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Benefits of Evolution 2 by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

The last part of my great collaberation with Argon Vile! My original idea and our subsequent shared ideas spawned off the new 7-picture Benefits series, and I of course was going to be ready with the written part - and here it is! I'm honored to have done this with such a great artist and seing such a wonderful picture series come out of it. ^^ I hope the fiction can be seen as excellent too.

Benefits of Evolution 2

a.k.a. Further Benefits

Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well here is the sequel! The original idea that spawned the discussion that became the 7 pictures Argon Vile drew of our favorite two Ground-types. I'm honored to have played a part in putting together the artwork, and now it's time for my written contribution. ^^ Here are the brothers again.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Like the previous, it's male/male incestual sex with one boy being a tad underaged. ohsojuicy

Nemai clicks his toes together over and over, smiling happily. Another beautiful day out in his favorite grass field. Warm, clear skies, and a cool breeze: Perfect weather. The grass almost seems longer from the other day. Though, it's always pretty short. No one could come out and cut it... Maybe it just doesn't grow very long. But it's better this way. Short grass feels good.

The Sandslash chuckles to his thoughts. Just the kinds of random things that come to his mind when he sits out here alone, away from everyone else. He very much wanted to see his lover Weso today, but the Marowak said he would be busy today, so Nemai would have to find something else to do today. The Sandslash chuckles again. What else do I do up here by myself?

He looks down at his sheath between his legs, opening his legs up a bit. Yeah... A nice good paw session on his favorite grassy hill. Maybe he can try imagine his lover for this one, since he can't be with him today. But instead of his favorite little Marowak, he gets a different thought drilling into his head: The events of the previous day. When he had sex with his own little brother. He pauses and thinks a bit. Runo... Mmm...

He can remember it so vividly. He was caught pawing off by his little brother, and what should have been a really awkward situation turned out a lot easier. His brother was curious and knew a few things already, just not how to paw off. Nemai isn't sure why he felt the need to teach him, but after seeing his own little brother pawing himself, he couldn't help but get a huge urge. "It... It feels so good, bro..." He hears in his head, the words of his brother as the Shrew was raised up and down on his member.

Nemai murrs to himself, grinning softly, about to reach his hand down and start going at himself, before his concentration is interrupted. "Hey Nemai!" Sounds out a very familiar voice.

The 'slash turns around to look, seeing his little brother shambling up the hill to nearby him. Nemai almost blushes, but smiles lightly, his hand moving away from its descent. "Hey little bro." He says.

Runo swishes his tail a little as he smiles to his big brother, waving a paw and padding up next to him. "All alone out here again?"

Nemai turns to face him slightly as the little 'shrew sits down. "You know I like coming out here."

Runo nods a little, still smiling. "Well I didn't want you to be alone today." He says.

Nemai awws, and brings a paw up to give a petrub to the 'shrew's head. "Thanks, little bro!"

The Sandshrew giggles to slightly rough petrub, his tail waving behind him slowly as he blushes a little. "There was something else, though..."

The 'slash looks down at him with a soft headtilt. "What's up, Runo?"

Runo's smile turns bashful as he looks at his brother. "Well... Remember what we did yesterday?"

Nemai's face flushes a little, as he smirks, and nods. "I remember..."

"Well... I want... to do more..." Runo says, looking down and flushing deep red.

Nemai perks his eyes in surprise, blinking once or twice. "... You want to do more sexual things with me, bro?"

Runo nods a little bit, managing to pull his gaze from the grass and back up to his brother. "Y-Yeah... It was nice..."

The Sandslash chuckles a bit, petting his brother again. The 'shrew leans up into the petting. Nemai just thinks to himself. It's a big surprise, to have his little brother here asking for more... perverted fun. And Runo is acting more shy than he usually is. Nemai can tell it's hard for him to ask this. "Aren't you still... hurting?" He asks.

Runo mrphs, and shrugs a shoulder. "I did... But... It's not nearly as bad now." He scritches one of his own cheeks. "It's gone, basically..."

Nemai nods, and smiles softly. "I believe you..."

Runo smiles big, and stares up at his brother, tail wagging in the grass behind him. Nemai just looks down at him, smiling and thinking, ideas flowing through his head. How can he turn down his little brother? With a cute face like that? Sure, it seems wrong to be doing things like this with his little brother, but the floodgates pretty much opened the previous day. And he knows Runo wouldn't go around telling people about the sexcapades. "Can we?" Runo suddenly asks.

Nemai blinks himself back into reality, and chuckles a bit, murring low as he shifts around to face his brother. "Yeah, Runo... We can do more..."

The Sandshrew smiles big and wags his tail, nodding some, staring up at his brother with wonder in his eyes. Nemai grins a little bit, sliding his paw down his brother's body slowly. "I know what we can do..."

Runo blinks a little, looking down at his brother's paw once before back up to him. "What's that, bro?"

The 'slash chuckles, sliding backward a little bit on his knees, bending his body forward to be more eye-level with his brother. "I think oral sounds nice for today..." He says, as his paw grips onto the 'shrew's small sheath.

Runo gasps when his lower pouch is grabbed, the sheath instantly tightening in the 'slash's grip. "... o-oral? You mean like... with your mouth?"

Nemai grins a little, nodding as he nuzzles his brother once before moving his head lower, his paw stroking up and down. "You're sharp as ever, little bro..." He states.

Runo groans a little, his small Sandshrew member sliding upward, urged out by the strokes of his brother's paw. "Is that... sanitary?"

Nemai sees the cock emerging, and grins a little, sniffing it and looking up at his brother. "I know you're a clean little Sandshrew. So I'm not worried."

The 'shrew nods a little, his hindpaws twitching a little as his 3 inches twitch in the air above his sheath. Nemai murrs, his paw moving away and resting on the ground as he looks at his brother's cock, before running his tongue over it. Runo tenses up and moans, a shiver coming over his form and his little member twitching some more. Nemai smirks a little to that reaction, having expected it somewhat. He looks up at his brother as he runs his tongue over the length again, murring softly, Runo once again squirming lightly from the pleasure. The Sandshrew tries to keep himself calm as Nemai continues sliding his tongue over the flesh, giving a quick suckling to the tip of it as his tongue passes over it. "Mmm... You taste nice, bro..." Nemai adds, starting another prolonged lick.

Runo whimpers a little and moans, the moan coming out slightly strained as if he was trying to suppress its volume. Nemai murrs low and stops licking, abruptly sliding his muzzle down the three inches of his little brother. Runo clenches his eyes and quivers, tensing up after, a great feeling of pleasant warmth around his member. Nemai smiles inwardly and mmms, suckling upon the 3 inches and gauging his brother's reaction. Runo groans when the suckling begins, precum shooting from his little member as the feeling is more intense than he thought. "Ahh...! That f-feels good, bro..." He stammers.

Nemai's tongue slides over the length momentarily when he can taste the precum shooting out, murring again to his brother's taste. He begins a little bob over the 3 inches, his tongue coming to a rest against the member and running against it with the light bobbing motion. Runo whimpers a little again, his paws clenching at air randomly as he takes the pleasure, his little barely-developed member twitching crazily in his brother's maw, leaking with his life juice. He leans forward slightly, ending up leaning on his brother's head, his paws grabbing two spines. He whimpers again as he can't help but start pumping with his hips a little bit.

Nemai blinks a little, feeling the 'shrew's hips bumping against his muzzle repeatedly. He smiles a little, knowing his little brother can't help it. He keeps suckling on the member, not bothering with bobbing this time as his brother's hip pumping is doing it for him. He can taste a lot of pre coming out, which isn't too surprising. Acting on a whim, Nemai's paw slides underneath his bro as he lifts him slightly, going more upward, still on his knees.

Runo rrphs and ends up climbing more onto Nemai's head, but doesn't care a whole lot. He takes a hold of the 'slash's spines and keeps his hips moving, effectively thrusting at his brother's maw. Nemai grins and lets him move, drinking down the juices the whimpering 'shrew lets out, one paw holding him upward while his other paw is rubbing a little problem of his own that's growing. Getting a little naughty idea, the pinky finger on his paw starts to slide upward on a course for the Sandshrew's tailhole. But just before he can reach the spot, a loud groan comes from the little brother as shots of his cum shoot into the 'slash's maw. Nemai blinks in surprise, the cock hanging just outside his maw as the seed shoots. Nemai just murrs and makes sure they get into his mouth, his paw below coming upward as a few drips of seed fall down upon it. "ahh... Nemai..." Runo mumbles.

The 'shrew finishes shooting after a moment, and rests weakly on his brother's head. Nemai chuckles a little, swallowing down what's in his mouth, and lowering himself downward so the 'shrew can slip off his head. Runo lands down on his rump softly, looking upwards toward his brother and panting. Nemai just smiles down at him, using his tongue and lapping at the cum that dripped onto his paw. Runo came a little quickly, but the 'slash isn't too surprised. "Felt great?" He asks.

Runo mrrls a little, blushing and nodding. "D-Definitely..." He says, his eyes then drifting downward.

Nemai blinks once, then smiles as he realizes what Runo has spotted. He shifts himself off of his knees and sits flat on his rump, looking at his brother and bringing his paw back down to pet his length. "I'm sure you remember this." He says.

Runo blushes a bit more, and nods a little, smiling, his tail starting to wag slowly against the ground. "Do I ever..."

Nemai grins a little, and mmms, moving his paw away and kicking back, his 5 inches twitching a bit against his stomach, some of its liquid sliding forth from the tip and beginning a slow descent downward. "You wanna try oral on me, bro?"

Runo blinks a bit, but nods after a moment, getting up and crawling over to his bro. "Well... I can try..."

The Sandslash nods, and watches as the 'shrew comes close. Runo looks at his brother's big member, seeing the pre running down it, and after thinking for a second, catches up the liquid with his tongue. He sits still for a second to the let the taste sink in, before giving a little murr. Nemai can't help but smirk at that. Runo just giggles a little, and licks at the tip of the member, looking at it. "I... don't think I can fit it in my mouth, big bro..."

Nemai chuckles softly, and nods to the Sandshrew. "That's alright... Just do whatever comes to mind."

Runo nods to his brother, and then looks down at the cock again, thinking for a second. He turns and sits down against his brother, leaning back against his belly and slightly against his left leg. His small paws drift their way to the base of the Sandslash's member and hold it. The soft touch makes the big member twitch and ooze more liquids. Runo blinks as he sees it, and almost without thinking, leans his face forward and licks up the droplet.

Nemai leans his chin upwards a bit and lowers his eyelids, murring into the crisp air of the grassy hillside. The Sandshrew's soft tongue begins to lick at the 'backside' of the 'slash's big red member, Runo's little paws holding the base firmly, almost eagerly. His tail drapes on the ground in front of him and wags just a little, enjoying the tastes he's getting immensely. More liquids run from the tip of the Sandslash's cock, but this time Runo seems to be ignoring them, focused on licking the appendage like it was candy.

The Sandslash's tail raises up and waves a little behind him, as he murrs louder and exhales a breath, turning and looking downward. Runo is definitely not as experienced as Weso when it comes to this, but the feeling of his young and virgin tongue is nice enough to raise his arousal steadily. He sees the look on his little brother's face, finding it to be slightly blissful. He definitely didn't get the only homosexual genes in his family. He grins a little, and abruptly cuts off the grin to moan softly, the 'shrew's hands squeezing out of nowhere, possibly on reflex.

More precum leaks out to join the stream already there, as Runo is clearly aroused again, his young 3 inches twitching against the skin of his stomach. His licking slows a little as he hrms, noting all of the delicious liquid that has been coming out while he was lost in a little trance-like state. He mrphs, and moves away from his brother, padding to his front. He bends forward and runs his tongue up the 'frontside' of the 'slash's member, starting to lick up the precum he missed.

Nemai groans softly, watching his brother, his arousal continuing to raise, but not peak. More of the 'shrew's desired liquid pours out from the tip, leaking down different sides of his cock as Runo wantingly laps at the surface, swallowing down some liquids he picked up before continuing. Nemai stares at his brother, and hrms, narrowing his eyes, thoughts coming to mind. He's evidently not getting very far with this treatment. Runo still has a lot to learn. The Sandshrew murrs to himself, his licking slowing when he realizes his brother is staring at him. He stops licking and looks at the 'slash, blinking. "... Is something wrong, Bro?" He asks.

The Sandslash mrphs a little and gets out of his thoughts, smiling a little at his brother. "Well... I think you're doing nicely, but it's not enough..."

Runo sits up to his knees and hrms, scritching his cheek. "Well you know I haven't done this before..."

Nemai nods softly. "I know... But I'm not going to get off with this treatment..." He says, almost grinning as he looks at his brother.

Runo looks at him curiously, giving a little headtilt. "Well... What should I do, bro?"

The Sandslash chuckles a little as he leans forward, staring into his brother's eyes, a needy look pooling up in his own. "Lie on your back..."

Runo blinks, nodding a little, a confused look coming on his face as he shifts his body and lays backward on the grass. Nemai shifts himself back onto his knees, and crawls up to his brother, going upright. He pushes Runo's legs open with his paws, and then scoots forward, placing the head of his member at the Sandshrew's tailhole. Runo eeps, and looks at his brother wide-eyed, blushing. "... Nemai?" He says.

The Sandslash just smiles, grabbing onto his brother's thighs softly and pushing his cock forward. Runo eeps again and groans, his head going back and his little body quivering as he's spread apart by his brother's big member. Nemai flutters his eyes, his brother about as tight as he was the day previous. Runo whimpers a little, trying to handle the feeling of his second mating, his tailhole burning a bit from being sensitive thanks to the previous day. Nemai pushes all of his 5 inches in, and pauses, looking down at his brother with a soft pant. "Mmm... I'm in you again, bro..."

His cock leaks precum a few times inside of the little Shrew, milked forth by his tightness, and the fact that he was aroused greatly by Runo's licking just moments before. Runo himself whimpers quieter, looking up at his brother, his small 'shrew member twitching and oozing onto his stomach. "I... I like it, b-big brother..." He stammers in reply.

Nemai smiles a little, pulling his member back, which he finds to be quite easily, since it was covered with Runo's saliva. "You're still sensitive, I can tell..." He says, before he pumps himself back in, groaning a little.

Runo cries out softly when he's jabbed into by his brother's big member, his back arching a little and his cock squirting again. "Ahh...! Y-Yes..." He confirms.

Nemai grins a little, and starts pumping himself back and forth, slightly faster than how he would normally start, mostly attributed to his already high arousal just leaping upward from the feeling of a tight Sandshrew wrapped around him. His precum oozes out liberally into his little brother, allowing his thrusts to be that much more smooth and easier, the little 'shrew's body rocking back and forth. Runo grips onto the grass with his paws, crying out in soft moans for his brother, hindpaws raised and wiggling. "Ohhh... B-Bro..." He stammers out in his pleasure.

The Sandshrew's member lightly coats his chest and stomach with his translucent precum, jumping up and down with his brother's pumps. Nemai breathes and just stares down at his brother, loving his actions and noises, seeing the look of pleasure on his face and picking up his squirming. Just like his Weso. His pumps get a little faster, his desire to shoot into his brother increasing more and more. Runo whimpers a bit louder, his brother's pumps and the sensitivity of his tailhole are proving to be too much for his little body to handle. He arches his back upward a bit more. "N...Nemai! I..."

His speech cuts off as he groans, his small member shooting another load of his cum straight up into the air. Nemai groans himself and stops his thrusts, his cock hilted in his brother as it gets squeezed hard from the climax of the 'shrew. He feels his balls bubbling and his member filling as few shots of Runo's cum hit his maw. He makes a little grunt, and pulls his cock back just a little bit, moving it back in and groaning as his own seed shoots plentifully into his little brother. Runo feels it and gasps a little, his eyes closing and his face flushing as the excellent feeling fills his insides. His orgasm, a short one, cuts off, while his brother shoots for a moment more. Nemai groans quietly as his climax fades off, his paws coming off his brother's thighs and landing on the grass as he nearly falls atop his brother. "Oh man Runo..." He says, amidst a heavy pant.

Runo pants as well, and stares up at his brother, before wrapping his little arms around the Sandslash's chest and hugging tight. Nemai mrphs, and mmms, sliding one paw over his brother's back and leaning backward. He plops himself to a seated position, sighing, his brother impaled upon him good. He wraps both of his arms around the little ground-type, feeling some of his own seed ooze out of his brother and slide down his emptied-orbs. Runo breathes against his brother's skin, before nuzzling softly and smiling big. "I love you big bro..." He says.

Nemai smiles and murrs happily, pressing his maw down to his brother's head and rubbing against it, ignoring the 'shrew seed that splashed against it. "I love you too, little bro..." He replies.

Runo murrs out in his own happiness, the two brothers holding each other tight and silent under the noonday sun.


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~ Scy
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