AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke




"Long time no see..." Audry said.
"Audry?" Sashi asked again.
"What? Surprised to see me here?" Audry asked.
"Well no of course not... I know how much you want to become a Pokemon Master too... It's almost as much as I want..." Sashi replied, reaching out a hand. "How are you?"
Eevy expected Audry not to grab the hand, but to her surprise, Audry did.
"Well you know, the usual crap..." Audry replied, shaking the hand back. "But good, in any case..."
"Good to hear... And how are your Pokemon doing?" Sashi asked.
"Why do you want to know?" Audry asked.
"Since three badges ago I can understand Pokemon language..." Sashi said, then stopped. "Wow... Three badges ago... Seems like a long time ago..."
"So this means you have..." Audry said, and started to count in her head. "Five badges... Right?"
"Yup!" Sashi smiled, and showed Audry her badges.
"A-hem?" Eevy coughed.
"Oh right..." Sashi smiled. "Audry? This is Eevy..."
"Nice to meet you..." Eevy said, reaching out a hand.
"A human, friends with Sashi?" Audry asked surprised, shaking Eevy's hand.
"Yeah... It's really awkward how we met, but it ended up in much more..." Sashi smiled. "Which brings me to the next thing... Remember how we always said we'd be marrying boys when we grew up?"
"Yeah? I still do..." Audry said.
"Well that kinda changed for me..." Sashi said.
Audry gasped.
"Don't tell me..."
"I've started experimenting in relationships with girls..." Sashi said, and put an arm around Eevy's head. "And I've made my decision..."
"So you two are like a couple?" Audry asked.
"We are..." Eevy smiled.
"Wow... First I see you're friends with a human, and now you tell me it's become more than that?" Audry smiled. "That's great!"
"Thanks..." Sashi said.
"Sashi?" Eevy asked.
"Is Audry a friend of yours too?"
"Something like that yeah..." Sashi said. "It was in my older years, when I was 13 or something..."
"14... I remember..." Audry said.
"Whatever..." Sashi chuckled. "Anyway, it was long before I met Alan, but it happened the same way actually... Audry here was on her way to Professor Yuuki for her first Pokemon, when she came past my Daycare Center..." Sashi said. "She saw me sitting outside, and watched me from a distance."
"I never got my first Pokemon that day... I spent the whole day watching Sashi..." Audry said.
"And the next day, when she finally got enough courage to approach me, she found out I was quite nice..." Sashi said.
"Quite nice, yeah..." Audry said.
"So we got to talking, and soon we became friends. She didn't see me as a scary creature, but as a fellow female..." Sashi said.
"I thought it was wrong for people to see her as an outsider..." Audry said.
"Well you're not the first..." Eevy said.
"I know... But anyway, I finally went to get my first Pokemon from Professor Yuuki three days after the original day... My parents were wondering why I hadn't picked it up yet... But I just told them something else caught my interest..." Audry said, and smiled at Sashi. Sashi smiled back.
"That's when we got separated... She had to go on her Pokemon journey, but before she did, she came by to say goodbye... She showed me the Pokemon she got from Yuuki, what she could do..." Sashi said.
"I believe she ate your lunch then..." Audry giggled.
"Yeah... Then, later, we were apart for 6 years... I was 20, and one day when I was walking around, I found Audry..."
"I was about to enter the second Gym... I was so surprised! Here I was, as old as Sashi was, and much longer on my Pokemon journey, just about to enter the second Gym, while Sashi was too, whose journey started 5 years after mine!" Audry said. "That made me jealous..."
"It s because I didn't get lost in Vakira forest..." Sashi giggled.
"Well sorry, but how was I supposed to know I had to buy a map at the entrance? I mean, I never knew there was an entrance in the first place!" Audry laughed.
"Don't you have a Pokemon guide?" Eevy said.
"No... I don't know where to get one..." Audry said.
"But anyway, now that we were both Pokemon Trainers, I asked Audry if she couldn't travel with me on my journey..." Sashi said.
"But I said no, because I had a pace of my own... If I had to do six years over two Gyms, and she only one, I could never keep up with her..." Audry said. "And besides, now that we were both Pokemon Trainers, we automatically became rivals of each other... We both wanted to become a Pokemon Master..."
"True..." Sashi said.
"What Pokemon did you start with?" Eevy asked.
Audry didn't reply. Instead, she grabbed a Pokeball from her belt, and threw it on the ground. A moment later, it opened, and a Pokemon came out. It was a Ninetails [Fire type].
"You started with a Ninetails?" Eevy asked.
"No..." Audry giggled. "I started with a Vulpix... Oh that reminds me," Audry said, and looked at Sashi, "How is your Vulpix? Have you made her evolve yet?"
"No, she's still a Vulpix..." Sashi said.
"Darn shame... Ninetails are so much stronger..." Audry said.
"Not necessarily true..." Sashi said. "They may be stronger, but they're not as cute as Vulpix..."
"But Ninetails can be cute too..." Audry said. "But I remember you said you could understand Pokemon language?"
"Oh right... Yes I can... And Eevy too!" Sashi smiled at Eevy.
"A human who can understand Pokemon language?" Audry asked. "I've never heard of those before.."
"It's very rare, but Darren from Four Island Daycare could understand them too..."
"Darren? Who is that?" Audry asked.
"Later... First Ninetails..." Sashi said, and looked down. "Hello Ninetails... Remember me?" Sashi said.
"You're Sashi, right?" Ninetails said.
"Correct." Sashi replied.
"I know you from when we first met..." Ninetails said. "You were friends with Audry..."
"That's right, you remembered well..."
"Once again, sorry I ate your lunch..." Ninetails said.
"Doesn't matter... what's in the past is in the past..." Sashi said.
"But I've always thought you hated me for what I did..." Ninetails said.
"Hey of course I don't hate you..." Sashi said, placed a hand on Ninetails' shoulder, and squeezed.
"Okay thanks..." Ninetails said. "You don't know how much better that makes me feel..."
"Been my pleasure..." Sashi replied.
"So what'd she say?" Audry asked.
"She felt sorry for eating my lunch..." Sashi replied.
Audry started laughing.
"Yeah! I remember once when she accidentally set my tent on fire... I explained to her I didn't mind, that it was an accident... But she couldn't look me in the eyes for at least a week..." Audry laughed.
"Hey but what exactly are you doing here?" Sashi asked.
"Well ain't it obvious?" Audry asked. Sashi's face was blank. "To challenge the Gym of course, silly!"
"Oh right!" Sashi giggled.
"And I'm guessing you're about to leave?" Audry asked.
"Afraid so..." Sashi said.
"Before you leave, shall we hold a battle? I want to see how much you've improved!" Audry said.
"I would like to see how much you've improved as well!" Sashi smiled. "Let's go!"
"Not yet..." Audry said.
"Why not?"
"I need to heal my Pokemon first..." Audry said. "If I didn't ask it now, you would have left..."
"Oh I see..." Sashi said. "I'll wait outside then..."

"All right! This will be a battle between four Pokemon, or should we use five?" Audry asked.
"Four... I haven't caught my fifth yet..."
"Ha! So there is something in which I am ahead of you!" Audry laughed.
"Minor detail..." Sashi grinned.
"Shall we begin?" Audry asked. "Or do I have to wait until I'm 50?"
"Easy..." Sashi said, and grabbed a Pokeball. "Do you remember my Ralts?"
"Of course I do... Cute little one when we last met..." Audry said.
"She's grown a lot since we last met... Kirlia! I choose you!" Sashi said, threw the Pokeball in the air, and Kirlia came out.
"Kirlia!" Kirlia said.
"It's a Kirlia now?" Audry asked.
"She evolved a while ago..." Sashi said.
"Ehh Sashi... Are you sure you should send her in? I mean, she's only level 27..." Eevy said.
"It'll be a good training for her..." Sashi replied. "Besides, I know Audry, and I know she wouldn't deliberately hurt a Pokemon..."
"If you say so..." Eevy said.
"Okay, remember my Bulbasaur?" Audry asked.
"Let me guess.. She evolved too?" Sashi smiled.
"A lot... Go, Venusaur!" Audry called, and threw a Pokeball.
"Venusaur?!" Eevy and Sashi both gasped.
The Pokeball landed on the ground, and opened. A second later, a big, green Pokemon with a big plant on its back appeared.
"Venusaur..." Venusaur [Grass type] said.
"Whoa... She's grown big!" Sashi said. "You do know that psychic attacks are very effective against Grass types, right?"
"I'm willing to take that chance..." Audry said.
"Okay... Kirlia! Use Psychic!" Sashi called, and Audry gasped for a second.
"Psychic!" Kirlia said, using the attack she learned a level ago. Her eyes glowed, and she lifted her arms up. Then she shot out waves of energy at Venusaur.
"If only Venusaur were not so big, she could easily dodge that!" Audry thought as the waves hit Venusaur. It didn't do much, though. Just a tiny explosion against Venusaur's head. Kirlia was a much lower level than Venusaur was. When Kirlia was done with her attack, she calmed down, her eyes stopped glowing, and she lowered her arms.
"Looks like your Kirlia didn't do much damage... Venusaur! Time to get the energy back Kirlia took away from you!" Audry said.
"What are you talking about?" Sashi asked.
"Use Giga Drain!"
"Venu..." Venusaur said, and suddenly, several vines shot out of the big plant, which she shot to Kirlia. If it weren't so many, Kirlia could have dodged them, but unfortunately for her, she couldn't. The vines wrapped themselves around Kirlia. Suddenly Kirlia glowed a red color, and you could see she was in pain.
"Oh no! Energy is being sucked out of her!" Sashi gasped.
A while later, Kirlia stopped glowing, and Venusaur removed her vines.
Meanwhile, Eevy noticed something glowing in her backpack. She opened it, and gasped.
"The egg..." she said to herself. "Is it going to hatch?"
The egg glowed for a few more seconds, before it stopped. Eevy and Sashi had agreed that each would carry the egg from time to time, and today it was Eevy's turn.
"Kirlia?! Are you okay?" Sashi called.
"No of course not!" Kirlia grunted. "How would you feel if all the energy you have gets sucked out of your body?"
"Good point..."
"Hey Sashi! You better switch her with one of your other Pokemon!" Audry said.
"I know!" Sashi replied.
"Hey Sashi... At least I haven't fainted... So if you switch me now, I'll receive Battle Points... And I feel I'm close to my next level..." Kirlia said.
"Okay... Kirlia! Return!" Sashi said, and called Kirlia back into her ball. "You did great..."
"Who are you going to use now?" Audry asked.
"Espeon!" Sashi said, and Espeon entered the battlefield.
"Espeon? Did your Eevee evolve into an Espeon?" Audry asked, and Sashi nodded. "Wow... An Espeon training an Espeon..."
"Yeah I've heard that one before..." Sashi chuckled.
"But to be honest, I think Espeon looks much cuter than Eevee..." Audry said.
"Thanks, I think so too..." Sashi smiled.
"Are we going to battle or what?" Espeon asked.
"Yes yes, of course..." Sashi replied.
"What?" Audry asked, and Sashi explained. "Anxious little one, ain't she?"
"'Little'?" Espeon gasped. "Why does everyone keep calling me little?"
"Didn't you want to fight?" Sashi asked Espeon.
"Well of course I do, but-"
"Then go! Use Psybeam!" Sashi called.
"Finally!" Espeon said, and aimed her vision at Venusaur. Then her eyes glowed, and later, a beam of light the same as the color of her glowing eyes shot at Venusaur.
"Venusaur!" Audry gasped as the Psybeam hit Venusaur. Espeon's attack was much more powerful than Kirlia's, and this Venusaur felt. It took her out in one blow. "Oh no... Great work, Venusaur..." Audry said, and aimed her Pokeball at her Pokemon. "Return!" a red beam connected with Venusaur, and took her back into her Pokeball.
"Great work, Espeon..." Sashi said.
"Do you also remember I talked about catching a Chikorita?" Audry asked.
"Yeah? You caught one?"
"I did... But it's not a Chikorita anymore! I choose you, Meganium!" Audry said, and threw a second Pokeball into the air. Later, a big, green Pokemon appeared with a pink flower around its neck and two antennas on its head.
"Meganium!" Meganium [Grass type] said.
"Another big Pokemon..." Sashi softly said.
"Yup... You just wait what I have in store for you..." Audry smiled.
"Oh I can't wait..." Sashi said sarcastically. "And since we talked about your Ninetails being stronger than my Vulpix, I'll show you Vulpix can be strong too! Espeon, return..." Sashi said. "I'm replacing you for..." Sashi said, and grabbed Vulpix' Pokeball. "Vulpix!" she said, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light shot out of it. It landed on the ground, and a small, red Pokemon with six tails appeared.
"Vulpix!" Vulpix said.
"She's SO CUTE!" Audry cried.
"But strong too, am I right, Vulpix?" Sashi said. Vulpix turned her head, and nodded slowly.
"Then use Flamethrower!" Sashi called, and Vulpix turned her head towards Meganium.
"Meganium! Don't let that attack hit you!" Audry called, and just in time, Meganium jumped out of the way.
"Don't think she's safe now! Vulpix! Follow Meganium with your Flamethrower!" Sashi said, and Vulpix continued her Flamethrower attack, turning her head to everywhere Meganium went. Meganium knew she couldn't keep running away from the attack for ever, so she stopped running, and let Vulpix' Flamethrower hit her. She didn't know if she would survive, but she was willing to risk that chance. Lucky for her, Vulpix' Flamethrower was used longer than the regular amount of time, and that caused it to decrease in power, so she survived.
"Darn!" Sashi growled.
"You shouldn't have let Vulpix continue her Flamethrower attack that long... You know Vulpix don't have enough power to use it that long?" Audry said.
"Yeah I know, but I was willing to take that chance..." Sashi said.
Vulpix gasped softly.
"You okay, Vulpix?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah..." Vulpix replied.
"Good..." Sashi said, but then gasped when Meganium attacked without warning. She used her Body Slam attack, and had already jumped high in the sky, and about to slam her body on Vulpix.
"No Vulpix!" Sashi cried as Meganium slammed down on the ground. The earth trembled for a second, before it stopped. "Vulpix!" Sashi called again. Suddenly, Vulpix appeared besides Sashi. "Vulpix?" Sashi gasped confused. "How..."
"I was able to use my Quick Attack before she hit me..." Vulpix replied.
"You used a Quick Attack.. Smart move!" Sashi smiled.
"What the..." Audry gasped. "I didn't know Vulpix could be that fast..."
"Guess I can still surprise you..." Sashi smiled.
"And that doesn't happen very often..." Audry agreed.
"Sashi!" Eevy cried, and Sashi turned her head.
"The egg!" Eevy replied, and this time, Sashi looked down at Eevy's arms. She was carrying the egg in them, and...
"It's glowing!" Sashi gasped, and ran over to Eevy.
"You two have an Egg?" Audry asked surprised.
"Yeah, my Vapora lay this one a week or so ago..." Eevy said, and Audry was confused. "That's my Vaporeon..."
"Oh... And it hasn't hatched yet?" Audry asked.
"If it did, we wouldn't still have the egg, would we?" Sashi replied.
"Oh.. Yeah..." Audry chuckled.
"You think it will hatch now?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know, but if it does, I think Vapora wants to be present at it!" Eevy called.
"You're right!" Sashi said, and looked down at Eevy's belt. "Which one is Vapora's?"
"The third one..." Eevy said, and Sashi grabbed that one. She threw it on the ground, and it opened. Later, Vapora came out.
"Vaporeon..." Vapora said. "Has it hatched yet?" she suddenly asked.
"Ehh... How did you know that I brought you out for that reason?" Sashi asked.
"I'm the one who lay that egg... I'm connected to it..." Vapora said.
"I see..." Sashi said. "And no, it hasn't hatched yet... But we think it will any second..."
"Oh lemme see!" Vapora cried, and Eevy kneeled down slowly, so that Vapora could see everything. The egg glowed even more now, and it shook sometimes. It also made sounds every time it shook. It shook some more, then stopped, and went silent. The glow faded too.
"Awww..." Sashi moaned. "I guess the time wasn't right yet..."
Suddenly, the egg glowed again, but not as bright as before. It also didn't shake, but instead, a crack was visible in the shell.
"Look!" Sashi pointed at the crack. The crack became bigger, and soon, it went all the way down to the bottom. Then the whole egg cracked, and the light grew brighter. So bright everyone had to shield their eyes. When the light died down, everyone lowered their arms. The egg was gone, and only the shells were lying on the ground. But on the shells was a tiny Pokemon with brown fur and what looked like a beige collar around its neck.
"Awww..." Sashi moaned. "It's an Eevee..."
"Oh how CUTE!" Audry cried.
"Eevee..." Vapora smiled. Eevee looked up at Vapora.
"Ee?" she said.
"Wow..." Vapora said.
"So... now what? How do we raise her? Does Vapora do it, or do we?"
"Well most of the time it will be Vapora, but we also have to teach her a few things..." Eevy said.
"Like what?" Sashi asked.
"Attacks... So she can fight in battles on her own..." Eevy replied.
"So young? Can't we wait with letting her fight until she is a bit older?" Sashi asked.
"Did you wait when you first started with your Eevee? She was level 5 too then..." Audry said.
"I..." Sashi said, then stopped. It was true. Eevee was young when she first got her. She never asked what level she was, but Audry had told her that Vulpix was level 5 when she first got her. So if Vulpix was level 5 when they first started, then Eevee would also have been level 5...
"I see..." Sashi said.
"But we can still wait a while, can we? I mean, she has just hatched..." Vapora said, as Eevee slowly got up on all fours. She tried to take one step, but fell down on the ground. Her legs weren't strong enough to support her weight. "See? She ain't ready for a fight yet... And she hasn't learned how to speak yet..."
"True..." Eevy said. "Okay, we wait a week before we do anything with her..."
"Thanks..." Vapora smiled as Eevee got on all fours again. This time, she stayed on one place, letting her legs get used to the weight of her body. When she finally stopped shaking, Eevee slowly took one step ahead again. She didn't fall down, as she took her first steps. She slowly walked over to Vapora, who smiled back at her.
"That's it... Come to your mommy..." Vapora softly said as Eevee reached her. Then, finally, she fell down on the ground again. Vapora slowly placed a paw around Eevee's body, and lifted her off the ground. She set her down on the ground, and Eevee stood on all fours again. "That's my girl... I'm so proud of you!" Vapora smiled.
"Don't you need to catch Eevee?" Sashi asked.
"What?" Eevy asked.
"She doesn't have a Pokeball to get in yet..." Sashi said.
"Yes she has..." Eevy said, and Sashi looked confused. "When a Pokemon comes out of an Egg, it automatically takes a place in your team... Which means when you have an empty Pokeball on your belt, it automatically becomes the Pokeball of the newborn." Eevy explained.
"So she's already caught?" Sashi asked, and Eevy nodded. "I see..."
"But for the time being, we need to leave her out of her Pokeball so that we can take care of her..." Eevy said.
"Yes..." Sashi said.
"Hey Sashi?" Audry said.
"We haven't finished our match yet..."
"Oh right! I was about to win!" Sashi smiled.
"No you weren't! Audry smiled back, and walked back to where she was before the Egg hatched. "I was!"
"Yeah right!" Sashi chuckled. "Vulpix! Use Flamethrower again!"
Vulpix obeyed, and aimed her Flamethrower at Meganium. Meganium jumped out of the way again.
"I can't ask Vulpix to continue her Flamethrower attack again... It would tire her out completely..." Sashi thought. "Vulpix! Stop your Flamethrower!" Sashi called, and Vulpix did.
"I see you've learned from your mistake..." Audry said.
"Yes..." Sashi replied.
"Meganium! Use Razor Leaf!" Audry called.
"Razor Leaf!" Sashi heard Meganium call, before she lowered her head. A second later hundreds of leaves flew through the air. These leaves may look harmless, but they're very sharp. Some are able to cut through a rock, depending on the Attack Power of the user.
"Vulpix! Dodge!" Sashi called, and Vulpix used her speed to escape again. "Great! Use WilloWisp!" Sashi called. WilloWisp is an attack that burns the foe immediately. Vulpix stopped running, closed her eyes, and held her head up high. A second later, a blue flame appeared in the air. It flew over to Meganium, who looked confused. Was this an attack? The flame approached Meganium, and then stopped an inch in front of her. Then it flew around Meganium once. Then again. Then again. Then it flew above her, and then it went down, and hit Meganium. The second it hit her, Meganium cried out softly. Her whole body hurt now. She was burned.
"Great! Now she will lose Power each turn!" Sashi smiled.
"Well let's see how you like it!" Audry growled. "Meganium! Use Poison Powder!"
Meganium nodded, and started shaking the flower around her neck, until a powdery cloud came floating out of it. The cloud started floating towards Vulpix, and then caught her in it. Vulpix immediately had a sick feeling inside her body, as she was poisoned.
"Now both our Pokemon are losing Power every turn..." Audry grinned.
"You'll pay for poisoning my Pokemon!" Sashi called. "Vulpix! Us-"
"Meganium! Giga Drain!" Audry called before Sashi could call out an attack for Vulpix, and Meganium suddenly shot several vines from the flower around her neck at Vulpix. It caught her by surprise, and so she couldn't defend herself as the vines wrapped up around her body. Immediately Vulpix cried out in pain as her energy was sucked out of her.
"No!" Sashi growled. When Meganium stopped, Vulpix didn't move. "Oh no..."
"I think she lost..." Audry said. Though she had won this round, she didn't sound happy about it.
"I see..." Sashi said softly. "Return!" Sashi aimed Vulpix' Pokeball at Vulpix, and she returned into it. "I'm sorry I made your Meganium burnt..." Sashi said,
"It's okay..." Audry said, grabbed a Full Restore, and sprayed it over Meganium.
"Heh..." Sashi grinned.
"Which one are you going to use now? Is it the Dragonair?" Audry asked.
"Yes it is..." Sashi said. "Go, Dragonair!" she threw Dragonair's Pokeball in the air. It opened, and the long, blue Dragon Pokemon appeared.
"I see she's grown too?" Audry noted.
"Yeah... Remember I mentioned Darren before?"
"Just the first time a few minutes ago..."
"Yeah that's what I meant... Well he has a Daycare, and he also had a training field next to it... There I trained all my Pokemon until they were powerful enough to defeat Karl..." Sashi said.
"I gotta meet this Darren some time then..." Audry said. "But for now, let's continue the fight!"
"Right! Dragonair! Use Slam attack!"
Because Dragonair had two electric attacks (Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave) and one Water attack (Surf) of which none inflict much damage to Gras types, Sashi could only use a Normal attack. Dragonair crawled onto the field, until she was an inch apart from Meganium. She then turned around so fast, that he tail flew up and hit Meganium in the face. Dragonair then crawled back.
"Like that attack did anything to my Meganium... Meganium!" Audry called. "Use Poison Powder again!"
Meganium shook her body. A moment later, a powdery cloud appeared in the air, and floated over to Dragonair. Dragonair became covered in powder, and immediately became poisoned.
"Not Poison again!" Sashi groaned.
Suddenly, the powder on Dragonair's body disappeared, and Dragonair was no longer poisoned.
"What's going on?" Sashi asked confused.
"I don't kno-" Audry said, then gasped and slapped her forehead. "I know!"
"What?" Sashi asked curious.
"Dragonair's ability; 'Shed Skin'..." Audry said. "When a Dragonair gets poisoned, asleep, frozen or burned, Shed Skin automatically heals the Pokemon... But it only has a 33% chance..." Audry explained.
"I never knew this..." Sashi said.
"So if we're lucky, the next Poison Powder attack will probably keep Dragonair poisoned..." Audry said out loud.
"Not gonna happen! Dragonair! Time to make Meganium Paralyzed! Use Thunder Wave!" Sashi called. Okay, Thunder Wave was an electric attack, but helpful anyway. Dragonair's eyes glow, and electricity was sparking on her horn. Then a tiny beam of electricity shot out at Meganium, and surrounded her body. Meganium closed her eyes as her body started to get paralyzed. She couldn't move.
"Crap!" Audry cursed.
"Yes!" Sashi cheered.
"Don't think you've won yet! My Meganium may be paralyzed, but she can still attack!" Audry said. "I can't use Poison Powder now... I need to use Attacks in order to win this round... But Grass attacks are not very effective against Dragon Types... But I have to try and win!" Audry thought. "Use Razor Leaf!" Audry called.
Meganium lowered her head again, and a moment later, leaves few out of them, aimed at Dragonair. They all hit Dragonair, but didn't do much damage.
"Is that all she got? Dragonair?" Sashi asked, and Dragonair turned her head to her trainer. "Use another Slam attack!"
Dragonair nodded, and crawled over to Meganium again. She then slapped Meganium with her tail. Meganium groaned.
"Meganium's got a lot of Energy because of her size... It's going to take a long time before Dragonair's Slam attack takes her down..." Sashi thought. "I gotta switch Pokemon..."
"Meganium! Try and use another Razor Leaf attack!" Audry called, and a few seconds later, Meganium did. She lowered her head slowly, and new leaves shot out of her flower.
Dragonair! Return!" Sashi said, and Dragonair returned into her Pokeball, just before the leaves hit her.
"What the..." Audry gasped.
"Espeon! Go!" Sashi said.
"On it!" Espeon said, and ran onto the battlefield.
"Your Espeon again?" Audry smiled. "You're going to use Psychic attacks on my Grass Pokemon, aren't you?"
"You got that right! Espeon! Use Psybeam!" Sashi called, and Espeon did. She shot a beam of white light at Meganium, and she cried out in pain as the beam hit her. She fainted.
"Awww... Good work, Meganium!" Audry said, and called her back into her Pokeball. "Now I have three choices... Either I can pick Ninetails to fight your Espeon, or I can use my other two Pokemon..."
"Mmmm... Are you saying I can decide what Pokemon you pick?" Sashi asked.
"If you don't mind..." Audry said.
"I'd say you should pick Ninetails... At least you know this Pokemon..." Eevy said.
"Yeah I agree..." Sashi said.
"Wrong decision..." Audry thought. "Okay! Ninetails!" Audry called, and threw a Pokeball into the air. "I choose you!" the Pokeball opened, and white light came out of it. That light landed on the ground, and formed a shape.
"Ninetails..." Ninetails, the yellow Pokemon with nine tails said.
{Author's note: Now guess where Ninetails got her name from ^ ^}
"Ninetails! Use Quick Attack!" Audry said, and Ninetails lowered her chest. Then, she jumped forwards with a speed faster than Vulpix'. Because of this, Espeon could not defend herself, and got hit by Ninetails.
"Espeon! You okay?" Sashi cried.
"Oh yeah!" Audry cheered.
"I'm fine..." Espeon told her trainer.
"Good..." Sashi sighed. "Use your Psybeam attack!"
Espeon's eyes glowed, and she shot a beam of psychic energy at Ninetails.
"Ninetails! Dodge that atta-" Audry began, but the attack had already hit Ninetails. She cried out in pain as she felt the Psychic attack hit her, and fell down on the ground. "Ninetails!" Audry gasped. "Are you okay? Can you get up?"
"Nine..." Ninetails said.
"Good! Use Flamethrower!"
Ninetails opened her mouth wide, and her eyes got a red glow. A second later, a much bigger and hotter beam of fire came out of Ninetails' mouth.
"Espeon! Look out!" Sashi cried, and Espeon tried to dodge, but most of the attack hit her, making her cry out in pain. She fell down on the ground, as several tiny flames burned on her fur.
"Espeon!!" Sashi screamed, and ran over to her Pokemon.
"Ninetails! That's enough..." Audry said, and Ninetails stopped her Flamethrower attack, so that Sashi wouldn't get hurt by it. Sashi reached Espeon, knelt down, and put out the flames with her hand, not caring if she got burned by them, caring only for her Pokemon.
"Espeon... Are you okay? Talk to me..." Sashi said with tears in her eyes.
"N-n-never been better..." Espeon managed to say, before she blacked out.
"She okay?" Audry asked.
"How could you?" Sashi said, looking up.
"What do you mean?" Audry asked confused.
"I thought you wouldn't deliberately hurt a Pokemon?"
"That's true! Of course it is... But this was an official battle... These things happen..." Audry said.
"Yeah I guess... You're right..." Sashi said, calming down.
"Hey, cheer up... Good thing we held that battle here..." Audry said. "Now we can get our Pokemon healed quickly..."
"Yeah..." Sashi said, and carried her Espeon into the Pokemon Center.

"I was wondering..." Audry said.
"What?" Sashi asked. The three were sitting in the diner room of the Pokemon Center.
"When I gave you the chance to pick out my next Pokemon in the battle... Why did you pick Ninetails, and not one of the others?" Audry asked.
"Like Eevy said before... Ninetails is the one I knew... It would be a lot easier to fight against a Pokemon you know than against a Pokemon you don't know..."
"Like my fourth and fifth Pokemon?" Audry asked, and Sashi nodded. "Shame... If you picked out my other Pokemon, you might have won the battle..."
"Why?" Sashi asked.
"You know how much I love Grass Pokemon?" Audry asked, and Sashi nodded. "Well the other Pokemon I have are Roselia and Grovyle..."
"Grass Pokemon..." Sashi said, slapping her forehead. "Of course! I could have used Espeon's Psybeam then..."
"Yup..." Audry giggled. "And I noticed your Pokemon were a bit weaker than mine... Why is that?"
"I just haven't trained them that well yet... There are too many gaps between my Pokemon's levels... Kirlia has, thanks to her match against Venusaur, become level 28, my Vulpix is level 35. My Dragonair level 38, and Espeon is level 42..." Sashi said. "I should really train my Pokemon so that they are of the same level... But for that I need to use my Kirlia more often, and I always get the stronger Pokemon when I fight..." Sashi said.
"Maybe you can leave your Kirlia in a Daycare?" Audry asked.
"A Daycare?" Sashi asked.
Yeah... They also train your Pokemon while you're away... Sometimes when you leave a Pokemon that's level 5, and you come back a long time later, it has reached level 20 or something... It depends on how long you let your Pokemon stay there with them..." Audry explained.
"I don't know..." Sashi said. "I'd love the idea of Kirlia becoming stronger... But I can't leave her behind with some people I don't know..."
"Sashi?" Eevy asked.
"Where is the location of your Daycare house?"
"Route 151, why?" Sashi asked confused.
"Then you can leave your Kirlia behind with them..." Eevy said.
"But we're too far away from route 151, aren't we?" Sashi asked.
"No, that's the point I'm getting to! Look on the map!" Eevy said, and pointed on the map as Sashi and Audry looked on it. She pointed at where they were; Bokui City. Then her finger followed Route 163, then over Route 164, and then there was Route 152.
"Hey... Route 164 connects with Route 152!" Sashi smiled.
"Yeah!" Eevy said.
"But if Route 164 connects with Route 152, where is the road that brings us to the other Gyms?" Audry asked.
"Route 164 splits up in two ways; Route 152 and 165..." Eevy explained.
"I see..." Sashi said. "So this means I can go home?"
"Yes... As long as you don't stay there forever..." Eevy said. "And besides... This gives me the chance to get to know your parents..."
"Yeah..." Sashi said.
"Wait a second... If there are such big gaps between the levels of your Pokemon, how were you able to defeat Karl?" Audry asked.
"She could use some of my Pokemon..." Eevy said.
"Isn't that cheating?" Audry asked.
"In a way, but I see it as helping..." Eevy smiled.
"And I see it as cheating..."Audry said.
"You won't tell anything about it, will you?" Sashi asked.
"Of course not!" Audry said, and Sashi and Eevy sighed. "As long as I can come with you on your Pokemon journey!" Audry said...

To be continued...

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