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Getting stronger

Getting stronger

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Route 167; the watery landscape, with a line of land going straight through it. Everything looked calm, until a Lapras suddenly burst through the water, carrying a boy on her back. Ken gasped for fresh air as soon as he came in contact. After calming down, he patted Happy Ness' back.
"Good work..." he said, as Happy Ness started swimming to the shore. When arriving there, Ken jumped on dry land, and called her back into her Pokeball. "Right... now let's go and-" he began when suddenly out of the water he just came out of came a big, blue Submarine rose up from the depths. "Whoa..." Ken gasped. The submarine stopped moving, and a few seconds later, the door was pushed open, where a head popped out of.
"S-Sashi?!" Ken gasped.
"Mmmm? Oh, hi Ken!" Sashi smiled.
"What... are you doing here?"
"Well, after you left, we discovered this submarine..." Sashi began.
"So I got myself wet for nothing?" Ken asked.
"Pretty much..." Sashi grinned, rubbing the back of her head.
"But... what about Team Aqua?"
"Aaron, Indiana and Suicune are watching over them..." Sashi said, getting on top of the submarine.
"Finally!" Eevy groaned, pushing her head outside.
"Well, sorry, I had to explain things to Ken..." Sashi replied, reaching out her hand to help Eevy get out. She smiled and grabbed Sashi's hand, and was pulled up. A few minutes later, the rest also got out of the submarine.
"So... who brought you all here? I'm pretty sure you guys don't know how to sail a submarine?" Ken asked.
"You're right... Ryu did..." Sashi said.
"Right... I should have known..." Ken said.
"It wasn't that big of a deal, really..." Ryu grinned.
"So who gets to get the police here?" Eevy asked.
"Well I was about to leave when you guys showed up..." Ken said.
"And I think we should go..." Sashi added.
"Why us?" Kyra asked.
"Because after we've informed the police we can continue traveling to Frost Valley..." Sashi said.
"After we've rested at the Pokemon Center..." Espeon added.
"Plus, someone has to stay with the submarine in order to show the police the way to the Team Aqua hideout..."
"I understand..." Cath nodded.
"So this means more goodbye's?" Ryu asked.
"Afraid so..." Sashi nodded.
Ryu then smiled
"Well, it's been super meeting you..." he said, reaching out one of his hands. Sashi took it and shook it a couple of times, before he let go. "Now good luck on your next battle..." he added, smiling.
"Ryu?" Eevy said.
"Thanks for saving me back there.." Eevy smiled, shaking Ryu's hand as well.
"No problem!" Ryu smiled, blushing a bit.
"And you, thanks for saving us back there..." Brian said to Ken.
"It was my pleasure..." Ken replied, nodding slightly.
"And thanks for the Pokeball..." Kyra added. "You've made me very happy with it..."
"Anything for a cute girl like you..." Ken winked.
"Hey!" Brian groaned.
"Just kidding!" Ken chuckled. "I'm just glad we could do anything..."
"I'm sure we'll meet again someday..." Sashi said, feeling the conversation was coming to an end.
"If you're doing things like this, I'm sure too..." Ken laughed.
"So, until then!" Sashi said, waving her arm as she turned around.
"Bye!" Ken and Ryu called as they saw Sashi leave. Soon, Espeon followed Sashi, and Eevy after that.
"Can you walk again?" Cath asked Kyra.
"I can stand up..." Kyra replied, and slowly took a step forwards. "And stay up..." she added.
"Good to hear..." Brian smiled, and slowly turned around. Kyra then walked next to Brian and Umbreon, and Cath next to her, and together, all four of them followed the other three...

"Are we going the right way?" Eevy asked out loud as the group had walked for over 5 minutes without coming to a town or village or anything.
"According to the Pokemon Guide we should be reaching Sylver town..." Eevy said, looking in her guidebook.
And indeed, just over the hill they were walking on was Sylver town.
"Let's go to the Pokemon Center first..." Brian said.
"Actually, we can't wait in telling the police about Team Aqua..." Cath began.
"True... we gotta go now..." Sashi said.
"But what about out Pokemon?" Brian said.
"Why don't you and Kyra go to the Pokemon Center first while we go to the Police Station?" Sashi asked.
"You sure?"
"Of course... but could you take out Pokeballs with you so you can give them to nurse Joy as well?" Sashi asked.
"Of course..." Brian said this time, and took Sashi's Pokeballs as she reached them out.
"I know my Pokemon are tired from fighting Metagross in the temple, and Dragonair from helping us through the water, but if it wasn't for Team Aqua, that wouldn't have happened at all..." Sashi said.
"Take Vapora's Pokeball as well..." Eevy said, and Cath nodded as she took it from her.
"We'll give them to Joy, so don't worry about that..." Cath smiled.
"Can I go too?" Espeon asked, looking up at her Trainer.
"Of course you can..." Sashi said. "You've gone through a lot more than any of my other Pokemon, so you'll need all the rest you can get..."
"Thanks!" Espeon said, rubbing her head against her Trainer's leg once, before turning around and walking next to her lover.
"Okay, see you two soon then..." Brian said, and started walking, followed by the two ladies and the two Eon's. They soon reached the big Sylver town Pokemon Center, and stepped inside.
"How can I help you?" Nurse Joy immediately asked when they entered.
"Uh, yeah, could you heal our Pokemon?" Brian asked, reaching out his and Sashi's Pokeballs.
"And these too?" Cath asked, reaching out hers and Eevy's Pokeballs.
"And this one?" Kyra added, reaching out Metang's Pokeball. She was smiling to herself, since this was the first time she could give a Pokeball to a Nurse Joy.
"Of course I will..." Nurse joy smiled, and grabbed the Pokeballs while Espeon and Umbreon jumped on the counter. "Oh what a cute Espeon..." Nurse Joy said, petting Espeon's head. Espeon smiled at the touch. "Whose is she?"
"She belongs to Sashi, a good friend of mine who is currently at the Police station..." Cath said.
"Sashi?" Nurse Joy asked.
"Ehhh.. yeah?"
"The Sashi?"
"And she'll be coming here as well?"
"As soon as she's done at the Police Station, I think, yeah..." Cath replied.
"Oh wow... I'll take extra good care of your Pokemon from now on!" Nurse Joy said with a smile on her face. She took every Pokeball, humming a happy tune as she walked into the backroom.
"What's she all cheery about?" Brian asked.
"Well how would you react if you knew you were about to meet a celebrity?" Cath asked.
"Good point..." Brian said. At that moment, Kyra fell through her knees on the ground.
"Kyra!" Cath gasped, and ran over to her.
"Nurse Joy! Come here! Quick!" Brian called.
"What's wrong?" Nurse Joy asked.
"Something's wrong with Kyra!"
Nurse Joy walked around the counter to Kyra, and knelt down.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Yeah..." Kyra replied weakly. "Just tired..."
Nurse Joy sighed in relief.
"That's good... I'll give you all a room to rest in..." she said.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy..." Cath smiled.

While Joy showed Brian, Kyra and Cath their room, Sashi and Eevy arrived at the Police Station. They entered, and walked to the counter, where Officer Jenny looked up.
"Can I help..." she began, but stopped when she recognized the face in front of her. "You're..."
"My name's Sashi..."
"And I'm Eevy..."
"Oh my god... it's an honor to meet a celebrity like you in person..." Jenny said, getting up, and saluting.
"Ehhh..." Sashi began, not knowing how to reply to that.
Jenny slowly sat down again.
"So what brings you to this place?" she asked.
"We're here to report something..." Sashi replied.
"Report what?"
"Team Aqua..." Sashi answered.
"Team Aqua?!" Jenny repeated. "You know where they are?!"
"Not only that..." Eevy said. "We also defeated them..."
"You did?!" Jenny replied shocked, and Sashi and Eevy nodded. "Where have they hidden their base? We've been looking for it for over a month now, with no luck..."
"It's hidden deep under water on Route 167..." Sashi replied, and started explaining about how Team Aqua laid contact with her, and what they did after that. When finished, Jenny kept her mouth shut for a few second.
"Suicune killed Archie?" Jenny asked, and Sashi nodded.
"First with an Ice Beam, and then with a Hydro Pump attack... That's when the Carvahna's took care of the rest..."
"Well... at least we won't have to give out these anymore now..." Jenny said, nodding at a pile of flyers with a picture of Archie and 'wanted' written above it. "But, knowing all this, will you show me and my team the exact location of Archie's base?"
"Well, actually I won't have to..."
"Why not?"
"Two friends of mine are waiting for us to send you to them... They will take care of the rest..." Sashi explained.
"I see... And how will I recognize your friends?" Jenny asked.
"One is human..." Sashi began, and Jenny already raised an eyebrow when she heard this. "And you'll notice the other from far away when you see him..."
"Why's that?"
"He's a Flygon..."
"You mean... one of your *a-hem* kinds?" Jenny asked.
Sashi chuckled about how Jenny mentioned 'kinds'.
"You don't have to be nervous... I won't bite... You can refer to me as an Anthro..."
"An Anthro, huh?" Jenny said to herself, and then smiled. "So he's an Anthro too?"
"Okay... I'll get my team ready, and then we'll go meet your friends..." Jenny said, getting up, and saluting once more.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and slightly bowed. "Good luck..."
"You as well..." Jenny replied, as Sashi and Eevy turned around and left the station.

"So.. how did you feel when Officer Jenny saluted for you?" Eevy asked.
"It felt... weird... That has never happened to me before... Never thought that would happen either... remember what happened the last time I came in contact with the police?" Sashi said, referring to her arrest in Bokui City.
"Yeah..." Eevy replied. "Well it's a good thing you're famous now..."
"I don't know if that's a good thing..." Sashi said silently.
"Why not?"
"Before all this, I was used to travel as unnoticed as possible... I almost never came in contact with humans except for the Nurses Joy, the Gym Leaders and the occasional rival... And I felt happy that way..." Sashi said.
"So... you like traveling alone?" Eevy asked, feeling a little sad.
"Not anymore..." Sashi smiled, stopped, and looked at Eevy. She stopped as well, and looked back. "That all changed when you tried to catch me..." Sashi said. "And because you went with me that time, I got used to having someone around me, which led to us meeting more people who joined me on my journey... And now I can say that that's the best thing that has ever happened to me..."
Eevy then smiled.
"You changed my life... And I'm happier than I was before..." Sashi added, placed one hand behind Eevy's head, and moved her head forwards, slowly placing her lips onto Eevy's. Eevy closed her eyes, and kissed her back passionately. After a few seconds they broke the kiss, and smiled at each other.
"I guess, just like having people with me, I have to get used to the things that are happening to me... Being famous sure sounds cool..." Sashi smiled.
"And perhaps, one day, you'll get your own TV-show!" Eevy joked.
"Or people will start writing stories about me..." Sashi added.
"Wouldn't that be amazing?" Eevy asked. "I wonder what they will write about you..."
"I wouldn't know..." Sashi smiled. "But let's go to the Pokemon Center now..."
"Yeah, you're right... I'm sure they're done with our Pokemon now..." Eevy said, and at that second, Sashi's cell phone rang. She took it out of her pocket, and pressed the 'answer' button.
"Hello?" she said.
"Sashi? You're done at the Police Station yet?" Cath asked.
"Yeah, we're heading to the Pokemon Center as we speak, why?"
"It's Kyra... She collapsed of exhaustion..." Cath said.
"Is she okay?" Sashi asked worried.
"She's fine now... Nurse Joy has given us a room after it happened... and after we mentioned we were your friends..." Cath replied.
"Did Joy act abnormally exited?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah, how did you guess?"
"Officer Jenny..." Sashi chuckled.
"I see... Tell me everything when you get here..."
"I will... see you soon..."
"Bye..." Cath said, and hung up.
"What's wrong?" Eevy asked.
"Kyra collapsed of exhaustion... She's staying in a room at the Pokemon center now, as well as Brian and Cath... They were given a room when they mentioned-"
"They were your friends?" Eevy finished, and Sashi nodded. Eevy then chuckled. "Thought so..."
"Let's go!"

Sashi and Eevy arrived at the Pokemon Center, and went in. Nurse Joy looked up, and gasped.
"It really is you!" she cried, came from behind the counter, and approached Sashi.
"Hello, Nurse Joy..." Sashi said, smiling. Nurse Joy stopped a few feet away from Sashi, and held her hands together.
"Can I...?" she began.
"Can I have your autograph?" Joy asked, her face slightly red.
"My autograph?" Sashi repeated, and Joy nodded. "Sure, why not?" Sashi smiled, while Joy grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from the counter. Sashi took the paper, and signed it.
"Thanks a lot!" Joy smiled.
"No problem..." Sashi chuckled.
"You want to go to your friends?" Joy asked.
"Yes, please..." Sashi nodded, and together with Eevy, she followed Joy as she started walking.
"I reserved a room next to theirs for you two..." Joy said.
"Thank you..." Sashi replied.
They walked upstairs, and turned a couple of corners, until Joy stopped.
"The one on the left is yours..." she said.
"Thanks again, Nurse Joy..." Sashi said, taking a short bow.
"No problem at all..." Joy smiled, and turned around, humming the same tune as she had done before. After putting their backpacks in their rooms, they went to check on Kyra. She was lying in one of the two beds.
"How's she doing?" Sashi asked.
"She's doing okay, I think... She immediately passed out the second she touched the pillow..." Brian said.
"That's good to hear..." Sashi smiled.
"How did it go at the station?" he asked.
"Pretty good... I told Officer Jenny all that she needed to know... after being saluted to by her..." Sashi chuckled. Brian did too.

After 5 minutes, Nurse Joy knocked on Brian's door, mentioning every Pokemon of theirs were back to normal. That's when the group decided to let all the Pokemon out, so they could walk around freely. They went downstairs, and then outside, where the center had its own playground, made specially for Pokemon. Pokemon could play with all sorts of things, while the Trainers could sit down and watch over them.

While most of the Pokemon were playing, Poochy and Alora went out on their own to Train.
"So what level are you at the moment?" Alora asked Poochy.
"Ehhhh... let's see... I think I'm level... Ehhh... Three-ten?" Poochy asked.
Alora laughed out loud.
"You mean thirteen?" she asked after calming down a bit.
"Yeah, that!" Poochy smiled, wagging his tail.
"Then you're one level beneath me..." Alora said.
"No fair... You're stronger..." Poochy replied.
"Then let's get you stronger as well..."
"How do you plan on doing that?"
Alora looked around. There weren't any Pokemon around, so no chance in fighting one of them. And training against trees went pretty slow.
"I don't know yet... let's look around for something, okay?" Alora asked.
"Ehhh... sure..." Poochy nodded.
The two walked around, looking for a good place to train or something to train with, until they passed a mansion, where Poochy suddenly spotted something.
"What was that?" he asked out loud, turning his head to his right.
"What was what?" Alora asked, turning her head into Poochy's direction.
"I saw something here!" Poochy replied, and started running into the yards of the mansion.
"Poochy, wait!" Alora called, and followed him. She appeared next to Poochy, who had stopped to look at the view in front of him.
"Why'd you suddenly run off like that?" Alora asked. "Something could have happened to you..."
Poochy didn't reply; he was still looking forwards.
"Poochy?" she asked. Still no reply. She then followed Poochy's gaze, and gasped softly.
"Wow... That place looks pretty old..." Alora said.
"And scary too..." Poochy added, finally breaking his silence.
"Now that I got your attention back, why did you run to this place?" Alora asked.
"I saw something here..."
"Like what?"
"I don't remember..." Poochy replied. "I just had to check it out.."
"Well let's continue and find you a good place to train... we need to work on mastering your Bite attack..." Alora said.
"Bite attack?" Poochy repeated. "What's that?"
"It's a really powerful attack that can-" Alora began, turning around, when suddenly she glowed a bright, blue color. Poochy looked at Alora confused.
"What's going on? Why are you glowing like that?" Poochy asked.
"I... don't know... Something... is holding... me..." Alora managed to say, before suddenly being lifted off the ground fast.
"Alora?!" Poochy gasped, following Alora's flying body.
"Poochy!" Alora cried out. Suddenly, a window on the highest place of the mansion opened, and Alora was pulled in it.
"Alora!" Poochy cried out. "Where did you go?!" he cried, but got no reply. "What do I do?!" Poochy asked himself, panicking. A few seconds he remained like this, until he knew what to do. "Only one thing left to do!" he tried saying with confidence, and started running forwards. He climbed up the stairs of the porch, and then stopped. The door was closed. "How do I get in?!" he said to himself, and checked if there were any other ways in. "I can't see one!" he said, till he got an idea. He took a few steps back, lowered his head, and then kicked his hind paws against the ground fast, launching himself forwards, Tackling the door with his head. A loud 'bang' followed, which echoed through the whole yard a couple of times. The door? Still closed. Poochy? Rubbing his head with his front paws.
"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" he groaned. It was obvious to him; that was one tough door.

Meanwhile, up in the mansion...

"Let go of me!" Alora cried, still flying through the air, now floating through a hallway. After taking two turns, she stopped floating, right in front of a door. That one opened, and Alora flew inside a room, where she landed perfectly on all fours, right in front of a Gengar. Alora looked up at the Gengar, who had a wide grin on his face (They always do, actually ~ ~').
"Wh- Who are you?" Alora asked.
"My name is Gengar..." he replied with a low voice.
"Why did you bring me here?" Alora asked.
"I sensed your presence..." Gengar said.
Gengar didn't reply. Instead he took a few steps forwards, while Alora took a few steps back, until the tips of her tail hit the door behind her (which had closed in the meantime). Alora looked back, noticing the door was closed, and gasped. She turned her head back again, only to look deep into Gengar's red eyes.
"I want you..." he said.
"Whaaaaaaaaat?!" Alora gasped.
"I want you..." Gengar said again.
"I feel we belong together... I wanna do you!" Gengar replied, opening his mouth, and sticking out his tongue to lick her face.
"No! Stop!" Alora cried, closed her eyes tight, and - unknowingly - released her Confusing attack, sending the Gengar a few meters backwards. She then opened her eyes again, and looked confused when she didn't see the Gengar right in front of her anymore. Realizing she was free for a few seconds, she tried to look for a way out of this place.
"Why you little wench!" Gengar growled. "If you're going to act like this, I'll have to take you by force!" he added, and stuck out his tongue again, ready to use Lick on Alora. Confusing being her only attack that actually work on ghost Pokemon, Alora could only use that. Her eyes glowed bright, and her body - this time by her own doing - as well. But while Alora's confusion moved its way through the air, Gengar countered with his Night Shade. The two attacks collided, and caused a sudden explosion.

That explosion was heard outside, making the ground shake a couple of times. Poochy gasped when this happened. "What's going on?" he asked himself, as slowly the ground fell silent. "Maybe that was Alora! I gotta help her!" Poochy said to himself, took another few steps back, lowered his head, and jumped forwards again. "Nothing's gonna stop me now!" Poochy thought as his head hit the door once again. This time, he succeeded in getting it open, as the door slammed against the wall and Poochy landed in the hallway. Several Gastly and Haunter were floating in the air, and all turned their attention at the intruder.
"Who are you?!" one Haunter asked.
"And what are you doing here in our home?" a Gastly asked.
"I came here to save Alora!" Poochy replied.
"'Alora'?" a Haunter repeated. "Ah you mean our leader's new mate!"
"'Mate'?" Poochy replied confused.
"Awwwww... the poor kid doesn't understand..." Gastly laughed, followed by his friends.
"She belongs to us now!" a Haunter said.
"That's not true..." Poochy said.
"It is from now on..." Gastly grinned.
"No it's not!" Poochy cried, running forwards, until a few Haunter and Gastly blocked his way. "Get out of my way!"
"We're not letting some baby enter our house without our permission!" Haunter said.
"I'm not a baby! I'm already level 13!" Poochy said.
"Only lever 13?!" Gastly barked, laughing out loud again.
"That's not funny!" Poochy growled, and jumped at the Gastly who was laughing.
"Oh this is going to be fun!" Gastly said, not moving an inch as Poochy jumped towards him. Poochy's head touched Gastly's body, and then... nothing. He flew through Gastly, and collided with the wall behind Gastly, making everyone laugh.
"What... happened?" Poochy asked confused, rubbing his head.
"You can't hit us with Normal attacks! We're ghosts!" Haunter said, floating in front of Poochy.
"Now scram! This is no place for babies!" Gastly said.
"I said I'm not a baby!" Poochy cried, and jumped forwards with his mouth wide open.
"Again?" Gastly chuckled, and again didn't move. Until Poochy closed his mouth, and bit down into Gastly's body.
"Yeeeeeow!" Gastly cried, and tried to shake the Poochyena off of him, but Poochy wouldn't let go.
"Hey! This works!" Poochy thought.
"You fool! Let go of him now!" Haunter growled. That's when Poochy let go of Gastly, landed on the ground, turned around, and repeated on Haunter what he did to Gastly.
"Ow! I didn't think you'd know this attack!" Haunter groaned with Poochy biting in one of his hands. Haunter shook it a couple of times, and was able to shake Poochy off of him. He growled while rubbing his hand.
"You're gonna pay for that!" Haunter said, and attacked.

The smoke cleared, and Alora was lying motionless on the ground. That's when Gengar came flying through the wall, unharmed.
"I love being a ghost..." Gengar chuckled, and landed on the ground. "Thanks for taking yourself out... saves me the trouble..." Gengar said, and rolled Alora over on her back. "Now... You may be unconscious at the moment, but in order to keep you from attacking me after you come to..." Gengar said, and stuck out his tongue again, licking over Alora's body. Her body immediately stiffened, and this made her wake.
"What.. happened? Wh-why can't I move?" Alora asked.
"I paralyzed you with my Lick attack..." Gengar grinned, and moved one hand down to Alora's body.
"What are you going to do?!" Alora cried.
"I'm going to have my way with you now..." Gengar said, and was about to move his finger between Alora's legs, when...
"Leader Gengar!" Gastly said, appearing in the room Gengar was holding Alora.
"Ahhh, right in time... I need you to hold her down..." Gengar said, nodding at Alora.
"But sir, a Poochyena has entered our home!" Gastly said.
"A Poochyena?"
"Poochy!" Alora smiled.
"What do we do, sir?" Gastly asked.
"Everyone! Gather around!" Gengar called, and in a few seconds, dozens more Gastly and Haunter appeared in the room. "There is a Poochyena in our house... I want you all to stop him!" Gengar ordered.
"Right!" everyone said, and disappeared.
"You two stay here... Hold her down..." Gengar said to two Haunter.
"Right!" the two nodded, and grabbed Alora's paws and feet.
"Turn her on her back..." Gengar said, and the Haunter complied, turning Alora's body over. Gengar approached Alora again, and looked down.
"Now... where was I?" Gengar grinned, and slowly moved one finger over Alora's stomach, rubbing it up over her chest, circling around Alora's hardening nipples. "Oh yeah, I remember..." Gengar then said, and without any warning, he opened his mouth, and covered Alora's pussy with it completely. Alora couldn't help but gasp and moan at the sudden touch between her legs.
"S-s-stop!" Alora said during her moans.
"Mmmm... you taste so sweet..." Gengar moaned, sliding his tongue up and down Alora's sex.
"Please stop!" Alora begged.
Gengar did stop for a moment.
"You know what? You're right..." Gengar said, pulling his tongue back into his mouth. Alora sighed in relief, happy Gengar finally listened. "This will give me more fun!" Gengar then said, making Alora look down at what Gengar was talking about.
"No... please! Don't! I beg of you!" Alora cried when seeing Gengar's 7 inch cock standing out erect in front of her. But Gengar didn't listen. "NO!!!" Alora cried out in horror, her voice echoing through the whole mansion, reaching Poochy's ears.

"Alora!" he gasped. "I'm coming!" he added, running forwards as fast as he could.
"You're not going anywhere!" the group of Gastly and Haunter said, appearing in front of him.
"You don't scare me... anymore!" Poochy smiled, showing his teeth.
"Is that all you can do?" Haunter asked, his eyes glowing bright suddenly.
Suddenly, Poochy glowed the same color as Haunter's eyes.
"What's... going on?" Poochy asked no one, until he felt his eye lids fall. "I'm... falling asleep?" Poochy thought as he closed his eyes. "But if I'm asleep, I can't save Alora!" he thought, struggling to keep himself awake. "I can't fall asleep! I just can't!" Poochy then thought, and this caused his eyes to open wide again.
"What?! It didn't work!" Haunter gasped. Poochy took advantage of Haunter lowering his defense, and jumped forwards again, biting down into him, taking the last remains of Haunter's energy down as well as Haunter himself. Every Gastly and Haunter gazed in awe at what Poochy had just done. Poochy landed on the ground with the Haunter next to him, and looked up.
"Next!" he couldn't help but say.
"You asked for it!" a Gastly said, and flew down to Poochy.

Alora softly whimpered. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She didn't want this Gengar to be the first to do it with her; she wanted Poochy. She knew she had to wait until he had actually grown enough to be able to do it, so she waited patiently for that time to come. And now, that all was taken away...
"Now how should I do it?" Gengar asked himself while he rubbed his cock over Alora's slit. "Slide it in slowly, or should I just slam it in?" Gengar added, his grin growing wider, not to mention which was in the south. All this rubbing made it harder, and that made Gengar breathe faster. He then removed his cock from where it was, and replaced it with a hand. He pushed a few fingers inside, making Alora gasp in slight pain. "Ohhhhh, I feel you are tight... You're a virgin, aren't you?" Gengar grinned. Alora didn't reply; she needed all the energy she had left to fight the pain. "Well, you're lucky I like it in the other hole..." he said, and then suddenly slammed himself forwards, pushing his whole length deep into Alora's ass hole.
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Alora screamed in pain, while Gengar closed his eyes and moaned.
"Ohhhhh it's been a while since I've felt something this tight.." Gengar said, pulling himself back, leaving the head inside, before pushing himself back again.
"Ahhh! Ahhh!" Alora cried each time Gengar moved forwards. The pain from him entering her backdoor was almost too much for her, but she knew she had to hold on. Because now she had something to look forward to; Gengar didn't take her virginity. She still had a chance to do it with Poochy.
"Oh yeah, this feels great!" Gengar moaned, when suddenly a few Gastly appeared in the room.
"Sir! He's beating us all!" he said.
"What?!" Gengar growled. "How can one little Poochyena take you on?"
"He's using his Bite attack, sir!" Gastly replied.
Even with all the pain rushing through her body, Alora forced a smile on her face. "So he mastered Bite... Way to go baby!" she thought.
"Have you tried Hypnosis yet?" Gengar asked.
"Hypnosis, Lick, Confusion, everything!" Gastly said.
"Then why don't you use... Destiny Bond?" Gengar grinned, and soon the Gastly grinned too.
"Great idea, sir!" he said, and - together with the rest - disappeared.
"Not Destiny Bond!" Alora thought, her smile fading.
"That little runt is a goner... And nothing's gonna stop me now!" Gengar laughed, and continued thrusting his cock deep into Alora's backdoor.
"No! Aaaah!" Alora cried out.

Poochy was standing in a deserted hallway now.
"Where did everybody go? I was having fun!" Poochy grinned. That's when the Haunter and Gastly returned, flying through the ceiling. "Ah, there you are!" Poochy said.
The Haunter and Gastly didn't say a thing to that. They just grinned back at him.
"What?" Poochy asked, feeling something was going on. That's when all eyes glowed bright for a second, as well as Poochy. "Whoa..." he said, shaking his head. "What was that?"
"We've used an attack on you which will take you down the second you take us down..." a Gastly said.
"What? That can't be true!" Poochy replied.
"It is..." Gastly said.
"Meaning you can't do a thing if you wanna save our leader's mate..." Haunter said.
Poochy was silent for a few seconds. Then he looked up, and grinned.
"Yes there is..." Poochy said.
"Oh really? And how were you going to do that?" Gastly grinned.
"Like this..." Poochy replied, and then ran away fast. That's when something stopped the Gastly and Haunter from following, and now they were the ones in a deserted hallway.
"What just happened?" Gastly asked.
"Damn, he used his special ability..." Haunter cursed.
"Special ability?"
"'Run away'..." Haunter answered.

Poochy ran up some stairs, feeling he was going the right way. At the final stairway - a wooden one - he had to watch out carefully, since it had holes in it. Taking one step at the time, he managed to get passed this obstacle, and had soon reached the top of the mansion. He appeared in a hallway, and only one door was ahead of him.
"That's gotta be it!" he thought, and started running faster and faster, ready to use a Tackle Attack. A few feet away from the door, he leaped up, and knocked the door open with his head.
"What?!" Gengar gasped, and momentarily stopped humping the poor Alora.
"Ah... Alora?" Poochy gasped when he noticed his surroundings.
"P-Poochy!" Alora cried.
Poochy growled. Alora's voice sounded as if she was in pain.
"I don't know what's going on here, but I know you're hurting Alora!" Poochy said.
"So what? I do what I want!" Gengar grinned, giving a slight hump, making Alora cry out in slight pain again.
"Get off her!" Poochy said, taking a few steps forwards.
"Oh? And what if I don't? You gonna stop me? Defeat me as you did Gastly and Haunter?" Gengar asked as he humped Alora's ass hole another time.
That was all Poochy could take. Without thinking of his own life, he leaped forwards, mouth wide open, teeth aimed at Gengar's thick neck. Gengar noticed this, turned his head slightly, and stuck out his big tongue. Because Poochy was in mid air, he was unable to evade it, and was hit full on.
"Gah!" Poochy groaned, feeling the wet organ against his face, knocking him down to the ground, facing Gengar and Alora. Gengar pulled his tongue back.
"Poochy!" Alora cried.
"Wow... That was easy... It didn't cost me that much energy to take you down..." Gengar said.
Poochy groaned, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't move.
"Now to continue on what I was doing..." Gengar said, and gave another hump to Alora, her cries and the sight driving Poochy crazy. He couldn't stand to see Alora in pain, but there was nothing he could do.
"Almost... there!" Gengar groaned, feeling his climax approaching. Poochy, totally unaware of what sex was, thought something terrible would happen if Gengar actually got 'there'.
"A-Alora!" he cried, finally able to use his paws to push his front up. Gengar laughed.
"There's nothing you can do now!" Gengar said, speeding up his pace.
"Aahh! Please stop! No!" Alora cried, tears finally crawling freely down her cheeks. Seeing this opened Poochy's eyes wide, as he felt an incredible power come to life deep inside his body. His body started to light up, making Gengar and Alora close their eyes tight in order not to be blinded. The light that was once Poochy formed into a bigger shape, and when that light faded, Mightyena was standing there, head lowered, and teeth showing. He then opened his eyes, and looked straight into Gengar's.
"I said; get off her!" he growled...

To be continued...

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