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Not remembering his encounter with Bayleef, Ash continues his new adventure by visiting a familiar location.

  1. Familiar Attraction (4114 words)

  2. Reflections on Familiarity (3912 words)

  3. Battles of Love and Life (8479 words)

    Hope you like it.

  4. Left Wanting More (4341 words)



    Legacy of Time: Hope you all enjoy the chapter. Great to see all the favorites and follows rolling in. It keeps me in the writing mood. Even if the writing can be a bit dirty at times. Well, I hope everyone just keeps coming back and thanks.

    dragon guy
    The Pest
    Date:Oct 11 2023 Title:Left Wanting More

    Wow I didn't think this story was here as well. Been following on the two other sites that i have seen it.

    Date:Oct 19 2023

    I posted it here for a bit. Then kinda stopped. I'll post the rest of it here for everyone else who still comes here probably tomorrow or Saturday.

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