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Not So Perfect Heist by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

All Pokemon have humanoid genitalia and Nuzleaf's bulky thighs act as pants. 

Not So Perfect Heist

From a branch in a tall tree, a Nuzleaf with a scar across his right eye looked down towards a camp that a trainer passing through had set up. He was in the nude squatting over a pot of chili while his Arcanine, Furret, and Simisage looked on with hungry faces. Like their trainer, they were exposing their genitals.

Nuzleaf snickered, “Looks like the perfect target.”

The trainer, going by the name, Dustin, took a big whiff of the chili as he stirred it.

“Alright, boys, I believe it’s time to eat!” he announced.

Cheers came from the Pokémon gallery as Dustin began pouring chili into their bowls. Once they had each been served, Dustin poured chili into a Pokémon bowl for himself and sat amongst his crew.

“Time to chow down!” they all cried at once.

Putting their mouths to the bowls, they commenced with the slurping of their chili. Arcanine had his bowl on the ground while the others held theirs with their hands.

Furret took his mouth off his bowl and licked the chili off his mouth.

“Babe, this chili is excellent like always!” he complimented.

“What can I say? I’ve nailed this recipe,” Dustin laughed.

“Considering it is your recipe,” Simisage jokingly retorted.

Arcanine cleaned off his bowl, “Mind if I have seconds?”

“Sure,” Dustin replied, handing his bowl to Simisage.

He grabbed Arcanine’s bowl and filled it with more chili. He sat it back down in front of him as he started chowing down. Sitting back down himself, Simisage handed Dustin back his bowl.

“Now, let’s see if I can finish my bowl before Arcanine asks for thirds,” Dustin chuckled.

Furret tapped Arcanine’s front leg causing him to look up from the bowl.

“Now, babe, Simisage and I have a bet on how many helpings you can eat tonight,” he whispered. “You better stomach down ten so I can get that hazelnut chocolate bar.”

Arcanine nodded in agreement before he resumed eating.

Back on the branch, Nuzleaf continued watching; waiting for the right moment to get in there.

The four soon finished their supper. While Dustin put away the extra chili, Furret opened up his chocolate bar and took a big chomp of it as Simisage folded his arms rather miffed.

“Don’t underestimate your brother, baby!” Furret teased.

Simisage looked to the side, “Y-yeah, I’ll remember that next time.”

Furret laughed as he broke off a small piece and tossed it to Arcanine who caught it in his mouth.

“Gotta reward the participant,” Furret remarked, taking another bite of the bar.

Nuzleaf had seen enough; he had found the perfect time to act. He scampered down the tree and landed gracefully on the ground. He held his stomach and approached the campsite.

Dustin heard rustling in the grass and turned around. Nuzleaf popped out, still holding his stomach.

“Hey, dude, you alright?” he asked worriedly.

“Eugh, I really hate to ask, but mind sparing me some food?” Nuzleaf bluffed. “It’s been a rough day and I’m so famished.”

Dustin was more than glad to oblige. As he scooped out some chili for him, his team took a look at Nuzleaf. Furret of whom was quite in awe.

“Babe, those are some sweet nipps you have!” he gawked.

He ran behind Nuzleaf and began rubbing them with his paws. Nuzleaf was taken aback by this, but couldn’t resist blushing as Furret’s soft paws touched his tender nipples. In fact, he soon began to enjoy it.

“Arceus, you sure are lucky to have them,” Furret continued. “You wouldn’t even begin to know how much I wanted a pair for myself.”

Dustin finished scooping the chili and held it out for Nuzleaf to grab. However, Furret still had a hold of him.

“First things first, though,” he told him.

With that, he pulled down Nuzleaf’s pants, surprising him.

“You have to get exposed like us, babe,” Furret smirked.

Simisage was rather offended, “Hey, he’s a guest on our campsite! You can’t force him into doing things like us!”

“It’s alright,” Nuzleaf told him.

He slipped out of his pulled pants and tossed them away.

“I don’t mind showing off my dick in front of a bunch of attractive men like yourselves,” he continued.

He put his arms behind his head and gave a cheeky grin. Dustin and his crew were flattered by the compliment and blushed.

Nuzleaf grabbed his bowl from Dustin and sat down to eat it in front of the campfire. The others sat on the other side of the fire as they watched him slurp his chili.

“Damn, this is some great chili!” Nuzleaf remarked.

“Made it myself. I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” Dustin replied.

He then noticed the scar on Nuzleaf’s face.

“How’d you get the scar?” he asked curiously.

Nuzleaf looked up from his chili, “Well, being a wild Pokémon and all, I got it from a scrap. This Zangoose noticed the same piece of fruit as me and we got into it. Before I knew it, I had a new facial feature.”

“Do you have vision problems?” Simisage asked.

“Not at all!” Nuzleaf replied. “The claw just skimmed over my eye, avoiding any serious damage. Though, judging by the scar, if it did hit, I’d probably have lost my whole eye.”

“Instead, you got a cool facial feature,” Furret admired.

“That’s how I see it,” Nuzleaf said, talking another slurp. “So, what are you guys all about?”

“We’re just a band of brothers world travelling,” Dustin replied. “Not really shooting for any goal, we just see the world at our own pace and dabble in events that come our way.”

“Brothers?” Nuzleaf asked, slightly perplexed.

“Yeah, our relationship is built upon tight, brotherly love rather than trainer and Pokémon. Us Pokémon also refer to ourselves as brothers as well,” Simisage explained. “Whenever we catch a new member, we don’t induct them as a friend. We induct them as a brother.”

“I see…” Nuzleaf remarked, looking off to the side a bit saddened.

“You alright?” Arcanine asked.

Nuzleaf gasped slightly, “Yeah, just thinking is all.”

Arcanine went over and nuzzled the side of Nuzleaf’s head. That wasn’t a part of his plan; if anything, he just let it slip out. However, it produced a good result, so he couldn’t complain about it.

“Whatever it was, you seemed glum about it. Hopefully that cheered you up a bit,” Arcanine smiled.

“Eh, thanks for that,” Nuzleaf said.

He finished up his chili and handed the bowl back to Dustin. He cleaned it along with the other using water from his water bottle and a rag. He then went into his tent and took out his large backpack that Nuzleaf eyed closely. Dustin put the bowls, water bottle, leftover chili, and rag into the bag before putting it back inside the tent.

Nuzleaf spoke up, “Hey, mind if I crash with you for the night? My den got taken over by another Nuzleaf and I haven’t found a replacement for tonight.”

“Sure, the more in our tent the merrier!” Dustin said ecstatically.

Furret rubbed Nuzleaf’s shoulders.

“You’re welcome to sleep with us any time, babe,” he slyly stated.

“Anything to quell your lust, bro,” Simisage teased.

“What can I say? Sexy males make me horny,” Furret remarked.

“All working to plan,” Nuzleaf mumbled to himself.

Dustin set to work putting out the campfire as the Pokémon retired into the tent for the night. The tent was incredibly spacious and was able to fit all of them comfortably, even Arcanine despite his size.

“Man, you guys sure are living pretty luxuriously as far as camping goes,” Nuzleaf asserted, looking around the area.

“That’s our brother for you. Always wants what’s best for us,” Simisage proclaimed.

“You know, babe,” Furret started, “you should consider getting yourself a trainer. It’s a real fun time.”

Nuzleaf tensed up a bit.

“Nah, I’m a free spirit. I don’t take orders from trainers. In fact, you guys shouldn’t either! You guys should be free like me and away from humans! They’re just trouble anyway,” he defensively avowed.

Arcanine was hurt by this.

“D-Dustin’s not trouble, though. H-he’s a good guy,” he whimpered as tears welled in his eyes. “I love him…..”

Furret however, was furious.

“The fuck got into you, babe?!” he fumed. “First you’re complimenting Dustin, then you go ahead and spew that shit! I don’t know what ideology is running through your mind, but you ain’t going to be staying here saying shit like that. Besides, you really think we call him our brother for nothing?!”

Simisage noticed Furret was getting ready to pounce, so he put his hand on his back to ease him.

“Shiiiit,” Nuzleaf murmured to himself.

He had slipped again, though this time, the result was hostility.

“S-sorry about that,” Nuzleaf quickly apologized. “I don’t know what came over me there. I fully understand what Dustin means to you.”

“Damn straight!” Furret hissed, though he backed off.

Simisage folded his arms, “We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt this time. Just, don’t say stuff like that again.”

“I promise,” Nuzleaf pledged.

Furret and Simisage turned away to soothe their brother’s hurt feelings while Nuzleaf stood there quietly. He didn’t know what was happening. He had never fouled up this badly before. This operation was hitting him harder than he had thought. He wanted to retreat and try someone else, but figured he might as well continue having come so far.

By the time Dustin came into the tent with Nuzleaf’s discarded pants, the tension had settled down. Dustin put the pants to the side as he turned on his battery powered lantern and hung it on a plastic hook that was on the roof of the tent.

He then realized something.

“You don’t mind if we have sex, do you?” he asked Nuzleaf politely.

Nuzleaf was a bit surprised by the question, but seemed rather into it as his cock started to twitch with excitement.

“If I can join in,” Nuzleaf nonchalantly requested.

Dustin looked at his Pokémon who all gave him a head nod. He turned back to Nuzleaf.

“Sure!” he told him.

Nuzleaf was thrilled. Not only would it work for his plan, but he’d also get to satisfy his lust. It was a total win-win.

With the lantern illuminating the room, Dustin got on all fours as he requested mounting from Arcanine. The big guy went over to him and started lapping at his butthole to lube it. When it was good and wet, he kneeled his back legs and gently inserted his cock in. Softly, but firmly, he began thrusting into his brother. As he began moaning from the stimulation he was giving his cock, Simisage got behind him and lifted up his tail. He wetted the Legendary Pokémon’s hole with his tongue, and slid his dick into him.

Nuzleaf watched as the Pokémon humped and moaned away. It was quite an entrancing sight. However, he was soon snapped out of it by a warm feeling on his left nipple. Looking down, he saw Furret licking away at his black dot.

“What?” Furret asked, removing his tongue. “Weren’t expecting me to take the presented opportunity, babe?”

“Eh, no,” Nuzleaf replied. “I was just startled. Please, continue away.”

With that, Furret resumed licking his nipple, though he also gave the other one attention as well. Nuzleaf blushed intensely as his head filled with lustful thoughts. He never knew his nipple area could result in so much sexual stimulation. He was soon brought back down a bit as Furret had stopped licking, and had now put their erected cocks together.

“You wanna frot with me, baby?” Furret asked with a mischievous grin.

Nuzleaf, still revelling in the stimulation, just nodded his head in agreement.

Meanwhile, Arcanine had just reached his climax. He barked out loudly as his doggy milk filled Dustin up. Dustin moaned with satisfaction as he felt the cum flow into him.

“Bark it out, brother!” Simisage cried, nearly reaching his own climax.

Soon, he was crying out loudly as well as he began dumping his load into Arcanine who, after finishing his own dump, started lustfully panting.

Back with the frotters, both Nuzleaf and Furret were panting loudly with bright, red faces as Nuzleaf rubbed their cocks together. A tingling sensation came over the dongs; soon, the two males were passionately crying out as they rocketed their cum up into the air and all over themselves. To Furret’s amazement, Nuzleaf’s cock ended up spewing out a lot of cum.

“B-boy, you sure were holding back, babe,” Furret panted.

“I-I know,” Nuzleaf replied, panting as well.

Simisage gave out a mighty sigh as he removed his cock from Arcanine’s hole. Arcanine did the same when he removed his cock from Dustin’s hole. While the two Pokémon caught their breath, Dustin uprighted himself and went over to Nuzleaf. He picked him up causing the grip he had on his and Furret’s cocks to go.

“You feel like helping my cock explode?” Dustin cheekily asked.

Nuzleaf said nothing and only nodded in agreement. Dustin sat down and placed him firmly on his erected cock. As he began thrusting his cock up and down within him, Dustin motioned for his brothers to come over. Nuzleaf watched as they fell into place almost instinctively. Arcanine got on his back as he and Furret each licked one of Dustin’s feet while Simisage massaged Arcanine’s cock and balls.

“Wow, they sure are astute,” Nuzleaf commented.

“When you’ve had sex as much as us, actions and positions come naturally,” Dustin proudly proclaimed.

The tent filled with the sound of Dustin’s moaning. Arcanine would have moaned as well, but he was too occupied with helping Furret coat Dustin’s feet in a layer of warm, wet saliva. Dustin quivered with every passing of their tongue which sent his cock pulsating inside Nuzleaf’s hole. Nuzleaf, still remembering his sensitive nipples, started rubbing them gently. Just like when Furret did it, he began blushing intensely as he became overwhelmed with lust. It reached a point where he couldn’t resist the urge to moan passionately.

Dustin’s cock finally couldn’t take the stimulation anymore and he started cumming. He held Nuzleaf tight as he gushed his cum up into his ass. Nuzleaf gasped loudly; he had never had this feeling before. This wasn’t helped by the fact that all the stimulation caused a flood to be created. That said, after the initial shock, Nuzleaf began to outright enjoy it.

Arcanine soon joined in as he rocketed his cum from his somewhat long cock into the air and right onto his stomach area. Simisage watched as the cum flew out in long ribbon strands. After giving Arcanine’s balls another short fondle, he pressed his tongue on the cock and started licking at it. This caused Arcanine to cry out even more as the strands of cum became even longer.

When the cum had finished, Dustin slowly removed Nuzleaf from his sensitive cock and placed him on the ground.

Nuzleaf rubbed his buttcheeks, “I think you broke me into larger cocks!”

Dustin chuckled, “Glad to be of service!”

To finish off the night, they decided to do a daisy chain seeing as they hadn’t done oral sex yet. Nuzleaf was surprised to see Arcanine was still raring to go.

“Aren’t you empty on cum yet?” he asked.

“Nah, babe. This big guy’s body regenerates cum awful quick,” Furret interjected, patting Arcanine’s rather big balls. “He’ll always be ready to go another round!”

Arcanine sheepishly chuckled, “I just think of it as a gift from nature, that’s all.”

Dustin laid back on the floor as Furret did the same before putting his mouth on his cock. Nuzleaf then did the same to Furret’s cock. This led to Simisage doing the same to Nuzleaf’s cock as Arcanine did the same to his cock. When the chain circled back to Dustin, he put his mouth on Arcanine’s cock, and they all started sucking away.

With all mouths occupied, the only sounds heard were the muffled moans of the males as they stimulated each other’s cocks. Soon, the moans became more distressed as they inched closer to climax. Before long, they hit their limit, and wasted no time ingesting all the cum that entered into their mouths. The cum shortly ended for the Pokémon; they removed their mouths and started licking all the cum off their lips. Dustin however, went a bit longer due to Arcanine’s vast amount of cum. Though, it soon ended for him too. He removed his mouth off the cock, and set to work getting all the cum off his lips.

Now finished, Dustin went into his bag and fished out pillows, blankets, and a small air mattress. He blew up the mattress, and with Furret and Simisage’s assistance, placed the pillows and blankets neatly on it. Once the makeshift bed was complete, Furret and Simisage went under the covers as Arcanine laid down behind them.

“You coming under with us?” Simisage asked Nuzleaf.

“Nah, I’ll sleep beside Arcanine,” Nuzleaf replied. “If that isn’t an issue?”

“Nope,” Arcanine remarked.

Nuzleaf gently patted Arcanine’s side before comfortably situating himself against him.

Before joining his other Pokémon under the covers, Dustin went over to each of his brothers and gave them a little scratch under the neck. He even did this to Nuzleaf which shocked him.

“It’s a bit of a routine I have to show my affection. Since you’re staying with us, you should get it too,” Dustin explained.

Nuzleaf looked at Dustin in wonderment as he turned off the lantern and got under the covers.

Two hours passed before everyone but Nuzleaf had fallen asleep. Nuzleaf laid against Arcanine with his arms behind his head and right leg on his left knee. He decided to give it a few more minutes to make sure they were in a deep slumber. When the time had passed, he started his theft.

Slowly, he got up from Arcanine, and went over to grab his pants. He went over to the bag and opened it up. He threw his pants inside having grown fond of going around bottomless. He zipped the bag back up and was just about to pick it up when he hesitated. He looked towards Dustin and his crew with a beating heart. He shut his eyes and turned away. Just as he picked up the bag, he heard a noise.

Nuzleaf turned back. He saw Furret had woken up and was rubbing his eyes open. He looked dead at Nuzleaf.

“That babe’s a thief!!!” Furret cried, waking everyone up.

Nuzleaf, with a Deerling in the headlights look, could only utter the word, “fuck.”

Dropping the bag, he unzipped the tent door. When it was open enough for him, he swiftly dashed out and into the woods. He had forgotten his pants, but didn’t care enough to go back.

“You’re a fucking sham, babe!” Furret cried, exiting the tent.

“He’s gone, bro. Don’t worry about it,” SImisage said, ushering him inside.

“So, he was just after my bag,” Dustin remarked in a low, hurt voice.

Arcanine nuzzled his neck with his snout, “What did you think?”

“I thought maybe he wanted to come with us, but was too proud to admit it,” Dustin sighed. “Or, maybe I was too naive.”

“Don’t fret over it,” Simisage consoled, patting his shoulder. “Considering his acting, you weren’t the first person he did this to.”

Dustin went over to his bag to make sure everything was still there. He was bemused to see Nuzleaf’s pants were in there.

He picked them up, “I didn’t notice he left without them.”

“Looks good on him, though!” Furret snickered. “Now they can really see him as a dick!”

Dustin didn’t say anything. Instead, he zipped back up the tent and went back to bed.

“He may have been a dick, but Dustin sure liked him,” Arcanine commented.

The next day, Dustin was still being quiet. He had made and ate breakfast without saying a word.

“This isn’t like you, bro,” Furret remarked. “You need to get over him.”

“I can’t. I just want to know why he’s doing this,” Dustin responded.

“Hah…. If that’s what will make you feel better, go for it,” Furret relented.

“You sure about it?” Dustin asked.

“Of course,” Simisage said. “There’s clearly more going on with him than what we know.”

“In that case,” Dustin said, getting up, “let’s go find him.”

With that, he headed off in the nude with Arcanine and Furret following his lead.

“Aren’t you going to put some clothes on first?” Simisage called.

“Don’t sweat it, bro,” Furret winked. “Just think of it as a real nature walk.”

Simisage shrugged and followed them.

After searching for a while, they found Nuzleaf sitting forlornly on a tree branch. Dustin called out to him which startled him.

“Look, look, I know I deserve this, but can’t you give me some mercy,” he begged, making a T with his hands.

“As much as I would like to beat you up, we’ve come for an explanation,” Furret snarled.

Nuzleaf looked down, “Only if you promise not to give me pity.”

“Promise,” Dustin swore.

“The only reason I steal from trainers is because that’s the only life I know. From the day I hatched, I was raised as a tame Pokémon. I was the product of a trainer’s Shiftry and Mightyena and lived with all the luxuries of being with a trainer without ever experiencing being wild first,” Nuzleaf explained. “I was so used to that life; I figured I’d always have it. Then, one day, I got released into the wild due to the trainer not wanting two of the same species on his team. It was a complete culture shock and I couldn’t cope. So, I began to steal in an effort to have my normal life back.”

He touched his scar, “It’s been a rough go. Sure, I’ve gotten away with it many times, but this scar from a Zangoose is a part of those times I haven’t. I would’ve successfully stolen from you, but I was too wrapped up in being reminded of my past to be cunning enough.”

“Have you ever tried asking to be caught by a trainer?” Dustin asked quietly.

“No, I hate being pitied for my circumstances,” Nuzleaf rebuffed. “I want to be caught without begging, but no one has ever given me a glance, especially with this scar.”

He looked away and folded his arms.

“If you really wanted a trainer, you shouldn’t have used your charm for deception,” Dustin somberly stated.

Nuzleaf softly gasped as Dustin placed his pants next to him on the branch. He turned his head and watched as the four walked back to their campsite.

After that day, Nuzleaf decided to leave the woods in an effort to renew himself and who he was. He no longer stole from trainers and attempted to live like a real, wild Pokémon. Unfortunately, every place seemed to have stiff competition for food. He’d try living there for a little while and get stronger, all to varying degrees of success. Though, he would always have to leave when he found he wasn’t getting ahead.

Then, one day, he ended up getting into a brutal scuffle with a Nidoking over a horde of food. Luckily, he managed to sneak his way out of it, but was still severely wounded. He ultimately ended up collapsing in the middle of a dirt path.

When he opened his eyes again, he noticed he was staring at the ceiling of a very familiar looking tent. Sitting up, he saw Dustin and his crew looking back at him.

“Uh,” Nuzleaf stuttered, unsure what else to say. “Thanks?”

After what he did to them, he didn’t want to see them again for fear of exacting revenge. Furret then approached him which caused him to flinch. However, he only playfully jabbed Nuzleaf in the shoulder.

“Long time no see, babe,” he smirked.

“What happened to you?” Dustin asked, scratching his nipple. “We found you fainted in the middle of the path.”

“Got into a bad scuffle with a Nidoking,” Nuzleaf answered. “I’ve been trying to live off the wild since we last met and it’s been iffy.”

He then thought of something.

“Why did you help me after everything I did to you?” he asked.

“It’d be pretty cruel of us to just leave you laying there,” Dustin responded. “That, and we don’t hold grudges over things that happened five months ago.”

“It’s really been that long?” Nuzleaf sheepishly chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

“So, you’ve really gone and improved yourself,” Simisage remarked.

“You could say that,” Nuzleaf said.

He stood up and headed towards the door.

“Anyway, I should be going,” Nuzleaf expressed. “I’ve wasted enough of your time. Thanks again for helping me out.”

“Wait!” Dustin called out.

Nuzleaf turned around.

“How about coming along with us?” he suggested. “Considering how you’ve been doing since last time, I think you deserve another chance with us.”

“You sure about that?” Nuzleaf asked doubtfully.

“Of course!” Dustin replied. “Right, my brothers?”

They all nodded in agreement.

“You might have been a dick, babe, but since you’ve repressed it for so long, I think we can start anew,” Furret added.

“What do you say, Nuzleaf?” Dustin inquired. “You still feel like being with a trainer?”

Nuzleaf stood there for a moment. He then pulled down and slipped out of his pants; tossing them to the floor. He put his arms behind his head and grinned.

“Sounds like a plan, bro!”

-The End-

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