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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


A Dream come True

Ash and the gang were just 5 minutes from Pallet Town and tensions were high, except for Neo, who was humming Eye of the Tiger. May was gathering the courage to ask Latias a forbidden favor, Ash was worried about what his Mom would do when he would tell her that his fiancé wasn't even human, even though he was sure Neo wouldn't let her harm him.

"So master, what is your Mom like?" May, Max, Latios and Latias listened in. "Well, she has always been very caring for me. A little carefree, I guess. She's all business when it comes to my safety. Her cooking is really good too. I think it's her hobby." Neo had a good feeling about her now. He was sure that with some explaining, she would accept Latias as a Daughter-in-Law.

Just as they reached the town, Ash was shocked to see all his Pokemon rushing from Professor Oak's lab towards them! Bulbasaur, Totodile, Heracross, Snorlax, Muk, Kingler, Pidgeot, Cyndaquil, Noctowl, Bayleef, Phanpy, and that whole herd of Tauros came running and flying towards their friend and savior. Ash got a little scared of being trampled by the herd of Tauros and hid behind Neo. "I gotcha." Neo stood his ground and, sure enough, the Pokemon stopped as soon as they noticed Neo's odd scent. They took an aggressive mood to him, but were calmed down when Ash told them that he's OK. As soon as he stepped out from behind Neo, all the Pokemon swarmed Ash, they were just too happy to see him again!

Ash had a hard time squeezing through the front door of his house with all his smaller Pokemon clinging to him. He practically fell through the doorway! Finally, he yelled, "All right! Everyone OFF!" They did as he said and stood at attention, except for Phanpy. He just didn't know better. When Phanpy spoke, Ash was surprised to hear his otherwise alien language in English! "Why are you home so soon, Daddy? Were you worried about Grandma?" Ash looked at him with a funny look on his face. Finally, he answered, "Uh, no. I just, er, was in the area and, uh, wanted to stop by and say hi." "Oh. OK!" Latias heard everything that Phanpy said and spoke to Ash with a very pained look on her face. "Ash, was I really your second? Phanpy called you "Daddy". Does that mean you love someone else?!" Ash understood why she was upset and embraced her. "Of course not. He was hatched from an egg I got in a race. He called me Daddy because I hatched him." Latias let out a sigh of relief and wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry I doubted you."

Bayleef was shocked to hear what she just heard. Latias was Ash's first?! She could feel her heart break and ran upstairs to Ash's room. She had lost the boy she loved forever to a Pokemon she had never met before. Ash noticed her crying as she ran upstairs and excused himself from the group. When he got up to his room, he found Bayleef sobbing on his bed and he had a hunch he knew why. He gently seated himself next to her and gathered the courage to ask her why she was so upset.

"Bayleef, why are you crying?" She didn't answer. He set his hand on her shoulder. Bayleef responded with a Vine Whip to Ash's hand. "Go away! Go be with your sweetheart!" Ash asked again, "Bayleef, please tell me why you're crying. Was it something I did?" She began to cry even harder. Ash tried to calm her down by grabbing her up in his arms. Bayleef tried to break free, but was stunned when Ash kissed her on her lips! Could it be that the boy she loved also loved her?

"That's for the one you gave me when you were still a Chikorita. Now tell me why you were crying." Bayleef answered, "I'm upset because I lost you to someone else. I fell in love with you when you risked your own life to save me from a snowstorm. Even after what I put you through, you never tried to hurt me back. That is why I came with you. I always hoped that you would take me as your mate. I don't want to mate with anyone but you. Now I'll never have the chance." She began crying again. Ash had always suspected that Bayleef loved him more than his other Pokemon in some way, but not like this. As he played back her confession in his mind, he realized that he loved her a great deal as well. He got up and left Bayleef to speak with Latias.

After he explained the situation with Latias, she answered with, "What do you think we should do?" Ash then whispered something in her ear while blushing heavily. Latias jerked away from him in disbelief, "YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!" Neo glanced over to the couple and listened in carefully. Ash replied, "I just want Bayleef to know that I love her as much as I love you. Please Latias, just this once. I'll never ask you to let me do it again." Latias tried to think this over. After a moment, she answered, "OK, just this once. However, you have to promise me that it will be me you will marry someday!" Neo busted a gut when he heard that! Ash comforted her, "I made that promise to myself when I first fell in love with you."

Just then, Delia Ketchum returned from grocery shopping to find the living room filled with Ash's Pokemon! "I thought sleepovers happen only on the weekends! You're all a few days early, everyone!" She walked into the kitchen where Mimey was preparing some dinner for the guests. Brock was helping out while May and Max set out the silverware and plates. After introductions were made, Mrs. Ketchum asked where Ash was. Neo had to lie to her and told her that he was napping in his room and did not want to be disturbed.

Ash stepped into his room and sat down next to Bayleef, who had finally stopped crying. "Bayleef, I have good news." Bayleef asked, "What could possibly be good news to me?" Ash embraced her, "I love you. I also had a talk with Latias. I know that you wouldn't be my first, but she agreed to let me be YOUR first." Bayleef felt her heart leap with joy! Did she hear that right? "Ash, say that again!" "I love you, Bayleef. I would also be glad to be your first." Bayleef gave Ash an unexpected and fierce kiss, a kiss that she had wanted to give Ash for months. Ash broke the kiss and said, "We'll do it tonight. I've got some repairs to do at the lab." Bayleef remembered what happened earlier that day when he crashed through the wall.

Neo accompanied Ash to Oak's lab. "Uh, just for the record, what is this professor like?" Ash laughed, "Well, he's not like the ones who made you! He's the most recognized researcher in Pokemon in the world! I'm sure he would keep you a secret if he knew about your powers." When they got to the front door, Tracy welcomed his old friend back. "Wow! I thought that was you who crashed through that wall! Can you tell me how you were able to do that?" Neo remembered this guy from the day that Ash had to restore balance to nature in the Orange Islands. "I'll explain that." He told Tracy about Ash's destiny and outrageous potential. "Whoa. I had no idea that there was more to being the Chosen One than what happened in the Orange Islands! Also, that was just the first level of his potential?! I can't imagine how strong you'll be at full power!" They all had a good laugh at this. "By the way, can I make a sketch of you in that form?" Ash agreed.

Due to the possibility of the whole lab being destroyed in the process, they three friends went outside for the sketch. When they were a good distance from the lab, Tracy set up a sketchpad and took a seat. "I'm ready when you are, Ash!" Ash gave him a nod and tried to achieve the state he had reached only once before. The ground began to shake and a swirling golden aura began to circle around Ash, then it erupted into a golden flame! Ash's hair became a silver color again, but his eyes weren't bloodshot with rage this time. "Is this good?" Tracy was speechless. Neo said, "He says, "That's good. Hold that pose!" Tracy got to work on the picture and was done in a matter of minutes. The end result had little flame in it since it wouldn't stand still. However, Tracy managed to include the bolts of electricity that would circle his body every few seconds. "Wow, Ash. You almost look like a spirit from another world! I'm so psyched about this one that I'm going to color it later!" "AHEM!" Everyone turned around and saw the stern face of Professor Oak staring at them. Ash just blew his own cover by not powering down before he showed up. "Uh, how do you like this silver hairspray, Professor?"

Professor Oak dragged Ash by the ear back to the hole in the side of his lab. "I'm not sure how you did this, but I would very much appreciate it if you would repair any damage you cause to my lab, Ash" Neo stepped up, "Tch, let me handle it." With a wave of his arm, all the bricks that had been knocked out of the wall began to levitate! Piece by piece, they laid them selves down in their original positions. Neo then finished by using Mud Shot to squeeze mud into the gaps between the bricks and, using one finger, directed a Solarbeam along the mud in the cracks to dry it up into a type of cement. Professor Oak stared in disbelief, "Was that a Mud Shot and Solarbeam?" "Yeah, so do you have a problem with that?" Oak stuttered, "Um, no. It's just that I not used to seeing people who can use the moves of Pokemon." Neo glared at him, "When you say people, do you mean HUMANS?" Oak had a bad feeling about this, "Yes, I guess I meant to say humans." Neo looked at Ash as if to ask if it was OK for him to know. Ash nodded and Neo answered, "I'm not human. I'm all Pokemon."

Neo spent the next hour explaining everything that had happened to him over the last five months. "I see. I can understand why you didn't want to tell me that. Still, any friend of Ash is welcomed in Pallet Town. I'll keep what you said a secret from everyone." On their way home from the lab, Ash asked Neo, "Hey, Neo? Can you explain why I can understand what Pokemon say?" Neo answered, "Oh, that's easy. Ever since you unlocked some of your potential, all Pokemon languages sound like a language you know. This allows you to communicate with them much more easily than before." Ash laughed, "I don't really need that power when it comes to Latias or Latios, huh?!"

That night after dinner, Ash asked Neo for a favor. "Do you think you can make my room soundproof?" Neo was baffled why Ash wouldn't want anyone to hear what was happening in his room. "Well, sure I can." "Great. I need you in my closet, OK?" Neo followed Ash up to his room, where Bayleef was waiting. One look at her eyes and Neo knew what Ash had in mind. Neo got into the closet and made a box of Psychic force surround the room. "OK, no one can hear you scream now!"

Ash climbed into bed with Bayleef, who greeted him with a kiss. Their tongues swirled around each other. Bayleef was nearly crying out of joy. Bayleef then used her vines to undress Ash. Unlike with Latias, Ash was already aroused. Bayleef then asked after staring at his member for a moment, "Ash, darling? Could I do something first?" Ash stroked her face with his hand, "Go right ahead, just as long as it doesn't hurt." Bayleef lowered her head and took the whole thing into her mouth! She then began swirling her tongue around Ash's member, enjoying the unusual taste and odor. Ash still was not used to a girl doing that to him and tried to not laugh. It really tickled. After a moment, Ash let out a yell and had an orgasm. His seed was fired into Bayleef's mouth. The flavor was a bit sweet and salty and she enjoyed it thoroughly. Finally, she was ready. She had become very wet during the last part and was ready to lose her virginity.

Bayleef turned around and looked back at Ash. Ash had no experience in mounted lovemaking. However, he knew there was no way around it. He got on his knees and grabbed her hips. Bayleef was almost giddy with anticipation as she felt his member touch her vagina's lips. He slowly pushed into her, causing Bayleef to moan in deep pleasure. Just like with Latias, Ash stopped halfway in. Bayleef looked back at him and saw him looking at her with concern. "I don't want to hurt you Bayleef. Are you sure you want this?" Bayleef nodded and braced herself.

The moment Ash plunged through her hymen, Bayleef tried hard to not scream. A moment later, the pain had subsided and Bayleef was ready for what she wanted. Ash began thrusting back and forth, steadily speeding up over time. Just as she was about to orgasm, Bayleef screamed, "I LOVE YOU, ASH!!!" As if on cue, Ash fired his sperm into Bayleef's womb while she soaked his legs with her own love juices. Ash pulled out and collapsed next to his lover. "Wow, I had no idea that stuff could tire you out so much." Bayleef had more energy than Ash and lay down next to him. "You have made me happier than ever before, Ash. I just wish that the chances of us having children were higher." She followed with a loving kiss. Ash embraced his lover and said, "I love you, but Latias is my true soul mate. I don't think she will let this happen twice." Bayleef embraced him with her vines and said, "That's fine. I can live knowing you were the only boy who made love with me. Just promise me you will never keep me from your side ever again." Ash counted in his head how many Pokemon he had with him. "I promise. I have only five Pokemon with me so I can keep you with me. Good night, Bayleef." Bayleef whispered into her lover's ear, "Good night, my love." By this time, Neo had fallen asleep in the closet.

Meanwhile, in the guest room, May had made a similar request to Latias. "WHAT?! NO WAY! I already made a promise with Ash about Bayleef. I don't want to risk losing him to someone else." May cried a little and said, "I'm sorry. I was just desperate this time. I promise that I'll respect that you are soul mates from now on." She then left for a stroll around Pallet Town. She felt that Ash was the only boy in the world for her, but maybe she would find someone else.

Meanwhile, in the secret labs of Team Rocket, the researchers had made a break through in Shadow energy research. They were able to detect massive amounts of Shadow energy in one spot, somewhere in the Orange Islands. Giovanni immediately dispatched a platoon of elites to find the source. "If we are lucky, it might be the source of all Shadow energy." Just then, he got word from Black Tulip, who was leading the expedition. They had found a stone tablet that had encryptions on an ancient ritual that had NEVER been performed because Lugia had destroyed the dark cult who created the ritual. After listening to the details, Giovanni gave the orders to return with whatever they could find there and thought, (This ritual sounds very similar to the project that is underway. If all goes well, I just might become a god! The world will be mine at last!)
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