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Extracurricular Activities by Arcane_Reno


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Extracurricular Activities

This was such a stupid idea.

Derek's finger hovered over the green 'dial' button on his phone's touch screen. He glanced at his laptop, squinting slightly to re-read the small numbers on the website's listing. They hadn't changed since he'd punched them in on his phone, and he'd copied them correctly.

Maybe he could fake it? Would they actually know? He was pretty good with PhotoDoctor… Then again, they might have someone watching the dorm to make sure he went through with it. He could back down of course—endure the inevitable ribbing and subsequent shunning from the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

A really, really dumb idea.

He thumbed the button.

Brrrrrt! Brrrrt!


"Good evening, this is Celadon Mistresses, Jana speaking. How may I help you?"

"Uh…" Some time during the ten seconds it had taken for the person on the other end to pick up the phone, his mouth had gone bone dry. "Hi."

Wow. Just, wow. Was he suddenly ten again, and asking out a girl for the first time?

"Hello!" Jana's professionally cheery demeanour was undeterred. "Are you seeking companionship tonight? May I ask whom I am speaking with?"

Classy. She'd even used the correct form of pronoun, making his pathetic attempts at speech seem Cro-Mangan by comparison.

"Um, yeah, I guess I am." He licked his lips. "Looking for a lady, that is." Should he give his real name? It couldn't hurt. "My name is Derek."

"Well, you're in luck, Derek! That happens to be precisely the service we offer."


"Before we begin, I do need to ask…" A faint note of concern entered the digitally rendered voice. "You are an adult, yes? Please understand that we must obtain confirmation from all callers, and if necessary, our escorts will request ID as proof."

"I'm twenty-two."

"Good, good." A faint tack-tack-tack indicated the information being recorded into a computer. "How would you like to pay for this evening? We accept all major credit cards in advance, or cash upon arrival, but no cheques or transfers."

"Uh, credit card."

"Excellent." Tick-tack. "I'll take down your information once we've determined your services then. The transaction must be authenticated before we dispatch your companion, alright?"


"Great! Now, what sort of services were you after?"

"There's different kinds?" The question popped out before he could stifle it. His face warmed.

"Certainly! Our ladies do specialize, but all are trained in the various aspects of mistressing. Everything from safe restraint techniques to sensation management to demeanour coaching. If you're after a specific experience, we can match you with the best fit for your needs, but if it's your first time, then you may wish to try one of our special intro packages. They're a great way to explore and discover what gets you going the most, so you can request something more specific next time."

Next time. Ha. Derek suppressed a shudder. What the heck was 'sensation management?' Did he really want to know? "That sounds… nice."

"Perfect! They come in three different tiers, light, medium, and intense. Light is intended for complete beginners, whereas—"

"Light please, definitely."

"Okay!" Undeterred by his interruption, Jana tack-tack-tack-ed the information in. "And do you have a preference for what sort of lady?"

"Uh…" Sure he did, but asking for it like he was ordering how he liked his steak? It just felt… wrong. "No, that's okay. Maybe one of your ummm… gentler ones?"

The chuckle on the other end of the phone sent a shudder down his spine. "Of course, I'll see what I can do. I'll need to take your address now, and your credit card info."

He dug his card out from his wallet and gave the numbers mechanically. The fraternity members had pitched in to help foot the bill, so the price tag wasn't the end of the world, but he'd still be dining on ramen and snack bars for the next couple weeks. A note of faint surprise entered Jana's professional demeanour when he gave his address, though it was quickly buried under the tapping of keys. Understandable that not many of their clients would be university students.

"Okay," Jana said once she'd taken his information. "We'll dispatch your companion shortly, and she should arrive within the hour. One last thing we need from you is to pick a safeword. It should be something easy to remember, but that you won't say by accident."

"Oh…" That would, of course, require him to recall how to use words. "Uh, would 'mercy' work?"

To her credit, Jana didn't laugh. "Certainly, if you're confident you won't use it by mistake. I'll pass that along. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"I don't think so?"

"Great! I hope you have a wonderful experience, and thank you for choosing Celadon Mistresses!"


Derek dropped his phone onto his desk as if it burned to the touch. The deed was done, and he was committed now. Maybe he could call back and cancel…

No, he had to stay strong. Once this was over, he'd be in, and the next four years would be a breeze, socially speaking.

Rising, he paced around his tiny dorm room, running a hand through his short, dark, wiry hair. He should probably tidy up a bit, right? He'd only been here less than two weeks, but most of his meagre collection of dishes lay in the sink, various articles of laundry sat in respective clean and dirty piles, and his textbooks were scattered about on both desk and bed. He'd been lucky to land a solo room, even if it was half the size.

Textbooks first. He threw himself into the task, piling them neatly on the desk next to his laptop. Most still held that new book smell, save for the ones he'd picked up secondhand. All but the chemistry and physics tomes hadn't yet been opened, their spines pristine.

He found himself glancing at the entryphone as he cleaned. Any moment, it would buzz, signalling his mysterious companion's arrival. Beyond a few scenes in movies, he wasn't sure what to expect. Would she start smacking him with a riding crop and ordering him to bend over? He only needed to take a short video and spend an hour with her. Maybe once he had the footage he could call it off, and just wait out the clock. But, that would be cheating, and much as he hated it, he'd always know…

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad?


He snatched his hand back from the water he was running into the sink, steam rising from the now scalding liquid. Grimacing, he switched the tap to cold and soothed his burned thumb. When was the last time he'd been this rattled? Certainly not during his entrance exams. Probably in eighth grade, when he'd finally summoned the nerve to ask out Josie Martinez, only to have her laugh in his face.

At least tonight's 'date' wouldn't be rejecting him, though what else she might do was more the issue at hand…

Those dishes weren't going to wash themselves. He set back to work, mentally reviewing his upcoming class schedule and his first week's introductory sessions to keep his mind busy. He still had room to take another course or two if he wanted, but it seemed better to ease into things, and not overload himself this first semester. So far, the material seemed easier than he'd expected, but that would likely change once he got past the introductory courses. Judging by Professor Haspin's lecture, third and fourth year physics would be hell.

Just as he was drying the final plate and stacking it in the cupboard, his intercom buzzed, making him jump. He stared at it like it was an arbok poised to strike, the dish towel dropping from his nerveless fingers to the counter. Maybe he shouldn't answer, pretend he wasn't here…

It buzzed again. On auto-pilot, he walked over and picked up the receiver.


"Allo. Is this Derek?" The voice was strangely tinny—more so than usual through the outdated phone system, as if the speaker were talking through a voice modulator. Definitely feminine, and accented in some way. His name came out as 'Der-eeek'.

"Yes." No! This was… anyone else!

"Let me in, please. I am Tatiana, the one you called for."

"Y-yeah. Room 309." He managed to find the buzzer after only two tries, and pressed it far more firmly than was needed. The line clicked after a moment, and he put the receiver back, letting out a long breath and leaning against the wall. A whiff of stale sweat made his nose wrinkle. Geez, he'd showered this morning, but otherwise wasn't any great shakes. He'd not bothered to shave, and a hand across his chin brushed across a decent crop of dark stubble.

Dashing to the bathroom, he grabbed a can of spray-on deodorant—Temptations, new from BOD!applied a liberal dose to his torso, thought better of the amount, stumbled out of the bathroom, stripped off his E = MC2 t-shirt and tossed in the hamper, then grabbed a fresh one from his dresser. As he was tugging it on, a firm knock sounded at the door.

"Coming!" He raked his fingers through his hair a few times. It felt mostly in place. Breath checked out as bearable, though a mint would've been nice. He was about as presentable as he was going to get on short notice. Heart pounding, he walked to the door and pulled it open.

...And stared.

Clad in nothing more than a black leather bodysuit, she stood with one hand on her hip, looking him up and down with half-lidded violet eyes and a haughty tilt of her snout. A bulbous, canine nose twitched, taking in his scent. A medium-sized satchel matching her form-hugging suit dangled from one shoulder. She barely came up to his chest.

Even with the blue-furred, pointed ears atop her head.

“Are you going to let me in, or will you continue to stare.” No question, it was the same voice he’d spoken to on the intercom, peppered with an east Kalos accent. On closer inspection, she wore an almost invisible electronic device clipped to her left ear. A translator.

“Tatiana, yes.” Letting out a small huff, she strode forward, pushing past him as though he were made of tissue paper. She was nearly half his size, and trim rather than muscled, but radiated a certain sense of strength. “I dislike being kept waiting.”

He watched, frozen in the doorway as she surveyed his tiny dorm room, her gaze sweeping over his two posters: a Magnamar concert promo and Legendary! limited edition series. Every step she took was a casual saunter, one foot placed in front of the other as though she walked a tightrope, her hips swaying. Her blue-furred tail bounced in time. She wore a pair of leather gauntlets over her forearms with space left for the twin metal spikes on the backs of her hands—paws—and fish-net stockings stretched over muscular calves. The foot portion had been removed, leaving her black-furred paws bare, three sharp-looking claws flexing on the carpet. Her outfit matched well with her natural fur tones of blue, black, and cream.

“Come, come.” She nonchalantly tossed her bag on his bed and clapped her paws together. “Let us have a better look at you. Strip.”

The command—and it had definitely not been a request—broke his stupor. He let the door close, though he didn’t take more than a half-step into the room. “Wait, hold on, I didn’t think… I mean, I didn’t know you’d be...”

Tatiana rolled her eyes and growled, her muzzle revealing a lot of very sharp, very canine teeth. “You do not understand this arrangement yet. Very well.”

Stepping to the bed, she reached into the bag and withdrew a long, coiled strip of leather, then whirled and advanced on him, her glare icy and imperious. Derek’s back hit the door before he’d realized he was retreating, and then she was on him. The lucario moved so fast, he barely had time for a strangled protest before a loop of leather closed around his neck, a clasp snapped, and a padlock clicked into place around it. His hands flew to his throat, tugged at the collar now securely fastened there.

“W-wait, you can’t just—”

She yanked on the leash, cutting him off with a yelp. She nodded, apparently pleased, then tugged again, forcing him to bend down until he was on eye level with her, his nose inches away from her muzzle. He resisted at first, but she seemed as strong as a tauros, her paw not so much as wavering.

“For this evening, you will be my pet. Good pets obey their mistress without question. Good pets are rewarded. Naughty pets…” She took a section of the middle of the leash in both paws, and yanked it taut with an ominous snap!

“Is that clear?”

He was having a hard time taking his eyes off of the three-inch steel spike protruding from the cream fur of her chest. That looked like it could do some serious damage if one was careless…

“I said. Is. That. Clear.” The yank on the leash nearly sent him to his knees, a yelp escaping him.

“Y-yeah, but—”
“No buts!” She turned to the side, and a paw spanked his rear hard enough to elicit a cry. “Save this one, which is mine. Is. That. Clear?” Each word came punctuated by another hefty smack, only her tight grip on the leash preventing him from pitching forward onto his face.

“Okay okay!”

“Wonderful.” The word was a low purr, and the pull on his neck relaxed, allowing him to straighten. “Now, strip.” Her accent made it sound like streep’.

Was this normal? Did people actually sign up for this?! He already felt helpless, and the prospect of doffing his clothes for this incredibly aggressive lucario did not appeal to his survival instincts. Then again, defying her seemed equally foolhardy. She seemed like she could hurl him across the room without breaking a sweat, and the collar around his throat only served to drive home which of them was in charge here. Quivering, he reached for the hem of his shirt and started to pull it over his head. The leash got in the way, trapping him with his arms raised awkwardly above his head.

“Ah, yes.” The leash went slack, allowing him to free his shoulders from the shirt and thread it through, exposing his far-less-than-six-pack abs, and embarrassingly pale chest. The shirt fell away, allowing Tatiana to grab the leash again, her gaze examining him once more.

“Come come, and the rest. I did not say stop.”

Wait, hadn’t Jana said something about a safeword?

“Mercy, mercy!”

Tatiana’s eyes widened, and she immediately dropped the leash and stepped back, raising her paws. After a moment, her surprise turned to a scowl. “What? Already? But we have barely started dear.”

Despite her annoyance, she didn’t make a move towards him, and he stumbled back with a groan to lean against the kitchen counter. His heart was racing as though he’d just run a marathon—though in fairness he’d never tried—and his palms shook. He gripped the edge of the counter to steady himself.

Tatiana crossed her arms over her chest. She didn’t have breasts of course, though the bodysuit was formed for them, leaving its bodice shoved up a bit awkwardly against her chest spike. “What is wrong, sweet boy? Do you have an injury? You should have said when booking if so, though I was quite gentle. Is the collar too tight?”

“No, no. I’m… okay, I think.” A lingering sting on his backside, but nothing permanent. “This is just a lot… more to take in than I expected.”

“Ah.” She nodded. “First timer. This is okay.” Her ears perked and a gleam entered her eyes, muzzle tilting. “First timers are always so… sweet. It would be my pleasure to train you.”

Derek held up his hands, swallowing hard. “L-look, please don’t take this the wrong way… I’m sure you’re very… nice. But I really didn’t sign up for this.”

“No? You called to Celedon Mistresses, yes? Booked for Derek?”

“Yes, but… I didn’t know they’d send a...”

“A lucario?” She snorted. “You did not specify species, sweet boy. But if you find me truly so repulsive...”

“No, no! You’re not. I mean, yes you’re a lucario, but you’re not repulsive. Definitely not.” Far from it, in fact. If she’d been human, she’d be a shapely figure indeed, flat chest aside. Nice, curvy hips, flat belly, toned thighs, and those violet eyes were really quite striking. That fur looked wonderfully soft too… “I just didn’t expect a pokèmon.”

“But you called a pokèmon exclusive service.”

“...I did?”

“Yes.” Her ears flattened. “Did you not read our website?”

“No.” Man, crawling under the bed to quietly die had never sounded so good. “I uh… just picked the closest one from a listing...”

“I see.” If her tone were any frostier, he’d be getting hypothermia. “You believe it is wrong.”

“Not really.” The words were out before he had a chance to think. “I mean, that is… People have been doing it for a long time, and with translators around, it kinda removes the ambiguity issue.” It was still definitely in the ‘kink’ territory though, and pretty far into it, even if most places had decriminalized the act. “I just don’t really swing that way.”

“Ah, you prefer males?”

“No! I—” He stopped, taking in the slight curve of her lips, the perk of her ears. “You’re pulling my chain.”

“No, I was doing so before you stopped me.”

He winced. “Look, I just… I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It was a bit of a shock at first, and then you started… doing things. I’ve never really thought about ah… trying it before, so it’s a lot of new things at once.”

“Really. Never once considered it.” Her gaze flicked to the Legendary! poster, which featured a majestic photo of the mysterious suicune, captured in high res. It was in some sort of ice cave, and how the photographer had managed to get so close to the large canine was the subject of much internet debate and skepticism about the series’ validity.

“That’s just a nature show! Don’t make it dirty, that’s weird...”

She laughed—a throaty, rich sound. “Oh honey, it’s cute how naive you are, but then you don’t work in the industry.”
“What the hell does that mean?”

“Do not worry about it, sweet boy. Still, not even a passing thought? A curiosity? You must have a curious mind, to call for a mistress.”

Derek groaned, feeling suddenly weary. He walked to the bed, dropping down on the edge, the leash dangling loose between his knees. “It’s not really like that. It was a dumb frat house initiation. I’m not really doing it of my own choice.” Though, rumors about lopunnies were myriad online, and there was always buzz around the latest hotshot trainer/pokèmon duo to take the league or contest circuit by storm. He'd always found himself hovering on those articles or forum posts rather than clicking away. Certainly there were pokèmon which could be considered pretty, even attractive… Tatiana herself definitely fell into that category. Maybe he’d had the odd thought about it. It was hard to avoid. But he’d never looked for porn of it or fantasized about a ‘mon that way.

Tatiana’s ears flattened, her posture slumping. “I understand now. Here.” She unzipped a small hidden pocket on the side of her bodysuit and produced a small silver key. Stepping forward, she reached for the collar. “I will release you and go. We cannot refund the full evening, but I will tell Jana to give you a half.” The padlock released with a click! “Shame. I would have greatly enjoyed to… how do they say? Pop the cheri?”

His hand caught her paw. She glanced down at it. Looked up, meeting his eyes. He blinked, looking down at his own hand. Her fur really was delightfully silken, and the pad of her paw was surprisingly soft and supple.

“You enjoy doing this?”

“Of course I do.”

She chuckled. “Honey, I am paid to tell men how to please me. They bow and serve and become my plaything of their own free will, and most of them thank me after.”

Derek shivered. “When you put it that way… I guess I just thought that most callgirls weren’t really doing it by choice.”

“Hmmph! Perhaps at some of the more unsavory services. I assure you, I love my job. Will I do it forever? Perhaps no. I study now to work at a center, in fact. But, until then, I am happy to spend my evenings like so.” She slid her free paw down her side, gliding along the contours of her leather-wrapped body, and shot him a wink. “Do you now wish me to stay?”

“I’m not sure.” His heart was in his throat again. Before tonight, his idea of an acceptable level of 'kinky' had been anal. Now, he was considering letting a lucario do whatever she wanted to him. “Will it… hurt?”

“Pain is temporary, sweet boy.” When he stiffened, she added, “The pleasure is so much more. But I could agree to be gentle. Some. I take pride in my work.”

“Would we uh… have sex?”

That gleam entered her gaze again. Distinctly predatory, her muzzle curling upward to show a hint of fang. “It depends. The pet must earn that right. The pet must prove he is worth allowing to touch himself. If he is good, perhaps I will allow him to cum. If the pet is exceptional… then perhaps I will reward him accordingly.”

Despite the crawling sensation in the pit of his stomach, his loins were definitely stirring. Something about how she spoke… The sheer pleasure in her voice as she casually discussed dominating him… What would it be like?

“Tell me, you said you did this for a dare?” She’d drawn back, though her paw still rested on the collar, its padlock hanging loose.

“An initiation. I was supposed to film a few minutes of myself with a dominatrix to get into this fraternity.” He shook his head. “It’s a stupid college thing.”

“I am aware. I told you I am in my own studies.” Her muzzle twitched. “Why do you wish to do this thing?”

“Well...” He dropped his gaze. “It’s the only frat on the campus that I could really fit into. This is the campus’ nerd club, I guess. I’m uh… not the most social guy. If I don’t get in here, I can pretty much count on being a social pariah for four years.”

“Or you could form your own band of misfits to show the cliques what you are made of.”

Derek blinked. Oh, there was that perk of her ears again. Interesting how good he was becoming at reading her expressions in such a short time. “Is that from Trainer Club?”

She shrugged. “A paraphrase, honey. There is a point. How are you sure you will not make friends?”

“Years of experience.”

“So artificial… how do they say? Friends by association? Those are better?”

“Well, no, but...” He shrugged. “It’s at least a starting point.”

“True. But consider to seek those who value you as you, not for completing some dare. Those you win by impressing will fall away unless you constantly impress them. The others who seek to know you will remain."

"I get that, and I'm not out to win a popularity contest or anything. I just… have trouble getting started with people."

"If you have the confidence to call a girl to your room to please people you hardly know, I think you do not credit yourself.”

When she put it that way… “Maybe.”

Her muzzle twitched. “Would you like to impress them, sweet boy?”


Her paw spasmed beneath his fingers.


Oh heck.

Drawing away from him, she picked up the leash and gave it a light tug, just enough for him to feel the collar's presence. She snagged his phone from the desk and threw it to him, leaving him scrambling to catch it before it fell to the floor.

"Unlock it and turn on the camera."

Derek stared at the lock screen. A friendly cartoon image of a rocket ship sat behind

pin code field. He could still back out.

He typed in the code and opened the camera app. Without a word, he passed it to Tatiana.

"Good pet," she murmured. Her claws tapped the screen, then she turned the phone around and set it up on the computer desk, braced on the side of his laptop. The camera lens pointed at the two of them, unblinking, all-seeing. Derek shivered.

"Now, strip." A snap of the leash accompanied the command.

Pants and underwear came off together. Just like tearing off a bandage—nice and quick. His hands twitched, aching to cover his exposed junk, but a soft "Ah-ah-ah," from Tatiana froze them on his knees.

"Decent," she said, her tone airy and dismissive. "You will do I suppose. Stand for me, turn about."

His cheeks burning, he stood, awkwardly shuffling around in a circle, showing off every pale inch of skin both to her and the watching camera. A warm paw touched his rear, making him start, though it came with a firm squeeze this time instead of a slap. Her murmur of approval heated up the blaze of his face until he thought he might catch fire.

As he faced her once more, her violet eyes swept him up and down. How the hell did she make him feel smaller when he practically towered over her?

"Not bad, but I prefer my toys hard. Stroke yourself for me."

Derek opened his mouth to protest. He'd never jerked off with someone watching before. Being ordered to do it was…. demeaning.

Tatiana's stern expression slammed his lips closed on the objection. Cringing internally, he gripped his flaccid cock and began to half-heartedly tug.

"What is that? No, no. Like you mean it, pet."

Oh, so she was going to criticize his technique now? Biting his lip, he altered his grip, tightening his thumb and forefinger around the head, stroking with more purpose. At first, he achieved no more than waggling his limp member about like an example case for erectile dysfunction. Then, slowly, the familiar tingling, the stirring of blood rushing in, his cock swelling in his grip, allowing his full hand in on the action.

Geez this must look dumb.

Heart pounding in his ears, lip numb from his teeth, he jerked his hips, coaxing the arousal. What was she thinking? She had that haughty tilt to her muzzle, those half-lidded violet eyes giving away nothing save the sensation of his every move being weighed and judged. Did she like what she was seeing? Was she enjoying this?

Dammit. No matter how much he stroked, his stubborn manhood refused to grow past half-mast, flopping about in his vigorously jerking fist.


Gasping, he let go, turning his face from the camera. Maybe he could forget it was there.

"Pathetic." Something nudged his half-hearted erection. From the corner of his eye, he saw her foot raised, a heavy black toe inspecting his junk. "You think I would be satisfied with such a thing?"

He'd thought his face couldn't grow any hotter. He'd been wrong. He wouldn't be surprised if he was glowing.

"I will permit you another chance to prove yourself, pet." The light touch on his penis withdrew, accompanied by a heavy tug on the collar, jerking him forward a step. "Down." This with a steady pull on the leash, inexorably pulling him to the floor, until he had no choice but to drop to his knees, staring up at the lucario standing over him. She regarded him as though he were a piece of trash that had landed in the middle of her floor, one leg crossed in front of the other, one paw on her hip.

"Down." A footpaw on his chest, shoving back. He tumbled onto his back, pinned beneath her foot, a gasp escaping him as her weight bore down. Her toes flexed, sharp claws pricking his chest. "My paws are tired, pet. Massage them."

Hands shaking, he licked his lips and took hold of her foot, running his fingers over its ridges and contours. Short, silken black fur parted beneath his fingertips. There was little scent to speak of. Nothing like the sweaty stench when he took off his shoes for certain. A vague hint of some kind of spice—perhaps a shampoo or perfume?

"With your hands, not your eyes." Her toes twitched, a clawtip piercing the skin and bringing forth a tiny dot of blood.

"Yes ma'am." It was little more than a squeak, but it brought a grunt of approval. He began to lightly squeeze, finding the pockets of muscle and flesh and gently kneading them. Both his hands could barely wrap around the widest part of her foot, and the tough pad resisted his efforts. The weight on his chest backed off slightly.

"Harder. I want a massage, not a tickle."

Scowling, Derek increased the pressure, digging in with his thumbs and rolling the flesh of her foot. People paid for this? To be humiliated, criticized, and used? Whatever, he just needed to get it over with and get his footage. Nothing in the initiation's conditions said he had to enjoy it.

"Mmm, better." Her foot withdrew from his grasp to be replaced by the other. Her toes wiggled, beckoning.

Now that he knew what she was after, it was easy enough. His hands worked her foot, exploring. She would let out soft grunts every so often, or a light sigh. The odd squeeze earned a twitch of those clawed toes, or a faint shudder that vibrated through his chest. What other reactions could he get? Twining his fingers between her toes didn't garner a reaction, though it did feel rather nice between his digits. Squeezing the sides of her pawpad summoned a sharp intake of breath, the leash pulling taut, then slacking. Both thumbs digging into her heel drew a groan, while pinching the tip of her largest toe and stroking her pad made her stiffen. Derek hid a grin. He'd show her. She wanted a pet? He'd be the best damn pet she'd ever seen.

After several more minutes and two more swaps of which footpaw he was attending, she stepped away, allowing him to rest his tired hands on his chest. Her eyes were half-closed, the corners of her muzzle curved up.

"Good boy."

His cock throbbed. He glanced down the length of his body, his eyes widening. He wasn't quite at full mast, but it was standing proud now. Traitorous bastard.


Tatiana stood astride his hips, one paw resting on her thigh while she idly swung the leash's loop in the other. Another cleverly hidden zipper on her suit had been undone, exposing several inches of her crotch. Light blue fur surrounded a petite mound of pink, glistening flesh. Not human—though he'd never seen one of those in person either. Her sex was a delightful triangle of pouting, puffy lips, all neatly tucked and boldly presented, appearing oh so warm and inviting…

"Your reward, sweet pet. Ah! No, do not touch."

His hand froze mid reach. His fingers spasmed. Was it as soft as it looked?

"Patience. I have not been convinced you deserve to touch. Convince me."

How was he supposed to do that? Licking his suddenly dry lips, he said, "Please?"

"Please what?"

"Can I?"

"No you may not."

Oh, so his grammar was also under critique. Fine. Rolling his eyes, he said, "May I touch it?"

"Pathetic." She was scowling again, and the leash grew taut, lifting his head an inch from the carpet. "Perhaps a punishment is needed."

Oh hell no. "Please, I'm sorry!"

She peered at him over her muzzle, her ears twitching. "Go on."

"I… You're right. I don't deserve to touch your…" He glanced down at that dangling zipper. "Your uh…"


"Y-yeah. I'm glad just to be given the chance to look. You're beautiful, ma'am."


"You're beautiful, mistress."

"Hmm." The leash relaxed a hair. "Go on."

"I…" He swallowed. This was all going to be on tape too, though the camera's angle probably couldn't pick him up on the floor. Oh well. "You're one of the finest females I've ever seen. It's an honour to be in your presence. I'd love the chance to play… err, to treat your umm… pussy, the same way I did your feet. But I know that is too good for me."

"Indeed." The word was a soft purr, coupled with the leash growing taut again. "But, perhaps I might make a small exception."


"That tongue of yours lacks refinement. I would allow you to practice. But first, you will demonstrate to me how much you desire it."

This couldn't be good.

Her left foot rose, hovered above his chest. "Convince me, pet."

He could use his safeword, couldn't he? Peering between her toes, the fuzzy digits outlined the triangular folds of her sex. What would it feel like? Taste like?

He was never going to live this down.

Closing his eyes, he stuck out his tongue, curled it upwards. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, a tug on the leash pulled his head up, and heat kissed his face, that faint spice tickling his nose. His tongue met warm, pebbled skin. He recoiled, inhaling sharply, though the leash held him in place. Heart pounding, he gave a cautious lick. Then another. Then a third.

It wasn't as bad as he'd thought. Almost no flavour, in fact. A hint of salt, certainly. The tough surface of her pad was pebbled and rough beneath his tongue. Maybe a touch of bitterness—almost like pure olive oil. Perhaps she used something of that nature to care for her feet? The odd grain of… something, which he chose not to think about, spitting them out and continuing on.

Opening his eyes, he flicked his tongue across her toes, parting the fur and earning an approving, "Mmm." Lashing between them gained a wiggle, her clawtip tapping his nose. It wasn't fun, certainly, but he found himself lavishing her paw, ensuring to wet every inch of that pad. She shifted, balancing once more and offering him her other foot, the unspoken demand clear. He obeyed.

After a few moments she lowered her foot, allowing him to catch his breath. "Very well, pet, that was adequate."

Adequate? He scowled at her. He'd kissed those feet like a damn pro!

There was that damned teasing ear perk again. A heavy pull on the leash dragged him up to a sitting position, his nose abruptly inches from her crotch. A new aroma tickled his nose, at once mysterious and alluring, mixed with the earthy tones of leather.

"I suppose I will be generous." A paw rested on top of his head. "What do you say?"

"Thank you, mistress."

"Good boy." It came out as a coo; an owner addressing their favoured pet. His traitor cock twitched. Of course, he was inches from his first ever touch of female intimate regions—even if they weren't human ones. In a strange way, that made it more exciting.

Leaning in, he stuck out his tongue.

Heat. She was warm—incredibly so. The tip of his tongue nudged into the notch between those puffy lips. Something trickled across his tastebuds, salty and with a vague tang. Geez, she really did get off on this. Taking a deep breath, he tried a short slurp, lavishing her sex from bottom to top. More of the thin juice ran across his palate. This would probably be a little messy…

"Don't be shy."


There was no resisting the paw on the back of his head as it shoved him in, mashing her snatch against his lips. Her hips rolled, grinding on him, marking him with her scent, the zipper teeth digging lightly into his face. Taking the hint, he started licking, slow laps across her arousal. Her sex throbbed beneath his tongue, heated velvet glistening with his saliva and her own nectar. Now this… this really wasn't so bad. Lewd wet noises burned in his ears, coupled with approving murmurs from the lucario. What kind of noises might she make if he hit the right spot? Did pokèmon have the same bits as humans? Could he make her cum?

Digging in, he worked his tongue into the notch of her vulva, pressing inward. Those lips parted and he plunged inside, his questing tongue sliding across hot, slick flesh. More of that briny tang graced his palate, stronger now and a touch bitter, but not unpleasant. He curled his tongue, exploring her inner folds. They squeezed in response, trapping him inside. Not that he'd planned to leave. He gave an experimental wiggle, earning a pleased sigh.

"Yes, like so." The paw tightened on the back of his head.

He licked, slurping her intimate regions like a parched traveler at a desert oasis. His nose bumped the top of her mound, the heady aroma of her arousal adding to the potent mix of stimuli. His tongue buzzed both with the effort of maintaining his pace and the flavour of her juices. He was actually doing it. He was eating out a girl. And not just any girl, a pokèmon.

A damned sexy pokèmon.

His hand closed on his now proud erection, jerking rapidly in time with his oral efforts. It took a bit of concentration to not flag in his tongue-work, but he'd always been a good multitasker. A groan escaped him, the rising pleasure in his loins overwhelming any lingering thoughts of shame or self-consciousness.

Until a furred foot booted his hand away from his cock.

"Naughty pet. Did I give you permission to touch yourself? No."

God dammit… His neglected shaft strained, begging for attention. Was she going to let him have any fun?

"There must be a punishment for your misbehaving."

Oh hell. Before he could pull away and plead his case, a foot on his chest shoved him back to the floor, knocking the air from his lungs. Strong paws rolled him over onto his belly, keeping the leash free, and a foot landed between his shoulders, pinning him.

"This hurts me more than it hurts you. Be good now, and do not squeal."


Derek jolted, though only a soft grunt escaped him. A second sharp Thwack! accompanied a strike across his left buttock, needles of pain blooming from the point of impact.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! WHAP!


The final hit came with the easing of the weight on his back, a hot sting burning both sides of his ass, and a curt, "That will do," from his tormentor. A paw patted his rump. "Roll over and sit up."

Arguing was the furthest thing from his mind. He turned and sat upright, wincing as his weight rested on his abused rear, and got a faceful of aroused lucario pussy.

The pointed shove on the back of his head reminded him that he had a job to do. Stifling a growl, he resumed his task, working his way in and rolling his tongue across the sopping plush contours of her femininity. Okay, it was still pretty hot to have his face in her muff like this, but come on…

"Lower, pet."

Lower? Hadn't he heard the clit was at the top? Or did she not have one? He searched with exploratory licks, swirling around her entrance. A small, hard bump caught the tip of his tongue, right in the point of the V-shaped notch of her folds. Tatiana shuddered, hunched into his ministrations, her paw stroking the back of his head.

So that's where it was. Grinning viciously around his mouthful, Derek attacked the tiny nub, flicking and caressing. Each new motion earned a twitch or a soft moan, the lucario's hips jerking, her paw tightening on his head. He stepped up his efforts, wiggling his tongue, lapping up the steadily increasing juices as best he could.

"A little more, pet." For the first time, her voice trembled, and Derek awarded himself mental kudos. Sure she was tough, but she wanted to get off as much as he did. His tongue was growing tired, but he pressed on, lathing in tiny circles around her clit. A good move, judging by her gasp. Maybe he could…

Damning the consequences, he grabbed hold of her leather-wrapped rear, steadying himself and digging in, waggling his tongue with as much gusto as he could manage. Her walls gripped, trying to draw his muscle deeper. His left hand slipped beneath the leather, parting warm fur. He wiggled beneath her bobbing tail, gripping and massaging, seeking out something that surely must be there…

"Ah… Bad… Pet..."

A small dimple. Warm, smooth flesh. He circled it with his thumb, and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.


Her paw clenched, grinding his nose into her crotch. A sopping, silken vice seized his tongue, rhythmic squeezes accompanied by a fresh gush of nectar. He coughed, sputtered, swallowed as best he could. Hot droplets spattered across his face, dribbled from his chin.

Several short, sharp bucks of her hips, then a long groan, and the paw on the back of his head relaxed, allowing him to pull away with a wheeze, his chest heaving. He blinked, staring at the dripping mess, her swollen pussy quivering. He'd done that. He'd made her cum.

And it had been hot as hell.

The leash slackened, and he laid back, awaiting her verdict. His tongue ran along his lips, cleaning away the juices there. His manhood bobbed stiffly between his legs, the urge to jerk himself off nearly making him whimper like a neglected puppy. His ass still stung, but that was the least of his concerns.


Her eyes opened, and she regarded him with a hint of a smile. "Yes?"

"May I..." He looked pointedly down at his throbbing shaft.

"Mmm, not yet, pet."
Oh come on…

The leash tightened, though she didn't pull him upright. Shifting her stance, she brought a foot up, rested it on his aching member, then leaned forward, trapping his length between his belly and her toes. Derek stiffened, acutely aware of just how close her heel was to his sensitive balls, not to mention the rather sharp claws a few hair-breadths from his cock.

"Does my sweet pet wish to cum? Is that it?"

"Uh… Kinda?" She wouldn't actually hurt him, would she? If she looked like she was going to kick or stomp, he was yelling 'mercy' at the top of his lungs.

"Mmm…" Her foot rolled, squeezing the engorged head of his member, tingles of pleasure blooming in his loins. "Not very convincing. Try again."

"Y-yeah. It'd be nice…"

"It would, wouldn't it? Such a relief." Her paw stroked, lightly jerking his shaft. The roughness of her pad should have been uncomfortable, but it was oddly erotic, the coarse surface stimulating hyper aroused flesh. A spurt of pre dribbled out, smeared onto her toes.


"Mmm, look at you, so eager and ready." Those strong toes clenched, kneading him, coaxing forth more pre. "How badly do you want it?"

Derek's hips jerked, but she rode the motion, denying him the extra friction. He nearly screamed in frustration. He was at her mercy, his loins afire with arousal.

"Very, mistress."

"Yes, yes. And yet, you touched without permission, sweet pet."

A low groan. His own, he realized. Her foot nonchalantly stroked, idly teasing his rigid cock, fanning the tingling pleasure while keeping it at a steady flame. Desperate, he thrust into her, trying to grind against her paw, but she lifted it enough to frustrate his efforts, tutting at him.

"Any more of that, and I shall have to think up another punishment, my dear." The leash tightened, reminding him just how easily she could enact her threat.

Hissing through his teeth, Derek stilled.

"Better." Once more warm pawpad surrounded his length, stirred his lust. "Will you be a good boy for me, my pet?" Her free paw fell to her loins, slid between her thighs. Those thick, furred fingers curled, massaging and stroking. "So many lovely things I could do with you."

Derek could only nod, transfixed by the erotic sight of her idly pumping finger. His shaft strained against the warmth trapping it. She could ask him to bark like a dog and beg, and he would only ask how loud. Her foot rolled in languid circles, tantalizing his nerves with tiny bolts of ecstasy, but refusing to offer him more than a constant buzz. His balls quivered, aching for release that was ever so close, but so far from his grasp.

"Do you enjoy watching this, sweet boy?" Her fingers shifted, spreading her folds and offering a glimpse of the darker pinkness between the pert lips. "How soft, warm, wet…" Her middle finger teased up that rosy line of flesh, eliciting a gasp from Tatiana and a soft moan from Derek. "Yes, I would so love to have a proper male, one to plunge deep inside, fill me completely…" Her foot twitched, pumping his erection. "Yet all I have is you. Such a dilemma. I dislike being unsatisfied."

"Please, mistress," Derek groaned. He was past caring about the putdowns. Maybe he wasn't what she was used to, but… "Let me try."

"You think you can satisfy me?" She snorted, coupled with a grip on his meat that nearly made him burst right then and there. "Look at you. You would spend yourself on the first thrust."


"Hmm." She tilted her head, apparently pondering while continuing to tease his cock and herself. Her fingers were growing slick, the dark fur matted down with feminine nectar. "Perhaps I can be generous. It pleases me to give you this reward, pet. But!" Her muzzle parted, sharp teeth flashing, that predatory gleam in her violet eyes. "You must give me five strokes. If you last that long, I will permit you to finish."

"Y-yeah, no problem."

She was already stepping off of him, freeing his shaft to bounce proudly upright, spraying pre. She wrapped the leash around her paw as she squatted down to sit on his hips, his bobbing maleness laid obscenely across her exposed sex. Pleasingly, it reached a decent length up her belly, so perhaps her taunts were no more than that.

"It was not a choice, sweetling. Five thrusts. No less."

She didn't have to add, 'or else'. Derek nodded fervently.

"Mmmm..." Tatiana ran her free paw down her side, accentuating her curves. "Give me your hands.

He held them out, fingers twitching with the urge to grab his shaft and point it home, plunge himself into that welcoming, flushed spade. A strong paw seized his wrists, pulling them together. She spun the end of the leash, wrapping it around several times, then yanked it tight and tugged the dangling end through the loops. She inspected his helplessness, then nodded.

"Very good." Her hips rolled, glistening vulva gliding along his length. Wonderful heat, kissing up and down his shaft. He bit his lip to keep from groaning. Several more slow, agonizing slides, slicking his cock with her juices, then she hiked herself up, straddling his hips, allowing his tip to notch into place at her entrance. Velvet wetness, agonizingly close. A firm, steady pressure, just shy of allowing him to penetrate…

Was it possible to go mad from teasing?

Without warning, she dropped, plunged down his shaft with a lewd slurp, sinking straight to the hilt. Derek gasped, his back arching, the sudden wave of ecstasy shooting up his spine. His cock pulsed, that familiar sensation of tightness rising in his loins, coaxed on by the incredible sleeve of hot, clenching dampness surrounding his straining rod.

Oh god, oh god, no… Desperate, he squeezed his butt cheeks together, clamping down on the urge to cum.


She was rising, that delightful tunnel hugging his throbbing meat as she withdrew, until only the turgid head remained embedded in her puffy lips. Once more, she dropped, falling into his lap with a wet smack!


Derek's lip was growing numb with how hard he was biting it, his embedded length rapidly twitching within her folds. Clenching his ass was barely helping. A millimeter more friction, and he would explode. Anything, think of anything else. Giving a presentation in class, and he'd forgotten to wear pants. Doing an ice bucket challenge, getting stung by a swarm of beedrill…



He squeezed his eyes shut. Maybe if he didn't look at that delightful meeting of intimate flesh, or her lustful gaze over that wicked grin… Of course, that only brought the physical sensations into sharper focus. Each rippling caress of those soft inner walls, that incredible heat, the perfect friction massaging his aching member, the spurt of pre squeezed from his straining tip…

"Not yet, sweetling." She hadn't moved yet, merely resting atop him, rocking lightly back and forth. A gentle paw caressed his cheek. "You are doing so well," she cooed. "Can you hang on for me?"

His chin jerked—a faint nod.




His own hips bucked, meeting her thrust and bouncing her in his lap, grinding himself as deep as possible. Every fibre of his being trembled with the need to release, the floodgates on the brink of cracking.

Tatiana withdrew, gliding up his glistening shaft. Derek instinctively reached for her hips, only to be foiled by the bonds of the leash. He moaned, wordlessly pleading with his captor to end this delightful torture. He met her violet gaze, sweat dripping down his brow. She grinned down at him.

"Good boy."

She dropped.



"Oh god…" Derek jerked, letting go of all control, the orgasm crashing down like a tidal wave. Ecstasy blossomed, welling up to wash every nerve in his body, his cock jerking and spurting burst after burst of thick cream deep inside his furred lover. His hips bucked wildly of their own accord, madly pounding her sodden snatch while he spent himself, the blessed relief leaving him gasping as he emptied what was surely the biggest load he'd ever shot, tingling delight racing through him. Finally, the flow ebbed, his buried rod offering a few half-hearted twitches, then petered out, his last spurts milked out of him by those incredible inner muscles of hers, the plush massage ensuring he wouldn't deny her a single drop of his seed.

Derek sank back on the floor, panting, a sheen of sweat coating him. A few blinks cleared his blurred vision, resolving into the image of Tatiana, her head tilted back, lending a lovely profile of her leather-wrapped body as she stroked her own belly in languid circles, the other paw lingering above their union, teasing the top of her spread folds. Cloudy juices dribbled free of her stuffed petals, the shared mixture dripping into his wiry bush. After a long moment, she came off whatever high she'd been on and glanced down, meeting his tired gaze.

"Mmm. Well done, pet." She caressed his cheek, drawing a sticky line across his skin.

He didn't think it was possible to feel better than he currently did, but somehow, the praise lit a tiny glow of triumph. He nodded, still out of breath.

"I am almost satisfied." A firm squeeze clenched his softening length. "Almost."

He stared at her, dumbstruck. "Wait, what?"

Those pointed ears perked, that wicked gleam entering those stunning eyes. "You did pay for a full evening, sweet boy. Such a shame to let that go to waste, no?"





"Hey, Derek, wait up man!"

Derek glanced behind him, slowing his pace across the university's central quad. Mark, the president of the Kappa Sigma frat, was jogging towards him. He paused, waiting for the lanky guy to catch up.

"Good to see you bud! How's things?" Mark slapped Derek on the shoulder as he drew alongside, then pushed his rectangular glasses up his nose and ran a hand through his short, dark curls. "Classes treating you alright?'

Derek shrugged. "It's okay so far. Third week seems to really be getting into things, but it's manageable."

"Good to hear man, good for you!" Mark glanced around, nodded when he verified no one else was nearby, but still lowered his voice. "I've got great news too. We checked out your video, and you're in, dude. No question."

He should be happy. He should be ecstatic. "Cool."

Mark laughed. "That's it? Cool? I guess I shouldn't be surprised dude. Man, you've got some stones. We would've been happy with just a little teaser of you and some chick with a riding crop, but damn… You're one kinky bastard, aren't you? You gotta give me the deets sometime." He held up a hand, even though Derek hadn't opened his mouth. "Woah, not here of course! Some other time. I've always been curious what it's like, y'know? With a..." He glanced around a gain. "A pokèmon."

"Thanks, man. Sure thing." His backpack suddenly felt incredibly heavy.

"Yeah, well, anyways…" Mark fished into his pocket and pulled out a small, laminated card. It bore a complex triangular symbol with a grouping of unown alphabet contained within its stylized borders, alongside the words, "Kappa Sigma - Member". Right below it, his name was emblazoned in block letters. "Here, this is yours."

Derek took the card; looked at it for a moment. It was the same size and shape as the one Tatiana had handed him a week earlier, the one with her personal call number on it. "If you ever wish to chat, sweet boy. Or more." Somehow, despite the lamination, this card felt cheaper, more disposable.

He handed it back.

"Thanks, but I need some time to think about it."

Mark looked like he'd just been sucker-punched. "What?! Dude, are you kidding? You're in! There's no going back from that! Well, maybe if you committed some crazy felony or something we'd have to kick you out, but otherwise... " He shrugged. "What's the deal?"

"Nothing, I just need to sleep on it. Don't worry, it's nothing against you guys." They seemed like an okay group from the outside, but the policy of buying his way in… it didn't sit right. Tatiana had said to look for those who accepted him for him, not those who accepted him because of some dumb dare.

Mark raised his hands in surrender. "Alright dude, I mean, do what you gotta do. But hey…" He reached out, tucked the card into Derek's shirt pocket. "It's still yours. You earned it. Hope to see you around the frat house."

"Yeah, for sure. You just might."

"Later dude, take it easy."


Mark turned and walked off in the direction he'd come from, shaking his head. Derek watched him go, patting the pocket with the card. Maybe he would drop by, introduce himself and get to know some of the members.

Or maybe he'd form his own band of misfits.

Grinning, he headed for class, unconcerned about the few minutes he'd be late.

University was going to be just fine.

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