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Sashi by natsuke


We can share

We can share

Sashi: *Celebrating*
*Celebrating... and drinking*
Sashi: *Grabbing my drink*
Sashi: *Sticking out tongue*

"Cath? Cath open the door!" Brian voice called through the door, as Cath yawned, and opened her eyes. "Cath, please open the door, I'm starting to worry..." Brian said.
"What?" Cath said in her drowsy state. Then she gasped, and looked around. Kyra was sleeping next to her on the bed the two of them just had sex on, lying on top of the blankets, naked. The door was locked, and Brian didn't like that so to hear.
"Coming!" Cath called, and got off the bed. She quickly woke Kyra up, and told her to lie under the blanket. Kyra complained at first, but then heard Brian's voice, and quickly complied. Cath quickly pulled her T-shirt over her head, and down over her chest. Then swiftly pulled on her pants, and wrapped the belt around her waist. Finally she went to open the door.
"What's going on? Why was the door locked?" Brian asked when he saw Cath's face. Then he saw her messy hair, and put two and two together. "Taking a nap?"
"Sorta like that..." Cath grinned.
"And Kyra? Where is Kyra? I saw you leave with her earlier today..." Brian said.
"You got that right..." Cath replied.
"Why if I may ask?"
"To talk..." Cath said.
"Oh okay..." Brian said, then smiled. "But what did you do with Kyra?"
"Well after we talked, we eh..." Cath began, and looked over her shoulder. Kyra wasn't under the blankets anymore, but had started dressing up. Cath smiled, and turned her head back at Brian. "Go ask for yourself..." she said, and opened the door some more.
Brian stepped in, and looked at Kyra. She was sitting on the bed, smiling sweetly.
"Hi..." she said, raising her hand and waving it slowly.
"Hey..." Brian replied. Then he heard the door close behind him, and that made him turn his head. Cath was in front of the closed door, smiling at him. "Ehhh... Why did you close the door?"
"Why did you come here?" Cath asked.
"It's getting late, so I was going to bed... I didn't know where you were, so I started looking for you... Then I remembered we had a room together, and went to see if you were there... And I kinda worried about you... You two didn't come back for a long time, so..." Brian said.
"Awww how cute... Well you didn't have to worry about us, Brian..." Kyra said, making him turn around again.
"But that's how Brian is..." Cath smiled.
"Ehhh..." Brian replied. Something was going on in this room of which he had no knowledge of. Cath slowly approached Brian, and so was Kyra as she got off the bed. Both were smiling awkwardly. "What's going on here?"
"We've got something to tell you..." Cath said, nodding at Kyra.
"Ehhh... and what is that?"
"You like me, don't you?" Kyra asked, and Brian looked at her.
"Well of course I do, you're my friend..." Brian said.
"I don't think so, sweetie..." Cath said.
"Ever since that kiss in Jebadiah's Inn you've been acting real weird..." Cath said.
"Well how do you expect me to act?" Brian asked. "She kissed me!"
"And you kissed me too at that time..." Kyra said.
"That was just because... Because..." Brian said, unable to think of a reason either because there was none, or because he was with the two girls.
"Admit it... You liked it..." Cath said.
"I..." Brian said, and then sighed.
"So that's a 'yes'?" Cath asked.
Brian nodded.
"I'm sorry, Cath..." Brian said, bowing his head.
"Oh you don't have to apologize..." Cath said, and Brian raised his head.
"Why? What do you mean?" he asked confused.
"We did more than just talk here..." Cath said.
"More?" Brian asked curious. "What could they have done here?"
"I've also noticed you were acting weird in the past few days, and knew you had feelings for Kyra..." Cath said.
"I... I don't have feelings for her..."
"I don't believe that..." Cath said. "I know you... You're just saying that because you're afraid of what will happen when you say you do..."
Brian sighed again.
"You're right..." Brian said, and turned to Kyra. "Since we kissed I feel strange inside... I love Cath very much and feel we belong together... But the kiss we had changed my feelings... I still love her very much, but you... You just make me feel different..." Brian said, and turned to Cath. "I'm sorry..."
"It's okay..." Cath said.
"It is?" Brian asked surprised.
"Yes... This is what Kyra and I were talking about... We knew we had to do something in order to, let's say, 'own' you..." Cath said.
"Own me? I'm not an object!" Brian said.
"We know... So we thought of a solution..." Cath said, and nodded once, making Kyra smile.
"Solution?" Brian replied confused. Then he felt a pair of arms surround his neck, and looked to his left, where Kyra had placed her head on his shoulder. "Ehh..." Brian blushed. Then he looked at Cath apologetically. Then his eyes widened when he noticed Cath wasn't angry, but smiling. "Why is she not all over Kyra telling to let go of me?" he thought. That's when Cath approached him too, and moved her arms around his head as well, placing her head on Brian's right shoulder. All three were silent for a while. There was nothing useful to say at the moment anyway. After a few seconds, both Kyra and Cath released Brian, and awaited his reaction. Brian's head had become even redder, and his eyes were open wide. Then he noticed the girl's absence. He blinked and shook his head. "What was that for?" His voice was croaky.
"That's the solution..." Cath said.
"A hug? What's a hug gonna solve?" Brian asked.
"Not just the hug... It's the thought behind it that counts..." Cath winked.
"And that means...?" Brian said.
"I've decided to share you..." Cath said, and finally it began to get through to Brian.
"Ooooohhhhhhhh...." Brian said, making the two girls giggle. "So... You two are mine now?"
"Yours? We're no objects!" Kyra replied, making all laugh.
"But you're okay with it?" Brian asked Cath.
"I am if you are..." Cath replied.
"Well it's a dream come true for a male when two females want him, so yes..." Brian smiled. He then looked at the clock, which was reading 01:02 AM.
"And as I was saying, I was going to bed..." Brian said. "It's pretty late..."
"Uh-huh..." Kyra nodded.
"So what do we do about the twin-sized bed and the three of us?" Cath asked.
"I know!" Brian said, and started pulling off his clothes. He stopped momentarily when he got to his pants. Should he keep it on because of Kyra? After all, if he got in bed naked this would be the first time he showed himself to her. As if reading his mind, Cath chuckled.
"Hey, we've decided to share you, so you share everything with us too..." she said.
"And besides," Kyra giggled at Cath's comment, "Since I can have you as well, it'll be a matter of time before I see you naked anyway..."
"Good point..." Cath smiled.
"I guess you're right..." Brian said.
"And I've seen one naked already, so why not make it two?" Kyra said, and that made Brian raise an eyebrow.
"You... saw one naked?" he asked.
"Remember when I mentioned we did something else than talking?" Cath asked.
Brian's face started to become red again.
"You two..."
"That's kinda how we decided to share you..." Cath said.
"Keep going..." Brian said, his cock starting to harden.
"You mean explain how?" Cath asked naughtily.
"Uh-huh!" Brian said, nodding his head hard.
Cath giggled.
"Okay...," Cath said in a very low, but erotic voice, and started to unbuckle her belt, thinking she knew where this would lead to, "First we talked about my problem with Kyra and you... Then she admitted her feelings for you... Next she described how your kiss went, and that got me curious... I decided to experience it myself..." Cath began, and started pulling her pants down her legs as Brian's face lit up. "All I can say is that I enjoyed it so much, it got me turned on..."
"And... then?" Brian asked.
Cath stood up straight, stepping out of her pants.
"I think Kyra can answer that..." Cath smiled, and looked at Kyra, who had also started to undress. She had pulled her T-shirt over her head, throwing it aside.
"Then she ate me out..." Kyra said in just the same low voice as Cath's was, and Brian gasped.
"Of course," Cath said again, pulling her T-shirt over her head, "When I came, I returned the favor..."
"Heh..." Brian chuckled, his head covered in sweat now.
"And that's what happened..." Kyra finished, pulling her pants down her knees, and stepping out of them when she was able to. Both girls were completely naked now, their pussies glistering from the juices. Their nipples were standing out erect, a sign that they were turned on. He was turned on as well. That was obvious from the tent in his pants.
"So what were you about to do again?" Kyra giggled.
"I ehh..."
"I showed myself, so it's only fair that-"
"Yeah yeah, I know!" Brian chuckled, and unbuckled his belt. Then he pulled his pants down to the ground, and stepped out of them. Then he grabbed for his underwear, and pulled it down as well. When he got up again, his erect dick was standing out, bouncing up and down slowly, until it stopped. Kyra's eyes were glued on it, as Brian started walking. He sat down on the bed, and then lay down on his back in the middle. Then he stretched his arms, and winked. "Just like you can share me, we can share this bed..."
"Oh but I was thinking of something else than sleeping at the moment... And I see you're agreeing..." Cath said, nodding at Brian's erection.
"I didn't say anything about sleeping, did I?" Brian replied, grinning. Cath grinned as well, and slowly sat down on the bed as well. She moved her hands to Brian's face, and held it in them as she kissed him on the lips.
"Mmmm..." Brian moaned, as he pushed his tongue into Cath's mouth. He could taste some juices, but didn't recognize it. They continued to French, until Cath broke it and kissed her way down his neck, going over his chest, and then his stomach. She stopped when she felt Brian's cock touch her throat, and lifted her head. Then she grabbed his cock in her right hand, and started rubbing softly. Next she turned her attention to Kyra, who was standing still, watching the two.
"Well come on... It's not sharing until you join me..." Cath said with a wink.
"Oh, right..." Kyra nodded. "But what should I do?"
"Like I said, join me..." Cath said, rubbing Brian's cock a little harder, showing Kyra where to go. Kyra smiled, and sat down on the bed next to Cath, as she lowered her head, and closed her lips around the head of Brian's cock. Kyra slowly sat down on the other side of Brian, and lowered her head. Cath slowly gave Kyra the room she needed, and moved her head up. Kyra slowly stuck out her tongue, and touched the base of Brian's shaft.
"Ohhh..." Brian shivered when feeling this. Even though he had felt this kind of pleasure before, it was still feeling very good. Kyra slowly licked her way down Brian's shaft, and ended up at his balls. She slowly licked both of them, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Kyra really didn't know if she was doing it right. She was new to this kind of sex. Cath was wrapping her tongue around the head of Brian's cock, occasionally taking it into her mouth. Then she licked the head again, and pulled her head back. She slowly crawled over to Brian's head, and kissed him on the cheek as she sat down on his stomach. This ended up in a French kiss, both of them playing with each other's tongues. Kyra looked up at Cath, unknown what to do. Cath felt two eyes aimed at her back, and broke the kiss to look back.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"I... Kinda don't know what to do..." Kyra answered.
"This your first time with a male?"
Kyra nodded. Cath smiled, quickly locked gazes with Brian, and winked once. Then she looked back at Kyra, and slowly crawled towards her.
"You want me to explain you about a male's cock?" Cath asked.
"Please..." Kyra nodded.
"Okay," Cath giggled, "When a male gets aroused, blood starts to fill up in the shrunken penis, making it harden. That's called an erection. When a male has an erection, it means he's ready to have sex."
"And what can be done with it?" Kyra asked.
"I'm coming to that..." Cath chuckled. "You can do a lot with it... You can suck on it, like I did in the beginning, or lick it over, like you've done as well... But the thing we do most with it is riding it..." Cath explained.
"'Riding it'? Kyra repeated.
"What do you say, are you up for it Brian?" Cath asked.
"Two parts of me agree..." Brian chuckled, nodding at his erect dick.
"Then let's get started..." Cath winked, and turned around to Kyra again.
"What do I have to do?" Kyra asked.
"Get on your knees..." Cath explained, and Kyra's body got up.
"Crawl over until your crotch is above Brian's cock..." Cath said. Kyra looked down at Brian's cock, and slowly moved until she was above it. That's when Cath slowly placed her hands on Kyra's tights, and held her steady as she positioned Kyra directly above it. "Now you've never had anything in your pussy, right?" Cath asked.
"Eh... No... Nothing except your tongue that is..." Kyra shook her head.
"Okay...," Cath nodded, "Then this might hurt a little..."
"Well since you've never had anything in you before, you're still a virgin... This means that the second Brian's cock enters your pussy, your virginity is being taken... You'll feel a short pain, which is caused by your hymen that are broken... Some blood will come out the first few humps, but the pain will subside, which will be change into pleasure..." Cath explained.
"Okay..." Kyra said. Cath sensed Kyra was nervous.
"Don't worry.. you'll be all right..." Cath smiled.
"Okay, I trust you..." Kyra smiled back.
"Now are you ready to lose your virginity?" Cath asked.
Kyra nodded.
"And remember Brian; take it easy... it's her first time..." Cath said.
"I'll try..." Brian grinned.
"Okay..." Cath nodded, and slowly pushed Kyra down slowly. The head of Brian's cock was now touching Kyra's pussy lips, and this already sent jolts of pleasure to Brian. The first thing that came up in Brian's mind was to push his dick straight up, but he had promised Cath to take it easy, so, forcing his body not to respond to his hormones, he laid still, not moving an inch as Cath slowly helped Kyra through this event. Cath pushed Kyra down some more, and now 2 inches of Brian's cock were inside her. Kyra gritted her teeth, as she felt pain rush through her body, coming from her crotch. Instinctively she tried to pull herself off, away from the pain, but that's when Cath moved her head to Kyra's ears, and whispered to her.
"It'll be over soon... Just hang on a little bit longer..." she whispered.
Hearing her best friend's (and co-lover's) voice relaxed Kyra a little, as she nodded slowly, and stayed where she was. Brian was having a really hard time, not being able to do anything as he felt the tightest cunt he had ever felt around his dick. Suddenly he felt something crawl its way down his shaft, and he looked down. Several drops of blood were escaping Kyra's pussy, and they were going down his shaft. Kyra had closed her eyes because of the pain, as Cath pushed her body more down, making Kyra take in a few more inches of Brian's cock. Finally, 3 quarters of Brian's cock were inside Kyra, and Cath stopped pushing her down.
"You still feel pain for now, but as I said before, it will turn into pleasure..." Cath said.
"When?" Kyra replied with a whine.
"When you pull back, the feelings change... trust me.." Cath said.
"Okay..." Kyra nodded.
"I'm going to help you pull back now..." Cath said, and pulled Kyra's body a bit up, as Kyra pushed a little up with Cath. Slowly Brian's cock got out of Kyra's blood-dripping cunt, and when only the head was still inside, Cath stopped pulling Kyra up.
"Wh... why do you stop?" Kyra asked surprised.
"This is where the pleasure part begins..." Cath winked. Kyra only looked back confused, as Cath starts to chuckle. "Now do exactly the same as you did before..."
"You mean..."
"Push yourself down on his cock..." Cath nodded.
"Okay..." Kyra replied, and slowly lowered her body. The first few inches got in faster then before because of Kyra's blood. Kyra feared the worst; that she wouldn't feel any pleasure at all, only pain. But when Kyra pushed down some more, taking in an inch more then before, she gasped. This kind of pleasure that she felt right now could never compare to the pleasure she had felt in the past. Not even her paw had given her this much before. She could feel Brian's throbbing cock deep inside her. She closed her eyes, and raised her head up as she momentarily took the time to get used to this feeling.
"Awesome, ain't it?" Cath grinned.
"Ohhhh..." Kyra moaned in reply, as she slowly opened her eyes, and lowered her head, looking at Brian. He had his eyes closed, as he moaned softly at the feeling of her pussy. This made Kyra giggle a little.
"Now all you have to do is pull back, and then take him in again..." Cath said.
Kyra complied, and pulled herself up, feeling Brian's cock slip almost out of her. At that moment, she pushed back as hard as she pulled up, making the both of them gasp out loud.
"Good girl.." Cath chuckled, and then released Kyra as she crawled over to Brian's head. "You did very well yourself..." she whispered, and licked his cheek with her tongue, going over his closed eyes, down his nose over his lips. There she pushed through them, and kissed Brian passionately. Brian kissed back, slipping his tongue past Cath's into her mouth. Cath chuckled, and played her tongue back at his. Kyra was now humping Brian's cock a little faster than in the beginning, still taking her time. A few humps later, she increased her pace, and discovered that it increased the pleasure as well. Suddenly Brian couldn't hold himself back anymore, and bucked his hips up hard, pushing his cock deep into Kyra the second she moved herself down. This made Kyra almost faint because of the amount of pleasure she was receiving right now. Cath broke the kiss, and smiled.
"Let's use that tongue of yours for a different purpose..." she said, and slowly crawled on top of Brian's chest. She then turned around, and positioned her moist pussy above Brian's mouth. Brian opened his eyes, and saw Cath's cunt begging for attention. He placed his hands on Cath's tights, and pulled her down onto his face, immediately attacking Cath's pussy with his tongue, penetrating her insides.
"Ohhh yeah..." Cath moaned as she closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them again, she noticed Kyra, humping Brian's cock harder and harder. The blood had stopped running, as her juices had taken over. Cath slowly moved one hand to Kyra's face, making her open her eyes.
"How are you doing?" Cath asked.
"This feels so... much better than... than I have ever... felt before!" Kyra managed to say while humping. Cath smiled, and placed both hands on Kyra's shoulders, pulling her closer to her. Then the two embraced in a deep kiss, both of them closing their eyes as they played with each other's tongues while being pleasured at the same time by the same guy. The two continued to kiss, until Cath broke, and kissed her way down Kyra's cheek to her neck. Kyra pulled her body back a little as Cath moved down some more. She placed a hand behind Cath's head as she arrived at Kyra's chest. Licking her way over Kyra's right breast, leaving a trail of saliva behind, she opened her mouth side, and surrounded Kyra's nipple with her lips. This still gave Kyra a lot of pleasure, and she closed her eyes as Cath sucked on her nipple like a newborn baby. Circling her tongue around it, she licked the breast over once more, before going to the other. Brian in the meantime was reaching Cath's G-spot as well as his climax. Kyra's cunt lips were really pushing against his shaft each time he entered her. He didn't know which one of them experienced the most pleasure; he with her pussy, or her first time with a dick inside her. He soon got the answer, as Kyra gasped out loud.
"Oh! I'm... I'm-!" she said as Cath pulled her head back. "OH!" she said one more time before her climax hit her. Arching her back, raising her head and closing her eyes, Kyra supported her body by moving her hands behind her, putting them on the bed, holding herself up as she felt herself explode. Her female juices came pouring out of her pussy past Brian's cock, onto his crotch and belly and the sheets of the bed.
"Wow you really came big..." Cath smiled, and grabbed Kyra's head in her hands, pulling her into a kiss once again. Kyra continued to moan as her orgasm continued as well. Then, finally, she stopped cumming, and her climax subsided just like the pain had in the beginning.
Cath slowly helped Kyra get off Brian, as Kyra lay down on her back next to the two who were still wrapped up with each other. Brian's cock was standing up erect, covered in Kyra's juices, awaiting attention. Cath smiled, and lowered her chest, placing her hands on Brian's knees as she slowly opened her mouth, and took his cock in. It didn't take very long her to make Brian come as well. Although Brian had tried to make Cath cum at the same time as him, Cath's talented mouth beat him to it. With a muffled moan, Brian bucked his hips against Cath's head while he shot his male semen deep into Cath's mouth. Cath swallowed everything the second it got into her mouth, and continued to pump her head up and down Brian's cock. After his climax had subsided, Brian got to work on Cath. Furiously lapping at her moist privates, he soon brought her to her climax as well, swallowing everything Cath released...

The three were now gasping in air as they recovered.
"So... what exactly are we going to do with the twin-sized bed and the three of us again?" Cath asked.
"Well I was about to do this..." Brian said, as he laid his head on the pillow, and stretched his arms out wide.
"Oh I get it..." Cath grinned, and slowly laid her head on his right arm, snuggling closer to him until her head was resting against his chest. Kyra smiled, and copied everything Cath had done.
"Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Brian asked.
"No it wasn't..." Kyra giggled. "I like this idea..."
"So do I..." Cath agreed.
"I love you..." Kyra said to Brian, finally getting it out.
Brian blushed, and looked at Cath. She nodded.
"I love you too..." she said.
"And I love the two of you..." Brian smiled, and closed his eyes.
"Don't we need the blanket?" Kyra asked.
"No... we are hot enough already..." Cath grinned, and closed her eyes, crawling a bit closer to her lover.
Kyra giggled, and put her arm around Brian and Cath as well, as she too closed her eyes. It didn't take long for the three of them to fall asleep.

The next morning, Kyra and Cath went downstairs together. They were greeted by Eevy and Sashi, who were sitting at a table, eating breakfast.
"Good morning you two!" Eevy smiled.
"Good morning..." Kyra and Cath both replied.
"Where's Brian? Wasn't he with the two of you?" Sashi asked.
"He still is..." Cath said, and Sashi looked around. "Not here, upstairs, resting..." Cath giggled.
"Then why did you say he was still with you?"
"Well..." Cath said, and started explaining.
"Sharing?" Sashi said after Cath had explained.
"It was the only solution..." Cath grinned.
"If you say so..." Sashi smiled. "Well, all I can say is congratulations, Kyra..."
"Thanks..." Kyra smiled back.

Several hours later, Brian finally woke up. He got up, dressed himself, and got out of the room. He yawned as he stretched his arms and walked downstairs.
"So look who's finally up... Finally recovered from last night?" Sashi grinned.
"What? How do you-" Brian began, but stopped when he saw Kyra and Cath giggle. "Ohh..." Brian chuckled. "Yeah, I did..."
"You lucky bastard..." Umbreon grinned. "Having two girls for your own..."
"Hey, it's their decision..." Brian shrugged.
Umbreon giggled.
"Are you jealous?" Espeon asked, nudging his head with hers.
"Of course not!" Umbreon smiled.
"Now hurry and eat some," Sashi began, and checked the clock, "Lunch... Eevy already made you a few sandwiches..."
"Thanks, Eevy..." Brian said.
At that moment, Audry appeared downstairs.
"Looks like I wasn't the only one who was very tired..." Brian chuckled.
"Well I need to be fully rested for my Gym Battle, right?" Audry smiled, and joined Sashi and co. at the table.

After lunch, they all packed their stuff and thanked Nurse Joy for the hospitality.
"It was my pleasure..." Nurse Joy smiled.
"Okay, bye..." Sashi said, and waved once while turning around.
"Good luck with your journey!" Nurse Joy said before Sashi left the Pokemon Center, followed by her friends. They walked to Orange City Gym, and there the group had to separate themselves from Audry.
"Once again, I say good luck... You'll need it..." Sashi said, placing a hand on Audry's shoulder, squeezing softly.
"Thanks..." Audry smiled.
"She's right, you need to be careful with the Dragonite..." Brian said.
"And since your Pokemon are Grass types only, it'll be harder to defeat her Flying types..." Eevy added.
"I know..." Audry said.
"And I know you can do it..." Sashi said, and then sighed. "It's time for us to depart..."
"Like Nurse Joy said; Good luck on your journey..." Audry nodded, and turned around, stepping into the Gym as the doors opened in front of her.

Sashi, Eevy, Brian, Cath, Kyra, Espeon and Umbreon walked away from the Gym, leaving Audry behind. Suddenly they were in front of the Orange City hospital.
"I wanna stop by here..." Sashi said.
"Why?" Eevy asked.
"To see how that Eru guy is doing..." Sashi said.
"Oh, I see..."
"Yeah, after all, he was the one who let us escape prison..." Cath said.
"I remember..." Brian chuckled.
"So you'll come along?" Sashi asked.
"If you're going, we're going..." Eevy said.
"Okay..." Sashi nodded, and walked inside the hospital. Everybody inside looked at them awkwardly as Sashi and the other Anthro's entered. Sashi noticed the people weren't used to Anthro's.
"Ehhh... I don't feel quite welcome here..." Kyra said, looking around.
Sashi walked to the counter.
"Hi, excuse me, but yesterday a man called Eru was brought here..." she said.
The lady at the counter momentarily blinked.
"Are you... No, you couldn't be..." the lady said.
"Couldn't be what?" Sashi asked curious.
"I was... about to ask if you were... you know... related to him... But I can obviously see you're not..." the lady said. She was obviously nervous about everything she said to Sashi, afraid something might happen if she said something wrong. Sashi didn't know if she had to feel insulted or not, but then she just let it go.
"About Eru... How is he? Can we see him?"
"I ehh..." the lady said, unable to answer.
"What's going on here?" the doctor who operated Eru asked, walking into the room.
"Anthony, sir, these are-" the lady began.
"Friends of Eru..." Anthony, the doctor, interrupted.
"Eh..." the lady said.
"It's okay Alexandra..." Anthony said. "I've seen these people before... I know they are just worried about Eru, am I right?" he asked Sashi.
Sashi was speechless. Not many humans in the past have ever called Anthro's people before, and this Anthony didn't even know her. Sashi smiled, and nodded.
"Then you all can come with me..." Anthony said, and turned around.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and followed Anthony into the halls of the hospital.

"Thanks for calling us 'people', mister Anthony..." Sashi said as they were walking on the hallway, on their way to Eru's room.
"Don't mention it... And please, call me just Anthony..." Anthony said.
"Okay..." Sashi smiled. "But I am curious of why you called us like that..."
"Well Eru's nice..." Anthony said.
"What does that mean?"
"You are not aware of his form?" Anthony asked.
"What form?"
Anthony was silent.
"You'll see soon enough..." Anthony said.
Sashi looked at Eevy and the others, and shrugged. They'd just have to wait.

Anthony led them to Eru's room, and when Sashi and others entered, they gasped.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" Jebadiah growled.
"Jebadiah..." Sashi said, and he got up from the chair he was sitting in.
"Get out! Now!" Jebadiah said.
"What seems to be the problem?" Anthony asked.
"They are responsible for my son's death!" Jebadiah said, his voice cold as ice. He was sitting in a chair next to Eru - who was lying in the hospital bed, fast asleep - and Lori, who was sitting at the other side of Eru.
"We did not-" Brian began, but was interrupted.
"Don't, Brian..." Sashi said, silencing him. Anthony raised an eyebrow.
"You were saying they were responsible for your son's death?" Anthony asked.
"They are... Especially the yellow one..." he said, nodding at Kyra.
"Now I can't believe that..." Anthony suddenly said.
Jebadiah fell silent, his eyes widened.
"And why not?" Jebadiah asked confused.
"Yeah, why not?" Brian added.
"I've seen how Eru acts..." Anthony replied.
The whole room was silent.
"What do you mean by that?" Jebadiah asked Anthony.
"Yeah, can you tell us now?" Sashi asked.
"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Anthony asked. "He's just waking up..."
Jebadiah, Sashi, Lori and the others all looked at the hospital bed, where they saw Eru slowly opening his eyes a few seconds.
"Eru!" Lori smiled.
"Wha... What happened?" Eru asked, still drowsy from the morphine.
"You okay?" Jebadiah asked.
"Ehh..." Eru began, then nodded. "Yes, I'm okay... What's going on?"
"Eru..." Anthony said. "I know what you are, so I understand you never told anyone... But in order to prove that these visitors are not evil people, I need you to show Jebadiah and Lori your true form..."
Eru blinked.
"Why?" Eru asked.
"Jebadiah thinks these people are responsible for his son's death..." Anthony said.
"What?" Eru gasped.
"Is this true?" Lori asked.
"No!" Eru said. "I know they aren't!"
"But the yellow one was part of the group that killed my son!" Jebadiah said.
"I know that!" Eru said. "Have you met Lori yet?" he then asked.
"Yes, I have, and she says she's a friend of yours, but what does this have to do with them?" Jebadiah asked.
"Well if you think she," Eru nodded at Kyra, "Is bad because she was part of team Magma, then how can you trust Lori?"
Jebadiah was silent. He looked at Eru, and then at Lori.
"I was part of Team Magma, yes..." Lori said. "But Eru helped me see I was doing the wrong thing..."
"Heck, even I was part of Team Magma for a while..." Eru said, and Jebadiah's eyes widened.
"I trusted you!" Jebadiah growled.
"Hey calm down!" Eru said, holding up his arms in defense. "It was just to avenge Steven's death, I swear!"
Jebadiah calmed down a bit.
"Jebadiah, sir, I know I was part of Team Magma before, but I am not anymore... It is not my fault your son is dead, so I am not to be blamed..." Kyra said. "Same goes for my friends... We are no part of any group or anything, and certainly not of Team Magma..."
Jebadiah hesitated to believe Kyra.
"Jebadiah, sir?" Brian said, and that made him look up. "Why are you here with Eru?"
"Because he's in the hospital..." Jebadiah replied.
"Any other reason?" Brian asked.
"He's an acquaintance... A friend of my son..." Jebadiah said.
"Exactly... And you are happy he's still alive, aren't you?"
"Where are you going with this?" Cath asked curious, but Brian hushed her by placing a finger on her lips.
"Well of course I'm happy he's still alive!" Jebadiah said.
"Then you should thank us..." Brian smiled.
Everybody was now confused at what Brian had said.
"If it weren't for us, Eru wouldn't be here in the hospital..." Brian said.
"I know that... Lori brought him here..." Jebadiah said.
"When she arrived with the police, yes..." Brian said.
"Ohh I get it..." Sashi smiled. "You care for Eru because he is your son's friend, right?"
"Then you should thank us for saving his life..."
"Does this have anything to do with me fainting?" Eru asked.
"Yes..." Sashi nodded. "You had passed out when Moltres made a hole in the ceiling for us to escape through..."
"And then we helped you get out of there..." Brian added.
"Then, yes, I think I should thank you for saving my life..." Eru smiled. "See, Jebadiah? They aren't that bad, are they?"
Jebadiah looked at Eru, and then at Sashi and the others. Then he took a short bow.
"My apologies... I was wrong..." he said, his head bowed.
"No problem..." Sashi smiled.
Jebadiah looked up confused.
"Why are you taking this so lightly? I accused you of something you weren't... I judged too quickly... You should be angry at me for that..."
"It was an easy mistake to make..." Sashi said.
"Still I apologize..." Jebadiah said. "If I knew you were friends of Eru, I wouldn't have told you to leave... Friends of my son's friends are always welcome..."
"We didn't know Eru back then..." Sashi smiled.
"And now about your form..." Anthony said after a while of being quiet.
"What about it?" Eru asked.
"Everybody in this room is curious about what I am talking about... Will you show them your true form?"
"Yeah, about that... You have another form?" Sashi asked. "I mean, you look like a human to me..."
Eru sighed.
"I really would have wished to tell no one but Steven..." Eru said, and then started explaining everyone what he was, what he could do and what exactly changed of his body. At the end, everybody was silent, trying to take in everything he had said.
"A black-scaled dragon Anthro?" Sashi asked.
"Yes... I've been one ever since I can remember..." Eru replied, nodding.
"And why did you keep this a secret from me?" Jebadiah asked.
"I was afraid of your reaction..." Eru said. "The only one I've ever told was Steven... He was the only one I could trust not to tell anyone..."
"I understand..." Jebadiah said.
"But yeah, why did you keep it a secret?" Sashi asked.
"Because I'm different... If I showed others my true form they would be afraid of me... I'm sure you would understand..." Eru said.
"I don't care what others think of me." Sashi smiled.
"I wish I could do that..." Eru smiled.
"Hey, it's no problem you're an Anthro... I think the humans on this planet have started to accept us a bit..." Sashi said, and looked at Anthony, smiling quickly. "And besides, you should be lucky..."
"Why's that?" Eru asked confused.
"You have the ability to switch into a human form... We can't do that..." Sashi said.
Eru started smiling.
"Thank you... But it's not that I can change into the form whenever I want..." he reminded all of them.
"Yeah, you said something about changing into it sensing fear or whenever I'm in pain..." Brian said.
"So any chance we could see this form of yours?" Sashi asked, as curiosity took over.
"I'm not sure... I feel pretty comfortable here, so no chance in me sensing fear..." Eru said.
"So that leaves pain.." Brian grinned. "I can take care of that..."
"Brian..." Cath chuckled, holding his arm.
"Actually, it's a good idea to prove if I'm telling the truth..." Eru said.
"It is?" Cath and Brian both asked.
"If you really want to see my true form, then go ahead..." Eru replied.
"Dude, I was only kidding..."
"I'm not..."
"But... You're in the hospital... I can't get you hurt even more..." Brian said.
"That's very kind of you, but if you want to see-" Eru began, when suddenly he stopped and screamed out very loud. Everybody gasped when they noticed Anthony had slammed down a metal bar on his left leg.
"What are you doing?!" Lori gasped.
"Well if we had to wait for him to do it, we wouldn't get anywhere..." Anthony said. Suddenly Eru started groaning loudly, as his body began to grow bigger. His skin suddenly got covered by black scales that appeared out of nowhere. His face changed shape, as it began form into the shape of a dragon's head. The clothes he was given by the hospital ripped open as his growing body searched for a way through. Suddenly two wings broke through on his back, pushing his body up a little. His hands turned into claws, long, sharp nails appearing in each of his fingers. His feet also grew bigger, with long, sharp nails at each toe. Then Eru calmed down, and stopped moving. He was gasping in air a bit faster then when he was in his human form.
"I'm sorry I had to do this, Eru..." Anthony said.
"It's... Okay..." Eru said, gasping in deep each time he spoke a word.
"Whoa..." Sashi said.
"And this... is how I... look like..." Eru said.
"How long do you stay in this form?"
"Usually... a couple of... hours..."
"And Steven knew this?" Jebadiah asked.
"He did..." Eru nodded his scaled head. "For some reason... he was not afraid... of me the way... I was..."
"Wow... it amazes me he didn't..." Brian said.
"Yeah, you don't find many of those..." Sashi added, and smiled as she looked at Eevy sideways.

Eru then started explaining all about what Steven had done for him and with him. He told how the two met, what Steven's first reaction was to his other form. The conversation ended with Sashi saying goodbye to Eru, followed by the others.
"It's good to hear he's okay.." Brian said as he and the others left Orange City.
"So, now where do we go? Last time we just walked north without going somewhere..." Eevy asked.
"And ending up caught by Team Magma..." Brian added, and brought out his Pokemon Guide. "The next Gym is in... Frost Valley?" Brian said, raising an eyebrow.
"Frost Valley?" everyone else repeated.
"Yeah... not in a town or city or village, but in a valley.." Brian said.
"And 'Frost'? Does this mean it's going to get cold?" Kyra asked.
"Yes..." Brian said as he turned a few more pages, reading the Gym Leader's information. "Her name is Debbie, and she specializes in Ice Types..."
"Good training for my Ninetales..." Sashi smiled. And just as they wanted to take another step forwards, someone called from behind.
"Huh?" everybody said as they turned around. They saw what looked like a Sneasel Anthro rub towards them. When catching up with them, he stopped, and gasped for air. When calmed down, he looked at Sashi.
"Are you the one called Sashi?" the Sneasel Anthro asked.
"Ehhh... What if I am?" Sashi asked, taking a step backwards.
The Sneasel just took a step forwards. Why did he want to know this anyway? Then, suddenly, his face lit up.
"Oh wow! You're even more beautiful then I had thought you would be!" the Sneasel said, and grabbed Sashi's hands into his. Sashi blushed slightly, as Eevy's eyes widened. They widened even more when the Sneasel knelt down, and kissed the back of Sashi's hand.
"WTF..." Eevy thought, eyes open wide in surprise, while Sashi remained speechless. Finally she spoke.
"Ehhh... Excuse me, but what are you doing?"
"Being a gentleman..." the Sneasel replied.
"And... why is that?"
"Because you're even more beautiful than I thought you would be... You deserve this..." the Sneasel winked.
"If this is going where I think it's going, you're too late... I already love someone..." Sashi said.
"That person must be very lucky..." The Sneasel said, slightly disappointed.
"True, I am..." Eevy said, making the Sneasel's eyes widen.
"I am that person..." Eevy said.
The Sneasel Anthro looked at Eevy, and at Sashi. Then he grinned wide.
"Great! Then we can share!"

To be continued...

Sashi: Who the heck does he think he is?"
The Sneasel Anthro...
Sashi: *Slaps forehead*
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