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Sashi by natsuke


A Travel Companion

A travel companion

Sashi opened her eyes. She didn't know how much time had passed, but it felt like it was late in the afternoon. She tried to look around, but her head hurt too much.
"You okay?" someone asked.
Sashi recognized this voice. It was the same who called 'Thunder Wave' just before she blacked out. Slowly, Sashi managed to turn her head. She could now see who it was. It was an ordinary Jolteon [Electric type]. Sashi growled softly.
"Still angry about me paralyzing you?" the Jolteon asked.
"Well it only hurt me..." Sashi said.
"Yeah, I apologize..." the Jolteon said. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I was only following my Trainer's orders..."
"Oh..." Sashi said. She was still upset by the Jolteon using an attack on her, but she could see she didn't do it on purpose. Wait a second... Was she talking to a Pokemon? Was that Pokemon talking back? "Wait... I understand what you're saying..." Sashi said to the Jolteon.
"That's right..." the Jolteon said.
"But... how?"
"Simple... After you won the match against the Gym leader, you received a badge, right?" the Jolteon asked.
"Well that made your Pokemon stronger... And since you're also a Pokemon, you also have become stronger... More abilities start to work." the Jolteon said.
"I am not a Pokemon!" Sashi said.
"Okay got it..." the Jolteon smiled, and turned around.
"Where... am I?" Sashi asked. She now noticed she was not at the place she was before she got attacked.
"Oh... Right after I attacked you, my Trainer threw a Pokeball at you..." the Jolteon said.
"Don't tell me I was caught?!" Sashi gasped. That was the last thing she wanted.
"Don't worry... The ball hit you, but it didn't take you in it... It just fell to the ground next to you..." the Jolteon said.
"So... that means... I can't be caught by a Trainer..." Sashi smiled. That was good to know.
"Yeah..." the Jolteon said, turning around again. "That's when my Trainer went over to see what was wrong, and that's when she noticed you were no ordinary Espeon..." the Jolteon said. "My Trainer collects every Eevee evolution in the world. When she found one she didn't have yet; and Espeon, she wanted to catch it."
"I see..." Sashi said.
"I'm really sorry for attacking you..." the Jolteon said.
"Nah, it's okay... I was tired anyway, so by paralyzing me, you've helped me too..."
"Good to hear... The paralysm will wear out soon... Sorry again..." the Jolteon said, and walked away.

Sashi sighed. Although the paralysm had worn off, she still felt hurt.
"Ah, so you must be the Espeon..." someone said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied, looking to her left, at the one who spoke. It was a girl. "And you are?"
"Eevy..." Eevy said.
"Mmmm... weird name for a girl..." Sashi said.
"Well I haven't heard your name yet... Or is it just Espeon?" Eevy said.
"It's Sashi..." Sashi said.
"Sashi huh? Okay, my name is weirder..." Eevy said.
Eevy sat down next to Sashi.
"So... You're a Pokemon?" Eevy asked.
"If I got 1 euro for every time I was called a Pokemon, I'd be rich by now... No, I am not a Pokemon..." Sashi said. "I'm a Trainer..."
"Sorry..." Eevy said. "You just... look like a Pokemon..."
"But I'm not one..."Sashi said.
"I know now..." Eevy said. Then she saw Sashi's condition. "Are you hurt from the attack from Jolty?"
"A bit, yes..." Sashi said, assuming Jolty was the name of the Jolteon.
"Here... this will help..." Eevy said, grabbed a Full Restore, and sprayed it over Sashi. Sashi closed her eyes, and let the Full Restore do its job. In a second, Sashi was back to 100% health.
"Thank you..." Sashi said.
"Don't mention it... And, I'm also sorry for trying to catch you... I thought you were a wild Espeon..."
"Yeah, that happens to me a lot..." Sashi said.
"What is this place?" Sashi asked.
"This is a place where I heal or try to heal all wounded Pokemon I find outside... This is also my house..."
"And where is the Pokemon Center?"
"What Pokemon Center?"
"The Pokemon Center in Valicia City..." Sashi said.
"Oh, that's nearby... Why?"
"I have to go back and collect my Pokemon..."
"Oh don't worry... I've sent Vapora to get them... I gave her a note, and told her to get your Pokemon... She should return any moment now..."
"No problem..."

Later that day, Vapora returned. She was carrying a bag, and in it were the Pokeballs. Espeon was walking besides Vapora.
"Well, I guess it's time for me to leave..." Sashi said after getting her Pokeballs back.
"I understand... Duty calls, huh?"
"Yep... If I want to become anything near a Pokemon Master, I have to continue my journey..." Sashi said, and looked back at Eevy. "It's been nice meeting you, Eevy..."
"Likewise..." Eevy said with a sad look on her face. Sashi got an idea.
"Hey, what say you travel along with me on my journey?"
"Huh? You want me to travel with you? Why?"
"I could use some extra help... And besides, you're one the few I know who doesn't get nervous around me..." Sashi said.
"Yeah, the nurse in Valicia city Pokemon Center accepted me for who I was - a trainer - and there is this other guy I met earlier today... He had this daycare for Pokemon Anthro's..." Sashi said.
"Anthro's? What are those?"
"That's what I am... A Pokemon that looks like a human, talks like a human, walks like a human... Does anything like a human..." Sashi explained.
"I see... But what's to be afraid of? You're a nice person..." Eevy said.
"I know... But that's exactly something humans don't expect of me... I'm different, and that's what scares them..." Sashi said.
"Unbelievable..." Eevy said.
"Thank you..." Sashi said.
"Okay I'll do it..."
"Do what?"
"Go with you on your journey..." Eevy said.
"Oh, that..." Sashi said.
"And besides, my Pokemon could help you too..." Eevy said, and looked at Vapora, Jolty, Flara and Umbro. Umbro was the only male Eevee evolution Eevy had.
"But we can't leave today..."
"Why not?" Sashi asked.
"It'll almost be dark, and we can't travel then..."
"You can spend the night here..."
"Thanks..." Sashi said.

That night, Sashi called out her Pokemon. When everyone was out, Sashi knelt down in front of them.
"Hi guys..." Sashi said. "Just checking if I really can understand what you're saying..."
"You can understand what we say now?" Espeon asked. She had a soft, but sweet voice.
"So it is true..."
"What is?" Kirlia asked. She had a high-pitched voice.
"Since I won my Coralbadge in the Valicia Gym, my abilities, such as yours, have grown... It has enabled me to understand Pokemon language..." Sashi said.
"So you can hear us now?" Dragonair asked. Her voice was, as Espeon's; soft and sweet.
"Apparently..." Sashi said.
"Cool!" Vulpix said in a cute, high voice. Sashi smiled. Now she had the chance to get to know her Pokemon better than any trainer ever could.

"So where do I sleep?" Sashi asked.
"In my bed..."
"In your bed?"
"In my bed..."
"And where will you sleep?"
"In my bed..."
"In your bed?"
"In my bed..."
"Okay..." Sashi said. This was starting to become a very complicated conversation.
"Don't worry... I won't bite... A lot..." Eevy said, and Sashi gave her a weird look. Eevy then chuckled. "Just kidding..."

The next morning, Sashi woke up. She looked around, and it took her a while to figure out where she was. Then she remembered.
"Ah you're awake..." Eevy said, walking into the bedroom.
"What time is it?"
"11 o'clock..." Eevy said. Sashi sat up. "You know that you purr when you sleep?"
"I do?"
"Yeah, it's this cute purring noise every time you breathe out..."
"Oh sorry, did it keep you awake?"
"Nah... It sounded more cute then annoying..." Eevy giggled.
"Come, and eat some breakfast..." Eevy said, and walked out of the bedroom. Sashi got out of bed, and walked into the living room. Eevy placed a plate on the table, and on it was a ham sandwich.
"Thank you..." Sashi said, and ate the sandwich. After the first bite, she gasped. "Wow... This is delicious!" Sashi said with a full mouth. Eevy smiled.
"Thank you..." Eevy said.

After breakfast, Sashi and Eevy were almost ready to leave. Eevy called everyone back into their Pokeballs as Sashi dressed herself.
"You have an Espeon, right?" Eevy asked.
"I have..."
"That's really cool... I'm still waiting for the day I catch my own Espeon..." Eevy smiled.
"About your Pokemon... Right before I was attacked by Jolty, I was watching your Vapora and Flara..."
"And what were they doing?"
"They were... um... Doing it, I guess..."
"Oh you mean..." Eevy asked, and Sashi nodded. "Oh, that... Sometimes these two escape their Pokeballs, and go to somewhere quiet to make out... It's something they do... That's how I met them... I was just walking around, when I heard a noise in the bushes... I went to see what it was, and saw these two making out... I guess they're lovers..."
"It's just that... I've never seen Pokemon having... sex..."
"You haven't?"
"No.. I mean, I've heard about human sex, but never about Pokemon sex..."
"And did you enjoy watching Vapora and Flara?"
"Yes... I mean no... I mean... I think I do..."
"You don't have to be ashamed of talking about sex... Sex is something that's part of life... It can't be denied..."
"I'm sure you're right..." Sashi said.
"Let's forget about this, and just go..."
"If you say so..." Eevy said, and both girls walked out of the house.
"Where to now?" Sashi asked herself.
"Well since you're a trainer, you should go to the next Gym, right?" Eevy asked.
"Let's see... Where is the next Gym?" Eevy asked herself, took a Pokemon Guide out of her backpack, and turned a few pages. "Ah... The next Gym is in Doruki town..."
"Doruki? That doesn't sound so good..."
"Maybe it's just the name... Anyway, let's go..." Eevy said, and started walking.
"Wait for me!" Sashi said, and followed Eevy.

The two had been walking some time now, and Eevy's house was quite far back.
"We're quite some distance away from my house..." Eevy said.
"I know... we're on Route 158 now... You can still go back, you know?"
"I know... But I won't..."
"If you say so..." Sashi said. The two walked some more. Then, Sashi's stomach started to growl.
"Ohhh I'm hungry..." Sashi moaned.
"Where is the next Pokemon Center?" Eevy grabbed the Pokemon Guide, and turned a few pages.
"In Doruki town..." Eevy said.
"But you've just ate..."
"That was breakfast, that's..."
"2 hours ago..." Eevy finished, giggling.
"You're that hungry?"
"If you knew how hungry I was, you wouldn't have asked that question..." Sashi moaned.
"All right... Maybe I could make you something..." Eevy said, opened up her backpack, and started to search. "I've got some..." Eevy started, and Sashi looked over Eevy's shoulder into her backpack. "Pokemon food, if you want?" Sashi hit Eevy's head softly.
"You know I'm no Pokemon..."
"I know, just kidding..." Eevy said, and took out some bread. "I could make you another ham sandwich?"
"Oh I'd love that!" Eevy smiled.
"I guess we could let the Pokemon out of their balls, don't you say? They could use some time to play and get used to each other..." Eevy said.
"Good idea..." Sashi said, and threw three Pokeballs into the air, and a second later, Vulpix, Dragonair and Kirlia were out. Eevy did the same. She threw four Pokeballs into the air, and later, Umbro, Vapora, Flara and Jolty were out.
"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Vapora," Sashi said, and pointed to the Vaporeon, "Jolty," she pointed at the Jolteon, "Flara," she pointed at the Flareon, "And Umbro..." Sashi finished, pointing at the Umbreon [Dark type].
"Hello..." Vulpix, Dragonair and Kirlia said.
"Some of you already know Espeon," Sashi said, and pointed at her Espeon, "But everybody, this are Kirlia, Vulpix and Dragonair..." Sashi said.
"Hello..." Vapora, Jolty and Flara replied.
"Good day..." Umbro said politely.
"Wow... Your Umbreon is quite a gentleman..." Sashi told Eevy.
"He is? Wow..."
"You didn't know that?"
"I can't understand Pokemon language..." Eevy said.
"So you can understand what we're saying?" Flara asked.
"Since I've won a badge in the Valicia Gym, yes..." Sashi said.
"You won that Battle?" Vapora asked.
"I've got a badge to prove it, if you like?"
"No... never mind..." Flara said.
"Now I have a question... You two," Sashi said, looking at Flara and Vapora, "I saw you both yesterday 'making out', as Eevy mentioned it..."
"You saw us?" Vapora and Flara both gasped.
"I have..."
"Lucky you..." Umbro said. "I've tried to find those two for about 6 months by now, and still haven't found out where they are going..."
"Heheh... yeah... Anyway, this girl to girl thing, I'm curious about it..." Sashi said.
"We could explain everything to you, if you'd like?" Vapora said.
"I'd love that... How about now?"
"Sounds great to me..." Flara said. "But I want to discuss this in private... I don't want the others to hear it..."
"Okay," Sashi said, and then looked at Eevy, "You go ahead and make those delicious sandwiches, while I go talk to Vapora and Flara, okay?"
"Fine by me..." Eevy said, and started on slicing the bread.
"I'm going with Flara and Vapora for a while, okay girls?" Sashi asked her Pokemon.
"Be careful, okay?" Dragonair said.
"Yeah... Before you know it, they're going to attack you again..." Kirlia said.
"Don't worry..." Sashi said, and followed the two Eon girls.

The three girls came to a place far away from the group, and finally stopped.
"Okay, what would you like to know?" Vapora asked.
"All about Pokemon sex..." Sashi said.
"Aren't you a Pokemon too? You look like one..." Flara asked.
"I am not a Pokemon... But thank you for asking if I am one, and not saying that I am one..." Sashi said.
"But you look like a Pokemon... Aren't you supposed to know about Pokemon sex?"
"Well... I don't..." Sashi said.
"Haven't you ever read anything about Pokemon sex?"
"Are there any books about it then?"
"Not that I know of..." Flara said.
"Exactly... And besides, if I were to read one of those books, people might think I'm a Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"Don't they do that already?" Vapora asked.
"True..." Sashi said. "But enough about this... I wanted to know everything about this Pokemon sex..."
"Okay... Pokemon sex looks a lot like human sex... Only we don't have big breasts or hairy pussies..." Vapora said. "Some of us have fur, but that doesn't count as hair..." Vapora added, and sat down, lowered her body so that she was lying on the ground, and then turned her body over so that she was lying on her back. Flara approached Vapora, and moved her muzzle to Vapora's chest. She slowly started licking, and a moment later, Vapora's nipples appeared. Flara then moved back, and signed for Sashi to take a look.
"See, we don't have breasts, but only nipples..." Vapora said.
"I see..." Sashi said.
"And we Pokemon have pussies, but it is only a slit right under our tails..." Flara said as Sashi moved back so that Flara had the room. Flara moved her muzzle between Vapora's legs, stuck out her tongue and started licking. A moment later, Vapora moaned, and Flara moved back again. Vapora's slit was now visible in her blue skin. Her lips have become swollen because of her arousment. Sashi looked at Vapora's pussy, and nodded.
"And how about girl to girl sex?"
"Sex between girls is just like normal sex, only we don't have a cock... We pleasure each other by licking pussies, or rubbing them together... Sometimes we do the 69 position. That is when I lick Vapora's pussy, and at the same time Vapora licks mine..." Flara said.
"That's what I saw you two doing when I first saw you doing it..." Sashi said.
"We can also lick the other's pussy solo, which means one licks the other..."
"I see..."
"Now... I am too a bit curious about you..." Flara said to Sashi.
"Well you are obviously a Pokemon with human appearances, so that means you have breasts, right?" Flara asked.
"Breasts?" Sashi looked down at her breasts. "Yes, I have breasts..."
"Can we see them?" Vapora asked suddenly.
"Well you've seen me exposed, right?"
"Oh yeah... I guess..."
"Come on... There's no male around..." Flara said.
"I don't know..." Sashi said unsure.
"If you want to know everything about Pokemon girl to girl sex, you'll have to experience it yourself too..." Flara said.
"Good one..." Vapora said to Flara.
"I guess... I have no choice, huh?" Sashi smiled.
"Well, okay.. But promise me you'll never tell anyone about this, promised?" Sashi asked.
"Like we would tell anyone..." Flara said.
"It's a promise..." Vapora said.
"Okay..." Sashi said, took off her backpack, and placed it on the ground. She then grabbed the elastics of her T-shirt, and slowly pushed it over her shoulder down her arm. When her arms were free, and grabbed the edge of her T-shirt, and pulled it over her head. When it was off, her two breasts were free in the open.
"Cute... But not as cute as Eevy's..." Flara said.
"I agree..."
"You've seen Eevy naked?"
"Oh yeah... We do all things together... We sometimes even take a shower together, or bathe in a river together..." Flara said. "Well, the others... I hate water..."
"And you could guess we even have sex together..." Vapora said.
"Human to Pokemon sex? Can that be done too?" Sashi asked.
"It's sex, right?" Vapora said.
"And have you ever had sex with a male?" Flara said.
"About male sex, do you know anything about that?"
"I've read a few books about human sex..."
"Well Pokemon males do it different then human males..." Vapora said.
"Really? How?"
"Well uh, usually the female makes the male ready for sex by first blowing him..."
"'Blowing' him?" Sashi asked confused. She had never heard that word before.
"It means sucking his dick until it becomes erect... You know, hard..." Vapora said.
"How do you know all this? Aren't you two a couple?"
"Yeah, but Jolty has told us everything about it... She has done it several times with Umbro in the past, and every time they have done it, she tells us all the details..." Flara said.
"I see..."
"And about the sex thing... The male can do us females doggy style, that is when he leans on our back and shove his dick into us from the back, but he can also take us when we're lying on our backs... He then stands over us, and pushes his dick into our pussy standing up..." Vapora said.
"But he can also eat us out like we females do to each other, or he can enter us in our assholes..." Flara said.
"Doesn't that hurt?" Sashi asked.
"In the beginning it does, but when you do it more, the pain goes away, and that is replaced my pleasure..." Vapora said.
"I understand now... And if you can do girl to girl sex, can boy to boy sex be done too?" Sashi asked.
"We don't know, but I think it's possible..." Flara said. "Unfortunately Umbro hasn't done it with other guys before... He says he's straight, and not gay..."
"Straight? Gay?"
"Oh, Straight means male to female sex, gay means male to male sex, and then there's lesbian sex, which is girl to girl sex..." Flara said. "And there are cases where the female likes both male and females... That is called bi-sexuality..."
"I see..."
"So which one are you? Straight, lesbian, or bi-sexual?"
"Ehhh... I think I'm straight..."
"But you'd like to try out girl to girl sex?"
"I don't know..."
"Just to experiment..." Flara said.
"Well of course... I'd like to know everything about sex... girl to girl, or girl to boy..." Sashi said.
"Great!" Vapora said.
Suddenly a breeze started blowing, and Sashi shivered.
"You're cold? Then we better warm you up quick..." Flara said.
"What should I do?"
"Undress yourself first..." Vapora said. She was anxious. You could see it in her eyes.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and took off her belt. When it was off, she pushed her blue pants all the way down, so that it was on the ground. Then she slowly stepped out of it.
"Whoa..." Flara moaned when she saw Sashi naked. All this sex talk had made Sashi a little bit wet between her legs. Little drops of her juices were visible on her furred pussy. Her pussy was covered with fur, but Sashi could always shove it aside. And finally, Sashi took her shoes off as well.
"Now what?" Sashi asked as all her clothes were off.
"Lie down on your back..." Vapora smiled. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth right now.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and got down on the ground. In the beginning it felt cold and wet, but later, she got used to it. She then lay down on her back, as Vapora had told her to.
"Would you do the honor, or should I?" Flara asked.
Vapora didn't reply. She was focused on Sashi.
"Go ahead..." Flara smiled.
"You okay with this? I mean, she doing some other girl than you?" Sashi asked.
"It's fine by me... As long as I get to take part in it too... I haven't done a threesome in a long time..." Flara said.
"'Threesome'?" Sashi asked.
"That's when three people have sex with each other at the same time..." Flara explained.
"If you want to, you can join..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Flara said.
"But then there has to be done something first..." Sashi noted.
Flara looked at Vapora.
"Yo! Earth to Vapora! Come in!" Flara said.
"Huh?" Vapora replied, looking at Flara.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Don't you know? Every time I see a new thing, I freeze..." Vapora said. "I don't know why... Maybe it's because I'm cold-blooded..."
"Oh right, I remember... It took you almost 5 minutes before you first began to do me... I've always wondered why you acted like that..."
"A-hem..." Sashi coughed.
"It's like I become frozen solid..." Vapora said.
"How is that possible? You're too damn hot for that..." Flara said.
"A-HEM!" Sashi now somewhat screamed. The two Eon girls jumped into the air when Sashi screamed.
"Forgot about me?" Sashi asked. "Cause if you have, I could also go back to the others..." Sashi said, and was about to rise when Flara moved, and landed on Sashi's chest.
"Stay down..." Flara said in a soft, erotic tone.
"We haven't forgotten about you..." Vapora said, while moving between Sashi's legs.
"We apologize..." Flara said, moved her muzzle towards Sashi's, and pushed her furry lips against Sashi's. She tried to push her tongue into Sashi's mouth, but Sashi had her mouth closed. Sashi had a confused look on her face. Of course, she knew about kisses. But what now? Flara noticed the confusion, and moved her head back.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Why are you trying to push your tongue into my mouth?" Sashi asked.
"It's called French Kissing... It's when two people don't do a regular kiss, but kiss and play with each other's tongue..." Flara said.
"I see..."
"It's nothing to worry about... French Kisses are great... It's kinda part of the foreplay..."
"What is that?"
"That's when they don't go directly to the sex part, but make out first..."
"Like you were doing yesterday?"
"No... that wasn't foreplay anymore..." Flara giggled. "That was just sex..."
"But why the foreplay? Why not go straight to sex?" Sashi asked.
"Now that's a very good question... One I unfortunately don't have an answer to... We just do it... Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to kissing you..." Flara said, and moved her muzzle towards Sashi's again. This time, Sashi accepted the tongue Flara pushed into her mouth, and played back with her own tongue. Flara was right. After a few seconds of French Kissing, it started to become more passionate. They started to kiss harder.
Meanwhile, Vapora decided it was time for her to take part in this threesome. What would a threesome be without a third one anyway? She lowered her muzzle, and slowly stuck out her tongue. The minute she placed her tongue on Sashi's pussy, Sashi moaned. Her moaning increased when Vapora licked the whole slit up. Flara momentarily broke the French Kiss as Sashi moaned.
"Feels great, doesn't it?" Flara asked as Sashi closed her eyes.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned as Vapora continued licking her slit.
Because it was her first time feeling this kind of pleasure, it didn't take long before she had her first orgasm ever. Well, her first orgasm caused by someone else but her. Sashi moaned loud as she arched her back, and came. Her juices came out of her cunt faster than ever, and Vapora gladly drank everything. Vapora continued licking until Sashi's orgasm died down. Flara got off of Sashi's chest and gave her time to recover.

When Sashi had calmed down, she sat up, supporting herself with her arms.
"So how was that?" Vapora asked.
"That... was... amazing..." Sashi said.
"She is the best in these kind of things..." Flara said.
"You're a virgin, right?" Vapora asked.
"Yes... How do you know?"
"Vapora has a lot of experience in that..." Flara said.
"You have?"
"Well, I guess you could say I had a lot of opportunities to do it... That's how I've become so good..." Vapora said.
"You've done this a lot before?"
"Oh yeah she did... She even introduced me to a few of her 'friends'..." Flara said.
"Now that you have experienced oral sex, are you ready to do it yourself?" Vapora asked.
"If it feels this good to someone, I am..." Sashi said.
"Great..." Vapora said. "And I think it's fair that you are the one who gets eaten by her..." Vapora said to Flara.
"Thanks sweetie..." Flara said.
"What do I have to do?"
"Just like I did to you..." Vapora said as Flara got down on the ground.
"Just lick her, right?"
"Right..." Flara said, as she was lying on her back. Vapora walked over as Sashi kneeled down in front of Flara. Sashi looked at Flara's wet slit, and she began to hesitate. Was is good what she was doing right now? Vapora answered her question.
"Go ahead... Don't worry, it will be fine..." she said.
"Are you sure?"
"Look at me... I've eaten more pussies than anyone ever could, and I'm fine..."
"If you say so..."
"Go on... It'll taste good... I'm sure you're gonna love it..."
Sashi looked down at Flara's slit again. It was now or never... If she didn't do it now, she never would. So, closing her eyes, she moved her head down, and stuck out her tongue. She gave Flara's pussy an experimenting lick, before moving her head up again. She now had some of Flara's juices in her mouth. She tasted the juices. It had a strong taste. It tasted great.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned.
"Told ya..." Vapora said.
Sashi moved her head down again, and now placed her tongue on Flara's slit. She licked the slit all the way up. Flara started to make soft moans. She was used to something a lot better, but this felt good too. Sashi then suddenly placed her furry lips all the way over Flara's slit, and pushed her tongue deep inside. Sashi started to love this oral sex. Flara moaned a bit louder. Vapora got the feeling she was left out, so she walked behind Sashi, and crawled underneath her. She got to the place where she wanted to be, and turned her body over, so that she was lying on her back. Vapora looked up at Sashi's breasts. Both were completely covered with a thin layer of purple fur, except for the nipples, which were darker than her skin, almost black. Vapora moved her head up, opened her mouth, took in one nipple, and started to suck on it. Sashi moaned when Vapora had the nipple in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Sashi did great work on Flara's pussy. She had pushed her tongue deep into Flara, and had reached some very sensitive places. Flara was rubbing her paws over her nipples, bringing more pleasure to her body. She had her eyes closed tight, and was moaning rapidly. When Sashi reached another sensitive place, Flara was pushed over the edge.
"OH!" Flara gasped, and came, hot and steaming juices coming out of her cunt. Sashi gasped when she felt how hot the pussy juice was, but she managed to swallow some of it. Flara's juices tasted good. Flara gasped for air and Sashi let her recover. Vapora was still sucking and licking Sashi's breasts.
"That feels great..." Sashi moaned.
"Mmmm... You taste great..." Vapora said. Suddenly, she got an idea. "Have you ever masturbated before?" Vapora asked.
"You mean pleasuring myself?" Sashi guessed.
"I have... Mmmm... Why?"
"Have you ever tried ti with your tail?"
"No... Is it good?"
"A good way to have fun..."
"Show me how..." Sashi moaned.
"Okay, but I'll do it with my own tail..."
"Just show me..." Sashi talked dirty.
Vapora moved her two-finned tail up until it was touching Sashi's pussy, and started rubbing it back and forth.
"Ohhh..." Sashi moaned as she closed her eyes.
The only one who hadn't come yet was Vapora. After Flara had recovered, she got up, and walked behind Sashi and Vapora. Vapora was still rubbing Sashi's pussy with her tail, but Flara pushed the tail aside, and moved her muzzle to Vapora's pussy.
"Ohhh..." Vapora moaned when she felt Flara's tongue over her pussy.
Sashi was now kneeled over Vapora. No one was doing anything to her.
"Come... site on my... face..." Vapora managed to say.
"You sure?"
"Oh yeah..." Vapora said.
Sashi didn't know if she just answered her question, or just moaned because of Flara, but she crawled a little bit ahead until she reached Vapora's head. She lowered her butt when her pussy was directly above it, and when it was down, Vapora got to work. She immediately started to push her tongue deep into Sashi. Meanwhile, Flara got tired of just licking her lover. She moved her head away, turned her body around, lay down on the ground, and placed one leg behind Vapora's, and one under Vapora's, so that their pussies touched each another. Then, Flara rubbed her pussy against Vapora's, and both girls moaned in pleasure. After a while of rubbing, Vapora came with a scream, shooting her cold and freezing juices. Her juices shot against Flara's pussy, and the cold touch pushed her over the edge as well. She came again, releasing her hot and steaming juices against Vapora's pussy. Now all what was left was Sashi. Her moanings had increased the last few minutes, and she had almost reached her second orgasm. And finally, she did. Vapora shot a tiny beam of water into Sashi's pussy to give her more pleasure, and it worked.
"Oh yes!" Sashi cried, and released more juices, but not as much as her first orgasm. Sashi fell forwards when she came, and landed with her hands on the ground. Sashi lost all her strength in that moment, and she had to try extra hard to support herself. Vapora continued licking Sashi untill she got all the juices out of her, and then finally stopped.

When all girls had recovered, Sashi got up, and grabbed her clothes. She pulled on her pants, and made then fit tight around her waist with the belt. Then she pulled on her T-shirt, and pulled it down until her breasts were covered. She then grabbed her backpack, and put it back on her back.
"Thank you for showing me this..." Sashi said to the Eon girls.
"We've done it with pleasure..." Flara joked, and all girls laughed at that.
"Though I'm still curious about male Pokemon sex... I wish to experience that one day too..." Sashi said.
"We'll ask Jolty about it, and maybe she can arrange an appointment with Umbro..."
"If you would do that..." Sashi said. "Well... let's go back to Eevy... I'm sure those sandwiches are done by now..."
"Yeah... She's probably wondering why we haven't returned yet..." Vapora said.
"We could tell her that you had to explain a lot to me, and that's what took us so long..." Sashi said.
"Good one..." Flara said, and all three girls walked away from the place where Sashi first learned about Pokemon sex. And on the way back to Eevy, Sashi thought back on what she learned about being straight, bi-sexual or gay. Was she still straight, or has she become bi-sexual because of what happened?

To be continued...?

Whoa... Another 12 pages? Cool! Anyway, this chapter was all about teaching sex... I hope I've explained everything right... So, send your comments to [email protected]. Maybe in the next chapter, I'll teach Sashi the meaning of straight sex...
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