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New life

New life

Wow... This is the 10th chapter!
Sashi: And I am still wondering if Vapora and Flara are in trouble...
Don't worry... you'll find out soon enough...
Sashi: then start writing...

"Are you two the Pokemon of the ones who have arrived today?" the Eevee said.
"Yes..." Vapora and Flara said with bowed heads.
"What are you two doing here?" Sparkess asked.
"We were kinda looking for a quiet spot to uhm..." Flara began.
"Make out?" the Eevee asked.
"Yeah..." Vapora said. "That's when we heard the noise you made... So we went to check what it was, and when we saw, we sorta got turned on by it..."
"Well that doesn't surprise me..." Sparkess said, rubbing her pussy. She could still feel the Eevee's dick in her pussy, even when it was out.
"Sorry if we interrupted you two..." Flara said.
"Nah it's okay..." Sparkess said. "So you two are a couple?"
"We are..." Vapora said.
"That's cool..."
"And are you two a couple?" Flara asked.
The two looked at each other.
"Not exactly..." the Eevee said.
"What do you mean?" Vapora asked.
"We are no couple... We are just two Pokemon having sex..." Sparkess said. "Darren told us we could breed..."
"After all, this is a Daycare, where Pokemon are supposed to breed, right?" the Eevee asked.
"Yeah I know, but... I never seen how they do it in Pokemon daycare..." Flara said.
"And would you like to see how it is done?" Sparkess asked in a seductive tone.
"I wouldn't mind..." Vapora smiled. "But what I do want, is to feel a male inside me... I would like to know how it feels..."
"You're not about to start liking males, are ya?" Flara said.
"Of course not... No male could ever surpass you..." Vapora smiled, giving Flara a soft kiss on the cheek.
"Awww you two are SO sweet..." Sparkess said.
"So, if you don't mind..." Vapora said.
"Well I was in the middle of a good fuck with this guy, but since you are our guests..." Sparkess said, stepped aside, and winked, "Go ahead... I can wait..."
The Eevee smiled when he saw Vapora approach him.
"So... Decided in what you want to evolve in?" Vapora asked, sitting down in front of the Eevee.
"Not a clue..." the Eevee smiled.
"Well I think you would make a good Flareon... You look so hot... for a male..." Vapora smiled.
"Gee thanks..." the Eevee said. He sat down on his knees on the ground, his dick fully erect, and pointing at Vapora's muzzle.
"Do you mind if I tasted you?" Vapora asked.
"Go ahead..." the Eevee said, placing his hands on the ground behind him, as to support himself. He spreaded his legs a bit, so that Vapora had all access. Vapora looked down. She had seen male dicks before in her life, but never had one in her mouth. She was nervous now.
"Do you know what to do?" the Eevee asked.
"This is all new to me..." Vapora admitted.
"Just take it into your mouth..." he said.
"Like you do with my nipples..." Flara said.
"Oh you mean like this?" Vapora said, lowering her head, opening her mouth. She slowly took in the head, and then closed her mouth. She started to slowly suck on the tip, as the Eevee moaned. "Was that alright?" she asked, releasing the head.
"That was great... Now slowly take in more than the head..." the Eevee said.
Vapora nodded, opened her mouth, and took the head in again. Only this time she moved her head more down, taking in 3 or 4 inches more, before she pulled back. The Eevee moaned and closed hs eyes, as Vapora moved her head up.
Flara was watching her lover from the sidelines, enjoying the view, though she was getting horny again.
"Well while he's having fun with your lover, why should we be left unpleasured?" Sparkess said.
"It's like you were reading my mind..." Flara smiled.
"Now this is kinda new to me too..." Sparkess said.
"Sex with women?"
"No, having sex with someone smaller than me... But sex with women isn't unknown to me..." Sparkess said.
"Oh?" Flara replied, getting up on all fours, walking towards the sexy Pikachu. She still had her fingers in her pussy, slowly rubbing to give her some pleasure. "So you've done it with women before?"
"Ask all the girls in the daycare, hon..." Sparkess smiled. "Now would you go first, or should I?"
"Sit back, and relax..." Flara smiled, and somewhat jumped onto Sparkess' chest, her paws landing on both her breasts.
"Oh..." Sparkess gasped, feeling her breasts touched.
"You've got some pretty big breasts here..." Flara said, looking down. Sparkess' breasts were covered with a thin layer of yellow fur, except for the pink nipples. Flara moved herself back, sitting down on Sparkess' belly.
"Thanks, sweetie... The bigger, the better, I always say..." Sparkess smiled.
"I couldn't agree more..." Flara said, and moved her head down. She slowly stuck out her tongue, and licked over Sparkess' left breast.
"Mmmm that feels great..." Sparkess replied. Her breasts were always the most sensitive place to her. Flara smiled, as she took in the nipple. She started to curl her tongue around it, and then bit down softly. Then she opened her mouth, and licked the whole breast over. Sparkess moaned. Her fingers had never left her pussy, and she was pushing three fingers inside rapidly. Flara looked back from out of the corner of her eye, and smiled. She moved her thick, furry tail down, and rubbed it over Sparkess' hand, who finally let go of her privates. Flara rubbed her tail all over Sparkess' pussy lips, using her ability as a Fire Pokemon to heat up her tail, giving Sparkess even more pleasure than just rubbing her pussy.
"Oh that feels so good and warm!" Sparkess moaned.

"Yes, you are doing a great job!" the Eevee moaned as Vapora sucked his dick. He had grabbed her head, helping her move up and down. Vapora didn't seem to mind. She was happy she was doing it right. To be honest, sucking a dick wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.
"Whoa whoa... Stop..." the Eevee said.
"Mmmm? Why? Am I not doing something right?" Vapora asked.
"No... Earlier you said you wanted to feel a male inside you, am I right?" he asked.
"Oh yeah..." Vapora said, recalling her saying that. "I forgot..."
"Well you've worked me up good, and I'm ready..."
"All right..." Vapora said. She was ready too. She turned around, and stuck her butt up in the air and her chest down to the ground. "Go ahead..." she said. Her pussy was wet with juices, not only because of Flara's tongue job earlier, but also from sucking the Eevee's dick. It made her horny. The Eevee smiled as he saw Vapora's slit, dripping with juices. He moved his hand down, and slowly pushed one finger inside.
"Mmmm I thought you were gonna..." Vapora moaned, unable to finish her sentence because of the pleasure.
"I know... I just wanted to feel how tight you were..." the Eevee replied, and pulled his finger back. He stuck it into his mouth, and moaned. "And I wanted to taste you too... You taste good..."
"Thanks... That's what Flara says too..." Vapora said.
"Okay, get ready..." the Eevee said, and moved himself over Vapora. He was now above her, his head above hers. His arms were next to Vapora, holding him up as he positioned himself in front of her pussy. When the head was slightly touching her lips, he pushed forwards.
"Oohhhh!" Vapora moaned when part of the Eevee was inside her.
"Whoa!" the Eevee moaned when he felt Vapora's pussy lips surround around his shaft. "That feels so good!"
"So this is how straight girls feel like!" Vapora moaned.
"Having fun, honey?" Flara said, momentarily taking her mouth off Sparkess' pussy. The two had curled up in the 69 position, and Flara was enjoying Sparkess' tongue-job. Flara was on top, and Sparkess below.
"Oh yeah!" Vapora replied, humping herself against the Eevee. "I would never had thought a dick could feel so good!"
"I have to ask you again... You're not about to start liking males, are ya?" Flara asked.
"And I have to answer just like beFORE!" Vapora said while the Eevee pushed his whole dick into her pussy. "I love you and you alone!"
"Don't worry... When she's done with him, you can have her back..." Sparkess said. "Now if you don't mind..." Sparkess added, and gave Flara's pussy a playful lick.
"Oh sorry honey..." Flara said, looked down, and dragged her tongue over Sparkess' slit again.
"That's better!" Sparkess moaned, closing her eyes.

The four kept on licking and humping each other, until everyone reached their climaxes. Flara made Sparkess climax first, after she had pushed her tongue deep into her, reaching some sensitive areas. Sparkess then did the same to Flara, making her the second one to orgasm. The third one was Vapora. Her juices shot out of her past the Eevee's dick, giving him a warm enjoyable feeling. Then, finally, the Eevee came too. He grunted, and pushed one more time into Vapora, before he shot his male seed deep into Vapora's belly. The two kept on humping until his orgasm had died down.
"That was good..." Vapora moaned, lying on her back. Flara had crawled over to her, lying by her side.
"You're still my little girl, are ya?" Flara smiled, kissing Vapora on her cheek.
"Sweetie... Do I have to repeat myself over and over?" Vapora asked.
"Just once more ^ ^..."
Vapora was silent, moved her head up, and kissed Flara on the nose.
Some of the Eevee's cum leaked out of Vapora's cunt, and Flara noticed this.
"Now I've always wondered how male sperm would taste like... Can I taste some?" Flara said, nodding at Vapora's pussy.
"Go ahead..." Vapora said.
"Thanks..." Flara said, getting up, and walked to Vapora's pussy. She lowered her head, and stuck out her tongue. She slowly licked up all that was there, and Vapora moaned when she did this.
"Mmmm yes..."
Flara moved her head up again after getting all the cum off, and tasted.
"Mmmm... not bad..." she said with her mouth full.
"I want some too..." Vapora moaned.
"Mmmm..." Flara replied, walked over to Vapora, and there they shared a short French kiss, as well as the Eevee's cum.
"I agree... Not bad..." Vapora said.
"Now you're mine again!" Sparkess said playfully, and tackled the Eevee. His dick was still erect, which meant he was ready for another round.
"You think we should let them alone now?" Flara asked.
"Yeah... She deserves to enjoy him in private..." Vapora said, getting up. "And we deserve some good sleep..."
"I guess..." Flara said, and followed Vapora.

On their way back to Darren's Daycare, Vapora stopped.
"What's wrong, honey?" Flara asked, noticing Vapora got behind.
"I don't know... I think... I feel weird..." she said.
"What do you feel?"
"I... feel... sick, for some reason..."
"And dizzy too?" Flara asked.
"Yeah..." Vapora said, sitting down.
"Uh-oh... I think I know what's going on with you..."
"You got some of the Eevee's cum in you, right?"
"Then I think he made you pregnant..." Flara said.
"I'm what?!"
"So fast?!"
"It doesn't take long for Pokemon to get pregnant..." Flara replied.
"What am I suppose to do?!" Vapora gasped. "And what am I suppose to tell Eevy?!"
"The truth seems good enough..."
"But I don't know how she would take it..."
"Well we won't find out if we don't tell..." Flara said.
"I guess..."
"We'll tell her in the morning..."
"This doesn't change anything between us, does it?" Vapora asked.
"Of course not..." Flara smiled.
"By the way, how come you know all this stuff about pregnancy?" Vapora asked. "Have you been pregnant before?"
"No... I've read it in those books Eevy bought about Pokemon sex and stuff..."

The next morning, Vapora woke up. She yawned, and sat up, and then gasped. Next to her was an egg.
"I laid an egg while I was sleeping?"
At that moment, Eevy woke. She rubbed her eyes, and yawned, and then looked at Vapora.
"Oh hi Vapora... Good morn-" she got no further as she saw the egg. "An egg?"
"Flara, wake up!" Vapora said to Flara next to her.
"Mmmm?" Flara moaned.
"Sashi, wake up!" Eevy said to Sashi next to her.
"Mmmm?" Sashi moaned, opening her eyes.
"Look!" Eevy said, pointing at the egg next to Vapora.
"Oh, it's an egg..." Sashi said.
"I thought I knew what to say, but now I'm too nervous to say it's mine!" Vapora said to Flara.
"It's yours?" Sashi gasped. Vapora gasped too, and then turned her head to Sashi.
"Hers?" Eevy asked.
"It's mine, yeah..." Vapora said.
"Oh my..." Sashi said.
"It's hers?"
"How? When?"
"Well remember when Flara and I went out yesterday night? We eh... met up with Sparkess and the male Eevee, and we kinda..." Vapora said as Sashi translated.
"Oh I see..." Eevy said.
"Are you mad?"
Sashi translated.
"No of course not..." Eevy replied, petting Vapora's head. "I was just surprised... I think it is great that you're going to be a mother..."
"That's so good to hear... I was getting worried..." Vapora said, and Sashi explained.
"What's to get worried about?" Eevy asked.
"How do we make it hatch?" Flara asked.
"Well if I'm correct, it takes a lot of time for an egg to hatch... We're just supposed to carry it around until it is time for it to hatch..." Sashi said. "Learned that from my mother..."
"And you two are willing to carry my egg until it hatches? I am unable to do that..."
"Why?" Sashi asked.
"Do I look like I can hold the egg in my arms?" Vapora grinned.
"Oh, right..." Sashi said, rubbing the back of her head. "Yes of course we will carry it... Won't we, Eevy?"
"Of course..."
"But what do we do with the egg now?" Vapora asked. "I mean, do I stay with it? Do I have to keep it warm?"
"I suppose you should stay with it for the time being... When we're ready to leave this place again, I will keep it safe in my backpack..." Sashi replied.
"Thanks..." Vapora said, and lay down next to her egg.
"And I'll stay with you..." Flara said, laying down next to her lover.
"Okay, we're going downstairs..." Sashi said, and told Eevy to follow.


"Should we tell the others?" Eevy asked.
"I think so... They have a right to know where the egg comes from..." Sashi replied, as the two got downstairs.
"Good morning you two..." Darren greeted.
"Good morning, Darren..." Eevy said back.
"Hello Darren..." Sashi said.
"Had a good sleep?"
"It was pretty good... I feel rested..."
"Yeah me too..."
"Now Eevy?" Darren said.
"Yeah?" Eevy replied.
"Could you go to the kitchen, and make those ham-sandwiches? Every Anthro in this house is waiting for you..." Darren said.
"Sure..." Eevy smiled, walked into the kitchen, grabbed the stuff she needed, and got to work.

After breakfast - which everyone thought was the best breakfast ever - Sashi began her training. She thought, if Tiara was so powerful she needed Eevy's stronger Pokemon to defeat her, she should train her Pokemon just as Brian was. That way, her Pokemon could grow stronger, and maybe reach higher levels. Sashi had problems with fighting against one of her own kinds just as Brian had. Her fight was against Kitty, the Skitty she met yesterday.
"Now are you sure you can take it?" Sashi asked one last time.
"I've fought as many times as everyone here..." Kitty said, and got ready. "Bring out your first Pokemon!"
"All right! I choose you, Kirlia!" Sashi called, and threw Kirlia's Pokeball into the air.
"Kirlia..." Kirlia said, appearing on the field.
"Now Kirlia, we are going to train you to become stronger, and you need to attack Kitty here..." Sashi said.
"I need to attack an Anthro?" Kirlia gasped.
"I know it sounds bad, Kirlia... But trust me, I am stronger than I look... Go ahead and try an attack on me..." Kitty said.
"Okay..." Kirlia said. "Confusion!" Kirlia called, and her eyes glowed.
"That's good..." Kirlia said as she felt herself being hit by a wave of strong energy. "Keep this up... Try and make this attack as powerful as you can!" Kitty was glowing too now.
"ConfuSION!" Kirlia screamed, and really tried her best. The waves of energy became stronger, and Kitty's legs were now shaking a little.
"This is better... Now use a different attack!"
"All I have left is my Psychic attack..." Kirlia said.
"It'll do fine... Go ahead, and use it..." Kitty said as Kirlia stopped her Confusion attack.
"If you say so..." Kirlia said.
"She knows what she's doing, Kirlia..." Sashi said. "Use Psychic!"
"Psychic! Kirlia said, and her eyes glowed, just like before. But this time, Kitty was hit by a more powerful wave of energy. It knocked her down on her knees, and she grunted.
"G-good..." Kitty said.

Meanwhile, Espeon appeared by her side.
"Ehhh Sashi? I was meaning to ask you something..." she said.
"What is it, Espeon?" Sashi asked, momentarily taking her eyes of Kirlia.
"You know how I fought against Chansey for Brian?"
"Well when I managed to take her down, I gained a few battle points, and that shot me up two levels..." Espeon said.
"Yeah so? Now you'te level 37..." Sashi said.
"Exactly... And on my 36th level I could learn the attack 'Psybeam'..." Espeon said.
"And did you?" Sashi asked.
"I need permission from you first before I can learn a new attack..." Espeon said.
"Oh right... Can you still learn it?"
"I was able to postpone it until now, but I feel I will lose the ability if I wait any longer..." Espeon said.
"Then I give you permission to learn Psybeam..." Sashi said.
"But in order to do that, I need to forget a different move... I already know four moves, and a Pokemon can only have four moves..." Espeon said.
"Oh right... Eh, let me see... You have; Return, Bite, Quick attack, and Swift... Return is - as you have shown many times before - a strong attack, so we can't let you forget that one... And Bite is helpful against Psychic and Ghost Pokemon... And Quick attack gives you the ability to attack first, which you can use good when you're hurt badly... So that leaves Swift... This is an attack that always hits the foe, no matter how low your accuracy gets..." Sashi finished. "We can't really use that attack, so let's make you forget Swift!" Sashi smiled.
"Already done..." Espeon smiled, and then glowed for a second. "I have now learned the attack Psybeam..." Espeon said as the glow disappeared.
"Great! A real Psychic attack you can use!" Sashi said.

Meanwhile again, Brian was sitting in the living room, having some time to rest. He had trained his Pokemon yesterday, and that made his Pokemon stronger already. Umbreon had grown two levels, his Scizor one, Gyarados three and Alakazam three also. He had enough of training for today. Then it struck him. How long were they going to stay here? How long did Sashi want to stay here? She didn't expect him to stay here forever, did she? He needed to know right now, so he got up, and started to walk outside. When outside, he was greeted by two female anthro's; the Gardevoir Voira, and the female Eevee, Eeve.
"Hi Brian..." Eeve said.
"Ehh... Hi?" Brian replied.
"How are you?" Voira asked. For some reason, she was acting very weird.
"Ehh, fine, I guess... Now if you would excuse me, I need to..." Brian said, trying to show the girls that he had to get past them, but the girls wouldn't move.
"We want to show you a little around..." Eeve said.
"Thanks, but no thanks... I need to ask-"
"After we've showed you around, you'll have plenty of time to do whatever you want to do..." Voira said.
"It'll only take a short time..." Eeve giggled.
That giggle didn't sound good to Brian. They were up to something, he could feel it.
"Oh okay, if it only take a short time..." Brian said. "What can go wrong if I just follow them?" he thought when Eeve pulled his arm, and took him away from the house. Voira just followed.

The three walked until they were a pretty far distance into the forest and from the daycare.
"Where are you taking me?" Brian asked.
"To a special place..." Eeve said.
"And where is that?"
"Far from the others..."
"Yeah I suspected that a long time ago..." Brian said.
"Don't worry..." Voira said. "Nothing bad will happen to you..."
Eeve giggled again.
"Now I'm certain something's wrong..." Brian said.
"Oh no, nothing is... wrong..." Voira said as they finally stopped. They had arrived at a big tree.
"What is this?" he asked.
"Our little private place to play..." Eeve said, letting go of Brian's hand.
"Ehm... And why have you brought me here?"
"You'll find out soon enough..." Voira said, and pushed him forwards, towards the tree. She made him climb in it, as Eeve went first. The three walked up until they came to a room that was built up high in the tree. There was everything there; all the things you would find in an ordinary room.
"Welcome to our self-made hangout..." Voira said.
"You built this?" Brian gasped.
"Yes... Well, with the help of a few others, that is..." Eeve said.
"And this is what you wanted to show me?"
"Have you had sex with Sashi and that Eevy already?" Voira asked.
"What? Why would you ask that?!" Brian gasped.
"Well isn't it kinda weird for a male to be around two females and not have sex with them?" Eeve asked.
"No, of course not... Sashi and Eevy are my friends..."
"But they're both female too..." Voira said.
"Yeah, so?"
"You must feel something for them besides friendship, right?"
"Ehhh..." Brian replied. To be honest, he did feel a thing for Sashi since he met her.
"Well, do ya?" Voira asked.
"I... guess..." Brian said.
"Aha, and you've never had sex with one of them?"
"Well let me ask you this... Have you ever had sex before?" Eeve asked.
"No..." Brian repeated, blushing.
"How old are you?" Eeve asked.
"Twenty..." Brian said.
"And still a virgin?" Voira said.
"Is that so bad?" Brian asked.
"I didn't say that... It doesn't matter how old you are when you first lose your virginity... It's that you finally lose it that matters..." Eeve said.
"Oh..." Brian blushed.
"But you've tried masturbation before?"
"Why do you need to know all these things, anyway?" Brian asked.
"Out of curiosity..." Eeve giggled.
"So you haven't found the right one yet?" Voira asked.
"Well, like I said before; It doesn't matter how old you are when you first lose your virginity... It's that you finally lose it that matters... That includes that it doesn't matter with who it is, as long as you have it..." Eeve smiled.
"Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" Brian asked nervous.
"Well what do you think we are going to do?" Eeve asked, grabbing one of Brian's arms, and pulled him onto the bed.
"If I think I know what you think we're going to do with you, then you are right..." Voira smiled, sitting down on the bed as well.
"Oh..." Brian blushed.
"My..." Eeve said, looking down at Brian's crotch. Brian followed her gaze. He the saw what she meant. His dick had started growing during the talk, and a tent had now grown in his pants.
"That's more like it..." Voira said, and grabbed Brian's belt. She unbuckled it, and threw it aside. Eeve helped her friend with Brian's pants, and slowly pulled it down his legs. All that was left was his underwear.
"Why would anyone wear underwear? It only gets in the way..." Eeve said, grabbed Brian's underwear, and pulled it down. Immediately Brian's dick stood straight up, being freed from its prison.
"Ehhh..." Brian blushed as he looked down at his erect dick.
"Not bad for your age..." Voira said as she lowered her head, watching the 8 inch cock in front of her. "Can't wait to put it in my mouth..."
"Well you'll have to share with me..." Eeve said, and lowered her head just as Voira did. The two girls moved their muzzles close together, opened their mouth, and stuck out their tongues. With them, they touched Brian's dick at the same time, both licking all the way up to the head.
"Oh my god!" Brian gasped when he felt pleasure run through his body like this for the first time. He leant his head back, and closed his eyes shut, as he let the two girls play with his dick. The two girls giggled when they heard Brian moan like that, and now placed their lips on the shaft, placing soft kisses while going down. They reached his balls, and slowly stuck out their tongues again, each girl taking one ball. Eeve took the ball she had between her lips, and slowly sucked.
"Oh yeah..." Brian moaned.
"Mmmm..." Voira moaned as she went up again, and started to lick the head of his dick. She went over every area, and finally closed her lips around the head. Brian's eyes opened suddenly when he felt the head of his dick between Voira's lips. He closed them again and moaned out loud as Voira lowered her head and took in the first few inches in her mouth. Brian gasped for air as he felt more pleasure run through his body. He thought this was all, but the pleasure increased when Eeve started licking the shaft again, going all the way up to Voira's mouth. There she went down again, and licked both balls. Then she slowly released both of them, and moved her head away. This gave Voira the opportunity to go even further down, and further down she went. She took in 4 more inches, and moved her head up. She then pushed her head down hard, taking in an extra inch. She continued to move her head up and down, sucking the head every once in a while, and wrapping her tongue around the shaft to increase the pleasure. Eeve had moved herself away from Brian's crotch, and had now reached his head.
"Enjoying what we're doing?" she asked, and Brian nodded with closed eyes, making little humps every time Voira moved her head down.
"Good... She's sucking on your dick, so I'm going to give you something to suck on as well..." Eeve said, grabbed her white shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her long, brown hair landed back on her back as the shirt was off. She threw the shirt next to Brian's belt, and sat up on her knees. She grabbed his head, and pushed it against her chest. Brian opened his eyes when he felt two big breasts press against his nose, and moved his head up a little, so that his mouth was at the right place. He opened his mouth, and went to the left breast. He also moved one hand behind Eeve, and placed it on her back. He then pushed her harder against him, as he pushed his head harder against her. He had now one nipple in his mouth, and was using his tongue to lick all over it. He wrapped his tongue around the nipple, and then moved it over the whole breast.
"Yes that's the way!" Eeve moaned. While one hand was behind Brian's back, the other was down her skirt, rubbing her pussy lips. She was pushing one finger inside, trying to pleasure herself. Voira had the same idea. She was also pushing one finger inside her cunt. She had more trouble pleasuring herself, because of her long, white dress. Gardevoir wear long, white dresses, hiding their privates pretty well. Voira had to pull her dress all the way up to her waist to get under it. She wasn't wearing a panty, no of course not. Just like Eeve she thought underwear only got in the way. Brian moved to the other breast, and repeated the same treatment there. Brian now lay himself down on his back, as Eeve lowered herself on top of him as Voira was still blowing him. Eeve moved herself up, feeling that her breasts were pleasured more than enough. She managed to pull off her skirt while she moved herself up, and kicked the dress away when it was at her ankles. Her pussy was dripping with juices, and that's what caught Brian's eyes.
"You're ready to eat me?" Eeve said seductively.
"'Eat you'?" Brian asked confused.
"Do me orally..." Eeve explained.
"Oh... Sure..." Brian said.
"Lean your head back, and stretch your arms..." Eeve said, and Brian did. Eeve pulled Brian's shirt over his head, and later, she threw it aside. She then crawled over to Brian's head so that her pussy was above his face, and lowered herself onto Brian's mouth. Brian immediately tasted Eeve's pussy juice the moment she laid contact with him, and he opened his mouth wide. He stuck out his tongue, and pushed it deep into her pussy.
"Oh yes! That's it!" Eeve moaned, closing her eyes, and humped Brian's head slowly.

Meanwhile, Voira saw what Eeve had done, and decided she could do something too. She released Brian's dick, and got up. She grabbed her shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her white breasts were now exposed, as she went to work on her long, white dress. She pushed it down her butt, and stepped out of it. She then got back on her knees, and placed her plant-like hands on Brian's butt. He gasped at the touch, but continued to eat Eeve out. Voira then pushed Brian further onto the bed, so that she had room for herself to get up. And getting up she did. She crawled over to Brian's erect dick, and grabbed it in her hands. She moved her butt exactly above it, and positioned the dick in front of her entrance. She then slammed her butt down, taking in all 8 inches of Brian's dick.
"HOLY!" Brian managed to say with Eeve on his mouth.
"Oh yeah!" Voira said with closed eyes. While her eyes were closed, she moved her hands forwards, and grabbed Eeve's - who was sitting with her back towards her - breasts in both hands.
"Mmmm!" Eeve moaned when she felt the familiar touch of Voira's hands. Voira started to hump her body up, and then down again while she moved her hands in circles over Eeve's breasts. Eeve placed one hand on top of Voira's, and helped her rub over her brown-furred breasts. Voira squeezed her hips tight, in order to increase the pleasure as she humped Brian. Brian couldn't believe the luck he had. Two hot girls were fucking him. This was a dream come true. Then he felt something familiar deep down his body. In the past he had tried masturbation several times, but when he got older, he didn't have any time for it anymore. Especially when his Pokemon were around. He couldn't risk it at night, because who knew what would happen if one of his Pokemon suddenly awoke. That's why he always tried to masturbate on toilets, or when he was totally alone. Anyway, he felt his orgasm approach quickly, and because of that, he started to hump his hips against Voira's.
"Uh! Looks like someone... Is almost there!" Voira moaned, licking Eeve's neck.
"Uh so am I!" Eeve moaned with closed eyes. Brian was doing a great job on her pussy. Not only did he find some sensitive areas, his tongue gave her more pleasure than Voira's had. "Oh my god here I cum!" Eeve cried out, arched her back, and came hard, shooting her honey up Brian's mouth. He gasped, and opened his eyes wide as Eeve came into his mouth. Eeve's juice that entered Brian's mouth tasted sweet, but also strong and salty. And it kept coming! So all he could do was swallow, but he didn't seem to mind. He swallowed every drop Eeve gave, and continued to lick her cunt so that no drop was left out. Eeve continued to shove her cunt up Brian's mouth, but when her orgasm died down, she got off him, and lay down on the bed.
"Good... Now you're all mine!" Voira smiled, and moved her chest forwards, so that she was over Brian. She placed her hands next to Brian's head, and lowered her head. She then shared a long, passionate French kiss, which lasted for 15 seconds. She now really got into it, as she squeezed her hips even tighter, and increased her pace. She humped Brian hard, making him moan in pleasure as much as Voira was doing. It didn't take long before Brian came with a grunt.
"Holy shit I think I'm gonna-" were his last words before he went silent. He gasped loud as he came hard. Several shots of cum shot into Voira's pussy. That brought her over the edge as well.
"Oh yes me too!" she cried out, and lowered her body, so that she was lying on top of Brian, and then came. Their cum mixed with each other, and leaked out of Voira's pussy. The two continued to hump each other until also their orgasms had died down. Voira then got off Brian, and lay down on the bed opposite of Eeve.

They all gasped for air, recovering from the sex they just had.
"W... wow..." Brian said after a while of silence.
"I agree..." Eeve said. "That was like nothing I've ever felt before..."
"So did you like your first time?" Voira asked.
"You bet!" Brian smiled. "But why did you do it with me?"
"We have our own reasons..." Eeve said.
"Anyway, it was awesome!" Brian said.
"If you stay here with us, you can have this every day of your life... With us or any other female..."
"Stay with you?" Brian asked, and Eeve and Voira nodded. "But what about Sashi and Eevy?"
"If they felt anything for you, they would have made love to you before..." Voira said.
"And you feel anything for me?" Brian asked.
"We're starting to..." Eeve said.
"Mmmm... I don't know... I mean, I'd love to have this every day of my life, but I also love the company of Sashi and Eevy..." Brian said.
"Make up your mind, and let us know when you're ready..." Eeve said, and pulled on her shirt.
"Now let's go back to the house, before your Pokemon miss you..." Voira said, as she pulled on her skirt.
"I guess..." Brian said. Could he leave Sashi and Eevy just to have sex every day? What would they think of this? Would they accept this, and let him stay? Or would they fight for him to stay with them?

To be continued...

Sashi: What the... He has to choose between sex every day or the company of us?
Looks like it...
Sashi: And what is he gonna choose?
Beats me...
Sashi: Oh come on! Tell me!
I thought you were psychic?
Sashi: I know, but that's a bit like spoiling a surprise...
And telling you what Brian is gonna choose isn't a surprise?
Sashi: I-... Crap...
^ ^ Anyway, my tenth chapter is done! Congratulate me at [email protected]
Sashi: Bye!
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