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The Pidgeys and the Beedrill

The Pidgeys and the Beedrill

Sashi: *looks at title* What does that mean?
You don't know?
Sashi: No?
*looks at title* What if I said "The birds and the bees"?
Sashi: Ohhh... *blushes*
^ ^;

The whole room was silent as the bright light slowly faded. When Gengar opened his eyes, the Poochyena he saw lying in front of him had disappeared, and a Mightyena had taken his place. The Mightyena had his head lowered, and his teeth were showing. Then he looked up, opened his eyes, and growled.
"I said; get off her!" Mightyena said. Unlike his former childish voice, this one sounded lower, but also more mature.
"Poochy?" Alora said, opening her eyes slightly. Mightyena didn't reply. His eyes were focused on Gengar, and he was not planning to take them off him.
"Or else what?!" Gengar grinned. Mightyena then took a few steps forwards, and raised his head slightly. Then he pushed it back hard, opened his mouth, and Roared. Gengar was immediately pushed off Alora, his cock popping out of her backdoor, making her sigh in relief. Gengar then crashed into the wall behind him, and gasped for air as he fell to the floor. Mightyena ran over to Alora as fast as he could, and nudged her head.
"You okay?" he asked worried.
"I'll be fine..." she whispered back.
"I'll make him pay for what he did to you!" Mightyena said, raised his head again, and turned it to Gengar, who had just gotten up.
"You may have gotten me off her for now, but I'll be back, and then I'll finish what I started!" Gengar said, as his cock slowly vanished into his body. Mightyena kept himself silent. This made Gengar feel a little uneasy. "Acting all tough now that you've evolved? Well, you know what, big boy? It's not going to last long!" Gengar said, and suddenly, his eyes glowed red, as well as Mightyena. "There... now you can't run away..." Gengar grinned.
"I didn't intend to run away..." Mightyena said calmly.
"He's attacking him mentally, not physically..." Alora thought, and then smiled. Gengar growled.
"You think you're so tough! But I'll show you you're nothing!" Gengar said, when suddenly he cried out in pain, as Mightyena had used those few spare second to Bite him. His evolution gave him a few extra things, such as more strength, defense power, and speed. He shook his head a couple of times, before he let go of Gengar, throwing him against the wall again. Gengar groaned as he got up slowly. He had lost a lot of his energy because of Mightyena already, so he needed to come up with something good to still take the victory.
"Alright, that's enough!" Gengar said, looking into Mightyena's eyes. Mightyena now had a smile on his face.
"Glad to see we are thinking the same!" he replied, when suddenly, Gengar stuck out his tongue faster than Mightyena could see, hitting him against his cheek. Mightyena groaned, and felt his body stiffen as Gengar's tongue was pulled back.
"Sweet!" Gengar cheered as he saw Mightyena's paralyzed body. "Must be my lucky day! Two effective Lick Attacks!"
Mightyena growled as he lifted his head up enough to look at Gengar, who was laughing.
"No..." Alora thought, "If only I had the strength to help him!" she though, closing her eyes tight while a tear appeared on the corner. Then Gengar pulled his hands together, and formed a dark ball of energy between them.
"And now, Shadow Ball attack!" Gengar called, throwing the dark ball straight at Mightyena and Alora. Acting quicker than Gengar had predicted him to be, Mightyena turned around, bit in the skin of Alora's neck, and pulled her aside with him, as he dodged the Shadow Ball attack.
"What?!" Gengar cried out surprised while Mightyena slowly laid Alora on the floor again. "How did you get so fast?!"
"My new ability..." Mightyena replied. "It's called 'Quick Feet'... it increases my speed when I get a status condition such as paralysis or sleep..."
"He's grown so much... both in body as in mind..." Alora thought.
"Of course, it won't help a thing when I'm asleep..." Mightyena chuckled.
Gengar growled.
"I've had enough of you! Time to take you down!" Gengar said, and formed another dark ball in his hands. Mightyena acted quicker, and jumped straight at him, jaw wide open. Before Gengar realized what was going on, Mightyena's teeth were already deep in his thick neck, as Mightyena bit down as hard as he could. The pain Gengar felt was indescribable, as it took the last remaining bit of his energy away. Mightyena slowly let go of Gengar as he collapsed on the floor, unconscious.
"Did you...?" Alora asked, not finishing her sentence.
"He'll be fine..." Mightyena said.
"You didn't kill him?"
"As much as I want to, I don't want to cause death..." Mightyena replied.
Alora kept herself quiet as she looked back into Mightyena's eyes as he looked back into hers. Then he moved forwards, and rubbed his head against hers.
"Are you okay?" he asked, his eyes closed.
"I am now!" Alora purred back, tears crawling down her cheeks, as she rubbed her head back at him.
"I'm so glad to hear that..." Mightyena said. Alora slowly rolled over until she was on her belly, and then pushed herself onto her feet. When trying to take a step, she fell down.
"Are you okay?" Mightyena asked, worried.
"Yeah... It's just the paralysis..." Alora said, pushing herself up again.
"You shouldn't force yourself!" Mightyena said, worried.
"How are we going to get back then?" Alora replied.
Mightyena then slowly walked in front of her, and lowered his body.
"Climb on my back... I'll carry you..." he then said.
Alora was about to argue, when Mightyena interrupted.
"Please... you deserve some rest after what he did to you..." he said.
"Alright..." Alora finally nodded, and got on all fours again. She then slowly placed her front paws on Mightyena's back, and moved forwards, until her whole body was on his back. Mightyena then slowly got up, as Alora held tight to his body. "Thanks..." she whispered, resting her head on his neck. Mightyena smiled, and then started walking.

The trip down the stairs wasn't easy, but Mightyena managed to bring Alora and him safely down. All the Gastly and Haunter that were left conscious moved out of the way as the one who defeated their leader made his way past them. Soon, they had left the mansion, and were on their way back to the Pokemon Center. On their way to it, they spotted by Sashi, Eevy and Espeon.
"Sashi!" Mightyena called excited.
"Huh?" Sashi replied, spotting Mightyena.

"Alora!" Eevy gasped, but Alora didn't reply. She was softly purring/sleeping. "What's wrong with her? What have you done with her?!" Eevy barked.
"Easy, easy, calm down!" Espeon said.
"You don't have to be worried... He didn't do anything to her..." Espeon interrupted.
"What do you mean?" Eevy asked confused.
"Why would he hurt the one he loves?" Espeon said, her muzzle forming into a smile.
"I knew it..." Sashi said, getting the hint, and smiled as well.
"Knew what?" Eevy asked.
"It's Poochy... Or, at least, he used to be..." Sashi answered.
"Poochy? He evolved?" Eevy gasped.
Sashi walked over to Mightyena, and knelt down.
"Congratulations.." she said, petting his head. Mightyena smiled, and closed his eyes.
"Thanks..." he said.
"What made you evolve? And why is Alora sleeping?" Sashi asked.
"Can I tell you this all after I've recovered to full health?" Mightyena asked, his legs shaking a bit. "This paralysis is killing me... well, not really killing me, but... you get what I mean..."
"I understand..." Sashi nodded, and reached to her belt. She took a Pokeball, and held it out.
"Call her back, Eevy.." Sashi said, and Eevy nodded. She grabbed Alora's Pokeball, and called her back into it. A second after that Mightyena followed. "Rest well, Poochy... I might not have witnessed the battle you were in, but I know you deserve it..." Sashi said, putting the Pokeball back onto her belt. Then the three walked back to the Pokemon Center...

Half an hour later, Mightyena and Alora were back to normal, and they were released out of their Pokeballs after Nurse Joy gave them back to their Trainers. That gave everybody the chance to meet the new Poochy. They all gathered around him, looking over his body. And after everybody had said their congratulations, Mightyena and Alora went to discuss with Sashi and Eevy what happened.
"Are you sure you want to be here when I explain it?" Mightyena asked. Alora thought about it for a few seconds, and then nodded. "Okay..." Mightyena smiled.
Even though Alora said she'd be there, Mightyena did all the talking, because it hurt her too much thinking back about it. She only spoke when Mightyena didn't know what to say, including the part where Gengar raped her. Sashi and Eevy gasped at that, but kept quiet and listened carefully to everything else Mightyena said, and when finished, they remained silent for a while.
"I see..." Sashi then said.
"Oh, Alora..." Eevy said, embracing her Pokemon. Alora remained silent as she rubbed her head against Eevy's.
"Good thing that's in the past... Also a good thing you were there to save her..." Sashi said to Mightyena, smiling as she petted his head.
"Yeah..." Mightyena said, and another silence followed.
So..." Sashi said, "Do you still want to be called 'Poochy'? I mean, you are a big Pokemon now..."
"You're right..." Mightyena said, and then chuckled. "Poochy sounds so childish now..."
"I'm guessing it's just a nickname your mother liked to use for you..." Sashi said.
"I think so, yeah..." Mightyena said.
"So you want another nickname now? Or should we just call you Mightyena?" Sashi asked.
"Well... I've been referred to with a nickname all my life, so I guess I'll take another one..." Mightyena smiled.
"Do you prefer a certain nickname?" Sashi asked.
Mightyena thought about it for a while.
"I don't know one..." he said.
"I see..." Sashi chuckled.
"How about 'Yen'?" Alora suggested.
"'Yen'?" Sashi repeated.
"That sounds... cool!" Yen said. "I love it! But, then again, I love everything you say..."
Alora blushed, and looked away.
"Are you going to be alright?" Sashi asked Alora. She turned her head back again, and slowly nodded.
"I think so..."

Time passed, and Sashi decided the group should stay at the Pokemon Center a little longer, to give Alora enough time to fully recover. Then, finally, Kyra woke up.
"Where am I?" she asked drowsily.
"In Sylver City's Pokemon Center..." Brian replied.
"Oh... What happened?" she then asked.
"You collapsed... Your body couldn't handle it anymore..."
"I was that tired?"
"You don't remember?" Brian asked.
"Not really... all I remember is that we were about to give Joy our Pokemon, and-" she began, and the gasped. "Our Pokemon... Where's Metang?" Kyra asked.
"Right here..." Metang said from below, and Kyra looked down. Metang was sitting on the ground, his body too heavy to climb on the bed.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah... The Nurse healed me back to normal!" Metang smiled.
"That's good to hear..." Kyra said. Her voice still sounded weak.
"I think you should rest a little more..." Cath said.
"Good idea... We're stuck here anyway..."
"Stuck?" Kyra asked confused.
"Alora was raped by a Gengar..." Sashi spoke, and Kyra softly gasped.
"Is she okay?" she asked.
"She is now..."
"What happened to the Gengar?" Kyra asked.
"He was defeated by Poochy..."
"Poochy? Was he there with her?"
"But I don't understand... how can a little Poochyena defeat a Gengar?"
"He evolved..." Sashi replied.
"He did?"
"Probably for her..." Sashi added.
"Awwww that's so romantic..." Kyra said, slightly blushing and smiling.
And while they discussed about some other things, Alora and Yen spent some time alone together.
"You hear that? She thinks it's romantic..." Yen smiled.
"Yeah..." Alora replied, and then fell silent.
"Something wrong? You're all right, right?" Yen asked, worried.
"I am... but it doesn't feel that way..."
"What's bothering you then?"
"It's the Gengar..."
"What about him? I took care of him, didn't I?"
"Yes, but that doesn't mean you erased everything that's happened..."
"What did happen?" Yen then asked.
Alora stared at him for a couple of seconds, waiting for Yen to show any hint of a joke.
"What?" Yen asked after a while of silence.
"You're serious?" she asked.
"Ehhh..." Yen replied, unsure.
"You don't know about sex?" Alora asked, and that made Yen blush slightly.
"Y-you had sex?!" he asked.
"This... was not sex..." Alora replied, looking down at the ground.
"Right... you said something called 'raped' a while back?" Yen asked.
"Correct..." Alora said, closing her eyes slightly.
"And that hurt you..." Yen said, and Alora nodded slowly. "And... is there any way I can stop that?" he then asked.
"Yes..." Alora nodded.
"There is?" Yen replied, and again, Alora nodded. "What is it then?"
"Will you... have sex with me?" Alora asked, turning her head to Yen's. Yen gasped, and blushed again.
"It's the only way for the bad feelings to go away..."Alora said.
"But.. but what if I accidentally 'raped' you? I don't want to hurt you!" Yen said.
"I know you won't..." Alora replied.
"But I'm afraid I-" Yen began.
"Please..." Alora interrupted, "I don't want to remember the feeling of that Gengar inside of me when I fall asleep tonight..." Alora said, tears appearing in her eyes. Yen kept himself quiet at that for a few seconds, before finally nodding.
"Okay..." Yen said. "I will..."
"Thank you..." Alora smiled, as Yen got up. He walked over to Alora, and stopped in front of her.
"And how do I do it?" he then asked.
"You were never taught about sex by your mother?" Alora asked.
"I... don't remember?" Yen said. "And how did you learn?" he then asked, eying her.
"I discovered it on my own..." Alora replied, unable to keep herself from feeling proud of herself.
"You did?" he asked, and Alora nodded. "Then can you teach me?"
"I can't teach you what I know..." Alora replied.
"Huh? Why not?"
"Because I'm a girl and you're a boy... we're different... I'm sure you don't have a vagina, right?" Alora said.
"'Va.. gina'?" Yen replied, cocking his head.
"I'm guessing that's a 'no'..." Alora chuckled slightly, her first chuckle in a long time. Yen noticed this.
"It's good to see you smile again..." he said.
Alora stopped. He was right. She was smiling again!
"Thanks, Yen..." Alora said.
"For what?"
"Making me feel better..."
"This is one reason why I fell in love with you... You're always able to make me smile..." Alora said.
"Cool..." Yen said, and smiled too.
"Let's go..."
"Go where?"
"Ask someone to teach you sex..." Alora said.
"You really think we should ask someone?" Yen asked.
"If you want to learn how to do it, we'll have to..." Alora replied, got on all fours, and started walking. Yen soon followed.

"So who should we ask?" Yen asked.
"We could ask my mother, but I don't know if she knows about boys too..."
"Because I have two mothers..." {Author's note: She does have a father, but I'm sure you knew this :P} Alora replied.
"Oh..." Yen said. "Oh, I know!"
"You do?"
"Let's ask Umbreon!"
"My uncle?" Alora asked.
"No... The other..." Yen said.
"Good idea! He and Espeon could teach us all!" Alora said, and together they approached Umbreon and Espeon. Without saying a word, Espeon spoke.
"Let's find a quiet place for it..." she said.
"How did you...?" Alora began, but stopped when she realized who she was talking to. "Okay, where do you think we should go?"
"Maybe we can use Sashi and Eevy's room..." Espeon said. "I'll ask..." she added, and approached her Trainer.
"Sashi? Can I use your room for a while?"
"I have to teach these two something..." Espeon nodded at Alora and Yen.
"Ehh... Okay..." Sashi nodded.
"Sweetie, you're coming too..." Espeon said.
"Ehh... Okay..." he said.
"What's going on?" Brian asked Sashi.
"Espeon's on to something... and she needs to do it with Alora, Yen and Umbreon..." Sashi said.
"Up to what?"
"No idea..." Sashi shrugged, and walked to her room as the four Pokemon entered.
"Could you close and lock the door behind us?" Espeon asked.
"You really don't want any interruptions, do you?" Sashi asked.
"I'd rather not..." Espeon nodded.
"All right then... Do what you must..." Sashi said, and then closed and locked the door, locking the four Pokemon up in the room.

"Right... what do you need explained?" Espeon asked.
"Explained?" Umbreon asked confused.
"I'll explain in a second.." Espeon said.
"We'd like to know a bit about the male side..." Alora said.
"Then you came to the right person... I've had lots of experience on that subject..." Espeon chuckled, and then approached Umbreon. "Lie down on your back sweetie..." she said.
"Ehh... okay..." Umbreon replied, and complied.
"Now gather around..." Espeon said, and Alora and Yen approached the two. "You see this?" Espeon asked, nodding at Umbreon's sheath. Both nodded. "This protects and hides the male's gender which allows him to walk around freely and not be called a pervert..." Espeon said, a slight chuckle at the end of this sentence.
"Ohhhh... that explained..." Umbreon said, a smile appearing on his muzzle, knowing what was to come. Alora and Yen remained quiet.
"Now... do either of you know when it comes out of its hiding place?" Espeon asked.
"I think so..." Yen said. "When I need to go to the bathroom..."
"Correct," Espeon nodded, "But there are other times - as well as other ways - for it to come out..."
Umbreon was grinning now.
"How?" Alora asked.
"Either by luring it out or stimulating it enough for it to show itself..." Espeon answered. "I'll demonstrate..."
"Heh..." Umbreon said, as Espeon slowly moved her head down between Umbreon's legs. Both Alora and Yen blushed slightly as Espeon slowly released her tongue on Umbreon's most private places. She went over the sheath, slowly pushed her tongue slightly into the hole, and then went down to his black balls. And indeed, that did the trick. Umbreon's black shaft started to grow, the head slowly appearing in open air. Espeon then released his ball, and dragged her tongue all the way up the growing cock. Alora's eyes widened when she saw Umbreon's cock grow bigger and bigger the more Espeon licked it. When it finally stopped, Espeon removed her head, and licked her lips.
"Mmmmm..." she moaned softly, as Umbreon was panting hard. She then turned her head. "When the male gets exited, blood starts to pour into the penis, making it erect. This is called an erection." she explained.
Alora gulped, her heart pounding faster by the second.
Yen didn't know why, but seeing Espeon lick Umbreon's cock turned him on. His own cock had started growing a little as well, and the head was slightly visible.
"Now I want you to try..." Espeon smiled.
Alora blushed some more, and turned her head to Yen. He also blushed harder, but did sit down. "Okay... here goes..." she said, and approached her lover. Yen slowly moved his body so he was lying on his back, and spread his legs a little, making his small malehood bounce softly, which had a reddish color. Alora slowly moved her head down, and repeated what Espeon had done. She slowly stuck out her tongue, and pressed it against Yen's balls. Yen immediately let out a soft gasp when he felt the wet organ on his privates. Alora quickly pulled her tongue back when she felt the touch of the furry balls.
"What's wrong?" Espeon asked.
"N-nothing... It's just... the touch felt kinda weird..." Alora replied.
"It does?" Espeon asked, and walked over, looking down at Yen's balls. "Mmmm..." Espeon said, moved her head down, and slowly licked over Yen's balls as well.
"Ohhhh!" Yen gasped, feeling the tongue of a more experienced female caress his balls. Espeon then pulled her head up, and chuckled.
"That's just the fur you're feeling... Nothing to worry about..." Espeon said, and slowly walked back. "Now, continue..."
"Okay..." Alora nodded, feeling up to it now that she knew she didn't have to worry. She moved her head down again, and slowly pressed her tongue against Yen's balls.
"Mmmmm..." Yen moaned, his cock twitching at the touch, and growing one inch longer. Alora took this opportunity to switch places, and licked her way up Yen's shaft. This caused him to howl slightly and his cock to grow to its fullest 6 and a half inches.
"Okay, you can stop now..." Espeon said as Alora continued to work on Yen. She slowly raised her head, and looked at Espeon.
"Why? Am I not doing it right?" she asked.
"Look at Yen.." Espeon said. "Does he look like you're doing something wrong?" Espeon chuckled. Alora turned her attention back to Yen, and giggled when she saw Yen had his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
"Now, how about I teach you how to do a blowjob?" Espeon asked.
"A 'blowjob'?" Alora repeated.
"Watch carefully..." Espeon winked, and turned around again. She lowered her head, just like before, but this time didn't use her tongue. Instead, she opened her lips wide, and took in the head of Umbreon's cock.
"Ohhhh yeah!" Umbreon gasped at the familiar feeling. Espeon lowered her head some more down, until 3 or 4 inches of Umbreon's cock were inside, and then slowly moved up again. She let it pop out of her mouth, and licked her lips once again.
"Blowing a male means taking the male's cock into your mouth while sucking on it gently. If you want to give the male pleasure, you suck a little harder while doing other tricks with your tongue to satisfy his needs..." Espeon said. Alora kept quiet.
"That looked fun..." came Yen's voice. Espeon chuckled.
"So you'd like me to do that?" Alora asked in a soft and erotic voice. Yen nodded in reply.
"Well then I just might..." Alora replied with a wink, and slowly pressed her tongue against his balls again. Yen slowly moaned at the touch, and closed his eyes slightly.
"I thought we had done this already?" he said, his breathing going faster.
"Ssshhhh... I have an idea..." Alora whispered, and went back to work. She dragged her tongue from his balls up his shaft, until she came to the head. She slowly opened her lips, and took it in.
"Whoa!" Yen gasped at this, while Alora stuck out her tongue. She caressed the head for a couple of seconds, before closing her lips around it again. At that second, she didn't stop, but continued all the way down, taking in Yen's throbbing rod.
All Yen could do now was gasp loud, and widen his eyes as he felt the biggest amount of pleasure he's ever felt.
"Mmmmm..." Espeon purred when she saw Alora do this. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had some kind of experience on this..."
That's when she felt two paws being pressed down on her back, and the heavy feeling of Umbreon's body right after that. She looked back just as he was about to push himself into her.
"Whoa whoa, slow down baby..." Espeon chuckled as she slowly disappeared from underneath him. "It's not the time for that yet..."
"But..." Umbreon said, landing on the ground on all fours.
"What say I continue my demonstration from earlier?" Espeon purred, and not a second had passed and Umbreon was on his back, his cock bouncing from left to right. Espeon smiled, and lowered her head, taking in Umbreon's.
"Ohhh yeah!" Umbreon moaned, and closed his eyes as he smiled. "That feels good.."
Minutes passed while Espeon and Alora gave their lovers head, and Alora had experimented on many strategies on Yen's cock, receiving satisfying moans on each in reply. But even so, Umbreon was the first to announce his climax.
"Here it comes!" he groaned, closed his eyes tight, and then bucked his hips one more time before releasing his seed into his lover's muzzle. Espeon smiled as she tasted Umbreon's cum in her mouth, and swallowed every drop of it, before licking the head clean. Alora hadn't paid attention to this. If she had, she would've known what was to come. She continued to suck on Yen's cock like a lollipop. The knot was growing bigger and bigger, and he was almost ready to burst. One last lick over the head, and Yen couldn't take it anymore.
"Ah... A-Alora... I-I'm... f-feeling s-som-something..." Yen managed to say in his state, catching Espeon's attention.
"Time for his first climax..." she smiled.
A second after Espeon's thought had come up to her, Yen arched his back, and bucked his hips against Alora's face hard, before howling out loud. Powerful jets of cum were shot deep in Alora's muzzle, catching her off guard. The first jet was shot in her mouth, causing her to gasp, swallowing Yen's cum in the process. She let go of his cock as it continued to shoot cum, coughing while trying to breathe normally again. Espeon gasped and ran over.
"Are you okay?" she asked, slowly patting Alora on the back with her paw.
"What was that?!" Alora wheezed.
"That... was an orgasm..." Espeon replied.
"An... Orgasm? That?" Alora asked, turning her head to Yen, who was slowly coming back to earth.
"Have you ever had an orgasm before?" Espeon asked.
Alora turned her head, and nodded slowly, slightly blushing.
"Then you have probably noticed the orgasm Yen had was different from the one you had, am I right?" Espeon asked.
Alora turned her head back to Yen, and looked at his still erect cock, seeing the white cum on the head.
"Yeah..." said Alora.
"This is what's called sperm..." Espeon said, as she and Alora slowly approached Yen. "It shoots out of a male's penis when it reaches a certain amount of pleasure..."
Alora slowly walked to an inch in front of Yen's cock, and slowly sniffed his cum.
"Go ahead... Lick it off if you want..." Espeon said.
"What? Lick it off?" Alora gasped.
"Most females do that in sex... It's a way of life, but females still have the option wether to do or to not swallow it..." Espeon said.
"I dunno..." Alora hesitated.
"If I'm correct, some of it shot into your mouth when he came, right?" Espeon asked.
"Yes... yes it did..."
"And how does it taste?"
Alora moved her tongue around the insides of her mouth, and then swallowed again. After a few seconds of silence, she smiled.
"Not bad, actually..."
Espeon smiled too now.
"Want some more then?" she asked coyly.
Alora chuckled.
"Sure..." she said, lowered her head, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and touched the cum with it. She took one lick, and then retreated, tasting what she got off in her mouth.
"Ohhhh..." Yen moaned when he felt the tongue on his cock again. It got him a little bit harder again and especially when Alora surrounded the head with her lips again.
When taken care of the cum, Alora swallowed, moaning softly as she did so.
"That was good..." she said.
"That was fun!" Yen said, making Alora chuckle.
"You really did a great job on that, Alora..." Espeon complimented.
"Thanks... So what's next?" Alora then asked.
"I see you're really getting in the mood?" Espeon chuckled.
"You're also feeling pretty aroused right now, am I right?"
"Yes.. yes I do..." Alora said.
"How did you know?" Yen panted.
"She's all wet with juices..." Espeon said.
"Really?" Umbreon said, raising his head fast.
"Juices?" Yen repeated curious.
"Come and see..." Espeon smiled, and Yen did. He walked over to behind Alora, and looked where Espeon was looking. There he saw Alora's pussy, slightly dripping with pussy juice. Alora blushed as the three were looking at her entrance.
"And this," Espeon said, "Is the next lesson..."
"What do you mean?" Yen asked confused.
"Alora, lie on your back..." Espeon said.
"Ehh.. Okay..." Alora nodded, and lay down.
"Ever seen a woman's privates Yen?" Espeon asked as she slowly used one of her paws to spread Alora's legs apart.
Yen just shook his head.
"Females don't have cocks like you males do... We have vagina's, a small slit between our legs. Through that the male, as well as we, can pleasure a female..." Espeon explained. "When a female gets turned on, she releases some sweet smelling juice, one which can sometimes lure males..." Espeon said.
"Ah, so that's what I'm smelling..." Yen said, and Espeon nodded.
"Do you like it?"
Yen nodded.
"Just like she did to you, go ahead and give it a try..." Espeon said.
"You mean..."
"Lick it..."
Yen slowly approached his lover's behind, and licked Alora's lips slowly. Immediately he tasted something strong and salty, but also sweet. It made his head feel a little dizzy, but it also gave him the need to have more.
"Mmmmm...." came Alora's voice. This gave Yen the sign he was doing it the right way, causing him to speed up a little. Yen discovered that licking the bulb at the top of Alora's 'vagina' pleased her much, so he tried doing that again, touching her erecting clit in the process. "Oooooo!" Alora gasped when she felt that, and shut her eyes tight. Yen smiled. It felt great to hear Alora's happy voice after all that happened. Thinking about this made him pause.
"What's wrong?" Espeon asked when she noticed Alora's moans began to subside.
"I'm... afraid..."
"Of what?"
"That I might accidentally... rape her..." Yen said.
This made Espeon laugh softly.
"What? Why are you laughing?" Yen asked confused.
"You won't rape her like this..."
"Why not?"
"Raping someone means having sex with someone against their will..." Espeon explained. "And tell me... Do you see any sign that you're doing this against Alora's will?"
Yen looked at Alora, who was breathing slowly again, a smile spread on her muzzle.
"No..." Yen smiled too.
"There you go..." Espeon chuckled, nudging Yen. "Now don't let her wait.."
"Right..." Yen nodded, and lowered his head again. He stuck out his tongue, and pressed it hard on Alora's slit, licking it all the way.
"Mmmmm yeah..." Alora moaned, happy the pleasure finally returned.
"Now this time don't just lick the outside..." Espeon said. "Push it past her lips..."
Yen complied, pushing his tongue deep into Alora.
"Ooohhhh my god!" Alora cried, her body shaking for a second. It almost looked like this action caused her to climax, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.
"That's it... Just a little further..." Espeon purred, and Yen did. That's when he hit Alora's most sensitive area, and the moment he did this, Alora's body shook heavier than before, causing her to cry out in ecstasy, and to have her first orgasm caused by someone other than herself. The next thing Yen knew, warm juices poured out of Alora, right inside his mouth. This caught him off guard for a second, and he gagged as he pulled his head back.
"What was that?!" he gasped.
"The female version of an orgasm..." Espeon said.
"Oh..." Yen said, and calmed down.

Meanwhile, Espeon was slowly regaining her breathing as a few more streams of female cum poured out of her pussy.
"That... was... awesome.." Alora said, gasping for air.
"I can agree on that..." Yen chuckled.
"This isn't over yet..." Espeon spoke.
"There's more?" Yen asked.
"Yes... Ready for the next lesson?" Espeon asked.
"Yes!" came Umbreon's immediate reply.
"The next lesson?" Yen repeated.
"Sexual intercourse..." Espeon answered. "When a male and a female make love to each other, sucking cocks or licking pussies isn't enough... They want to feel connected to each other..."
"And... how do they do that?" Yen asked.
"The female lets the male enter her pussy with his cock..." Espeon said.
"You mean like that Gengar... did?" Yen asked.
"No, he entered her through her backdoor..." Espeon said, shaking her head.
"Backdoor?" Yen replied confused.
"Her ass hole..." Espeon said.
"Oh..." Yen said with a disgusted look on his face. "That must've hurt..." he said, facing Alora. She was back to normal, breathing in on a normal pace.
"It did..." Alora nodded.
"But if that hurt, won't it hurt when I enter her... pussy?" Yen asked.
"It will in the beginning-" Espeon began.
"Then I won't do it..." Yen interrupted.
"Let me finish my sentence first.." Espeon said. "What I wanted to say was; it will hurt in the beginning, but that's a normal thing for a virgin..."
"What's a virgin?" Yen asked.
"Every being on this planet is born a virgin, meaning it hasn't had sexual contact yet... When a virgin does have sexual contact with a male or female, its virginity is taken... The males don't really notice when their virginity is taken, but the females do... If a male takes a female's virginity by pushing his cock into her pussy, the vaginal walls are stretched open more than they're used to." Espeon explained.
"But... it hurts, right?" Yen asked.
"Only for a moment, after that it's replaced by pleasure..." Espeon said.
"I see... What do you think, Alora?" Yen asked.
"Please, Yen... It'll make me the happiest Pokemon in the universe..." Alora replied.
"You're aware of the thing you're about to experience?" Espeon asked.
"I've heard some from Jolty..." Alora nodded.
"Alright then...Allow me to show you how it's done..." Espeon said, and slowly lay down on her back, spreading her legs. "Umbreon?"
"Yay!" he cheered, and approached her. His already erect cock quickly found its way to Espeon's entrance, and was swiftly pushed inside.
"Ooooooooo!" Espeon moaned out loud, closing her eyes tight.
"Oh yeah!" Umbreon moaned, his tongue hanging out from finally doing what he wanted from the start, as he started to slowly buck his hips forwards. Alora and Yen both watched carefully as the two demonstrated what they were trying to demonstrate... Though it didn't really look like demonstrating... Yen looked at Alora, and she nodded in reply. He slowly walked over until his body was over hers and his cock near her entrance.
"Here goes..." Yen said, ready to push his cock forwards, taking his and her virginity.
"S-stop!" Espeon shouted among her moans.
This made Yen, Alora, and even Umbreon stop.
"What?" Alora asked confused.
"Remember.. what I said? The... beginning may... hurt... so take it... slowly..." Espeon panted.
"Right..." Yen nodded.
"You may continue..." Espeon said more to Umbreon than to Yen.
"Thank you honey!" Umbreon smiled, and thrust forwards.
"My... pleasure!" Espeon moaned in reply.

Meanwhile, Yen was still standing over Alora.
"You heard what she told you..." Alora said. "Slowly push it forwards, but take it easy..."
"Okay..." Yen nodded, and looked down between both his and her legs. He positioned his cock in front of Alora's pussy, until the head touched her lips. This made Alora breathe in some air, smiling as she did so.
"Go on..." she whispered, and licked his cheek.
This gave Yen the sign to begin, and he slowly pushed the head in.
"Whoa!" he said, feeling a pleasure like never before.
"Oh!" Alora gasped, a jolt of pain running through her body.
"You okay?!" Yen asked.
"Yes..." Alora said. "Please.. continue!"
"If you say so..." Yen said, and pushed himself a little further, until half of him was inside of her.
"Ah!" Alora said, gritting her teeth as some more pain sprang to life.
"I can stop if you want?" Yen said.
"No... We'll have to do it.. eventually... So give it... all you got... For me?" Alora said.
"For you..." Yen said, and pushed himself so far, his whole cock was inside till the knot.
"OH!" both cried in unison, closing their eyes tight as they stayed in this position for a while. Few drops of blood were dripping down Alora's pussy as a result of Alora's hymen being broken.
"Now slowly... pull back... and push... in again..." Espeon moaned.
Yen complied, and slowly pulled himself out of Alora. This caused her to sigh in relief, glad to feel the pain disappear slightly, but also disappointed to feel nothing in her. Until Yen slowly pushed himself forwards again.
"Oh!" Alora moaned, now slightly feeling pleasure coming to life inside her body. "Yes... go on!"
Yen complied by pulling it back and leaving the head inside, before thrusting forwards again.
"Yes!" Alora cried, now more in pleasure than in pain.

And as Yen slowly humped his lover, he noticed Alora's nipples were standing out erect, visible through her purple fur. Trying out something that came to his mind from nowhere, he lowered his head and slowly licked Alora's left nipple.
"Mmmmm!" Alora moaned, receiving more pleasure than she thought she'd get.
"You like that?" Yen asked.
"Mmmmm yeah..." Alora replied.
"Females love it... when males caress their breasts... Be sure to - Ah! - to take the nipples in..." Espeon said.
Yen looked down again, and nodded slowly. He lowered his head, opened his mouth, and slowly bit down on the right nipple.
"Ohhh!" Alora moaned, closing her eyes tight.
"I'm really... getting the hang of it!" Yen said, momentarily releasing the nipple before taking it in again, giving Alora an extra hard thrust, gaining more cries in pleasure in return. He then slowly began to speed up, entering her moist cunt faster and faster every second.
"Oh! Baby! Yes!" Alora cried, feeling her climax approaching faster. "Almost!"
"I'm... feeling it too!" Yen gasped.
A few more humps later, and Alora came first.
"OH!" she cried, before her body exploded. Her back arched and her head shook wild as Yen felt hot pussy juice push past his cock, trying ti find a way out, and finally pouring out of Alora against Yen's stomach, the heath of it bringing him to his own climax.
"I feel it... coming out again!" Yen said, pushing his cock into Alora one more time, before howling out in sheer pleasure as several more jets of male semen were shot out of his cock...

Not soon after this, both Espeon and Umbreon too had their orgasms. After she released some juices and he some cum, they both lied down on their backs on the floor, panting heavily, just like Alora and Yen had done. A few minutes passed like this, and no one said anything in that time, until Espeon broke the silence.
"So... how was that?" she asked.
"That was.. Much better than... by myself..." Alora panted hard, her first time feeling this way.
"And you... Yen?"
"That was.. Awesome!" he panted, still recovering.
Espeon chuckled.
"Right, after we've calmed down, I'll teach you-"
"Espeon?" Sashi' voice came from the door after a few knocks. "Are you done yet? We're ready to leave!"
Espeon thought about this, but decided against asking for more time.

"Yeah we're about done here... We'll be ready in a few seconds!" Espeon replied.
"Well, I guess we'll have to teach you two the rest some other time, then..." Espeon said.
" Awwww... I was just getting started..." Umbreon moaned.
"I know sweetie... But we can't stay when our Trainers leave..."
"I know..." Umbreon nodded.
"Thanks for teaching us all this..." Yen said.
"Yeah..." Alora nodded.
Espeon giggled.
"No problem.. No problem at all..."
"Maybe next time..." Alora said in an unusual tone, pausing for a second while looking to Yen sideways, "We'll be able to do it by ourselves..." she added, rubbing her head against him.
"Well I'll certainly try..." Yen smiled, rubbing back.
Espeon smiled, and turned her attention back to the door.
"Okay, you can let us out now!" she called, and a few seconds later, the door was opened by Sashi, and the four Pokemon then left the room, back to Sashi's journey to Frost Valley...

To be continued...

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