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A college dare has a shy student booking a night with a dominatrix in order to win over his peers. Based on requests from Karumaru and Sheeron.

File Name: Extracurricular Activities

Owner: Arcane Reno

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File Type: Story:Adult:M/F:Human x Lucario

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  1. Extracurricular Activities (9081 words)

    Date:Feb 16 2021

    finally, after fiddling around, i managed to make this account. Hi, arcane, i just wanted to say thank you so much for the absolutely incredible fanfics you make. From "semblence of former self" to the one with the ninetales and the artist, they are all amazing from start to finish. So much so that i made the account solely for the reason to comment. I would like to ask, where else do you post other fanfics? Id love to read them all the time, so could you please mention some of the other websites you post on? Thanks so much! 

    Official Fluffdog
    Date:Apr 11 2021

    Hey there, thanks for taking the time to make an account and comment! I mostly post on Sofurry and Furaffinity, and don't update on this site very often anymore. 

    Date:Sep 16 2021

    Your stories continue to among my favorites! I always find myself coming back to reread your fanfics, and this one will be no exception. I've been a fan of yours for awhile and just want to thank you for the amazing work you do!

    (sorry it took me while to post something)

    Official Fluffdog
    Date:Feb 14 2022

    Thanks so much! I don't check here very often any more, but I try to remember to do so every once in a while, and it always helps to see that people are still here and reading. ^^ That encourages me to continue uploading my newer work here.

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