AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke


The Rare Pokeball

The rare Pokeball

Night in Bokui City. Everyone was asleep... Well, not everyone...
"Here it is!" a male said, hanging down on a rope from the roof of a warehouse, looking through a window.
"I told you it would be!" a female voice replied, hanging next to him.
"You're right! Now let's steal it!" the male said, brought out a device, and placed it on the window. Immediately a circle was cut out of the glass big enough for a human to go through. When the two were inside, they removed the ropes from their belts, and looked around, using a flashlight. It was dark inside, and there were few windows to bring some light into the room.
"Which floor did the boss say it was?" the male asked.
"Third... You really should pay some more attention..." the female replied. "Or listen when we get an order..."
"I know..." the male replied, and started walking on his toes. The female repeated what the male did. They soon found a stairway, opened the door, and walked up to the third floor. There they opened another door, and stopped. There it was, the thing they had to steal.
"Let's get it!" the male said, and tried to walk forwards, but the female stopped him.
"Stop you idiot!" she said. "Didn't the boss say this room was secured by infra red laser beams?!"
"He did?" the male replied.
"Ugh... Never mind... she groaned, and grabbed a weird kind of binoculars. She put it on her face, and smiled. The whole room was indeed secured by infra red laser beams. "Stay here, while I get the object!"
"Why do you always get to do the fun things?" the male asked.
"Because I won't screw up!"
The male didn't try to say otherwise.
"Look, I know you're trying as hard as you can..." the female said, and placed a gloved hand on the male's cheek. "But let me handle this thing, okay?"
"Okay..." the male said.
The female let go of the male's face, and focused on the object. She looked at the infra red laser beams, and figured out a way past them. She took a few steps backwards, and then ran forwards fast, before reaching up her arms, and lowering her chest. She made a summersault over the first laser beam, and continued to do this until she came close to the object. Then she stopped. There were no laser beams here. The object was also secured. It was placed in a cube made out of thick glass.
"No glass thick enough for us..." she said. She reached into her pockets, and brought out a little tube. She opened it, and squeezed when she placed the opening on the glass. A white fluid came out, and burned straight through the glass. She made a circle with the tube, until there was a circle visible in the glass, except for one tiny piece of glass to keep it from falling. She removed the tube, and grabbed the circle of glass she just made in her fingers. She slowly pulled it out, and put it into her pocket (There was nowhere else she could put it). And just when she was about to push her hand through the hole, the male called.
"Someone's coming!" he whispered, and the female gasped. She quickly grabbed something from her belt, and aimed it at the ceiling. A second later, a throwinghook was launched at the ceiling, grabbing onto something. When it did, the female pushed a button, and she was pulled up quickly. The male hid behind the door of the room. Seconds passed. Then, light shone from the hallway into the room.
"Mmmm... I don't remember leaving the door open?" a security guard said to himself. "Must've forgotten it..."
He grabbed the doorknob, and slowly pulled the door to him, closing it. Now everything would have been perfect, until...
The female who was hanging up the room caught some dust in her nose, and as hard as she tried, she couldn't stop herself from...
Sneezing. The security guard immediately opened the door again, and looked up from where the sound came from.
"What the..." he said, spotting the female.
"Awww crap!" she cursed.
The security guard grabbed for his walkie-talkie to ask for backup.
"Security needed on level 3! Security needed at-"
He got no further, as the door he was holding suddenly got free from his hand, and slammed back with an incredible speed. The security guard was knocked unconscious, as the male came from behind the door.
"And I always screw up, huh?!" he growled.
"Never mind talking! We need to get it before security arrives here!" the female said, lowering herself from the roof.
"But how? All this infra red thing here-"
"They already know we're here, honey! Just walk through!" the female interrupted.
"If you say so..." he replied, walking forwards, setting off the alarm. The female was down on the ground, and quickly grabbed the object from out of its glass cube, putting it in her pocket.
"Gotcha!" she said, and turned around.
"Hey, why did I have to come all the way over here to grab it if you already did it?" he asked.
"Because we have to escape, silly!" the female replied.
"Stop right there!" a security guard shouted. He was the first who entered the room, and a second later, more appeared.
The female laughed.
"We ain't moving... But we will..."
"Oh no you won't!" a second security guard said, and brought up his gun. "Stop, or we'll shoot!" at that, all the security guards brought up their guns, aiming at the two.
"Goodbye..." the female said, and threw something on the ground. Suddenly, a lot of smoke appeared, covering the two up.
"All right fire!" one security guard shouted, and all fired their guns. They kept on firing until the smoke cleared, and nothing was there.
"Darn! They escaped!" a security guard cursed. "Disgusting creatures..."
"Well what do you expect from creatures like that?" another one said.
"Disgusting creatures..." a third one repeated, and all left the empty room.

On the roof...

"Great work!" the female said, "We've accomplished our mission..."
"Can we go now?" the male asked.
"Yes..." the female grinned. "We got what we came for..."
At that, she pushed another button, and suddenly, a helicopter appeared. She grabbed the rope ladder - which was thrown out of the helicopter - and the male copied that. Then, they were pulled up.

The next morning...

Sashi yawned. It was 9 a.m., way too early to wake up. But she was awake. She looked at Eevy, who was sleeping next to her in bed, and Audry, who was sleeping on a different bed. Audry had asked if she could sleep in their room, so Nurse Joy brought a second bed into the room.
Audry still had to take her Gym Battle against Karl. She couldn't do it yesterday, because of the fight she had with her. That's because Sashi promised Audry she and Eevy would watch her fight the next day. Suddenly, she heard a siren. It came from outside, so she went to a window, and looked outside. She saw a police car driving off into the city.
"Wonder what happened..." she said to herself.
Later, when everybody had woken up, and Audry had gotten a taste of Eevy's Ham-sandwiches, they left the Pokemon Center, saying thanks to Nurse Joy.
"Ready for your fight?" Sashi asked Audry.
"You bet! There's no way I can't defeat Karl..." Audry said.
"How are you so sure?"
"Because Karl only has Water Pokemon, who are weak against Grass moves..." Audry smiled.
"Oh right..." Sashi smiled back.
The three entered the Gym.
"Welcome trainer..." Karl said, this time fully dressed. "Huh? Sashi?" he gasped. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see my friend fight you..." Sashi answered.
"Oh, okay... So this means you're challenging me?" Karl asked Eevy.
"No, not me... Her..." Eevy pointed at Audry.
"Oh... Welcome to my Gym, I'm Karl..." Karl said.
"I'm Audry..."Audry said.
"Welcome Audry... Now let's begin..." Karl said, and walked to the battlefield.
"This fight will be between Karl and Audry! Each Trainer can use as many Pokemon as possible..." the referee said the usual.
"Wait... I forgot something!" Sashi gasped.
"My backpack..." Sashi said. "It's still in the Pokemon Center.. Wait here, okay? I'll be back soon!"
"Okay..." Eevy said, as Sashi left the Gym.

She ran over the streets, on her way to the Pokemon Center, when...
"There she is!" a voice cried from behind Sashi, and she stopped to turn around. She spotted men in blue uniforms. It were two police officers.
"Oh..." Sashi said, and took one step aside to let the men pass her. But the men didn't pass her. Instead, they ran to Sashi, grabbed her arms, and pushed her down onto the ground.
"Hey what the..." Sashi grunted. "What are you doing?!"
"You are under arrest! Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law!"
"Let go of me!" Sashi cried, and tried to break free. But it was no use. The two men held on to her tight, not giving her the slightest chance to even move a muscle. She had no choice but to be carried away by the police officers.

They took her to the police station. There, she was put in a room with a table and two chairs and a large mirror in it. It was one of those mirrors where men could watch you in the room, but you couldn't see them. She was put down in a chair, and the two officers left. Sashi remained on the chair. Later, a man dressed in a brown suit entered the room, and sat down on the chair opposite of Sashi.
"Where is it..." he asked.
"Where is WHAT?" Sashi replied.
"The thing you and your partner stole last night from the warehouse..." the man said.
"What on earth are you talking about?" Sashi asked. "I haven't been in any warehouse ever! Let alone last night!"
The man didn't reply. Instead, he looked at the big mirror, and nodded. A second later, the security guard from the warehouse stepped in.
"Tell me, gentleman... Is this the one you saw last night?" the man asked.
"Yes..." the security guard nodded.
"Are you positive?"
"No doubt about it..." the security guard said.
"What?" Sashi gasped.
"Okay, you can go now... Thanks for your help..." the man in the brown suit said, and the security guard left. "Looks like the evidence says otherwise..." he said.
"What is going on?"
"Tell me where you brought it to!" the man screamed, slamming his hands on the table.
"I don't know what you're talking about!" Sashi said again. "I haven't been in any warehouse ever! I told you that already! Last night I was in the Pokemon Center!"
"Do you have any witnesses who can prove that you were?" the man asked.
"Yes I do!" Sashi screamed.
"Where are they?" the man asked.
"They're in the Gym..." Sashi growled.
"I will ask them to come over directly..." the man said, and left the room.
"What is going on?" Sashi said to herself.

"Good work, Yazmin..." a man said.
"Thank you..." Yazmin said.
"You and Jason did well... But there is still something I need you two to steal..." the man said. "It's not that big of a thing... The police has taken something into their custody. A very rare Pokeball... They expect some might want to try and steal it if they left it in the warehouse you were last night..."
"And you want us to get it for you?" Yazmin asked, and the man nodded. "As you wish..." Yazmin nodded. "Right now?"
"Yes... It is located on the second floor... You'll be able to find it..." the man said.
"As you wish.." Yazmin said, and bowed. Jason bowed too, and then they both left.

"Sashi?!" Eevy gasped as she entered the room.
"Eevy! Thank god you're here!" Sashi smiled.
"We came as soon as we heard..." Audry said, entering the room as well. "We had to stop the battle when the phone rang, and then Karl told us the news..."
"I can't believe they arrested you..." Eevy said.
"Yeah... they said I stole something in a warehouse last night..." Sashi said.
"But you were in the Pokemon Center the whole night!" Eevy said.
"That's what I told them as well..." Sashi said.
The man in the brown suit entered the room again.
"I made some calls to the Pokemon Center, just to be sure these two were talking the truth..." he said.
"Of course we are!" Eevy said.
"I know... Nurse Joy confirmed that too... She said all doors of the Pokemon Center were closed at night, and that no one had opened any of them the whole night... Same goes for the windows..." the man said. "So hereby I apologize... You are free to go.."
"Puh.." Sashi growled, and got up. Just as they were about to leave the room, a big explosion was heard. It came from the second floor.
"What's going on?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know. But from the looks of it, you three can't leave right now... It's safe in here..." the man in the brown suit said.
"Just stay here!" the man said.
"No way! I have to see what is going on!" Sashi said, and ran out of the room.
"No! Wait!" the man screamed, and ran after her.
"We better follow her!" Eevy said, and ran out of the room.
"Okay!" Audry said, and followed.

Sashi ran up the stairway, and came to the second floor. She saw people looking to somewhere, so she went to where they were looking at. That's when she saw what was going on, and gasped. A second later, the man in the brown suit arrived at where Sashi was, and gasped too. Yazmin and Jason were surrounded by police officers, and had gotten hold of the rare ball their boss wanted. But that wasn't the reason Sashi gasped.
"There's... Two of them?" the man said. This made Yazmin look back. Then, she too gasped.
"What..." Eevy gasped when she also arrived at the scene. "Another Espeon Anthro?"
"Huh?" Jason gasped when he saw Sashi.
"And there's a Mightyena!" Eevy said.
"What in the..." Jason said. "Can we go now?!" he asked Yazmin. She didn't reply. She looked at Sashi with open eyes, and Sashi did the same. "Yazmin?!"
This made Yazmin snap out of her trance.
"Yeah... I believe we got where we came for..." Yazmin said, and grabbed something from out of her pocket. "You haven't seen the last of Team Rocket!" Yazmin said, and threw the thing she had grabbed out of her pocket onto the ground, and it exploded.
"It's a smoke bomb!" Eevy gasped, and covered her mouth and nose with her arm. Sashi and the rest had to do the same, in order not to breathe in the smoke. When the smoke cleared, Yazmin and Jason were gone. They had escaped through a hole in the roof.
"What just happened?!" the man in the brown suit asked.
"We don't know... We heard a big explosion, and suddenly, they were there..." an officer said. The man sighed.
"Well this proves you weren't the one from last night..." he said to Sashi. "But I also see how the security guard could see you for that other one..."
Sashi was looking down to the ground, not saying anything.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Sashi?" Eevy asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.
"Huh?" Sashi said, after she felt Eevy's hand. "Yeah, I'm fine... Just..." she said. "I can't believe what I just saw..."
"You mean the other Espeon?" Eevy asked.
"Yes... And that Mightyena too... Why are they doing this?"
"Wait a second... Did the Espeon say 'Team Rocket' before she left?" Audry asked.
"Yeah you're right!" An officer said.
"So they're working for Team Rocket?" the man asked.
"Didn't Team Rocket disappear 5 years ago?" another officer asked.
"Guess they're back..." the man said.

Sashi, Eevy and Audry left the police station.
"So... what now?" Eevy asked.
"I still have to finish my match against Karl..." Audry said.
"Then you go and have that match..." Sashi said.
"You sure? Audry asked.
"What about you then?"
"I'll..." Sashi said, but didn't finish her sentence.
"This is bothering you, isn't it?" Eevy asked.
"Yes... These Anthro's... Why are they doing this? Why are they stealing? Don't they see this is bad?" Sashi said. "This way it's certain that everybody will hate Anthro s..."
"Yeah..." Audry said. "But you're not like them, Sashi..."
"I know, but nobody but the few I know see it that way..." Sashi said.
"I see..." Audry said.
"But you go ahead, and defeat Karl so we can go home... To my home..." Sashi said.
"Okay... But I hate leaving you like this..." Audry said.
"I'll be here to company her..." Eevy smiled.
"Okay, see you guys later... And don't go disappearing now, okay Sashi?" Audry joked while running away.
"Okay..." Sashi said.


"What the heck was that all about?" Jason asked Yazmin. They had escaped through the hole in the roof, and had run far from the station. They were now hiding in an alley, in the darkness.
"I don't know... I just... Froze..." Yazmin said.
"Why? Is it because of that other Espeon?" Jason asked, and Yazmin nodded.
"I just don't understand..." Yazmin said.
"Understand what?"
"Didn't you see?" Yazmin asked, and Jason shook his head. "She was standing among all the humans in the room, and they didn't try to catch her..."
"Maybe she's friends with the humans?" Jason asked.
"And that's exactly what I don't understand..." Yazmin replied. "How can she choose for the side of those humans? Humans hate us! They see us as outsiders! We don't belong!"
"Now don't go saying that..." Jason said, calmly.
"But it's true! This is one of the reasons why I joined Team Rocket..." Yazmin said. "I was born on the streets... Humans looked at me as if I were a monster... Then, when I grew older - living of nothing but what humans threw away in trashcans - our boss, Giovanni, just... appeared out of nowhere... By then I had already grown a hatred towards humans, and I didn't exactly act nice to him... But to my surprise, he only smiled, and said that that's exactly the attitude he needed for a Team Rocket member to have..." Yazmin said.
"But look at it on the bright side... If you didn't do all this, you wouldn't have met me..." Jason smiled.
"I guess..." Yazmin said, lowering her head. "Now let's go... We need to deliver this to the boss..." Yazmin said, and looked at her hand, in what the rare ball was. It was a Master Ball. A ball that can catch anything without fail.
"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down..." Jason said, grabbing one of Yazmin's arms.
"What are you doing? We need to-"
"Slow down I said..." Jason said.
"But..." Yazmin said.
"You've been so busy the last time... I thought you could use some fun..." Jason said, and turned Yazmin around, so that she was now facing him. Yazmin looked into Jason's eyes, and slowly, she smiled. Their faces came closer to each other, and soon, their lips touched. Jason pushed his tongue against Yazmin's mouth, so she opened it, pushing out her tongue to meet with Jason's. They kissed for almost a minute before they broke.
"Please do continue..." Yazmin smiled, as she walked to the alley wall, and leaned against it. She put the Master ball in her pocket.
"As you wish..." Jason said, and slowly approached Yazmin. His hand immediately went to Yazmin's face, as he kissed her again. While they were kissing, Jason grabbed Yazmin's black, sleeveless T-shirt, and pulled it over Yazmin's arms. When her arms were free, he pushed it down, so that her chest became exposed. Yazmin had pretty big breasts. They were covered with a purple layer of fur, except for the nipples, who were a darker purple color, almost black.
"God I love looking at them..." Jason smiled, and moved his head down. He opened his mouth, and took in one of the nipples.
"Mmmm and I love how you do that..." Yazmin moaned, her breast being pleasured. Jason's tongue went over the nipple, and then around it, Then it moved over the whole breast, until every place had been covered in saliva. With one hand he had grabbed the other breast, and was rubbing that nipple with his thumb. The rest of the hand was rubbing over the breast, to give her more pleasure.
"Mmmm..." Yazmin moaned as Jason's hand - which was rubbing the breast - went down her belly, and came to her pants. He quickly got rid of the belt holding the pants up, and soon, it fell down to the ground. Yazmin wore no panty or anything. She had already gotten wet from the work Jason had done on her breasts, and a little drop of juice ran down her left leg. Jason caught the drop with his finger, and brought this to his mouth. He stuck his finger in his mouth, and sucked on it.
"Mmmm..." Jason moaned. "I love the way you taste..." he said.
"You're not that bad either..." Yazmin said. "Can't wait to taste my favorite candy again..."
"First... yours..." Jason said, smiled, and then moved his black nose between Yazmin's legs.
"Oh!" Yazmin moaned when she felt his cold nose rubbing her pussy.
Then, Jason stuck out his tongue, and pushed it straight into Yazmin's pussy, receiving satisfied moans.
"Oh yeah..." Yazmin moaned when Jason licked her slit all the way up, before closing his lips around her pussy lips, and covering them with his tongue. When Yazmin came close to her climax, Jason suddenly stopped.
"Oh uh... What... are you... doing?" Yazmin moaned in disappointment.
"Letting you pleasure me now..." Jason smiled.
"You really are.. A fool..." Yazmin said, but Jason knew she didn't mean it literalley. Yazmin have always said these things to him, just to tease him. "Why do I keep you near me anyway..." she said as Jason got up, and Yazmin got down. She started to unbuckle his belt when she noticed the tent in his black pants. She smiled, and threw his belt aside. Then she grabbed the edge of his pants, and pulled it down until Jason's hairless dick bounced up and down in front of her nose. Even he didn't wear any underwear.
"Mmmm... Now I remember..." Yazmin moaned, and grabbed Jason's 8� dick between two fingers, and slowly rubbed up and down.
"Mmmm..." Jason moaned when Yazmin did this. Soon, Jason's dick stood straight up at its fullest length. Now Yazmin grabbed the dick in her whole hand, and slowly continued rubbing. The feeling of Yazmin's gloves hand gave some extra pleasure. Then, she removed her hand, and opened her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, and gave Jason's cock an experimenting lick over the head. Then she closed her lips around the head, and slowly, very slowly, lowered her head, taking in more and more. When she had swallowed 5 inches, she stopped, and used her teeth to bite down softly. Jason always loved it when she did this, and he let that know by moaning hard. He grabbed Yazmin's head with his gloved hands, and moved it closer to him, meaning she had to take in more of his dick. Yazmin didn't seem to mind. She just wrapped her tongue and her lips tighter around the shaft, and moved her head down. Then she went up, leaving 2 or 3 inches inside, before she pushed back again.
"Ohhh yeah!" Jason moaned when Yazmin finally sped up.
Yazmin kept on sucking, until she too stopped suddenly.
"Ohhh..." Jason moaned. He didn't complain. After all, he stopped too. Blowing Jason had gotten her more worked up than she already was, and she now needed to feel him inside her again. Getting up and turning around quickly, she placed her hands on the alley wall, sticking her butt up high for Jason to understand what she wanted. He walked to Yazmin's butt, and slowly moved her purple tail out of the way with his hand. Her pussy lips were exposed because of his saliva and her juices, so it was easy to find where he had to enter. He placed both hands on each cheek, spreading them a little but more, and then positioned his dick at her entrance. He then pushed himself straight into her without taking it easy. Yazmin was used to it. Yazmin moaned out loud as she felt her vaginal walls spread, and Jason's dick enter her from behind. She closed her eyes tight, and continued moaning.
"Uh!" Jason gasped when he felt Yazmin's warm pussy surround his dick, and humped forwards once, pushing his full length inside. He pulled back, and then slammed back again. He repeated this until Yazmin relaxed her muscles, and let him enter on free will. Yazmin moved her chest up, and pushed her head against Jason's shoulder. He removed his hands from Yazmin's butt, and replaced them on her breasts. He grabbed her nipples between his fingers, and slowly rubbed her breasts around, while pumping into her. Because they both worked each other up, they were pretty close to their climax, and soon, Yazmin couldn't hold it anymore.
"Oh yes! Just a few more..." she moaned. Then, she finally came. "OH!"
She came hard, and her juices flowed out of her past Jason's dick.
"Oh yeah!" Jason moaned when he felt Yazmin's warm juices on his dick. He closed his eyes, and pushed in one more time, before he came too. A large load of cum was shot up Yazmin's pussy.
"Oh oh!" Yazmin moaned when she felt Jason's sperm enter her pussy, and closed her eyes, while she continued to hump back against Jason. Jason repeated this, and a while later, they stopped. Jason pulled himself out of Yazmin, and leaned against the alley wall opposite of where Yazmin was. Yazmin opened her eyes, and placed her hands on the alley wall in front of her.
"Wow... You keep... getting better... and better..." she said.
"Th... thanks..." Jason gasped. "And? Did it help?"
"You mean do I feel any better?" Yazmin asked, and Jason nodded. "Well of course I do, after what you did to me... And in me..." Yazmin giggled. "But even as hard as I try to, I can't stop thinking about that Espeon Anthro..."
"Maybe we should tell the boss about her?" Jason asked.
"I think so too..." Yazmin smiled. "Now finally, let's go... We need to deliver this to him!"

Sashi, Eevy and Espeon had entered the Pokemon Center. Espeon, who stayed in the Gym when Sashi ran off, was glad to see her trainer safe. She also heard about that Sashi was arrested.
"I'm sorry I wasn't there with you..." Espeon said for the hundredth time.
"Espeon... It's okay... You couldn't do anything about it anyway..." Sashi replied.
"You okay?" Eevy asked.
"Better than 5 minutes ago..." Sashi said.
"And yet I sense you're still as troubled as before..." Espeon said.
"You need to let it go... If they want this, then there's nothing we can do to stop them..."
"Yeah I know..." Sashi sighed. "But as hard as I try to, I can't stop thinking about them... Especially that Espeon Anthro... She's the one who got me into trouble, so who says that won't happen again?"
"Yeah..." Eevy said. "You know... I sense you're in a bad mood..."
"Wow, you figured that out all by yourself?" Sashi replied sarcastically.
"And do you know what changes a bad mood into a good mood?" Eevy asked.
"What?" Sashi asked curious.
Eevy didn't reply. Instead, she moved her head closer to Sashi's, and slowly placed her lips onto her furry ones. They shared a quick 10 second long kiss before Eevy broke it.
"This always helps..." Eevy said.
Sashi smiled for the first time the last 20 minutes.
"Thanks for the offer... But I'm not in the mood right now..." Sashi said.
"But wasn't that suppose to change your mood?" Eevy asked.
"It helped a bit, but not now, okay sweetie?" Sashi said.
"Okay, if you don't want to, we won't..."
"Besides, we only came back here to grab my bag..." Sashi said, and waked to the counter. "Excuse me, Nurse Joy?" Sashi asked, and Joy appeared.
"Oh Sashi! I'm glad you're safe! I was getting worried..." Nurse Joy smiled. "I have your backpack here... You left it in your bedroom..."
"I know... Thanks..." Sashi said, as she grabbed her backpack. She put it on, and thanked Joy again.
"Have a nice day!" Joy said, and the three walked out of the Pokemon Center.
"I wonder how Audry is doing..." Eevy said.
"I'm sure she's fine..." Sashi said. Yeah, Audry was fine.

"We have what you ordered..." Yazmin said, handing over the Master Ball to the famous boss of Team Rocket; Giovanni.
Giovanni laughed.
"Excellent..." he said.
"But there is one thing bothering me..." Yazmin said.
"And that is?" Giovanni asked, raising an eyebrow.
"During our burglary, we came across something shocking..." Yazmin said.
"And that is?" he asked again.
"There was this Espeon Anthro..." Yazmin said, and went silent.
"She was standing in the middle of several humans, and they did not try to catch her... It seemed she was on their side..." Jason finished for Yazmin.
"An Anthro, on the side of humans?" Giovanni grinned.
"That's what bothered me... Why was she on their side, when humans have always thought of us as monsters?" Yazmin said.
"Tell me, Yazmin... What has happened to your evil attitude?" Giovanni asked.
"Nothing happened to it!" Yazmin replied.
"Then why are you acting so pathetic?" Giovanni asked.
"I'm not acting pathetic!" Yazmin said.
"Then why are you crying?!" Giovanni asked.
Yazmin stopped. She brought one hand to her face, and slowly touched her eyes with a finger. She brought the finger down, and looked on it. It was wet.
"I'm crying..." Yazmin said.
"I have no room in Team Rocket for crybabies..." Giovanni said. "If you don't belong here, you don't belong anywhere..."
"My apologies, Giovanni... It will never happen again..." Yazmin said, taking a short bow.
"You think you're worthy to be a Team Rocket member?" Giovanni asked, and Yazmin nodded. "Then prove your loyalty, and bring that Anthro to me... Alive!" Giovanni said.
"What are you going to do with her?" Yazmin asked.
"I'll see when you bring her here..." Giovanni said. "Now go!"
"Right!" Jason and Yazmin both said, and disappeared.

Sashi, Eevy and Espeon had entered the Bokui City Gym, and when they came in, Audry had just defeated Karl's Milotic.
"All right!" she cried happily.
"Milotic can not fight anymore! Meganium is the winner of this round!" the referee said.
"Your Meganium is pretty strong..." Karl said, when he spotted Sashi. "Ah, Sashi... I'm glad to see you're safe... Audry here told me what happened..."
"Thanks, Karl... I'm glad too..." Sashi said.
"Now pick your next Pokemon!" Audry said to Karl.
"Oh, right... I choose you, Lantern!" Karl said, and threw the Pokeball into the air.
"Okay good, Meganium! You've deserved some rest! Return!" Audry said, and let Meganium return into her Pokeball after defeating 3 of Karl's Pokemon in a row. Her other two Pokemon - Roselia and Venusaur - lost to Azumarill because of her Blizzard attack. Blizzard is an attack that not always works, but when it does, it blows extreme cold snow and hail against the opponent. That was a disadvantage that Grass Pokemon had to suffer. Ice attacks are very effective on them. All Audry had left were Ninetails, Grovyle, and Meganium.
"I hope this will work! Go, Grovyle!" Audry called, and threw a fourth Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light came out of it, that landed on the ground.
"Grovyle!" Grovyle [Grass type] said. He wasn't as big as the other Grass Pokemon Audry had, but still bigger than Roselia. Grovyle had a long, green leaf sticking out of her head, and also two leaves that stuck out of her hands. Somehow, she hasn't evolved to her final form yet.
"Another Grass Pokemon..." Karl noted. "I'm guessing you like that type?"
"Right! Grovyle! Use Leaf Blade!" Audry said, and Grovyle slashed one of her arms, where suddenly a leaf came flying out of nowhere. It flew fast to Lantern, and slashed over her body once, then it turned, and slashed over Lantern's body again, and then, finally, it slashed one more time over Lantern's body, until the leaf fell down to the ground. Lantern groaned in pain when the attack stopped.
"Whoa..." Eevy exclaimed.
"Lantern!" Karl called. "Use Supersonic!"
"Supersonic!" Lantern called, and her eyes glowed as well as the balls on her antennas. Waves of energy shot at Grovyle, but she only ducked out of the way.
"Great work!" Audry called. "Use another Leaf Blade!"
Grovyle complied, slashing her arm, and another leaf flew out of it.
"No Lantern!" Karl cried, as the leaves cut over Lantern's body. Lantern couldn't hold it anymore, and cried out in pain as she fainted.
"Lantern can not fight anymore! The winner of this round is Grovyle!" the referee said.
"Ahh no!" Karl moaned.
"That's another one down, and only one more to go!" Audry cheered.
"I admit, you're very strong!" Karl said. "This is my last Pokemon, but I don't know if he'll stand a chance... But still I play it! Go, Poliwrath!" Karl called, and threw Poliwrath's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the blue and round Pokemon with white gloves appeared.
"Use Hypnosis!" Karl quickly called before Audry could, and Poliwrath's eyes glew a blue color. Then rings of energy shot at Grovyle, and when they hit, Grovyle glowed with the same color as Poliwrath's eyes. Grovyle didn't know what was going on, but before he could find out, his eyes closed, and he fell to the ground, fast asleep.
"No Grovyle!" Audry called. "Wake up!"
But Grovyle didn't wake up.
"All right! Poliwrath! Use-" Karl said, when suddenly Grovyle shone a red color, and he disappeared... Back into his Pokeball.
"Oh no... All my Grass Pokemon are unusable... And all there's left is Ninetails..." Audry said.
"A Ninetails? A fire Pokemon! This will be easy!" Karl smiled.
"I hope she's strong enough to withstand Poliwrath... I need to attack with her strongest attack..." Audry thought. "Ninetails! Go!" Audry called, and threw Ninetails' Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the yellow Pokemon with nine tails appeared. "Ninetails... Look out for that Poliwrath... He's a Water Pokemon..."
"I'll try..." Ninetails said in Pokemon language.
"Use Flamethrower!" Audry said, and Ninetails' eyes glowed a red color, before she opened her mouth, and shot a large beam of fire at Poliwrath. Poliwrath didn't make the slightest attempt to jump out of the way. He knew Fire attacks didn't do much to him, so he took the attack fully. Karl was grinning.
"Fire attacks on a Water Type?"
"Yeah!" Audry growled.
"Poliwrath! Use Hydro Pump!" Karl called.
"Poli!" Poliwrath said, and while he was engulfed by fire, he raised his arms up, and a second later, a beam of water shot out of both hands. It immediately pushed the fire away from his body, creating clouds of damp.
"Ninetails! Jump out of the way!" Audry called, and Ninetails stopped her Flamethrower attack, and jumped to her left quickly. Luckily for her, the Hydro Pump missed its target, and Ninetails was safe... For now...
"Fire attacks aren't working! So now we'll try..." Audry thought.
"Ninetails! Return!" Audry called.
"What? Giving up?" Karl laughed.
"No! The ATTACK Return!" Audry called, and Ninetails jumped forwards fast, and hit Poliwrath in the stomach. Then again. And again.
"Poliwrath! Quickly! Use Brick Break!" Karl called, but Poliwrath was unable to use its attack because Ninetails kept on hitting him. And soon, Poliwrath sunk through his knees, closing his eyes. Ninetails stopped her attack, and jumped back next to Audry.
"Poliwrath! Can you get up?" Karl asked, and Poliwrath groaned once. Then, he slowly begun to raise up, until he was standing again.
"Oh no!" Audry gasped.
"All right Poliwrath! Use Surf to finish it!" Karl called, and Poliwrath raised his arms... Then he stopped, closed his eyes, and fell down to the ground again. "NO!" Karl cried.
"Poliwrath can not fight anymore! The winner of this round is Ninetails!" the referee said. "And that makes Audry the winner of this match!"
"Yeah!" Audry cheered, punching an arm into the air.
"Great work, Poliwrath..." Karl said, aimed a Pokeball at Poliwrath, and called him back.
"You did awesome! Return!" Audry said after petting Ninetails' head, and she returned into her Pokeball.
"And so did you... You deserve this badge..." Karl said, and approached Audry. He reached out an arm, and opened his hand. In it was a Pool badge.
"Thanks..." Audry said, and grabbed her new badge.
"Now go, and continue your journey..." Karl said.
"I will, thanks!" Audry said, and walked out of the Gym, followed by Sashi and Eevy... And Espeon of course!

To be continued...

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