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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Rain of Envy

The morning after Ash and Latias made love a second time; the two lovers proceeded to the lobby where the rest of the group was waiting with mischievous grins on their faces. Neo and May seemed to be the giddiest out of all of them. Ash and Latias felt so relaxed after experiencing the time of their lives that they almost didn't notice the funny gazes their friends were giving them.

Latias spoke first, "All right, what are you guys hiding?" Mewtwo answered, "Oh, nothing in particular. What is our next destination?" Ash replied, "We'll be heading for Sootopolis after me and Latias pay a visit to the Pokemon Center." As they turned to leave, Neo stepped in front of them, "That won't be necessary." Ash asked, "What do you mean?" Neo smirked, "I already checked. Latias doesn't need to take a pregnancy test." She blushed, "H-How did you know about that?!" Neo gave them a big toothy grin, "I scanned your body last night. Congratulations." Ash and Latias yelled, "WHAT?!" Neo gave them both a big hug, "You heard me! You two are gonna have twins!" Latias and Ash let out a yell of joy! Latias squealed, "I never thought this day would come!" Ash asked, "How long will it take?" Latios answered, "A Latias gives birth to twins just 80 days after conceiving them. However, since yours will be a type of crossbreed, it might take longer." May asked, "So Ash, may I be their, uh, godmother?" He grinned, "You AND Bayleef can be their godmothers!" At the sound of this, both of them screamed in joy. Ash added, "Hey Mewtwo! You can be their godfather!" Mewtwo blushed, "I, uh, would be honored." With nothing else to do, the group left for the outskirts of Mossdeep City for Sootopolis.

"Sootopolis can only be accessed from the air, so we'll have to fly to get there." Neo took on the form of a Lugia again so everyone could climb aboard. As they were flying to Sootoplis, Ash asked, "Hey Neo! What kind of Gym do they have?!" Neo yelled back, "I believe the Leader uses Water types!" Ash thought, (Water types? I guess Bayleef and Grovyle would be good choices. Also, I promised Latias I would let her fight.) Brock asked, "Who's the Leader?! Is it a gorgeous girl?!" Neo answered, "I have no idea. I heard that the Gym tends to have a hard time sticking with one Gym Leader, but they always use Water types!"

It was difficult for Neo to enter Sootopolis without being noticed. The only way he could think of was to Teleport right behind the largest building in the area and Transform back into his normal form before anyone could see him do it. As it turned out, the building was the Gym. Ash spoke, "OK. Latias, you can fight this time. You can fight too, Bayleef. And if the two of you can't do it, I'll send in Grovyle."

When they stepped inside, the group saw that the place was made up mostly of ice sculptures and pools of water. Ash yelled, "I'm here to earn a badge! Where's the Gym Leader?!" Neo replied, "Calm down. Someone is approaching this room." Everyone could here footsteps coming from a side hall. When the Leader stepped out, Neo groaned, "Oh man. Not her!" The current Gym Leader was Misty!

"Huh? Ash?!" Ash stepped back at the sight of her. Neo whispered, "Better act like you and Latias don't have anything going on between you. With a temper like hers', there's no telling what she will do if she finds out that you two are engaged." However, Misty ran over to them and gave Ash an unexpected hug! "I thought you had already passed through!" Ash asked, "You're the Gym Leader?!" Misty explained, "Well, just for now. Since my sisters got back, I was asked to sit in for the Gym Leader here. Since my sisters are the primary Leader back home, this would give me something to do! Huh?" She noticed the boy behind Ash wearing green clothes with red hair and blue eyes. He also looked very tense.

"Who are you?" Neo remained silent. "What's wrong?" Ash stepped in, "Oh, that's Neo. I don't think he likes you much." Just then, she noticed Latias, Latios, and Mewtwo. "Latias! I didn't think I'd see you here! And Latios! I thought you were dead!" Latios blushed, "Well, I was! However, my little brother brought me back to life." He pointed at Neo. "Er, he doesn't look like you at all. Are you sure it was him?" Latios laughed, "I'll explain later." Misty asked Latias, "What made you come looking for Ash?" Latias giggled, "Actually, Ash came back to me! We're-mph!" She was cut off by Neo, who covered her mouth. Ash yelled, "Neo! Let her finish!" With a nervous look in his eyes, he let go of his sister. Latias continued, "As I said, we're engaged!" Misty went silent. Ash muttered, "Uh, Misty?"

Misty spoke, "Why would you choose a Pokemon over a human?" Ash was silent. He had never heard her talk like that. She yelled, "Why won't you tell me?!" She spun around and was about to punch him in the face! However, she stopped when she felt something cold touch the back of her neck. Neo was holding the tip of an Icicle Spear against the back of her neck! "Strike him and you die." She lowered her arm and said, "OK Ash. How about this? If you win this match, I'll give you the Rain Badge. If you lose, you dump Latias and marry me!" Everyone was shocked to hear this ultimatum! Neo yelled, "I always knew you were a jerk, but this is too extreme, even for you! Master, please allow me to force her to give you the badge!" Ash spoke, "No. I'll take the challenge." Latias cried, "Ash! Do you really want to risk our relationship?!" Ash grinned, "Don't worry about it. I know we'll come out on top."

After a few minutes, Ash talked his strategy over with his fighters. The field was just a large swimming pool with floating islands. Latias would go first, then Grovyle, and then Bayleef. Ash yelled at Misty, "I'll start with Latias!" Just then, Neo totally flipped out! "WAIT! Ash, could I have word with you two for a moment?" Once the three of them were alone, Neo said, "Are you nuts?! Pregnant Pokemon are forbidden to battle!" Ash's face turned pale. "I get it. Thanks for stopping me." Latias objected, "Please let me fight. If I'm about to take a blow to my abdomen, you can stop the match." Neo nodded, "Fine. I'll step in if things get bad." Brock acted as the referee. This is an official battle for a Rain Badge! The Leader and Challenger are allowed to use three Pokemon each! There is no time limit. Let the match begin!"

"OK! Show them what you can do, Corsola!" Corsola popped out of his Pokeball and took a defiant stance. "OK. Latias, be careful." Latias flew at Corsola to attack with a Dragon Claw! Just then, Corsola used Mirror Coat! Latias noticed and used a Headbutt instead. "You're pretty tough, Latias, but Corsola has more experience. Use Spike Cannon!" However, while Corsola was taking aim, Latias got in a cheap shot with a Thunderbolt! Corsola passed out without knowing what hit him. "The winner of this round is Latias!" Latias flew back to Ash and shrieked in joy at her first victory. "May I please take the next one?!" Ash gulped, "OK, but Neo will step in if you're about to take an attack to your womb."

Misty was frustrated, "Fine. Sealeo is up next!" The chubby seal climbed onto one of the islands. Ash thought, (This could be bad. Latias can't stand Ice type attacks.) Sealeo fired an Ice Beam, but Latias was too quick to be hit. She tried closing in for a Dragon Claw, but Sealeo slammed her with a Body Slam, leaving her stunned. As he was about to blast her at point blank with another Ice Beam, Neo made his move. Using Teleport, he got in between the two combatants and pinned Sealeo to the artificial island with Vicegrip! "Enough! Latias is done!" Once Latias got back to Ash, she wept, "I'm sorry. I really tried." Ash hugged her, "It's OK. I still have two left, right? You're up, Grovyle!" He said in a language that only Ash and all Pokemon could understand, "About time!" He put a twig in his mouth, as usual.

"OK! Use Leaf Blade!" After dodging an Ice Beam, Grovyle scored a quick double slash on Sealeo and followed up with Bullet Seed. Sealeo tried to get in a Body Slam, but Grovyle proved to be too fast for him. One more Leaf Blade slash was enough to do him in. Finally, Misty was furious. "That does it. I choose Gyarados!" The hulking serpent roared at Grovyle. "Whoa. I almost forgot that Misty had a Gyarados! Be careful, Grovyle! That Gyarados can use Flamethrower!" "Got it!" Grovyle used Bullet Seed, but was suddenly overwhelmed with a Hyper Beam! He passed out instantly.

"You did well, Grovyle. Bayleef, you..." Ash was cut off when Neo threw his arm in front of him. "I'll handle this. I've held a grudge against that she-devil for a while and I won't wait another minute." Ash sighed, "Fine. Neo will fight in Bayleef's place!" Bayleef objected, "Hey! Why can't I fight?!" Neo answered, (That armor I made for you might activate. If it did, you would be disqualified.) Neo jumped onto one of the islands.

Misty laughed, "Oh come on! What makes you think you can take me on?! Gyarados, put him down!" Gyarados began to charge energy for a Hyper Beam. However, Neo was gathering energy for an attack that he never used before. No one could see the spheres of cold, heat, and lightning energy in front of him. Suddenly, Gyarados fired! Just before the blast hit Neo, he shouted, "TAKE THIS! BIG BANG ATTACK!" A massive wave of blue, red, and yellow energy was fired from his hands and cut right through Gyarados's inferior Hyper Beam, engulfing him and blasted right through the roof of the gym! From far away, it looked like a volcanic eruption!

Once the rubble stopped falling, Misty gasped at the sigh of her gym. It was a mess. Gyarados was floating in the pool and unconscious. Neo spoke, "Unless you want to be next, fork over that Rain Badge." Misty stuttered, "W-what are you?" Neo turned away, "I'm not going to tell you." He then jumped back over to his friends.

Misty handed over the Rain Badge to Ash. He asked, "Why Misty? Why did you make such an outrageous condition?!" Misty looked down, "You have no idea how long I've been in love with you. It's been over two years since I did. I was just so angry that you had been claimed by someone else. I hope you can forgive me." Ash sighed, "Well, either way, I wouldn't be able to leave Latias." Misty asked, "Why?" Ash blushed, "I'm gonna be a father. I want to be there when my kids are born." Misty looked like she was going to have another hissyfit. She surprised everyone, "Ash. You are such a stud! If I can't have you, at least invite me to the wedding!" Ash agreed and everyone checked into a hotel for the night, except Misty. She slept in her quarters, which was left undamaged.

That night, Ash made a decision. He decided to stay in Sootopolis until his kids were born. No one disagreed. Over the next few weeks, Latias's belly really began to swell. During that time, Ash and the gang got to know the folks in the city. Neo also helped with the repairs to the Gym. Exactly 30 days later, Latias woke up in the middle of the night. She was having contractions. Neo asked, "What's wrong?" Latias gasped, "The babies are coming!" Without warning, Neo knocked her out with Sleep Powder. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you don't feel any pain." Latias's body began to push the first newborn from her womb. It was a boy, a Latios. Shortly afterwards, his sister was born, a Latias. After drying them off, Neo laid them down next to their parents and went back to sleep himself.

When Ash woke up, he saw two tiny faces staring at him with adorable smiles on them. They spoke, "Good morning, Daddy!" Ash mumbled, "Wha? Which one of you is Latias?" They looked at each other and then back to Ash, "Who's Latias?" Ash just stared at them while half asleep. "Maybe Daddy's still sleepy." The other said, "OK. Let's go back to bed. Good night, Daddy." As they lay down at his sides, Ash drifted off to sleep again. Just then, his eyes shot open after he thought about what they said. Daddy? He sat up and looked down at them. One was a Latios while the other was a Latias. However, there was something odd about them. The Latios was a bright emerald green while the Latias was all yellow. What was more; they were less than half a foot long! He gently picked them up in his arms. The Latios spoke, "Are you awake now, Daddy?" Ash choked back tears when he asked, "Say that again, please." The Latias asked, "Daddy, why are you crying?" He hugged them tightly, "Because I'm so happy to finally meet my kids." The two Pokemon snuggled with their father for a few minutes before Latias woke up.

"Hey, Mommy's awake!" The two few over to her and nuzzled her face. (These are my children. I thought I would never see this day.) She noticed Ash looking at them with a funny grin. Latias said, "What are you waiting for, dear? Something is missing from this picture." Ash blushed and embraced his fiancé and children. Before they left the room, Ash had to think up a name for them.

Everyone was waiting for Latias and Ash in the lobby. Mewtwo asked, "Neo, what do you think the two lovers will want to do today?" Neo chuckled, "We won't know until they come down. Hmmm, that must be them now." The elevator light dinged and the door opened. However, everyone noticed that Ash had a sneaky grin on his face.

Suspicious, Latios asked, "All right, what are you planning?" Ash answered, "Oh, nothing. There's just someone who wants to see you." Suddenly, a small Latios and Latias sprang out from behind Ash and tackled the startled Pokemon to the floor! "Hi, Uncle Latios!" After catching his breath, Latios held both of his sister's children in his arms. A proud smile came across his face. Just then, the Latias shrieked, "Oh, there's Uncle Mewtwo and Uncle Neo! And Aunt May and Aunt Bayleef!" May and Bayleef were simply overwhelmed by the cute and loving personalities of the newborns. Mewtwo wasn't certain of what to do, but was quickly won over by their constant playfulness. Bayleef asked, "What are your names?" The Latias replied, "I'm Amber!" The Latios also said, "I'm Onyx!" Brock spoke, "Wait! You don't look like an Onix!" Ash laughed, "His name is spelled with a Y instead of an I." May squealed, "I should have known your babies would be just as loveable as you! I feel so happy to be their godmother!" Bayleef added, "Me too. Thank you, Ash." Afterwards, the group went to the Pokemon Center to give Ash's Mom a call.

Delia was just about to go outside when she heard something. "RINGRINGRING! RINGRINGRING! PHONECALLPHONECALL!" The phone was ringing. When she answered it, she was surprised to see her son on the screen! "Ash! Are you doing well?" Ash grinned, "Better than you think! I want you to meet someone! Hey Amber! Onyx! Could you come up here?" A tiny Latios and Latias flew up to the screen, but unlike the Latias and Latios she knew, their feathers were light emerald green and yellow instead of blue and reddish pink. "Mom, say hi to your grandkids! This is Amber and Onyx. Say hi to Grandma!" Before they could even say anything, Delia fell out of sight. "Where did Grandma go?" Ash gulped, "Uh, I think she fainted. I hope she didn't hurt herself."

After getting everyone outside, Max checked the Pokenav. "OK. Now that we have all eight badges, we need to get to Ever Grande City. It's directly East of here." Neo made everyone step back, "OK. We'll have to fly." To the shock of his nephew and niece, he Transformed into a Lugia! Onyx yelled, "WHOA! THIS IS... UNREAL!" Neo laughed, "Get used to it! I've been able to do this for my entire life!" In a minute, the group was on their way to Ever Grande City. However, Neo had a bad feeling in his gut that when they got there, something horrible would be waiting for them.

One day before, the Team Rocket experiment had begun. Giovanni was placed in a stasis pod. The strange dark orb that was found in the Orange Islands was going to be fused to him. During the process, Giovanni could feel enormous power building up inside him. Several minutes into the process, he felt an ancient evil fill his mind. When the experiment ended, he stepped out of the tube. "Sir, are you all right?" He replied, "I've never felt better. Where is XD-385?" James and Jessie spoke, "He's heading towards Ever Grande City." Giovanni grinned, "Prepare a transport! This time, that Bioweapon is mine!"
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