AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke


Pokemon? I'm no Pokemon!

"Pokemon? I'm no Pokemon!"

This story begins on an early morning. She had just woken up. And, like any other morning, she started to make breakfast. She found some dry wood, and lit it.

Finished with her breakfast, she dressed herself with nothing other then a T-shirt, and blue pants with a black belt where three full and three empty Pokeballs were attached to. She put on some cute shoes, and fold up the tent she had spent the night in. Then, she rolled it up, and put it into her back pack.

She filled a bucket with water from the river, and put out the fire with it. Then she smiled at how clean she left the place, and walked away, continuing her journey...

Her name is Sashi. She's 21 years old, and dreaming about becoming a Pokemon Master. She's got blue eyes, and she's been on her journey ever since she got her first Pokemon; Eevee [Normal type]. That was on her 19th birthday. Ever since she got her, she has been training Eevee so good that she evolved into a much powerful form; Espeon [Psychic type]. Espeon evolved on level 30, just after learning the attack Bite, which is a move very effective against Psychic types, such as herself. Espeon loves her trainer very much. In the time when Espeon was just an ordinary Eevee, she battled a Dratini [Dragon type]. She then caught Dratini, and Dratini then evolved into a Dragonair as soon as she had won her first battle. Sashi couldn't have been happier. That was until she saw a Legendary Pokemon; Latias [Dragon/Psychic type]. Latias looked so cute, and Sashi wanted to catch her, but before she even got the chance to throw a ball, Latias disappeared. The positive about this was that she now had Latias in her Pokedex. She could now see where Latias was. The second Pokemon she caught was a Ralts [Psychic type], soon to become a Kirlia by the amount of training Sashi gave Ralts. The third Pokemon was a Vulpix [Fire type]. For some reason, every Pokemon in her team was female.

Now - having three Pokemon, plus her Espeon, who, for some reason, doesn't want to be inside a Pokeball - she decided to go to the third Pokemon Gym. She had won her last two Gym battles easily. A lot of trainers had already lost to Sashi. She had made a few friends in the process, but also a few rivals. Though the friends she made didn't want to travel along with her. She couldn't blame them. I mean, the way she was scared a lot of people.

Later, she arrived at the Gym. After a quick stop at the town's Pokemon Center, she knew she could take on the Leader. Her team was strong now. Her Espeon had reached level 34, her Dragonair had reached level 32, her Vulpix was level 29 and her Ralts had just become level 19. Ralts may be the one with the lowest level, but her Confusion attack was very powerful.

She was about to enter the Gym, when...
"Hold on!" someone called from behind. Sashi turned her head slowly, and removed her purple hair from her view. "What the... Sashi?" the boy said.
"Dan..." Sashi replied.
Dan was one of her rivals. He wore a black T-shirt, blue pants, had blonde hair and grey eyes.
"So you're going to fight the Gym Leader?" Dan asked.
"Yeah, so?" Sashi replied. She had never liked Dan much. He was always so annoying.
"Hope you don't get angry when you lose..." Dan said.
"I won't lose... I've trained my Pokemon better now..." Sashi said.
"Bet they are as weak as when you last fought me..."
"If they were weak, then why did I beat you?" Sashi smiled.
Dan growled.
"Let's just prove that in a real battle!" Dan said, grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it in the air. "Mightyena! Go!" Dan called, and the Pokeball opened, and white light came out of it. It landed on the ground, and formed into a shape. The light disappeared, and a big, wolf like Pokemon growled. Mightyena [Dark type] was a well trained Pokemon, level 35.
"Not him again..." Sashi grinned, and looked at Espeon. "Ready?"
Espeon walked forward slowly.
"Its ability may lower my Pokemon's attack, but she's still strong enough..." Sashi said, and groaned herself a little bit.
"An Espeon huh? Don't you know that Dark moves are effective against Psychic types?" Dan smiled.
"I do..."
"You really are a fool... Anyway, if you're so desperate to lose, you can make the first move..." Dan said.
"No, you go ahead..." Sashi said.
"Whatever... Mightyena! Use Bite!"
Mightyena suddenly ran forwards, and bit with his jaw into Espeon. Espeon groaned in pain, and fell down to the ground. Mightyena jumped back next to Dan.
"Puh..." Sashi said.
"You call that an attack?"
"It got her down, didn't it?" Dan asked.
"Only for a second, yeah... Espeon!" Sashi called, and Espeon stood up, unharmed.
"Seems your Espeon is tougher than it looks..." Dan said.
"And she's also more powerful..." Sashi said. "Use Return!"
Return is an attack that becomes more powerful the more the user loves his/her trainer. So the attack must be very powerful, because Eevee can only evolve into an Espeon or an Umbreon when the Pokemon loves the trainer very much.
"No!" Dan groaned when Espeon's Return hit Mightyena. Mightyena fainted when Espeon was done.
"Weak, huh?" Sashi said.
"Ohh... Mightyena, return!" Dan said, aimed his Pokeball at Mightyena, and suddenly a red beam came out of it. It touched Mightyena, and then the red beam disappeared, along with Mightyena.
"So what will your next Pokemon be?" Sashi said.
"Combusken! I choose you!" Dan called, and threw another Pokeball in the air, and a big bird came out of it.
Combusken [Fire/Fighting type] was level 33.
"Easy... Espeon, return!" Sashi called, and Espeon returned to her side. "I choose you, Dragonair!" Sashi called, and Dragonair appeared.
"A Dragon Pokemon?"
"Caught it just after we fought..." Sashi said.
"You caught a Dragonair?"
"No... It was a Dratini before, but it evolved..."
"So what! I can take it! Combusken! Use Cut!" Dan called, and Combusken moved forwards, and tried to hit Dragonair with his wing. Dragonair easily dodged the attack, and Combusken missed.
"Puh... Dragonair! Use Surf!"
"Uh-oh..." Dan said as Dragonair shot out water from her mouth. The water kept on coming and coming as it fully hit Combusken, who is weak against water attacks. Combusken cried out in pain, and fainted. "Crap! Combusken, return!" A red beam connected with Combusken, and he returned into his Pokeball.
"Two out, what are you gonna do now?" Sashi smiled.
"Use Haunter!" Dan called, getting angry now that two of his Pokemon were out of the match. "Nidorino! You too!" he added, throwing two Pokeball into the air. A moment later, Haunter [Ghost/Poison type] and Nidorino [Poison type] appeared on the field.
"Hey no fair! Two against one!" Sashi said.
"If it makes you feel better, you can use two Pokemon too!" Dan said.
"If you say so... Dragonair, return!" Sashi called Dragonair back. "Ralts and Espeon!" Ralts came out of her Pokeball, and Espeon walked next to her. "What are you gonna do now? Two Psychic types against two Poison types... I see your Gastly evolved, but it doesn't help much..."
"Crap, she's right..." Dan thought. "I knew I should have caught different types op Pokemon..."
"Well? Can I attack first?" Sashi asked in a playful tone.
"No! I attack first! Haunter! Use Hypnosis on Espeon!" Haunter's eyes lit up, and suddenly Espeon gasped. Then her eyes closed, and she fell to the ground.
"No, she's asleep!" Sashi said.
"My first victory!" Dan said.
"Sure... Just finish that second attack..." Sashi said.
"Fine! Nidorino! Use Horn attack on Ralts!" Dan called, and Nidorino moved forwards, lowering his head. He then hit Ralts with his horn, and Ralts groaned.
'Oh no... At this rate Ralts is going to faint...' Sashi thought. "Are you done now?"
"Well, do you see any other Pokemon?"
"No, so... Espeon!" Sashi cried.
"Won't work... She's fast asl-" Dan started, when Espeon opened her eyes.
"Great! Use Return on Nidorino!" Sashi said, and Espeon complied, and hit Nidorino. It worked. Nidorino fainted. But suddenly, Nidorino's ability did its work. The minute Espeon touched Nidorino's body, his Poison Point poisoned her.
"Espeon!" Sashi called. Espeon did come back to her, but she was losing power fast. "You did well..."
"But I have still one Pokemon left..."
"I know... Ralts! Use Confusion on Haunter!"
Ralts suddenly glowed, and Haunter was also glowing. Haunter groaned in pain a bit, but the attack didn't do much.
"You call that an attack?" Dan said, repeating what Sashi had said earlier.
"Ralts just isn't that strong yet..." Sashi said.
"Puh..." Dan said. "Now it's my turn again! And your Ralts is going down!" Dan said. "But first... Haunter! Use Confuse Ray on Espeon!"
Haunter complied, glowing. Suddenly, Espeon began to shake her head, and fell to the ground. Sashi growled.
"I can't believe such a weak attack worked on my Pokemon..."
"Your turn..." Dan said. Although he hated to admit it, she was stronger.
"Fine... Ralts! Return!" Sashi suddenly said, and Ralts returned into her Pokeball.
"Giving up?" Dan said.
"Changing Pokemon... Go Vulpix!" Sashi said, as she threw Vulpix' Pokeball in the air, and later, Vulpix appeared.
"A fire type..." Dan said.
"My Ralts is not powerful enough to defeat your Haunter, and My Espeon doesn't know any Psychic attacks yet... So I have to rely on the power of Fire..." Sashi said. "Espeon! Are you okay? I want you to try and snap out of that confusion!"
Espeon tried, but couldn't snap out of it, and she hurt herself in her confusion.
"No Espeon!"
"Well good thing that is working..." Dan said.
"Then it's up to you, Vulpix!" Sashi said, and Vulpix moved forwards. "Use Flamethrower!"
Vulpix opened her mouth, and a moment later, fire came out. Vulpix used her newly learned attack, and Haunter was now covered in flames.
"No!" Dan cried, and Haunter fell to the ground. "Awww..."
"Looks like you lost again..." Sashi said.
"Just you wait! You were lucky! Next time, I'll win!" Dan said, and called Haunter back.
"You should take your Pokemon to a Pokemon Center..." Sashi said.
"As if I don't know that!" Dan growled, and ran off.
"Well, another battle won..." Sashi said, and looked at her Espeon. She had lost a lot of power because of the poison, so she decided taking a visit to the Pokemon Center herself wasn't so bad. She kneeled down, grabbed Espeon in her arms, and ran off to a Pokemon Center.

"Nurse Joy, could you please heal my Pokemon?" Sashi asked.
"Ah, welcome back Sashi..." Nurse Joy said. "Yes, I would love to heal your Pokemon back to normal..."
"Thanks... And... I also want to thank you for accepting the way I am..." Sashi said.
"It's okay... I've seen a lot of people here, but I've never seen one of your kinds before... But a Trainer's a Trainer, right? Would you like to have a treatment too?" Nurse Joy asked.
"No... If I did such things, people might think I'm a ordinary Pokemon..."
"If you say so... But I'm the nurse here, and I think you could use some rest..." Sashi started to complain, but Nurse Joy interrupted. "I'm not talking about a treatment by me, but just take a nap or something..."
"If you say so..."

Later that day, Sashi was sitting on a couch. Her tail was waving from left to right slowly, the tips of the tail sometimes touching each other. With one hand she was scratching one of her long ears. She looked at her purple skin.
'Why am I different?' Sashi thought. 'Why was I born this way?'
"Ahem..." someone said, and that made Sashi look at who spoke. It was a boy from around her age. Someone she didn't know yet.
"Like I'm saying to everyone I meet, I'm not a Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"I know... I saw that from far away..." the boy said. This made Sashi raise an eyebrow.
"You're kidding right?" Sashi said.
"Why?" the boy said.
"Normally when people see me, they make jokes, make fun of me, or try to catch me..." Sashi said.
"I know..." the boy said.
Sashi raised an eyebrow again.
"You know?" she asked.
"Yes... I know it's not easy to live like you do..."
"How could you possibly know?" Sashi asked. She was starting to get angry. Was he just like everyone else? Making fun of her because of her appearance?
"Let's just say I know people who are just like you..." the boy said.
"You... do?" Sashi said.
"I have a friend who is just like you... Her life was tough, but when I found her, she reacted the same way as you are doing now... But I showed her I didn't mean any harm, because that's not who I am... Can I sit here?" the boy asked, pointing next to Sashi on the couch.
"Ehh.. Sure..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." the boy said and sat down. Not too close, not too far. Sashi noticed this. He knew exactly how to act in such a situation.
"Your friend... who is she?" Sashi asked.
"Wait.. I have a picture of her here... Let's see, where did I leave it?" he said to himself as he started to reach in to his pockets. "Ah, here it is.." the boy said, and reached out to Sashi. Sashi looked down at the hand holding the picture. "It's okay... Take it... Have a look..." the boy said.
Sashi took the picture in her hand, and looked on it.
"You were telling the truth..." Sashi said as she had looked on the picture. It was a picture of a girl. It was a Pikachu. She was wearing a yellow T-shirt and a short blue skirt. She was hand n hand with the boy.
"Anthro's have a hard life, and I'm trying to make them feel better..." the boy said.
"Y-you know about us anthro's?" Sashi asked.
"I do... If I didn't, how could I you show you a picture of one of my friends?"
"It's just... Most people think of us as monsters..." Sashi said.
"It's not your fault... You didn't decide in what you wanted to be born..." the boy said.
"That's true... Very true... H-how do you know all this?"
"Sparkess isn't the only anthro I've found..."
"Sparkess?" Sashi asked confused.
"The one on the picture..."
"You've found others?" Sashi asked.
"A few... I have found Sparkess long before I found the others..." the boy said, and then gasped. "I'm so sorry... I haven't properly introduced myself yet..." he said, stuck out an arm, and opened his hand. Sashi slowly grabbed his hand, and shook. "My name's Darren..." Darren said.
"I-I'm Sashi..." Sashi said.
"Sashi... Beautiful name for an Espeon..." Darren said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said.
"Anyway, I heard there was an anthro traveling around, training Pokemon... I would have done anything to see that..." Darren said.
"It's very unusual for a Pokemon to train Pokemon..." Darren said, and then grinned at what he just said. "Heh, Pokemon training Pokemon..."
"Pokemon? I'm no Pokemon!" Sashi said.
"Not in spirit, but in body you look a lot like one... Let me ask, are there times when Trainers had tried to catch you in a Pokeball?" Darren asked.
"There have been a few who have thrown a ball at me, yes..." Sashi said.
"But no one has ever succeeded in hitting you with a Pokeball, right?"
"If they had, I wouldn't be here..." Sashi replied.
"Yeah true..." Darren said.
"Now let me ask you something... Why do you care about us?"
"You mean, about you anthro's?" Darren asked, and Sashi nodded. "I feel sorry for your kind... Like I said before, it's not your fault... And like you said, a lot of people think of you as monsters... That's not right..." Darren said.
"Wow... I think you are the first human who has ever cared about us that much..." Sashi said.
"Well yeah, I guess..." Darren said, blushing slightly, rubbing the back of his head.
"Thank you..." Sashi said.
"No problem... Say, what do you say if I take you to the other anthro's? I'm sure you'll make lots of friends there... And you can-" Darren said, but was interrupted.
"No... Thanks for the offer, but I'd like to stay training and become a Pokemon Master..." Sashi said.
"You want to become a Pokemon Master?" Darren asked.
"Yes, why? Is that also very unusual for a Pokemon like me to become a Pokemon Master?" Sashi gasped the second after she had said this. This was the first time she had referred herself as a Pokemon.
"You said 'Pokemon like me'..." Darren noted.
"I know... It's very confusing... I-... You confuse me... I know what you're doing is good, but I have a goal of my own..." Sashi said.
"I understand..." Darren said.
"Thank you..."
"But," Darren said, grabbing one of Sashi's hands, "I just want you to know, you're always welcome... And you're not alone in this world..."
"Okay..." Sashi said.
"Here... Take my card... It's got my home and e-mail address written on it, so you can contact me whenever you need help or just want someone to chat with..." Darren said, and got up from the couch. "And good luck with your journey..." he added as he walked off.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and looked at the card. It said:

Pokemon 'Anthro'
Pokemon not like other Pokemon
Four Island Pokemon Daycare
[email protected]

"Pokemon Daycare huh?" Sashi said.

Later that day, Sashi returned to the Gym. It was late in the afternoon, somewhere around 5 p.m.. She was ready now, ready for a battle for a new badge. But when she came to the door, there was a note attached to it. It said:

Closed for the day
Gym battles will have to wait for tomorrow
Have a nice day

"Oh no... I'm too late..." Sashi said. "Well, I'd better go back to the Pokemon Center, and have a nice meal..."
Sashi walked back to the Pokemon Center, and ate some dinner. She couldn't stop thinking about what everything Darren had said to her, the things he'd shown... During her meal, she noticed a few kids looking at her. They were very young.
"What are you looking at?" Sashi growled, what made the kids hide, and ran off to their mother. "Heh..." Sashi grinned.

That night, she slept in the Pokemon Center, dreaming about a world where everyone lived together in harmony. She had lots of friends. They did not make fun of her. They did not make jokes or try to catch her. It was a perfect world, with no worries. But then she woke up in the world she lived in. It was now 5 a.m. in the morning. She had slept for at least 6 hours now. She decided to take a walk.

Sashi walked out of the Pokemon Center, passing some people who had not gone to bed the last night, or people who had just woken up like her. They didn't say anything, but just minded their own business.
'I wish it would always be like this...' she thought, and breathed in some fresh early morning air.

She walked further, until she got to a lake nearby the Pokemon Center. In the middle of the lake was a little island. And on that island stood something. Sashi couldn't see what it was because of the mist, so she walked in closer. When she could go no further, she stopped, and looked. It was not something, but someone. A Pokemon. Sashi quickly grabbed her Pokedex, and aimed it at the Pokemon.

"-Bzzt- Suicune. Water Type Pokemon. This Pokemon races across the land. It is said that north winds will somehow blow whenever it appears. -Bzzt-"

"Suicune? That's supposed to be a legendary Pokemon... And what north winds? I don't feel anything..." Sashi said, then put her Pokedex back into her pocket. "Now if I could only-" she got no further. Suicune had already disappeared. "Awww darn! Why do Pokemon always run away when I try to catch them?" she said to herself.

-10 A.M.-

"I hope the Gym is open already..." Sashi said, as she had packed up everything, and had thanked Nurse Joy for all the good care. She walked to the gym, and saw no note attached to the door. "Well, here goes..." she said, opened the door, and stepped in.

Sashi walked into the Gym... or was it a swimming pool? She couldn't tell.
"Welcome, Traine-" the Gym Leader said, but suddenly stopped when Sashi came into the light. "You're..." he said.
"A girl, yeah?" Sashi said.
"No, that's not what I meant� Anyway, are you here for a Gym Battle?"
"Yes... Why else would I come to a Gym?" Sashi said, rolling her eyes.
"Oh, right, yeah... aheh... Anyway, I'm interested in water type Pokemon, because of their ability to breathe under water... They're so cool, both literally and figurative..." the Leader said.
"Fine by me..." Sashi said.
"Okay, then let the Battle begin!" the leader said.
Suddenly, a referee appeared.
"This Gym Battle will be between-"
"Sashi and Ocean! Each Trainer can use three Pokemon each. There is no time limit. The Trainer can switch Pokemon during the battle! The Leader cannot! Let the Battle begin!" the referee said as he held up a green and a red flag, and pulled them down again.
"Your name is Ocean?" Sashi grinned.
"Don't make fun of my name, and I won't make fun of your appearance..." Ocean said.
"Fair enough..."
"Go Seadra!" Ocean said, threw a Pokeball, and Seadra [Water type] appeared into the water.
"So that's what the pool is for..." Sashi said.
"Right missie... If it weren't for the water, my Pokemon couldn't fight..." Ocean said.
"I see..."
"Now choose your first Pokemon for the battle, so we can fight!" Ocean said.
"If you say so..." Sashi said, grabbed Dragonair's Pokeball, and threw it into the air. "Dragonair! Go!" she called, and Dragonair appeared, also into the water.
"A Dragon type..."
"That's right... Now attack! Use Thunderbolt!" Sashi said, and Dragonair's eyes began to glow. Suddenly, an electric bolt was fired at Seadra.
"An electric attack?" Ocean gasped as Seadra was hit with electricity. Seadra groaned in pain, but Dragonair's Thunderbolt wasn't strong enough, and Seadra survived.
"I see you've taught your Dragonair an electric attack... Smart move, missie..."
Sashi's tail moved from left to right playfully.
"You've seen nothing yet..." Sashi said.
"I believe that's my line... Seadra! Use Twister!" Ocean said, and Seadra started to turn around in the water, until it made a big twister, made out of water, aimed at Dragonair.
"A Dragon attack!" Sashi gasped as the twister enfolded Dragonair. Dragonair cried out in pain, and when the twister disappeared, Dragonair seemed to have fainted, lying on its side in the water. "No Dragonair! Are you okay? Can you get up?" Sashi called. For a moment it seemed she had lost this round, but then suddenly Dragonair got up. "All right!" Sashi cried.
"Mmmm... Seems your Pokemon has more strength in her than I imagined... But I shall defeat her in the next round..."
"True, unless she defeats your Seadra before that happens!"
"I'd love to see that happen..." Ocean said.
"You asked for it!" Sashi said, and knelt down so that she could talk to Dragonair in private. "Hey Dragonair, I want you to really try and use all of your power in the next attack, okay?" Sashi said, and Dragonair nodded slowly. "Okay! Dragonair! Use Thunderbolt again!" Sashi said.
Dragonair obeyed, and used all the power she could gather in this Thunderbolt. Seadra took the bolt again, and this time groaned louder than before.
"Uh-oh..." Ocean said, as he saw his Seadra faint.
"Seadra cannot fight anymore! The winner of this round is Dragonair!" the referee said, holding up the red flag.
"You did it Dragonair!" Sashi cried out happily, and embraced her Pokemon. Dragonair happily rubbed her head against Sashi's shoulder, also celebrating her victory.
"Don't think you've won yet, missie..." Ocean said. "I've got more powerful Pokemon with me, ready to make you lose!"
"Oh yeah?! Bring them on!" Sashi said.
"Okay! Go! Seaking!" Ocean called out, threw a Pokeball, and Seaking [Water type] appeared.
"A Seaking... You think you can handle this one too, Dragonair?" Sashi asked.
Dragonair nodded bravely, but then blacked out.
"I know how brave you are, Dragonair... But you have deserved some rest.. Return!" Sashi said as Dragonair returned into her Pokeball. Espeon was by her side, and was asking to be used.
"You want to fight, Espeon?" Sashi asked, and Espeon nodded. "Then go!"
Espeon jumped forwards, and stopped just at the edge of the pool.
"Heh... A land Pokemon? Seaking! Dive underwater!" Ocean said, and Seaking dove under.
"That doesn't scare us! Espeon! Use Swift!" Sashi said, and Espeon complied.
"How can you use a Swift attack if Seaking is under water?" Ocean laughed.
"Like this..." Sashi said, and Ocean looked at Espeon, who lowered her head so that it was under water, found Seaking, and used her Swift attack. It hit Seaking hard, and it was thrown against the wall under water.
"How dare you!" Ocean said.
"Well I have to do something to earn that badge, don't I?" Sashi asked, and Ocean growled.
"Seaking! Use Surf!" Ocean said, and Seaking swam up so that he was just above water, swam forwards fast, and then swallowed water. Then he jumped out, and fired a beam of water at Espeon.
"Espeon! Dodge!" Sashi said, and Espeon did. The water flew past Espeon against the wall.
"Darn!" Ocean said.
Mean while, Seaking was still above water.
"Espeon! Use another Swift attack!" Sashi said, and Espeon did.
"Seaking! Dive under!" Ocean said, and smiled as Sashi cursed softly.
"At this rate it will take long before I defeat that Pokemon... I have no choice but to take a risk... Espeon! Jump into the water!" Sashi said, and Espeon obeyed without hesitation.
"You're going to use your land Pokemon in the water?" Ocean grinned. "To do what?"
"Espeon! Find Seaking and use Return!" Sashi said.
"If my memory is that good as I think it is, Return is an attack that becomes more powerful the more the user likes the Trainer... So if this Espeon trusts her Trainer that much that she will do anything she asks her to do, Return must be very powerful... Seaking! Use Supersonic!" Ocean said, and just before Espeon could use Return, Seaking's Supersonic had hit her. Shockwaves came out of Seaking's horn, and hit Espeon, making her confused.
"Not confusion again!" Sashi cursed.
"Great!" Ocean said.
"You okay, Espeon?" Sashi asked, and Espeon looked at her with a confused look on her face. {Author's note: no, really?}
"Can you focus on your enemy?" Sashi asked.
Espeon looked at Seaking, then at her Trainer, then nodded.
"Okay! Use Return!" Sashi said, and Espeon momentarily moved into a different direction, but then aimed her attack at Seaking, and hit him full in the body.
"Seaking! No!" Ocean cried, and soon found his darling fish floating above water, fainted.
"Seaking cannot fight anymore! The winner of the second round is Espeon!" the referee said, holding up the red flag again.
"Great work Espeon!" Sashi cried, and Espeon came out of the water, and hugged Sashi. Or was it really Sashi? No, it was a couch.
"Espeon, I'm over here..." Sashi said, and Espeon now looked at her, walked over, and finally hugged the right person.
"You're tougher than you look, missie..." Ocean said. He was getting really angry now. Two of his Pokemon had been defeated. "But this time, you're going down... Pokeball! Go!" Ocean called, and threw his final Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light came out, forming into a star.
"Starmie!" Ocean called out.
The purple star Starmie [Water/Psychic type] shone into the lights of the Gym, its red Ruby visible.
"This is my strongest Pokemon in my team, and it's going to take yours down!" Ocean said.
"In that case, Espeon? Can you continue?" Sashi asked.
Espeon nodded, not at Sashi, but at the couch again.
'Guess not... I must pick a different Pokemon...' Sashi said. 'I can't use Dragonair... She's too tired form her last battle... And Espeon is still confused... That leaves Vulpix and Ralts... I can't use a fire type against a water type... So it has to be Ralts... But... I don't know if she can handle that...' Sashi thought. 'But I have no choice... I have to use Ralts...'
"What's it going to be, missie?" Ocean asked. "Are you going to give up?"
"Not in a million years! Ralts! I choose you!" Sashi said, and threw Ralts' Pokeball into the air, and the white light appeared, forming into a much bigger form then usual.
"Kirlia..." Kirlia [Psychic type] said as it came out of her Pokeball.
"Kirlia?" Sashi said confused. "What happened to Ralts?"
"Something wrong, missie?"
"That last battle against Dan must've given Ralts enough experience to evolve..." Sashi said to herself.
"Are you going to fight or what, missie?"
"Would you stop calling me missie?! It's starting to become very annoying!"
"As long as you fight, I shall call you missie, missie..."
"Then I shall call you annoying..." Sashi said. "Anyway, Kirlia! Go!" Sashi said, and Kirlia moved forwards. "This better work!"
"Your weak Kirlia doesn't stand a chance against my Starmie..." Ocean said. "Starmie! Use a little Thunderbolt... I don't want to kill the little baby..." Ocean said.
"Little baby?!" Sashi called out, and Kirlia would have loved to say the same, if she could speak. "You're gonna pay for saying things like that about my Pokemon! Kirlia! Use Double Team!" Sashi said, and Kirlia complied, and soon there were three Kirlia... no, 5 Kirlia... no, 7... 10... 15... A lot! Starmie's attack hit one Kirlia, but that one vanished the second it hit it.
"What is going on?" Ocean said.
"Good work Kirlia!" Sashi said.
"Take them all down!" Ocean screamed. "Use Psychic!"
Starmie started to shoot a purple beam at all the Kirlia, but they seemed to multiply faster than Starmie could take them out.
"Okay! Now I have bought myself some time... Time I can use to restore Espeon..." Sashi said as she grabbed a Full Restore out of her backpack, and sprayed it over Espeon. Espeon immediately snapped out of her confusion, and became healthy again.
"Starmie! Defeat that little Pokemon!" Ocean screamed with a red head full of anger. Starmie used a lot of attacks at the same time. First she used a Psychic attack on the left ten Kirlia, who vanished. Then she used an Ice Beam attack on the right seven Kirlia, who also vanished. But when she used a Surf attack on the rest of the Kirlia, Kirlia got hit by the attack.
"Kirlia!" Sashi called out.
"Kirlia cannot fight anymore! Seaking is the winner!" the referee said, holding up the green flag this time.
"Great work, Kirlia... Return!" Sashi said, and Kirlia returned into her Pokeball.
"Seems like I can still win..." Ocean said.
"Not while Espeon is back in the game! Espeon! Go!"
Espeon moved forwards.
"Not her again... This will be easy! This battle can be fought on land... Starmie! Get out of the water!" Ocean said, thinking he had won this fight already.
'Good...' Sashi thought.
"And to make it even better, you can make the first move!"
"Okay! Espeon! Bite attack!" Sashi called, and ocean gasped.
Espeon jumped forwards, and dug her jaw into Starmie's Ruby, lifted her off the ground, and swung her from left to right a couple of times, before throwing her against the wall.
"Crap!" Ocean cried as Starmie's Ruby started glowing, meaning she could not fight anymore.
"Starmie cannot fight anymore! The winner of this round and battle is Espeon!" the referee called out, and held up the red flag for the last time.
"We did it..." Sashi said, unable to take it in just now. Then it hit her. "We did it!" she said louder. "WE DID IT!" she now screamed, and jumped into the air. Espeon joined her, and then jumped into Sashi's arms, and hugged her tight. Sashi hugged back.
"Great work, Starmie..." Ocean said, and made Starmie return into her Pokeball. "You've deserved your rest..." he added, and then looked at the jumping Sashi. Sashi noticed Ocean looking at her, and stopped dancing.
"You did great too, missie..." Ocean said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said.
"And to prove you have defeated this old sea-loving man, here's the Coral badge..." Ocean said, and threw the badge to Sashi, who caught it.
"Thanks..." Sashi said again.
"Now go and continue your journey..." Ocean said.
"I will... Bye!" Sashi said, and turned.
"Bye!" Ocean said, before Sashi had left the Gym...

"Nurse Joy! I did it!" Sashi cried happy as she entered the Pokemon Center.
"You've won your battle against Ocean? That's great!" Nurse Joy replied.
"But now my Pokemon need healing again..."
"Don't worry... I'll do it for you..." Nurse Joy said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and handed the three Pokeballs to Nurse Joy. Espeon just jumped onto the counter.

Having won her Gym Battle brought joy to Sashi. Okay, she had won two Gym battles before, but this one was extra tough. She had left her Pokemon at the Center to heal, and decided to take a walk, to see if she could see the legendary Pokemon again. She walked to the lake, but there was nothing there. Just a deserted island.
"Awww darn..." Sashi said, and turned. That's when she heard a noise from the bushes. She walked to the bushes on toes, getting prepared for whatever was in there. When she looked through the bushes, she gasped. It were two Eevee evolutions. One was a Flareon [Fire type], the other a Vaporeon [Water type]. Both were females. But something was different. They were doing something together. Sashi looked closer, and realized what was different. The two girls were wrapped up in the 69 position. Flareon was licking Vaporeon's lips, while Vaporeon did the same to Flareon. The Vaporeon moaned loud as she came, releasing cold and freezing juice into the mouth of Flareon. Flareon kept on licking Vaporeon until her orgasm died down. Then the two got up, and Flareon lay down on her back. Vaporeon then moved her head between Flareon's legs, and slowly placed her lips onto Flareon's pussy. She started sucking Flareon's lips furiously, and it was a matter of seconds before the Flareon came too, releasing her hot and steaming juices into Vaporeon's mouth. Both girls panted after their orgasms, and fell asleep. Sashi, however, was far from being tired. Her eyes were open wide and her heart was beating fast. In the past she had read some magazines about sex. Human sex. Male to female sex. But never in her life she had seen Pokemon sex. Male to female or female to female sex was alien to her. Female to female? Was that possible? That's when she realized she was wet between her legs. She gasped softly. This was wrong to her. She had become aroused by looking at two females having sex. Two female POKEMON to be exactly. She had to go back to the Pokemon Center and forget about this. She must-
"Thunder Wave!" someone cried, and suddenly Sashi was paralyzed... Her eyes were closed because of that, and this way she couldn't see anything... She didn't know who attacked her. She didn't know what was going to happen her... She didn't even know if she'd live to find out...

To be continued...?

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