score moving on. If they won all three rounds they would receive a balloon token and once six had been collected they could partake in Balloon Festivals to win the Balloon Cup. Filou had been training hard with his Pokémon for this competition ever since their obliterating loss in the first round of the last competition. Filou promised them they would win their third token for sure in the Rushington tournament.

Filou took in what Hawlucha said and remembered the promise he made them. The tournament was to be held in three days and considering all the time they wasted at the pond and with the train, they would end up missing a day and only have one day to prepare for the tournament. After the train incident he didn’t want to let his Pokémon down again.

“Yeah, you’re right. That underwear may have been my favorite, but it’s not worth breaking my promise to you guys,” Filou admitted.

Right when he was about to go get his underwear he heard a rustling coming from the tree near his clothes. He ducked down while Beartic and Hawlucha peeked from behind the tree. Scorbunny jumped down from the tree and went over to the underwear.

“Hey, there’s cum in here! Still fresh too, perfect,” Scorbunny snickered.

He then took the underwear and ran off into the woods at a hasty pace. Filou watched as he ran off and went to go pick up his clothes.

“Aren’t you going to chase after him?” Beartic asked.

“No, he can have them. Getting to Rushington is much more important right now than some underwear,” Filou responded hesitantly.

Hawlucha lowered his head before confidently raising it back up, “Go after Scorbunny Filou.”

“I’d rather not waste time,” Filou said.

“Look, if we’re going to enter the tournament I want your head in the game. Those underwear mean a lot to you and not having them isn’t putting your mind at ease and if you want to honor your promise you need to be focused,” Hawlucha told him with Beartic backing him up.

Filou looked at his Pokémon and with their full support dropped his clothes and ran off naked into the woods with Beartic and Hawlucha close behind him.

They had long since lost Scorbunny but fortunately Beartic was able to pick up his scent and lead them right to his den, which was located in the side of a rock wall. Quietly they made their way to the left side of the den and peered in. Scorbunny had his cock out and was on the floor gaily licking the cum off Filou’s underwear. Once he cleaned off all the cum he grabbed Filou’s red underwear and put it on his face as he sniffed it in delight.

While observing him they noticed he had quite a collection of men’s underwear neatly placed all around his den supposably stolen from other men who stripped off while walking along the path.

“Told you other people might walk this path!” Hawlucha whispered smartly.

“Ok, you were right smart-aleck,” Filou responded.

While Scorbunny was distracted Filou tiptoed to the entrance of the den.

“Aha!” he cried out loudly.

Scorbunny, startled by the loud cry, jumped up as Filou’s red underwear dropped to the floor. While Scorbunny was still shocked Filou quickly grabbed both pairs of underwear before Scorbunny could stop him.

“These are mine I believe,” Filou said to Scorbunny.

Scorbunny recovered from the shock and slapped his foot against the ground, “You got some nerve doing that to me! Too bad you’re alone and at the mercy of a wild Pokémon!”

“Oh really?” Filou said as he backed up while Beartic and Hawlucha took his place.

Scorbunny tensed up as the two looked at him intimidatingly. He then chuckled nervously as the two exchanged nods. They then each began charging up a focus blast as Scorbunny put his hands in front of him and began pushing them in place.

“I get it, I get it, could you please call off your attacks,” he pleaded with them.

Hawlucha and Beartic looked at each other and nodded as they shot their now fully charged attacks up in the air towards each other. The blasts hit each other and exploded into a cloud of smoke. Scorbunny put his hand on his heart and sighed with relief.

Filou then stepped in front of the two, “In case you were wondering, they weren’t going to hurt you unless you followed up on your threat. Anyway, I would like an explanation on why you steal underwear.”

Scorbunny started sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, “Well, I steal because I can’t find any male mates around here interested in me. So to make up for it I steal men’s underwear, particularly musty or cum filled ones as they’re the closest to the smell of a ripe cock.”

“Since you seem to do the same tree observing every time you steal a pair, why didn’t you just ask to join our threesome when you first watched us?” Hawlucha asked.

“Who would fuck a wild Pokémon though?” Scorbunny asked back.

“We probably would cause you look like a clean guy, hygienically speaking anyway,” Filou responded.

“You think?” Scorbunny asked which they nodded to. “Geez, sorry for causing you such a fuss then. I just really wanted to smell that sweet must.”

“Well,” Filou said prepping up his cock. “How about you come with us in order to try out the real thing.”

Scorbunny looked at him in awe before accepting the offer. Filou then made him promise he wouldn’t steal any more underwear which he agreed to. As the four left Scorbunny’s den Hawlucha looked up at Filou.

“Why not do it now?” he asked.

“My crotch isn’t that musty yet, besides I got a plan,” Filou replied to him winking which Hawlucha understood.

After Filou got dressed and the Pokémon hid their cocks they continued their trek to Rushington Town. They walked until it was sunset and set up camp for the night. The next day they got up early to continue their trek and made it to Rushington Town by noon. After having lunch they started training for the tournament using the balloon dojo that was next to the stadium where the event would be held. Scorbunny asked to join in their training which they allowed. Hawlucha and Beartic showed Scorbunny the ropes and Scorbunny briefed Filou on his moveset. Before long Scorbunny had gotten pretty good at the whole balloon concept and was learning how to style his moves. Filou, Hawlucha, and Beartic watched on as he gracefully performed his attacks. The latter two looked at Filou as he smiled and gave them a nod which they then replicated.

After a couple more hours of training they were all prepared for the tournament tomorrow. They grabbed some supper before retiring to the comforts of their hotel room. Filou had worked up a sweat as all day he had been showing the Pokémon how they should execute certain moves. It had also been a bit hot that day and so he also sweating naturally. While Filou suggested they wait until it cooled down the others were adamant about training. So Filou complied, but made sure to monitor their health and supply water when needed. He actually planned to get sweaty in order to make his crotch nice and musty for Scorbunny.

Once the four entered their hotel room the Pokémon flopped on the second bed as Filou took off his shirt, shoes, and socks before flopping onto the bed in his shorts. After laying there for a while Filou called Scorbunny’s name before motioning him over to his bed. Scorbunny jumped on the bed and Filou asked him to take off the rest of his clothes for him. Scorbunny agreed and took off Filou’s shorts before going and taking off his red underwear. Once he took a whiff of them he tossed them aside and Filou asked him to suck his cock. Excitedly, Scorbunny ran up to Filou’s crotch and smelled it.

“Mmmmmm, musty,” Scorbunny sighed with a pleasured look on his face.

He then started licking Filou’s cock in order to get the flavor of it before going into a full on suck. Filou moaned rhythmicly as Scorbunny sucked on his cock. Scorbunny was loving the feeling of Filou’s cock that he started going a little too quickly. Hawlucha rushed over and put his hand on Scorbunny’s head stopping him .

“Go slowly, you’ll knock yourself out going that fast,” Hawlucha advised.

Scorbunny did as instructed and Filou, who had been cringing from the quick pace, had gone back to his rhythmic moaning. Hawlucha went back to the second bed as he and Beartic watched on.

Hawlucha then took out his cock and started playing with it, “Hey Beartic, since they’re occupied why don’t we,”

Before Hawlucha had a chance to finish he felt something nudge his shoulder. He looked over and saw Beartic’s cock right next to him. He looked at Hawlucha with pleading eyes.

“Such a mind reader,” Hawlucha commented as he began licking the top of Beartic’s large cock.

Meanwhile, Filou had reached his climax and cried out as he poured his luscious milk into Scorbunny’s mouth and down his throat. Scorbunny savored every drop and was enjoying himself more than he had with his collection of men’s underwear. Eventually Filou had dried up and Scorbunny had taken his mouth off of his cock. He then started licking Filou’s ball sac in order to get more of the must taste from it. Filou didn’t mind and sat there enjoying the licking.

While they were doing that Hawlucha was on Beartic’s stomach (for his cock was stiff and erect) still licking his cock. Beartic then starting cumming and moaned as his cum shot up in the air and doused Hawlucha. Beartic then moved his cock down towards Hawlucha who opened his mouth to catch the shooting milk.

When both groups had finished up they switched partners. Filou went with Beartic and Hawlucha was with Scorbunny. Filou had Beartic get on all fours and began thrusting his cock inside of him. Scorbunny took his cock out and made out with Hawlucha while they touched genitals. Beartic moaned as Filou thrusted his cock inside of him while Scorbunny and Hawlucha fiercely kissed while rubbing their cocks furiously together. Eventually Filou reached his orgasim and poured his warm cum right down into Beartic who moaned as he felt the cum warm up his insides. Scorbunny and Hawlucha also hit their orgasims and stopped kissing to cry out as they shot cum onto the other’s cock and body. They then resumed kissing when they had finished up.

To finish off the night Scorbunny laid on the second bed with his arms behind his head while Beartic licked his cock. While enjoying the lick he started massaging Beartic’s shoulders with his feet. Meanwhile Hawlucha was thrusting his cock into Filou who was on all fours moaning. Soon Scorbunny could feel his climax coming and told Beartic to open wide. He did so and Scorbunny aiming his cock shot his milk right into Beartic’s mouth. Beartic waited until he went dry before swallowing all the cum in his mouth. He then happily licked Scorbunny’s face who giggled before gently laying on the bed. Scorbunny then sat on his chest and continued his foot shoulder rub. Hawlucha then had his orgasim and shot a rush of sweet cum down into Filou who moaned with satisfaction.

Upon Hawlucha removing his cock they noticed Scorbunny about to leave.

“Where are you going?” Filou asked.

“Back to my den, after all you showed me what a real cock had to offer. Now I can go back to my den content and you don’t have to fuss with me anymore,” Scorbunny said waving goodbye albeit quite hesitantly.

He was about to leave before Hawlucha got in front of him surprising him. Filou and Beartic then walked up to him.

“Wait Scorbunny, you can’t just leave us after what amazing training you did! We need a guy like you on our team,” Filou told him as he rummaged through his bag pulling out a quick ball and presenting it to him. “Why don’t you become a part of the team, on the condition you no longer steal any more underwear. You can still sniff a musty pair of mine if I’m not using them as compromise if you want.”

Scorbunny didn’t even need to think of a response. He kicked the ball out of Filou’s hands and jumping after it hit the center of the ball with his foot, catching himself. Filou caught the ball and watched as it shook three times and clicked. Filou gave a fist pump to his other Pokémon before releasing Scorbunny who jumped in his arms for a hug.

“Maybe those red underwear are lucky since you caught us all while wearing them, er, somewhat. I can see why you wanted them so badly,” Hawlucha said to Filou who nodded happily.

Afterwards they all went to bed with Beartic laying on the second bed while the others slept in the first bed. However, Scorbunny decided to sleep on his new partner with Filou opting to as well and the two snuggled together on Beartic. Hawlucha then decided to as well and curled up next to Filou and all of them drifted into a peaceful sleep while still having their cocks out.

The next day they entered the tournament and despite still being new to it all Scorbunny proved to be a high point scorer which amazed the others. Despite this they ended up being runner ups which saddened Filou, but was still proud of his Pokémon.

After getting some post tournament food they all spent the evening naked in their hotel room. Scorbunny was sitting on Beartic’s stomach giving him a footjob. Beartic had already shot his load, but still wanted Scorbunny to rub his cock anyhow.

“Boy, you sure are good with them feet of yours,” Beartic complimented.

“Thanks, guess you could say my practice with my feet prepared me for this,” a cum soaked Scorbunny chortled as he rubbed his feet all over the sticky cock.

Hawlucha and Filou were on the other bed with Filou looking miserable. Hawlucha asked him if he was ok.

“I’m not, not only did I break my promise to you guys, but I let you down again,” Filou said dismally.

“You didn’t let us down, sure we didn’t win, but you were on your game like we needed you to be! There’ll be other tournaments we can and will win! Besides, promising you will win something is hard to keep so don’t feel bad about it,” Hawlucha said giving him a thumbs up.

Filou replicated it and smiled, “You’re right, guess I got overzealous after our last defeat. If anything we should be proud for just getting farther than last time.”

Hawlucha nodded, “Yup, and you know, I’m glad we missed our train now. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t of gotten Scorbunny.”

Filou looked over at Scorbunny, “You’re right there, as well as if I didn’t leave my underwear out. See, taking off my clothes was a good idea after all!”

“Alright you smart-aleck!” Hawlucha said playfully punching Filou’s arm.

Filou responded by giving him a playful noogie while they both chuckled happily.

-The End-

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