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The Daily Encounters by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

Once again, the Pokemon have humanoid genitalia.

The Daily Encounters

It was a nice sunny day and Link and his Pokémon were relaxing at their camp that was located in the Twilight Forest. They had decided to camp there for a few days for no reason other than getting back to nature. Obstagoon, Toxtricity (low key), and Luxray were sitting in the sun soaking up rays while Link, who was in the nude, sat by a nearby tree flipping through his regional guidebook outlining every square inch of the region. Eventually he got bored and looked at Luxray with interested eyes.


“Hey Luxray, mount me!” Link called to him as he got on all fours.


Luxray looked over at Link before getting up and running over to him. As he got over to him he pawed at his crotch to reveal his cock and sac. He then inserted his cock into Link and began thrusting. Soon Link started moaning as he felt Luxray’s cock move within him. Luxray himself then joined in as he moaned as he stimulated his cock. After enough thrusting Luxray hit his orgasim and cried out as he poured his cum right straight down into Link who loved every second of it.


Once Luxray had run dry he removed his cock from Link as the latter dropped to the ground and rolled over onto his back. Link then opened his arms wide as Luxray laid on top of him. He then crossed his legs over Luxray’s body before hugging Luxray’s neck, fully embracing his partner. He then broke the hug as he rubbed Luxray’s neck before going on to stroke his mane, all the while Luxray licked his face blissfully.


Unbeknownst to them a simisage was watching them from a nearby tree branch. He didn’t have any plans on attacking them for he was in a relaxed position; still he watched from his branch with peaked interest.


After uncrossing his legs and having Luxray get off him, Link stood up and looked up at the sun before averting his attention to Simisage who was now looking away from the group in another direction. Link got excited upon seeing him, he had always wanted one ever since his older brother caught one and now was his chance. He quietly called over Toxtricity while also getting the attention of Obstagoon who followed him. He then told Toxtricity to attack Simisage with a sludge bomb while he was distracted. Toxtricity did as such and Simisage, without even looking, used seed bomb and negated the attack shocking Link and his partners.


Simisage then turned his head towards them as he stood on the tree branch. He then gave them a coy wink before climbing down the tree to meet them.


“You’re going to have to be better than that to get me, baby,” Simisage remarked while crossing his legs and putting his arms behind his head.


“Well in that case, let’s have a battle!” Link issued.


“I’m not really feeling up for a battle, but I would like some male attention if you don’t mind,” Simisage requested coyly.


Link and the others were caught off guard by the request. Link hesitated, but agreed thinking he might be able to catch Simisage this way. He explained this to the others who concurred with him.


“Ok! Show me what you got,” Simisage replied.


Link responded to that by sending out Toxtricity who whipped out his cock and sac as Simisage did the same. They each surveyed each other’s package. Simisage’s was larger than Toxtricity’s but he was still impressed and asked if he could see it in action. Toxtricity agreed and prepped up as Simisage got on all fours.


The others watched on with interest as Toxtricity stuck his cock into Simisage and began thrusting. Not long after he started Simisage was moaning contently as he felt Toxtricity’s cock move within him. Toxtricity soon joined him as he stimulated his cock. Finally Toxtricity hit his orgasim and cried out loudly as he poured his cum right down into Simisage who purred softly as he felt the cum flow into him.


As he watched the orgasim happen Link started to stroke his own cock but stopped when he saw Toxtricity taking his cock out of Simisage, having emptied his entire load. Simisage then stood up and gave Toxtricity a tender pat on the back.


“That was pretty good, babe,” Simisage complimented causing Toxtricity to blush.


“Well, I’m hungry so I’ll see myself out. Later, babes,” Simisage said winking before climbing back up into the tree and scampering off.


Link watched as Simisage disappeared into the distance. He didn’t even bother throwing a pokéball seeing as the sex did nothing to weaken him.


“What a peculiar fellow,” Obstagoon commented. “I wonder if we’ll see him again.”


They didn’t have long to wait as the very next day Simisage was back in the tree looking at them. It was raining that day so they stayed in their fourteen person tent. Simisage peered in the tent and saw Link, who was still naked, rubbing Obstagoon’s cock. Simisage gazed at them and after getting his cock out started rubbing it slowly as rain poured on him.


After Obstagoon had reached his climax and sprayed cum onto himself Link let go of his cock and laid his head on Luxray who was laying down behind him. He then noticed Simisage sitting in the tree and opened the door of the tent.


“You want to come inside?” Link asked him.


“Sure, baby,” Simisage replied as he climbed down the tree and entered the tent.


Link got a towel out from his bag and tossed it to Simisage who caught it and dried himself off.


“You didn’t have to sit outside in the tree,” Obstagoon told him. “We would’ve let you in.”


“Yeah, but I figured after being straightforward yesterday I’d tone done a little. I didn’t want to come off too boisterous now,” Simisage explained with a flirtatious wink.


Toxtricity then asked if he was in need of some male attention again which he said he was, if they were willing to provide it. Pretty soon Simisage was happily sucking on Link’s cock as he moaned with pleasure. Link then hit his climax and cried out as he poured his milk into Simisage’s mouth who gulped it all down just as quickly as it came in. Once Link had ran out of the stuff Simisage removed his mouth from the cock and turned his attention to Obstagoon who was wanting Simisage to penetrate him.


Simisage prepped up his cock before inserting it into Obstagoon’s rather tight ass. As Simisage thrusted he extended out one of his vines and wrapped it around Obstagoon’s cock and began stroking it with it. Obstagoon moaned loudly as Simisage stroked his cock and penetrated his ass. Simisage soon joined in as the tightness of the ass was nicely stimulating his cock. As the two did that the others had made their own little threesome. Link was sucking on Luxray’s cock while Toxtricity thrusted his cock into Luxray’s ass. The latter two moaned with Obstagoon and Simisage as their cocks got stimulated.


Eventually the orgasim chain started. Simisage was first and cried with vigor as he poured his load into Obstagoon. Obstagoon then cried out as he splattered his load all over the floor of the tent and even onto Simisage’s vine. Over at the threesome, Luxray yelled out as his cum flowed right into Link’s mouth and down his throat. Finally Toxtricity cried out as his cum went right straight down into Luxray.


Once all cocks were emptied they were all removed from what was holding them. As Simisage retracted his vine he noticed the leftover cum on it and promptly licked it clean. After doing so Luxray, having not yet interacted with Simisage, asked if he could lick his sac which Simisage agreed to without hesitation. The others watched on as Simisage moved his tongue along the bottom of Luxray’s sac before sucking on one of the testicles.


By the time he had finished all the licking and sucking he could do, the sun had come out and was quickly drying the wet grass. Simisage thanked them for allowing him to wait out the rain before quickly making his way out and up the tree. Link quickly rushed outside telling Simisage to wait as he had to ask him something, but Simisage was out of sight before he could finish his sentence.


He came back the next day and before they made out he embraced each one of them and gave them a long, sexy kiss which they replicated back. Once he had kissed all of them they started their orgy and after they finished Simisage once again ran off after saying goodbye.


By this point Link and others were expecting him to come the next day, however to their surprise he didn’t come. They figured that he was running late, but after nearly the whole day passed they knew something was wrong. Link, Obstagoon, and Luxray went out to search for him while Toxtricity stayed at the camp just in case Simisage arrived. They looked as far as they could before dark made searching impossible. They then went to bed extremely anxious.


In the middle of the night Toxtricity had to get up to use the bathroom. As he was about to relieve himself on a nearby tree he thought he saw Simisage in the distance. Upon getting a closer look he saw that it was indeed Simisage who was holding his cock relieving himself on a tree. Toxtricity called out to him to which he turned his head and waved before inviting him to pee next to him. Toxtricity stood next to Simisage and whipped his cock out, he then held it as the golden liquid came out of him.


“What made you think I needed to pee?” Toxtricity asked him.


“Why else would you be out at this hour, babe. Especially since you have a trainer,” Simisage said as he playfully jabbed Toxtricity’s arm being careful not to throw off his aim.


“Anyway, how come you didn’t show up today?” Toxtricity questioned.


“I was busy getting some male attention from another group of campers. Every time I tried to leave they pulled me back in for another round. Guess it was my sexiness,” Simisage explained.


“You get male attention from more than just us?!” Toxtricity asked surprised.


“Yeah, it’s what I do. Every time an all male party comes around I introduce myself to them and then we have an orgy. After that I leave and wait for the next batch,” Simisage said. “It’s quite a good form of entertainment!”


“I see,” Toxtricity said. “And I presume the reason you make haste when you leave is so you won’t get captured and end your fun.”


“Exactly, babe,” Simisage admitted.


“Well in any case, we were worried when you didn’t show up. We figured something might of happened to you,” Toxtricity told him.


“Well sorry for worrying you babes. Speaking of which there’s something about you guys that’s different from other groups I had sex with,” Simisage remarked as he shook his cock dry.


“What’s that?” Toxtricity asked while shaking his dry.


“I dunno, but with the others it’s usually just for fun and doesn’t mean anything. However, when I have sex with you I feel different, I feel as though it means something and I really love the time I spend with you. With others it’s just one in done, but with you babes I find myself wanting to return one more time. In fact, I kind of want to join you because of it, but I’m still undecided,” Simisage responded.


“Well you’re welcome to join us if you decide to as we too enjoy your company. In any case, see you tomorrow,” Toxtricity said.


“See you babes tomorrow!” Simisage remarked as he waved goodbye to Toxtricity who had already started walking back to the camp.


When he got back to the camp he woke the others up and told them that Simisage was doing alright and explained his situation to them. He then added that he’d be back tomorrow and so should prepare for his arrival.


The next day they prepared for Simisage’s arrival. Link had been naked this whole trip so he was already ready for him to arrive while the others just had to get their cocks and sacs out. Once they got exposed they sat and waited for Simisage. True to his word, Simisage showed up and already had his cock and sac out ready to start the orgy. Link ran up to Simisage and embraced him which Simisage did back. The two then started passionately kissing as their cocks rubbed against each other.


Eventually they broke the kiss and broke the embrace. Simisage went over to the others and planted a kiss on each of their lips which they thoroughly enjoyed. He gave Toxtricity a particularly long one and even got his tongue in there which Toxtricity didn’t mind and even slipped his tongue in too. As soon as the kissing was done the orgy could start.


Link and Toxtricity got on all fours as Simisage and Obstagoon started licking their asses respectively. Luxray then laid on his back in the middle of Link and Toxtricity, he then moved up so that his cock was in the middle of them. The two then started licking Luxray’s cock as Simisage and Obstagoon inserted their cocks into them. The two thrusters then started moaning loudly as they stimulated their cocks while the people they penetrated kept on licking peacefully. Presently Luxray hit his climax and growled loudly as he showered himself in his own cum while also getting cum on the licker’s faces which they licked off. As they licked the cock clean Simisage and Obstagoon sounded off as they gushed warm milk into the holes. Link and Toxtricity took their tongues off the cock to give off satisfying moans before kissing one another.


Once everyone was finished they moved on to their next round. Link laid on top of Luxray, who was still on his back, as the big guy wrapped his front paws around him. They then began kissing each other affectionately as Link put his arms behind Luxray’s head. Luxray’s fur was soft and Link liked the feeling of his bare body rubbing against it.


Over at the more sexually active group, Obstagoon was sucking on Simisage’s cock as Toxtricity was thrusting his cock into the former. Loud moans exited from the latter two’s mouths as their cocks got vivified by the sucking and thrusting. Suddenly Simisage hit his orgasim and screamed out as he poured his fresh cum into Obstagoon’s mouth and down into his throat. As this was happening Toxtricity also hit his orgasim and cried out uproariously as his milk flowed right into Obstagoon’s ass and down inside of him. Once the two had emptied they removed their cocks as Obstagoon licked all the excess cum off his face.


Luxray let Link go from his hold as Link got up and walked over to Obstagoon. The two embraced each other and then started kissing. Toxtricity and Simisage also embraced each other and began kissing as well. Luxray, not to be left out, started licking Link’s ass as he kissed Obstagoon. Once the two couples had gotten enough of the other’s lips they moved on to their last round for the day.


Link laid on the ground as Luxray licked his cock like a lollipop before going into a suck. As he sucked he stuck his ass up in the air as Obstagoon stuck his cock into it. Simisage then stuck his cock into Obstagoon’s ass while he stuck one of his vines into his own. Toxtricity then stood over Link’s mouth as he began licking his ass. Simisage then extended his other vine and wrapped it around Toxtricity’s cock and began stroking it. Obstagoon, Simisage, and Toxtricity all moaned out with pleasure as their cocks got stimulated while Link moaned in between the licks. Link then stopped licking as he had hit his orgasim and cried out as he shot his milk into Luxray’s mouth who drank it all down. Luxray then licked the tip of Link’s cock with his tongue to get the stuck cum out causing Link to develop goosebumps.


Obstagoon then wailed as he had hit his orgasim and was pouring his cum down into Luxray who waved his tail happily around. Simisage could feel his orgasim coming on next and wiggled his vine harder in his ass as he inched closer to it. He came and cried out with relief as cum flooded into Obstagoon’s ass. Finally it was Toxtricity’s turn to cum and he sprayed his cum on top of Luxray’s head who didn’t seem to mind, rather he seemed quite pleased by it. Once the cum was done Simisage unwrapped his vine from Toxtricity’s cock as he moved away from Link. Simisage then removed his cock from Obstagoon as he retracted both of his vines. Obstagoon did the same with his cock as Luxray removed his mouth from Link’s cock. The Pokémon then joined Link on the ground, all tired but very satisfied.


After laying there for a while Simisage stood up wanting to say something. The others sat up and looked at him with interest.


“So babes I know Toxtricity said I was welcome in, but I just need to ask. Will you guys let me join you?” Simisage asked. “I just love spending time with you guys and, well, I really love you guys. I really want us to be close on a personal level which is more than I felt for any other group I encountered. So, will you have me?”


The decision was unanimous, they wanted Simisage to join them much to his delight. Link went into his tent and went through his bag. He emerged seconds later holding a love ball. He threw it at Simisage who let it catch him. It shook three times and Simisage was caught. Link then released him and hugged his new partner. As he hugged him Simisage started to develop a warm, pleasant feeling. Simisage knew what that feeling was even though he never felt it in a long time. He then hugged Link back embracing that feeling.


That night, there was a meteor shower and the five were laying on the grass looking up at it. Simisage laid next to Link with his arms behind his head.


Simisage turned towards him, “You know what, babe?”


“What?” Link asked.


“I think this was meant to be,” Simisage remarked with a wink.


Link smiled at him, “I think so too.”


Link then put out his fist as the two fist pumped to the new partnership.


-The End-




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