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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Bioweapon VS. Superclone

Ash woke up to a loud crashing sound near his bed. Bayleef also heard it and approached the closet, since the sound seemed to come from it. At Ash's signal, Bayleef opened the door and found Neo, who seemed to be heavily dazed. Ash asked, "Uh, are you OK? And what happened in there?" Neo shook his head to clear his vision and said, "I fell asleep and woke up when I sensed the sun rising. Next thing I know, I bump into something and your bowling ball falls off a shelf and onto my head. Now please get dressed. Breakfast should be ready soon." As Neo left the room, Ash noticed that he was still nude. Before he got dressed, he and Bayleef gave each other one last kiss, knowing that their first time together was also their last.

At the breakfast table, Delia brought up something Ash wasn't expecting, "So Ash, where are you going to have the wedding?" Ash nearly spewed the milk he was drinking, "WHAT?! Mom, I'm only twelve years old!" Delia chuckled, "Yes, but you have a very sweet girlfriend." Ash thought to himself, (Wait..... I never told her that! How did she find out!?) Latias spoke, "I told her, Ash." He looked at her with milk dripping from his face. "She gave us her blessings, Ash! I explained how we came to love each other and she understands!" Ash looked at Delia, "Mom, is it true?" Delia smiled, "Of course it's true. She has everything that I would love in a daughter-in-law and I couldn't help loving how she swooned over the photos of you in our photo album!" Everyone busted out laughing at this remark. Ash couldn't have been happier now that his Mom accepted Latias for what she is. Delia added, "Also, Latios makes a very handsome son-in-law." Latios blushed at that compliment.

After breakfast, Ash said goodbye to his Pokemon and allowed Bayleef to come with them, as promised. Bayleef even became a good friend of Latias, so there were no hard feelings from the night before. Still, Bayleef never thought that Neo would Transform into a Lugia. When she refused to get on board, Ash said that she would have to stay in her Poke ball for the flight. Bayleef refused and climbed aboard. "Yo, Max! What's our next destination?!" Max pulled out the PokeNav, "How about Drizzle City?" Neo yelled back, "What kind of name is that?!" Brock answered, "I hear it's a city that tends to have a lot of rainfall, hence the name." "Oh, OK! Now hold on!" With a mighty flap of his wings, Neo took to the sky for the Hoenn region. Bayleef marveled at how fast they were flying and yet they were not being blown off.

In a few hours, they passed Forttree City. "Hey Bayleef, Latias, Latios! We'll be flying over the crash site of my prison soon! Look down and see!" When they flew over it, the three of them saw it. Bayleef yelled, "It looks like it's become a tourist attraction!" When Neo looked down to check, he got a shocking surprise. There were humans inspecting it, but not any humans. They were members of Team Magma! "Oh no..... Now they know I'm back....." About half a mile from Drizzle City, Neo set everyone down and changed to his normal form.

May shouted, "OK, let's get going!" Neo stopped them, "Guys, we need to talk." Everyone looked at him with concern. "Those tourists at the crash site we passed over? They were members of Team Magma." Ash spoke, "Weren't they the guys who created you?!" Neo grimly nodded, "Yes, and now that they know I have returned, it is likely that they will try to recapture or destroy me. Things may get dangerous from here on in, so please watch yourselves." The group then continued to Drizzle City.

As they got closer, the gang noticed that in was raining. Latios joked, "I guess they call it Drizzle City for a reason. Now what could it be? Oh, it's all around us!" Everyone laughed. When they came to the city gates, they found a news stand with a special feature about a star attraction in Drizzle City. Brock read it out loud, "There are rumors that a mysterious Pokemon lives in the city, but it only moves at night. Hmmm, what could it be? Huh? Neo, are you OK?" Neo seemed very tense for some reason. He was trembling violently. Ash got his attention, "Hey, if something's wrong we'll go through the city as soon as possible." Neo answered, "Sorry. I thought I sensed something. That's all."

Latias pulled Ash away from the group after they decided to meet up at the Pokemon Center. "Let me guess, a Date?" Latias grinned, "You guessed right." Of course, Neo followed. After an hour of walking around in the rain, the trio rested in a park. Ash and Latias just leaned against each other to keep themselves warm, while Neo watched from the sides. Suddenly, he felt a familiar presence on a rooftop somewhere on the other side of the city. He tried to ignore it, but his intense hatred of the source made it difficult. Ash noticed that something was wrong with Neo. "Neo? Are you feeling OK?" Finally, Neo could take it no longer. He turned around and pointed to a rooftop in the distance. "YOU!" He then Teleported away, leaving Ash and Latias wondering who he saw.

Several months had passed since Mewtwo arrived in the Hoenn region to live a life of solitude. His mind would often trail back to the time in the Johto region when Ash Ketchum, the only human he trusted, saved his life, even though Mewtwo had killed him several months before that. He had tried to remove that memory, but didn't mean he had succeeded. At times he felt he wanted to see the child who spared his life. He even wondered if he would ever see him again at all. As he shielded himself from the rain with his cloak, Mewtwo sensed someone standing about twenty feet behind him! He was surprised to see that the sneak was a human with Ruby red hair and Sapphire blue eyes. Mewtwo's sense of smell was not much better than a humans' so he couldn't notice the boy's odd scent. However, he could feel a bizarre power within him.

"I don't know how you found me, but I suggest you don't mention me to anyone down there." The human took a step forward. Mewtwo yelled, "Are you challenging me?!" Finally, the human spoke, "You bet I am. I've been waiting for this chance to take you down after what you did." Mewtwo looked skeptical, "Take me down? Just try it." The human replied, "That's what I can't stand about you. You have always believed that you are the strongest, that no one can beat you. Well, I think it's about time for you to realize that your claim to the title has expired! You will pay for what you did to my master!" Mewtwo laughed, "HA! So you came here to fight me?!" The human was silent for a moment, and then said in a tone most serious, "No. I came here to kill you."

Mewtwo was slightly intimidated by the threat that the human boy had given him. This human was going to kill him? In an instant, the boy's hair turned Sapphire blue! He was also surrounded by a blue aura. His eyes had become icy cold. "You're dead." He raised a hand to Mewtwo and fired a Fire Blast from it! Mewtwo jumped off the building and levitated to evade the blast, which was extinguished by the rain after a moment. (That was a Fire Blast! What is this freak?!) Suddenly, the human was right behind Mewtwo and backhand punched down to the park where Ash and Latias were relaxing.

"Ash, what do you think Neo was so upset about? I've never seen him so angry before." Before Ash could reply, something crashed into the ground in front of them! Covered in mud, Mewtwo climbed to his feet. He did not know that Ash was behind him. Ash then saw Neo drop out of the sky in front of Mewtwo. Mewtwo then yelled at Neo, "That's it. You want a fight? Then let's begin!" He then cast aside his cloak. Neo made a dash at Mewtwo and Mewtwo did the same. When they reached each other, they locked hands, trying to get the upper hand. They allowed their power to overflow, causing their purple and blue auras to clash against each other! Bits of the ground were being blown away by the sheer release of energy! Neo then noticed Ash behind Mewtwo. (I can't risk Ash getting hurt. I'd best take this fight elsewhere.)

Neo let go of his opponent's hands and went airborne. Mewtwo followed and began to attack physically. The two fighters were a real sight to behold. They were moving so fast that they almost seemed to be blurs. Finally, Mewtwo thought up an effective, but dishonorable tactic. He broke away from Neo and flew straight up at high speed. Neo followed. At about one mile up, Mewtwo began gathering energy for a Shadow Ball. Neo was flying right at him when he noticed something. The amount of energy Mewtwo was gathering was too much. If that shot missed Neo, it would annihilate the city! Mewtwo shouted, "It's over!" and then launched the Shadow Ball straight down at Neo! Neo thought, (It would seem that old habits really do die hard.) He took the blast head on to prevent it for hitting the ground. A massive explosion occurred in the sky above Drizzle City. Ash watched in horror as Neo was blown clear of the city limits and into a rocky area. "Latias, we have to go after him!" Ash climbed onto Latias and they flew to the area where Neo was supposed to be.

Mewtwo reached Neo first. He was dazed from the Shadow Ball attack and had reverted to his normal state. When Mewtwo landed near him, all Neo could think about was how much he wanted to destroy him. "I hate you.....I HATE YOU!!!!" As his hatred reached its peak, Neo felt something dark in his body, something he feared. "No...... Not now!" He clutched his head and bent over backwards. He could feel it, the psychotic bloodlust that was always in the back of his mind! He let out a scream and hunched over. Mewtwo was curious when he saw that Neo's canine teeth had slightly extended and his eyes had turned completely white. With a roar, a massive surge of energy rushed out of his body, causing a geyser of air to explode out of the ground below him! After a moment, a second bigger blast pulverized the ground under Neo! Pillars of earth began jutting up all around them and collapsing! A bright flash of blue and red light emanated from his body, followed by the roar of a beast!

Ash and Latias had no problem locating Neo due to the crazy activity that was happening out side of Drizzle City. The shifting landscape stood out like a sore thumb. When they landed, the beacon of two colors began to fade, revealing XD-385's most dangerous and psychotic form yet. A swirling red and blue aura swirled around him; his hair had become Ruby red on one side and Sapphire blue on the other. His eyes were just like his hair, they were different colors on each side. Mewtwo could feel this otherworldly power. It was monstrous, almost pure evil! It was the only thing that had ever frightened him. Finally, XD-385 spoke, "Brother, I'll start the carnage with you! Fwah hah ha ha ha ha ha haa!"

The crazed Destroyer made a dash at Mewtwo and slammed him with a hard uppercut! Mewtwo was knocked back into his senses and decided to show this freak who he was dealing with. He fired a flurry of stars using Swift, knowing that they wouldn't miss. Neo just plowed right through them! Was he invincible?! Out of desperation, Mewtwo began launching a barrage of Shadow Balls at Neo, who was flying towards him. Each Shadow Ball created a cloud of smoke on impact, so he couldn't tell if he was doing any damage or not. He soon had his answer as Neo emerged out of the smoke in front of Mewtwo's face! Neo grabbed him by the face and threw him straight into the ground! Mewtwo tried to use Psychic on Neo, but it didn't even affect him! He had changed his body's composition to a Dark type Pokemon!

To Mewtwo's surprise, Neo flew straight into the ground and implanted his fist into it! Just then the ground began to heat up. Suddenly, Mewtwo was engulfed by magma in a massive Eruption attack! He managed to avoid the worst injuries by creating a barrier around himself. Then, Neo used Mega Punch and broke right through the barrier! He then began using Extremespeed to ram Mewtwo from all directions at supersonic speed! After that, he used Seismic Toss to bring Mewtwo down hard! Mewtwo Teleported behind Neo and tried to nail him with an Iron Tail, but Neo had no intention of letting Mewtwo fight back. In the blink of an eye, Neo was several feet behind Mewtwo, as if time stood still. Mewtwo let out a scream of agony as he clutched his left arm. Neo had broken it in an instant! Mewtwo turned to face Neo, just as Latias and Ash arrived on the scene.

Neo began to approach Mewtwo slowly while chuckling manically. Mewtwo was frozen with terror. For another painfully agonizing 20 seconds, Neo pounded Mewtwo with nothing more than his fists. He finally smacked Mewtwo away with the back of his hand, causing him to land on his face. Neo then walked over to the superclone, who was in too much pain to move. He looked up at the monster who was about to kill him. The rain was spreading his blood all around him.

Neo spoke, "This is what happens to murderers. Such a shame that the only human who saved your own life was mercilessly slaughtered by your own hands. You have no right to live, Brother." As he raised his foot over Mewtwo's head to crush it, something caught his eye. Tears were falling from Mewtwo's eyes. (He's crying? Impossible. He must be trying to deceive me.) "Nice try, but that old trick won't fool m-what?!" Someone grabbed Neo from behind! He recognized the sneak as his Master! Ash was crying out, "Don't kill him! Please Neo! Don't hurt him anymore!" Neo stood there wondering if it was the right thing to spare someone who murdered the Chosen One. His intense bloodlust disappeared and Neo's hair became all red again. Both of his eyes returned to their usual blue color as well.

"Master, I must ask. Why do you want me to spare someone who murdered you in the past?" Ash replied in tears, "He's my friend and I don't care whether he killed me or not. I don't even remember if he killed me, but he's not evil. Please don't kill him. Please...." Neo sighed and lowered his foot to the ground. Ash was truly a very forgiving person, maybe too forgiving. "Fine. Well, let's get you some help. And I'm not taking "NO" for an answer." Neo gently placed his brother on Latias's back. "Get him to the Pokemon Center. Brock knows Mewtwo and so does Bayleef. Also, make sure he doesn't fall off on the way over." Latias replied, "No one has ever fallen off me before and it won't happen this time, either."

As Latias flew off with Mewtwo, Ash and Neo headed back to Drizzle City on foot. Ash wanted Neo to tell him why he wanted to kill Mewtwo so much. "I suppose, for revenge. Not for myself, but for you. There was a terrible storm over a year ago and you came to a place called New Island. Mewtwo had caused the storm and had tricked Trainers like you into coming there. The only reason for that was to create so-called "Superclones" of your Pokemon, since they seemed to be of high caliber. An all-out battle ensued between the original Pokemon and their clones. They attacked each other without any regard of their own survival. Mewtwo was going head-to-head with his original, Mew. When it seemed that there was no end in sight, you charged into the middle of the arena, right into the path of the two fighters Psychic blasts. When they struck you simultaneously, I was cut off from your memory, meaning that your life had ended. Mewtwo murdered you with his own hands. That is why I tried to kill him. He tried to erase the memory of everyone who was there, but could not erase it from your subconscious memory. That is how I found out about that dark day." Ash remained silent for the rest of the walk.

When Ash and Neo arrived at the Pokemon Center, Ash ignored everyone and marched into the room where Mewtwo was recovering. He tried to hide his face from his savior, knowing he was not worthy to live. Ash took a seat next to him. Mewtwo nervously looked at him. "Mewtwo, is it true that you killed me over a year ago?" He began to cry again, "It is true. I was blind with hatred. Even after you were revived, I felt no guilt. However, after you saved me in the Johto region, I truly trusted you from that day forth. However, your death weighed on my mind. You saved me, twice, while I had killed you once before. I only discovered just before you saved me a second time that you are the Chosen One. Learning that caused no end to my shame. I murdered the most important person alive and you saved me twice. I'm not worthy of your forgiveness!" Mewtwo turned away from Ash and began to weep bitterly.

Ash placed a hand on Mewtwo's shoulder and said, "I think you deserve a second chance. I still see you as a friend. What do you say? Would you like to stay with me?" Mewtwo faced Ash again and quickly embraced him. "You gave my life meaning. I'll stay by your side forever, my friend. Thank you for being so accepting. I'll always love you as a friend. I promise." Ash replied, "Sounds good to me. Say, is there room for two in this bed?" Mewtwo checked the clock. It was very late now. "Yes. Just a moment, please." Mewtwo carefully moved himself over a little so Ash could climb in with him. Ash pulled the covers over both of them and embraced his new friend. "Good night, Mewtwo." Mewtwo replied, "Good night, Chosen One." Ash fell asleep in the powerful embrace of the superclone, Mewtwo. He could feel it. Mewtwo was certain that this friendship would last an eternity. He only hoped his wounds would heal soon enough for him to leave Drizzle City with Ash and his group.
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