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You'll see soon enough...
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A quick run-down of the last chapter:

Salia City Gym. Brian had challenged Tiara, the Leader of that Gym. Luckily, he had managed to defeat one of Tiara's Pokemon; Ursaring, but his luck had run out when Tiara chose her strongest Pokemon; Delcatty. Tiara claimed that Brian's Pokemon would refuse to fight Delcatty, but Brian didn't believe that, so he attacked Delcatty. She dodged his attack, and did one of her own. An attack called Attract.

"Attract. Affects only Pokemon of the opposite sex. Prevents the opponent Pokemon from attacking with a 50% probability." Eevy said, reading information about Attract in her Pokemon Guide. "This is bad..."
"I told you you would lose your hope..." Tiara said.
"How long will this attraction going to last?" Eevy asked.
"For as long as the Pokemon is out on the field..." Tiara answered.
"Then the only thing Brian needs to do is switch Pokemon... Now if only he wasn't affected as well, he would do that immediately..." Eevy groaned. Then she noticed something. Sashi hadn't spoken since Brian got affected. Was she also affected by the Attract attack? No, that couldn't be... It said 'Affects only Pokemon of the opposite sex', and Sashi and Delcatty were both female. But why was she so quiet?
"Sashi?" Eevy asked. Sashi didn't reply. "What's wrong?"
"I... feel... Something in the air... It feels... strange..." Sashi said. She could feel the attack too.
"Oh it's good to hear you are okay..." Eevy smiled.
"Brian is in trouble..." Sashi said. There was something different about her voice. She spoke in a low and soft voice.
"I know..." Eevy replied.
"So... Brian... Can you still fight?" Tiara asked Brian. Brian looked back at Tiara.
"Please be in the 50% that works!" Eevy thought.
"Alakazam?" Brian said suddenly, his voice also low and soft.
"Ala... kazam?" Alakazam said, turning his head.
"Use.... use... Psychic!" Brian said, shaking his head.
Alakazam raised his hands, and then looked at Delcatty, who looked back with puppy-dog eyes. "I... Can't..." Alakazam said, lowering his arms.
"Alakazam..." Brian said. "I know you can't..."
"Be a good boy and give up..." Delcatty suddenly said.
"Anything for my love..." Alakazam said, and made himself return into his Pokeball. Brian looked down at Alakazam's Pokeball confused.
"He... returned by himself?"
"Oh no!" Eevy gasped.
"Alakazam has left the Battle field! Delcatty is the winner of this round!" the referee said.
"Got any other Pokemon?" Delcatty asked.
"Only Umbreon and Gyarados..." Brian said to the Leader.
"And you're not supposed to use them, right?"
"I... I don't know..." Brian said. His hand reached out to Gyarados' Pokeball, but somehow he couldn't grab it.
"Brian!" Sashi suddenly cried, and that made him look back. Sashi was now standing in front of him.
"Sashi?" Brian said.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"I'm... I... I don't know..."
"You're about to lose a Gym Battle..." Sashi said. "Do you want that to happen?"
"No, but..." Brian said, directing his head at Delcatty. This was enough to show Sashi what he meant.
"I know you're in a tough situation now... But snap out of it!" Sashi said.
"Excuse me... I do not remember giving you permission to talk to the challenger..." Tiara said.
"Just a sec," Sashi said to Tiara, then looked back at Brian, "Can you snap out of it?"
"I..." he got no further.
"I guess not... Well, maybe this will help..." Sashi said, grabbed Brian's head, and pushed her lips against his. Brian and Eevy gasped when they saw this. Brian's eyes opened wide, and he started blushing when he felt Sashi's lips against his. Sashi, however, had her eyes closed. She didn't push out her tongue, because this was not the right time for that, although it could help more. But she decided against it, and just used her lips. She then pulled her head back.
"Wha..." Eevy gasped.
"S-sashi?" Brian blushed.
"You okay now?" Sashi asked.
"Uhm... I guess..."
"Then continue!" Sashi said, and walked back.
"All right! Gyarados! I choose you!" Brian called, completely snapped out of the attraction.
"How dare you! I was about to win this match!" Tiara growled at Sashi.
"Hey, I just hate to see my friends lose..." Sashi said, smiling.
"If you ever want a match against me, you better stay out of this fight!" Tiara said.
"Easy," Sashi said, raising her hands in defense, "I'll stay out of it from now on..."
"Fine... I see you are back to normal?" Tiara asked Brian.
"As normal as I can get..." Brian said. He felt strange. Well, that and Sashi's kiss on his lips. But he was back. "Gyarados! Be careful with this Pokemon! She is dangerous!" Brian said.
"Okay..." Gyarados said.
"Now use ehh... Bite!" Brian called, and Gyarados tried to grab Delcatty with its jaw, but Delcatty jumped out of the way. Gyarados tried it again, and this time, Delcatty couldn't dodge. She cried out in pain as Gyarados' teeth dug into her several times. The attack took a lot of Delcatty's Power, and she fell down to the ground.
"Great work!" Brian said. Suddenly, Gyarados' eyes shut tight, and when they opened again, they looked different. "Gyarados?" Brian asked. He sensed something was wrong. And something was.
"Looks like Delcatty's Special ability got to work..." Tiara said.
"Special ability? What special ability?" Sashi asked.
"Delcatty's ability is called 'Cute Charm'... It's something like Attract, only this is not an attack..."
So you say my Gyarados is now in love with Delcatty?!" Brian gasped.
"He is... And he could not have been if he did not use a physical attack..." Tiara said. "Delcatty's Cute Charm will only work if the opponent uses a physical attack on her... Now the chance for the opponent's attack to hit will be 30% or less..."
"I see Delcatty is practically invincible..." Brian said.
"She is..."
"But she can be defeated..."
"What do you mean?"
"Trainers usually try to give the opponent a 'Status Abnormality', like making it poisoned, frozen, burned, paralysed or confused... Or in this case; attracted... So I am always prepared for something like that... Gyarados! Eat your Lum berry!" Brian said, and Gyarados ate the Lum berry he was holding.
"A Lum berry?" Tiara asked surprised.
"Cures a Pokemon of any status abnormality..." Brian said, and in a moment, Gyarados was back to normal.
"Delcatty! Try and use another Attract attack!" Tiara said, but Gyarados moved quicker. The Bite attack he delivered Delcatty earlier had taken a lot of power out of her, and Brian guessed one attack was enough to take her down.
"Gyarados! Use another Bite!" Brian said, and Gyarados moved quicker than Delcatty, and once again, Gyarados dug his teeth into Delcatty's body. He didn't have to worry about attraction, because this attack took Delcatty down. Gyarados let go of Delcatty's body - slowly putting it down on the ground - and crawled back to Brian's side.
"Delcatty can not fight anymore! The winner is Gyarados!" the referee said.
"Delcatty, return!" Tiara said, and Delcatty returned into her Pokeball.
"Two down..." Brian said.
"Makes the score even... You two Pokemon down, and I two Pokemon down..." Tiara said.
"Yeah? So?"
"You think you have won the match now that Delcatty is out?" Tiara grinned.
"It's a start..." Brian said.
"Well Delcatty may have been my strongest Pokemon, but my other three Pokemon are not much weaker..." Tiara said. "I choose you, Raticate!" Tiara said, and threw a Pokeball into the air. Later, a giant rat appeared on the field.
"Rrrrraticate!" Raticate [Normal type] cried.
"A Raticate!" Sashi said.
"Raticate! Use Hyper Fang!" Tiara said. Raticate jumped forwards, and dug his two teeth into Gyarados' body. Gyarados cried out in pain as he felt Raticate's attack hit him hard. He crashed down on the floor, with Raticate still on him.
"Three down... What are you doing to do now?" Tiara asked.
"I can only use Umbreon!" Brian said, and looked down at his side.
"I'm... ready..." Umbreon gulped.
"Then show that rat what you're made of!" Brian said, and Umbreon jumped onto the Battle field.
"This one is taken out as easily as the last one!" Tiara smiled.
"Oh yeah? He may look weak, but he's pretty strong!" Brian said, and Umbreon looked back. These words made Umbreon feel happy inside, knowing his Trainer trusted him, even after what happened in the cave. "Umbreon! Use Psychic!" Umbreon lowered his head, and his eyes started to glow bright.
"A Dark type who can learn Psychic attacks?" Tiara gasped.
"Yes!" Brian replied, as Umbreon suddenly glowed. Then, a strong wave of energy hit Raticate without warning.
"Rrrr-Raticate!" Raticate cried, closing his eyes.
"Raticate!" Tiara gasped. Raticate fell down to the ground, not moving.
"Raticate can not fight anymore! Umbreon is the winner!" the referee said.
Umbreon's eyes turned back to normal. Suddenly, he fell down to his knees.
"What's wrong with Umbreon?" Sashi asked.
"This happens often after he does a Psychic attack... He is, for some reason, not capable of generating so much power in one attack..." Brian said.
"Will he be okay?" Sashi asked.
"Yes." Brian said.
"Good... If this goes on, you'll be able to beat Tiara... You've already taken out three of her Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"I know... But I'm not sure if Umbreon can handle another Psychic attack like the last one... It might be the thing we need to defeat her..." Brian said.
"I'm sure he'll make it..." Sashi said.
"It is time for me to choose my fourth Pokemon..." Tiara said.
"I'm ready..."
"Go, Chansey!" Tiara said, and threw a Pokeball. It opened, and a big, fat, and pink colored Pokemon with an egg kept in a sack in its belly appeared.
"Chansey!" Chansey [Normal type] said.
"Oh no... Not a Chansey!" Brian groaned.
"Why?" Sashi asked.
"Chansey have a huge defense... Attacks don't have much influence..." Brian explained.
"Running scared?" Tiara asked.
"And what if I am?"
"Nothing..." Tiara said.
"Good.. Umbreon?" Brian asked. Umbreon gathered all the strength he could, and pushed himself up. He was now on all fours again.
"Yeah?" Umbreon asked, turning his head slightly.
"You're up to it?" Brian asked.
"Listen... I don't want you to use more power than needed, okay? Use a Psychic attack, but only if you think you can handle it..." Brian said.
"If it'll help you win the match, I don't care about how strong it is!" Umbreon said.
"Thanks..." Brian said.
"Chansey! Use Sing!" Tiara said.
"Uh-oh!" Brian said, before Chansey began singing a soft song. "I hope this will only affect the Pokemon in battle..." he added, as the song echoed through the whole room.
"What's so bad about a song?" Sashi asked. She had never heard of this attack (or the song) before.
"Watch..." Tiara said, and Umbreon's head jerked up.
"What's happeni..." he said, before his eyes shut, and he fell to the ground.
"What's going on?" Sashi asked. "Has he been defeated?"
"No... He is sung to sleep..." Brian said. He got his answer now. The Sing attack only affected the Pokemon in battle, and not the 'Pokemon' outside of it. "Something I can't use right now! Umbreon! Umbreon can you hear me? Wake up, buddy!" Brian called, but Umbreon only snored in reply.
"This is bad... If he doesn't wake up, he's gonna lose!" Sashi said.
"And it's not as if I can use another Pokemon... I have used all of mine..." Brian said.
"Chansey! Use Body Slam!" Tiara said.
"Chansey!" Chansey cried happily, ran a few steps forwards, and then jumped into the air, above Umbreon.
"What is she going to do now?" Sashi asked.
"She's going to use Body Slam. That's an attack where the Pokemon uses its entire body in the attack, using it to slam down on its opponent with all its strength..." Brian explained. Chansey was on her way down, ready to use her attack, when suddenly, she was hit by a lot of white stars. Chansey groaned in surprise, and was thrown off course, making it land next to Umbreon.
"What is going on NOW?!" Tiara growled. That's when Espeon stepped in front of the sleeping Umbreon.
"I am what's going on..." Espeon said, but it sounded like Pokemon language to Tiara.
"Espeon?" Sashi asked surprised.
"How dare you interfere in our battle!" Tiara growled.
"It's not really interfering..." Espeon replied.
"What?" Sashi asked.
"In the beginning, the referee said that both trainers could use 5 Pokemon each, right?" Espeon said to Sashi.
"Right?" Brian said.
"Well, you only have four Pokemon, and with your fourth Pokemon down, I'm stepping in for him..." Espeon said.
"You mean you volunteer to fight for Brian?" Sashi asked, and Espeon nodded.
"Can someone please tell me what is going on?!" Tiara asked, furious.
"Espeon will be Brian's fifth Pokemon." Sashi said.
"That Espeon is not his Pokemon!" Tiara said.
"I know, but I'm going to let him borrow her, just this once..." Sashi said.
Tiara looked at the referee.
"It is allowed for a Trainer to loan its Pokemon to one who fights in a Battle..." he said. "Although it is highly unusual..."
"So you are saying he can use her Pokemon?" Tiara asked.
"Correct..." the referee replied.
"Oh all right..." Tiara said.
"Okay. This battle will be between Chansey and Espeon! Begin!" the referee said.
"All right, Espeon!" Sashi called.
"Thanks Espeon..." Brian said, and Espeon nodded.
"Chansey! Use Sing!" Tiara said, and Chansey started singing again.
"I'm not falling for that again!" Brian said.
"Or I..." Espeon thought when Brian said that.
"Espeon! Use Quick Attack!" Brian said, and Espeon moved with the speed of light at her opponent. She hit Chansey just before she had sang her first words, and Chansey grunted.
"Clever to use an attack to disable Sing... But that will not defeat her! Chansey! Use Softboiled!" Tiara said, and Chansey complied. Suddenly, the egg she held on her belly jumped out, opened up, and light shone over Chansey. Suddenly, Chansey was restored. The egg disappeared, and a new one replaced the old one in her belly.
"Crap!" Brian said as Chansey was back at full strength.
"What? What happened?" Sashi asked.
"Softboiled is an attack that restores the Pokemon's energy..." Brian said.
"That's bad... Can Espeon defeat Chansey?" Sashi asked, worried about her Pokemon.
"I'm not sure... I hope so..." Brian said.
"Maybe we can switch Pokemon?" Sashi said.
"How? And with who?" Brian asked.
"We could use one of Eevy's Pokemon?" Sashi said, and looked around. "Right Eev-" Sashi stopped. She was alone. Eevy wasn't there. "Eevy?" Sashi asked, trying to find her friend. "Eevy? Where are you?"
"We couldn't have done that anyway..." Espeon said, dodging a Body Slam attack. "I'm the fifth Pokemon! Brian can only use five!"
"She's right, Sashi..." Brian said, but Sashi didn't hear him. "Sashi?"
"Huh?" Sashi replied, turning her head. That's when Espeon saw the confused look on her face.
"Eevy's gone..." Sashi said.
"Go find her..." Brian said.
"But what about your match?"
"I'll be fine!" Brian said. "Besides, with your Espeon, I won't have to worry..."
"Go ahead, Sashi..." Espeon said.
"You sure?"
"I'll be fine, as Brian said..."
"Okay..." Sashi said, and walked away, out of the door.

Sashi ran through the city, trying to find Eevy. Why in the world would Eevy run away in such an important time? Why would she run away anyway? What could have caused her to flee? Was it something that happened in the Gym? Was it something Tiara said? Was it something Brian did? Or something she did? Sashi suddenly stopped. 'Something she did'... The kiss. She had kissed Brian, to snap him out of the attraction. This must be it. Since the day she had met Brian, Sashi had noticed something different about Eevy. She acted weirder than usual. Especially at moments when... When she was close to Brian. Was that it? Was that the reason why she was acting weird? Was she, just like herself, starting to feel something between them? If that were true, then that was the reason why Eevy ran away. She thought the kiss she gave Brian meant something. But it didn't. It was just to snap Brian out of his attraction. But maybe Eevy didn't see it like that. Sashi groaned.
"Oh no, Eevy..." Sashi said. "Where are you?"
To be honest, Sashi had the same feelings for Eevy, only she didn't had the courage to tell her. She may look tough, but inside, she was afraid of how Eevy's would react. What if Eevy didn't feel the same way she did? Would she be mad at her, and leave her? She couldn't have that. It would mean the end of the world to her. But, deep down inside, she could feel Eevy felt the same. Now she only had to find her, to explain her feelings to her. She could have done that before, but her feelings towards Eevy started a little while before she met Brian. Had she been alone with Eevy, or had she felt the way she felt now earlier, she would have told her. But now, with Brian in the group, it wasn't so easy. She felt nervous.

Sashi turned another corner, and there was still no sign of Eevy. Had she run away that far? It could. I mean, the kiss she gave Brian was a long time ago. Eevy could be everywhere. She could also have left the city, and gone back to her house. She could also have gone somewhere else, far away from everything, far away from her, or the places they got. Together. Sashi now almost had tears in her eyes. If only she had told Eevy the truth, they wouldn't be in this situation. If only she had not 'kissed' Brian, they wouldn't be in this situation. If only-

Sashi stopped as she turned yet another corner. She saw her. Eevy. She was sitting on a rock - with her back towards her - just outside the city. It was now that Sashi noticed she had just left Salia city. Sashi was silent. She may have found Eevy, but how was she going to talk to her? If she really felt the way she felt, seeing her after what happened may be awful.
"A-hem..." Sashi coughed, and that made Eevy turn her head.
"Oh, it's you..." Eevy said.
"Yeah..." Sashi said, wiping the tears out of her eyes.
"Why are you crying? Did Brian lose?"
"No, it's not that..." Sashi replied. She was surprised Eevy replied so... normal...
"Then why are you here?"
"For you... I couldn't find you, and... I was worried..." Sashi said.
"As if I would believe that..." Eevy replied.
"It's true..."
"So... Uhm... Why did you run away?" Sashi asked.
Eevy was silent.
"I saw something horrible..." Eevy replied.
"What? Was it the fight?" Sashi asked, although she knew the answer.
"It's... I..." Eevy said. "I have to tell her now..." Eevy thought. "But... What if she doesn't feel the same way I do? Would she be mad at me, and leave me? I can't have that. It would mean the end of the world to me..." Eevy thought.
"It's nothing... I just got scared Brian was losing..." Eevy said.
"Oh... Well, you don't have to worry... Espeon is helping Brian right now..."
"Espeon? Why her? Isn't she your Pokemon?" Eevy asked.
"Yes, but the referee said both trainers could use 5 Pokemon, and since Umbreon was down, Espeon stepped in..."
"Umbreon lost?"
"No, he was sung to sleep by Chansey's Sing attack, and he couldn't be used anymore.
"Oh..." Eevy said, and turned her head away from Sashi.
Sashi decided if none came up for their feelings, one of the two would have to start.
"Hey listen, Eevy..." Sashi began.
"Now that we uhm... have some time alone..." Sashi began, and Eevy's eyes widened. She turned her head slightly, and looked Sashi in the eyes. "There is something I... have to tell you..."
"Oh?" Eevy said, not believing Sashi was saying it.
"Yes... I know we had a bad first meeting, but I think because of that our friendship has become this big... And... it has become even bigger since a few days ago..."
"What I want to say is... I... I think we've become more than friends... You're always there for me when I'm in trouble... You're always so kind and nice and sweet..." Sashi said. "And I think I can say that... I... I've fallen in love with you..." Sashi said.
Eevy was silent. Her eyes were as wide as possible. Sashi was silent too, waiting for Eevy's reaction. Eevy slowly moved her hand to her face, opened two fingers, and grabbed a piece of her cheek. Then she squeezed tight, and yelped. It was no dream.
"You..." Eevy said, rubbing her cheek.
"I... I admit... And I feel you feel the same way... Right?" Sashi said, blushing, which was almost unseeable through her purple fur.
Eevy blushed too. If this were a dream, she would've woken up already. This was really happening.
"Y-yes..." Eevy replied after a while of silence. She quickly turned her head again. "B-but... If you feel like that to me, then why did you... kiss Brian?" Eevy asked.
"That was to bring him out of his attraction..." Sashi explained.
"To be able to bring him out of his attraction - his love for Delcatty - I had to counter it with something else... The kiss was the first thing that came up in my mind... And I think that was the real reason what made you run away, wasn't it?" Sashi said, approaching Eevy a little.
"Ehhh..." Eevy replied, blushing even more than before. Her whole face was red now.
"Eevy?" Sashi said, now only a few centimeters away from her, placing a hand on her shoulder.
"Mmmm?!" Eevy gasped, standing up suddenly.
"Relax..." Sashi said, still with a red face, and now with both hands on Eevy's shoulders. She turned Eevy around, and finally, their eyes met again. "This is what you wanted, right?"
"Well yeah, but... now that the time has come, I... I don't know how to say the things I want to say..."
"Just try..." Sashi smiled.
"Well okay... *ahem* Yes, our meeting was not normal, and I too think that's what made our friendship that strong... But I have to confess... The... the first night you spent at my house... I watched you sleep for a while..."
"But I thought you said..."
"Yeah... I was afraid you'd be mad, so I lied... But I couldn't tell you after it, because that would definitely make you mad..." Eevy said, and Sashi smiled.
"I could never get mad at you, sweetie..." Sashi said.
"I know, but I was just... scared, you know?"
"I know..."
"That was the time my feelings for you flickered to life... And I didn't know anything about you back then, so I didn't know if you preferred women over men..." Eevy blushed.
"I didn't either..." Sashi smiled.
"So... Which do you prefer?" Eevy asked, curiously.
"Well, at first I didn't know anything about these kind of things... I've always liked boys - every girl does - but from Vapora and Flara I learnt about being straight, lesbian or bi-sexual..." Sashi said.
"Vapora? And Flara?" Eevy asked confused.
"Yeah... Remember when you were making a ham-sandwich for me, and I asked Flara and Vapora to come with me?" Sashi asked, and Eevy had to think back a little.
"Oh yeah..."
"Well in the time we were away, they taught me how to have..." Sashi suddenly stopped.
"What? What did they teach you?"
"I... Don't know if I should tell you this..."
"Why not?"
"It's kinda a private thing..." Sashi blushed.
"You mean..." Eevy gasped, and Sashi nodded. "They taught you... it?"
"Oh..." Eevy said, and blushed some more. "I knew they were naughty little Pokemon lovers, but I never imagined they'd teach too..." Eevy said.
"They were my first..."
"'First'?" Eevy asked.
"Yeah... They could only show me sex between girls, but if I were to learn more about this Pokemon to Pokemon sex, I didn't only need to learn about lesbian sex..." Sashi said.
"Then you mean..."
"Umbro taught me the rest..." Sashi finished for Eevy.
"Umbro?" Sashi nodded. "Wow..."
"Since that night, I haven't had any sex anymore..." Sashi said.
"Not exactly..." Eevy thought, reminding herself the night in Bakiki town.
"But you could say I prefer both males and females..." Sashi said.
"Aha..." Eevy replied.
Silence again.
"So... You're not in love with Brian?" Eevy asked.
"I'm not..."
"Then why were you doing these things around him?" Eevy asked.
"You mean..."
"Smiling at him with those cute eyes..." Eevy said. "Oh, and when you rubbed his cheek in the Pokemon Center..."
"Those were just moments where he was so nice... And besides, I smile at him the same way I smile at you..." Sashi said, and smiled.
"Oh..." Eevy replied.
"Hey... come here..." Sashi said, pulled Eevy closer to her, and hugged her. "You're the one I want..."
"Really?" Eevy asked, and Sashi pulled her head back, now looking into Eevy's eyes again. And that's the moment where time seemed to stand still, and everything stopped. Eevy and Sashi had their first kiss. Together. Sashi pressed her lips against Eevy's, and closed her eyes. Eevy, however, had her eyes wide open. For a moment there, she thought this was a dream again. She would wake up suddenly, and Sashi would be sleeping next to her.
Sashi noticed the absence in Eevy, and broke the kiss. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked.
"Eh... I have trouble believing this all is real... That you say you love me, I mean..." Eevy said.
"Hey," Sashi said, running a hand through Eevy's hair, "This is no dream... It's real..." Sashi said, and pressed her lips against Eevy's again. This time, Eevy opened her mouth, and let Sashi's tongue get in. The two Frenched for at least a minute, before Eevy broke.
"What about Brian?" she suddenly asked.
"I've said it once before... I don't love him... I love you..."
There was that word again.
"No, I mean his fight!"
"I totally forgot about that!" Sashi gasped.
"I think we should return..." Eevy said.
"Yeah!" Sashi said, and ran away. Eevy followed with a big smile on her face. Her dreams had come true. Sashi loved her.

Sashi and Eevy returned to the Gym - after a lot of searching - and stopped. The door opened exactly the moment they stood in front of it, and they both gasped. Brian walked out of the Gym, with a sad look on his face, and two Pokemon on his shoulders.
"Brian... What happened?" Sashi asked, and Brian looked up.
"I lost..." Brian said.
"You lost?" Sashi gasped, and Brian nodded.
"And Espeon? Was she any help?"
"She was, in the beginning... But I just couldn't..." Brian said.
"Hey... It's okay... You can't always win..." Eevy said.
"I know... It's just an after shock..." Brian said, and nodded at Espeon, lying unconscious on his right shoulder. "You take her now..."
Sashi did, and took over Espeon. She grabbed her in her arms, and suddenly, Espeon woke.
"Espeon? Are you okay?" Sashi asked.
"Sashi... I... tried..." Espeon replied.
"You did great... I'm sure of it..." Sashi said.
Espeon smiled, and then fainted again.
"Was that Chansey really that powerful?" Eevy asked.
"Eevy... You're back..." Brian said.
"What made you run away all of a sudden?"
Eevy looked at Sashi, but she just shook her head, and mouthed the words 'not yet'.
"I just saw something horrible..." Eevy said, and Sashi grinned softly.
"What did you see?" Brian asked.
Eevy was silent. She didn't know what to say to this. Luckily, Sashi helped.
"She couldn't bear to see you lose, Brian," Sashi said, "When Umbreon was sung to sleep, she panicked..."
Brian smiled.
"You didn't have to worry... Espeon came up with something that saved the match... Only for a couple of minutes, but still..."
"Yeah, Sashi told me..." Eevy said.
Suddenly, Umbreon groaned, and opened his eyes.
"Whoa what happened? Did I miss anything?" he asked, shaking his head. "Did we win?"
"The Sing attack has worn out..." Sashi said.
"Sing attack?" Umbreon said, but then remembered. "Don't tell me I fell asleep!"
"You did..." Brian said.
"Oh I'm so sorry Brian... I couldn't help it... I-"
"I know you couldn't... It's not your fault... You should thank Espeon for rescueing you." Brian said.
"Why?" Umbreon asked.
"The moment you fell asleep, Chansey did a Body Slam attack... If she'd hit, you would have been hurt badly... Espeon countered the Body Slam with one of her Attacks, so it didn't harm you..." Sashi said.
"She did? Then I want to say thanks to her, yes... Where is she?" Umbreon asked, and looked down at Espeon, lying in Sashi's arms. "Oh..."
"She took a lot of hits when you were sleeping... She needs to be restored swiftly..." Brian said.
"You're right..." Sashi said, and ran to the Pokemon Center. Brian followed. Eevy did too.

"Your Pokemon will be okay in just a few minutes..." Nurse Joy said.
"Thanks..." Brian said.
"And your Espeon as well..." Joy said to Sashi.
"Thank you very much..." Sashi said.
Both sighed deeply. Sashi saw the computer again, and wanted to see if Darren had replied yet. She walked over, turned it on, and logged into her mail account.
"You have 1 new message" was what she saw. Sashi opened the mail, and indeed, it was from Darren. It said:

"Hey Sashi!

I'm happy you're happy ^ ^. I think it's great to have met
a few who travel along with you... It makes the time go
faster... That Eevy girl sounds like a nice girl to me... I
can't wait to meet her, if that chance ever comes... And
that Brian. Is he travelling along with you too? That would
be awesome! That way you can learn from each other.

And you're in Salia city already? That's great! But before
you challenge the Gym Leader, know that she is specialized
in Normal Type Pokemon, so bring along a lot of Pokemon who
know Fighting moves! Fighting moves are very effective on
Normal Types. I hope this reaches you before the fight!

Oh, and of course! I wish you ALL the luck in the world!

Hope to hear from you sooner! :P


"Now he tells us..." Sashi groaned, and clicked the reply button. She then wrote:

"Yeah, you've reached me in time... But not in time
for Brian... He just fought against Tiara, and lost... It
seemed like he was winning, but in the last round, he
lost... It was a hard fight, I can tell you... It all
happened so fast. Tiara started with an Ursaring, and he
was defeated. But then, she used her strongest Pokemon in
her team; Delcatty. That was a horrible fight! Especially
because of Delcatty's Attract Attack... Did you know us
Anthro's can be affected by it too? Well, we can... Brian
was completely in love with Delcatty... I knew Brian was
going to lose the match because of this, so I acted before
that could happen. I did something. I kissed him on the
lips. It was only to bring him out of his attraction, but
not everyone saw it like that..."

Sashi wrote, looking back at Eevy.

"But anyway, in the end, he defeated Delcatty, but
then Tiara sent in Raticate. After a while, he managed to
defeat him too. That's when Tiara used a Chansey, a Pokemon
with a lot of Energy and Power, so hard to defeat. I don't
know how that fight ended - I had to look for Eevy, who ran
away - but Brian lost. When I returned with Eevy, Brian
came out of the Gym with Umbreon and Espeon on his

We have to see what we are going to do now... Should I
fight Tiara too, now that I know she can't be defeated? I
don't know the answer to that question yet.
Well, gotta go again... Hope to hear from you soon again.

- Sashi"

Sashi hit the Send button, and the message was sent. She shut off the computer, and walked back to Eevy and Brian.
"What did Darren say?" Eevy asked.
"He said we had to bring a lot of Pokemon who know Fighting moves..." Sashi replied.
"Of course... Fighting moves are effective on Normal Types!" Brian gasped.
"Yep, he said that too..." Sashi said. "But now I'm not sure if I can defeat Tiara, now that I have seen how strong her Pokemon are..."
"Hey," Eevy said, placing a hand on Sashi's shoulder, "You'll make it... I'm sure of it..."
This time, Sashi blushed at Eevy's touch.
"I guess we could need some more training, aye?" Brian asked.
"I guess..." Sashi said.
"Wait a second... If you say Tiara's Pokemon are so strong, why don't you use any stronger Pokemon?" Eevy said.
"Stronger Pokemon than Tiara's? Are there any?" Brian asked.
Eevy grinned, and grabbed the Pokeball of her Eon Pokemon.
"My Pokemon are all above level 53..." Eevy said.
"They are?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah... And if you want, you can borrow mine?" Eevy said to Sashi.
"That would be awesome!" Sashi said, and hugged Eevy.
"And it would make a perfect team of Pokemon for you... You have your Espeon, and now all the other Eon evolutions... You're ready to defeat Tiara?" Eevy asked.
"Thanks to you, I am!" Sashi said.

To be continued...

There! I wrote some sex!
Sashi: Where? I can't see it!
A-hem... The kiss...
Sashi: The kiss? That's no sex at all!
Well it's the closest thing to it!
Sashi: You better write a good sex part soon! I know some pretty good times when I ha-
*Stops Sashi's mouth from speaking*
Ssssh! You may know about them, and I too, but the readers don't... Don't spoil all the fun...
Sashi: Oh... Okay... *To readers* Very good times are ahead...

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