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"Eevy, can I talk to you?" Sashi asked.
"Ehh sure..."
"Listen... We've been friends for almost three days now, but I feel we've become more than just friends..." Sashi said.
"Y-you do?" Eevy blushed. Was Sashi really saying that?
"Yes... It's... I think I've fallen in lo-" Sashi began, but suddenly, everything went black.

"Mmmm?" Eevy moaned, opening her eyes. She looked around, and saw Sashi sleeping next to her. "Awww... it was all a dream... Why do I always wake at the best part?" she moaned.

The three, along with the two Eons, were still inside the cave. They hadn't found the exit yet, but were glad when Umbreon said that he had seen day light. Now if only Umbreon remembered where that exactly was. He was so angry at Brian, that he didn't care where he was going. Eevy sighed. She had never expected this cave to be this... big... She was starting to get hungry too. She decided to make herself something to eat. She grabbed her backpack, and took out half a bread - wrapped in plastic - and a knife. She sliced a bit off the bread, and then another one. Then she wrapped the bread into the plastic again, and put it back into her bag. She then grabbed half a ham - also wrapped in plastic - and sliced a bit off it, then placed that on the bread. She wrapped the ham into the plastic again, and put that back too. She put the other slice of bread on the first one, and grabbed it into her hands. She took a bite, when suddenly Sashi moaned.
"Mmmm?" she said, half opening her eyes. Then, she sniffed the air. "I smell a ham-sandwich!" she smiled, and sat up.
"Want me to make you one too?" Eevy asked. Then she saw the expression on Sashi's face. "Stupid question..." she said, and made a ham sandwich for Sashi.
"Thanks, you're the best!" Sashi said, and bit down in the sandwich.
"I know..." Eevy said. Then there was another moan.
"I smell something good..." Brian said, waking up.
"Want one too?" Eevy asked, but her question was answered by Brian's stomach growling. She made Brian one too.

"What time do you think it is?" Sashi asked.
"It's almost seven thirty in the morning..." Brian said, looking on his watch.
"We need all the time we have trying to find the exit..." Brian said.

The two woke up their Pokemon, and they continued walking.
"How long is this cave?" Eevy groaned. "I thought we'd be out of it by now..."
"Guess it's because of what happened yesterday..." Brian said.
"And the arguments..." Espeon said.
"Yeah, that too..." Brian said, looked at Sashi, and smiled. She smiled back. Eevy cursed quietly, but not quietly enough.
"Something wrong, Eevy?" Sashi asked.
"Mmmm?" Eevy gasped. "No, everything's fine... I just... stabbed my toe..." Eevy said.
"Well, if there's anything bothering you, you could always tell me... You know that, right?" Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Eevy replied. "I would have loved to tell you about it... But," Eevy thought, looking at Brian, "Not when he's around..." Sashi smiled, turned and continued walking. "If only I was alone with her, then, maybe, I can gather enough courage to say it to her..." Eevy thought.

The group walked some time longer, when, finally, they saw day light.
"Is it my imagination, or do I see day light?" Eevy said.
"I see it too!" Sashi said.
"Then maybe we're both crazy..." Eevy said.
"No, I see it too... It's really Day light!" Brian said, and ran forwards.
"Thanks for waiting!" Sashi laughed, and ran too.
"You can say that again!" Eevy laughed too, and started running.
Brian, Sashi, Eevy and the Eon Pokemon got out of the cave. The sun was blinding them - a result for being in the dark for so long - but they shielded their eyes with their arms.
"Ahhh the sun feels so warm..." Sashi moaned.
"Ain't it great?" Eevy said.
"We're finally out..." Brian said, and looked around. He could see trees and bushes. He could even see Pokemon. A few Pidgeys were sleeping in a tree, and some Rattata ran around on the ground.
"Ahhh... Fresh air..." Espeon said. Umbreon followed Espeon, and he too smiled.
"What way is Salia City?" Sashi asked.
"Let me check..." both Eevy and Brian said, grabbing their Pokemon guides. They both stopped.
"You go ahead..." Brian said.
"No you go ahead..." Eevy said.
"I insist..."
"Okay..." Eevy grinned, opened her Pokemon guide, and turned a few pages until she came to a map of the area. "It says here, we should go to the west..." Eevy said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and started walking.
Eevy smiled.

The three were now on normal ground, and had left the mountain area. The sun was shining brightly, and there were almost no clouds.
"Hey Sashi!" someone called.
"Of course... When something bad is over, something new happens..." Sashi said, and turned around. "How are you, Alan?" Sashi smiled, recognizing the voice.
"Good, as always..." Alan said. Then he noticed Brian. "Another one of your kind?" he asked.
"Got a problem with that?" Brian growled.
"One with a big mouth too..." Alan smiled.
"Oh yeah?!" Brian was starting to get angry.
"Calm down, Brian..." Sashi said, placing a furry hand on Brian's shoulder. Eevy noticed this. "Let me handle this..."
"If you say so..." Brian said, and took a step back.
"Now, what do you want?" Sashi asked.
"A match... I want to test my Pokemon before I challenge Tiara... I will defeat her in no time, when I've defeated you..." Alan said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi asked confused.
"Yeah, I've talked to the others..." Alan said.
"Others?" Eevy asked confused.
"Other rivals of Sashi..." Alan explained. "They said you've become stronger, and I wanted to test that..." Alan said.
"I see..." Sashi said.
"So... Are you up to it?" Alan asked, and already grabbed a Pokeball.
"Mmmm no... not at all..." Sashi said.
"Wha?" Alan said, dropping his Pokeball. "Why not?"
"I've just survived going through a cave with collapsing tunnels... I need some rest..." Sashi said.
"Puh... Chicken..."
"You can call me whatever you want, but I'm still not fighting you..." Sashi smiled.
"Then can I have him?" Brian asked.
"Go ahead..." Sashi said, and this time, she took a step back, and let Brian pass.
"Oh this is going to be so much fun!" Brian said.
"I didn't come here to fight you, you... you..."
"What? Afraid to call me something?"
"Weirdo!" Alan said.
"Is that the best you can do? Then I can't wait for the battle to begin!" Brian said.
"Oh yeah?" Alan challenged, and grabbed the Pokeball he dropped from the ground, and threw it into the air. "Go, Scyther!" Alan called, and Scyther [Bug/Flying type] appeared on the field. He was big, green, and it looked like he had two blades as his arms, with wings.
"Scyther!" Scyther called.
"A Scyther!" Brian said. "Let's see how he will do... against his evolution!" Brian said, and grabbed a Pokeball. "Go, Scizor!" he cried, and threw his Pokeball into the air. It popped open, and white light came out, which landed on the ground. It formed into a shape, and a red Pokemon with big claws and four wings on its back appeared. It was now the level 38 Scizor against the level 40 Scyther, but Brian knew Scizor made a chance. After all, Scizor had more power, because he had evolved.
"Scizor!" Scizor said.
"You have a Scizor?" Alan asked.
"I do... Scizor! Use Slash!" Brian said.
"Scyther! Use Double Team! Quick!" Alan cried. Both Pokemon used their attacks. Scizor jumped into the air, and flew in Scyther's direction. But the second he hit, Scyther split into two Scyther, then three. Then, they jumped each into a different direction, surrounding Scizor.
"Not this trick again!" Brian said. "Scizor! Close your eyes, and feel your enemy..."
"Right..." Scizor said, and closed his eyes.
"What the... Scyther! Use Slash!"
"Slash attack!" the Scythers called all three, and every one flew into Scizor's direction. Scizor, however, didn't move. He just stood there, and waited...
"Why is he not moving out of the way?" Eevy asked.
"Calm..." Sashi said. "Scyther may have split up in three, but only one is real... Scizor is now trying to find the real one..." Sashi explained.
The three Scythers were almost upon Scizor, when he suddenly opened his eyes, and stuck out his right claw. It hit the Scyther, and he groaned in pain. Scyther fell to the ground, and the other two vanished.
"No!" Alan called, and Scyther fell to the ground. "Scyther! You okay?" Alan asked.
Scyther groaned, but got up. "Great!" Alan said.
"Ohh... Great pain, yeah... If only he understood me..." Scyther said in Pokemon language. Even though he was hit by just one attack, it took a lot out of him.
"Alan... You should switch Pokemon... Scyther is too hurt to go on..." Sashi said.
"Huh?" both Alan and Scyther said.
"You... understand me?" Scyther asked, and Sashi nodded.
"Is this true, Scyther?" Alan asked. Scyther turned his head, and nodded slowly. "Okay, return!" Alan said, and aimed his Pokeball at Scyther.
"Thank you..." Scyther said to Sashi, just before he returned.
"How... did you know?" Alan asked Sashi.
"We can understand Pokemon language..." Brian answered before Sashi could.
"Oh... Okay..." Alan said.
"Wow... he took that in easy..." Eevy noted.
"Alan's like that... Everything makes sense somehow, and when he gets an answer on something, he accepts it..." Sashi said.
"Now for my next Pokemon... I choose you, Ariados!" Alan said, and threw another Pokeball into the air. A moment later, a big spider appeared.
"Ariados..." Ariados [Bug/Poison] hissed.
"Another Bug Pokemon..." Eevy said.
"So you like collecting that type, huh?" Brian asked.
"Right... Ariados! Use-" Alan started, but Brian interrupted.
"Scizor! Return!" Brian called, and Scizor returned into his Pokeball. "Go, Gyarados!" Brian said, and threw a Pokeball into the air. A moment later, a large snake like fish appeared. It had a blue skin, and his mouth was wide open.
"Whoa!" Alan gasped when he saw the enormous Water/Flying type in front of him.
"Think you can defeat my Gyarados?" Brian asked.
"We'll see..." Alan replied. "Ariados! Use Toxic!" Alan said.
Ariados replied, spraying a fluid coming out of his mouth at Gyarados. He was unable to dodge it because of his size, and he took the Poison attack. Toxic is an attack that poisons the enemy.
"Oh no!" Brian groaned. "Not Poison!"
"Heh... It will be a matter of time before your Gyarados faints..." Alan said.
"He may be poisoned, but he can still attack! Gyarados! Use Hyper Beam!" Brian said. Suddenly, a ball of energy appeared in Gyarados' mouth, and it started to grow bigger.
"Ariados! Use Double Team!" Alan quickly said, and Ariados split up in three Pokemon, then in five.
"Why always Double Team?" Eevy groaned.
Gyarados' Hyper beam attack now shot out of his mouth, and hit one of the Ariados, but this one vanished.
"Because it is a good defense!" Alan replied. Gyarados stopped his attack, and then groaned when he felt the Poison in his body work.
"He can't hold on any longer..." Brian mumbled. "All right," he shouted, "Return!" Gyarados returned into his Pokeball.
"One down, several to go... Will you use your Scizor again?" Alan asked.
"If you really want to..." Brian smiled. "Scizor! I choose you, again!" Brian called, threw Scizor's Pokeball into the air, and Scizor appeared on the field odnce more. "Scizor!"
"I want you to take out this insect fast!" Brian said. "Use Cut!"
"Oh no, you don't! Ariados! Use-" Alan said, but before he could finish, Scizor had moved faster, and slashed one of his claws onto Ariados, knocking him unconscious.
"Double... Team...?" Alan said, finishing his sentence. "Oh no!"
"Heh! Two down, several to go..." Brian said.
"You've seen nothing yet!" Alan said, and grabbed a third Pokeball. "I choose you, Venomoth!" Alan cried, and threw a Pokeball, containing a big, purple butterfly.
"Venomoth... Venomoth..." Venomoth [Bug/Poison] said.
"You've done enough for today... Return!" Brian said, and called Scizor back. He threw another Pokeball, without telling who was inside. The Pokeball opened, and a big, yellow Pokemon, with two long mustaches, and two spoons in either hands appeared.
"Alakazam..." Alakazam [Psychic] said.
"Not a Psychic type!" Alan moaned.
"Yes... Alakazam! Use Psychic!" Brian said.
"Alakazam..." Alakazam said, placed both spoons - crossed over each other - in front of his eyes - which were glowing - and waves of energy shot towards Venomoth.
"Venomoth! Use Supersonic!" Alan called, and Venomoth's eyes glowed, and shot a few waves of energy back at Alakazam. The two attacks hit each other, and exploded in the air. Both Pokemon were unharmed.
"What the..." Brian gasped. "He deflected Alakazam's Psychic attack!" he thought. "How did you do that?"
"You'll find out soon enough..." Alan said. Brian looked at Sashi, but she only nodded.
"Okay, if that doesn't work... Then maybe-"
"Venomoth! Use Supersonic again!" Alan called, and Venomoth's eyes glowed again. He shot more waves of energy at Alakazam, and this time, it hit him. Alakazam became confused.
"Crap! Alakazam! Can you hear me?"
"Wha?" he said.
"This doesn't look good..." Brian said.
"Venomoth! Use Silver Wind!" Alan said, and Venomoth;'s wings glowed silver, and he beat his wings at Alakazam.
"Oh no!" Brian called as Alakazam was hit by a silver twister. Bug attacks were super effective against Psychic types, and Silver Wing proved that. Alakazam fainted.
"Aaargh... Alakazam! Return!" Brian called, and Alakazam returned into his Pokeball.
"I have no Pokemon left, but..." Brian thought, looking at Umbreon. He looked back at him, and nodded once.
"I'm ready..." he said.
"You sure about this?" Brian asked.
"Yeah... Maybe he can use Scizor again... You don't have to-" Espeon started.
"I want to do this..." Umbreon said, looking into Espeon's eyes. She could see it in his eyes. He was ready. She nodded.
"Okay, go, Umbreon!" Brian said, and Umbreon walked onto the field.
"An Umbreon? You're training an Umbreon?" Alan asked Brian.
"Got a problem with that?" Umbreon asked, but Alan didn't hear that.
"Yes I am... Got a problem with that?" Brian asked, repeating Umbreon.
"No... It's just... Ah never mind..."
"Umbreon! Use Quick Attack!" Brian said, and Umbreon jumped forwards as fast as he could get, hitting Venomoth in the air.
"Whoa..." Alan gasped, as he watched Venomoth land on the ground, with Umbreon on him.
"Another one down..." Brian cheered, and Umbreon smiled. Brian had spent a lot of time training him. It was tough, even for him. He had fought weak Pokemon in the past, and some stronger ones too, but it has never come this far that Brian could only count on him. Never had he witnessed two of his Pokemon faint. Scizor may still be ready to fight, but he had already taken out two Pokemon, and could use some rest. So, all Brian had left was him.
"Venomoth! Return!" Alan groaned. Umbreon quickly jumped off Venomoth, as he returned into his Pokeball. "Why does it have to be a Dark Type?" Alan growled.
"Why?" Brian asked confused.
"Because of his secret weapon..." Sashi said.
"Go!" Alan cried, and threw a Pokeball into the air. A moment later, a familiar yellow Pokemon with long mustaches and two spoons appeared on the field.
"An Alakazam?!" Brian gasped.
"A very strong one..." Sashi said. "Last time I fought him, he was level 39, and his other Pokemon were still level 34... He spends extra time training him..." Sashi explained.
"And as you know, Psychic attacks don't have any effect on Dark types..." Alan said.
"Then why did you call him?" Brian asked.
"I could give up the fight, but that isn't my style... I'd rather be defeated by battle then give up..." Alan said.
"I understand..." Brian said.
"It may not do much, but... Alakazam! Use Shadow Ball!" Alan said, and Alakazam opened his mouth. In it appeared a black ball of dark energy. A moment later, it shot towards Umbreon.
"Umbreon! Dodge!" Brian said, and Umbreon quickly jumped out of the way.
"Your Umbreon has a great speed..." Alan said.
"Thanks... Umbreon!" Brian said, getting ready for one last attack, and Alan knew this, "Use Faint Attack!" Brian said. Umbreon glowed with a dark aura surrounding his body, and he jumped forwards with great speed, which was unable to be seen by the eye. Alakazam only cried out in pain once, before he fell to the ground, and Umbreon appeared next to him, his aura disappeared.
"Awww... You did great work... Return!" Alan said, and called Alakazam back.
"You did it!" Brian cried, as he ran towards Umbreon, and hugged him.
"B-brian... Y-you're ch-ch-choking me..." Umbreon managed to say.
"Oops... Sorry..." Brian said, and let go of his Pokemon.
"That was quite some fight..." Alan said, approaching Brian. He stuck out an arm, and opened his hand. Brian looked down at the hand, and smiled. He grabbed the hand, and shook it once. But Alan kept on shaking after. "You did very well..." he said.
"Thanks..." Brian said. This was all new to him. Never before had an opponent shaken his hand before, or told him he did great. The only thing everyone did, was curse at him. "You should be proud of yourself as well..." Brian added. "I mean, deflecting Alakazam's Psychic attack like that... It was something I would have never thought of..."
"Thanks... I trained my Venomoth to do that when he and Alakazam trained against each other..." Alan said.
"Incredible..." Brian said.
"Yeah, you've improved much since our last battle..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Alan blushed.
"Wait a second... Why are you so nice to Sashi and Brian?" Eevy suddenly asked.
"Every rival of Sashi has never been so nice to her, being an anthro and such..." Eevy said. "Well, except for Dan..."
"Oh... Well, that's because I've gotten used to anthro's," Alan said, and sat down on a big rock, "The first time I met Sashi, was when we were 16 years old. I had started my Pokemon journey for a month then, when I came across a Daycare center. Not knowing what it was, I went inside to check. The people there were very nice, and explained to me exactly what their job was; breeding Pokemon. While they were explaining it to me, a little, purple furred girl entered the room. The Daycare people were afraid I would freak, and run away, but I didn't. I was fascinated by her. Not because I'm a boy and she's a girl, but because she was different. I started asking a lot of questions-" Alan began.
"Which, as I remember, were quite annoying..." Sashi interrupted.
"Anyway, I learnt about anthro's from Sashi's 'mother'... I thought it was weird for an anthro to have human parents, but they explained me how they became that. I thought it was sad for Sashi to have started her life this miserable..."
"Alan is what you call a friendly rival..." Sashi said.
"I'm happy for you, Sashi... To have found some friends who keep you company on your journey. I really would have wished to fight you, to see how strong you actually have become." Alan said. "And I'm sure you will take care of her?" Alan asked Brian.
"Sure will." Brian smiled.
"And you," Alan said to Eevy, "It's great for Sashi to have some human company. That way, maybe she can learn how to see humans as friendly people..." Alan said.
"Thanks..." Eevy said, not exactly knowing what to say.
"Oh don't worry about me," Sashi said, placing an arm around Eevy and her head on Eevy's shoulder, "If every human is as nice as Eevy, I might."
Eevy loved the contact.
"Great... Well, see ya!" Alan said, getting up, and walking away.
"You never told me about Alan before..." Eevy said.
"I didn't think it was important..." Sashi replied.
"I see..."
"We better get going too." Brian said. "If we're ever going to fight this Tiara, we shouldn't be hanging around here..."
"I agree... Let's go." Sashi said, and the two followed.

Salia City; a big city with lots of buildings. These buildings were so high, it looked like it went on forever.
"Whoa..." Sashi said.
"You can say that again!" Eevy said.
"How are we ever going to find the gym in this jungle?" Brian asked.
"Well at least we've found the Pokemon Center..." Eevy said, pointing to her right. The other two looked to their right, and saw the big Pokemon Center.
"Let's heal our Pokemon first," Sashi said, "They've been through enough already... A Gym battle might be too much for them..."
"You're right..." Brian said.

Sashi sat down in front of a computer in the Pokemon Center, and turned it on. She was going to check her mail, to see if there were any new messages. There weren't. Then she remembered Darren, the boy she met in Valicia City. He had given him a card of the Pokemon Daycare, including an e-mail address. She decided to contact him, to tell him about everything that happened.

"Hello Darren,

Life has been good for me since we met. I've won the Gym Battle in Valicia City,
but because of that, my Pokemon got hurt badly, so I brought them to the Pokemon Center.
While they were resting, I took a walk, and was suddenly attacked by someone.
When I woke, I met Jolty, a Jolteon. Some time later, I met her trainer.
It was a human. Her name is Eevy."

Sashi wrote in a new message, then looked behind her at Eevy, and smiled.

"She is a wonderful friend, and I like her very much. So much, I even...
Forget that... That's private... Anyway, we became friends, and she said yes when I asked her to travel along with me.
I've met her other Pokemon, which were all the Eevee evolutions, except one, and guess which one...
An Espeon! Her other Pokemon are; Vapora (Vaporeon), Flara (Flareon) and Umbro (Umbreon).
They are very nice. I've spent the night in her house, and we've been together since.
It was soon that we reached the next Gym in Doruki Town. Drake, Doruki Town's Gym leader,
is - what we later discovered - the eighth Gym Leader, so we moved on to the next Gym.
Nothing much happened between that time, except that I met another anthro; an Umbreon called Brian.
He's very nice too... I've even seen him fighting one of my rivals, and I must say he's
a strong trainer with a big heart. Anyway, we're now in Salia City, to fight Tiara, this City's Gym leader.
Wish me all the luck. Oh, by the way,
did I tell you I can understand Pokemon language?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sashi entered Darren's e-mail address, and clicked the send button. The message was delivered. She signed herself out of her account, and shut down the computer.
"Excuse me, your Pokemon are back to normal..." Nurse Joy said.
"Thanks..." Sashi and Brian both said at once.
"I was talking to Sashi..." Nurse Joy laughed.
"Oh..." Brian blushed.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, took her Pokeballs, and called everyone out. When they were, Sashi kneeled down in front of them. "Listen everybody," Sashi said. "We're about to fight in yet another Gym, for my fourth badge..."
"Awesome!" Espeon said.
"I hope we can take them!" Kirlia said.
"I'm sure we can take them..." Sashi replied.
"And if you need any help, I can help you..." Brian said.
"How?" Sashi asked, confused.
"I can loan you one of my Pokemon for the battle, if you're in trouble..." Brian said.
"That's very nice of you..." Sashi said, and placed a hand on Brian's cheek, rubbing it softly. "But no, I don't need that... I'm convinced my own Pokemon can fight on their own..." Sashi said, pulling her hand back.
"Oh okay..." Brian said, blushing brightly at Sashi's touch.
Eevy groaned softly, so that no one heard.

The three were now walking to the Gym... Or at least they thought they were. This city was so big, that looking for the Gym was like looking for a haystack in a haystack.
"Isn't there a map of this city?" Sashi groaned.
"Maybe we should ask the way?" Eevy suggested.
"Good idea..." Sashi said, and Eevy smiled.
"Excuse me, sir... Do you know where this City's Gym is?" Brian asked an old man.
"Yes, of course I do... See that building over there?" the old man said, pointing to one of the tallest building in the City.
"Take a left there..." the old man said.
"Okay, tha-"
"Or was it a right?" the old man interrupted.
"Right? I thought..."
"Or was it straight ahead?" the old man said.
"Make up your mind!" Brian thought.
"Wait here... I'll go ask someone..." the old man said, then stopped. "What was it again?"
"Never mind..." Brian groaned.
"Excuse me, sir... Do you know where this City's Gym is?" Sashi asked.
This man was a lot younger than the old man, so he must know it.
"Why you are the second one today who asked that... Yes, I know... See that building over there?" the man pointed at the same building the old man pointed at.
"Take a left there..."
"Thank you..." Sashi said.
"No problem, and good luck with your fight!" the man waved.
"Thank you!"
"So it was a left..." Brian said.
"Calm down... At least we know the way to-" Sashi said as the three turned left at the building, seeing nothing but more buildings.
"Oh no..." Brian groaned.
"You know?" Sashi suddenly said.
"What?" Brian and Eevy asked.
"The man you asked directions from... Did you notice he wasn't afraid of us?" Sashi said to Brian.
"Hey you're right... I wonder why..."
"Maybe there are people who are afraid of you, and people who like you..." Eevy said.
"Like you..." Sashi smiled.
"Or they just don't care..." Eevy said.
"Perhaps..." Brian said.

A while, and a lot more buildings later, they finally arrived at the Gym. It wasn't what they expected the Gym to look like. It looked like the buildings surrounding it.
"Great! We're finally there!" Brian smiled.
Suddenly, the doors opened, and Alan came running out, carrying his Pokeballs in his hands.
"Alan?" Sashi gasped.
"Huh? Sashi? What are you doing here?!" he said.
"I was about to fight Tiara-"
"Don't!" Alan said.
"Why not? Don't tell me we made another mistake in Gym Leaders? Isn't Tiara the fourth Gym leader?" Sashi asked.
"She is... But... her Pokemon..." Alan said.
"What about them?"
"Not them... It... Her Pokemon... Her last Pokemon... Has a special ability... Or was it an attack? I don't know... It took me completely by surprise... I never thought such a harmless thing could influence the battle so much..." Alan said.
"Who is this Pokemon?"
"I have no time! I need to heal my Pokemon!" Alan said, and ran away.
"Why do Gym Leaders have to be so scary?" Sashi asked.
"Shall we go in?" Brian asked Sashi.
"Of course! I'm not about to run away scared when I've come this far..." Sashi replied, and walked forwards, entering the Gym.
"Heh..." Brian smiled, and followed.
"What if this Pokemon defeats Sashi too?" Eevy thought, as she entered the Gym too. "Maybe I should have said she could borrow one of my Pokemon... Flara, Vapora, Jolty and Umbro all are above Level 53, so this Gym wouldn't be a problem for her... But she has said she wants to do it on her own..."

"Welcome, Trainer..." Tiara said. She was a tall woman, with long, white hair hanging down her back. She was wearing a pink T-shirt, and a pink skirt to match it. Then she saw Sashi and Brian. "You are no regular Trainers..." she noted.
"True..." Sashi said.
"But that does not matter..." Tiara said. "As long as you are a Trainer, everything is fine with me..."
"Thank you..." Sashi said, then looked at Brian. "Do you want to go first?"
"Sure..." Brian said, and stepped forwards.
"So it is the Umbreon first..." Tiara said.
"Hey, this Umbreon has a name!"
"And that is?"
"Well hello, Brian. My name is Tiara. I am Salia City's Gym leader. I have specialized myself in Normal Type Pokemon because... They are normal, maybe, I do not know..."
"This fight will be between Salia City's Gym leader Tiara, and the challenger Brian. Both Trainers can use five Pokemon each! There is no time limit! Are you both ready?" the referee asked.
"I'm ready!" Brian said.
"Me too..." Tiara said.
"Let the battle begin!"
"Choose your first Pokemon!" Tiara said.
"All right! I choose you, Scizor!" Brian called, threw Scizor's Pokeball into the air, and Scizor came out.
"Scizor..." he said.
"Wow... He grew two levels since the last battle!" Sashi said. "He's at level 40 right now..."
"Now you choose your first Pokemon..." Brian said.
"Fine... Go, Ursaring!" Tiara said, grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it into the air. A moment later, a big, bear-like Pokemon appeared on the field. It had several marks on its body.
"Ursaring..." Ursaring [Normal type] said.
"Whoa... That's a big bear..." Eevy said.
"And I expect him to have a lot of Power too..." Sashi said. She could feel it.
"The size of a Pokemon doesn't scare us! Scizor! Use Double Team!" Brian called. This attack always worked good.
Scizor complied, glowing shortly, before splitting up in more Scizor.
"Puh... Useless attack... Ursaring! Use Slash!" Tiara said, and Ursaring moved forwards. He slashed with one of his arms into one Scizor, but this one vanished.
"Good!" Brian said.
"Luck..." Tiara growled. This was the first time ever Ursaring had made an attack that didn't hit. This was also the first time a Trainer used Double Team in his first move.
"We'll see! Scizor!" there were now 11 Scizor on the field. "Use Slash!" All Scizor complied, jumping towards Ursaring. All hit.
"Ow!" Ursaring groaned, and only Sashi and Brian were able to hear that. Ursaring fell down on his knees.
"Ursaring..." Tiara said. "You can not be defeated by such a weak attack... Get up!"
Ursaring groaned, but got up anyway. Tiara was right. It was as if the Slash attack didn't do much to him.
"Ursaring! Use Earthquake!" Tiara said, and Ursaring went forwards to grab a Scizor.
"Maybe he will miss this attack too... At least, I hope so... Earthquake is a strong attack..." Brian said, but to his horror, Ursaring was able to grab the real Scizor. When he had, he jumped high into the air, and when they fell down, Ursaring had pushed Scizor down, so that he'd hit the ground first.
"Scizor! No!" Brian cried, as the two Pokemon landed. A big crash followed, and lots of dust came free. The clouds of dust pushed themselves through the whole room, and Brian, Sashi, Eevy and the two Eons had to close their eyes for a moment, coughing in their hands. When the clouds cleared, there was a big hole in the ground, and Ursaring was standing next to it.
"No..." Brian gasped, as he ran over to the hole. He looked down, and saw his Scizor in it, lying on its back, unconscious.
"Scizor is unable to fight anymore! Ursaring is the winner!" the referee said.
"Scizor, return..." Brian said, and Scizor returned into his Pokeball. "I see you have a Powerful Ursaring..." Brian said.
"Yes..." Tiara replied.
"Next, I'll choose Alakazam!" Brian said, and threw Alakazam's Pokeball into the air.
"Alakazam!" Alakazam said, as he appeared on the field.
"An Alakazam?" Tiara said.
"Use Psychic!" Brian called before Tiara could say another thing. Alakazam crossed his spoons in front of his glowing eyes, and soon, waves of energy flew towards Ursaring. He groaned as the waves hit him, closed his eyes, and tried to fight the pain, but it was too much. Ursaring screamed out in pain, and flew back, unconscious.
"All right!" Brian cried. "The Slash attack must have weakened Ursaring enough for Alakazam to take him out with one Psychic attack!"
"Ursaring! Return!" Tiara said.
"One down, several to go..." Brian said.
"You will never defeat me! I choose my strongest Pokemon!" Tiara said, throwing a Pokeball, and later, a big cat-like Pokemon with purple... ears, and something that looked like a big, purple collar appeared.
"Delcatty!" the level 48 Delcatty [Normal type] said.
"Whoa... Another strong Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"Will he make it?" Eevy asked.
"I hope so..."
"You are going to lose that hope soon, Trainer..." Tiara said to Sashi.
"Because Delcatty is a Pokemon who no Pokemon can defeat... Almost never has she lost a fight..." Tiara replied.
"And why is that?"
"Because one of Delcatty's attacks makes all Trainer's Pokemon refuse to fight her... That leaves the Trainer no choice but to give up..." Tiara said.
"I don't believe a word you're saying!" Brian said. "One stupid attack can't make my Pokemon refuse to fight!"
"Yes it can..." Tiara said. "Go ahead... Attack, and see for yourself..."
"Okay! Alakazam! Use another Psychic!" Brian called.
Alakazam once again crossed his spoons in front of his glowing eyes, and energy waves were shot at Delcatty. Delcatty jumped out of the way, just before the attack hit her.
"No!" Brian growled.
"Heh... Now, Delcatty! Use Attract!" Tiara said. Delcatty complied, and her eyes glowed suddenly. Then, nothing happened, except that Delcatty's eyes were back to normal.
"Nothing happened..." Eevy said.
"Oh, something happened all right..." Tiara said.
There was a silence.
"What are you talking about? I don't see anything... Brian! Go ahead, and attack her again..."
"No..." Brian suddenly said.
"Wha? Can you repeat that?"
"I won't attack her..." Brian said.
"But why not?" Eevy asked surprised.
Brian was silent for a while, but then he turned his head, and his eyes were... different somehow.
"Because I can't attack someone I love..." Brian said...

To be continued...

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