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Holistic Partners by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

The Pokemon in this story have humanoid genitalia. The pikachu in this story is a male rock star pikachu. 

Holistic Partners

Pikachu and Treecko, often known by their team name Electreecity, were partners who competed in double battle competitions called Fight Maxs. Fight Maxs were tournament based competitions with the winner receiving a champion belt that was designed after the name of the tournament (i.e a Rose Fight Max would have a belt with a rose themed design) as well as points towards their fight rank. Higher fight ranks meant being able to enter in more advanced competitions which would help increase their rank faster, which in turn would make them more popular. Currently they were Light Fly Rank which was impressive since it had been a year since they started at Atom Rank, but Pikachu wanted to be higher so he could go toe to toe with his idol Lucario who was a Welter Rank.

The two trained for two hours a day in preparation for competitions, but Pikachu would often sneak out for three hours of intense solo training. This made Treecko fret to no end and tried to get him to stop but Pikachu was adamant he could handle it. His extra training had made him a stronger battler and won them quite a few belts but Treecko knew he couldn’t keep on doing this.

One day, Treecko told Pikachu he was going to take them to an all male holistic spa, which was originally a seven room suite in the Diamond Towers turned into a business. Pikachu disdained the idea saying he didn’t need to go to a spa, particularly a holistic one. However, after scoping out the competition for their next Fight Max and realizing that Dark Punk, a rough and rigid team comprised of an amped toxtricity and pangoro, were to appear he started stressing over ways to beat them. They had previously battled them in the Dream Fight Max and were utterly curb stomped by them and Pikachu hoped they’d never have to battle them again. Now that the prospect was there he started freaking out. Eventually he shot his nerves and decided to take Treecko up on his offer in order to relieve them.

They made their way to Diamond Towers and took the elevator up to the twelfth floor. As they waited Treecko gave more details about the spa.

“It’s ran by a Meowstic who is really good at getting deep down into your soul and through that is able to personalize certain parts of your experience to help you get the most out of it. Glameower Magazine rates it as the best male spa in the region,” he told Pikachu.

Pikachu prepped up the collar on his jacket. “Yes Treecko I know this, you told me already, three times,” Pikachu answered blasély.

“Sorry about that, I just want to make sure you know what to expect,” Treecko responded sheepishly.

Once they arrived on the twelfth floor they noticed that the entire floor was comprised of a single hallway containing a bathroom on one side and a single apartment, which was the holistic spa, on the other. They walked up to the door and noticed a sign which instructed them to knock as opposed to walk right in. Pikachu rapped on the door and waited for someone to come. After a few seconds the door opened and a meowstic wearing a blue camo headband with a fake fletchinder feather in it greeted them.

“Welcome dear brothers, have you come to cleanse the stress of the outside world from your body?” Meowstic asked in a soothing tone.

“You could say that,” Pikachu answered skeptically.

“Well, I suppose we should get you booked in,” Meowstic remarked as he ushered them inside.

The main room of the spa was quite large, it featured a large box sofa, four reclining chairs sat in a circle, a large magazine rack at the back of the room, and a long table that had three lava lamps on it. The lights in the room were also dimmed giving off a very cozy vibe. Treecko was quite impressed by the atmosphere and was already thinking about coming back. Pikachu on the other hand was still skeptical of the whole thing.

Meowstic guided them towards a desk that was located next to the hallway of room and was situated in front of a door. Meowstic told them that for 500 Poké each they had access to every part of the spa so long as they followed spa rules which he pointed to. They were standard rules, though they also included rules involving sex with others.

“We can have sex here?!” Pikachu asked in awe.

“Yes, after all sexual activities help clear the mind off all worldly stresses,” Meowstic remarked averting their eyes to a staraptor who was receiving a blowjob from a charmander.

“I see,” Pikachu said with interested eyes.

Once the two paid their fees Meowstic requested they remove all their clothes and expose their cocks in order to get the most out of the experience. As they did so Meowstic exposed his own cock as he waited for them. Pikachu put all his clothes on the counter which Meowstic put in a bag and tagged. He asked if Pikachu was going to remove his eyebrow accessories which he steadfastly refused to. Meowstic then opened the door behind him and went inside, he put the bag off to the side and emerged with two towels he asked them to wrap around themselves.

After the two had wrapped their towels Meowstic asked to see their hands so he could read more into them. Treecko offered to go first and laid his hand out for Meowstic who put his own hand on top. He then closed his eyes and went into deep concentration. After a moment of silence he opened his eyes.

“Brother, I sense that you are uneasy. You have some concealed feelings that are using the guise of fussiness. Perhaps it’s because the feelings bring up a moment that you’d rather forget,” Meowstic assessed.

Treecko was astonished by Meowstic’s assessment while Pikachu, who took his place, wasn’t quite impressed seeing as Meowstic was a psychic type who were known for looking into people. Regardless, he laid his hand down as Meowstic repeated the process for him.

“Brother, I sense that you are stressed about the future. Your mind follows the path of fear rather than one of courage. Your heart who’s along for the ride screams for mercy and compromise, though it is futile as the mind pulls farther and farther from earshot,” Meowstic assessed.

Pikachu shrugged the former off as he had already knew that, but was perplexed on what the latter meant.

Once Meowstic had finished making mental notes on the two of them he asked if they would like to try out the soaking tubs which they agreed to. He asked them to wait in the main room while they prepared their tubs.

“Glameower Magazine was right, this place is great,” Treecko commented.

“Hold your opinion dude, we haven’t gotten in deep yet,” Pikachu retorted before freezing.

“What’s wrong?” Treecko asked concerningly.

“I can’t believe it!” Pikachu said in awe as he pointed towards the couch.

Sitting on the couch was a lucario who had a towel wrapped around him and was reading a sports magazine. Treecko was confused until he saw the surfer’s necklace around his neck which indicated to him that the lucario was indeed the same lucario Pikachu looked up to.

Pikachu ran up to Lucario excitedly. “H-hello there, I’m Pikachu and I just want to say that you’re a great fighter and I look up to you as an idol,” he told him blushing awkwardly.

Lucario put down his magazine and smiled at Pikachu, “Thanks, it means a lot that someone looks up to me.”

He then offered Pikachu to sit next to him which he steadfastly took up. Treecko then jumped up on the couch and sat next to Pikachu who was in his glory.

“I can’t believe that I’m actually meeting Lucario outside of the ring,” Pikachu gawked.

“Come to think of it, I’ve actually heard about you and how you wish to battle me one day,” Lucario remarked which Pikachu nodded to. “I really hope I can honor that someday, especially knowing I’m your idol.”

“It would mean the world to me if you did. I mean you’re the reason I even joined Fight Maxs,” Pikachu said to him.

“Well I’ll try really hard then,” Lucario chuckled.

Soon Pikachu’s excitement had mellowed and could talk casually with his idol, “You know Lucario I never would picture a guy like you here.”

“I always come here after competitions; helps relieve the tensity built up in my body,” Lucario responded.

“So this place must be legit then if you use it,” Pikachu remarked.

“Very much so,” Lucario replied. “Hey, since your a fan of mine could you do me a favor. I’ve been wanting a blowjob for a while now and the Pokémon I wanted to ask hasn’t left the meditation room yet. So maybe you could take his place?”

Pikachu didn’t even need to respond, he tore off his towel and got on all fours in preparation for sucking. Lucario was amazed by Pikachu’s zealousness and began unwrapping his towel to reveal his erect cock. Upon doing so Pikachu immediately began sucking on his cock which made Lucario moan with pleasure. While he sucked Pikachu took in every taste he got from the cock wanting to fondly remember the moment. Soon Lucario hit his climax and softly cried out as he poured his cum straight up into Pikachu’s mouth who swallowed it down while savoring every single solitary drop. Once he ran dry Pikachu removed his mouth from Lucario’s cock before licking the excess cum off his lips.

“You know, that was the best blowjob I ever had, thanks!” Lucario thanked.

“No problem!” Pikachu replied happily.

While Lucario wrapped himself back up he explained to the two about the rooms of the spa. On the left side, the room near the main room and the center room were soak rooms which contained soaking tubs. The center room was for large Pokémon while the other was for small and medium sized ones. The room near the staff room, which was the room at the end of the hall, was the vichy shower room which had tables that allowed for changes in the heads and the water pressure. On the right side, the room near the main room was the massage room. The center room was the meditation room where you meditated to sweet smelling incense that changed every so often. The final room was the steam room which contained feet baths, a hot tub, and a sauna. This amazed Pikachu seeing as most spas didn’t even offer half of what the holistic spa offered.

Soon an ampharos came out to the main room. He was blushing a fair bit while nervously stroking his cock.

“Uh, Pikachu, Treecko, your baths are ready,” he told them.

Treecko and Pikachu got off the couch while Lucario passed Pikachu his towel which he put on his shoulders. The two then said goodbye to Lucario before following Ampharos in.

In the room there were ten tubs, Ampharos escorted them to their tubs.

“So, uh, let’s see here. Treecko’s tub water has been dyed peach to help give off the most secure feeling to the body and the tulip petals will help you feel confident with how you feel and think. Pikachu’s water has been dyed deep blue to help mellow out any stress built up in the mind and the hydrangea petals will help you understand positions outside of your own,” Ampharos explained.

Treecko and Pikachu removed their towels and got in their tubs. Ampharos then walked to the front of the room and returned with a tray in hand which contained towels and bubble tea.

“In order to get the most out of your soak you’ll use these towels to dry off with and these bubble teas will keep you hydrated while you soak, refills are available at no extra charge. With that said, Treecko gets the flaming red towel which will provide extra support in explaining your true feelings and this lemon bubble tea will help bring out what you want to say with its zingy taste. Meanwhile you Pikachu receive the vanilla white towel which will continue to provide the calmness needed to take on the world even after the bath is over and taro bubble tea will help stimulate the mind,” Ampharos elucidated as he placed each towel and tea on a tray attached near the end of the tub.

Once they had been placed Ampharos said he would check on them periodically in case they needed a refill or had any issues with the bath. He then left the room as the two relaxed back in their tubs.

Thirty minutes of silence passed before Pikachu spoke up.

“You know, I was skeptical at first, but now I’m really into this,” he told Treecko.

“Great to hear,” Treecko replied as he took a big suck of his bubble tea. “Since you’re in a better mood, I was wondering if we could talk about something that’s been on my mind.”

“Sure, what is it?” Pikachu asked him.

“I feel like you’re on the verge of overdoing it again with your extra training sessions. You really need to stop doing them for the sake of your health,” Treecko explained.

“Treecko I can’t do that, if we want to win I need to do the extra training,” Pikachu retorted taking a sip of his bubble tea. “In fact, I’ll probably need to double the sessions if we end up against Dark Punk.”

“Please don’t!” Treecko pleaded.

“Don’t worry Treecko my body can handle it, I just need to focus on increasing my stamina is all. Speaking of body I could go for a massage right now,” Pikachu said finishing up his bubble tea.

Pikachu got out of the tub and dried himself off with his towel before wrapping it around himself. He asked Treecko if he wanted to join, he refused so Pikachu headed out on his own. As he was leaving he met Meowstic who was checking in on his clients. He asked Meowstic if he could take his towel out which he agreed to as the soak towels were designed to replace the normal towels he gave out as an incentive to get the full personal experience.

As Pikachu left Meowstic went over to each client to collect their towel before moving on to Treecko who looked rather upset.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” he asked as he collected his and Pikachu’s towels.

“I couldn’t tell Pikachu how I really felt despite everything around me,” Treecko said dismayed.

“Do not fret, it takes time for everything to settle in. Before you leave here today you’ll have told Pikachu all you needed,” Meowstic reassured him.

Pikachu entered the massage room and noticed that Lucario was also there. He asked if he could take a bed next to him which he didn’t mind at all.

“Where’s Treecko at?” Lucario asked him as he got up on the bed.

“Still in the tub,” Pikachu responded laying down on the bed.

Just then two passimian walked in and went over to the two. They had quite large cocks that were semi erect.

“Alright fellas, Meowstic has requested we give both of you the oomlata massage,” one of them told them.

The two took their positions and started giving them a regular massage. Pikachu didn’t understand what made an oomlata massage different from a regular one but had a feeling he’d find out soon.

“By the way, I’ve also heard about your plans on entering the Lavender Fight Max. Apparently Dark Punk is also set to make an appearance,” Lucario said to Pikachu.

“Yeah, but I’m not worried about it. My nerves have healed and I’ve had an epiphany. In preparation for the competition I’ll increase my extra training sessions,” Pikachu announced.

“What?” Lucario asked with curiosity.

“Yeah, after Treecko and I do our daily two hour training sessions I’ll often go off on my own to do three hours of intense training. It works quite well and helped us win many a belts,” Pikachu explained.

“I’ll hold my thoughts,” Lucario told him as the passimian flipped him and Pikachu onto their backs.

Pikachu was confused until the passimian started massaging their cocks which made him realize what an oomlata massage was. Once they erected the cocks the passimian started stroking them causing Pikachu and Lucario to moan. Soon the two hit their climax and cried out as they shot their cum into the air and landed all over themselves. After the two had ran dry the passimian took their hands off the cocks and left the room. Lucario told Pikachu they would return with a bowl of water to clean off all the cum on them. He then resumed the conversation from where it had left off.

“Five hours of training a day is a bit much on the body,” Lucario advised.

“It’s alright I can handle it. I mean I did crash once, but that just means my body needs to get stronger,” Pikachu replied.

“What do you mean by crash?” Lucario asked alarmingly.

“Yeah, I took a heart attack one day. They had to monitor me for two weeks to make sure I was stable. Again, just need to make my body more resilient,” Pikachu explained.

“Sit up,” Lucario told him which he did. “The body doesn’t work like that. It becomes weaker every time you push it beyond its limit and having a heart attack pushes that limit. You may not realize it but your heart has become weaker from that episode. I’m going to give it to you straight, if you continue like this you’ll have another heart attack. If you survive that one you’ll probably have another and won’t make it! Considering you keep damaging your heart from these sessions I doubt it won’t be long before they happen.”

Pikachu sat there stunned at what Lucario had said. He hadn’t viewed his body as a fragile thing before, but rather as something to make better from the inside out. He never even thought that he could die from doing his sessions. Then it hit him, Treecko knew, he knew all along and was trying to stop him from killing himself and he never noticed till now. Pikachu then started tearing up at the prospect of leaving Treecko alone. Without saying anything he nodded at Lucario in understanding.

The passimian returned with a bowl of water and after dipping their hands in started rubbing all of cum soaked areas in order to clean off all the cum, or at the very least make it easy to get out with a towel. Once they had finished Pikachu quickly dried himself off and went to go find Treecko.

He entered the soak room but Treecko had already left. He then entered the main room and found Treecko sitting on the couch.

“Treecko, we need to talk,” Pikachu told him.

“Yeah, we do,” Treecko replied.

Pikachu sat next to Treecko on the couch as the latter prompted him to start.

“Treecko, I know why you were trying to stop me from doing my sessions. You were trying to prevent me from killing myself,” Pikachu said.

“Exactly, when you had the heart attack it scared me to death. I didn’t want you to have to go through that again so that’s why I fussed and fretted as I knew your heart couldn’t handle much more damage. I was afraid that you would die on me; if you did I wouldn’t know what to do as your my partner and I want us to stay together, forever,” Treecko expressed.

Pikachu took Treecko’s hand and kissed him, “I want us to stay together forever too, but I guess I was so focused on winning I forgot that desire.”

“You really feel that way about us?” Treecko asked on the verge of tears.

“I do and I want to show you I do,” Pikachu told him as he took him off the couch. “Could you drop your towel?” he asked him.

Treecko complied and dropped his towel to reveal his semi erect cock. Pikachu did the same and moved the towels off to the side before he and Treecko embraced. The two then started passionately kissing as they held each other close. Soon they broke their kiss as Treecko got on all fours and waved his tail alluringly in the air. Pikachu prepped up his cock and inserted it into Treecko. As he thrusted his cock in, Treecko began moaning loudly as he felt the cock rub up against his insides. Pikachu then joined him as his cock got stimulated by Treecko’s tight ass. Finally Pikachu hit his climax and cried out as he poured his cum right down into Treecko who purred softly as he felt the warm fluid flow right into him.

Once Pikachu had finished they swapped positions so Treecko could empty his load too. Pikachu was happily moaning as he felt Treecko’s cock move inside of him. Treecko also moaned as he stimulated his cock with his thrusts. Soon Treecko was crying out as he poured his milk right down into Pikachu who sat their motionless as he felt the cum flow right into him before giving off a pleasured sigh. Treecko then removed his cock and sat down with Pikachu sitting down next to him and putting his arm around him.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” Treecko exclaimed.

“I know, but it felt good, right?” Pikachu asked.

“Yeah,” Treecko sighed.

“I think we have a lot to talk about,” Pikachu remarked with Treecko concurring.

The two went over to the front desk and told Meowstic they were leaving. Meowstic took their towels and gave Pikachu back his clothes which he put on right away.

“So my brothers did you get everything you came here for?” Meowstic asked them.

“Yes, and much more. We’ll probably come back here again after our next competition,” Pikachu remarked causing Meowstic to smile softly.

As they were leaving Lucario noticed them and went over to bid them farewell.

“Hey Lucario, next time we see each other here could you give me some fighting tips?” Pikachu asked him.

“Sure thing,” Lucario replied. “So long as you promise not to do any more of those sessions of yours.”

“I think my session days are over. While they did help us win belts, in the long run they aren’t worth it,” Pikachu said as he nuzzled Treecko. “By the way, I’m sorry for causing you trouble,” he added in a whisper to him.

“I forgive you,” Treecko responded as he hugged Pikachu.

The two joined hands and left the spa having a new outlook on their relationship as partners.

-The End-

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