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The newly broken-in Sandshrew returns to his Sandslash brother, wanting to experience more joys of sexual activity. So the Sandslash decides to introduce him to the wonders of oral sex.

Based off of the picture series I collaberated on with Argon Vile.

Warning: Contains incest and slight ageplay.

Original Finished Date - Sep 11 2005

Story Notes:

The last part of my great collaberation with Argon Vile! My original idea and our subsequent shared ideas spawned off the new 7-picture Benefits series, and I of course was going to be ready with the written part - and here it is! I'm honored to have done this with such a great artist and seing such a wonderful picture series come out of it. ^^ I hope the fiction can be seen as excellent too.

  1. Benefits of Evolution 2 (3368 words)

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