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The Man with the Thunderbolt Tattoo by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

All of the Pokemon have humanoid genitalia. Also public nudity is acceptable in this world. 

The Man with the Thunderbolt Tattoo

Kenji tied his black belt around the hips of his nude body as his Pokémon followed suit. He then jogged in place as he barked orders to them before they all jogged off together.

Kenji specialized in fighting types and was headstrong about using just that type to win the Pokémon League. His party consisted of Hitmonlee, Poliwrath, Lucario, and Machoke, all of whom wore black belts above their cocks signifying they belonged to him. He put the four through intense training every day in order to hone their power and bring out its max potential. Hitmonlee, Poliwrath, and Lucario were well disciplined and followed each routine without argument or distraction. Machoke on the other hand was different.

Despite having a muscular build like all machoke, his body was actually quite weak and couldn’t keep up with the intense training. He used to be able to as he had a power belt that increased his strength, offsetting his naturally weak state. It restrained his power level, but he felt it was a fair compromise. Due to Kenji’s nature he had to keep the belt’s purpose a secret. Unfortunately, he found out of the belt limiting his power and made him discard it. It wasn’t long after that he found out about Machoke’s weak body. Luckily, he didn’t abandon him over it, though he merely overlooked it and subjected him to the same regime as the others despite him not being able to keep up.

Machoke faced a lot of scorn from his teammates and often made passive aggressive remarks towards him. They never got physical with him, though he didn’t push it past them. Whenever they would get to a town or city they would walk past happy trainers with their happy Pokémon. Machoke even would see Pokémon from the same team getting along and happily play and chat with each other. He wished he had such a dynamic with his team, but knew he wouldn’t unless he made himself stronger which, while possible, wouldn’t be possible under his current circumstances.

As the five jogged along the dirt path, Machoke started to get tired out. However, he knew he had to push on as they warned him that the next time he stopped they wouldn’t wait for him. Machoke tried but he had to stop as he was completely out of breath. As he wheezed, he watched as the others disappeared into the distance. He then knew that he was on his own.

Once he had caught his breath he continued on, though this time instead of jogging he fast walked. Eventually he came to a fork in the road. He looked at the ground to see if any footprints were made signifying which way the others went. When he couldn’t find any prints or any indicators he took a shot in the dark and went right.

The right path took him beside a river that led up to a waterfall. When he approached the base of the fall he got on his knees and drank the water from it before continuing on.

Machoke kept wandering down the path until the sky turned to twilight. He was getting quite concerned as the path kept on going and there were no more forks. His feet were paining him as the path had become rocky and pointed rocks dug at his feet as he walked. Once he got back to the soft dirt, he walked over to a tree and sat down. As he rubbed his sore feet to stop them from paining, he decided to stop there for the night and continue tomorrow. As the forest grew dark, Machoke curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

The next morning, Machoke was still asleep. That was until he moved slightly and realized something wasn’t right. First of all, he was laying straight out on his back. Secondly, underneath him didn’t feel like the ground, rather the fabric of a cot. Machoke opened his eyes and sat up. He looked at his feet and noticed that the middle parts of them were wrapped up in bandages and didn’t feel sore, rather they felt nice and relaxed. He surveyed his surroundings and saw that he was in a really spacious navy tent. He knew he wasn’t back with Kenji as he had a maroon tent and it wasn’t that spacious. Machoke wasn’t really nervous about where he was as he figured whoever he was with was quite the kind soul as they did all this for him.

As he sat on the side of the cot, a jolteon came in. Machoke saw that he had a scar across his left eye which made him feel uneasy.

“You’re up! Axel will be pleased to know that. Anyway, I’m Jolteon,” Jolteon introduced.

“Machoke,” Machoke replied. “Um, how did you get the scar?”

“Yeah, I got it when I was an eevee in the wild. Tried to steal some food from a weavile, didn’t go so hot. I can still see, but at a decreased range. Not that it matters as my trainer isn’t much a battler,” Jolteon nonchalantly explained.

Machoke straightened up, “What does your trainer do?”

“He partakes in Pokémon Triathons. You compete in three events to show the bond between you and your partners and the best group earns a stamp. Eight stamps are needed to gain entrance into the Supreme Triathon, where it’s elimination style. The last one standing gets crowned Triathon Connoisseur and wins a cup and ribbons for them and their Pokémon. So far we got three stamps,” Jolteon explained.

Machoke was intrigued. He liked the idea of competitions showing the bond between Pokémon and trainer. In fact, it sounded right up his alley. However, he knew he was never going to be able to compete in one.

Just then, a naked muscular man entered the tent with a minccino on his shoulder. Machoke figured that that guy was Axel. Axel kneeled down and patted Jolteon on the head before turning his attention to Machoke. As he looked at him Machoke noticed that he had a rather large thunderbolt tattoo on his chest and couldn’t resist staring at it. That was until Axel started talking.

“How are you feeling?” he asked in a deep voice.

“Good, I really appreciate you helping me out,” Machoke answered.

“Well, when I saw you on the ground with your soles all red I couldn’t just leave you there. So I lifted you onto my back and carried you until we found a suitable campsite. Once we set up, I put you on the cot and rubbed cream on your feet before bandaging them up. Gotta say you’re a heavy sleeper,” Axel chuckled.

He then invited Machoke to have breakfast with them. It wasn’t that fancy of a breakfast, just scrambled eggs and toast. Machoke didn’t care as it beat out the single energy bar Kenji gave him. As they ate, Mincinno asked him what he was doing out in the woods. Machoke explained his situation while also confiding in them about his weak body.

“I used to offset it by using a power belt, but Kenji made me get rid of it. Without it I can’t keep up with the others. In fact, I’m utterly useless without it,” he sighed.

“I don’t think so, I mean think about it you travelled a far distance and through rocky terrain without it,” Axel pointed out.

“Yeah, but I can’t keep up with the training and I tucker out too easily in battles and end up getting knocked out! I need that belt to be able to be a viable Pokémon, no one wants a Pokémon that faints every fight. I mean, that’s not a real Pokémon!” Machoke countered.

“Nobody would want one with decreased vision either, yet I have Jolteon,” Axel retorted in a vexed tone.

Machoke thought about it and just sat there eating his eggs in silence. Once everyone was finished Axel decided to take them for a short run. Machoke sheepishly asked if he could join them. Axel, now in a more chipper mood, agreed. While on their run Machoke had to stop a bit to regain his breath. To his surprise, the other waited for him and didn’t seem annoyed by his constant stopping. Eventually they stopped by a lake and decided to take a dip in it.

Machoke watched as the others entered the lake and swam around in it. He then proceeded to take off his belt and unwrap the bandages on his feet and placed them off to the side. After doing so, he entered the lake and just merely floated in it. The water was nice and warm and it really did wonders in soothing his weary body.

As he was bobbing, he didn’t notice Minccino come up behind and splash him using the whip of his tail. Machoke flinched when the water hit him and turned around to face him. Minccino chuckled as he floated on the water. Machoke scowled at him before he splashed him hard in the crotch area. Minccino put his tail in front of him to minimize the splash, but it was fruitless as the water came down hard on his crotch and ended uprighting him.

“Ow…” Minccino cried in a meek voice as tears formed in his eyes.

Machoke felt bad about hurting him and apologized. After Minccino recovered he told him it was no biggie.

“Serves you right for splashing us!” Jolteon chuckled.

Axel and Minccino joined him. After a little bit, Machoke joined in as well. He kind of felt weird doing it as he had never laughed with Kenji and the others, but it felt quite nice at the same time.

After the three got out of the water they decided to lay out in the sun to dry. As he laid there, Machoke noticed Jolteon was moaning and upon closer look noticed that Minccino was sucking on his cock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, nor could he believe Axel was laying there watching them do it. Kenji would kill them if he caught them doing it. Sex had no place in his regime.

“It’s one way we bond with each other,” Axel told him as he stroked his cock.

Machoke watched as Jolteon orgasmed and gushed his cum into Minccino’s mouth who slurped it all down. As Jolteon panted, he rubbed Minccino’s head with his paw.

“Good job, buddy,” Jolteon told him.

Minccino took his mouth off the cock and smiled back at him. He then began licking the cock much to Jolteon’s enjoyment.

Machoke sighed heavily as he turned his attention to Axel. Suddenly an idea came to his head.

“Hey, Axel? Mind if we do that?” he asked, pointing to the others.

“Took you long enough to ask,” Axel chuckled as he sat upright.

He asked him whether he wanted to top or bottom. Machoke didn’t know what he wanted to do, not only had it been forever since he had sex, but it had also been forever since someone asked him to make a choice. He chose bottom and asked if he would go soft on him, but Axel said he had already planned to.

As Machoke got on all fours he saw Minccino stick his cock into Jolteon and begin thrusting. His focus then got interrupted as he felt Axel’s tongue start to lick his butt. Once it was wet enough, Axel inserted his cock and began slowly thrusting. Despite his slowness Machoke was enjoying himself, he missed this feeling and was glad he got to experience it at least once before getting back with Kenji.

A few minutes later and Minccino started crying out as he poured his cum down into Jolteon who was purring contently. Axel was still moaning so he still had a way to go, but Machoke knew he was getting close. After a few more minutes Axel came and cried out as he poured his milk into Machoke. Machoke sighed with satisfaction as he felt the milk warm him up as it went down. Once the orgasim had finished, Axel pulled out and sat on the ground as Machoke uprighted himself and sat on the ground in front of him.

Suddenly, Machoke felt Axel’s hand touch his chest as he leaned in for a kiss. He kissed him back as the two wrapped their arms and legs around each other. Machoke quite liked being hugged by another guy who was similar in stature to him. It made the kiss feel that much more sexier.

Eventually they let go of the other as both stood up. They then hugged each other and continued the kiss. As they kissed they moved one of their hands down to the other’s butt and felt it up before returning it to the waist. Machoke felt jealous of Jolteon and Minccino as they had a great, affectionate trainer in Axel. He wished he could run away with Axel, but knew that was impossible.

Soon they had returned back to the campsite where Axel told Machoke they’d start looking for his trainer. Machoke was quite reluctant to do so, even more so after Kenji and the others showed up out of the blue.

“Machoke! There you are!” he yelled as he got closer to them.

Kenji introduced himself to Axel who explained the situation. He thanked him for taking care of him and apologized for him causing him trouble. The five of them then went off together, but not before Machoke gave a sad wave to them. Axel sadly watched on as they disappeared into the woods.

“Whatcha feeling?” Minccino asked as he scamped up Axel’s body and onto his shoulder.

“I was kind of hoping he would ask me to raise him considering what Machoke said,” Axel told him in a meek tone.

A whole week had passed since he had last seen Axel, but Machoke still couldn’t stop thinking about him. Kenji told him to drop him and put him on more intense exercises so he’d forget about him. But Machoke couldn’t forget about Axel, in fact it only made him think about him more. Eventually one day he decided to do something about it.

During the night, Machoke quietly slipped out of the tent while the others were sleeping. He took off his belt and discarded it next to the tent before grabbing his Pokéball and making off. Since he didn’t want to tire himself out he quick walked and told himself he’d rest after he was out of range.

Machoke continued on walking for the next three days, only stopping when it was necessary. In that time he came across many trainers, but none of them were Axel. This made him get discouraged, but he picked himself up by remembering his time with him and how he wanted to be with him again.

Eventually, two days later he saw a familiar looking tent in the distance. Upon closer inspection he realized it was Axel and happily ran over to him, until he saw something that made him stop. Axel was sitting by his tent as he groomed a skuntank that laid on his legs. Machoke realized he had caught another Pokémon and since he didn’t see the others he feared that in the thirteen days he was gone Axel had filled out his team.

Deciding to take the chance he made himself visible to Axel. After Axel had got the skuntank off him he looked up and saw him.

His eyes widened, “Machoke!”

He then yelled to Jolteon and Minccino who tumbled out the tent in excitement. The three ran over to Machoke, knocking him over in the process, and dog piled on top of him.

“You came back!” Minccino cried out as he hugged him.

Machoke nodded before asking them to get off him. They did so as Axel introduced him to Skuntank.

“So that’s who ya are. They’ve been telling me about ya since they caught me and I was hoping I’d get a look for myself. I gotta say, ya look like a hunk,” Skuntank told him.

“Really?” Machoke said, as an answer to both questions.

“So what made you come here?” Axel asked him, putting his hand on his shoulder.

Machoke presented him his Pokéball, “I was hoping you would let me join you.”

Axel took the Pokéball and hugged Machoke, “Of course, buddy!”

Two weeks later and Machoke had been fully integrated into the team and had been getting along well with Skuntank. He was now a lot more cheerful and while he still was mindful of his weak body, he no longer felt ashamed of it. He also had dumped his cum into all of them and vice versa. They all went gentle on him and seemed to quite enjoy having sex with him. This bonding paid off as he helped them earn their fourth stamp which made him extremely proud.

Then one day as they were walking down a path to the next city, they came across Kenji and his Pokémon. Machoke was afraid he’d scold him and try to take him back.

As they walked passed, Kenji glared at Machoke who met him back nervously. Then, to Machoke’s surprise, Kenji nodded at him which Machoke nodded back to. He then jogged off in complete silence.

Machoke just stopped and stared at him. He then smiled to himself before jogging off to catch up with Axel and the others.

-The End-

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