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Champion's Path by Raw19


Author's Chapter Notes:

Being a Champion is no Picnic.

Let's Make a Deal

“How could she cancel on me?!”


You were a Trainer in Sinnoh. You were the recently made Champion of the whole Sinnoh Region. You were dating the Grass-type Gym Leader, Gardenia, who’d made quite an impression on you when you won her Badge a few months ago.


And, you were highly upset as she’d just canceled your dinner date.


That left you with very little to do and nothing to look forward to as you found yourself strolling through Route 205. Your full team of 6 could use a bit of exercise as well, but there hadn’t even been anyone at the Trainer Cafe when you’d looked in earlier. Probably all went elsewhere for lunch as, despite the prestige, the fare wasn’t all that good.


For those prices, you’d rather have Starbucks!


You were just thinking about flying back home for a nap, or maybe seeing what Barry was up to, when you heard someone muttering to themselves.


“Oh, i dunno...should i play a little?” 


Looking around, you spot a young girl a few feet away. Clearly a Picnicker by her green attire and outdoorsy aura. You get the feeling she was talking about you but since she wasn’t looking in your direction, and since you weren’t in the mood, you decide to just walk right by her and hope she ignores you.


“Hold it right there, you! Picnicker Karina challenges you to a battle!”


You sigh deeply. This is why one should never hope.


You thought you’d cleared out all the trainers in this area when you first came through here, but clearly you missed a spot. Well, maybe you could appeal to her more sensitive side.


“Ma’am? Miss? Karina? I’m truly sorry, but could we please not do this today? I can promise to come back and battle you tomorrow, but right now i’m really not in the mood.”


“Why would i care what mood you’re in?! I’m raring to go and the rules state that you have to accept my challenge!” She said, with an attitude so snooty you’d think she was training for a part.


Okay, maybe she didn’t have a sensitive side. You were just about to respond when she threw down the gauntlet.


“Furthermore, i challenge you for all your money!”


“Excuse me?!” You cried, which startled her. “First you drag me into a battle i do not want, and now you try to extort me for everything?!”


“Y-yes,” Karina replied, with a little less confidence and swag, but with the same determination she’d been showing this whole encounter. “There’s nothing in the rules against it and, really, it makes more sense to try to get a big haul in one battle than getting pocket change in multiple ones….There’s a sale going on and it ends today.”


You stare at the lass in disbelief and annoyance. Despite being more than confident that you could readily defeat her, you were about to refuse on sheer principle. Even if the rules dictated that you had to fight her, you didn’t have to accept her terms. That was something both parties agreed on and, on a day like today where you were being blue balled by your crush, you had little reason to be agreeable about anythi-


...Actually, now that you thought about it, this was a perfect opportunity. Now that your antagonist had raised the stakes, you were legally allowed to retaliate. With the ante you were about to impose, the girl would no doubt call this whole thing off and you could get on with your night. And, if she was actually crazy enough to go through with it, then this evening wouldn’t be a waste after all.


“Humph. Fine. I accept your terms. But, in return, I have some of my own. If i win this battle then i get to have sex with you. Any way I wish and for the next two hours.”


“What?!” Karina cried, looking understandably shocked and scandalized, taking a step back. “I’m not agreeing to something like that! What are you, a pervert?!”


“Yes.” you replied, unabashedly, smirking at the blush that caused her. It wasn’t something you went around advertising, but you also weren’t about to lie when asked directly. Nor were you some disgusting freak, creeping through the night and preying on the unexpecting. 


You simply had a bit of a kinky side and weren’t foolish enough to pass up on good opportunities like this. Gardenia had never complained.


“In particular, i’m a well off pervert,” You said, taking your pokedex out of your jacket pocket and checking your trainer I.D. “Currently, there is about $2,000,000 Poke in my account.”


“T-Two million?! What are you, the Champion?” She stuttered. You merely smirked, neither confirming nor denying such a statement.


“And if i were? But, more importantly, you raised the stakes by challenging me for all of my money. I’ve determined that your young, nubile body would be an even stake. Such is also an entirely legal wager to make.”


“That can’t be true!” Karina declared, holding herself out of shy, embarrassed fear from your comments.


“Actually, you’d be surprised,” You responded, smirking and unconcerned. “Some folks forgo money all-together and prefer to wager their bodies from the get-go. But, those are my terms, take it or leave it. If you’d rather not you could always call this whole thing off and scurry back to the woods. Either way, i’m good.”


You could see the Lass mentally warring with herself. Obviously she was confident in her skills and obviously she stood to gain a lot with her victory. 2 million poke means never having to worry about groceries for the next 3 months. But, who in their right mind would make a gamble like that?! Surrender herself to some strange guy in the woods? Who knows what he’d do to her?! Even 2 hours would seem like a lifetime!


She was just opening her mouth to respond, when you broke in.


“Actually, we should forget the whole thing. Forget the wager. Even if I did win, I might find myself in any kind of trouble for sleeping with some little girl.”


“W-what?!” She responded, red in the face. “How dare you, y-you jerk! I’m not a little girl!”


“Sure you aren’t, short stack,” You assure her, in a voice so patronizing you could probably hold a class on the subject. “Just like I haven't seen anything that flat since the last time I was at the pancake house. Seriously though, it is getting late. You should run home before you miss your bedtime, girlie.”


“Ooooh, i can’t stand you!” She screamed, ripping off her hat and throwing it to the ground. “I’m not a little girl! Nor am i flat! I do accept your terms. My Empoleon and I are going to wipe the floor with you!”


“An Empoleon, eh?” You note. Karina balked, realizing she’d just given you vital information. “Interesting. Alright, it’s a deal! Now, meet my team!”


You called out your team of 6 and, for a moment, Karina forgot her anger and insecurities and just basked at them in awe. A Blaziken, a Lopunny, a Lucario, A Togekiss, a Gardevoir, and a Rampardos. All fully evolved Pokemon and all clearly carefully maintained and cared for.


“Wow, they...they all look so healthy and strong!” Karina admitted.


“Thank you,” You said, with genuine appreciation. “I do try. My partners and I have been through a lot.”


Your Pokemon gave off cries of confirmation at that; Blaziken and Lucario firing off attacks into the air, Togekiss and Gardevoir making song-like notes, Lopunny fluffing her ears, and Rampardos stomping the ground.


“And, i am confident in both their abilities as well as my own! So, in the essence of fairness, and to keep things interesting, i will let you choose which one you’ll face!”


“Wait, what?! Really?!” Karina asked, surprised and disbelieving.


“Really,” You assured her. “Like i said...i’m confident.”


Your Gardevoir looked at you, questingly, but you just gave her a serene smile in return, inviting her to read your thoughts. When she did she blushed and then silently filled the others in, whom showcased varying emotions ranging between embarrassment and amusement.


Karina noticed none of that, as she was busy looking over his Pokemon and calculating what would give her the best odds of winning.


“Rampardos.” She decided.


“Perfectly understandable.” You respond, returning the others. “Fair won’t help.”


“Humph!” she huffed, calling out her partner in a flash of red light. “You won’t look so confident when you're transferring all your money into my account.”


“And you would look better with my butt on your face.” You smirk.


“Urgh! No, I won't!” Karina snarled, face red in equal parts embarrassment and rage.




The girl was better than you’d thought. Rampardos had fired several Fire Blasts at it, but the Emperor Penguin had proven surprisingly nimble in dodging the already low accuracy attack. Likewise it had always jumped up on some raised surface when you’d tried using Earthquake. In return, your Headbutt Pokemon had avoided each Water Pulse and Flash Cannon sent its way. Despite it being initially unwanted, you actually found yourself enjoying this bout.


It ended all too soon.


Karina decided your fire techniques were the biggest concern and tried countering it with Rain Dance. The move caught you off guard at first, you and Rampardos just watching his Imperial Majesty pulling off moves like Jagger. You snapped out of it, when Empoleon used Aqua Jet for the first time, racing to finish the fight. You quickly called for Endure, Rampardos pulling off the technique right before his foe slammed into it. He grunted in pain, but stood his ground.


Karina screamed in joy and was just telling her partner to finish off his opponent, when the still pouring skies was lit up with lightning. 10,000 volts of electricity rained down on the water/steel-type, the Thunder shocking both Trainer and Pokemon to their core. In return, Empoleon barely even felt the Brick Break that sent him flying backwards to smash into and collapse against the nearby wall.


Karina wordlessly returned her fallen partner to his ball. She’d never imagined that Rampardos knew Thunder, which had made her use of Rain Dance the worst mistake imaginable. Seems she still had a lot to learn.


She then froze, the implications of her loss catching up to her. She looked up to see that you had already recalled Rampardos and were steadily approaching her. The smile on your face was kind and gentle, but still fairly perverted.


“It would seem that i’m the winner. And, I do believe, the clock is ticking.”


“W-wait, wait a minute!” Karina pleaded, wide-eyed and smiling nervously as she backed up into the moss-covered wall behind her. “B-best two out of thr-!”


She didn’t get to finish her statement before you grabbed her by the collar and pulled her into a kiss. She eeped in surprised shock, her lips forcefully claimed by you. Instinctively, she brought up her hands to try and push you away. Instead, you capture both of her wrists and hold them up over her head. You kiss her more deeply, tongue probing her astonished mouth and darting along her own. You feel yourself getting hard and your stiff member starts to press against her covered center. You slowly feel the fight going out of her the longer you lock lips


You break away and she gasps, a thin string of saliva breaking apart between you, as she struggles to catch her breath. Something made much more difficult as you start kissing along her neck and throat.


“M-maybe i can just give you all the money in my a-c-count.” Karina breathlessly pleaded.


“Hmmm…” You murmur, nibbling along her neck and causing her to shudder. “You mean all the money you don’t possess?”


She froze, looking down at you in horror. You shake your head, frowning.


“No one in their right mind makes a wager like that unless they were already completely broke. It was already shady to challenge someone when you know you can’t pay up when you lose. But, to also try to solicit them for more than your fair share? To try to take everything? That’s the kind of behavior that can get you reported to the League. That can have your trainer’s license revoked.”


Karina looked away, guiltily, tears in her eyes.


“Please don’t. I, I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry.” she murmured.


“I forgive you,” You sincerely replied. “As long as you stop trying to get out of this. You agreed to the terms and you decided the match-up. It’s too late to try changing the wager after the battle is already over.” 


You grab the hem of her shirt and pull it over her head and behind her back, leaving her arms entangled in it for a moment.


“B-but this is all happening so fast. Can’t we at least...slow down a little?” She implored, struggling to free her ensnared limbs. While she focused on that, you attacked her snow-white bra; snapping it off and exposing her petite breasts to the evening air.


“No,” You state, licking one firm nipple and drawing a startled moan out of your partner. “We only agreed to 2 hours. And I intend to make the most of it.”


You move from one soft mound to the other, licking and nipping and sucking her nipples until they’d hardened from the stimulation. She tasted softly of sweat as if she’d been out in the sun all day, but such didn’t bother you. Karina finally freed her arms from her top and used them to hold your head in place; moaning softly in pleasure as you worshiped her chest.


You pulled away briefly to slip out of your jacket and pull off your own top. Then you pulled Karina to you once more; wrapping your arms around her back and claiming her lips once more. You crushed her slightly damp chest against your own exposed abs, and you both let out a moan of contentment. Karina slowly found herself getting into it and was soon kissing you back with as much fervor as you’d shown thus far.


She quickly realized how much more ambitious you were, when she felt her skirt being unclipped. Before she could do more than gasp, you had dropped down in front of her and pulled her skirt down and off.


“Seriously?! I don’t even get a little warning?!” Katrina complained.


“Eh, not really, no,” You admitted, to her chagrin. “Ticking clock and all that.” You then reached up and gave her leaf-green panties the same treatment as her bra; tearing them off her ass.


“Eeek!” She cried, instinctively moving her hands to shield her innocence. You had to admire how cute the pig-tailed picnicker looked in that pose. You held the ruined knickers up and gave them a deep sniff. Katrina turned bright red and called you a pervert.


“Guilty as charged,” you admitted, as you savored her fresh, seasonal scent.  

She was still hiding her core with her hands, but that was alright. It wasn’t your intended target anyways. Taciturnly, you turned the confused girl around so that she was facing the wall and you were staring at her cute, round derriere. You then gave her enticing asshole a lick.


Karina cried out, jolting in shock and falling backwards. Expecting it, you caught her and held her up; your strong hands on her hips.


“Wha-what are you- eeek!” Karina responded, when you repeated the action. You reached over and grabbed 2 handfuls of that ass, a soft buttock held firmly in each hand, and you spread Karina wide before digging in. Your tongue plunged deep in her warm tush, lashed in and out of her warm rear and it was all the young girl could do to stay on her feet. She moved her hands from guarding her mound and braced them against the wall, howling in startled pleasure. You pressed forward, the plump cheeks of her rear smashed against the soft cheeks of your face, as you gave her a rimjob she wouldn’t soon forget. Trice clockwise, twice counterclockwise, your smooth tongue swirled along her asshole until the Lass forgot herself and her cries were startling wild Bird-pokemon out of their trees.


It ended all too abruptly. 


Karina felt you stop, felt you move away from her, and heard you fiddling with your pants. She was just turning around, in confusion, when the hot tip of your dick prodded against her anal entrance and, doggedly, pressed inside. Karina screamed, in pain, clenching tightly around your length and halting it’s progress into her depths. You grunted in discomfort yourself. The warm flesh wrapping around you felt amazing, but its sheer tightness made it hard to bear.


“You have to unclench, have to try to relax.” You patiently explained. “Otherwise this will be hard on both of us.”


Almost unconsciously, Karina loosened her grip, slowly unclenching her bowels. She took deep, shuddering breaths, even as tears of discomfort fell down her face. She moaned in pain, in silent suffering, teeth clenched as you continued to drill into her, your cock emphatically spreading her wide until her soft asscheeks pressed against your hips. You hold yourself there, letting you both get used to the intrusion, and holding her gently, if firmly, by the hips.


“Don’t worry,” You assured her. “It gets better before long.”


She had a sharp retort, but bit it back when you started moving. You slowly pulled out and then rammed back in, slowly pulled out and slammed your length back in, again and again until her rump was jiggling from the firm pounding and the sound of slapping flesh rang out around the clearing. Karina gasped and groaned at the feel of your hot tool drilling into her core. She hung her head low as she did her best to endure, did her best to survive this wager with her sanity intact and hold out for the full 2 hours.


Which only got harder when she felt you pulling her backwards, felt you falling back to sit down on the ground and dragging her down with you, until she was sitting on top of you, straddling your waist, with your length still lodged inside her.


“Bounce.” You commanded. The lass looked back at you and noted your serious face. Gulping, she did as you said, moving her body up and down along your length against her will. The pain rocked her senses, but she didn’t cry. She didn’t complain or protest. She’d thrown down the gauntlet and she’d be damned if she went back on her word.


Reaching around, you cup her budding mounds. Your rough hands, calloused from your days in the wild, gently grope and massage her twin peaks, softly pinch and tweak her stiff nipples. The sensations slowly start to get to her. Before long your time-bound lover was falling back against your chest and moaning loudly in pleasure, even as she continued to impale herself on your rod. 


It felt even more amazing for you. Her tight heat clenching around your length again and again, the feeling of pressing deeper and deeper into her cushy tush, and her soft buttocks bouncing repeatedly along your groin. In no time at all you felt your peak approaching. You nuzzled her hair, taking in the exotic scent of her rainforest shampoo, and started thrusting up into her young rump.


You consider yourself lucky that Gardenia had always expressed interest in an open relationship. Otherwise, you might have felt guilty about cheating on her.


“W-what’s” Karina gasped. Seeing no reason to hide it, you told her. Her movements slow down as she ponders.


“That name sounds familiar. are the Champion!” she cried. You chuckle in response.


“As i said before. And if i am?”


“That’s totally not fair! You stacked the deck!” She complained; grunting when you gave an extra firm thrust into her rear.


“Even Champions are hardly infallible. That was a fair fight and you gave me a run for my money. Give yourself a little more credit.” You say, assuringly. Karina quivered, your words flowing directly into her ear, which you had been lightly nibbling.


“I s-suppose there’s s-some honor and value in b-being f-f-fucked by...the c-champion.” Karina shakily conceded.


“Now you’re coming around,” You chuckle, gasping as she squeezed your length with her bum, sending a double-shot of pleasure and pain through you both. “Speaking of cumming…”


You grunt, thrusting 3 more times up into her tight rump, before exploding with a cry. Karina echoes you, gasping as she feels her rear filling up with your warm seed. She finds the sensation strange, yet...oddly satisfying. She falls back against your broad chest, catching her breath. You wrap your arms around her stomach, holding her close and letting her rest, burying your face in her hair.


“So...we’re all done now...right? We had our had your fun...we’re good?” she asked, voice full of hope. You chuckle and kiss the nape of her neck, before taking the chance to quote one of your favorite anime characters


“Who decided that?”




Karina quickly found out why one should never hope. You had her pressed up against the wall, firm hands clenching both soft buttocks, and were savagely eating her out. Karina wanted to tell you to slow down, to not grope her so roughly, and a million other things, but she was too busy moaning in pleasure at your ministrations. Too busy struggling to keep standing upright as the sensations rushed through her. Too busy holding your head so firmly between her legs that there’d soon be a good chance of you not surviving this encounter. (But, what a way to go.) Your tongue plunged into her young snatch, finding it sweet and tangy. You licked up and down her smooth, hairless mound. You nipped at her peeking clit, teasing it, nibbling it, bringing it into your mouth and softly sucking it until your charge was practically screaming with pleasure.


It was a good thing it was getting late in the evening and most other trainers would be heading home. You’d hate to have to answer any awkward questions.


Her ass was so firm, yet soft in your hands. You kneaded her tush, groped her cheeks, pinched and fondled her rear until you were sure your hands had been imprinted on such. Your throbbing member hung hard and low, but you ignored it to focus on your young charge, to attend to your conquest. You traced your tongue along her inner thighs. You gently nipped her inner lips. You nursed on her clit like it was a fresh bottle of milk and every action of yours served to slowly drive your lover mad. It wasn’t minutes later before she cried out; her climax exploding out of her and over your face.


Letting her recover, you quickly pulled off the rest of your clothes. You wiped your face off with your shirt and then smiled. It was your turn to have fun.


Karina was equally naked; clad in only her green sneakers. You picked the, still convulsing, girl up by the hips and wrapped her legs around your waist. You stepped forward, backing her up against the wall, and your stiff length slid down her stomach until its head pressed hard against her young alcove.


“W-wait...” Karina breathlessly whispered, still recovering from her climax. “Wait!”


You didn’t. You thrust forward, past her labia, past her vulva until your cock’s head had pressed into her young canal. It was hot. It was wet. It was tight, and you hissed at the sensation of being squeezed so snugly by the girl’s flesh; noting in the back of your mind Karina doing the same. You thrust forward, pressing steadily deeper and deeper into her warm tunnel, inch after delicious inch until you bottomed out in her slick cunt; hips pressed flush against hers and balls-deep in her warm vagina.


She was so snug. Her tight snatch was like a tourniquet on your dick. Your eyes had been closed as you took it all in, but you opened them to see how your partner was doing. Only to find yourself thoroughly shocked at her expression. Eyes closed. Teeth gritted. Tears streaming down her cheeks, almost like she was in a great deal of pain. What the heck was up with that?


“Hey, hey now,” You scoff. “I know i’m big, but i’m not that big. Why are you acting like this is hurting y-?”


The painful truth struck you just then and you stared at Karina in surprised shock.


“...Dear Arceus.”


Karina opened her eyes at your statement, but was unable to meet your gaze. She looked away, cheeks flushed in embarrassment and shame.


You sighed. “Why didn’t you tell me this was your first time?”


“What and have you calling me a little girl again?” She replied, sullenly. “Or maybe Flat Earth-chan?”


“Hmmm...that actually would be a cute nickna-” You started to say, but broke off at her glare.


“I shouldn’t have called you that. I apologize.” You say, sincerely. 


“I-it’s fine,” Karina resolved; shifting around as she tried to recover from the pain of her burst maidenhead. “I know you were just doing it to e-egg me on and convince me to go through with the wager.”


“Even so...But, no, if i’d known you were a virgin i would’ve gone a bit easier on you. Just because i’ve earned the right to your cunt doesn’t mean I want to mistreat it.”


She gave you a hard stare. “I don’t know if you’re being chivalrous or an ass.”


“I’m a pervert,” you remind her. “Just a fairly valorous one.”


Karina starts laughing, both at the joke and the absurdity of the situation, which brings a genuine smile to your face. She then gives you a look of longing, before leaning forward to draw you into a kiss. You sink into it, happily, glad for a chance to comfort the girl that’s warming up to you. You grasp her waist, slowly draw your stiff length out of her, then thrust right back into her snug cleft. Karina winces, her pretty face grimacing in discomfort, but sinks into the embrace without complaint; wrapping her arms around your neck and kissing you even more firmly. You respond, passionately, in kind, even as you continue to shag the ex-virgin, albeit more gently.


Karina was tight, hot and she took your cock like a champion. You started out mating her lightly, thrusting firmly but gently into her vestal cunt. Your plunges were long and smooth. Your strokes were deep and sure. Slowly but surely you brought her out of her shell. Before long you were balls deep inside her and Karina was saying “harder”. You slammed her back against the wall, dropped your hands down to clutch that smooth rump, and pounded her hard and fast. The Picnicker moaned into your mouth, moaned in pleasure, her pain all but forgotten, and wrapped her legs sharply around your waist. She held onto you tightly, but gave you free reign, letting you use her hot, nubile body as you wished. 


Hers was an exotic flower that you plucked and admired. She was a rare wine that you’d tasted and savored. Your tongue probed deep in her mouth and hers responded in kind. You pounded that wet snatch with enough force to make her cheeks clap. Karina was tight, Karina was pure and Karina was yours. With a deep groan your lover came, her essence splashing hotly on your rod even as she milked it for all it was worth.


You break off the kiss to catch your breath, still buried in her confines. Her body glistened with sweat from your shared workout, her breasts pale and glowing in the sunlight. Karina gasped gently, taking the experience in as she slowly recovered from the passionate pounding. A part of her looked disappointed that it was over, just when it had gotten good.


“That..that was…better than i’d ever expected.” the Picknicker admitted. “It was fun. I’m…almost sad it’s done.”


“Who said we were done?” you scoffed, startling the lass. “We’re just getting started!” The girl gulped and blushed at your passionate expression and clear eagerness, then ‘eeped’ as you pulled her off the wall.




“”Mmmph! MMMPH!” Came the muffled moans of protest. Karina was lying flat on the forest floor and your butt was planted squarely on her face.


“Heh heh. Told ya.” you snickered, harking back to your earlier comment. You lean forward and fondle her exposed chest with both hands; both to calm her down and because you enjoy the act. The move does relax her and, to your surprise, you feel her slick tongue lashing against your asshole; the lass doing her best to emulate the movements and sensations used on herself earlier that evening. You’ve never been big on pegging, but nonetheless find yourself moaning in pleasure and grinding your rear on her face.




You positioned your evening partner on her hands and knees. Mounting her from behind, you swiftly stuff your length back inside her; groaning unashamedly at the pleasure it wrought. Your lover wanted to groan for an entirely different reason. She grit her teeth and held her peace instead as your thick cock once more burrowed down her tight mine shaft, until your hips pressed against her firm asscheeks. Karina learned quickly that you had held back considerably earlier. Considering her to be ‘broken in’ you now fucked the lass in earnest, hard rod slamming in and out of her taut buttocks, pounding her behind with a fervor that caught her completely off guard. Her petite breasts swung feverishly back and forth with your fierce thrusts; flinging sweat everywhere. Despite the hard battering, you eventually hear cries of ‘harder’, ‘deeper’, your mate quickly growing accustomed to your style, getting off in spite of it and demanding more.


Like a good champion, you give the fans what they want.



You sat down on the ground with your back against the wall. Karina climbed into your lap, facing you. She grabbed hold of your ever stiff pole, brought it up to her lower lips and duly dropped down on it. You both gasped at the sensation, your rod pressing deep into her tight folds. She proceeded to bounce on your length, the Picknicker steadily rising and falling on your hot rod, moaning low in pleasure. You felt her grab your head and press your face flush against her heaving bosom. Not that you minded. You happily nuzzled her sweat-covered breasts, your hands coming up to clutch the golden globes of her soft rear; surrendering control to your timebound lover and just enjoying the ride.  




“Unf!”...”Unf!”...”Ahh!”...”This…this has to be…crossing a line!” The lass insisted. 


Karina was propped up against the wall, upside-down, legs over her head. You were standing over the Picnicker, balls-deep in her tight cunt, and fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Each deep thrust of your hard rod rocked her body, shaking her petite breasts. Sweat cascaded off of you and her in waves; the fading sunlight casting a rainbow around the lovers, making it like a scene from an r-rated Disney Movie. Despite the supposed indignity of it, her complaints were few and her moans were plenty every time you bottomed out in her slick tunnel. Her tight folds milked you, clenching around your cock each time you pulled out and drew you back in. Despite how much fun you were having your partner seemed to be having more as, before long, Karina came with a cry; splashing her love juices all over your tool.




Karina had her back to the wall and was in the process of sucking your dick, when an alarm went off. It was your Pokedex. You’d set it at the start of this adventure and now it was alerting you that your 2 hours were up. Great timing as you’d just reached your climax; gritting your teeth and busting your final nut in the Picnickers sweet mouth. The sudden stream caught her off guard, some blasting down her throat and the rest pouring out of her mouth. A good amount of your spent seed coated her heaving chest and it made her look so…surreal. 


You fell back, sitting on the ground in front of her, to catch your breath; turning the alarm off as you did. Karina reached around for the nearest article of clothing, your discarded shirt, and nonchalantly cleaned herself off with it. An act you found mildly annoying, but also kind of sexy.


“Well Lady Karina, it’s been fun, but a deal’s a deal. The 2 hours we agreed on are officially up. I do thank you for not backing out of the bet. Sadly, not every Trainer is that noble.


~ Plus, as The Champion, you’d have no choice but to report her to the League Officials, which would have ruined both your nights. ~


You had pulled on your drawers and were reaching for your pants. You were thinking of lending the stout Picnicker a couple thousand bucks, so she could avoid such a situation in the future. Maybe…in exchange for her number?




You look over at the girl, eyebrow raised. You’d expected her to be relieved that the ordeal was finally over. Instead…she almost looked disappointed.


“”I challenge you to another battle. Same stakes, double or nothing!”


You stare at the lass; half amused, half exasperated.


“Seriously? How would that even work? You want me to just promise you my next 2 million poke’, if you beat me?”


The, still bare, girl shook her head.


“No. Actually, if i beat you, i want you to train me. Teach me to be a better Trainer, show me the Champion’s Path. If you win…you can have me. For 4 hours.” she stated.


~ Huh. Rather than just more money she wanted to get better as a trainer. Interesting. ~


“You’d really challenge me again? After what happened last time and knowing i’m the Champion?” You asked, slightly skeptical but getting excited.


Karina looked up, towards the setting sun.

“If i win, that sale should still be going on for another hour. If i lose again…there are worse penalties.” she finished; looking off to the side, a fierce blush dotting her face.


You laughed, openly and warmly, a large smile on your face. Looks like you had a new fan. You held out your hand, both to help your newest lover up and to shake on it.


“I accept your terms.”

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed!

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