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Sashi by natsuke


Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true...

Okay... (I should have done this in the first chapter...) I'm sure you've all met Sashi... Say hello to all these nice people...
Sashi: ^ ^ Hi... *Waves hand*
Anyway, I hope this story will also be another 12 pages... This has started to become a habit... In the last three stories, you read about Sashi-
Sashi: That would be me... *Points at herself*
Aheh, yeah... You read about - please be quiet - Sashi learning what Pokemon sex was... If you have not enjoyed that, then why are you reading this? Anyway, normally, people say in things like this that you have to be 18 years or older to be able to read that... Now how am I supposed to check your age? Just promise me you are not under 4 years old...

The next day, after her little encounter with Umbro, Sashi walked downstairs from the second floor of the Pokemon Center. When she was down, she noticed Dan sitting in a chair in the room next to the hall where the Pokemon Trainers ask Nurse Joy to heal their Pokemon. Sashi wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to Dan, being her rival and all, but she thought she could she could put her rivalry aside, and just talk to him as a fellow Pokemon Trainer.
"A-hem..." Sashi coughed, when she had approached Dan. Dan looked up at Sashi. He didn't even heard her approach. "How are you doing?"
"Better..." Dan said.
Sashi sat down in the chair next to Dan.
"Want to talk about it?"
"I don't know..."
"If you don't want this to happen to me as well, you have to tell me something about it..." Sashi said.
"I guess..."
"Tell me... Who is this Drake?"
"All that I've heard is, that he trains Pokemon so strong, nobody can beat him..." Dan said.
"And his Pokemon?"
"Like I said yesterday... He has a Golem, and a Nidoking... But the other Pokemon I can't remember..." Dan said.
"Wait... If his Pokemon are trained so that no one can beat him, how were you able to defeat the first one?" Sashi asked.
"I didn't..." Dan said.
"How come you know two then?"
"That's because he began with two Pokemon from the start of the Battle..."
"He started with two Pokemon?"
"And the third one?"
"When he had already taken out three of my Pokemon, I attacked his Nidoking with my Haunter's Hypnosis, but he quickly called him back, and replaced it with... with... I don't remember... All I know is I woke up outside the Gym, where a man shook my shoulder... I then realized I lost the Battle..." Dan said with his head bowed. Then Sashi did something she thought she would never do. She placed a hand on Dan's shoulder, and gave him a little hug. Dan hugged back automatically. Then Sashi realized what she was doing, and quickly pulled herself away.
"Sorry..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Dan replied with surprised politeness. Sashi started to walk away. "Oh and Sashi?" Dan said, and Sashi turned her head. "If I were you, I'd train my Pokemon a lot better... If I had the chance, I'd do that before facing this town's Gym Leader..."
"I'll think it over..." Sashi said, and turned around again.

Sashi entered the diner room, and saw Eevy already eating breakfast. She was eating pancakes with a lot of syrup.
"So... too lazy to wake me up?" Sashi asked as she sat down across Eevy.
"You were purring so sweet, I couldn't wake you..." Eevy replied. "Where's Espeon?"
"Still asleep..." Sashi said, then looked at Eevy's plate with pancakes. "That looks delicious..."
"It is! You should order some too..." Eevy said.
"Okay..." Sashi said.
"I saw you talking to Dan again..." Eevy said.
"Yeah... He told me a little about Drake..." Sashi said.
"I think we should skip this town's Gym, and go to the next one..."
"Dan told me Drake trained his Pokemon so that no one could beat them... But I think his Pokemon are just on a higher level..." Sashi said.
"Let me check..." Eevy said, and grabbed her Pokemon Guide. When she came to Drake's info, she gasped. "It says that Drake's Gym is counted as the eighth Gym..."
"Which means..."
"He should be fought last..."
"That means his Pokemon are stronger then all the other Gym's Pokemon?" Sashi asked.
"But how come everyone tries to fight him when it's the eighth Gym?"
"Apparently not everyone reads Drake's info completely... They just see another opportunity for a new badge..."
"Then we should come back to Doruki Town when I have won the other Gym matches?" Sashi asked.
"Yes... That's the best thing to do..."
"I better tell Dan about this..." Sashi said, and got up.
Eevy sighed. If this went on, she might start to like Dan instead of her.
"He said he knew, but he thought he could take them..." Sashi said when returning.
"I see..."
"One pancake special?" the waitress asked, and Sashi nodded. She received a plate, and on it were a lot of pancakes.
"Whoa, I've never seen so many..." Eevy laughed.

When Sashi and Eevy were done eating, they grabbed their stuff, and left the Pokemon Center. They bought two bottles of water, and continued their journey. Just outside town, they met up with yet another one of Sashi's rivals.
"Oh no, not Timmy..." Sashi groaned.
"What's so wrong about him?"
"He's not as worse as Dan, but he talks dirty..." Sashi explained.
"I'm sure he's not that ru-"
"Hey creep!" Timmy said to Sashi.
"I take it back..."
"Who is this hot chick?" Timmy asked, looking at Eevy.
"She's a friend of mine..." Sashi said.
"Whoa, and she is traveling with some creature like you?"
"At least she is not a chicken..." Sashi replied.
"I'm no chicken!"
"I didn't say that, you did..."
"I didn't..."
"Yes, you just did..."
"Ah never mind! I see you're leaving Doruki?"
"Un-huh..." Sashi said.
"Won the battle?"
"You didn't?"
"Then why are you leaving without fighting?"
"Because... Should I tell him?" Sashi asked Eevy.
"Let him find out for himself..." Eevy said.
Sashi giggled.
"Talking about fights.. Wanna battle?" Timmy asked.
"If it means beating you, always!" Sashi said.
"All right! Magikarp! I choose you!" Timmy called, and threw a Pokeball into the air. A moment later, a red fish appeared on the ground.
"Why is he playing a Magikarp? One; it's a weak Pokemon, and two; there's no water around!" Eevy said.
"Timmy is not one of these types that think clearly..." Sashi whispered to Eevy. "And all his Pokemon are weak..."
"What the hell are you two talking about?"
"Nothing... This is the perfect opportunity to use my Kirlia..." Sashi said, and threw Kirlia's Pokeball into the air, and later Kirlia appeared on the field.
"I see your Ralts evo...e..."
"Evolved..." Eevy said.
"Yeah, that..."
"She did..." Sashi said.
"But he's still no match for my Magikarp! Magikarp! Use... Use..."
"Splash!" Sashi suddenly said, what made Eevy look at her. "Watch this, this will be fun..." Sashi whispered.
"Magikarp! Use Splash!" Timmy said, but Magikarp did nothing.
"Why are you not attacking?!" Timmy asked confused.
"Even Magikarp know they can't use Splash without water..." Sashi smiled.
"Hahaha!" Eevy laughed.
"That is not funny!" Timmy screamed.
"Then why don't you make Magikarp do a real attack?"
"I know! Magikarp! Use... use..."
"Tackle?" Eevy asked.
"I know that! Magikarp! Use Tackle!" Timmy said, and Magikarp jumped forwards nine times, before coming close to Kirlia. There, he jumped once more, and hit Kirlia soft.
"That tickled..." Kirlia said, and Sashi laughed.
"Wow... That didn't do much..." Eevy said.
"But a battle is a battle... Kirlia? Use Confusion..." Sashi said, and Kirlia did.
"Confusion!" Kirlia called, and her eyes glowed, and later, Magikarp glowed too.
"Magikarp..." Magikarp groaned, and fainted.
"No! Return!" Timmy said, aimed his Pokeball at Magikarp, and he disappeared.
"Why don't you use your Rattata?" Sashi asked.
"Good idea!" Timmy said, and threw his Rattata's Pokeball into the air. "Go!" he called, and Rattata came out.
"Kirlia, use-" Sashi began.
"Rattata! Use Quick Attack!" Timmy said, and Rattata attacked first, hitting Kirlia by running fast, and then jumping against her. He may have attacked first, but the attack didn't do much anyway.
"Kirlia! Use another Confusion!" Sashi said.
"Confusion!" Kirlia called, and her eyes started to glow once more. Rattata was also glowing, but suddenly, he collapsed.
"NO!" Timmy cried.
"Another one down..." Eevy cheered.
"Return!" Timmy called, and Rattata returned into his Pokeball.
"Now he's gonna use the strongest Pokemon in his team... Unfortunately, this one is too strong, even for her..." Sashi said.
"I'm now gonna use my strongest Pokemon! Go, Gardevoir!" Timmy said, and threw a Pokeball into the air, and later, a green Pokemon with white robes around her body appeared.
"Gardevoir!" Gardevoir said.
"A Gardevoir!" Eevy said.
"Yes... Level 32 if I'm correct..." Sashi said.
"That's right! She's level 32!" Timmy said.
"How did you know?" Eevy asked.
"Because she was also level 32 when we last fought, and the fight before that..."
"Why is she still level 32?"
"Because when we first fought, he had a Ralts of level 19, and I still had an Eevee (level 22) and a Dratini (level 21). I, of course, won, and after the battle I told Timmy that if he wanted to become better, he should capture more Pokemon... So that's what he did... But in order to stay strong, he only trained his Ralts... When she became a Kirlia, and later a Gardevoir, he began to catch other Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"I see..."
"Gardevoir! Use-"
"Not yet, Timmy!" Sashi called, and called Kirlia back into her Pokeball.
"Hey! No fair!"
"I can switch Pokemon any time I want... Espeon?" Sashi asked Espeon, who was next to her.
"With pleasure..." Espeon replied, and walked onto the field. "Ready to lose again?" Espeon said to Gardevoir.
"We'll have to fight first..." Gardevoir replied.
"Gardevoir! Use Double Team!"
"See you around..." Gardevoir said, and suddenly split into 3 Gardevoir. Then 5... 7...
"This old trick, huh?" Sashi laughed.
"Well it worked the last time!" Timmy called back.
"That's because we were tired, and it was late int he evening..." Sashi said.
"Oh really? Prove that!"
"Sure... Espeon! Hit... that one!" Sashi said, and pointed at one Gardevoir.
"On it!" Espeon said, and used a Quick attack, and it hit Gardevoir. She fell backwards with a grunt, and Timmy gasped.
"What the..."
"Same place as last time..." Sashi whispered at Eevy, and she giggled.
"All right, if that doesn't work... Use Teleport!" Timmy said, but Gardevoir didn't do that. "Why are you not doing it?" Timmy asked.
"Maybe you should ask a brighter person to do your battles..." Eevy said.
"Hey! He may be not that intelligent, but he's still my Trainer!" Gardevoir said to Eevy in Pokemon language, but Eevy didn't understand.
"What is she saying?"
"You should watch what you're saying... It is bothering his Pokemon..." Sashi told Eevy.
"Oh... I'm sorry..." Eevy said.
"She's sorry, Gardevoir... She didn't mean to talk like that about your trainer..."
"Y-you understand what I'm saying?" Gardevoir gasped.
"I can since I won my last badge..." Sashi replied.
"What in the world are you saying?" Timmy asked.
"I just told your Gardevoir something..." Sashi said.
"Yeah right... and what did she do? Talk back?" Timmy said.
"As a matter of fact, she did..." Sashi replied.
"Oh sure... And you can understand what she's saying?"
"I can..." Sashi said.
Timmy was silent for a while. Then he shook his head.
"No... You're messing with my brain! I can feel it!" Timmy said.
"How? What's up there?" Eevy couldn't help but think.
"I'm not..." Sashi said.
"She's not..." Gardevoir said to Timmy, but he only heard Gardevoir's Pokemon voice.
"You're lying..."
"I'm not..."
"Okay... Okay... prove it! Say what she's saying..." Timmy said.
"Okay..." Sashi said as Gardevoir spoke. "Remember that time when she was just a Ralts, and you first saw her?"
"Ehhh..." Timmy replied.
"When you caught her, you forgot to let her out of the ball for the first time... And you once forgot to feed her..." Sashi began.
Timmy only listened.
"But she knows you are her trainer, and will do anything to keep her from harm..." Sashi said.
"Even when you once forgot to give her a Full Heal when she was burned..." Sashi added.
Timmy looked down at Gardevoir, who now looked back too.
"She really can understand you, can she?" Timmy asked, and Gardevoir nodded. "Okay, you can understand her, but that doesn't mean you'll win!" Timmy said.
"Gardevoir! Use Psychic!" Timmy said.
"Finally a good attack!" Gardevoir said, and closed her eyes. She raised her green arms, and suddenly opened her eyes. They were not their original red, but completely white. Suddenly, Espeon felt a burst of energy come at her, and she was unable to dodge it. The Psychic attack hit her, and she was thrown backwards.
"Espeon!" Sashi called when she saw her Pokemon fly through the air, before hitting a tree, and falling down. "You okay?!"
"Fine here..." Espeon said as she got up.
"Seems your Espeon is tougher than she looks!" Timmy said.
"Oh she is... Espeon! It's time to finish this! Use Bite!" Sashi said.
Bite is an attack that is super effective on Psychic types. This was the thing she needed her Eevee to learn, and Eevee knew this, so she tried to stay an Eevee as long as possible. She could've evolved into an Espeon when she was level 22, but she waited. For Sashi.
"Here I come!" Espeon called, and ran forwards.
"Oh no! Not Bite!" Gardevoir groaned when Espeon bit down in Gardevoir's arm. Gardevoir groaned in pain, and fell down.
"Oh no!" Timmy said, and ran over to his Gardevoir. "Are you okay? Speak to me!" Timmy said.
Gardevoir groaned once, and said something in Pokemon language, so Timmy looked at Sashi.
"She says she's okay, but hurt... You should take her to Doruki's Pokemon Center..." Sashi explained.
"Okay... Hold on..." Timmy said to his Gardevoir, grabbed her in his arms, and ran towards Doruki.
"He may not be very bright, but I can see he cares about Pokemon..." Eevy said.
"True..." Sashi said. "Now let's go to the next Gym..."
"Right..." Eevy replied, then stopped. Sashi stopped too.
"Where did you say the next Gym was?" Sashi asked.
"I didn't..." Eevy said.
There was a silence. Then both girls burst out in laughter.
"I can't believe we were about to go on without knowing where we were going!" Eevy said.
"Well take out your guide, and look for a Gym where the Pokemon are not so strong." Sashi said.
"Okay..." Eevy said, and grabbed her Guide. She went through it, and found the fifth Gym was in Salia City. "The next Gym - with not so strong Pokemon - is in Salia City..." Eevy said.
"Then that's where we're going!" Sashi said.

The two girls started walking, but suddenly, it started to rain again.
"Oh no! Not again!" Sashi moaned.
"This time I'm prepared!" Eevy said, grabbed an umbrella out of her backpack, and opened it. Immediately it covered the two girls as the rain started pouring.
"Good idea!" Sashi said. She had to get real close to Eevy not to get wet... REAL close... So close that their bodies connected. Eevy loved the feeling. She had saved Sashi of more wet clothes. When the rain stopped, Eevy removed the umbrella, and put it away. Drops of water were still falling on the ground from the trees. Suddenly, the two girls heard something in the air.
"Hey I know that sound!" Sashi gasped, and looked up. Eevy did so too, and saw what caused it. It was a red jet. No, not a jet... A Pokemon.
"Latias!" Sashi said.
"The Latias? The Legendary one?" Eevy asked.
"You're repeating yourself from the time we saw Suicune..." Sashi giggled.
"I am? Sorry..." Eevy said ad Latias soared by through the sky.
"Well, there she goes again..." Sashi said as Latias disappeared out of sight.
"So this Legendary Pokemon has a gender?" Eevy asked.
"Yes... The one we saw was Latias. She is a female Pokemon. But there is also a male version of her. That one is called Latios... He's blue..." Sashi said.
"And you haven't seen him yet?"
"Nope..." Sashi said. "But let's go to Salia City... I want that badge!"
"Calm down..." Eevy giggled as the two continued their journey.

It was now noon, and the sun was shining bright. There were no more clouds in the sky, and it was hot too. Very hot.
"Whoa it's hot..." Sashi moaned.
"Where can we find something to cool us down?" Eevy moaned.
"Hey wait... Don't we have those water bottles?" Sashi gasped.
"I completely forgot about that!" Eevy said.
Sashi went through her backpack, grabbed her bottle of water, and opened it. She quickly brought the opening to her mouth, and started drinking. Eevy did the same, and soon their bottles were empty.
"Uh-oh... That wasn't such a good thing to do..." Eevy said.
"Why is it so hot here all of a sudden?" Sashi asked.
"We've entered the Ryuki desert..." Eevy replied.
"Isn't there a way around it to get to Salia?"
"Unfortunately... no..." Eevy said, taking another good look at the map. "But what I do see is a village nearby..."
"People live in this desert?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah..." Eevy replied.
"How strange..." Sashi said.
"That may be strange to you, but for us it's normal..." someone said from behind Sashi and Eevy, and that made the look back. There, they saw a man, sitting on a camel. He was wearing white robes.
"Don't you think it's a little bit too hot here?" Sashi asked.
"Not at all... I'm used to this kind of heat..." the man said.
"Excuse me, but can you show us the way to Bakiki village?" Eevy asked.
"Why certainly... You two are lucky...I was on my way back to it..." the man said.
"Why are we lucky?"
"Because of the heat, people start thinking weird things... They start seeing illusions, and think they see a oasis when there's nothing there at all... You two are the first I've seen here today..." the man said.
"So what happens to the people who see these illusions?" Sashi asked.
"They go on, and search for Bakiki, or go back to where it's safe..." the man said.
"So can you take us to Bakiki now?" Eevy asked.
"Oh sorry... Follow me..." the man said, and he made his camel walk. Sashi and Eevy followed him.
"So... What are your names?" the man asked.
"My name is Eevy..." Eevy said.
"And my name is Sashi..." Sashi said.
"Nice to meet you, Eevy and Sashi... My name is Chris..." Chris said.
"Hello Chris..." Eevy said.
"Okay, this has gone on long enough... Why are you not afraid of me?" Sashi asked.
"Why should I be afraid of you?" Chris asked.
"Because..." Sashi said, but then realized she was saying something she always hated. "Because I'm a Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"I see a lot of weird things here in the desert... Some things no one had ever seen before... I'm not scared of someone like you..." Chris said. "And you can't be that scary if she's willing to travel along with you..." Chris added, looking at Eevy, who smiled.
"Thanks for saying 'someone', and not 'something'..." Sashi said.
"No prob..." Chris replied. "Besides, you seem like a nice person... Though 'person' isn't the right word..." Chris laughed.
"Thanks..." Sashi said again.
"Now the other people in Bakiki may think otherwise, so you stay close to me so they know it's safe..." Chris said.

Later Chris, Eevy, Sashi and Espeon arrived in Bakiki. And as Chris had predicted, the people there didn't exactly enjoyed having something like Sashi entering their village, but they calmed down when they saw she was traveling along with Chris.
"Good day Chris..." someone said.
"Good day Johan..." Chris replied.
"Don't you introduce them to us?" Johan asked.
"Oh right... Johan, this are Eevy," Chris said, pointing at Eevy, "And Sashi..." he finished, pointing at Sashi.
"Hello..." both girls said.
"Good day girls..." Johan said.
"Now she may look different, but she ain't something to be scared of..." Chris quickly said.
"If all you bring along is good, why not them too?" Johan asked.
"They speak so.. Weird..." Sashi whispered to Eevy.
"I know... They have a language of their own... Don't mention anything about it... They hate that..." Eevy replied.
"Now you two can go rest in my house, if you'd like?" Chris asked.
"Well we thought we could spend the day in the Pokemon Center..." Sashi said.
"There ain't no Pokemon Center anywhere close to this village..." Johan said.
"There isn't?" Eevy gasped.
"Hey psst! They talk strange..." Johan whispered to Chris.
"I know... Don't mention a thing about it..." Chris whispered back. Although they tried so hard to keep it between them, Sashi's ears picked up everything, and she grinned.
"Well if there is no Pokemon Center around, we'd be happy to stay at your house... If it isn't a problem..." Eevy said.
"No problem at all!" Chris said.

The two girls, along with Chris - who said good day to Johan - came to Chris his house. It wasn't that big, but big enough for two storeys. Sashi and Eevy were shown to their room. It was a guest room, with only one bed.
"Sorry, but you'll have to share..." Chris said.
"No problem, right Sashi?" Eevy asked.
"No problem at all..." Sashi replied, and Eevy smiled.
"Then I wish you two the best luck..." Chris said, and started to leave.
"Where are you going?" Eevy asked.
"Just looking for more people lost in the desert..." Chris replied, and walked away.
"Well... The trip to Bakiki didn't help much..." Sashi said. "It's still too warm..."
"You think these people have ever heard of water?" Eevy joked.
"Probably not... With this heat, all the water must've vaporized..." Sashi replied.

Later that day - somewhere around 5 p.m., the girls still hadn't left. They thought they'd rest in this village before continuing their journey. Luckily for them, there was water in the village. The only thing that bothered them was that everyone looked at Sashi. It seemed weird for a Pokemon to walk, to talk, and to even wear clothes. But the more Sashi went out, the more they started to calm down. It was around dinner time in this village, and Chris had made a good meal.
"Pork Chops!" Eevy cheered.
Sashi giggled, and explained to Chris why she was acting so hyper.
After dinner, the girls went to 'their' room, and rested on the bed, lying on their back.
"Sashi?" Eevy said.
"I'm glad we met..."
"Me too... You're a wonderful friend..." Sashi replied. "Even if the way we met wasn't that perfect..."
"I think it was meant to be..." Eevy said. She meant this in two ways.
"Yeah..." Sashi replied.
There was a silence.
"Can I ask you a question?" Eevy suddenly asked.
"What do you like more? Humans or Pokemon?"
"It depends... If a human is nice to me, I'm able to like it in return... And if a Pokemon is nice, I'm nice to them too... So I guess... I like Pokemon a bit more..." Sashi said.
"Oh..." Eevy said. "So you'll be able to start a relationship with a Pokemon?"
"You were talking about relationships?" Sashi asked.
"Oh... In that case, I'd be able to start a relationship with a Pokemon, yes... Though it would be hard..."
"And humans?" Eevy asked.
"I haven't met enough human males to decide..." Sashi said.
"You've met me..." Eevy thought. "I see..."
Sashi looked outside.
"My it gets dark here quick..."
"Whoa..." Eevy said, also realizing it was totally dark outside.
"Does this mean we should go to sleep?" Eevy asked.
"I don't know..." Sashi replied, and walked to the window. She opened it, and felt the warm air push against her face. She looked outside, and saw nothing but darkness. "Well, I suppose... There's nowhere we can go now..." Sashi said.
"You think we've stayed here too long?" Eevy asked.
"No... We could use this break... It is good we stayed..." Sashi said.

Later that night, the girls were trying to sleep. But that wasn't that easy with the incredible heat. It was so damn hot that Eevy had pulled off all clothes but a panty and a T-shirt, but still in that she was sweating a lot. Sashi had more trouble. Sure, her fur keeps her warm in the Winter, but it's like hell in Summer... It may not be Summer right now, but it felt that way. Sashi was also wearing just a T-shirt and a panty. Sashi never wore panties, so she borrowed one from Eevy. They had already thrown the blanket on the ground. How could someone sleep under a blanket in this heat?
"Ohhh I can't stand this heat..." Sashi moaned.
"Maybe it will be less painful when we sleep..." Eevy said.
"You're right, but it's because of the heat I can't sleep..." Sashi moaned.
"I know..." Eevy said, and was about to take off the remaining clothes, when she stopped. "Is it okay for me to try and sleep naked?" she asked Sashi.
"Why would it be a problem? Do what you like..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Eevy said, sat up, and pulled the T-shirt over her head, and threw it on the floor. She grabbed the her panty, and pulled it down her legs. Sashi watched Eevy undress completely, as Eevy finally threw her panty on the ground, next to her T-shirt.
"Better?" Sashi asked.
"Much... But it's still hot..." Eevy said, and lay down on her back again. Sashi thought it over. She has never slept naked before, so it should feel weird. But what could go wrong? She sat up, and pulled her T-shirt over her head too. She had to get out of bed to take off her panty. When up, she grabbed her panty, and pulled it down. Eevy watched the whole thing with eyes wide open. Sashi was standing with her back towards Eevy, so when she bent down to push the panty to her ankles, her butt stuck out in Eevy's direction, which allowed Eevy to see everything. Then Sashi turned around. Her whole body was covered in sweat.
"You were right..." Sashi said with closed eyes, and Eevy looked up at her. "This feels much better..." she said, and got on the bed again, also lying on her back.

The two were now sleeping, even though they were still bothered by the heat. Sashi dreamt the usual. A world where everyone lived together in harmony. But Eevy however didn't dream about anything like that. She was dreaming about having sex. But not with a male... With a female. She had lots of dreams like this in the past, every time waking up on the best part. She was now in the part where she was rubbing the female's left breast. The female moaned in pleasure, and for some reason also purred. She recognised that purr from somewhere, but she couldn't place it right now, she was busy right now. Meanwhile, Sashi's dream changed. She was now pleasured somehow by an unknown human. The human seemed to be female for some reason. She tried to think of a reason why she was dreaming about a female, but couldn't. Dreams can't be controled. Eevy was now pushing a finger down the female's pussy, receiving more moans and purrs from her. That's when she found out where the purring came from. It sounded like Sashi!

Eevy woke up suddenly, and found one hand on Sashi's left breast, and one down between her legs. She pulled it back quickly, before Sashi woke up. When she didn't, Eevy looked at the situation she was in right now. She had unknowingly pleasured Sashi. The dream she just had had come true. She had really pleasured a female. She looked down at her hand, and it was wet with Sashi's juices. She cound't help it, and brought the hand to her nose, and sniffed it. It smelled great. Then she opened her mouth, and slowly tasted Sashi's juices. It tasted strong, and salty. Eevy moaned when Sashi's juices were in her mouth, and she slowly swallowed. Then she heard a disappointing sigh from Sashi. She had calmed down a bit, but Eevy could see she was still horny. And Sashi's juices had worked herself up as well. She knew that she could not receive pleasure from Sashi, so she had to pleasure herself later. First, Sashi. She slowly got up, making sure not to wake up Sashi, and walked around so that she was in front of Sashi. She kneeled down, and slowly moved her chest over the bed, between Sashi's legs. She could see her wet pussy, dripping with juices, and smiled. How many times she had dreamed of doing this, and now, it was finally happening. She placed her hands between Sashi's legs, and pushed them aside slowly. Sashi gasped suddenly, but she wasn't about to wake up from this. She just gasped at the new feeling. Eevy moved her head down a bit. She didn't know why she was so nervous... She had done it to others several times before. Maybe it was because this was Sashi. Her friend. Sleeping. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and opened her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, and gave Sashi's pussy a good lick over the lips.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned in her sleep.
"Mmmm..." Eevy moaned when she tasted Sashi's juices once more. This tasted even better than her own. Eevy closed her lips around Sashi's slit, and started to place soft kisses on it. Then she stuck out her tongue again, and pushed it through, licking her insides.
"Oh!" Sashi gasped.
Eevy could feel Sashi was approaching her a climax, so she increased her licking, pushing her tongue deeper into Sashi.
"OH!" Sashi gasped, and finally came. Her juices shot out of her as Eevy licked it all up. After Sashi had finished, Eevy moved back. She closed Sashi's legs, and got up. She could feel her own body screaming for attention, and she couldn't do it next to Sashi. It would wake her up, and maybe she would discover what happened. She walked to the door, unlocked it (She had asked Chris if the door could be locked, for their own safety)_and walked out of the room. She quickly got into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. She moved her hand down to her own pussy, and pushed one finger inside.
"Ohhhh yeah..." Eevy moaned as she masturbated.

Sashi was the first to wake up the next morning.
"Ohhh I hate mornings..." Sashi groaned. "They start so early..."
Sashi sat up, and suddenly felt something between her legs. She looked down, and saw a wet spot.
"Uh-oh... I must have played with myself during my dream..." Sashi said, remembering her dream of last night. She quickly covered her pussy with her purple fur, and got up. She pulled on her panty, and then her... Wait... her panty?
"Why am I pulling on a panty? I've never worn a panty before... but ever since I borrowed this one from Eevy, it feels so normal..." Sashi thought. "Nah... I've lived my life without wearing a panty until now, so why change that?" Sashi then thought, and pulled off the panty again. She put it down on the ground, and grabbed her pants. She pulled them on, and her belt as well. Then she pulled on her T-shirt. When she was fully dressed, she looked at the still sleeping Eevy.
"Good thing she didn't wake up before me, or she would have seen this..." Sashi thought, and walked around the bed, towards the door. Somehow, it wasn't locked.
"That's strange..." Sashi said.
"Mmmm?" Eevy moaned when she woke.
"Well look who's awake!" Sashi said.
"What time is it?" Eevy asked.
"Almost noon..."
"I can't believe we fell asleep in this heat..." Eevy said, as she sat up. She was still naked.
"Here..." Sashi said, and threw Eevy's T-shirt to Eevy. She took it, and pulled it on. "Oh, and your panty is on the ground..." Sashi said.
"Don't you want to wear it anymore?"
"I've never worn one before... It just feels weird and uncomfortable..." Sashi said.
Eevy giggled.
"Just get dressed, so we can get out of this village..." Sashi said.
"As you wish, your highness..." Eevy replied, laughing.

"You two sure you're leaving?" Chris asked.
"Afraid so... We have to keep on moving..." Sashi said.
"But thank you for letting us stay at your house..." Eevy said.
"No problem..." Chris replied. "Now if you just continue to walk that way," Chris said, pointing to the west, "You'll find Salia City in no time... But you'll have to go through a cave first..."
"Thank you again... Bye!" Eevy said, and waved at Chris as she started walking.
"Good bye..." Sashi replied.
"Oh Sashi..." Chris said.
"Good luck on your journey... You'll need it..."
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and turned around.
Eevy was waiting, and moved a bit ahead when Sashi came closer.
"Well, up to the next Gym..." Sashi said.
"You think you'll be able to defeat that one?" Eevy asked.
"Hey... I survived a night in this town, so I can do anything..." Sashi replied.

To be continued...?

There! Another one finished! Any comments, complaints, anything, e-mail me at [email protected]
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