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Summer Revisited by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

The anthro Pokemon have humanoid hands, feet, and genitalia. They also have nipples on their chests.

Summer Revisited

Emitt rolled down the window of the car as it sped down the highway. He and his best buddies were heading to Arcanine’s parents’ cottage for the weekend, something they hadn’t done since they all left for college. Now that they had all graduated they decided to go up to celebrate and spend some quality time together.

“I wonder if it’s still the same?” Emitt asked Arcanine who was driving.

“I’m pretty sure it is. After all, my parents go up every year and they never told me about changing anything in the four years we were gone,” Arcanine assured him.

Emitt looked in the backseat. Persian and Bayleef were looking out the window as Pikachu, who sat between them, was on his phone.

“I hope you don’t stay on that phone all weekend!” Emitt teased.

“Not likely,” Pikachu told him, glancing up. “I just need some entertainment for this ride!”

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Bayleef replied as he tickled Pikachu’s stomach.

“Not, like, that!” Pikachu retorted as he tried to hold back laughing.

Emitt smiled to himself, the five had kept up with each other during college but this was the first time in a while that they were all fun and free like this.

Nearing the cottage the five stopped at a gas station. They had plenty of gas, but Arcanine needed a rest from driving for a bit. While they rested, Persian went in and grabbed them some large slushies. After they had consumed them they continued on driving.

Finally they reached the cottage. It was very large with two floors and even had a dock out back. It was also quite secluded with only one other cottage nearby. It belonged to a Stoutland that was good friends with Arcanine’s parents and even helped them build it.

Bayleef flung open the car door and got out, “Aaah, fresh air!!!”

Arcanine popped the trunk open and took out a bag before unlocking the front door for the others. The bag was full of junk food and not much else. None of the guys had brought extra clothes with them as they were planning on spending the weekend entirely naked just as they had done for the whole week last time they were up. Since no one else came up this way they didn’t have to worry about making sure no one saw them. As for Stoutland, he didn’t really mind their nudity so long as they weren’t noisy or disruptive. However, he wasn’t at his cottage, having left Friday along with Arcanine’s parents so they didn’t have anything to worry about.

As soon as they got in the cottage they put all their food away while looking at the food Arcanine’s parents left them.

“This food should last us the weekend, so we won’t have to venture out to the store. Now remember guys, we need to take every ounce of food with us when we leave per parents’ request,” Arcanine told them.

Once all the food was put away, the five moved to the living room to start stripping off. Since it had been a while since they saw each other naked they decided to strip off one at a time. Bayleef offered to strip first since he was the most ready to get naked.

Without even a pause he took off his navy muscle shirt as well as his flip flops and threw them on the couch. He then took off his shorts and underwear at the same time as his genitals flung out of their confinement. He then tossed them over his shoulder into the pile he created on the couch. The others looked at his naked body. It didn’t look that much different from four years ago although he had some green pubic hair on his crotch that went with his triangle leaf soul patch. He was of average height and weight like Emitt and Persian.

Pikachu went next and took off his red jacket before taking off his white shirt. He then took off his shoes and socks before tossing them into the pile. He wiggled his toes in the air before taking off his shorts and then his underwear and tossing them aside. Like Bayleef, he was of average height, but was thin. He had always been like that and preferred it that way.

Next was Arcanine, he removed his pale blue shirt to reveal his muscular torso. He then tossed it into the pile and went about removing his socks and shoes. When they had been removed and tossed in the pile, he took off his pants and boxers to expose his rather large genitals. He was a tall guy, the tallest of the group. While everyone was around the same height, Arcanine was a head taller than everyone else.

Emitt motioned Persian to strip next but he refused so Emitt stripped instead. Unlike the others, Emitt removed his sandals first before he took off his orange shirt. Emitt stood there for a moment barefoot and shirtless as he looked at his three naked and one clothed friends. He then took off his pants and once he discarded them he took off his boxers to reveal his bouncy genitals.

Lastly Persian was up. Despite being nude around them before he was still shy about stripping down. He eventually plucked up the courage and took off his black tank top before tossing it into the pile. He then took off his sneakers and socks and threw them in. Afterwards he undid the button on his jeans as well as the zipper before pulling them down. Once they were discarded he took a breath before slipping off his underwear and tossing them into the now large pile of discarded clothing. He then nervously scratched his left nipple.

The five guys thoroughly looked at each others’ nude bodies. They were surprised to see that not much had changed. Once they had a good look they stood still to take in the fact that they were all naked under one roof again.

“Boy, this brings back memories!” Arcanine said, trying to hold back a tear in his eye.

“Yeah, like how we all came out to each other on the second day and spent the rest of the week trying out gay sex,” Pikachu chimed in.

“Yup, and remember how when Persian came in Emitt, Emitt cried out that he loved him. Golly, I’ve never seen his face turn so red!” Bayleef added.

“Yeah, that sure was embarrassing!” Emitt admitted, starting to turn red again.

“Hey, I let it slide so don’t worry about it,” Persian told him as he patted his back.

The five then decided to take a dip in the lake. Arcanine grabbed the pile of clothes and the five made their way upstairs to grab towels. Arcanine laid the pile on his parents’ bed before joining the guys in the bathroom. Once they found some beach towels they each flung one over their left shoulder and made their way downstairs and out the door. However, as Emitt entered the doorway, Persian grabbed his shoulder.

“Um, Emitt? I need to ask you something,” Persian said as he nervously scratched his chest. “Was what you said four years ago just a knee jerk reaction or did you really mean it?”

Emitt paused for a minute, “It was just a reaction, I-I didn’t have a crush on you or anything.”

“Oh,” Persian replied. “Ok, I just wanted to know. Now let’s catch up with the others.”

Emitt and Persian made their way down to the dock. The others were already there and looking out at the lake. They put their towels on the green lawn chair with the others before joining them on the dock. Pikachu stood on his tip toes and tried to see the other side of the lake. As he was doing so Bayleef sneaked up behind and pushed him in the water. Fortunately, the dock was far enough out in the water that he didn’t hit anything on the bottom.

Pikachu swam up to the top and spit out water, “Hey! Dick move, Bayleef!”

Bayleef laughed heartily, he meant no harm, but it still irked Pikachu. Arcanine decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and effortlessly picked him up. He then gently tossed him into the water much to his surprise. When he resurfaced he spat out water and looked at Arcanine who gave him a smug grin. Bayleef, realizing his position, merely sheepishly rubbed his neck.

Arcanine chuckled before he cannonballed in. Persian and Emitt then made their way to the front of the dock. They sat on the edge of it before thrusting themselves in, being more delicate than the other three. They all swam around and playfully splashed each other for an hour before they got out. They each grabbed their towels and dried themselves off before laying them out. They then laid down on them as they sun dried themselves.

It was a warm day with just a light breeze which made it perfect for sun drying. It was not hot enough to get a burn, yet not cold enough to get a chill. As they laid out they reminisced about last time they were there as well as the past in general which made Pikachu remember something.

“Hey, didn’t we bury a time capsule around here somewhere?” he asked as he looked around.

“We did. It’s right in front of the tree with the large slash mark in it,” Emitt replied unflinchingly as he pointed at the tree.

“Ok, brainiac. Think we should dig it up?” Pikachu asked him.

“No, we said we’d wait until we turned forty to dig it back up. That way, we could, compare,” Emitt retorted with a coy smile.

Back when the guys made the capsule they took a nude group photo so they could see how much their bodies had changed from when they were young adults. They were very meticulous about preserving the photo wanting to make sure it didn’t decay until it was time to open it.

“Right, right, right,” Pikachu said as he laid back. “Think we’ll still be friends by then?”

“Well, we’ve been friends since elementary and kept up through college so I think so,” Arcanine chuckled.

Once they were all dried up they retired back into the cottage. Emitt, Persian, Pikachu, and Bayleef went into the kitchen and put on two frozen pizzas as Arcanine went into the living room to turn on the TV. He put on the guide and pressed seven, three, nine, on the remote. He was relieved to see that the station, Nude Network G, was still there. He actually bought the station while it was on a free preview, since it was an upper station and he had bought two other stations for his parents they never found out.

Nude Network G was a channel that hosted a wide variety of content involving uncensored nudity and was directed towards a gay audience. It featured animated shows, live action shows, and even straight up porn. Arcanine and the others were hooked on the station, in particular they loved the NWE (Naked Wrestling Exhibition) which was a wrestling tournament they held. They weren’t so much into the fighting, rather they liked to see the wrestlers’ cocks flail around. Arcanine turned on the station and saw that they were playing a porno called “Jungle Heat”. He sat down on the couch and watched as a naked Houndoom that had mud on him was making out with a scruffy, naked Flareon.

“Good Arceus, this is actually hot. I wonder if they’ll rerun this?” Arcanine said as he began to stroke his cock.

Once the pizzas were done they cut them into six slices each and distributed them across the five plates. Since Emitt and Pikachu liked pizza more than the others they got the leftover slices. The four guys grabbed their plates before going into the fridge to grab a soda can. Bayleef took Arcanine’s plate as well as his can. They entered the living room as Bayleef passed Arcanine his can and his plate. The five then sat down as the NWE started.

As they ate their pizza they watched with interest as a naked Machoke gave an inverted facelock to a naked midnight Lycanroc who eventually broke free. Of course, they weren’t looking at the fighting rather they were glued to the guys’ naked bodies. When it was all over, Lycanroc was announced the winner and as the Golduck referee held up his hand he victoriously shook his genitals around which turned on Emitt and co.

After the show ended and they cleaned up the plates they decided to head up to the guest bedroom so they could relieve all their pent up energy from the show. Once in the bedroom Arcanine closed the door and half drew the curtains to give them privacy before giving the go ahead to start.

Persian went up behind Pikachu and started to rub his nipples with his fingers. He knew it was a turn on for him and right on cue he began to purr softly as he blushed. While that was going on, Emitt was on the bed sucking Bayleef’s cock as Arcanine thrusted his cock into him. All the while the two Pokémon were bent over slightly passionately making out. Eventually Persian and Pikachu joined them on the bed as Pikachu began thrusting his cock into him.

Moaning filled the room as the three guys stimulated their cocks. Pikachu and Arcanine then hit their climax and cried out as they gushed their warm cum right down into Persian and Emitt. Soon Bayleef also hit his climax and he too cried out as he jetted his cum into Emitt’s mouth. The cum came quick and there was quite a lot, but fortunately Emitt was able to handle it and swallowed it all down. Whenever Bayleef came he released a lot of cum so giving him a blowjob wasn’t for the faint of heart.

After they died down it was time for Emitt and Persian to release their loads and they inserted their cocks into Pikachu and Bayleef respectively. As they thrusted Arcanine laid in between Pikachu and Bayleef with his cock right near their faces. They then began to lick it as Arcanine played with his nipples. Eventually Emitt and Persian came and they cried out as they ejected their loads down into Pikachu and Bayleef who looked very pleased by it.

Once the guys had removed their cocks, Arcanine took Pikachu and Bayleef and had them lay on the floor on their backs. He then raised up Pikachu’s right leg and Bayleef’s left leg as he began to lick Pikachu’s foot and soon started alternating between his foot and Bayleef’s. The two guys held hands as they had pleased expressions on their faces.

Emitt and Persian sat on the bed together, though they were quite apprehensive about getting it on due to what occurred earlier. Unlike last time where they just laughed it off and continued making out without another thought, they actually looked into it and despite having dealt with it, it still lingered.

“You know what? Let’s just do it!” Emitt said at last with Persian agreeing.

Persian got on all fours as Emitt lubed up his butt with his tongue. When it was nice and wet he stuck his cock inside and began thrusting. However, as Emitt thrusted he began to feel off about the whole thing and pulled out soon after.

“Why did you stop?” Persian asked curiously.

“Persian, about what I said earlier, I think it’s time I came clean,” Emit responded.

Persian sat up and perked up his ears.

“What I said four years ago was true, I-I actually do love you Persian. I didn’t want to admit it as I didn’t want to ruin our friendship in case you didn’t love me back. But seeing how it just made things between us awkward, I felt as if I just had to confess,” Emitt stated as he looked down at the bed.

Persian crawled over to Emitt and embraced him. As Emitt embraced him back, Persian gave him a kiss on the lips catching him off guard.

“I actually love you too. I didn’t tell you either for the same reason. Feel kind of dumb now,” Persian told him as he smiled warmly.

Emitt started to tear up as he hugged Persian tightly. He tilted his head up and the two began to make out as they tightly embraced each other. They then broke their embrace on each other and resumed with their escapade, now vivified by having that off their minds.

As Emitt thrusted his cock into Persian he could hear him moan out with excitement. He soon joined him as he stimulated his cock. Eventually, Emitt hit his climax and cried out as he poured his warm cum into Persian who enjoyed every minute of it. When all the cum was done Emitt pulled out as Persian sat upright and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The two were so enveloped in each other they didn’t notice Arcanine, Bayleef, and Pikachu were watching them the whole time.

Emitt looked up and gasped, “How long were you guys watching for?!”

“A bit,” Bayleef chuckled. “But hey, we’re happy for you guys!”

Emitt and Persian blushed, but eventually got over it and made out in front of their friends much to their delight. The five continued their orgy for another two hours before going back downstairs to watch some TV and unwind.

“Jungle Heat” was being aired again so they all gathered on the modular sofa to watch it. Emitt and Persian sat next to each other as they watched the porno. Persian then put his arm around Emitt’s waist surprising him. He then smiled warmly as he put his arm around his now boyfriend’s waist.

-The End-

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