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Confronting your fears

Confronting your fears

Chapter 35 ^ ^
Sashi: 5 more to go for 40!
Let's try to reach that!
Sashi: Great! I'll help!
Ehhh... You already are...
Sashi: I am?
Never mind... � � Anyway, I want to congratulate you...
Sashi: Huh? Why ?
Because it's been over a year since I first thought of you...
Sashi: A year?
Yeah! November 22nd last year was the first story I wrote of you!
Sashi: Wow...

"Sashi!" Eevy called as she approached the lake Sashi was at. After a few more seconds of waiting, the smoke in the tunnel cleared through holes in the roof, giving Eevy and the others the chance to continue. Sashi didn't say a thing as she continued to stare down at the water. Eevy now stood next to her, also looking down. "They're gone, right?" Eevy asked, and Sashi nodded slowly. "Hey, don't worry..."
"How can I not worry? They've escaped with Suicune!" Sashi said, stomping the floor in anger once.
"I know that," Eevy said, placing her hand on Sashi's shoulder, "But we can bring it back..."
"How?" Sashi asked, finally facing Eevy.
"All we need to do is find their base, right?" Eevy smiled.
Sashi didn't reply immediately, as a smile appeared on her face.
"Yeah you're right!" Sashi said. Then her smile faded.
"What? What's wrong?" Eevy asked confused.
"How do we know which way they went?" Sashi replied.
This time, Eevy's smile faded as well.
"I see..." Eevy said. Then she gasped softly. "Why don't we use our Water Pokemon?"
"Good idea!" Sashi smiled while Eevy grabbed for Vapora's Pokeball. She held it in front of her, and called for Vapora to come out. A second later, Vapora appeared in the water.
"Vapora! Dive underwater, and try to see if you can find a submarine..." Eevy said.
"Right!" Vapora nodded, and dove under. When under, she stopped, and closed her eyes. She remained completely frozen, trying to locate anything in her area. Then she suddenly moved her head to her left, and smiled. Swimming up, she told Eevy the good news.
"I can feel vibrations in the water coming from the east..." Vapora said.
"Then that's the way they went..." Eevy smiled.

Meanwhile, Cath and the others had also arrived where Sashi was.
"Where's Team Aqua?" Cath asked.
"They're gone..." Eevy said, turning around.
"They dove under in their submarine when I arrived here..." Sashi added.
"What do we do now?"
"We go after them..." Sashi said.
"With our Water Pokemon..."
"But I don't have Water Pokemon..." Cath said.
"Two can hold on to a Water Pokemon at once... So we can all go..." Sashi said.
"Go where?" Kyra asked, just arriving at the scene. She fell behind with Metagross and, of course, Metang.
"To Team Aqua's base..." Sashi said.
"But how?"
"With the help of our Water Pokemon..."
"But that means we have to swim, right?" Kyra asked.
"Yes..." Sashi nodded.
"But we can't!" Kyra said.
"Oh, right! You're a Fire type..."
"Pardon?" Metagross asked confused. "What does that mean?"
"Well, we're all Pokemon Anthro's, you see?" Sashi began, and Metagross nodded. "We're part Pokemon, and since Kyra is a Ninetales Anthro, and Ninetales is a Fire type, who hates water..." Sashi said, not finishing her sentence, knowing that Metagross understood what she was talking about.
"Ah I see..." Metagross nodded.
"I-I can help..." came a voice from below, making everyone look down. The Metang had finally spoken.
"Mmmm? How can you help?" Sashi asked.
"I can u-use my Protect to protect you from the water..." Metang said.
"But that's a big risk you're taking..." Sashi said. "We've seen from Swampert's Protect attack that it doesn't always work..."
"You have a good point..." Metagross said. "But no worries are needed... This Metang his Protect attack is so advanced that it never misses..." Metagross said.
"I-it is true... It never has..." Metang said.
"You'd do that for me?" Kyra asked, kneeling down next to Metang.
"Of course..." Metang smiled.
"Thank you..." Kyra said softly.
"So it's unanimous?" Sashi asked, and everybody nodded. "Great! Let's bring out the Water Pokemon!" Sashi said, and grabbed for Dragonair's Pokeball.
"That means you too..." Cath said to Brian. Brian - who had no choice but to follow Cath and the rest since Cath was pulling his arm - still hadn't said a word. After a while of more silence, Cath suddenly growled, and pulled her arm back. A loud slap followed, turning everybody's attention to her now. All except Brian's that second that is.
"Snap out of it!" Cath cried, her head slightly lowered.
"Cath..." Kyra softly said, approaching her.
"I know finding out the truth about Team Aqua has shocked us all, and I understand the truth about Ethan is worse than that, but please! You won't get anywhere acting like this!" Cath said, tears in her eyes.
Brian looked back at Cath, rubbing his cheek slowly. After hearing these words from her, he didn't feel any more pain.
"You're right..." Brian said, finally breaking his silence.
"This isn't the way you can make your problems go away... Confronting them is!" Cath said.
"You're right..." Brian said again.
"So stop acting like a pussy!" Cath finished.
Brian chuckled to this.
"Thanks..." he said, embraced Cath, and gave her a kiss on the lips.
Suddenly, Espeon moaned softly. This reached Sashi's ears, and she turned around.
"You kind of forgot about your Espeon..." Metagross said.
"Oh no, Espeon..." Sashi said. It was true. The thing with Team Aqua made her completely forget about Espeon. "I'm so sorry..." Sashi said, and grabbed Espeon off Metagross, in her arms.
"No problem..." Espeon said weakly. "I don't remember what happened anyway..."
"She is in no state to swim..." Metagross said.
"You're right... How can we take her with us?" Sashi asked nobody. Sashi then reached to her belt, and grabbed a Pokeball off it. "Espeon? Do you mind going back into your Pokeball, just this once?" she asked.
"I dunno..." Espeon said.
"It's the only way I can think of how to bring you with us..." Sashi replied.
Espeon looked at her Pokeball, and thought it over. It's not like she had a choice. Metagross was right, she was in no state to swim, and she didn't want to be left behind. Espeon nodded slowly.
"Let's do it..." she said, and closed her eyes as she waited for the thing to happen.
"Thank you, Espeon... I know how much you hate being locked up, and I'll promise I'll call you out the second we're on solid ground..." Sashi smiled.
"Just get it over with.." Espeon replied.
Sashi smiled again, and brought Espeon's Pokeball up.
"Return!" she called out, and at that second, a red beam connected with Espeon, and a few seconds later, she was sucked in her Pokeball. Sashi looked down at the ball, and smiled once more. Then she put the Pokeball on her belt, and looked up.
"Ready?" Eevy asked.
"Yes... Let's go... Dragonair! I choose you!" she said, and threw Dragonair's Pokeball in the air. It opened, and the long, snake-like dragon appeared in the water.
"Get out and help us, Gyarados!" Brian said, as he threw Gyarados' Pokeball in the air. A second later, Gyarados was also in the water.
"Wh-what's going on?" Indiana asked.
"Didn't you hear? We're going to swim to Team Aqua's base..." Cath said.
"S-Swim? I can't swim!" Indiana said.
"That's why we're using the Water Pokemon..." Cath smiled. "You hold on to them as they swim..."
"Oh... I get it now..." Indiana smiled. "A-and here is your coat back... I'm all better now..." Indiana said, handing Cath's coat over to her.
"Thanks..." Cath smiled, and put it on.
"So who gets with who?" Brian asks.
"I'm going with Vapora..." Eevy said.
"And we're going with Brian's Gyarados..." Cath said, placing a hand on Kyra's shoulder.
"And Metang will be with me..." Kyra smiled, looking down and grabbing him in her arms.
"Can we go with Gyarados too? I mean, he's so big, he could carry us as well..." Aaron said.
"'Us'?" Cath raised an eyebrow.
"Me and the little guy..." Aaron said, nodding to Indiana.
"Of course..." Brian said.
"So this means I'll go with Dragonair..." Sashi said, and everybody nodded. "Alright then..." Sashi said, and slowly jumped into the water. "WHOA that's cold!" Sashi cried out.
"Not really..." Dragonair said.
A few seconds later, Eevy also jumped in.
"Yes, I h-have to agree w-with Sashi..." she said.
Not long after that, Brian, Cath, Kyra, Aaron and Indiana stepped on Gyarados' back, Brian crawling to the front, close to Gyarados' head. Cath sat behind him, and Kyra behind her, holding the Metang really close to her. Needless to say, he felt pretty good.
"Now are you positive you can protect me from the water?" Kyra asked.
"Yes..." Metang replied.
"Okay..." Kyra smiled.
"B-but I can't guarantee 100% safety..." Metang added. "E-even though I'm protecting you from the water, you still have to hold your breath... I can't produce oxygen..."
"Don't worry... I think I can do that..." Kyra said, petting Metang's head.
"Good luck everybody..." Metagross said, taking a short bow. This looked more like Metagross just lowering his head a little.
"Okay, everybody... Take a very deep breath!" Sashi said, and watched as all her friends did so. Then she did as well, and then held it in. She nodded quickly, giving the Pokemon the sign they were ready. At that moment Metang began glowing bright, and so was Kyra, indicating his Protect attack was active.
"Let's go!" Dragonair called, and dove down.
"Right!" Gyarados and Vapora nodded, and did as well.

Everybody had their eyes closed, as they held on to the Water Pokemon. Vapora, Gyarados and Dragonair swam very fast in the water, but not so fast that their passengers would lose their grips. Vapora swam in front, since she knew where to go. Dragonair followed Vapora, and Gyarados was last. Everything went fine, until they came across a whirlpool. The water Pokemon stopped immediately.
"We have to go that way!" Vapora said, raising her voice a little.
"What do we do?" Dragonair asked. "Circling around it takes too long! They'll run out of air that way!"
"Then we have to take the shot!" Gyarados said.
"But how?" Vapora asked.
"I'm strong enough to swim through the currents, so hold on to me!" Gyarados said. "Hurry!"
"Alright!" Vapora and Dragonair nodded. Vapora took hold of Gyarados' body with her paws, and Dragonair just wrapped herself around Gyarados' tail. Sashi helped Dragonair hold on by wrapping her own tail around Gyarados as well.
"Okay, hold on!" Gyarados called, and swam forwards fast. He stayed quite a distance away from the whirlpool, so that nothing could go wrong. But the currents were stronger than Gyarados thought they would be, and he had trouble swimming at the same speed as before. In fact, the currents were so strong, it sucked up Indiana. Indiana - who was holding onto Aaron - lost his grip, and opened his eyes wide when he noticed this. Aaron felt Indiana release his body, and took a look back, just in time to see him move away from him. Aaron then tried to rescue Indiana by reaching out an arm, but this caused him to lose his grip on Gyarados as well, and he too was sucked off Gyarados, before being pulled into the whirlpool along with Indiana. The strong currents also caused Metang trouble, as he almost couldn't hold down his Protect attack. Then, suddenly, he felt the ability disappear, and his glow faded. Meanwhile, Cath was having trouble holding on to Gyarados, so she wrapped her tail around his body, the same way Sashi had. Worried about the others behind her, Cath opened her eyes and looked back, just in time to see Aaron and Indiana being sucked off Gyarados and Metang to lose the ability to use Protect. The second Metang lost this, Kyra's eyes widened as she felt the cold - and mostly wet - water touch her body. Her first thought was to scream out in pain, but luckily for her, Cath was able to stop her from making that mistake. She quickly placed a hand over Kyra's mouth as she held it closed, shaking her head no. This encouraged Kyra to calm down. In the end Gyarados did succeed to swim past the whirlpool, but unfortunately not with all his passengers. Aaron and Indiana both lost conscious as they were swapped from left to right very fast, and were both sent in different directions...

"We made it!" Dragonair said, pushing her head above water. Sashi immediately did the same, and gasped in sweet, fresh air. "And not a moment to soon I see..." she added. A second later, Vapora and Eevy also stuck their heads out of the water, Eevy gratefully breathing in air as well. After Gyarados also appeared above water, his passengers took deep breaths too. After everyone had calmed down, Sashi grabbed for Espeon's Pokeball, and called her out of it.
"There... that wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked.
"You don't know what it's like to be caught in one..." Espeon replied.
"True..." Sashi said, kneeling down next to her Pokemon, and petting her head. "But I'm proud of you for doing it..."
"I know..." Espeon smiled as she felt the soft touch of her Trainer.
"That reminds me.." Brian said, and grabbed for Umbreon's Pokeball. He held it out, and called Umbreon's name. A second later, the Pokeball opened, and Umbreon came out, landing on the ground.
"What happened?!" he gasped with his eyes widened as he looked around. Then he saw Brian.
"Sorry about that..." Brian said.
"Brian... You can speak?" Umbreon replied.
"Yeah..." Brian said. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you..."
"That's okay, buddy... I understand discovering the truth about your friend felt like crap..." Umbreon said.
"Yeah, you can call it like that..." Brian nodded.
"But tell me, what happened? I remember I was charging Suicune, but after that... nothing..."
"Suicune used Roar..." Brian said.
"Damn attack..." Umbreon groaned. "Aaaaaand where are we?"
"Back in the Team Aqua base..." Brian said. "We were able to-"
"Kyra, you okay?!" Cath cried.
"I-I-I'm-m s-so c-c-c-cold..." Kyra said, shivering like mad.
"Kyra!" Brian gasped, and ran over to her. "Kyra, what happened?!"
"I saw what happened.. Metang's Protect failed when we encountered that whirlpool..." Cath said.
"Wait a second... Where are Aaron and that Treecko?" Eevy asked, looking around.
"They," Cath began, making everybody look at her, "They were sucked into the whirlpool..." she finished.
"They're... gone?" Sashi asked.

Aaron slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was sand. He groaned as he lifted his head off the ground, and wiped the sand off his face. When he had done that, he looked around. He was on a beach. A weird beach, though, because there was no sunshine. He looked up, and saw he was in a cave.
"Awww man.. Where am I?" Aaron asked nobody. "And where is everybody else?"
Then he remembered. The whirlpool took him away from them as he tried to rescue the Treecko. "Uh-oh..." he said to himself. He got up, and wiped the sand off his clothes. In front of him was a tunnel. "A tunnel?" he said out loud, and started walking towards it. He looked in it, and saw nothing but darkness. Should he enter it or not? "Meh, what could go wrong?" he asked nobody, and walked forwards. For a few minutes darkness followed, until he saw light at the end of the tunnel. "Uh-oh... Light at the end of a tunnel... Don't tell me I died?!" Aaron thought, and pinched his arm. "YEOW!" he cried. "Guess that answers my question..." he groaned, rubbing the sore spot. Walking forwards - still groaning a bit - he came to another lake. "Oh grea-"
"Mmmm!" someone moaned from ahead, silencing Aaron. He looked ahead, and saw a waterfall. But just in front of the water stood someone. It was as if that person... no, wait, it didn't look like a person. It looked like a big, tall, blue-
"Huntail?" Aaron said.
And no ordinary Huntail. A naked Huntail. Aaron blushed as he crept behind a rock, slowly spying on the girl under the waterfall. One hand was placed on her left breast, softly squeezing it, while the other was between her legs. Aaron didn't have to guess what it was doing down there, as he suddenly felt his cock grow in his pants.
"Mmmm!" the Huntail moaned again, pushing a second finger inside her pussy, squeezing her breast a bit harder. Meanwhile, Aaron's eyes were open wide.
"Oh man! How lucky can a guy be?!" he thought to himself as he grabbed the rock in front of him for support. The piece of rock he grabbed turned out to be a loose piece of rock, and Aaron only helped it getting looser. Falling with what he was holding, Aaron gasped as he hit the ground with his face. This caused him to cry out in pain and roll over the ground while holding his head. If he thought things couldn't get worse, he was wrong. The Huntail stopped with what she was doing when she heard the noise, and opened her eyes. Also, Aaron, who was rolling over the ground, rolled into the water. "Ahhhh! Just perfect!" Aaron cried, feeling the wetness around him. Calming down, Aaron slowly got up on his feet - the water reaching his knees - and rubbed his face a little bit more before slowly opening his eyes. When he had gotten used to the blinding light, he gasped slowly as he noticed the Huntail looking at him.
"Ehhhh..." Aaron began, unsure what to say in a situation like this. "Hi, there... How's it going?"
The Huntail didn't say a word as she just stared back at him.
"Say, do you know the way around here?" Aaron said, slowly approaching the Huntail. "I ehh... Kinda am lost... I need to get back to fi-"
"FINALLY!" the Huntail suddenly screamed and jumped forwards, taking Aaron with her as they fell down in the water.

Indiana groaned as he slowly woke up. Wait a second... Something didn't feel right... Or wrong either. He felt his mouth was open wide, and someone else was blowing air in it... Indiana opened his eyes, and they widened completely when he spotted the black mouth of a Tentacool being pressed down on his. Panicking, he pushed the Tentacool away hard, and crawled back a little, his heart bumping rapidly.
"Good! You're awake! I was starting to worry..." the Tentacool said, slowly approaching Indiana with her tentacles.
"Wh-wh-who are you?!" Indiana gasped.
"I'm Tentacool..." she replied.
"Where am I?"
"In my home..."
"How'd I get here?"
"I found you in the water, and I could see you were no water Pokemon, and I knew you couldn't breathe under water, so I brought you to land..." Tentacool replied.
"You... you saved my life?"
"You'd rather have drowned?" Tentacool replied.
"No no no that's fine! Really!" Indiana said. "Wait a second... If you're a Water Pokemon-"
"And Poison too..." Tentacool added.
"Yeah... then... why isn't your home under water?" Indiana asked.
"That's because... I don't like living under water..."
"You don't like living under water?" Indiana repeated.
"No... That's probably one of the reasons why nobody likes me..."
"One of the reasons?" Indiana repeated again. "Why don't nobody like you?"
"Because I'm different..." Tentacool said in a sad voice, "Because I like living on land and not in the water, because... because I'm ugly..."
For a few seconds there was nothing but silence, until...
"I don't think you're ugly..."
This made Tentacool look at Indiana. For a few seconds this stayed, until she finally looked away again.
"No... You don't mean that... you're just trying to make me feel better..." Tentacool said.
"No I don't..." Indiana replied.
"You... you don't?" Tentacool asked, her voice clearing up a bit.
"I've seen much worse! You know what a Feebas looks like?" Indiana asked, and Tentacool nodded slowly. "Feebas are known to be the most ugly Pokemon ever... So that means you can't be any uglier than a Feebas..." Indiana smiled.
Tentacool was silent.
"And besides, Feebas aren't the only ugly Pokemon... One time, I stood face to face with a smelly, ugly Grimer... He looked so hideous, it made me feel sick... and if not for his appearance, his smell was..." Indiana groaned.
This made Tentacool chuckle a little.
"Hey, cheer up..." Indiana said, and got up. He walked over to Tentacool, and slowly placed a hand around Tentacool, giving her a slight hug.
Tentacool blushed slightly. What was happening now? She met this Treecko a couple of minutes ago, and yet he already showed more kindness towards her than anyone else she has ever met before. Tentacool then suddenly surrounded one of her tentacles around Indiana's body, hugging him back.
"Thank you..." Tentacool said softly.
"You're welcome..." Indiana replied, smiling.
"Nobody has ever said such sweet things to - or about - me..."
"Well... Same here I guess..." Indiana replied.
"No?" Tentacool asked surprised, and Indiana shook his head. "I don't believe that... I mean, look at you! You're a stud! Girls should be lying at your feet!"
Indiana couldn't help buy chuckle at this, blushing like mad.
"Only in my dreams..." he said.
"Nah, you're kidding... I bet you already have a girlfriend, right?" Tentacool said.
"No... no I don't..."
This silenced Tentacool.
"Oh... Oh, I'm so sorry... I thought you were fooling around..." Tentacool said.
"I wasn't..." Indiana said.
"Guess I found another thing why nobody likes me... I talk too much... Guess you don't like me either now, right?"
"Wrong..." Indiana replied, and Tentacool turned her head towards him at this.
"Wrong? You..."
"I do like you..." Indiana said.
"You... do?" Tentacool asked, and Indiana nodded. "But.. why? All I did was annoy you..."
"Even so, you couldn't have known, because we just met..." Indiana said. "And besides, you like to talk a lot, I like to listen..." he added, smiling. "And I thought I said 'cheer up'?"
"I guess you're right..." Tentacool replied, and leaned her head against Indiana's shoulder again.
"That's better..." Indiana softly said.
"So... Do you have a name?" Tentacool asked.
"Indiana... But those who know me call me Indy..." Indiana said.
"Nice to meet you, Indy..." Tentacool said.
"And what about you?"
"My name is Daisy..." Daisy said.
"That's a beautiful name... But, isn't Daisy the name of a flower?"
"Yeah, so? I like that name!" Daisy said.
"I didn't say I didn't like it..." Indiana said.
"Well you better, because you will be hearing it a lot more from now on..." Daisy said.
"What do you mean?"
"Well can't I go wherever my boyfriend's going?" Daisy said.
"'B-b-boyfriend'?!" Indiana gasped.
"Yeah, why not? By what I've heard, you are very lonely... and so am I, so we fit perfectly together..."
"But I-I-isn't this going a little fast? We just met! S-shouldn't we get to know each other better first?"
"Then let's..." Daisy said in a seductive tone, and grabbed Indiana's body with her tentacles.

"Whoa what are you doing?!" Aaron cried when being pushed down on the bottom of the lake, his head slightly above water, just enough for him to continue breathing. That's when the Huntail stopped him from talking again for at least a minute by pressing her lips onto his, and pushing her tongue out, exploring the insides of his mouth. Aaron's eyes widened again when he noticed the kiss, but closed as soon as he got used to it. The Huntail broke the kiss and slowly kissed her way down Aaron's neck - under water - down to his chest. She quickly took off Aaron's coat, and the straps of his T-shirt followed a second later, revealing Aaron's black furred chest.
"Never mind..." Aaron said, as the Huntail stuck out her tongue, and licked her way down over Aaron's body, licking over his nipples and then his stomach, to the point where his T-shirt was pulled down. Aaron moaned softly, letting the female do with his body what she wanted.
"Awww man! Seeing a girl naked is one thing. But doing her too..." Aaron thought grinning, as he suddenly felt the Huntail's hand rub over his crotch. A second later, he felt that same hand grab the edge of his pants, and then - with one move - she pulled it down. Aaron's eyes opened wide when he felt the cold water on his now freed and erect cock. He looked down, and saw the Huntail grin as she had her eyes locked on the throbbing penis in front of her. Slowly lowering her head, she slightly opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue, pressing it down on the head. The touch already made Aaron moan out loud, since this kind of pleasure was still new to him.
"This is aweSOME!" Aaron said, the last word coming out a bit louder as the Huntail suddenly took his member completely in her mouth, closing her lips around the shaft and wrapping her long tongue around it. Aaron felt like losing consciousness, the pleasure he was receiving being this big. This girl definitely knew how to satisfy someone. When the Huntail had sucked on Aaron's cock long enough, she let go of it, and quickly crawled up Aaron's body, until her head was over his.
"You have NO idea how long I've waited for this!" she moaned, and slowly positioned herself over Aaron's erection.
"Oh boy!" Aaron thought as he felt what was to come.
The Huntail didn't waste any more precious time, and slammed herself down, making Aaron's cock penetrate her insides.
"HOLY!" Aaron cried out.
"YES!" the Huntail screamed, arching her back and closing her eyes as she held her head back in pleasure.

"Arcanine! Use Flamethrower to help Kyra dry!" Cath called to her Pokemon, and Arcanine obeyed, opening his mouth wide before flames came out.
"T-thanks..." Kyra shivered.
"No problem sweetie..." Cath smiled.
"I'm sorry I got you all wet..." Metang said, unable to look Kyra in the eyes.
"Don't be sorry... You couldn't help it... We all had trouble holding on to things because of that whirlpool... May it be to Gyarados or to the attack..." Cath said.
"Y-you really think so?" Metang asked.
"We all make mistakes... But it's from those we learn how to handle them..." Cath replied, nodding.
"I see..." Metang smiled.
"You doing better now?" Brian asked Kyra, As she had her eyes closed, warming herself by Arcanine's Flamethrower. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a beam of water was shot, hitting Arcanine in the head, knocking him away from Kyra against a wall.
"Arcanine!" Cath gasped, and ran over to her Pokemon.
"What the?!" Brian gasped.
"Ahhhh there you are..." a voice came, and Brian gasped softly. Cath stopped running when she heard the voice, and turned around. A second later, Ethan stepped from out of the shadows. A second later two more Aqua members cane out, appearing next to him.
"Ethan..." Brian said.
"Hello Brian..." Ethan replied with a grin. Brian growled in reply. "I see you found out my little truth..." Ethan chuckled. This made Brian approach Ethan, and if Cath wasn't there to hold him back, he could have caused big damage.
"Why are you here, Ethan?" Cath growled.
"To get rid of intruders..." Ethan replied. Then he looked at Brian. "Now I'm gonna ask you to just leave this place, because I don't want to cause any trouble ..."
"Then why have you brought them?" Cath asked, nodding at the two Aqua members.
"In case you would..." Ethan said.
"Why?" Brian suddenly asked.
"Why what?"
"Why are you doing this?" Brian asked.
"Because I'm a team Aqua member, that's why..." Ethan replied.
"But you weren't like this when we were kids!" Brian replied.
"That was a long time ago, Brian... people change..." Ethan said.
"But not from good to evil!" Brian roared.
"That's my choice in life, like it was yours to not return..." Ethan said.
"I told you already-" Brian began.
"Are you going to leave or are you going to let me help you?" Ethan interrupted.
Brian didn't reply. He just kept staring into Ethan's eyes.
"We're not going before we have saved Suicune!" Cath answered.
"Fine, have it your way!" Ethan growled, and grabbed a Pokeball off his belt.
"A fight? Fine with me!" Cath smiled.
"He's mine!" Brian said to Cath without turning his head.
"You want to fight Ethan?" Cath asked.
"Ethan? I don't know anyone named Ethan..." Brian replied, his eyes full of anger. He reached down, and grabbed one of his Pokeballs.
"I choose Mightyena!" Ethan said, and threw a Pokeball into the air. When it opened, the black/gray wolf-like Pokemon appeared.
"Fine! I'll choose-"
"Me!" Umbreon interrupted, stepping forwards.
"Umbreon?" Brian asked confused.
"If he won't understand it wasn't your fault, somebody's gonna knock some sense into him!" Umbreon replied. "Let's see what I can do about that!"
"Alright, fine with me..." Brian smiled.
"An Umbreon training an Umbreon?" Ethan chuckled.
"Ironic, isn't it?" Brian replied. "Umbreon! Attack with Quick Attack!"
"Right!" Umbreon nodded, and lowered his head. Then he jumped forwards faster than anyone could see.
"Mightyena! Shadow Ball!" Ethan called.
Just as Mightyena tried to hit Umbreon with the black ball of Dark energy, Umbreon jumped over it, and hit Mightyena's head with his. It sent the both of them a few feet backwards as Mightyena growled in pain. Umbreon quickly returned next to Brian, as the Mightyena remained on the ground.
"Get up!" Ethan growled, and immediately the Mightyena rose from the ground, not showing the slightest hint of pain.
"What? Umbreon just knocked him down and he doesn't even look hurt! How is this possible?" Brian thought.
"Mightyena! Use Faint Attack!" Ethan called.
"A Dark type attack on a Dark type? Come on, Ethan! You know better! This won't hurt Umbreon!" Brian grinned.
"It will..." Ethan replied.
"And why is that?" Brian asked.
"I've been a Pokemon Trainer for six years now, Brian... This attack will damage your Umbreon because he's a much higher level!" Ethan said, shouting the last few words as his Mightyena started to glow a dark color before jumping forwards. Just like Umbreon's Quick Attack, Mightyena's Faint Attack was fast. In the blink of an eye Umbreon was down on the ground with Mightyena on his chest, pressing him down to the ground hard. Brian slowly took a step backwards (since being a foot away from the battle scene) and gasped as Mightyena lowered his head.
"Crunch attack!" Ethan grinned, and to this, Mightyena opened his mouth, as he preformed one of the strongest Dark type Attacks.
"Umbre-!" Brian called, but his sentence was cut short as he witnessed the Mightyena biting down deep into Umbreon's throat, making him scream out in pain. A second later the sound disappeared, as the pain took over.
"Stop this! You're killing him!!" Brian cried.

Meanwhile, Cath had gone to check out her Arcanine, to see how he was doing. She wanted to help her lover with the fight, but she now knew she couldn't use Arcanine. Arcanine was damaged, and his leg hurt a lot from colliding with the wall. He was in no state to battle.
"You take a nice, long rest, and I'll heal you as soon as this is over..." Cath said to Arcanine. He nodded slowly as he was returned into his Pokeball. Cath put the Pokeball on her belt, and slowly grabbed for Breloom's. "Help us out, Breloom!" she called, and threw Breloom's Pokeball in the air. It opened, and the grass/Fighting type appeared on the ground.
"Breloom!" Breloom said when released.
"Use Brick Break!" Cath called, and Breloom jumped forwards, pulling back one arm.
"What the..." Ethan said as he saw Breloom. Aiming for Mightyena, Breloom moved her arm forwards, and hit Mightyena once, sending him off Umbreon and into the air. Breloom quickly followed, and hit Mightyena again, and then again, one last time, knocking Mightyena down to the ground. The crash made lots of smoke rise up, and everybody closed their eyes as they held their hands in front of their mouth for protection. When she smoke cleared, Ethan cursed. Mightyena lay on the ground, unconscious.
"You insolent bitch!" Ethan growled, and called Mightyena back into his Pokeball.
"You touch Brian, you're dealing with me!" Cath said, stepping next to Brian.
"Thanks..." Brian smiled, and went over to Umbreon. Umbreon didn't move, and Brian panicked. He quickly pressed his fingers down on Umbreon's throat to see if there was a heartbeat. There was. "You okay buddy?!" he asked, hoping Umbreon was still conscious enough to reply.
"It's better for him not to speak..." Cath said, kneeling down next to Brian. "You saw what that Mightyena did... He should rest..."
"You're right..." Brian said, slowly lifted Umbreon off the ground, and walked over to Kyra. "Could you watch over him while I'm busy?"
"S-s-sure..." Kyra replied weak.
"Thanks..." Brian said, and placed a hand on Kyra's cheek, rubbing it slowly. Then he turned around, and looked Ethan in the eyes. "I'm using another Pokemon now!"
"So will I..." Ethan said.
"And I'll help you..." Cath said to Brian.
"No you won't..." Ethan said, and nodded once to the Aqua member on his left, and then again to the one on his right. They both nodded, and each grabbed a Pokeball.
"What's this?" Brian growled.
"Since this is no longer a one on one battle, I thought I'd give these two also a chance..." Ethan said. "Now, let's continue our battle, Brian!" he added.
"As you wish! Cath!" Brian said, and grabbed two Pokeballs from his belt. One he kept himself, the other he gave to Cath. "Since it's two against one, I thought it'd be fair if you had two too... Since Arcanine's out, you can take Gyarados..."
"Thanks..." Cath said as she took Gyarados' Pokeball.
"Go Crawdaunt!" Ethan called, and threw a Pokeball in the air. When it opened, a bit, red crab-like Pokemon with a big star on its forehead appeared.
"Crawdaunt!" he said.
"Scizor!" Brian called as he threw Scizor's Pokeball in the air. A few seconds later, the red Bug/Steel Pokemon was out on the field.
"Ready Brian?" Ethan teased.
"More than ever!" Brian replied, as both Trainers called their first move...

Meanwhile the two Aqua members had called out their Pokemon. It were a Dewgong and a Cloyster.
"Go Gyarados!" Cath said, and threw Gyarados' Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the big, blue and white snake Pokemon appeared. He had to hold his head lowered because of the ceiling, but even so, it still made him look big.
"Don't let his size scare you!" the left Aqua member said.
"Attack with Aurora Beam!" the right one ordered his Cloyster.
"You too!" the left one said to his Dewgong.
"Look out, Breloom!" Cath called, knowing Ice attacks were super effective on her. Just as the beams of ice were about to hit Breloom, and just when she was about to dodge them, Gyarados quickly moved his big tail in front of her, as the Ice beams hit him instead of her. Gyarados grunted as he felt the cold ice hit his body, but he could take it, since his second type was Water.
"Thanks Gyarados!" Cath smiled. "Breloom! Use Mach Punch! And Gyarados! Use Hyper Beam!" Cath ordered.
Before the one Dewgong Breloom was attacking could even see what she was doing, she'd already hit him with her paw, knocking his whole body into the air. Dewgong hit the ceiling, and quickly fainted, because Breloom's level was higher than Dewgong's.
Gyarados' mouth opened wider than it already was, as a ball of energy started to grow bigger.
"Dewgong! Sheer Cold!" the Aqua member left said.
"Uh-oh!" Cath gasped, hoping the attack that could KO a Pokemon in one move wouldn't work. Meanwhile, Dewgong didn't seem to do anything, and Cath smiled. But her smile faded when Dewgong made his move. His mouth opened, and a blue beam was shot out, directed at Gyarados. Gyarados screamed out in pain as he was hit, and the second it hit him, parts of his body started to turn into ice, until his whole body was covered in it. "NO!" Cath gasped.
"All right!" the Aqua member cheered. "Now do it again on that Breloom!"
"Oh no you're not! Breloom! Use Solar Beam!" Cath said.
And as Dewgong opened his mouth again, Breloom moved her paws over her head. Between them appeared a ball of energy, which grew bigger and bigger. That's when Dewgong's Sheer Cold attack got to work, and a blue beam came out of his mouth again.
"Hurry Breloom!" Cath called, worried the Solar Beam wouldn't be finished before Dewgong's attack would hit her. When the Sheer Cold attack was a few feet away from Breloom, she pulled her paws back a little, and then 'threw' the Solar Beam attack at Dewgong's attack. The two attacks collided, and caused a small explosion, but not one that destroys things. It did make the ground shake a little and smoke rise from the ground. When the smoke had cleared, Cath saw that the two attacks were pushing against each other, sometimes Breloom's attack pushing Dewgong's back a little, and sometimes the other way around. As hard as Breloom was trying, Dewgong's Sheer Cold attack was stronger than her Solar Beam, and Dewgong's beam was now pushing Breloom back a little.
"No! Hold on, Breloom! You can do it!" Cath called, but she could see Breloom had trouble keeping the beam away from her. Cath knew it wouldn't take long before Breloom would give out. "Oh no..." Cath said, as what she had predicted came true. Breloom couldn't hold the beam away, nor continue her own. The Sheer Cold broke through her Solar Beam, and was now flying towards Breloom, who had given up. "NO Breloom!" Cath called, but just before the beam hit her, another beam - one of fire - hit the Sheer Cold beam, creating another explosion. "What..." Cath said to herself when she realized Breloom was still okay. The attack was stopped. But... By who? Cath looked around, and saw someone standing a few meters away from her. Out on the field was a Charizard, who had just stopped his Flamethrower attack.
"Good work, Charizard..." the boy said.
Cath was silent. This boy had saved her Breloom from fainting...
"Who... Who are you?" Cath asked.

To be continued...

Before everybody starts yelling at me, I am sorry... It's no writer's block, it's not work, it's not school... It was a cold... This bastard made me feel uneasy, made me lose my voice, and I didn't feel like writing when I couldn't stop sneezing, coughing, or talk, so... But that's nothing compared to when I saw my dinner three times; once when it went in, and twice when it came out >.
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