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The new guy

The new guy

Chapter 32!
Sashi: Congrats!
Sashi: *Reads title* Who?
The new guy...
Sashi: ...

"Share?" Sashi repeated.
"Uh-huh..." the Sneasel nodded.
"Uh-huh..." the Sneasel nodded again.
"And her?" Sashi pointed at Eevy.
"Uh-huh..." once again, he nodded.
Sashi fell silent. Luckily for her, Eevy was there to help her out. She grabbed the Sneasel's coat, and pulled him away from Sashi.
"What the..." he said as he was pulled back. "What are you doing? I said we could share!"
"Exactly the point why I pulled you back!" Eevy replied.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!?"
"What do you mean what am I doing? What are YOU doing?" the Sneasel replied.
"Who said I wanted to share her and especially with you? You're a total stranger!" Eevy said back.
The Sneasel didn't reply that instant, but thought it over.
"Well I guess there's only one way to change that..." the Sneasel said, reached out his hand, and grabbed Eevy's, shaking it up and down. "The name's Aaron, nice to meet you..." Aaron smiled as he fell silent, waiting for Eevy to finish the sentence.
Eevy looked back confused. A few seconds ago he was screaming at her, and she was screaming back at him. And now he was smiling friendly and shaking her hand, introducing himself.
"Ehhh... Eevy..." Eevy said.
"Mmmm... Sashi, Aaron and Eevy... Sounds destined, right?" Aaron grinned, and Eevy's eyes widened. The hand Aaron was holding was suddenly pulled back, as Eevy slammed it right against Aaron's cheek. Everybody was silent, as Aaron fell to the ground and Eevy pulled her hand back, shaking it a couple of times because of the pain.
"Ehh... Eevy? Why did you do that?" Sashi asked, breaking the silence.
"Didn't you hear what he said?" Eevy asked confused, approaching Sashi. "He was talking about sharing you!"
"I know..." Sashi giggled.
"This is not funny Sashi..." Eevy replied. "He was talking about you like he was going to own you!"
"That sounds familiar..." Brian grinned, making Cath chuckle.
Sashi didn't reply to Eevy. Instead she walked around her to Aaron, and reached out a hand.
"Come on... Let's get you off this filthy ground..." Sashi smiled.
Aaron looked up confused.
"Okay what's the catch?"
"What catch?" Sashi replied.
"The second you help me up, you either push me down or kick me in the crotch..." Aaron said.
Sashi giggled.
"I won't..."
"Why not?" both Eevy and Aaron asked.
"Because that's not what I do..." Sashi said. "Now take my hand..."
Aaron looked at Sashi, who smiled at him. He then slowly smiled back, and reached up, grabbing Sashi's hand. Sashi started pulling Aaron up, until he could stand on his own. He looked like he was still preparing himself to be kicked in the nuts, but calmed down when Sashi slowly pulled her hand back.
"There.. that wasn't so bad, was it?" Sashi asked.
"Ehhh..." Aaron said, then shook his head. "No it wasn't..."
"Pleased to meet you Aaron..." Sashi said.
"Ehh... same here..." Aaron said.
The other three were laughing. Then Brian stepped forwards.
"Hi, my name's Brian..." he said, reaching out his hand. The Sneasel looked at Brian's hand, and smiled as he grabbed it.
"Aaron..." Aaron said, and then looked around. He then moved his head close to Brian's as if he wanted to say something private. "You must be lucky to travel with all these beauties..." he whispered. Brian blushed a bit.
"Well yeah, I guess..."
Re-fuelled with his charming characteristics, Aaron let go of Brian's hand and moved to Cath.
"And who is this lovely lady?" he asked, kissing the back of her gloved hand, just like with Sashi.
Cath chuckled again.
"My name's Cath, and I'm taken as well... By Brian..." Cath said, knowing what was to come.
Aaron looked at her, and then at Brian. Then he grinned.
"Sweet..." he said, winking. Then he turned his head back to Cath, and released her hand. Next he moved to Kyra. "Okay, last chance..." he said, and tried to grab Kyra's hand, but she pulled it back before he could.
"Nope, taken... by Brian..." Kyra smiled.
Aaron's eyes widened, and he looked back at Brian.
"These two... you?" was what he got out.
"Yeah..." Brian chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.
"Whoa..." Aaron said. Then he shrugged. "Oh well, at least I tried..."
Sashi chuckled.
"That is, if you're available?" he said to Espeon.
"Not in a million years!" Espeon said with a firm face.
"Sorry pal, she's mine..." Umbreon smiled.
"I was just kidding!" Aaron chuckled.
"So why did you call for us?" Sashi asked.
"And why did you try to flirt with us?" Cath asked.
Aaron's smile slowly faded.
"I... Don't know..." Aaron said.
"Oh great, you were flirting with us, but you have no idea of why whatsoever?" Eevy replied, raising an eyebrow.
"I guess... I should explain..." Aaron said.
"Explain what?" Eevy asked.
Aaron sighed.
"I've been lonely all my life... I don't have any friends, mostly because of the way I look... Maybe that's why I was so desperate to befriend you guys, thinking that if I put in a little charm it would... work, I guess..." Aaron said. "I've been hearing about you for quite some time now, Sashi... Stories I hear from people who saw you on the news... If it wasn't for you, I'd still be hiding in places because I thought humans hated me for what I am... But you've changed the thoughts of the humans about Anthro's, Sashi... Thanks to you humans start to like Anthro's... Thanks to you I could come out of my hiding place, and travel the world..."
Everybody was silent after Aaron was finished.
"I did what?" Sashi asked confused.
"Made my life easier..." Aaron said.
"You mean to say that thanks to Sashi, you can show yourself?" Brian asked.
"Then you don't need to thank me for that... I did nothing... You could have traveled the world a lot sooner... I learned that if you don't bother the humans, they won't bother you..." Sashi said.
"You think it's that easy for me?" Aaron asked. "Look at me, I'm hideous... I'm scary..."
"No you're not..." came the voice of Eevy, making everybody look at her.
"Ex... cuse me?" Aaron said, unable to believe Eevy just said this, like all the others.
"You're not hideous... Nor Scary..."
Aaron looked at her straight in the eyes, and then grinned.
"You're just saying that to cheer me up..."
"No I'm not..."
"Oh yeah? Prove it!" Aaron said, starting to get a little angry.
"If I thought you would be hideous or scary, I would have never fallen in love with one of your kind..."
Sashi smiled, while Aaron just looked back at Eevy.
"Thanks sweetie..." Aaron said with a wink, making everyone laugh.

Sashi and the others decided to just sit down and have lunch, while they got to learn more about Aaron. Their Pokemon were released out of their Pokeballs, and everyone went its own way.

Alora went to a quiet spot to lie down, and just take a nap... But for some reason she couldn't catch sleep. Every time she tried to close her eyes, they would just reopen a few seconds later. She sighed. The thing between her and Poochy really bothered her. The reaction Poochy gave when he found out she had evolved wasn't exactly... How do you say it? Supportive... She was happy she had evolved, every Pokemon is. Well, every Pokemon except Poochy. Alora sighed again. Why didn't he like her new form? Was it because she was bigger? Was that why Poochy hated her? Alora gasped. Before this she had never thought Poochy could ever... hate her... Did he really hate her? Did he hate her because she was different now? Why would he? She was still Eevee from the inside. Or did he hate her because she told them to take some time separated? Closing her eyes one more time made her fall asleep finally, tears crawling down her cheek as she dozed off.

'Thump!' was heard from a little distance away from Alora, as she slowly opened her eyes. When the sound didn't return, she slowly closed them again. Seconds later, another thump was heard, again making Alora open her eyes again. This was starting to get annoying, but yet again, the sound didn't return. So, closing her eyes, she just ignored it. That was, until a third thump was heard. That did it. Annoyed by the sound that had woken her, she yawned, and stretched her body. She looked up in the sky. It wasn't much later. She had slept for fifteen minutes or so. She looked around, but couldn't find the reason of the thumping. She walked forwards slowly, going through the bushes, hearing the sound get louder from her left, so she turned left. After a few seconds, she came to a small clearing, and gasped softly. She saw Poochy. He was running fast, when suddenly he jumped high into the air, hitting a tree hard with his head, creating the sound that had woken her out of her sleep. What was Poochy doing? As if reading her mind, Poochy started talking to himself after he had arrived down on the ground.
"Just a few more levels... and I can too evolve... Then Alora will love me again!" he said, slowly running away from the tree he had hit before. It was obvious he had done this for quite some time, cause the tree had a small hole in it exactly where Poochy hit it with his head. Alora didn't notice this. What Poochy had said really made her freeze. He thought she didn't love him while she had thought he didn't love her. And here he was, Poochy, the one she loved so much, trying to evolve... for her... A tear appeared in the corner of her eye as she realized this. Poochy, totally unaware Alora was watching him, slowly turned around, and started running towards the tree again. A meter in front, he jumped into the air again, and hit the tree with his head. Yet again, a thump was heard. Alora sighed, and, for once in a long time, smiled. She slowly walked forwards, making sound as she walked through the bushes.
Poochy suddenly stopped walking, and froze when he heard the rustle of bushes. His eyes widened when he saw Alora come out of them.
"A... Alora..."
"Hey..." Alora softly said.
"What are you doing here?" Poochy asked.
Alora didn't reply. Instead, she walked forwards, and slowly rubbed her head against Poochy's.
"Ohhh Poochy... I'm so sorry..." Alora whispered, her eyes closed, a smile on her face, and tears running down her cheeks.
"Sorry? For what?" Poochy asked in his childish voice.
"For giving you the wrong idea..." Alora said, and slowly pulled her head back, looking down at Poochy. "When I said we needed some time separated, I didn't mean for good... You know that, don't you?"
"You did?" Poochy asked.
"Just until things change... Time has been rough on us, and lots of things have happened... We just... need to calm down and try and get back to the way it was before..." Alora said.
"But that's it... Things can't get back to the way they were... You've changed so much..." Poochy said.
"Yes you're right..." Alora said. "We can't get back to the way it was, I now realize that... So if we can't go back to the way it was, we can only look forwards..." Alora said.
"Huh?" Poochy replied, cocking his head, and then looking in front of him. "Look where?"
Alora giggled.
"You're so cute when you play dumb..."
"I'm what when I'm doing what?" Poochy asked, but this time Alora knew he was joking. She chuckled, and slowly Poochy started to chuckle as well.
"So you don't hate me?" Alora asked after a while.
"Hate you? I thought you hated me..." Poochy replied.
"I don't..." Alora said, shaking her head slowly.
"And I don't either..." Poochy said.
The two were quiet for a little time.
"So... need any help with training?" Alora then asked.
"You know I was training?" Poochy gasped.
"I overheard you saying..." Alora began, and smiled when she saw Poochy's reaction.
"You did, huh?" Poochy replied nervous.
Alora sensed Poochy was nervous.
"Hey, do you want any help or not?" Alora winked.
"You... want to help me evolve?" Poochy asked.
"If it makes you feel happy..." Alora smiled.
"Awww... Thank you..." Poochy said softly.

"Wow..." Aaron said after each bite of Eevy's ham-sandwiches. Eevy giggled. "Wow..." Aaron said, taking another bite. "These are so good!"
"Thank you..." Eevy said.
In the time Alora and Poochy were away, Eevy had made everyone ham-sandwiches. It was like nothing Aaron had ever tasted.
"I knew you would like them..." Sashi smiled.
"I sure do!" Aaron smiled.
"So... tell me something more about yourself..." Sashi said.
"Well what's to say?"
"Tell me something about your life... How you grew up..."
"Oh..." Aaron said, and stopped eating. "I don't know..."
"Do you know who your parents are?" Eevy asked.
"No... I never met them... I sure would, but I don't think I will.." Aaron said.
"Why not?"
"If they loved me, they would have never abandoned me..." Aaron said.
This created an awkward silence.
"Hey... Cheer up..." Sashi suddenly said. "At least you're still alive... You survived till this day without being raised... That shows you're strong..."
"You really think so?" Aaron asked.
"I think so..." Cath said. "I understand your pain.. Team Rocket was always a down cast group... I didn't know why I thought it was because we were Anthro, so I felt like that too..."
"What do you mean by that?" Aaron asked.
"Well I was part of Team Rocket, which was led by a human called Giovanni... He raised me and many other Anthro's from when we were little... We were also abandoned, living on the streets, being called freaks... Until Giovanni took us in, taking care of us, raising us... In exchange we would serve him as our leader, since he had saved our lives... We didn't like humans from the start, and that gave him some advantages... He made us thieves, telling us to steal from the humans..." Cath explained. "So you see, I also started my life hating humans... So I'm just trying to say; don't let the past influence what lies ahead of you... We all have to do that..."
"I don't hate them... They hate me..." Aaron replied.
"Because you're different..." Eevy said.
"I know..." Aaron said.
"Again; cheer up..." Sashi said. "Like you said, I changed the thoughts of the humans... You have no reason to hate the humans, and they don't have a reason to hate you anymore..."
"Hey, you're right..." Aaron smiled.
"Of course I am..." Sashi giggled.
"Thank you so much, Sashi..." Aaron said, holding Sashi's hand in his suddenly.
"Hey hey, no touching..." Sashi chuckled, pulling her hand back.
"Sure thing, sweetheart..." Aaron replied.
"Hey if you start saying stuff like that, we won't take you with us..." Sashi said.
"Take me with you?" Aaron asked.
"On our journey..."
"He's coming with us?" Eevy asked.
Well like he's said before, he's lonely... he could use the company of some good friends..." Sashi said.
"I think so too..." Cath said. "As long as he keeps himself civilized..."
"I'll try..." Aaron winked.
"Okay everyone! Let's pack up things, and move on!" Sashi called, and grabbed for her Pokeballs. "Gardevoir, Ninetales, return!" Sashi said, and a second later, a red beam connected with both Pokemon. Another second later, the two disappeared back into their balls. Sashi then grabbed for a third Pokeball, and called Dragonair - who was resting in a small pond - back. Now all she had left was Poochy's Pokeball.
"Poochy?" Sashi called, but no answer.
"Sashi? Have you seen Alora?" Eevy asked after calling back all her Pokemon but her.
"No, and Poochy's gone as well..." Sashi said.
"Maybe they're together?" Eevy asked.
"Maybe-" Sashi said, when suddenly the two appeared.
"There you two are!" Eevy smiled.
"Back together?" Sashi grinned when the two appeared at their feet. Poochy looked down, blushing slightly. Alora did the same. "Awwww..." Sashi smiled.
"Did you eh... call for us?" Poochy asked, skipping the subject.
"We heard our names..." Alora added.
"Yeah, we're ready to leave..." Sashi nodded.
By the time Alora and Poochy were returned back into their Pokeballs, the others had already called back their Pokemon as well.

"So... We're just gonna walk north?" Aaron asked as the group had walked a few miles.
"Yup, to Frost Valley..." Sashi nodded.
"For your Gym Battle..." Aaron said.
"For my seventh badge..."
They now reached the edge of the forest, and looked ahead. Large fields of grass lay ahead. That's when Sashi spotted two familiar faces.
"Hey, isn't that..." Eevy began.
"Ann and Kim!" Sashi smiled.
"Sashi!" Ann called, as she and her twin sister ran towards her.
"Hey, how are you two doing?" Sashi smiled.
"We're fine, and glad..."
"To see you're fine too!" Kim finished. That's when they saw Aaron.
"He?" Ann asked.
"This is Aaron... He just joined our team..." Sashi said.
"A new friend?" Kim asked.
"Yes, a new friend..." Cath nodded.
The two girls looked at Aaron, and then started giggling. This made Aaron blush.
"You're cute..." Kim said.
Aaron's eyes widened. This was certainly something he wouldn't have expected a human to say. His face turned all red.
"Wh-why thank you..." Aaron said, rubbing the back of his head, which was turned away from the girls slightly.
"So how does it feel to be flirted with?" Sashi chuckled.
"It feels... weird..." Aaron chuckled as well.
"But anyway Sashi?" Ann asked.
"What happened to you..."
"When you told us to leave?" Kim asked.
"Lots of things have happened to us..." Sashi sighed, and explained all that has happened the past day.

"Wow..." Ann said.
"Yeah..." Kim replied.
"Good thing you..."
"Told us to leave..."
"I was afraid that would happen..." Sashi nodded.
"Thanks..." both girls said at the same time.
"So what are you two doing out here?" Sashi asked.
"We got worried..."
"About you..." Ann said.
"Well you didn't have to worry about me..." Sashi chuckled. "I can take care of myself..."
"Good to hear..." Kim smiled.
"So you say your Pokemon..."
"Have become stronger?"
"Yes... My Vulpix has evolved into a Ninetales, even though against her will..." Sashi said.
"But you still..."
"Have that Poochyena?" Ann asked.
"I do, why?" Sashi asked.
"We've trained..." Kim began.
"Our Pokemon a little..."
"In the time you were gone..."
"And like to have another..."
"Battle with you..."
"If that's okay with you?" Ann finished.
"They talk weird..." Aaron said.
"A battle?" Sashi smiled. "Sure, I'm always up for a battle!"
"And once again, I will help you..." Eevy smiled, as she grabbed for Alora's Pokeball while Sashi grabbed Poochy's.
"Okay!" Ann smiled, as she and her twin sister walked a little backwards to make room for a battle. Then they grabbed two Pokeballs, and threw them into the air.
"Go Heracross!" Ann called.
"Go Weepinbell!" Kim cried.
The two Pokeballs opened, and white light came out. It landed on the ground, and formed into a shape. The first was a familiar shape, that of Heracross. The second, however, was different. It looked like a big Pokemon who was yellow and looked like a small version of a bell tower bell with a leaf on either side of its body
"Your Bellsprout has evolved..." Sashi noted.
"Yes, she has!" Kim smiled. "Though she's only level 16, she evolved a lot sooner than usual..."
"That's great!" Sashi smiled, and threw her Pokeball into the air. "Go Poochy!" Sashi called, and the Pokeball opened. Seconds later, the small Poochyena appeared on the field.
"Go Alora!" Eevy called, and also threw her Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the purple furred Espeon appeared on the field next to Poochy.
"An Espeon..." Kim said.
"I thought it was..." Ann began.
"Eevee evolved..." Eevy smiled.
"Heh..." Weepinbell chuckled. "Has your girlfriend evolved?" she asked, saying the word 'girlfriend' extra loud, making Heracross chuckle as well.
"Yes, I have..." Alora replied with a grin, and Poochy grinned too. This shut the two Pokemon up. Sashi smiled.
"Alright, a battle between four Pokemon!" Aaron smiled.
"You've never seen one before?" Brian asked.
"No... I've seen many others, but never one of these..." Aaron said.
"Hey... It looks like Poochy's is up a level..." Sashi said.
"Yeah!" Poochy grinned.
"So he's level 12 now?" Eevy asked.
"Yes..." Sashi nodded.
"Are we ready to battle yet?" Poochy asked impatient.
"Easy sweetie..." Alora chuckled.
"You really are his girlfriend, right?" Weepinbell asked.
"Yes..." Alora smiled.
"Poochy!" Sashi cried. "Use Tackle on that Heracross!"
"Alora! Use Confusion on that Weepinbell!" Eevy called.
"Weepinbell! Use Sleep Powder!" Kim said.
"Heracross! Use Horn Attack on that little Poochyena!" Ann said, and soon all Pokemon were using their attacks.
Poochy started running forwards fast, aiming his head at Heracross. Heracross meanwhile lowered his head so that his horn was aimed at the approaching Poochy. Weepinbell tried to use Sleep powder on Alora, but she had already lowered her head. Her body was glowing a little, and a few seconds later Weepinbell was too.
"Weepinbell! Try to get out of that attack!" Kim cried as she realized Weepinbell was caught, but it was no use. The Psychic attack brought Weepinbell down fast. One Confusion attack was enough. Weepinbell closed her eyes, and cried out in pain as she was hit by an attack super effective on her. She was thrown back a few meters before she came to a stop, and didn't move afterwards.
"Weepinbell!" Kim gasped, and ran over to her Pokemon.
"All right! Good job Alora!" Eevy cheered.
Alora smiled. "This was easy..." she thought
"You did well, Weepinbell... Even though you haven't done anything..." Kim smiled, and called Weepinbell back into her Pokeball.
"That just leaves Heracross..." Eevy said, and looked at Heracross, who was battling Poochy. Poochy was trying as hard as he could to hit Heracross, but Heracross just kept dodging his Tackle Attacks.
"What's wrong?" Poochy asked nobody after his 10th attempt on a Tackle Attack.
"I see it's working!" Heracross smiled.
"What is?" Poochy asked confused.
"I've been training... I've trained on becoming faster... And I see all my work is paying out..." Heracross smiled.
"Oh yeah?!" Poochy growled, turned around, and suddenly pushed his back paws back fast, kicking sand over the entire area around him, Heracross and Alora.
"Not this *cough* trick again!" Heracross said while coughing.
"Heracross! Try and hit that Poochyena with your Horn Attack again!" Ann called.
Heracross started beating his horn in every direction, and succeeded in hitting Poochy. Poochy was hit in the side, and tossed out of the cloud of dust fast. He managed to hold on to his balance, and landed on his four paws.
"Ow!" Poochy groaned as he rubbed his head with his paw on the place he felt where he had hit Heracross.
"You okay?" Alora gasped, running over to the little Pokemon.
"Yeah, fine..." Poochy nodded.
Alora looked at the cloud of dust, which was slowly fading, and then looked back at Poochy.
"I got an idea..." Alora said.
"What is it?" Poochy asked.
"I'm going to use my Confusion attack..." Alora said, and slowly lowered her head so that only Poochy could hear her.
"You sure that's safe?" Poochy asked.
"You won't get hurt by my attack... You're a Dark Type..." Alora replied.
"If you're sure this will work, then I will try..." Poochy nodded.
"Okay, then start running..." Alora said. Poochy smiled, and started running.
"This old trick again?" Heracross grinned, and was ready to dodge Poochy's Tackle Attack again, when...
"Confusion!" Alora cried, and her eyes started glowing.
"Watch out, Heracross! They're teaming up! Don't let that Confusion-" Ann began, but gasped when she realized Alora's Confusion didn't hit Heracross, but Poochy instead. Poochy now glowed as well, and the second Alora called 'Confusion', he was shot forwards with an incredible speed, hitting the confused and surprised Heracross full in the stomach, knocking the air out of him. This attack sent Heracross a few meters back - just like with Weepinbell - taking Poochy with him. When the two had lost enough speed, Poochy slowly fell down Heracross' stomach onto the ground.
"OW!" he cried, rubbing his head with his paw again.
Heracross meanwhile couldn't say a thing. He was breathing in air in a fast pace, grasping for his stomach. No one in the past has ever given him such an amount of pain before. Heracross sank through his knees, and slowly put one paw on the ground as he held himself from falling down.
"Heracross!" Ann gasped, and ran over to her Pokemon.
"Did I do it?" Poochy asked, slowly shaking his head.
"Awesome job Poochy!" Sashi cheered.
"What happened?" Eevy asked confused.
"I used my Confusion attack on Poochy, making his Tackle Attack hit harder then usual..." Alora smiled.
"Wow!" Eevy smiled.
"Thanks Alora..." Sashi said.
"Heracross can't fight anymore..." Ann said, and grabbed a Pokeball. She aimed it at Heracross, and he was sucked into it. "You win..."
Instead of being happy and cheering or celebrating, Sashi remained calm, and walked over to Ann. She reached out a hand, and smiled.
"That was a nice battle..." she said.
Ann looked up.
"But it was over so soon..." Ann replied.
"It doesn't matter how fast it went... as long as you had fun..." Sashi said.
Ann smiled, and nodded.
"You're right..." she said, grabbed Sashi's hand, and shook it.
"Wow..." Aaron said from the sidelines.
"I can see why humans like her... She's so nice..." Aaron said.
"I know..." Eevy chuckled.
"We're going back..."
"To Orange City now..." Kim said.
"Good luck on your journey..." Ann said, waving her arm.
"Bye you two!" Sashi smiled, waving back.
When the twins were out of sight, Sashi turned around.
"Well, let's go..." she said. She grabbed Poochy's Pokeball, and aimed it at him. "You did great... return!"
A red beam connected with Poochy, and he was sucked back into his Pokeball.
"You too, Alora..." Eevy smiled, and aimed her Pokeball at her, making her return. Sashi started walking, and everybody followed.

Meanwhile, near Route 170, a Route with a lake as far as the eye can see, a Pokemon ran over the water.. Yes, over the water... The big Pokemon, with blue fur and what looked like white ribbons waving from its body, seemed to try and escape from something... Something bad, apparently. When the Pokemon arrived at a small island in the big watery landscape, it stopped, and rested. Looking around, it tried to find something. It tried to find the thing it's been running from. But it was nowhere to be seen. The Pokemon looked into a different direction... still nothing. It was sure he had seen something... why would it run away from nothing? Suddenly something rose from the depths of the lake. It looked like a big, blue submarine. The Pokemon didn't move this time, as a door was opened on the roof of the submarine. A second later, a man dressed in a blue suit stuck his head out of the submarine, and grinned.
"Finally you realize that fleeing is pointless..." the bearded man said, getting out of the submarine, soon followed by more men dressed in blue suits, but somehow different from the bearded man. The Pokemon growled, lowering its head. It seemed like it was ready to escape anytime soon. Suddenly, two more submarines appeared, surrounding the island, and also the Pokemon. The Pokemon realized it was surrounded, and growled even more.
"And now, you're mine..." the bearded man smiled, as more men dressed in blue suits came out of the submarines. The bearded man grabbed a Pokeball... no, no Pokeball... It was a different kind of Pokeball. This one had an M on it. It was a Masterball. The Pokemon was trapped. It couldn't go anywhere. Or so the bearded man thought. "Go Masterball!" the bearded man called, and threw the ball at the Pokemon. The Pokemon suddenly roared out loud, and then brought its head down fast, making mist come out of its mouth at a fast rate, completely shrouding itself and the area around it in its attack. A second later, a thud was heard, but nothing after. The bearded man cursed as the mist slowly faded. When it was gone, nothing but the island and a Masterball on it remained.
"It has slipped through my fingers for the last time!" the man growled. "Retreat! Let's track this Pokemon again!" he said, and all the men disappeared back into the submarines, except for two.
"We'll get it next time Archie..." one said.
"Will we Matt?" Archie growled back.
"Remember what our other team is looking for?" Matt asked.
"For the one who got rid of our worst enemy..." Archie grinned. "You're right... We'll get it next time..."

A while later, Sashi and the rest had reached Route 167. They were walking on a path which looked like one big bridge made out of land, surrounded by water.
"First sand, now water?" Sashi said.
"What do you prefer? Heat or this?" Eevy replied.
"This..." Sashi nodded.
"Well I liked the heat more..." Kyra said.
"That's because you're a Ninetales..." Brian chuckled.
Sashi looked ahead.
"Man, is there no end to this?" she groaned. "I haven't seen solid ground since an hour ago..."
"Then what is this we're walking on?" Cath replied, grinning. Her grin faded when suddenly two submarines rose out of the water.
"What the..." Sashi said, when suddenly a door was opened on the roof of the submarine. A second later, a man, dressed in a blue suit came out, followed by more. They all jumped on the ground in front of Sashi.
"Are you the one who defeated Team Magma?" one asked Sashi.
"Ehhhh... I might be... Who are you?" Sashi asked.
"We're Team Aqua, and my name is Kyle... We love the sea more then anything else on this planet... It is the source of life, so we shall expand it acr-" Kyle began.
"Whoa whoa whoa wait a second!" Sashi said, silencing Kyle. "I don't want anything to do with whatever team you belong to!"
"If you would please let me explain some things..." Kyle said.
"No.. I don't have time for this..." Sashi said, and started walking forwards, past the Aqua members. The others soon followed. Then Kyle said something that made Sashi freeze.
"We need your help..." he said.
Sashi stopped.
"What did you say?" she asked, not turning her head around.
"We need your help..." Kyle repeated.
This time Sashi did turn her head.
"Wh-.... Why do you need my help?" she asked.
"You're the famous Sashi..." Kyle said.
"F-Famous?" Sashi asked, feeling herself starting to blush.
"To be able to bring down Team Magma like that you must be very good..." Kyle said.
"Well I ehhh... I... Wait a second... There's a thing I don't understand..." Sashi said.
"And what is that?"
"You're the same as Team Magma, right? So why are you being so... nice?" Sashi asked.
"We're not like Team Magma..." Kyle growled.
"Whoa I'm sorry... It's just... You.. look a lot like Team Magma..." Sashi said.
"We look like those filthy-" Kyle began to shout, when suddenly he was pulled back by another Aqua member, pulling him back far enough so Sashi and the others wouldn't hear his voice as he whispered something. When the man was done whispering, Kyle looked at Sashi, and then smiled.
"Sorry about that..." he said, approaching Sashi again. He sighed. "It's just that it makes me so angry when people think we're the same as those evil men..."
"I'm sorry..." Sashi apologized. "I didn't mean to..."
"I know you didn't..." Kyle said. "Like I said, we're nothing like Team Magma... We act for the good..."
"And you need my help for what?" Sashi asked.
"Because... I'm not sure I can tell you this..." Kyle said.
"And why not?"
"Because my leader can explain you better..." Kyle said.
"Ehhh... Let me discuss this with my friends first..." Sashi said.
"Of course..." Kyle nodded.
Sashi turned around, and walked to her friends.
"What do you think?" she whispered, so that nobody could hear them.
"I'm not sure about this, Sashi..." Eevy whispered. "They come out of nowhere, asking you to help them... Something's not right about this..."
"I agree with her..." Cath whispered.
"How about you Brian?" Sashi whispered.
"I'm not sure... They don't seem to look evil to me..." Brian whispered. "Kyra? You were a Team Magma Member before... They know Team Magma, so Team Magma should know about Team Aqua too, right?"
Kyra lowered her head.
"I'm sorry, but I don't know... I may have been a member, but that doesn't mean they told me everything... Team Magma might know about Aqua, but I don't..." Kyra whispered.
"I think they are nice people... I mean, they called you famous..." Aaron said to Sashi.
"Mmmm... you do have a point there..." Sashi nodded. She thought it over. Next she turned around, and approached Kyle.
"Okay, sure... I want to help... Take me to your leader, and let him explain why he needs my help..." Sashi said.
"Excellent..." Kyle smiled. "Then follow us..." he added, walking to a submarine, and getting in it. The other Aqua members soon followed. Sashi looked back at her friends, and smiled as she walked to the submarine Kyle got in to. Cath, Brian, Kyra and Aaron did also. Eevy looked worried as she, finally, too got in the submarine...

To be continued...

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