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Sashi by natsuke


Is this love, or just friendship?

Is this love, or just friendship?

Sashi, Vapora and Flara were walking back to Eevy. Sashi was much wiser, now that she knew a lot more about sex. The three girls finally arrived back at Eevy. And, just as Sashi had guessed, Eevy was done making the ham sandwiches.
"Finally you're back..." Eevy said.
"Yeah, it took a long time explaining..." Sashi said. Vapora and Flara joined the other two Eons. Sashi could hear Vapora and Flara giggle when she mentioned it took a long time explaining. Jolty and Umbro had a confused look on their faces, but they dropped the matter. Sashi grabbed a ham sandwich, and ate it all up, and with every bite she moaned.
"This is so good..." Sashi said as she ate the whole sandwich up. "I don't understand why, but they taste so good..."
"It's my family's secret recipe..." Eevy said.
After Sashi had eaten more sandwiches, they decided to continue their journey.
"Doruki town, here we come!" Eevy cheered, pushing an arm into the air.
"Aha..." Sashi said.
Suddenly, dark clouds started to gather, and soon, rain was falling down the sky.
"Uh-oh..." Flara said.
"Call Flara back!" Sashi said. "As well as all the others!" she added, and called Vulpix, Dragonair and Kirlia back. Eevy nodded.
"Flara, Jolty, Vapora and Umbro! Return!" Eevy called, and the four Pokemon returned into their balls.

It was raining pretty hard now, and the two girls were running, trying to find a place to hide. They found a cave, and went inside. When inside, Espeon shook her body wild, making a lot of drops of water flying through the cave.
"Whoa... That storm came out of nowhere!" Eevy said. "Oh no... My clothes are soaked!"
"Mine are too..." Sashi said. Because of the rain, their clothes had become soaked, and that caused their clothes to push against their skin, and Sashi's nipples were visible through her T-shirt.
"Ehh..." Eevy blushed.
"Mmmm?" Sashi curiously replied.
"Your uh..." Eevy began, but couldn't say it. Instead, she pointed at Sashi's chest. Sashi looked down, and saw what Eevy was talking about.
"Oh..." Sashi said, and also blushed slightly. "Sorry..."
"Nah... It's okay..." Eevy said.
"I think we should make a fire..." Sashi said, and called out Vulpix. Luckily, there was some dry wood lying in the cave. "Vulpix, use your Flamethrower attack..." Sashi said, and Vulpix complied, using a tiny beam of fire.
"Flamethrower!" Vulpix cried, aiming her attack at the dry wood. Immediately it started to burn, and Sashi and Eevy got closer to it. After a while, their clothes had dried a bit, but not much.
"This is not working well..." Eevy said, and grabbed the sleeves of her T-shirt. She pulled it down until her right arm was free, and then did the same with the right one. When that was done, she pulled off her T-shirt, and lay it down on the ground.
"Uhh..." Sashi said.
This was the first time she had seen a human girl's chest naked, let alone human breasts. They were pretty big, but they were wet from the rain, and her nipples were erect from the cold. Also Espeon was watching Eevy's chest with open eyes. She had never seen breasts, not even Sashi's.
Eevy placed the T-shirt down, so that it was lying flat on the ground, close to the fire. She then turned her head to Sashi.
"You should do the sa-" she started, when she saw Sashi's expression. "What's wrong?"
"I-it's nothing..." Sashi said, turning her head aside.
"Is it me?"
"Well, sort of..." Sashi said.
"Is this your first time seeing a human being naked?"
"Well you can't say you're naked completely..."
"There's nothing to be afraid of... Take of your T-shirt as well, so it can dry..."
"Okay..." Sashi said, and took off her T-shirt, and lay it down on the ground, just like Eevy had done. Now both girl's chests were naked. Both girls were also silent. Sashi moved her hands closer to the fire, and rubbed them together, yawning.
"Yeah, a bit..." Sashi said.
"How come? You haven't done much today..."
"Not much, except for..."
"For what?" Eevy asked curious.
"I can't tell..." Sashi said.
"Oh..." Eevy said, and both girls went silent again.
"Maybe you should rest, if you're tired..." Eevy said after a while.
"I guess..." Sashi said, and lay her body down on the ground. She turned over, and was now lying on her back. She shivered momentarily from the coldness of the cavern floor. Sashi then closed her eyes. Espeon walked over next to Sashi, and lay down on the ground, curling up into a ball, closing her eyes.

Eevy was wide awake, and it was still hard raining outside. She looked at Sashi, who was purring softly. She smiled. She wondered how anyone would ever think she could be a threat. She was a nice person... Well, 'person'? She was nice, and that's what counted, right? Sashi turned on her side in her sleep, and some of her purple hair ended up in front of her closed eyes. When Sashi turned over onto her back again, her hairs remained. Eevy crawled closer to Sashi, and moved the hair out of Sashi's face. Her hand didn't leave Sashi's face. Instead, she slowly rubbed it over her forehead, and then down her cheek. Sashi looked so cute when she slept. Even the first night in her house, Eevy had watched Sashi sleep. She lied about her purring keeping her awake. Of course, it didn't keep her awake, but when Eevy heard Sashi purr, she stayed awake for some time, watching her. In the past, Eevy had experienced sex with males, and she thought that was all she needed. But that changed when she first saw Flara and Vapora doing it. It shocked her in the beginning, this girl to girl thing. But as time went on, she read more things about this. She began to understand that love had to be love, no matter between who or what sex it was. If you loved the one you cared about, why does it have to be wrong if it is girl to girl, or boy to boy? She saw herself as straight, but when she caught all her female Eon girls, their relationship grew into something more than just Trainer and Pokemon. She started to love her Pokemon in a different way. And when the time came for her to have her first encounter with girl to girl sex - which was between her and Flara - she understood that she wasn't just straight anymore. She loved both girls and boys. She had become bi-sexual, but she accepted this. And now, in a cavern, far from her home, she was together with another female she liked. Even though she had only known Sashi for a day, she knew they would grow into something more. Sashi moved her eyes from Sashi's face down to her chest. Her furry breasts have all dried up from the fire, and her nipples hadn't softened. For some reason, she had always liked furry bodies. Suddenly, Sashi moaned in her sleep, and Eevy pulled her hand back from Sashi's face. She moved back to where she was before, and decided she could use some sleep herself, and lay down on her back, closing her eyes.

When Sashi woke, the rain had stopped recently. The water was still falling from the wet trees, and the sun was barely breaking through the clouds. She looked at the fire, and saw it had gone out. She grabbed her now dried T-shirt, and pulled it back on. She pulled it down so that her breasts were covered. She then saw that Eevy was sleeping too. She crawled over, slowly placed her hand on Eevy's left shoulder, and slowly shook it.
"Mmmm?" Eevy moaned, half opening her eyes.
"The rain has stopped falling..." Sashi replied.
"Oh..." Eevy said, and yawned. That made Sashi yawn to.
"Well, put back on your T-shirt..." Sashi said, and got up.
"Right..." Eevy said, grabbed her T-shirt, and pulled it back on. She pulled it down over her breasts, and also got up. Espeon got up as well, and followed the girls as they started walking out of the cave. They momentarily covered their eyes, because at that moment, the sun broke through the clouds. When their eyes had gotten used to the light, they lowered their arms. That's when they saw something in the distance.
"What's that?" Eevy asked, pointing at whatever was there.
"I'm not sure..." Sashi said, and took a closer look. "I think it's... Yes, it's Suicune!" Sashi gasped.
"Suicune? You mean the Suicune? The Legendary Pokemon?" Eevy asked all at once.
"But how do you know it? From that distance it's hard to see who it is..."
"That's because I've already seen Suicune once..." Sashi said.
"You have?"
"Yeah... It was at the morning before I fought my battle with Ocean, the Valicia city Gym Leader. I had woken up early, and took a walk, when I came to a lake. In that lake was a little island, and on it was Suicune..." Sashi said.
"Wow... It doesn't happen that often you see a Legendary Pokemon..." Eevy said.
"Heh... Latias is a Legendary Pokemon too, right?" Sashi said.
"Yeah, why?"
"I've seen her..."
"..." Eevy was silent for a moment. "You're lying..." she then said.
"No, it's true... Here, have a look..." Sashi said, grabbed her Pokedex, and searched for Latias' picture. When she found it, she gave her Pokedex to Eevy.
"Mmmm, okay, you're not lying..." Eevy smiled.
"Of course not..." Sashi smiled back.
Suddenly, Suicune roared loud, and that made the two girls gasp. Then Suicune lowered its chest, and jumped up. Then, suddenly, disappeared into nothing.
"There he goes..." Eevy said.
"Actually, Suicune doesn't have a gender... It isn't male or female..." Sashi explained.

The two girls continued walking up a hill, and when they reached the topp, they saw Doruki town.
"We're there..." Sashi said.
"Mmmm..." Eevy said as she looked over Doruki town. "Doesn't look that bad..."
The girls walked down the hill, and entered the town.
"Let's go to a Pokemon Center first, okay?" Sashi said.
"Sure..." Eevy agreed, and the two approached the Pokemon Center, and entered. The minute they entered the Center, Sashi collided into someone, and Sashi and the person fell to the ground.
"Ow... watch where you're going, you..." Sashi began, but suddenly stopped. "Oh, hello Dan..." Sashi said.
"Sashi? What are you doing here?" Dan asked.
"Ehhh, this is a Pokemon Center, so that means I want to heal my Pokemon..." Sashi replied.
"You know this guy?" Eevy asked.
"Yeah... He's a rival of mine..." Sashi said.
"And who is this lovely lady?" Dan asked Eevy.
"None of your business..." Eevy replied.
"Whoa, why so mean all of a sudden?"
"Anyone who's not a friend of Sashi's, is not a friend of mine..." Eevy said.
"Puh, whatever..." Dan said, and looked at Sashi. "There is no reason for you to be here... You'll never defeat this town's Gym Leader..."
"And why not?" Sashi asked.
"He's too strong... I'm prepared... I've increased my training with my Pokemon, and they're much more powerful right now..." Dan said.
"Dare to prove that in a fight?" Sashi challenged.
"Not this time... I have to save my Pokemon for the fight..."
"What fight?"
"Between me and the Leader of this town's Gym..." Dan smiled. "And after I've won, and healed my Pokemon, I will fight you..." Dan said.
"'After you've won'?" Sashi chuckled.
"Yes, after I've won..." Dan said, and walked past Sashi and Eevy out of the Pokemon Center.
"He'll never change..." Sashi chuckled.
"I don't like him..." Eevy said.
"And you shouldn't..." Sashi said, and walked to Nurse Joy. "Hello..." she said.
"Welcome to Doruki's Pokemon Center, how can I hel-" Nurse Joy started, but stopped when she saw Sashi.
"I know, I know... The appearance, right? Now don't worry, I'm not dangerous... I am-" Sashi started, but Nurse Joy interrupted.
"Y-yeah... How do you know?" Sashi asked confused.
"My younger sister from Valicia city sent me an E-mail... She expected you to come to this place, so she told me I should not be afraid of you... Sorry for putting it like that..." Nurse Joy apologized.
"It's okay..." Sashi said. "Could you heal my Pokemon?"
"Of course I will... Just give me all your Pokemon, and they're back to normal as soon as possible..."
"Thank you..." Sashi said, and handed Nurse Joy the Pokeballs containing Vulpix, Dragonair and Kirlia. Espeon simply jumped onto the desk.
"Could you heal my Pokemon too?" Eevy quickly asked.
"That's what I'm here for, right?" Nurse Joy smiled, and took Eevy's Pokeballs.
The two girls walked to the diner room, sat down at a table, and looked on the menu.
"Mmmm... Ham-burgers..." Eevy smiled.
"What is it with you and pork food?" Sashi giggled.
"I just like it..." Eevy replied.

When the girls had ordered their food, they started talking.
"So how about your past... Care to tell something about it?"
"What do you mean?" Sashi asked.
"Well I suppose you didn't start training Pokemon just to kill time... Why have you started training Pokemon?" Eevy said.
"It's just... I want to be as normal as everyone else... So I decided, if I wanted to be like that, I should do the things normal people do... And training Pokemon is something everybody does... So why can't I?" Sashi said.
"I see... Can you tell me something about your parents?"
"I don't know my parents..." Sashi said.
"Oh... How did you grow up?"
"I... was born in a daycare... I came out of an egg... Of course, the people who were running that daycare were shocked in the beginning, but looked at me like I was a Pokemon, so they kept me there... I grew up helping the people with breeding eggs, and taking care of the newly hatched ones..." Sashi explained. "As time went on, I started to see the people who were running the daycare as my parents, and they also treated me as their child. That was the first time I felt completely safe..."
"Wow..." Eevy said.
"Then, when I became older, I started to hang out with more and more Pokemon... I played with them, did things together... I was happy to see that some creatures on this planet that weren't scared of me..." Sashi smiled. "Then, when I became 19 years old, I desperately wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer... So I asked my 'parents', and they told me to go to Professor Yuuki to get my very own first Pokemon... But because of my appearance, I might scare the professor, and he might call the police or something... So they went with me, to explain everything to the professor if things went wrong... But he was nicer than my parents had expected, and wasn't afraid of me either... Instead, he was curious about me... he wanted to know everything about me. What I ate, how I was able to talk, what I did in my free time... But I had not time for that... I wanted a Pokemon... So he made a deal... If I got my first Pokemon, and become a Pokemon master, I would let him observe me..."
"And now you're trying to become one..." Eevy said.
"Yes... It's been two years since I first received my Eevee... We had some trouble in the beginning... She wouldn't obey me..." Sashi smiled, and petted Espeon's head, who was next to her. "We still have troubles sometimes, but now we're okay... She hasn't forgotten her stubbornness..." Sashi said.
"Hey, that's what made me what I am today..." Espeon said.
"Yes, a stubborn little Pokemon..."
"Little?!" Espeon laughed.
Eevy raised an eyebrow as the two talked.
"Anyway, suddenly, Eevee then evolved into an Espeon... Like what I am... ironic, huh? An Espeon training an Espeon..." Sashi laughed.
"I can agree..." Eevy laughed too.
"And ever since Eevee evolved into an Espeon, we've been fighting Gym Battles..." Sashi finished.
"Wow... What a story..."
"Now it's your turn..."
"Well, there isn't much to say about me..."
"Tell me why you are so interested in collecting all the Eevee evolutions..." Sashi said.
"Okay... It started when I saw a pic of all the then known three Eevee evolutions Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon..." Eevy began. "I immediately fell in love with them, mainly because of Eevee... It can evolve in so many ways... Then, when I had finally caught an Eevee, and started to train it, it evolved into a Dark type, Umbreon. I was surprised at first, but then I heard that there were two new Eevee evolutions; Espeon and Umbreon... I was so happy! Then, later, I found Vapora and Flara, and all I needed now were a Jolteon and an Espeon... Well, one day I woke up, and found a Pokemon egg lying in my living room... I didn't know where it came from, but I assumed Umbro had something to do with it. A long time later, that egg hatched, and an Eevee was born... And, the only way to get a Jolteon, is by catching a wild one, or by giving the Eevee a Thunderstone. I didn't want to wait for the chance to catch a wild one, so I bought a Thunderstone, and let Eevee evolve into Jolty." Eevy said.
"And why did you give them those names?"
"Those are just nicknames... Names I like a lot..." Eevy said.
"I see..."
"Okay, who had ordered the ham-burger?" a waitress asked.
"Me!" Eevy smiled, and the plate with the ham-burger was placed in front of her.
"So that means the steak is for you?" the waitress asked, and looked at Sashi.
"Yes, thank you..." Sashi said, and the plate with the steak was placed in front of her.
"And some Poke-food for you, little lady..." the waitress said to Espeon, and placed a little bowl of Pokemon food in front of Espeon.
"Little?!" Espeon groaned, and Sashi laughed.

When the two girls were done eating, they brought their plates to the kitchen, and went back to the diner room.
"That sure was good..." Sashi said.
"Well, the Pokemon food wasn't that bad, I agree... But the way they treat me here... They said I was little!"
"And you are..." Sashi replied.
"Don't start again..." Espeon warned.
That's when the doors opened, and Dan ran in.
"Nurse Joy!" he cried with tears in his eyes.
"Dan, what is wrong?" Nurse Joy asked.
"It's my Pokemon... They're hurt badly!" he said.
"Hey Dan! How'd the fight go?" Sashi called.
"Bad! So bad! Pokemon too strong!" Dan cried.
"He's in shock..." Eevy noted.
"What could've caused that?"
"The Gym Battle..." Nurse Joy said, as she approached the two girls and Espeon after bringing Dan's Pokeballs to the back.
"Why? What's so bad about a Gym Battle?"
"It's not about the Gym battle... It's about the Gym Leader... He's got this powerful Pokemon..." Nurse Joy said.
"What Pokemon?" Sashi asked.
"No one knows... All the trainers who had fought Blade were too shocked to mention it, and the experience of the battle is mysteriously erased out of their memories..."
"Say, you're a Trainer too, right?" Nurse Joy asked Sashi.
"Then you should prepare yourself for a tough battle..."

Later that day, Sashi went to visit Dan. He was spending the night in the Pokemon Center, just like her and Eevy.
"Hey..." Sashi said to Dan.
"Oh... hey..." Dan replied.
"How are you doing?"
"Can't you see how I'm doing? I'm trembling..." Dan said as his body shook.
"Was it that hard?"
"It... it was... I... Don't remember..." Dan suddenly said.
"You don't remember your fight against Blade?" Sashi asked surprised.
"No... I don't remember what I was afraid of..." Dan said.
"Nurse Joy told me that the memory of fighting against that strong Pokemon gets erased..."
"What strong Pokemon?" Dan asked. "All I remember was fighting a Golem [Rock/Ground type], a Nidoking [Poison/Ground type], and a... there was another Pokemon... but I don't remember..." Dan said.
"That's what I mean..." Sashi said.
"Why are you being so nice to me?" Dan asked.
"You've gone through something bad, and I... Kinda... feel sorry for you, I guess..." Sashi said. Dan was right. Why was she so nice to him?
"Well you don't need to be..." Dan said.
"Hey I'm just trying to be nice..." Sashi said. "Ah forget it..." Sashi then said, and left. Just before she was out of sight, Dan spoke.
"Thanks..." he said.
Sashi looked over her shoulder.
"Don't mention it..." she said.

That night, Sashi sat on a chair, looking outside into the darkness. Eevy approached her, and softly placed a hand on Sashi's shoulder.
"You okay?"
"Fine... just thinking about what happened to Dan..." Sashi replied.
"What I don't understand is; if he's your rival, why are you so concerned about him?" Eevy asked.
"I don't exactly know..."
"You don't suppose you're... starting to have feeling for him?"
"What? No! Of course not! He's a jerk! He's annoying! He's not my type!" Sashi said.
"Oh..." Eevy smiled.

Even later that night, all the Pokemon were released out of their Pokeballs, and all the Pokemon were walking around, sleeping, or just eating Pokemon food. Sashi thought back on what happened this day. She and Eevy had started their journey together. Flara and Vapora explaining her about Pokemon sex. Then things she learnt about straight sex, lesbian sex. Being straight, bi-sexual, lesbian or gay... Girls having sex with girls, and boys having sex with girls... That reminded her. She still had to learn about boy to girl sex! And the only male that she could ask was Umbro. She decided to ask him.
"Ehh... Eevy? Can I borrow Umbro for a while?" Sashi said.
"Just need to ask him a few things..." Sashi replied.
"Oh okay... Umbro?" Eevy said to Umbro, and he turned his head. "Sashi wants to talk to you..."
"Okay..." Umbro said in Pokemon language to Eevy.
"Follow me, Umbro..." Sashi said, and Umbro followed.
"I wonder what they are up to..." Eevy said to herself.
As Sashi was walking away with Umbro, two purple eyes watched her leave with the male Eon. Espeon wondered the same as Eevy, and decided to follow.

"Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?" Umbro asked as the two had gotten some distance away from the Pokemon Center.
"Today, Flara and Vapora explained me the meaning of Pokemon sex..." Sashi said, and when Umbro picked up the word 'sex' with his ears, his eyes widened.
"They taught you the meaning of Pokemon sex?" Umbro gasped.
"Is that a problem?"
"No, it's just... Flara and Vapora are a couple... They're girls..." Umbro said.
"Yes, I am aware of that..." Sashi said.
"Then the only thing they could have taught you was the meaning of female to female sex, am I right?"
"Right..." Sashi said.
"So... you... three... had..." Umbro said.
"We had sex, if that's what you were trying to say..." Sashi said.
Umbro's eyes widened even more when hearing this.
"But unfortunately, they could not teach me about Straight sex..." Sashi said.
"Ehh..." Umbro was speechless.
"So if you wouldn't mind... Would you teach me all you know about male to female sex?" Sashi asked.
"That's like asking if the sky is blue!" Umbro exclaimed.
"And what does that mean?"
"Yes!" Umbro smiled. This was a dream come true. A female was willingly asking him to have sex with her.
"Okay... Flara and Vapora were able to teach me something about this... They told me the female usually makes the male ready by something called 'blowing' him?" Sashi said.
"That's right..." Umbro said, and lay down on his back.
Sashi kneeled down in front of Umbro, and looked at his crotch. She saw a hidden pouch and two balls, but no dick.
"Uhhh... where is your um... Dick?" Sashi asked.
"It's in here..." Umbro said, and moved his paw to his hidden pouch, and pointed at it.
"So you just want me to get it out? Or does it come out by itself?" Sashi asked. This was all new to her.
"Well, I could use a little show to get me in the mood..." Umbro said.
"Okay, what should I do?" Sashi asked.
"What Jolty normally does is dancing in front of me, waving her cute butt in my face, or even rubs her pussy with her paw before my cock gets erect..." Umbro said.
"Dancing huh?" Sashi asked. "Okay, how?"
"Do a striptease..." Umbro said.
"What's that?" Sashi asked.
"It's a kind of dancing where girls undress theirselves while dancing... It's really hot..." Umbro smiled.
"Okay, got it..." Sashi said, standing up, and slowly started dancing exotically. Umbro just lay on his back, watching Sashi. Sashi grabbed her short sleeves, and pulled them down her arms. When her arms were free, she pulled the T-shirt up, and over her head. Her breasts were now exposed, and Umbro's tongue hung out of his mouth. He'd seen breasts before (Eevy's), but never breasts that were covered with fur, and he loved them. In the mean time, his dick had started to grow a little bit. The head was sticking out of it's pouch. Sashi came to her pants. She slowly took off her belt, and lay it down on the ground. Then she kicked off her shoes. She then tried to finish this show as sexy as possible, so she turned around, and used the hands to untie her pants. When that was done, she brought her hands to the edge of her pants, and pushed it down slowly. She held on to the edge, until she had to bend over to push it down to the ground. That caused her butt to stick out in the air, in Umbro's direction.
"Oh boy!" he moaned.
When Sashi's pants were down, she got up, and turned around. Umbro's eyes immediately went to Sashi's pussy. It was beautiful.
"Did it work?" Sashi asked before looking down. She saw Umbro's erect black dick standing out in the open. "I guess it did..." Sashi smiled, and kneeled down again. "Now if I remember correctly, Vapora explained I had to blow you?"
"You know what that means?" Umbro asked.
"I believe I have to suck your dick?" Sashi asked.
"Correct... You just close your lips around my cock, and start moving your head... Now go on..." Umbro said. He couldn't wait any longer.
"What happened to your politeness?" Sashi asked.
"Normally, yes... When talking about sex, no!" Umbro said. "Now please!"
"Easy..." Sashi said, and looked down at Umbro's dick again. She slowly moved her head down, and sniffed the area. She could smell something... She noticed it was Umbro's dick that gave the smell. Sashi opened her mouth, and slowly moved forwards. When the head of Umbro's dick was past her lips, she closed them, and moved her head forwards.
"Ohhhh yeah!" Umbro moaned when he felt Sashi's lips close around his dick. "That's it..."
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned, and moved her head further down, until Umbro's whole dick was in her mouth. She then pulled her head back, and left the head inside. She started to use a French Kiss on the head, and wrapped her tongue around it. It has a salty taste, one which she started to like. Umbro had almost reached a climax, when suddenly,
"Stop!" Espeon called.
"Mmmm?" Sashi groaned, and released the cock out of her mouth. "Espeon?"
"What do you think you are doing?!" Espeon asked when she saw Sashi sucking Umbro's dick, naked.
"Blowing him..." Sashi replied.
"*Sigh* I could see that... What I mean is, why are you doing it?"
"To make him ready..." Sashi said.
"*Sigh* Never mind... What are you doing here anyway?" Espeon asked again. "Different answer please..."
"I want to know everything about straight sex, and Umbro was teaching me..."
"Why are you so interested in sex all of a sudden?" Espeon asked.
"After Vapora and Flara taught me about girl to girl sex today, I wanted to try out-"
"Whoa wait a sec... They taught you about girl to girl sex?" Espeon gasped.
"Yeah," Sashi smiled, "It felt great!"
"You've done it too?" Espeon gasped.
"Why are you acting so weird?"
"Why am I acting so weird? You're having sex with everybody you know!" Espeon said.
"That's ridiculous!" Sashi said. "I was just curious about girl to girl sex after I first spotted Vapora and Flara..." Sashi said.
"And when did that happen?" Espeon asked.
"Yesterday, before I was attacked by Jolty..." Sashi replied.
"Tell me all about what happened..." Espeon said, and Sashi did.

After everything was explained, Espeon nodded.
"I see..." she said.
"Don't blame me for experimenting... Or trying to learn new things... That's what you do all the time..." Sashi told Espeon.
"Mmmm..." Espeon thought it over. "I'm sorry..." she said. "You have to know, I was just worried about you... You are my Trainer... I should be there for you..."
"Um, girls?" Umbro interrupted.
"What?" Sashi asked.
"Are we going to continue, or what?"
"Silence!" Espeon said.
"Don't be mad at him... I mean, he still has to teach me about straight sex..." Sashi said, and wanted to go back to Umbro's dick.
"Hold it..." Espeon said.
"Oh come on!" Umbro complained.
"Quiet..." Espeon said.
"Why? What's wrong now?" Sashi asked.
"Nothing... If you want to know about straight sex, I would love to teach you some things about it too..." Espeon said.
"You know about straight sex?"
"Of course I do..." Espeon said.
"Well okay, you can teach me too... But now I really want to continue on Umbro..." Sashi said, and grabbed Umbro's - now shrunken - dick into two fingers, and slowly rubbed it until it became erect again. When it was, Sashi took it into her mouth again.
"Yeah..." Umbro moaned when he felt Sashi's lips around his cock once more.
"I see you know how to do that..." Espeon noted.
When Umbro was reaching his climax again, Espeon told Sashi to stop.
"Oh please! Stop teasing me!"
"Hush..." Espeon said.
"Why did you want me to stop?"
"Because we're now going a step further..." Espeon said, and Umbro started to smile when he caught that.
"What now?" Sashi asked.
"Well, have you ever had anything in your pussy before?" Espeon asked.
"Well, I haven't tried something yet, but I've heard using your tail gives great pleasure..." Sashi said.
"True, I should know..." Espeon giggled. "What I wanted to ask was; are you ready for it?"
"Sure!" Sashi said.
"Okay, now lay down on your back..." Espeon told Sashi.
"Right..." Sashi said, and lay down on her back.
"Now you, Umbro... You know what to do... But take it easy! She's still a virgin..." Espeon said.
"Of course I'll be gentle..." Umbro said, and got up, his erection bouncing from left to right with every step he took. "Ohhhh how I want a pussy right now!" Umbro cried, but remembered to take it easy.
"Now this may hurt a bit in the beginning..." Espeon said as Umbro got in position.
"It will?" Sashi asked, and for the first time there was doubt in her voice.
"But don't worry... That's just your virginity that's been taken..." Espeon said. "After that, pleasure will follow..."
"If you say so..." Sashi said, and then looked at Umbro, who was now standing over her, with his head over hers. His dick was just positioned outside her cunt, and it was slightly touching it.
"Ready?" Umbro asked.
"Ready..." Sashi said.
"Here goes!" Umbro said, and bucked his hips forwards, pushing his dick inside Sashi's pussy. Sashi's virgin cunt lips wrapped completely around Umbro's dick, and both moaned loud.
"OH!" Sashi gasped when she felt Umbro's dick inside her.
"Whoa!" Umbro moaned. Never before had he felt such a tight pussy. Of course, this was a virgin pussy, but still.
Sashi felt a great pain in the beginning, and blood dripped out of her pussy, past Umbro's dick. The two remained in this position for a while, either enjoying the feeling, or trying to fight the pain.
"Now slowly move backwards..." Espeon told Umbro.
"Right..." he said, and pulled his butt backwards, until the head was still inside. Then, he pushed back in, and this time Sashi gasped in pleasure. Espeon was right! Pleasure followed right after a short time of pain.
"Ohhhh this feels good!" Sashi moaned.
Espeon smiled, and walked over to Sashi's chest.
"You know, this is the first time I see you naked completely..." she said.
"Uh! Sorry... I promise uh! To show you more in the future!" Sashi moaned while Umbro humped her young body.
"And I can't deny you have a great body..." Espeon said.
"Thanks!" Sashi replied.
"And I'm sure you don't mind if I did this?" Espeon asked, and moved her head down to Sashi's right breast, and slowly took the nipple into her mouth.
"Mmmm not at all..." Sashi moaned.
"I... think... I'm... gonna cum!" Umbro cried, moved his head up, and pushed in one more time before shooting his male seed deep into Sashi.
"Oh! What happened?!" Sashi gasped. She thought Umbro peed into her.
"He cummed..." Espeon explained, momentarily releasing the nipple.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned as Umbro continued to push in, even after his orgasm.

"Oh yeah! That was great!" Umbro said after a while of recovering. He had pulled back, and his dick had gone back into his hidden pouch.
"And you're leaving her behind like this?" Espeon asked, looking at Sashi, who was still lying on the ground, with fresh cum dripping out of her pussy.
"I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do anymore... The only way to pleasure a woman is by the pussy, and it's been a long day, and I'm tired, and don't think I have another round in me... And I'm not about to eat my own cum... Sorry..." Umbro apologized.
"I understand your reaction..." Espeon said.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned. She could still feel the way her pussy felt when Umbro was inside her.
"Well, I guess there's no other choice..." Espeon said, and walked down to Sashi's crotch. She looked down, and saw Umbro's white sperm in Sashi's pussy. She moved her head down, and slowly stuck out her tongue. She licked up Umbro's cum, and some of Sashi's juice. She then moved her head up, and tasted the mixture of Umbro's cum and Sashi's juice. She tasted Umbro more, but Sashi's juice tasted strong. She had to have more of that. She moved her head back to between Sashi's legs, and continued licking.
"Mmmm!" Sashi moaned when she felt Espeon's tongue running over her slit, and inside her pussy. She had almost reached her orgasm when Umbro came, and Espeon finished it. Sashi came with a moan, releasing her juices into Espeon's mouth. Espeon gladly drank every drup Sashi gave her, and continued licking when she was done.

"That was great..." Sashi said, and pulled her clothes back on. Umbro had already left the two.
"Yeah... I kinda had fun too..."
"You're the first of my Pokemon that had actual sex with me..." Sashi said.
"And I loved the way your juices taste... It's kinda like my own..."
"You've tasted your own juices?"
"Yes, when I masturbate..."
"Can I ask you something? What do you think you are? Straight, lesbian or bi-sexual?"
"If I had to guess... I'd say I was bi-sexual... Wait, you know about this?"
"Yeah... Vapora and Flara taught me..."
"Can I ask you a question now? Why haven't we seen you naked before anyway? Are you ashamed by us?"
"No, it's not that... In the beginning I thought it was wrong for the Pokemon to see their trainer naked..."
"Why would it be wrong?" Espeon asked.
"Dunno... it was just a silly thought of me, that's all..." Sashi said.
"Let's go back to the Pokemon Center, before it closes..." Espeon said.
"Right..." Sashi said, and the two girls started walking. Sashi was a bit surprised about Espeon. She had experienced sex before her, but she had never told her about it. She dropped the matter... She now had to concentrate on the Gym. Was she able to defeat Drake, when Dan couldn't even defeat him?

Meanwhile, Eevy was thinking. In the time she had known Sashi, she had started to like her... a lot, to be exactly. She knew her feelings for Sashi were real. The only thing she didn't know was if Sashi would accept her as a lover, when they started their relationship as friends...

To be continued...?

12 pages again... ^^ Wow, it goes fast! Once I'm at page 6, just entering the 7th page, and now I'm on page 12! Anyway, send your comments to: [email protected].

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