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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Into the Dragon's Den

The day after his mind control folly, Neo accompanied Bayleef to a place she wanted him to see. On the outskirts of Mossdeep City, they came to a building that seemed very high-tech. Bayleef asked, "Do you know where we are?" At that moment, a small rocket launched from behind the building! It flew off into the horizon. Neo muttered, "The Space Center."

"Let me get this straight. Why did you want me to come here?" Bayleef answered, "Every last enemy that we've seen recently tried to kill Ash. I want to be strong enough to protect him, but I can't even come close to the other three." Neo was puzzled, "So?" Bayleef added, "So, I want you to make something that can help me become stronger! This place has all kinds of high-tech stuff, so I'm sure you could make something that can help me." Neo nodded, "I gotcha. Just give me a few minutes." He disappeared behind the building.

A few mintues later, Neo came back with a huge pile of metallic junk in his arms! Bayleef asked, "Wow, they let you take that much?!" Neo laughed, "I never asked! I just took this stuff from the dumpsters! You would be surprised by what they throw away." Afterwards, he took the stuff to the bunker where they were yesterday. He had Bayleef wait outside. After just 15 minutes, Neo came back out. "Well, what did you make?" Neo held out a small black cube. Bayleef gawked, "That's it? That is the best you could come up with?" Neo chucked it towards her, "Just wait and see."

To Bayleef's surprise, the cube spoke! "Registering user...." It scanned her body, "Registration complete." Next, the cube sprang at Bayleef and began to cover her body! After a moment, Bayleef just stood there wearing her new suit of armor. The bottoms of her feet were fitted with hover board-like technology. The leaves around her neck were covered with reinforced solar panels. The leaf on her head was covered by a sharp blade that could be extended. It could also be charged with a type of energy to slice through things like a laser. The armor itself was a yellowish color, just like her skin. Her eyes were protected with a translucent material.

"Wow, you made this yourself?! This is so cool! How does it work?" Neo explained, "It heightens all your abilities as well as giving you others. To remove it, just say "XD-385" out loud. Now then, time for a virtual training session." Bayleef yelled, "Huh?! Wait!" Suddenly, her eyes found herself in a bunker area not much different from the one she was in yesterday. It was very dark. Suddenly, the familiar form of Black Tulip appeared from the shadows! Her body was enshrouded with Shadow energy, just like the first time. Bayleef lunged at her, but Black Tulip slipped behind her and kicked Bayleef into the wall! Bayleef landed on her feet and vaulted off of the wall. While she was upside down, Bayleef fired a Solarbeam from the leaves around her neck, which were intensified by the solar panels on them! When she landed, Bayleef turned to look at the big hole in the ground. Black Tulip rose out of it. Her face was blank. She made a sweep kick at Bayleef's legs, but she jumped to avoid it. The two then charged each other. At light speed, the two fighters rose upward while blocking each others attacks. When Black Tulip was about to attack from behind, Bayleef horse kicked her! As she flew after her, Bayleef found herself high in the sky! She was also not sure how this armor allowed her to fly, but she knew how to control it somehow.

When Bayleef caught up to her, Black Tulip tried to get Bayleef caught up in a combo, but Bayleef countered with a Headbutt and a Bodyslam. While Black Tulip was stunned, Bayleef extended her leaf on her head. It became a glowing blade of purple light! In an eye blink, Bayleef sliced Black Tulip in half! The area flashed white for a moment and then Bayleef found herself on a plain looking field.

Suddenly, something blasted her from behind with stream of Shadow energy! When Bayleef looked, she saw Black Tulip again, except this time; she was wearing the same armor that she used against Ash! Bayleef made a dash at Black Tulip, but was knocked down with a shot from her arm cannon. Bayleef climbed to her feet and was quite peeved. She slammed Black Tulip away with a Headbutt and drew in solar energy into her armor. A yellow aura enshrouded the armor! Solar energy was its power source! Black Tulip came back and fired two more shots at Bayleef, but she ducked, and then jumped to evade them. When a third blast was shot at her, Bayleef knocked it back with a swing of her Leaf Blade! Before Black Tulip could hit the ground, Bayleef pulled her back to her with a Vine Whip! When close enough, Bayleef destroyed Black Tulip with a Solarbeam! The place flashed white again and Bayleef found herself back in Mossdeep with Neo.

"Well done." Bayleef faced him, "It was a piece of cake. Huh? What happened to you?" Neo looked a little fried, "One of your Solarbeams got me. The simulation was only projected on the visor of your armor." Bayleef blushed, "Oops. Will you be OK?" Neo nodded, "Yeah. Could you watch Ash for a while? I'm heading over to the Johto region for some practice." Neo flew off, leaving Bayleef wondering what he was going to do in the Johto region.

In less than an hour, Neo had entered the Johto region. "Let's see. It should be somewhere between Violet City and Azalea Town. I just have to sense my brother." He tried to sense Charizard life signs and traced it to the Charicific Valley. He could sense the Charizard whose' DNA was used to create him. As he floated directly above it, Neo saw two Charizard sparring with each other. (Heh, I'll show them a real sparring match!) He made a nosedive towards Charicific Valley!

Lisa was keeping track of the progress of all the Charizard in the valley. Ash's Charizard had dethroned the previous champ and was the strongest Charizard around. However, she was thinking back to the day several months ago when a small group of mysterious humans visited the valley and took a blood sample from Ash's Charizard. She never saw them again. Just then, she saw what seemed to be a small meteor falling towards the center of the valley! "Hey guys! Get out of there! There's a meteor coming!" The two Charizard looked up and jumped out of the way at the last second! When the meteor hit the ground, there was a loud boom as it created a large crater. A huge cloud of dust rose from it. After a few seconds, there was a strange sound coming from the crater. It sounded like dirt was being poured into it.

To everyone's shock, they saw a human boy with Ruby red hair and Sapphire blue eyes standing where the crater should have been! He was looking at all of them with a look in his eyes that was very intimidating. All of the Charizard noticed his odd scent and took an aggressive mood towards him. Lisa asked, "What the... Where is the meteor?! Who are you?!" Neo answered, "That meteor was me." All at once, the Charizard attacked with Blast Burn! Neo was covered in a dome of fire! Lisa yelled, "Hey! Stop! He didn't do anything wrong!" They didn't listen.

Streams of Emerald green light began to shine through the dome of fire! With a roar, Neo blew the flames away from him! All the Charizard stared in surprise at his eyes and hair. They had become Emerald green! He spoke, "I only came here for a warm up. Now, come at me!" At his words, all the Charizard charged him! Neo evaded them by flying straight up! The whole bunch of them, 30 Charizard, chased him. One of them came at Neo with a flurry of Fury Swipes! Neo evaded every single slash with little effort by moving back and forth. Suddenly, at speeds that no one could see, Neo blazed through the whole mess of them while landing several Comet Punches on them. After one second, they all reeled from the blows. To spare them from anymore pain, Neo knocked them out with Sleep Powder. The only one he left alone was his brother, Ash's Charizard. He glared at Neo with anger filled eyes. Neo spoke, "You really are the toughest out of all the Charizard here, Brother. However, you can't hold a tail flame to my abilities!" This only got Charizard even more fired up!

After a moment, the two fighters got into a hand lock. However, Charizard pulled a fast one on Neo and got him into the position for a Seismic Toss! Charizard threw Neo straight down! Just before he hit the ground, Neo landed on his feet, creating yet another crater. "That's it. You're asking for it now!" Neo rocketed back up to Charizard and did something odd. "Dragon Dance!" He slammed Charizard a good distance away and followed up by saying, "Times Twenty!" He became enshrouded with a red and blue aura, a sign that his strength and speed had been radically heightened. In an instant, Neo was pummeling Charizard with a flurry of punches and kicks! He then caught him in his arms and set him up for his own Seismic Toss! Instead of throwing Charizard straight down, Neo went into a spiral as he made a nosedive towards the ground! The instant they hit the ground, a massive dust cloud rose. When the dust cleared, Charizard had his head buried underground! Neo thrust his hand into the ground and pulled his head out. Charizard was very dazed. He was even seeing double.

"Charizard! What did you do to him?! Lisa came running over to the two. Neo replied, "He'll be fine. He really is the toughest out of all the Charizard here. I'll tell Ash that you said "HI", OK?" As Neo went airborne, Lisa yelled, "Wait! You know Ash?" Neo laughed, "Know him? He's my master! See ya!" He then took off while leaving a green vapor trail. "Heh, I never would have thought that Ash's Charizard was my brother. It's a small world after all. At least, it seems small when you can circle the globe in just a few hours!" As he flew back towards Mossdeep City, he wondered what Ash and Latias were up to. (Why do I have the feeling that a big surprise will be waiting for me?)

About a half hour before Neo returned, the sun had set. Bayleef was taking her job very seriously. She was wearing her armor at all times and stayed close to Ash. However, Latias asked Bayleef to let her speak to Ash in private. Bayleef agreed just as long as she could stay right outside the door.

When they were alone, Latias asked, "Ash, I need to ask you something important." Ash replied, "Sure. What's wrong?" Latias blushed, "These past few days, our enemies came after you instead of Neo. Last time, I thought I was going to lose you before we had the chance." Ash asked, "The chance to do what?" Latias began to cry, "Ash, I'm ready to be a mother." Ash choked, "Are you sure?!" Latias nodded. Ash thought for a moment. "All right. If that's what you want, I'll do it tonight. Let's wait until after dinner first." Latias squealed, "Oh Ash, thank you!" She rewarded him with a loving kiss.

Right after dinner, Ash and Latias turned in for the night in their hotel room. Latias flew right over to the bed. She was ready to get started. Ash spoke, "You're not wasting any time, are you?" Latias giggled, "Nope. I just can't wait to have you inside me again." After Ash removed his clothes, Latias gazed at his toned body. After he ascended into his first form, Ash's body had become extremely toned. "Wow Ash. Have you been working out?" Ash was puzzled, "What do you mean?" Latias pointed to a mirror. When Ash looked at his reflection, he jumped back. "Is that me?! Man, I've really bulked up! It must have something to do with my powered up forms." He wasn't overly muscled, but his body seemed very powerful for his age.

Latias laid on her back again, just like before. Ash asked, "Er, if it's OK with you, may I have a taste?" Latias looked confused, "A taste of what?" Ash pointed down to her, "The last time we made love, I felt something splash onto me. I want to know what it tastes like." This got Latias intrigued, "Go right ahead." The moment Ash's tongue touched her vaginas' lips, Latias let out a moan of pleasure. Ash spoke, "You taste really sweet!" Latias answered, "Don't stop! It feels so good!" Not wanting to disappoint her, Ash continued licking at her flower. The moans of Latias were music to his ears. After a few minutes of licking, Ash felt something splash all over his face. He tasted it and said, "This stuff tastes very sweet. Kinda like vanilla." The flavor also turned him on; his member became painfully stiff, demanding release.

After that, Latias pulled Ash against her body. They then pressed their lips against each others' while swirling their tongues to perform a dance of love. When they released each other, Ash was surprised to see a look of lust in Latias' eyes. Ash asked, "Um, are you feeling OK?" Latias answered, "I want to feel you inside me. Please, fill me up!" Ash wasn't used to her current behavior, but he did as she said. He slowly pushed into her, causing Latias to let out a scream of delight. Ash asked, "Are you all right?" Latias gasped, "Yes. I told you it would never hurt again!" Ash noticed that there was nothing in his way this time. He began to speed up his thrusts while Latias pulled him against her body. She was in a state where all she could think about was the pleasure of being impregnated and the many years she would spend with her lover and children.

"Don't stop, Ash! I need as much as your seed as possible if I'm going to get pregnant!" Ash yelled, "I'll try!" That moment, he fired his sperm into her womb. Latias moaned, "Please..... I need more. Don't stop. Please....." Despite his exhaustion, Ash continued to thrust into his lover to try to give her what she desired. A few minutes later, he orgasmed again, firing even more of his sperm into Latias. She pleaded, "Please, Ash. Just one more time. I'm afraid that this isn't enough." Ash answered, "OK. Since this feels so good, I think I can ignore my exhaustion." Ash tried to keep going, but he was too tired to move in and out of Latias very fast. Even so, Latias was screaming in ecstasy. Bayleef had a hard time trying to not look suspicious to anyone who walked by their room. Brock asked, "It sounds like someone is giving birth in there! Is everything OK?!" Bayleef gave a nervous nod. (That was close. I hope they stop soon.)

Finally, Ash had one more orgasm, as well as Latias. However, he was too tired to pull himself out of her. So he just collapsed onto her. Latias asked, "Are you feeling OK, my love?" Ash muttered, "Yeah. That felt better than anything I've ever felt before. But I'm just too tired to move. I hope you don't mind me using you as a pillow." Latias giggled, "I'll fix that." She turned sideways so that they were side by side. "Better?" Ash sighed, "Yeah. Do you think it worked?" Latias kissed him, "The only way we'll know is to visit the Pokemon Center tomorrow. And don't worry if they find out that you're the father. I won't let them do anything to you." The two of them fell asleep almost simultaneously. However, Ash had his hand resting against Latias' abdomen. They both dreamed about nothing more than being with each other.

When Neo got back, he went straight up to his room. When he got inside, he saw Ash and Latias were still connected. While trying not to get his hopes up, he scanned Latias for interior life signs. Suddenly, he stopped. (This..... They.....)

When May passed by the room, Neo opened the door and came out. He was looking down and trembling. May asked, "Are they OK?" Neo looked up at her. To May's surprise, he had a huge smile on his face! "I..... I'm gonna be..... an UNCLE!" May sobbed, "What did you say?" Neo yelled, "They did it! Latias is going to have twins!" May ran downstairs to they rest of the group to spread the good news. She thought she would be heartbroken to lose her crush to someone else for good, but she was the most excited out of all of them! When he heard the news, Latios began to cry. "I thought I would never feel this happy. I can't believe that I'm going to be an uncle!" Neo joked, "You're not the only one!" While everyone else laughed, Bayleef was crying in a corner. Even though she felt happy for her love, she felt terrible that she would never have any children of her own. Still, she wondered if Ash would ask her to be his children's Godmother. That sounded great to her. The whole group fell asleep wondering what the children of the Chosen One would look like.

Giovanni yelled, "WHAT?! What do you mean that it's not ready?!" His researchers answered, "This experiment is very risky. We are taking every possible step to prevent you from getting killed during the experiment. It will take a few months, but if our calculations are correct, the experiment will be a complete success. So please be patient." Giovanni pondered this, "I suppose they're right. What's the point of doing this if I don't survive to see the end? If I'm to capture XD-385, I need to be patient and careful. In a few months, he will be as good as mine. That is, unless I'm superior to him! Then I'll have no use for him! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
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