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Chuck's Special Training by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

All the Pokemon have humanoid genitalia. 

Chuck's Special Training

With one Ice Punch to the gut, Rillaboom was knocked back mere inches from his trainer. He attempted to get up, but gave in to exhaustion and flopped on the floor.

“Rillaboom is unable to battle!” the ref called. “Machoke is the winner, and since the other side has no more able mons, Chuck wins!”

Chuck ran over to his Machoke as the two fist pumped and hugged each other. Terry fell to the ground as he stroked his Rillaboom’s hair. He thanked him for the battle before recalling him to his ball. Chuck then came over to him and helped him up.

“Great showing, bud!” Chucked complimented, shaking his hand. “Now head on over to the center to give your crew a good rest.”

Terry nodded before he left the building with his head hung low.

While Terry waited for his Pokémon to be healed, he pulled out his phone and looked at all the pictures he took of him and them. There was this one picture, which was his favourite, that he always scrolled back to. It was of Rillaboom holding the phone as Terry was holding Boltund in his arms. The two were being held by Rillaboom as Excadrill was on his head looking at the camera. He smiled at it before sighing heavily.

Just then, Chuck came in wanting to heal up his guys. He gave them to the nurse as he noticed Terry sitting there.

“You know, you battled pretty well during our match! Your Excadrill sure put up a fight despite it being weak to fighting!” Chuck commented as he sat next to him.

“Thanks. We’ve been working hard to cover his weaknesses,” Terry explained with a bit of dejection.

“What’s eating ya, boy?” Chuck asked as he put his hand on his shoulder.

“I feel that the bond between the four of us has become somewhat strained ever since I went from doing contests to gym battles,” Terry told him.

“What are you talking about? You seem to have a great bond with them,” Chuck asked.

“Not like that. The bond we shared used to be so much stronger than it is now. We used to spend a lot of time bonding with each other and enjoying the company of one another. We weren’t merely friends or partners, we were family, like real brothers,” Terry explained. “Ever since I changed over though, we’ve been focused so hard on training that we hardly have time for each other. Not only that, but our win-loss ratio is hit and miss and we often have to do gym battles many times in order to win which is irritating all of us. So far, we’ve only won two badges which took us a total of twenty attempts.”

“I see. Tell me, what made you choose a different path?” Chuck asked.

“During the Grand Festival, I got enraptured by how we performed in the battling round and saw potential for doing gym battles. After our loss in the semi-finals, I told them we’d be going for gym battles rather than continue with contests. Unfortunately, it was quite the culture shock for us and we didn’t do so hot and still haven’t found our mojo yet. I figured this wasn’t for us and wanted to tell them we’d be switching back, but they worked so hard to get strong and I feel like I’d be an asshole for wimping out and disrespecting their hard work,” Terry sighed.

Chuck was about to say something, but then a bell went off signifying that Terry’s Pokémon were healed up. Terry watched as his Rillaboom, Boltund, and Excadrill were wheeled out on a stretcher. As soon as the stretcher got close, Boltund jumped up and began licking Terry’s face happily.

Chuck smiled as he watched the trainer embrace his loving Pokémon. Suddenly, an idea came into his head.

“Hey, if you guys don’t have plans for tomorrow, would you like to join me and my boys for some special training?” Chuck offered.

Terry looked at his Pokémon who nodded at him, “Sure! We were just planning on training anyway.”

Chuck told Terry to meet him and his Pokémon at the gym so they could go to the spot where Chuck would commence his special training. They then booked a room in the center’s hotel area and bid Chuck goodnight.

Upon getting into his room, Terry stripped down to his underwear as Rillaboom got in the bed. Boltund and Excadrill then laid on top of the bed as Terry got next to Rillaboom.

“I wonder what Chuck has in store for us?” Rillaboom wondered.

“Hopefully something that will improve the shininess of my claws,” Excadrill said, admiring his claws. “Gotta keep them up for any sexy males!”

“Well, we’ll find out tomorrow. Goodnight everyone,” Terry said as he snuggled up to Rillaboom for the night.

The next morning, Terry and others made their way over to Chuck’s gym who was waiting outside with his Machoke and Hawlucha, the latter of which was doing some push ups. Chuck thanked them for showing up at a good time before leading them into the woods situated behind the gym.

Once they walked far enough away from civilization, Chuck stopped and turned towards Terry. He undid the belt on his pants as they slid off to reveal his fine looking cock and sac. He then casually tossed them aside as his Hawlucha ruffled his crotch fur to reveal his pair and Machoke took off his belt and speedo to show off his.

Terry and his Pokémon just stood there stunned at the three naked males before them.

“If you want to understand how your Pokémon feel and get in tune with them, you need to get natural like them. Standing side by side naked with them allows your deep feelings to reach them as they no longer are contained within the buffer of clothes,” Chuck clarified.

“Chuck always trains naked with us and that helps us become stronger and closer,” Hawluch added.

Machoke then looked at Terry’s Pokémon, “You guys also need to let your junk fly free. If you don’t, you’re not opening yourself fully to your trainer.”

The four looked at each other before nodding at them. The Pokémon revealed their cocks and sacs as Terry took off his shirt and shoes. He then took off his socks before taking off his pants and underwear and tossing them aside. The four males then stood side by side in all their naked glory.

Chuck smiled, “Atta boys. Now, let’s start the training with some jogging!”

As soon as he finished, he jogged off with his Hawlucha and Machoke in pursuit. Figuring they didn’t want to be left behind, Terry and the others quickly ran behind them.

An hour after they began their jog, Terry and his Pokémon were struggling to keep pace with Chuck and the others.

“When are we going to stop?” Boltund whimpered.

Just then Chuck stopped. He put Machoke on his shoulders as Hawlucha sat on Machoke’s shoulders.

“Now that you felt wild and free with your Pokémon, you should now support each other in naked unity. After all, supporting each other at their most vulnerable requires true compassion,” Chuck boomed as he ran off, not the least bit bothered by the extra weight.

Terry looked at Boltund and Excadrill, then he took a good look at the massive ape behind him.

“I can’t carry you all!” Terry cried.

“You can’t. That’s why you have me!” Rillaboom said, pounding his chest. “Climb aboard, my brothers!”

The three of them got onto Rillaboom’s back. Terry clung onto his neck while the others, as best they could, hung onto his shoulders. Rillaboom then got on two feet and beat his chest triumphantly. He then got back on all fours and raced after Chuck with his family hanging on his back.

They caught up with Chuck who was waiting for them by a river. Terry noticed that there were rocks in the river that made a pathway across.

“Follow the path,” he instructed.

Terry and the others watched as Chuck, with his partners on his back, jumped effortlessly from rock to rock. Rillaboom uprighted himself and carefully began leaping from rock to rock. He was doing well until he leaped too far to one rock and landed his left foot right on the edge of it. This caused him to start flailing his arms in an effort to regain balance. Terry noticed he wasn’t going to regain it quick enough and so yanked Rillaboom’s hair back.

“Yow!” Rillaboom squealed.

As Terry yanked his hair, he gradually began to tilt back and was soon able to put his right foot down enabling him to regain balance.

“Safe,” Boltund and Excadrill sighed collectively.

“Sorry about yanking you,” Terry apologized as he put his arms around his neck again.

“Hey, if it meant not going for a face first dive, I could care less,” Rillaboom told him.

Rillaboom then continued his crossing and managed to get across without any more mishaps. Chuck commended him and his trainer before taking off again.

When they reached an open field, Hawlucha and Machoke got off as Chuck waited for Terry and his Pokémon to show up. Once they did, Terry, Boltund, and Excadrill got off as Rillabom uprighted himself.

“There are three parts to the training,” Chuck stated. “The first was running naked with your Pokémon. The second was carrying or being carried while naked with your Pokémon.”

“What’s the third thing I’m going to do naked with my Pokémon?” Terry asked.

Chuck looked at Terry, then chuckled, “Why, have sex with them of course!”

Terry and his Pokémon were stunned. They couldn’t believe sex was the third and final part of the training. They exchanged glances at each other. They had tried sex before, but that was a long time ago.

As the four of them gave bewildered looks, Chuck got on all fours as Machoke licked his ass to lube it. Once he wet it enough, he inserted his cock inside and began thrusting. As Machoke pounded him, Chuck set to work sucking on Hawlucha’s cock.

Figuring they didn’t want to give up on Chuck, they decided to go ahead with the nasty. Excadrill laid on the ground as Rillaboom, on all fours, stood over him as Excadrill began sucking on his cock. While he did so, Terry stuck his cock into Rillaboom and began thrusting. Boltund then got on his hind legs and put his front paws on Terry’s bare shoulders. Once he was steady, he put his cock into his butt and began pounding away.

It wasn’t long before male moaning was heard from both human and Pokémon as their cocks got stimulated. Soon, Machoke cried out as he jetted his warm seed into his trainer’s ass. Hawlucha wasn’t far behind as he spewed his into his trainer’s mouth. Despite his size, Hawlucha had a lot of cum in him, but Chuck didn’t care. He took the cum like a champ and never took his lips off Hawlucha’s cock until every drop was inside of him.

Over with Terry’s group, Rillaboom gave out a huge yell as he began to dump his cum into Excadrill’s mouth. While he did well at first, the sheer volume of cum proved too much for Excadrill and he had to pull out as cum poured out onto his helmet and down his back. As that was happening, Terry cried out as his seed flowed down into the giant ape. Not a minute later, and Boltund howled out loud as he poured his load into his trainer. After the orgasm had slowed down, he began to lick his trainer’s neck affectionately.

After the cum had ended, everyone pulled out and gave a huge sigh. Terry then noticed Excadrill was still breathing hard from being overwhelmed by the cum. Terry sat down next to his partner and stroked his back to calm him down. It was covered in cum, but Terry didn’t care. He just wanted his partner to be alright.

Excadrill caught his breath and Terry helped him on his feet. Chuck suggested that they now intermix for a change up. He got Terry on all fours before he lubed his butt with spit before inserting his rather large cock inside of him. While he began thrusting, Excadrill sat in front of Terry as he promptly began sucking on his cock. Hawlucha then slid underneath the space that Terry made as Chuck assisted in sliding Terry’s cock into his butt. Hawlucha proceeded to move his butt up and down in order to stimulate Terry’s cock seeing as it would be hard for him to do it.

While they did that, Rillaboom held on to Boltund as he moved the dog up and down his cock. As he did that, Machoke fondled his large ball sac with his feet as he stroked his own cock.

Back over at the other group, Chuck grunted hard as he thrusted his cock into Terry while Excadrill moaned as Terry sucked him off. Soon, the boys had reached their limit and hollered out as a rush of cum entered Terry’s butt and mouth. Terry couldn’t get a taste of Chuck’s cum, but he could for Excadrill’s. His cum had quite a rich and creamy taste. It also had the texture of snot, but the taste made up for it. As Terry gulped down the last bit of Excadrill’s cum, he felt a quiver in his cock. Right as he removed his mouth, he cried out loud as he poured his cum down into Hawlucha’s ass. As he felt the cum flow into him, Hawlucha moaned with satisfaction.

Back with Rillaboom’s group, Rillaboom had finally climaxed and was crying uproariously as he shot his cum into Boltund’s behind. Boltund was also crying out as he felt himself get filled with Rillaboom’s cum. Eventually, it triggered his own climax and he orgasmed. This sent cum flying out of Boltund’s cock and right onto Machoke who didn’t seem to be bothered by it. If anything, getting cummed on just allowed him to reach his orgasm and send cum flying out of his cock back onto Boltund as well as Rillaboom’s cock and sac.

After the groups had been dispelled, Chuck and his Machoke laid on the ground as they gave each other footjobs. Hawlucha had Terry lay on the ground as he gave him a blowjob. While he laid there, Boltund hovered his cock over his face and gave off wanting whimpers. Terry grabbed his cock with his mouth and began sucking on it. As all of them did that, Rillaboom laid belly down on the ground as Excadrill pounded his cock into his ass.

Male moans filled the woods as cocks got stimulated and things got heated. Then, the orgasms erupted. First were Chuck and Machoke. They yelled out as they covered each other’s feet with warm, sticky cum which continued to coat them as they moved them around. When they finished, they sat up, each took a foot, and licked it to taste their work.

Terry orgasmed next and sprayed his milk right into Hawlucha’s mouth who drank it just like his trainer. Then Boltund cried out as he poured his cum down into Terry’s awaiting mouth. Unlike Excadrill’s cum, Boltund had a sweet taste to his cum as well as a creamy texture. While he liked his cum a bit more, Terry still found a certain liking to Excadrill’s.

Finally, Excadrill had his orgasm and he yelled out as he dumped his cum into Rillaboom’s huge ass.

Later, Terry, his Pokémon, and Machoke bathed off in a nearby lake as Chuck allowed Hawlucha to pound his butt, seeing as he didn’t get to do so before. Hawlucha moaned and groaned before he finally orgasmed and spewed his seed into his trainer’s ass of whom gave off pleasurable moans.

“You know, I really had fun having sex with you guys,” Boltund remarked as he splashed Terry.

“I did as well,” Excadrill concurred. “It’s a shame we train so much to not allow us time for it.”

“Yeah, but if we don’t train hard, we don’t win,” Rillaboom retorted.

Terry looked at his partners. He took a breath in and fully faced towards them.

“You know, guys,” he said sheepishly as he looked at them, “I was thinking that maybe gym battles aren’t for us. I know you worked hard, but it’s just not working out for us. Besides, we’re not really as close as we used to be and I just want us to go back to being brothers.”

His Pokémon looked at each other before they turned their attention back to him. From land, Chuck watched as they surrounded him.

Rillaboom put his hand on Terry’s shoulder, “We’re still brothers ya hear. We may be bickering more, but the fact is we’re still brothers in the end.”

Boltund nodded, “Yup! Though, to be honest, I kind of preferred it when we did contests.”

Excadrill agreed, “Me too. Is that what you were thinking of doing?”

Terry hesitated for a moment before giving a slight nod. Rillaboom then put his arms around him, Boltund, and Excadrill and lifted them in for a group hug.

“If you want to do that, then we’ll stand with you! We always will, after all, that’s what true brothers do!” Rillaboom stated.

Excadrill and Boltund chimed in as they hugged Terry. Terry then shed a tear. He realized he was a fool for thinking his Pokémon would be annoyed at him and that they had lost the bond they shared. Rillaboom was right, regardless of how heated things got or how much they changed paths, they’d still stand strong as brothers at the end of the day.

As they got back to where they started, Chuck asked Terry for a one on one battle. He agreed and went to go put on his clothes.

“Let’s do this one in the nude,” Chuck told him.

Terry was confused, but agreed nonetheless. He called Rillaboom to the field as Chuck called on Machoke. Being the leader, Chuck told Terry to make his move first.

“Ok! Let’s start this with Bulk Up!” Terry ordered.

Rillaboom began flexing his muscles as his attack and defence raised.

“Raising your stats to start, huh? Well, in that case, we’ll get right to it with Ice Punch!” Chuck called.

Machoke’s right hand coated with ice as he ran towards Rillaboom.

“Fight it back with Drain Punch!” Terry called.

As soon as Machoke went to give the punch, Rillaboom met his fist and a struggle for power ensued. However, thanks to the Bulk Up from earlier, in addition to his large muscles, he was able to overpower Machoke and send him flying back. Machoke put his left foot on the ground as he skid to a stop.

“Again!” Chuck ordered.

Once again, Machoke coated his right hand with ice as he ran towards Rillaboom.

“Send it a barrage of magical leaves!” Terry told him.

Rillaboom’s hair glowed purple as a storm of leaves shot out towards Machoke. Machoke kept a good pace at first, but was overcome by the leaves and soon began sliding back. When the storm subsided, he tried again, but Rillaboom persisted with the attack which knocked him back again.

“Trying to keep us distant, eh? Machoke, dig underground to avoid the storm!” Chuck hollered.

Machoke began digging furiously at the ground and soon was out of sight. Terry took this opportunity to have Rillaboom use Bulk Up once more. He did so just as Machoke popped out of the ground and sky uppercutted him with Ice Punch.

Rillaboom took serious damage, but remained poised as Chuck ordered Machoke to Cross Chop him. Machoke crossed his arms and lunged towards Rillaboom as Terry told him to hit him with Drain Punch. As soon as Machoke was in range, Rillaboom gave him a mighty punch right into the middle of his crossed arms. The force of the punch caused Machoke to fly right back and right on to his bottom right in front of his trainer.

“I think we’ll call this your battle,” Chuck announced.

Terry respected his decision as Rillaboom went over to high five him. He then noticed Chuck pull something out of his discarded clothing.

“I know we didn’t have a full or even official battle and you’re going back into contests, but I want you to have the Storm Badge. Whenever you look at it, think of our training together and that your Pokémon will still be your brothers no matter what rough patches you go through!” Chuck said as he dropped the badge in Terry’s hand.

Terry looked at the badge, “Thank you!”

After Terry had gotten dressed, he asked Chuck if he would accompany him back to town. Chuck said he wouldn’t as he still had training to do with his boys. Terry and the others bid him farewell as they walked back to town, now more closer than ever before.

As the three watched them leave, Machoke smiled at Chuck.

“You really did great with him!” he told him.

Chuck bent down on one knee and side hugged his Pokémon.

“No, my brothers, we did great with him!”

-The End-

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