AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke


“Goodbye... Sashi...�

"Goodbye... Sashi..."

Sashi sighed, and sat down on the couch in the living room. She had just returned from training with Kitty. To Sashi's surprise, Kitty held on longer than she thought. Even when Kitty got hit by Vulpix' Flamethrower, and got badly burnt. It surprised Sashi even more that when Kitty got burnt, she dug her hands in the pockets of her pants, brought out a Full Restore potion, and sprayed herself with it.
"I always keep an extra Full Restore with me, just in case..." she said.
The training worked. Espeon had grown to level 40 thanks to her Psybeam attack, Kirlia to level 24, Dragonair to level 35 and Vulpix to level 33. If she kept this on, her Pokemon would be stronger in no time.
"So how'd the training go?" Eevy asked, entering the room, and sitting next to Sashi.
"Great... My Pokemon grew several levels... And that's only today's training..." Sashi replied.
"That's good to hear..." Eevy smiled. Espeon jumped onto Sashi's lap.
"And you've grown a lot today..." Sashi smiled, petting Espeon's head.
"Thanks..." Espeon said.
"Don't you think we should tell Brian about us now? I mean, at this rate, he won't find out..." Eevy said.
"Well he got close once..." Sashi said.
"True, but then you changed it into something innocent..." Eevy smiled. "What are you afraid of when he finds out?"
"I don't know..."
"Most males can't believe what they hear or see when two girls love each other..." Eevy said.
"I knew it!" Darren suddenly cried out from behind them.
"Wha?!" Sashi, Eevy and Espeon gasped, looking back. "Darren?"
"I knew there was something more than friendship between you!" Darren said, walking around the couch.
"Ehhh... Well, then you're the first one who found out by yourself..." Sashi said.
"So how long has this been going on?"
"Since the day we met..." Eevy said.
"And you've been a couple ever since?"
"Well actually, not until we both got the courage to tell each other..." Sashi said.
"And that was in the time during Brian's fight against Tiara..." Eevy said.
"I see... I'm guessing you two were afraid of what you would think about it, am I right?"
"Right... But I'm glad we worked it out..." she said, embracing Eevy, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Darren smiled. "It brought us closer together..."
"So you two love each other?"
"Yes, didn't we just te-" Sashi said, but stopped when she recognized the voice. It was Brian. He had entered the room a while ago, and hear everything Sashi and Eevy told Darren. "Ehhh... Brian... Hi..."
"So when were you planning on telling me?" Brian asked.
"We were actually waiting for you to find out for yourself..." Eevy said.
"I see... And here I wondered if you had feelings for me..." Brian said, turning around.
"What?" Sashi asked, getting up. "What do you mean by that?"
Brian sighed.
"I thought there was something between us..." Brian said.
Brian turned around again.
"I thought you felt something for me! You've always been so nice to me, that I've started to believe you... loved me somehow... But now..." Brian said with his head bowed. "I see I was wrong..." he said, and left the room.
The whole room was silent.
"I'm guessing he didn't take it so lightly..." Darren said.
"Brian..." Sashi moaned, and tried to go after him.
"Sashi, wait!" Espeon said, and Sashi stopped.
"I think he just needs to take it in... He needs time alone... Away from us, for a while..." Espeon said.
"She's right, Sashi..." Darren said.
"Y-you understand me?" Espeon gasped.
"I would be a bad breeder if I didn't..." Darren smiled.
"But how?"
"The whole time that I'm running this daycare, I need to understand not only what anthro's are saying, but also what ordinary Pokemon are saying... That's why the first anthro I've found helped me understand Pokemon language... It's proven helpful in many times..." Darren explained.
"Do you think you can teach me too how to understand Pokemon language?" Eevy asked with puppy-dog eyes.
"I think I can, but it will require a long time before you can fully understand them..." Darren said.
"I don't care..." Eevy said.
"Well, okay, but then we have to start right away..." Darren said, and walked out of the room. "Sashi, just let Brian alone for a day or so..."
"I guess..." Sashi said sadly. For some reason she knew Brian would act this way... She also knew he felt something for her, and she didn't exactly hold back on showing it to him.
"Well now there's no point in hiding it, so..." Eevy said, kneeling down next to Sashi, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, cheer up..."
"I guess you're right..." Sashi smiled. "Now go learn Pokemon language..."
"Yeah, and I want you to learn good, so you can understand me!" Espeon said, but Eevy didn't understand it... Yet... So Sashi explained.
"Don't worry..." Eevy said, petting Espeon's head. "I'll do my best..."

Brian was walking through the forest, finding a quiet spot to just... sit down and think about what happened.
"I can't believe this is happening..." he growled. Okay, he suspected something the morning in the Pokemon center in Salia city, when Sashi said she loved Eevy. But Sashi then gave him a reason to think otherwise. Why didn't she just say it? Maybe then he would have acted different. Maybe then he would have said something different about it then how he felt for her. Maybe he would tell her... He didn't know. And it was too late now. Suddenly Brian thought back about what Eeve and Voira had said. Maybe he should stay here... After all, Eeve and Voira were right. If they felt anything for him, they would already have made love to him. At least Voira and Eeve had shown some feeling to him, and that's what mattered, right? He got up, and walked away.
"I'll stay here with them..." he said.

Espeon and Umbreon were sitting outside.
"So Sashi and Eevy are in love?" Umbreon asked.
"Yes... It's been going on for a short time now..." Espeon replied.
"Whoa... And Brian found out?"
"Yes... He got mad, and walked out..."
"Poor Brian..." Umbreon said.
"He's got a crush on Sashi since we got out of the cave..." Umbreon said.
"He does?"
"Yeah... He said that that's when he got to see her beauty..." Umbreon said. "Aaaaaaand he also said not to tell anyone about that..." Umbreon added with a grin.
"Awwww... And this revelation shocked him because of that?" Espeon asked.
"Yes... Probably..." Umbreon replied.
Espeon sighed.
"There's nothing we can do about it... Sashi loves who she loves... We can't change that..."
"You're right..." Umbreon said. He didn't like the way Brian acted, but he could understand it.

Later that night, Brian ended up at the tree house where he, Eeve and Voira had their little moment. He saw light burning in the house, and climbed up. When he got up, he saw Voira and Eeve sitting on the couch, watching television. The two looked up when they noticed Brian.
"Hey sweetie... What are you doing here?" Eeve asked.
Brian didn't say a thing.
"What's wrong?" Voira asked.
"It's Sashi..." Brian said.
"What about her?"
"It's... Her and Eevy..." Brian said.
"What about them?" Eeve asked.
"Exactly... Them..." Brian growled.
Voira and Eeve looked at each other confused, but then Eeve nodded.
"They're a couple, aren't they?"
"Yes..." Brian said.
"Oh and that's why you're so angry?" Voira asked.
"I see..."
"All the time I thought she felt something for me... Just as I felt something for her..." Brian said.
"You felt something for her?"
"I did..."
"Awwww... You poor guy..." Eeve said, embracing Brian with one arm. Voira did the same. Brian closed his eyes, and hugged the two softly.
"But that still doesn't say what you are doing here..." Eeve said.
"I've decided..." Brian said.
"Decided on what?"
"I decided to stay with you here..." Brian said.
"You sure?" Voira asked.
"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here..." Brian replied.
"True... yeah...." Voira said.
"So... Can I stay here?" Brian asked.
"Of course you can, sweetie..." Eeve said, hugging him harder.
"We'll be here for you..." Voira said.
"Thanks..." Brian said.

"Where could he be?" Umbreon asked. It was getting late, and Brian still hadn't returned. Something could be wrong, Umbreon thought.
"I'm sure he's fine... He can take care of himself..." Espeon said, trying to comfort her lover.
"Yeah, but he's always done that when I was around..." Umbreon replied.
"I think he's out there trying to recover from the news he got today..." Darren said.
"Let's wait until tomorrow... If he hasn't returned then, we'll go out and search for him, okay?" Sparkess said. She had heard from Darren all that has happened. So did all the other anthro's.
"The problem is; we don't have a clue where to look..." Darren said. "This place is so big..."
"We'll find him..." Espeon said, wrapping her tail around Umbreon. Sashi smiled, even though she felt responsible for it.

That night, Sashi decided to take a shower. She was sweaty all over, and she smelled like sweat too.
"Want me to join?" Eevy giggled.
"As tempting as you make it sound, no thanks..." Sashi said.
"Oh... Want to be alone?"
"Yes... Alone with my own Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"You mean...?"
"Well Vapora and Flara told me that you liked to shower with your Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"They did? Oh, I see..." Eevy smiled. "Then have fun..."
"But can you tell me something about this?" Sashi said.
"It's not different from a regular shower, only this time you have your Pokemon with you, helping you to shower..." Eevy said.
"So they help scrubbing my back?" Sashi asked, and Eevy nodded.
"Or even help you," Eevy giggled, "Wash your breasts or pussy..."
"Oh I see..." Sashi giggled too, but then stopped. "But I don't know if they want to... I mean, I have never done it with my own Pokemon before..."
"I've done you once..." Espeon said from below.
"True..." Sashi smiled.
"Well I'm sure they'll want to if you ask them..." Eevy smiled.
"I can always try..." Sashi replied.
"There you go, girl..." Eevy smiled, petting Sashi's head. "And if they don't, you can always borrow my Pokemon..."
"Thanks..." Sashi smiled, and grabbed the stuff she needed. She didn't undress yet. That she would do in the bathroom...

"Where's the shower, Darren?" Sashi asked.
"We don't have a shower..." Darren said.
"Don't have a shower? Who on earth doesn't have a shower?" Sashi gasped.
"No shower, but we do have a bath-tub..." Darren smiled.
"Oh..." Sashi smiled. "And where is that?"
"Upstairs, then take a left, and the last door on your right..." Darren said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and walked to the bathroom. She opened the door, and gasped.
Sparkess was lying in the bath-tub. The tub was half filled, so that her breasts appeared above water. She was rubbing them slowly, washing her body. She then noticed Sashi.
"Oh hi!" she said.
"Oh I'm sorry... I didn't know it was occupied..." Sashi said.
"Not your fault... Normally someone would lock the bathroom-door, but I'm always trying to get caught while I'm bathing..." Sparkess giggled. "And now that you're here..." she said seductively.
"Ehhh..." Sashi blushed.
"It shouldn't be a problem for you... I mean, you're a lesbian right?"
"No, I'm bi-sexual..." Sashi replied.
"Same difference..." Sparkess said, sitting up in the bath-tub. The water was to her belly now. "Wanna join?"
"Well actually I was going to have a private moment with my Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"They can join too, if they want..." Sparkess giggled.
"No, thanks..."
"Why not?"
"Like I said... I want to have a private moment with my Pokemon..." Sashi replied.
"Suit yourself... You don't know what you're missing..." Sparkess said, and got out of the bath-tub. She grabbed a towel, and dried her body. When it was almost dry, she threw the towel on the ground, and walked out of the door.
"Don't you want to cover up your body?" Sashi asked.
"No..." Sparkess giggled, and walked out of the bathroom. Sashi couldn't help but think Sparkess looked so sexy walking around nude, her butt wiggling from left to right with every step she took. It made Sashi horny. But her horniness had to wait until tonight. She quickly closed the door, and locked it. Then, finally, she began to undress herself. Espeon made sure the water Sparkess was lying in was gone, and then filled the tub again.
"Thanks Espeon..." Sashi said as she pulled off her T-shirt. When she got to work on her pants, she felt her Pokeballs attached to her belt. "Oh... Can't bathe with my Pokemon without my Pokemon..." Sashi giggled, and grabbed the three balls she needed. "I choose all of you!" she called, and the three balls popped open, and Vulpix, Dragonair and Kirlia appeared in the bathroom.
"Hey Sashi, why did you-" Dragonair asked when she suddenly noticed Sashi... Almost naked!
"Hi you guys..." Sashi said.
"Sashi... You're... Naked..." Dragonair said.
"Almost..." Sashi said, unbuckling her belt. "I was about to take a bath..." she said as she threw the belt along with her T-shirt.
"Then why did you call us out?" Vulpix asked. She didn't like the water filling into the tub, so she stayed a safe distance away from it.
"Well I thought you could... help..." Sashi said, as she pushed her pants down her legs. The three Pokemon watched closely as Sashi stepped out of her pants, and kicked it away. She was now completely naked.
"H-help you with what?" Kirlia asked nervously.
"Find out for yourself..." Sashi said in her most seductive tone, and felt the water. The three Pokemon looked at her... More specifically, her body. They had never seen Sashi naked before... They looked at her bare back, butt, her two breasts in front of her, and - the most important area - her pussy. Sashi was sitting on the edge of the bath-tub, slowly feeling the temperature of the water. When the water was perfect to her, she put one foot in first. The second one followed soon, and not later, Sashi moved her whole body in the water. The water was - just like with Sparkess - filled to her breasts. They were just seeable above water, already wet from the water.
"Well why don't you hop in?" Sashi said.
"Ehhh..." Vulpix said. "Me too?"
"Oh right, you're a Fire type... You'll have to stay there then..."
"But if I can't help you, why did you call me out too?" Vulpix asked.
"Patience, sweetie..." Sashi said, as Dragonair jumped into the bath-tub. Espeon soon followed. Kirlia had a little problem. She was still wearing her white dress... That was a part of her.
"Ehh Sashi?" Kirlia said.
"If I want to get in the water, I'll have to undress..." Kirlia said.
"Yeah? Then why don't you?"
"Well you see... It's never been off before..." Kirlia said.
"There's gotta be a first time for everything..." Sashi said. "I've learned that a lot the last few days..."
"Well okay then..." Kirlia said, and grabbed the barely invisible elastics of her white dress that covered her body, and slowly pushed them over her shoulders. Then, when they were down her arms, she pushed the dress down, until her whole body was out, and then stepped out. Sashi looked over Kirlia's body. She didn't have big breasts, just two little round ones, and a thin slit between her legs.
"Okay... This feels weird..." Kirlia said.
"Join us in the water..." Espeon said. She was resting on Sashi's body, just on her belly. A little further, and she would be right on top of Sashi's breasts.
"Yeah the water feels great!" Dragonair said, swimming everywhere she could get. Vulpix just jumped on the closed toilet seat next to the tub, and watched the four from there.
"So... What next?" Espeon asked, looking at Sashi.
"Well I wash myself, and if I need any help, I'll ask one of you..." Sashi said, grabbing a bottle of soap. She put some on her hands, and returned the bottle. She then began to rub her hands together, to make the soap cover both hands. Then she rubbed both hands over her body, going everywhere; her arms, her belly, her chest, her breasts. She paid close attention to her breasts when she soaped them. It was as if she was pleasuring herself on purpose instead of washing them. She rubbed her hands over her breasts over and over again, before she grabbed her nipples with her fingers. The three Pokemon gasped softly as they watched their trainer do this. They've never seen Sashi act like this before. Espeon just smiled.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned softly. "Girls?"
"Yeah?" all three asked. Espeon didn't
"Have you ever had sex with an Anthro before?" Sashi asked.
"Eh... no..." Dragonair said.
"Me either..." Vulpix gulped.
"Nor me..." Kirlia said.
"Or with a female?" Sashi asked.
"No..." Vulpix said.
"No..." Kirlia said.
"Yes..." Dragonair said, and that made everyone look at her.
"You have?" Sashi asked.
"It was back in the days when I was a Dratini..." Dragonair said. "I was just swimming happily in the water, when all of a sudden a trio of Goldeen [Water type] caught me by surprise. They dragged me to a place, and them held me there. They started to lick all over my body, and soon they reached a more sensitive part of me. In the end, they released me. Back then, I didn't like it, but later I've started to enjoy it..." Dragonair said.
"So you're okay with sex between females?" Sashi asked.
"Yes... Besides, now that you're having fun with Eevy, why should I not be okay with it?"
"Thanks..." Sashi said. She started rubbing her body again, and the water started to become soapy.
"So when are you going to start with it?" Espeon suddenly asked after a while of silence.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied.
"Well you didn't bring us out here for no reason..." Espeon winked.
"Oh right..." Sashi said.
"What's going on here?" Kirlia asked. "What are you two planning?"
"We're not planning anything... It has already been planned..." Espeon giggled.
"Aha..." Dragonair said.
"Kirlia... Come here..." Sashi said, sitting up. That made Espeon slide off her, and since there was nowhere she could sit on, she placed her paws on the edge, and by that kept herself above water.
"Okay..." Kirlia said, and approached Sashi.
"You must feel pretty dirty after our battles against the Anthro's, right?" Sashi asked.
"Well actually, yes, I do..." Kirlia said.
"Want me to wash you too?" Sashi asked.
"Sure..." Kirlia smiled. Sashi put some soap in her hands, and rubbed them together. Kirlia just saw down in front of Sashi. Sashi placed her hands on Kirlia's shoulders, and slowly started to rub over her body. She rubbed them over her arms, belly, chest, and then over her small breasts. Sashi rubbed extra slow over Kirlia's breasts, as if she were rubbing them, and not her body. Kirlia slowly closed her eyes, and moaned softly.
"That feels good..." Kirlia moaned.
Sashi and Espeon smiled.
"Well how about this then?" Sashi asked, and moved her right hand more down, over Kirlia's belly, all the way down to between her legs.
"Oh!" Kirlia gasped as Sashi reached her pussylips, pushing a finger inside.
"Wha..." Dragonair said, ending up speechless. Sashi was now pushing in another finger, and slowly rubbed them inside Kirlia's pussy.
"S-sssashi?" Kirlia moaned. "What are you doing?"
"Isn't that obvious?" Sashi replied.
"Y-yeah but..." Kirlia said, but went silent as she felt a third finger enter her pussy.
"Don't you like this?" Sashi asked.
"Well yes, but-"
"Then be quiet, and enjoy..." Sashi whispered in Kirlia's ear.
Vulpix' eyes were open wide. What was Sashi doing? Was she having sex with her own Pokemon? Dragonair's eyes weren't wide anymore. She now smiled. She was getting turned on by the sight of Sashi and Kirlia, as Sashi now slowly kissed Kirlia's neck. Sashi was rubbing Kirlia so good, that when she pushed another finger in her pussy, Kirlia gasped, and came into the water.
"Ohhhh!" she moaned as she released her juices. Sashi continued rubbing, until Kirlia stopped cumming.
"Sashi..." Vulpix said.
"Ohh..." Kirlia gasped for air, as she had her eyes closed.
"Okay... You just had sex with your own Pokemon..." Vulpix said.
"If I learned anything about sex, is that it's just sex..." Sashi said. "It doesn't matter between who it is, as long as you enjoy it... Right?"
"Ehh..." Vulpix said. She couldn't understand it, but she agreed with Sashi. And besides, watching Sashi rub Kirlia's pussy got her turned on somehow. Her own pussy had gotten wet during it, and a drop of juice was sliding down her now visible pussylips.
"So... If anyone wants next, just say it..." Sashi said.
Everybody was silent. No one wanted to admit they wanted to, but Sashi could see it in their eyes. She got them horny.
"No one? Oh well, then I will just pleasure myself then..." Sashi smiled, moved one hand to her own pussy, and slowly pushed one finger inside.
"Well I would like to see what you can do..." Espeon suddenly said. She swam over to Sashi as she pulled her finger back.
"Good..." Sashi said. She moved her body down again, lying on her back while leaning her head to the edge of the tub, so that Espeon could stand on her belly. When she could, she walked over to Sashi's breasts, and slowly took one nipple in her mouth. She started to suck on it slowly, moving it around in her mouth.
"Mmmm yeah..." Sashi moaned.
"I want some too..." Dragonair said, swimming over to Sashi's body. She then did something nobody expected her to do. With her head, she reached Espeon's pussy, and dug her head between her legs. She wrapped her mouth around Espeon's lips, while she moved her long tail down to Sashi's pussy, and slowly pushed it inside.
"Mmmm!" both Sashi and Espeon moaned as they felt what Dragonair did. Vulpix was still sitting on the toilet seat, watching the three make love. She then felt she wanted to do something too, instead of just sitting here. It seemed Sashi read her mind.
"Oh Vulpix... Come here..."
"To my head..." Sashi said.
"Uh okay..." Vulpix said, jumping on the ground, and then on the edge of the tub. She then slowly walked to Sashi's head.
"You want to be pleasured too?"
"Uh yes..." Vulpix nodded.
"Then let me eat you..." Sashi said.
Vulpix nodded and smiled, as she turned herself around, and slowly placed her butt above Sashi's face. Sashi moaned when she smelled Vulpix' scent, and saw Vulpix' pussy was already wet.
"Looks like I got you turned on..." Sashi smiled.
"You sure did..." Vulpix said.
"Now get ready OH!" Sashi suddenly moaned as Espeon went to her other breast, and Dragonair pumped her tail further in. Dragonair came further than any male has ever come. Of course, the only male she had was Umbro... Sashi moaned, and moved her hands to Vulpix' butt, as she slowly pulled it down on her face. The second Vulpix' pussy was on Sashi's mouth, she opened it, and pushed her tongue deep in it. Meanwhile, Kirlia was recovered from her orgasm, and wanted more. She saw what everyone was doing, and got an idea.
"Hey Dragonair?" Kirlia asked. Dragonair momentarily got her mouth off Espeon's pussy.
"Can you turn your body around, so that you're on your back?" Kirlia asked.
"Eh sure? What for?"
"You'll see..." Kirlia giggled.
Dragonair used her flexibility to turn her body around, so that she was on her back - her tail never leaving Sashi's pussy - and her mouth now underneath Espeon's pussy.
"Oh yeah this looks much better..." Dragonair said, as she returned her mouth on Espeon's pussy. Suddenly, she moaned as she felt her pussy being licked. She looked down, and saw Kirlia sliding her tongue over her slit once, then again, and again.
"Oh yeah..." Dragonair moaned. Dragonair didn't have legs, so her pussy was somewhere along her long body. She had sex with herself before, pushing her own tail into her pussy just like she is doing right now to Sashi. Dragonair moaned even more as Kirlia pushed her tongue deep into her pussy. When she thought she had felt everything, Kirlia stopped, and she gave a disappointed moan. But Kirlia had other plans. She got up, and moved over Dragonair. She crawled up so that her pussy was now above Dragonair's, and then slowly lowered herself. Their pussies touched each other, and Kirlia now slowly rubbed forwards once. Everybody was now being pleasured somehow. Sashi was pushing her tongue deeper into Vulpix' pussy, Espeon was still covering Sashi's breasts with her saliva, Dragonair was pushing her tail in and out of Sashi's pussy while she was pushing her tongue in Espeon's pussy, and Kirlia was furiously rubbing her pussy with that of Dragonair's. Surprisingly, Vulpix came first. Sashi's tongue did such a great job reaching her most sensitive parts, that she screamed out in pleasure as she exploded with female cum. It was so much, that Sashi could not keep it in her mouth, and it leaked out down her chin, and over her throat down her breasts, where Espeon licked it up. That's when Espeon closed her eyes tight, and moaned out loud one more time, before she too came. The third one that came was Sashi. Dragonair's tail dug in deeper the second she tasted Espeon's juices, and that brought Sashi over the edge. The fourth and fifth were Dragonair and Kirlia. Kirlia was rubbing her pussy against Dragonair's so fast, it brought her to another climax.
"Oh!" Kirlia moaned just before she came, her juice coming out of her, pushing into Dragonair's pussy, which brought her to her orgasm.

Everyone kept licking, sucking and pushing in everything they could until everybody calmed down. Vulpix weakly walked off Sashi's face, jumped on the floor, and lay down. Espeon lay her body down on Sashi's chest, resting her head on Sashi's breasts. Sashi closed her eyes. Kirlia got off of Dragonair, as Dragonair released Espeon's pussy and pulled her tail back from Sashi.
"Wow..." Sashi moaned.
"Definitely..." Vulpix sighed.
"I never thought you would do these kind of things..." Dragonair said.
"Eevy does it with her Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"And then you thought of doing it with us?" Kirlia asked.
"Do you mind?"
"Not at all... I can't wait for it to happen again..." Dragonair admitted.
"And next time maybe not around water, please?" Vulpix said. Sashi giggled at that.
"It's a deal..." Sashi smiled.

Sashi opened the bathroom-door, and walked out. Eevy was waiting outside.
"So how'd it go?" she asked.
"They loved it..." Sashi said.
"I knew it..." Eevy smiled, and walked with Sashi to their bedroom. She was still wet from the bath, so she dried herself with a towel. Eevy sat down on the bed. Espeon jumped next to Eevy. "So tell me about it..." Eevy said. "Did you have fun?"
"Best time ever..." Sashi said, and then described what happened in the bath.
"Mmmm that sound nice..." Eevy smiled.
"Espeon! Espeon!" Umbreon called, entering the room. If he didn't have run in so suddenly, he would have noticed Sashi naked sooner. When he did, he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at Sashi's naked body, his eyes focused on her breasts, and then turned around quickly. "Oh I'm sorry..." he blushed.
"It's okay..." Sashi smiled, covering herself up with the towel.
"What's wrong Umbreon?" Espeon asked.
"It's Brian!" he said, still with his body turned around.
"What about him?" Espeon asked.
"He's back!" Umbreon said.
"Wow that's great!" Sashi said.
"Yeah..." Umbreon said.
"Umbreon... I don't mind you looked at me..." Sashi smiled.
"I do..." Umbreon said.
"Sweetie... She said she didn't mind..." Espeon said, walking to Umbreon, and wrapping her tail around his body. "And I don't mind you looked at her either... As long as you still love me?" Espeon asked.
"Of course..." Umbreon said.
"Did I just hear 'love'?" Eevy said.
Everyone in the room now looked at her, even Umbreon, who turned around finally.
"You understood?" Sashi asked.
"I'm starting to..." Eevy smiled. "Darren has taught me to turn those Pokemon words into human language... And if I heard it right, you said the word 'love'..." Eevy said to Espeon.
"I did..." Espeon said.
"That's great!" Eevy smiled.
"Yeah! You understood me!" Espeon said.
"No not that... That you two are in love..." Eevy said.
"Oh, yes, that too..." Espeon replied.
"But I think that you understanding Pokemon language is better..." Sashi smiled, giving Eevy a kiss on the cheek. "Great work, honey..."
"Thanks..." Eevy smiled.

Hurrying downstairs, Sashi, Eevy and the two Eon saw Brian. Everybody in the house had gathered in the living room.
"Brian!" Sashi gasped. Brian looked at Sashi with a sad face.
"Where did you go?" Umbreon asked.
"Away from her..." Brian replied, nodding at Sashi. She gasped.
"But why?" Umbreon asked. "Is it about Sashi and Eevy?"
"You know too?"
"And you approve?" Brian said.
"Why shouldn't I? If she chooses for Eevy, then she chooses for Eevy! You can't decide for her who to love!" Umbreon said.
Brian was silent. It made sense what Umbreon just said.
"It's her decision..." Umbreon said.
"Ehhh... Let's leave them alone, everybody..." Darren said to all Anthro's present.
Everybody left without hesitation. This was Sashi's and Brian's problem, not theirs.
"But if she loved Eevy in the first place, then why did she make those signs to me?!"
"What signs?" Umbreon asked.
"Rubbing my cheek, smiling at me sweetly, and then there's that kiss in Salia city Gym!" Brian said.
"First of all, I didn't know I loved Eevy until during your fight, when Eevy disappeared! That explains the rest, and about that kiss... It was only to bring you back to normal after Delcatty's Attract attack!" Sashi said.
"Well those things gave me the feeling you felt something for me!" Brian said.
"Well sorry! I didn't mean to!" Sashi growled.
{Author's note: Even I am silent now... How do you react to this? *Sticks arm up in the air* Oh! I know!}
"Sorry..." Brian suddenly said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied.
"Sorry..." Brian repeated. "I guess I was wrong..."
"Oh..." Sashi said.
"And I guess I was wrong about my feelings for you as well, then..." Brian weakly laughed.
"You had feelings for me?" Sashi asked.
"Since the day we got out of the cave..." Brian replied.
"But if you had feelings for me then, why didn't you say anything about it?" Sashi asked.
"I guess I was too nervous to... I mean, who knows how you would react..."
"Well if you would just have said it back then, we wouldn't be in this fight right now..." Sashi said.
"I know..." Brian said.
"So... What next?" Sashi asked.
"I'm... Not sure..." Brian said.
"I think the two of you had enough training..." Eevy said.
"I guess..." Brian said.
"So what say we leave tomorrow?" Sashi said.
"Sounds great!" Eevy smiled, and went silent.
"So... Is everything okay between us?" Sashi asked.
Brian didn't reply. Sashi could understand that.
"Okay... See you tomorrow..." Sashi said, and walked away. Eevy followed, leaving Brian alone in the living-room.

The next morning, Sashi and Eevy were ready to leave, waiting outside with their bags. They had already said goodbye to Darren and the other Anthro's. The Anthro's thought it was a shame she didn't stay, but Sashi said she had to continue her journey. The only one who hadn't appeared yet was Brian. Then, finally, he appeared outside.
"There you are!" Eevy smiled. Then she noticed Brian wasn't carrying any stuff (except clothes!), and became confused. "Where's your stuff? We're about to leave..."
"I'm not coming with you..." Brian said softly.
"Can you repeat that?" Eevy said. "Either I didn't hear you correctly, or you said you weren't coming with us..."
"That's correct..." Brian said.
"But why not?" Eevy asked.
"I need some time away from you two..." Brian said. "To... think..."
"I see..." Sashi said.
"Then why are you here?" Eevy asked.
"To say goodbye..." Brian said. He looked at Eevy. "Goodbye, Eevy... We may not have known each other for so long, but I know you're a good person... For a human..."
"Oh..." Eevy said, unable to say a thing.
"Goodbye... Sashi..." Brian said. "Good luck on your journey..." Brian said.
"Goodbye..." Sashi replied. Eevy placed an arm around her, and she rested her head against Eevy's shoulder.
"Let's just go..." Eevy said.
"Yeah..." Sashi replied, and started walking. "Wait... Where's Espeon?"
"I'm right here!" Espeon called, just running outside.
"Are you coming?" Sashi asked.
"Sorry I'm late..." Espeon said, but then noticed something. "Why hasn't Brian packed?"
"I'm not going with you..." Brian said.
"What? Why not?!"
"I need time for myself..."
"Didn't you have time yesterday?!"
"That was not enough... I need to be alone... Away from Sashi and Eevy..." Brian replied.
"But you can't do that!" Espeon said, now with tears in her eyes.
"And why not?" Brian asked. That's when Umbreon walked out.
"Because of him!" Espeon said, nodding at Umbreon.
"What's going on?" Umbreon asked.
"Brian's not coming with Sashi and Eevy!" Espeon said, turning around.
"I need time away from them..." Brian said.
"But you can't do that!" Umbreon said.
"And why not?!" Brian asked again.
"Because I love her!" Umbreon said, finally saying what they wanted to say all along.
"You love her?" Brian gasped. He now understood why they said he couldn't leave Sashi and Eevy. If he did, his Umbreon and Sashi's Espeon would be separated... Two loved ones would be separated. But he also couldn't go with Sashi and Eevy. What would he do? What could he do? The only thing was...
"If you want, you can go with them..." Brian said.
"And leave you?" Umbreon gasped.
"Who do you really wanna leave? Me; your trainer? Or Espeon; your lover?" Brian asked.
"Don't make me choose between that!" Umbreon cried.
"It's either her or me..." Brian said.
"I..." Umbreon said, unable to say a thing. "It's not fair..."
"Life ain't fair... That I learned the hard way..." Brian said, glaring at Sashi.
"I... I'm sorry..." Umbreon said, and then turned to Espeon. "He leaves me no choice..."
"I understand..." Espeon said, and kissed him on the cheek. Umbreon rubbed his head against Espeon's, and kissed her cheek too.
"Goodbye, Espeon..." Umbreon said, crying.
"Good... bye..." Espeon cried too, and turned around.
"Come..." Eevy said to Sashi, and Sashi called for Espeon. And for the first time since a while ago, Sashi continued her journey with only one extra person...

To be continued...

Poor Brian... Poor Sashi and Eevy... Hell, poor everyone! Send your comments to [email protected]
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