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Meeting new people

Meeting new people

Chapter 36 ^ ^
Sashi: Yay!
I hope I can reach 40 soon...
Sashi: I'm sure you will...
At the rate this one's going, I'm not so sure... it kinda looks the same as when I was writing chapter 18... I'm losing inspiration again!
Sashi: If only I could find the hole it's been escaping through! *checks my body*
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"My name's Ken..." Ken said. "I'm a Pokemon Trainer..."
"I could see that..." Cath nodded. "Why'd you help me?"
"I noticed you were in trouble..." Ken said.
"Thanks..." Cath smiled.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" the Aqua member asked frustrated.
Ken sighed. "What did I just say?" he replied.
"You'll pay for that! Dewgong! Use surf on that Charizard!" the Aqua member cried.
"Watch out!" Cath said, but Charizard didn't even flinch when looking at the big wave of water coming in his direction, and neither did his Trainer.
"Firestorm! Wing Attack!" Ken called.
"Firestorm? Wing attack?!" Cath asked, and gasped when she saw the Charizard called Firestorm slam his wings together, and so stopping the wave. The Wing attack also blew the wave back to the user. Distracted, Dewgong lowered his defense, and tried to move out of the way.. Ken took this opportunity to attack.
"Use Flamethrower!" Ken called.
"What?" Cath gasped, as Firestorm raised his head high, and then swung his head down fast, opened his mouth, and blasted a big ball of fire directly at Dewgong. Because he was dodging his own attack, he didn't see Firestorm's attack coming, and was fully hit by it.
"DEW-!" he cried before the beam of fire hit him, causing an explosion, sending him crashing into the ceiling like the other Dewgong.
"Good work, as usual..." Ken smiled
"What?!" the Aqua member gasped.
"Whoa..." Cath said, and as the Aqua member called his fainted Pokemon back, Ken did the same.
"Excuse me, Ken was it?" Cath said.
"Ehh... thanks for saving my Breloom back there..."
"No problem, ma'am..." Ken replied, smiling.
"'Ma'am'? Nobody has ever called me ma'am before..." Cath thought.

Meanwhile [Must not forget the most important battle ^ ^;], Brian was holding his own against Ethan.
"Scizor! Use Sword Dance!" Brian called, as Scizor crossed his claws in front of his chest, and started to spin around quickly.
"Crawdaunt! Hurry and use Crabhammer!" Ethan said, and suddenly, one of Crawdaunt's claws glowed bright. Then he jumped forwards, and held his claw back, ready to punch it against Scizor.
"Scizor! Double Team!" Brian called, and immediately, Scizor split up in 3, then 5. Crawdaunt slammed his claw down, and the Scizor he thought he'd hit vanished, making him punch a hole in the ground.
"Dammit!" Ethan cursed.
"Scizor! Slash attack!" Brian called, and that second, all Scizor stopped moving, and jumped in the direction of Crawdaunt.
"Crawdaunt! Use Protect!" Ethan called, and Crawdaunt started to glow suddenly. The Scizor tried to hit Crawdaunt, but when they got close enough, something invisible made them stop. This also caused the other Scizor to vanish.
"Dammit!" Brian cursed this time.
"Crawdaunt! Guillotine attack!" Ethan called.
"Uh-oh!" Brian gasped as Crawdaunt jumped forwards again. "Scizor! Dodge that attack!" he cried, and Scizor tried to move out of the way, but Crawdaunt was too fast. One of his claws began glowing again as he approached Scizor. Then he slashed it forwards fast while passing Scizor, and landed on the ground behind him, just in front of Brian. "S-Scizor..." Brian said, as time seemed to stand still. Then Scizor slowly fell down to the ground unconscious. "Scizor!" Brian gasped, while Ethan grinned. Brian growled, and grabbed Scizor's Pokeball. "Return!" he called, and Scizor went back into his ball.
"Any more losers I need to take down?" Ethan asked.
Brian growled again.
"I can't use Alakazam... Psychic attacks don't work on Crawdaunt!" Brian thought. "And since Umbreon and Scizor are out, the only Pokemon I have left is Gyarados!" he added, looking to his left. He softly gasped as he saw Gyarados, completely covered by ice. "Gyarados!" Brian gasped.
"Oh... I'm sorry, Brian..." Cath said.
"No... he was my last chance..." Brian said.
"What? No more?" Ethan grinned, and Brian growled to this.
"Yes there is!" a voice came from below, and that made everyone look.
"Metang?" Brian asked confused.
"Yeah..." Kyra said, slowly appearing next to Brian.
"I'm doing a little better now... I can stand up..."
"So I see..." Brian said.
"What the hell is going on?" Ethan growled.
"I'm supporting the one I love!" Kyra replied.
"You? Love this loser?" Ethan grinned. "Don't make me laugh!"
Kyra didn't reply to this.
"Metang! Use Earthquake!"

A few minutes earlier, in front of a waterfall...

"Mmmm! Yeah!" the Huntail cried out each time she slammed herself down on Aaron's manhood. "A... little more.. and..."
"Here it comes!" Aaron cried on cue as he felt his balls explode. Hot, sticky semen was launched from his testicles straight into the Huntail's cunny.
"YES!" the Huntail cried out in ecstasy, and then felt herself explode as well. The Huntail's juices mixed up with Aaron's cum, and leaked out of her into the water. The two kept on humping each other until their climactic feelings faded. When that was over, Aaron slowly crawled through the water to the shore, with the Huntail following him.
"So... ehh... what was... that all about?" Aaron gasped as he lay on his back on the shore. The Huntail laid down next to him, as she slowly circled a finger over Aaron's bare chest.
"Does it matter?" she replied.
"Well it kinda... makes you wonder why a girl like you... would suddenly... 'attack' me like that..."
"Mmmm... I guess I owe you an explanation..." the Huntail nodded, and reached out a hand. "Hi, my name's Cindy..."
Aaron looked at the hand, and then slowly grabbed it.
"Nice to meet you Aaron..." Cindy smiled.
"Yeah... same here..." Aaron chuckled.
"Anyway, about the reason I jumped you... I'm in heat..."
"In heat?" Aaron raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, I know... Fish usually can't get in heat... but somehow I can... Maybe it's because of this human-like body..." Cindy said. "Anyway, that's the reason... I've been in heat for a couple of weeks now, with no one to help me get rid of it... Until you showed up today, that is..."
"Yeah..." Aaron said.
Silence followed.
"So..." Cindy said.
"So..." Aaron repeated.
"What brought you here?" Cindy asked.
"A whirlpool..." Aaron chuckled.
"You've been caught in a whirlpool?" Cindy gasped.
"Then you've been under water... Why would a land creature be under water?" Cindy asked confused.
"Well me and a few friends of mine were on our way to Team Aqua's base to try and get Suicune back after they caught it..." Aaron said, and started telling the story. After he was finished, Cindy nodded.
"Those Aqua men sound like evil..."
"They are..."
"And now you're trying to get back to your friends, in case they need your help?"
"I don't know if I can do anything to help them, but I will try..." Aaron smiled.
"That's the spirit!" Cindy smiled.
"And I have no idea where to go..." Aaron said.
"Then I'll show you!" Cindy smiled.
"You sure?"
"Positive... Besides..." Cindy said, rubbing her hand to Aaron's face and slowly going over his cheek, "You're stuck with me now..."
Aaron smiled.
"Well I don't mind..." he chuckled.
"Exactly..." Cindy said, sat up, and slowly pressed her lips onto his. "Well, if we're ever going to find your friends, we'll have to leave now..." she added, getting up, slowly walking away from Aaron.
"Wait for me!" Aaron said, got up, and walked to his clothes. Then he stopped. "Wait... Aren't you going to dress?"
"Dress? Dress with what?"
"Don't you have any clothes?"
"Why would I need clothes?" Cindy asked.
"Never mind..." he smiled as he put on his clothes. Then, all of a sudden, the earth started to shake wild. "WHOA!" Aaron gasped, trying to regain his balance, and failed. He fell backwards, and almost hit the ground, if Cindy hadn't been there to catch him.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Yeah," Aaron replied, getting on his feet again, "Thanks..." he added.
"My pleasure..." Cindy winked, making Aaron blush.

10 minutes earlier...

"Ohh...." Indiana moaned as Daisy surrounded her lips around his shaft, very slowly moving her head - or body - up and down with her tentacles.
"Mmmm..." Daisy moaned softly, careful not to use her 'razor sharp' tongue.
"You're... doing a great... job!" Indiana said. Daisy only smiled as she wrapped her lips around the shaft a little harder. "Oh! I... I think I'm gonna..." Indiana began, when suddenly, Daisy stopped, and released his cock. It wasn't enough for Indiana to release his seed, and he was now gasping in hard.
"Wh.. wha.. .what are you do... doing?" Indiana asked confused.
"You really think I'm going to let you take all the fun? Now take me!" Daisy replied, lying down on her back. Indiana looked down, and saw two holes.
"Ehhh... Which... hole is it?" Indiana asked.
"The one that's not moving when I speak..." Daisy replied with a chuckle. Indiana chuckled as well.
"Figures..." he said, and then slowly walked over, his cock bouncing up and down with each step. He stopped in front of her, and looked down at her moist and dripping pussy. Seeing this made him feel a little light in the head. He slowly grabbed his cock in his paw, and positioned it in front of the lowest hole.
"You ready?"
"Do it..." Daisy replied.
That second, Indiana moved his butt forwards, and slowly the head of his cock touched Daisy's lips.
"Mmmm..." she already moaned, and it became louder when Indiana pushed the head inside. "Oh yeah!"
"Whoa..." Indiana gasped as he felt more wetness surround his shaft. "This is... new!"
"Shhhh... Don't speak..." Daisy replied, as Indiana slowly placed his paws on Daisy's body to support himself. Then he slowly humped forwards, pushing his cock deeper into her love hole. "Yeah..." Daisy cried in ecstasy.
"Ohhhh..." Indiana moaned, and then pushed his cock all the way in.
"AH!" Daisy cried again, as Indiana closed his eyes in pleasure. They stayed in this position a few second, enjoying the connection they made. That's when Daisy slowly pulled herself forwards with her tentacles. Then she slowly pushed herself back again.
"Mmmm!" Indiana moaned, feeling the pleasure return. Instinctively he humped forwards once, making Daisy moan now.
"Mmmm..." Daisy moaned, slowly softening her grip on the ground and relaxing her tentacles, feeling Indiana was ready to take control. Indiana slowly started to hump faster and faster, increasing his pace which each hump, until he could feel his balls boil with sperm.
"I'm... getting close!" he groaned, closing his eyes tight. Daisy had already brought Indiana close to his climax by blowing him, and her pussy only sped up the process. And because Daisy hadn't been with someone for a long time, she was getting closer herself.
"Yes... A few more..." Daisy groaned in pleasure, and then screamed it out. "AH!"
Daisy's body started vibrating slowly as she closed her eyes tight while releasing thick and sticky juices all over Indiana's crotch.
"Whoa that feels... Uh! Weird!" Indiana gasped. The sticky fluid didn't feel hot, but cold instead, sending shivers down Indiana's spine. This was enough to set him off. With one more hump against Daisy's body, Indiana arched his back, closed his eyes, and released his green seed deep into Daisy's pussy. The two continued to hump against each other until they calmed down...

"That... was..." Indiana gasped, lying on his back on the cavern floor.
"I know..." Daisy replied, gasping herself.
"I've never... seen moves like that... before..."
Daisy giggled, and after that, an eerie silence followed.
"So you really didn't know which hole to pick?" Daisy suddenly asked, making Indiana blush.
"I ehhh... N-no, not really... I mean, they kinda, you know, looked alike..."
Daisy chuckled.
"I suppose... This is a reason why I don't like to eat in public..."
"Why not?" Indiana asked.
"Well, like you, most can't tell the difference between my mouth and my sex... So if anybody sees it, they would probably think I was playing with my food..." Daisy replied, giggling.
Indiana chuckled. "That's funny..."
"I know..."
Another silence followed.
"I ehh... I have to go..." Indiana said, breaking it.
"Go? Go where?" Daisy asked.
"I have to find my friends..."
"Friends? Your friends are here?"
"Yeah... They're around here somewhere... I got separated from them a while back..."
"The only problem is, I don't know where to look..." Indiana said.
"Hey..." Daisy said, rubbing one of her tentacles over Indiana's cheek. "I've lived here most of my life, so I know every place around here... I could lead you to your friends..."
"You would do that?"
"Why wouldn't I? If it makes you happy, I want to..."
"Thank you..." Indiana said, rubbing Daisy's tentacle.
Then Metang's Earthquake attack reached them as well, and the ground started to shake hard.
"Whoa!" Indiana gasped.
"That felt like an earthquake..." Daisy said, carefully watching the ceiling in case parts broke down. When nothing did, she calmed down.
"Maybe it's them! My friends!" Indiana said.
"Then we gotta hurry!"

"This place's like a maze!" Sashi groaned, turning another corner.
"Probably invented just for intruders..." Eevy replied, winking.
Sashi smiled, and then suddenly stopped when the ground started shaking underneath her feet. "What in the..."
"Feels like someone's battling!" Eevy said.
"I sense it's Kyra!" Espeon said.
"Then they were found by Team Aqua!"
"So it seems..." Sashi replied, looking around. "So this means we can be found out as well... We gotta hurry!" she added, and started running again.
"Don't we need to help them?" Espeon asked.
"Nah... I think they're fine!" Sashi replied.
"Any ideas of what we're going to do to get Suicune back?" Eevy asked, appearing next to her.
"No idea!" Sashi said

"Crawdaunt!" Ethan gasped as his Pokemon fell down to the ground unconscious. Kyra smiled.
"Great work, Metang..." she said.
"Return!" Ethan growled, and then looked up. "It seems like your Pokemon is stronger than he looks... But your itty bitty Pokemon won't be able to last long the way he is now... especially when I play Aerodactyl!" Ethan called, and threw a third Pokeball in the air. It opened, and a big gray Pokemon with wings appeared in it. It screeched when being released, and Brian, as well as all the others grasped for their ears.
"Aerodactyl! Use Hyper Beam!" Ethan ordered.
"Metang! Use Protect!" Kyra called, and as Aerodactyl shot a bright beam from its beak, Metang started to glow a bit. He glowed for a second, and then suddenly stopped.
"Oh no!" Kyra gasped.
"Perfect..." Ethan grinned as the beam hit Metang. Normally, an attack like this wouldn't hurt Metang much, but because he already had a tough battle against Crawdaunt, his energy had lowered.
"Metang!" Kyra gasped, and ran over to him after the beam had stopped.
"I'm... sorry..." Metang said softly.
"Nah, don't be... you tried your best..." Kyra smiled, petting Metang's head slowly.
Because Aerodactyl had just fired a Hyper Beam attack, it had to recover.
"Is he okay?" Brian asked, appearing next to Kyra.
"He's defeated, but still alive..." Kyra replied.
"Good to hear..."
"Now... Use Hyper Beam again!" Ethan suddenly called.
"What?!" Brian, Kyra and Cath gasped as she overheard Ethan. And as Aerodactyl formed a ball of energy in its beak, Cath panicked. "This is bad! The fight's already over! If Aerodactyl attacks now, it will certainly kill them!"
"Not if I can stop it! Go, Metagross!" Ken shouted, and threw a second Pokeball in the air. It opened, and the big, four legged Steel/Psychic type appeared. "Go help them!"
Metagross then jumped forwards fast, as Aerodactyl suddenly shot its Hyper Beam attack. Metagross then stepped in front of Kyra, Metang and Brian, and took the beam full on. Because Metagross had still its full energy, it survived the Attack still standing.
"Great!" Cath smiled.
"Thanks..." Brian smiled.
"Now use Brick Break!" Ken then called, and Metagross jumped forwards again. Aerodactyl, in the meantime, was still recovering from its attack, and couldn't do anything that moment.
"Crap..." Ethan said as Metagross' paws started glowing. A second later, Metagross suddenly jumped up, and started spinning around. That's when its attack hit Aerodactyl, each of its paws hitting Aerodactyl hard, knocking it against a wall.
"All right!" Cath cheered, as Aerodactyl fell down to the ground.
"Return!" Ethan growled, aiming Aerodactyl's Pokeball at it. He put Aerodactyl's Pokeball back on his belt, looked up, and growled. "You haven't seen the last of Team Aqua!" he said, and turned around. The other two Aqua members also did, and together, the three of them left the scene.
"Good riddance..." Ken smiled, and then approached Brian and Kyra.
"Thanks for all your help..." Brian smiled.
"No problem at all..." Ken smiled back, and reached out his hand. "I'm Ken..."
Brian looked down at the hand for a few seconds, but then finally grabbed it.
"The name's Brian..." he said, shaking it up and down a few times, before Ken released it.
"My name's Kyra..." Kyra said, grabbing Ken's hand as he reached it out.
"Nice to meet you..." Ken smiled.
"So... I know a lot of humans have already been nice to us in the past, so what's your reason?" Cath asked.

"Sshhhh..." Sashi hushed Eevy as she heard voices coming from far ahead. A second later, she could also hear footsteps.
"Someone's coming..." Espeon whispered.
"We gotta hide!" Sashi replied as silent as possible, and quickly hid in a (surprisingly good timed) hole in the wall, followed by Espeon. Eevy, on the other hand, wasn't able to find a decent hole to hide in, and started to panic when the voices came closer. But all of a sudden, a Flygon appeared out of nowhere, soaring down from a hole in the ceiling, caught Eevy in his claws, and flew up again. Sashi wanted to scream out for the Flygon to let go of her lover, but knew that if she did this, she would be discovered, so she remained silent as two Aqua members walked by, not knowing Sashi was there. When the two Aqua members had disappeared out of sight, Sashi got out of her hiding place, and looked up in the hole Eevy and the Flygon had disappeared in. A second later, the Flygon that had grabbed Eevy came down again, and released her on the ground safely.
"Eevy!" Sashi gasped, and embraced her, happy she was okay.
Eevy smiled, and hugged Sashi back.
"Why did you grab Eevy?" Sashi asked the Flygon.
"Because my Trainer asked me to.." Flygon replied.
"Your Trainer?" Sashi asked confused.
At that moment, another figure came down from the hole in the ceiling, and landed on the ground.
"That would be me..." the figure said, and Sashi and Eevy gasped. In front of them stood a big, green Flygon anthro.
"You're..." Eevy said.
"Ryu..." the Flygon named Ryu said, reaching out a paw.
"H-hi... I'm Eevy..." Eevy replied, reaching out her hand. Ryu then grabbed it and shook it a couple of times.
"Nice to meet you..." he said, and then turned to Sashi. "And it's also nice to meet a celebrity like you..." he added, reaching out his paw again.
"C-celebrity?" Sashi asked, slightly blushing.
"As well as the famous Pokemon!" Ryu added, looking down at Espeon.
"F-Famous?" Espeon also blushed
"Of course! You two were all over the news a couple of days ago, saying how you took care of Team Magma and stuff..." Ryu said.
This made the two blush harder.
"We were on the news?" Sashi asked.
"Yup!" Ryu smiled. "You could say I'm a fan of yours..."
"Gee... I.. don't know what to say..." Sashi said. "Except thanks, of course..." she added, reaching out her hand. "Guess I don't need to say my name now, do I?" she asked, grinning.
"Doesn't really matter, as long as I get to shake your hand..." Ryu smiled, and grabbed Sashi's hand. "Wow..."
"What?" Sashi asked confused.
"It's just that... I never thought this moment would ever happen..." Ryu replied, shaking his paw up and down.
"That makes me wonder about something, though..." Sashi said, pulling her hand back.
"What is it?"
"What are you doing here anyway?" Sashi asked. "Don't take it the wrong way, but, isn't it a little bit dangerous to be in Team Aqua's base?"
"I'm here to help you defeat them, of course!" Ryu said, as he was kneeling down before petting Espeon's head. She closed her eyes and smiled when she felt his paw.
"You are?" Sashi asked.
"When we heard on the news you defeated team Magma, we were sure you'd go after Team Aqua as well..." Ryu said.
"'We'?" Sashi asked confused.

"Ryu, huh?" Cath asked.
"Yeah, he's my best friend..." Ken replied.
"Well, that explains why you weren't 'afraid' of us..." Cath smiled.
"Yeah..." Ken smiled.
"Well, thanks for the help..." Brian smiled.
"Anytime... It's always a pleasure to help friends of Sashi..." Ken smiled.
"You know Sashi?" Brian asked.
"Yeah... she's the reason we are here in the first place!"
"And why is that?" Cath asked, curious.
"After we've heard of Sashi on the news about how she defeated Team Magma, we were sure she'd go after Team Aqua next..." Ken said, repeating what Ryu had said.
"Sashi? On the news?" Cath asked surprised.
"Yeah, she's famous now!" Ken smiled.
"She's famous?" Brian asked.
"Pretty much..." Ken replied.
"Wow... She's gonna like to hear that.." Brian smiled.
"And the reason why you're here is?" Cath asked.
"To help you guys defeat Team Aqua!" Ken replied.
"Oh... Thanks..."
"It's always a pleasure to help Sashi's friends..." Ken said again.
That's when Kyra fell through her knees, still exhausted from the trip underwater.
"Kyra!" Cath gasped, and slowly knelt next to her. "You okay?"
"Yeah... I'm just tired..."
"Well you shouldn't have gotten on your feet in the first place..." Brian said.
"But I need to save your ass.." Kyra winked.
"She can rest on Metagross' head if she likes?" Ken suggested.
"That's a great idea!" Brian smiled.
"But what about Metang?" Cath asked.
"I can carry Metang too..." Metagross said.
"Yeah but in this condition he won't last long..." Cath said. "Shame we don't have a Full Restore to heal him..."
"Well, I do..." Ken smiled, and reached into his backpack. "A Trainer should always be prepared for any obstacle..." he added, and finally got what he was looking for. "Here ya go..." he said, reaching out the Full Restore to Kyra.
"Wow.. thanks!" Kyra smiled, and grabbed the Full Restore. She then sprayed it over Metang, and he slowly stirred once.
"Tha... that tickles..." he said.
"It'll be over soon..." Kyra said, and indeed, a few seconds later, Metang felt like 100% back to normal, but he was still exhausted.
"He needs a place to rest..." Ken said, and reached behind his back. He then grabbed an empty Pokeball, and reached it out to Kyra.
"You want me to catch him?" she asked.
"It's the only way for him to fully recover..." Ken nodded.
Kyra looked at the Pokeball, and then at Metang.
"What about you? What do you think?"
Metang looked up at Kyra, and then at the Pokeball.
"I would not mind being caught by you..." Metang replied.
"You sure?"
"Okay then..." Kyra smiled and lay the Pokeball on the ground. Metang slowly crawled over, and touched the Pokeball with his face. The Pokeball then opened, and a red light surrounded Metang. Then he turned into red light as well, and was then sucked into the ball, which closed, and started to wobble around a few times. Then a 'ding' ended it, and the ball stopped shaking.
"Congratulations, Metang is now your Pokemon..." Brian smiled.
Kyra only looked down at the Pokeball.
"I'm... a Trainer now.." she said softly.
"Yup... Now you can show if you're as good as your old Trainer used to be..." Brian said.
"Nah.. there's no way I can outmatch his skills..." Kyra said.
"Excuse me... what did you mean by that?" Ken asked curious.
"I wasn't an Anthro all my life... I was transformed as a Vulpix..." Kyra replied.
"Oh I'm so sorry..." Ken apologized.
"Don't..." Kyra said, shaking her head. "It's in the past now... No need for it to be a burden... We've got more important things to do now..."
"Right..." Ken nodded. "Now, shall I carry you on top of Metagross?"
"I'll take care of that..." Brian interrupted, and slowly put an arm around Kyra.
"Ehh... Okay..." Ken said, stepping aside as Brian slowly lifted Kyra off the ground. Kyra put an arm around Brian as well, to keep herself from falling down, as Brian moved to Metagross. Metagross slowly sunk to the ground, getting low enough for Brian to place Kyra on its back.
"Thanks Brian..." Kyra smiled.
"Any time..."
"Now we gotta go after Suicune..." Cath said.
"Any idea where to go?" Kyra asked.
"Well, Ryu and I have been exploring these tunnels for half an hour now, so we got a good view of everything..." Ken said.
"Wait... if the two of you were exploring the tunnels together... then how come Ryu isn't here?" Brian asked.

"...We both heard voices, so we hid... That's when we saw three Aqua men walk through the tunnels fast... Ken wanted to follow them, and he told me to stay behind in case he got caught... that way I could continue our mission and wait for you to appear... After Ken left, I stayed hidden in a hole in the ceiling, since that's one of the best places to hide for a guy like me, if you get what I mean..." Ryu explained.
"Clever..." Sashi nodded.
"Anyway, that's when there was a sudden earthquake, and a few minutes after that, I heard more voices... My ears can pick up the smallest sounds... And I overheard an Aqua member saying through a cell phone that he had lost to the enemy... I smiled when I heard that, because that could either mean you defeated them, or Ken did. That's when I spotted you two... I could hear you whisper, but I could also hear the Aqua men walk into your direction..."
"And then you saved me..." Eevy said.
"Yup!" Ryu smiled.
"But you didn't hesitate to save Eevy... What if it was an Aqua member?" Sashi asked.
"Would an Aqua member walk through his base on his toes, whispering?" Ryu asked, winking.
Sashi smiled.
"I see..."
"Though now I'm kinda worried... If you're not the enemy the Aqua men were talking about, then who is?"
"I bet it's my friends..." Sashi said.
"Your friends?"
"Yeah... didn't they mention anything on the news about me traveling with others?" Sashi asked.
"I'm not sure..." Ryu said, thinking back a little. "Oh yeah! They said something about you traveling with people like you..."
"Wow... 'people' huh? That's good to hear..." Sashi smiled.
"Yeah..." Ryu smiled too.
"So... shall we go?" Eevy asked. "Who knows what Archie will do with Suicune in the time we're standing here chatting..."
"I agree... Ryu, do you know the way to Suicune?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah.. that's the reason why we are here..." Sashi replied.
"Not to bring down Team Aqua?"
"After we've saved Suicune..."
"'saved'?" Ryu asked.
"Team Aqua has caught Suicune..." Sashi said.
"That's terrible!" Ryu gasped.
"I know... And I have to save it..."
"With my help..." Ryu said.
"I'm not sure where to go... These tunnels are like a maze, and we didn't have the chance to explore them all..."
"Doesn't matter... As long as we're moving..." Sashi smiled.
"Okay... The Aqua men came from that way," Ryu said, pointing to his left, "So let's begin there..."
"Right!" Sashi, Espeon and Eevy nodded.

"And you arrived at the right time..." Cath smiled.
"Yeah... glad I did..." Ken smiled.
"What say we go after Suicune now?" Kyra asked.
"Good idea... Ken, do you know the way to Suicune?" Brian asked.
"Yeah, what's with this Suicune? What's going on?"
"Team Aqua has caught Suicune..." Cath said.
"They caught the Legendary Dog Pokemon?" Ken gasped, and Cath nodded. "How terrible... We gotta save it!"
"We know... That's what we're trying to do... Sashi and Eevy already went ahead while we stayed behind to help Kyra recover..."
"We had to swim here..." Brian said. "And you know how much Fire types hate Water..."
"Even Anthro's?"
"Even Anthro's..." Brian repeated, nodding.
"No wonder you're out of energy..." Ken said.
"Can we go now?" Kyra asked.
"Right, sorry..."
"You're not going anywhere!" the two Aqua men who had passed by Sashi said, both holding out their Pokeball.
"Great! More trash!" Ken groaned. "Metagross, if you would be so kind..."
Metagross' eyes glowed bright for a second, and all of a sudden the two Aqua men were glowing too, before being lifted off the ground, and thrown into the water behind the group.
"That'll keep them busy for a few seconds... Let's go!" Ken said.
"Right!" everyone said.

Meanwhile, Archie was pressing some buttons on a machine.
"Almost done..." he seemed to hum, and looked to his left. On a table next to him lay the Masterball, with Suicune in it. "Soon you'll be by my side as the perfect creation ever made by man..."
"And why again are you doing this?" Matt asked.
"You know what Suicune is, don't you?" Archie asked.
"A Pokemon?"
Archie growled.
"Don't you see?" Archie asked.
"I'm afraid I don't, sir..." Matt replied.
"Each Legendary Dog resembles an element; Entei resembles Fire, Raikou resembles Thunder, and Suicune..." Archie said, waiting for Matt to finish.
"Resembles Water... Of course! Why didn't I see that?" Matt said, slapping his forehead.
"Because you're not as intelligent as I am..." Archie grinned, and looked back at the Masterball. "You'll soon fulfill my dreams... Matt!"
"Yes sir?"
"What's being done about the intruders?"
"Well I sent Ethan to take care of the problem, but he hasn't reported back yet..." Matt said.
"Sir!" Ethan said, entering the room.
"Ethan, what took you so long?!" Matt growled.
"I'm sorry, sir..." Ethan bowed shortly.
"Did you succeed in taking the intruders down?"
"I'm afraid not, sir..."
"What?!" Archie growled.
"I was winning the battle, ready to make the finishing move, when all of a sudden a new guy interrupted, and... Took me down..." Ethan said, growling himself.
Archie only growled again.
"What are your orders, sir?" Ethan asked.
"Stop them from getting here!" Archie replied.
"How, sir? I don't have any Pokemon left..."
"I didn't say you had to use Pokemon!"
Ethan was confused for a second, but then nodded.
"Right, sir..." he said, and turned around again.

"Wait..." Ryu said, stopping suddenly.
"Why? What's wrong?" Sashi whispered.
"I hear footsteps..." Ryu replied, and indeed; a few second later footsteps were heard, followed by two big thumps. Then more footsteps, and another two thumps. Ryu was about to hide, when suddenly he didn't.
"What is it?" Sashi asked confused.
"It's okay..." Ryu smiled, and walked ahead. Not sure what happened, Sashi, Eevy and Espeon followed him. They arrived at a T-junction, the footsteps - coming from the left tunnel - getting closer and closer.
"Why don't we hide?" Sashi asked.
"Because I recognize that breathing..." Ryu smiled, and looked to the left tunnel, where suddenly Ken walked out of.
"Ryu!" Ken smiled too.
"Hey sweetie!" Ryu cried.
"'Sweetie'?!" Everyone gasped.
"Ryu, you know I don't like it when you call me that..." Ken chuckled.
"I know..." Ryu grinned.
"What's going on here?" Brian asked.
"Brian?" Sashi gasped.
"Hey Sashi!" Brian smiled, and approached her, followed by Umbreon.
"Espeon! I'm so glad you're safe!" he said, rubbing his head against hers.
"Me too..." Espeon purred.
"I'm glad to see you're doing fine..." Sashi smiled.
"Yeah, same here I guess..." Sashi replied.
"Awww... that's so cute... the two love-birds and their Pokemon reunited..." Ken said.
"'Love-birds'?" Brian and Sashi blushed.
"We're not together..." Brian said.
"Yeah... I'm with Eevy..." Sashi added.
"You two?" Ken asked, and Sashi and Eevy nodded. "Hot..." he thought.
"Hey, that's something like us!" Ryu smiled.
"Ryu..." Ken chuckled. "Stop that..."
"What 'something like you'?" Cath asked curious.
"He's ehh... bi..." Ken said, almost not able to say it out loud. "And I'm Ken, by the way..." he added, reaching out a hand towards Sashi. She smiled, and grabbed it.
"So you're the guy Ryu's been talking about..." Sashi smiled.
"Nothing bad, I hope?" Ken chuckled.
"Not until what he just said, no..."
"Heh... I don't call this bad, though..."
"Why not?"
"He's just teasing me... He knows well enough I'm not like him..."
"You mean bi?"
"Yeah... He likes to joke around with me, but I can take it..."
"As long as he stays with joking and doesn't do any real 'damage'.." Sashi chuckled.
"Yeah!" Ken laughed.
"Ha... ha... ha...." came a voice from everybody's right.
"Ethan..." Brian said without turning his head.
"My, that was quite a joke... it almost made me think about chuckling..." Ethan said.
"What do you want?!" Sashi growled.
"I came here to stop you, of course..." Ethan replied calm.
"Not this again! You know damn well you're no match for us!" Cath said.
"Because of that dude.." Ethan said, nodding at Ken. "Because of him I have no Pokemon left..."
"Glad to have ruined your plans..." he chuckled.
"But if you don't have any Pokemon left, how are you going to stop us?" Ryu asked.
Ethan didn't say a word. Instead, he walked forwards to the group, until he passed Sashi and Ken, and then Ryu, Espeon and Umbreon. Nobody dared making a move as they waited what Ethan was going to do. Ethan kept on walking, until he stopped in front of Brian. Brian growled at Ethan, as Ethan was smiling. Then, suddenly, he pulled his arm back, and threw it back, right against Brian's head. Everybody gasped in shock as they watched Brian fall to the ground.
"Like this..." Ethan replied, pulling his arm back...

To be continued...

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