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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Destiny Fulfilled through Tragic Loss

Ash fell to the ground. He landed with a loud thud on his face. His hair returned to its original black color. His blood red and dark blue aura flickered for a moment, and then vanished. Neo watched in shock. (Master... No... This can't be true... You...) For the first time in his life, Neo shed his very first tear of sorrow. Mewtwo, Latios, Bayleef, and Latias were just as devastated. The ultimate Doomsday scenario had occurred. Ash, the Chosen One, was dead.

At the gates of Ever Grande City, Team Rocket and Ash's friends felt a terrible foreboding. The sky was turning dark and storm clouds were forming. Pikachu and Meowth couldn't understand why they couldn't stop themselves from crying. However, Amber and Onyx knew. Amber tugged on May's shirt and asked, "Aunt May? Is Daddy gonna be all right?" Somehow, May knew the truth. With tears in her eyes, she replied, "No, I don't think your Daddy is all right." Onyx asked, "Really?" Everyone looked at May. She fell to her knees, "I don't know how I know. I can feel it. He..... He's dead." All of Ash's Pokemon burst into tears at the news that their closest friend and Trainer was gone. Amber and Onyx clutched at Brock's chest tightly as they screamed at the loss of their father. Max spoke, "No, she's wrong. He can't be dead. He's come so far. He can't be gone!" Meowth added, "The poor kid. I don't know why, but I already miss him." At that moment, rain came down, rain that tasted like tears.

The world over, Pokemon became aware of the death of the Chosen One. The first ones to know were the Pokemon that Ash had trained. Even his long lost friends, Primeape, Butterfree, Lapras, and Charizard, could feel that he was no more. Lugia was torn at the loss of his future son-in-law. Within the Tin Tower, the Crystal Bells tolled slowly like a church bell at a funeral. All over the planet, a sorrowful roar filled the atmosphere as every Pokemon on the planet mourned the death of the Chosen One.

Back at the battleground, Nightmare walked over to Ash's corpse. With the side of his sword, he gently nudged the side of his head. There was no response. "Hmph. He was a worthy fighter. Too bad he didn't surrender." Latias cried, "Ash... You meant everything to me... You promised me that we would be together forever just a few hours ago... Now you're gone. It shouldn't be this way!" Bayleef thought to herself, "Ash... You were the first boy I ever loved. You risked your life to save me in that snowstorm a year ago. How could he do this to you?!" Mewtwo cursed, "Ash... You were my only friend. You spared my life when any other human would have let me die. I vowed to protect you with my life. I tried my hardest, but failed. That monster..... I'll....!" Latios wept, "You... You were like a brother to me. You gave my sister the most important thing in existence. Your love. If it wasn't for you, I would still be in the realm of the dead, and Latias might be with me right now. This world needed you....."

Nightmare spoke, "Well, now that is no one who can stop me, I'll just... What?" He looked back at the five fighters who were climbing to their feet. Neo spoke, "Where do you think you're going?" Nightmare just looked at him funny. "You destroyed the one person who could keep this world alive. You can tell by this rain that the planet itself has lost its will to live. In just a few years, Earth will be a cesspool where nothing can survive. Well, I don't intend to let you live to see that day!" At that moment, Neo, as well his allies, used Recover to heal their wounds. However, Bayleef used Synthesis instead. Nightmare chuckled, "You know you can't win." Neo raised a fist, "Actually, we have a fighting chance this time. You want to know why?" Nightmare suddenly realized what he meant. "The most dangerous kind of fighter is one who does not fear death! This world is doomed, so we don't care if we live or die. Prepare yourself!"

All at once, the rage blinded friends of the Chosen One charged the Nightmare. Neo tried to Mega Kick him in the face, but Nightmare grabbed Neo by the foot. He tried to impale Neo with his sword, but Neo used Leaf Blade to cut off his own leg to escape! It regrew an instant later, which Neo used to Blaze Kick Nightmare! The blow hit hard and sent him towards Mewtwo! The superclone attacked with a barrage of invisible blows with psychic force! Bayleef closed in and slashed away with an energy charged Leaf Blade attack! If that wasn't enough, her armor projected four solid images around Nightmare and slashed away in unison for ten seconds at extremely high speeds! After that, Latias and Latios blasted him with a Mist Ball and Luster Purge! Latios and Mewtwo used their Freeze Storm attack and froze Nightmare solid for a moment. Mewtwo then blew him away with a Hyper Beam! Nightmare landed a good distance away before he regained his balance.

"Those vermin! They think they can- wha?" Nightmare was cut off in mid sentence at the feeling of intense heat under his boots. Suddenly, a massive Eruption blasted him from below! Everyone was shocked to see Groundon emerge from the fissure with a mighty roar! However, they also saw that tears were falling from his eyes. Latios yelled, "Do you see now, Nightmare?! The entire world is against you!" Not the least bit shaken, Nightmare tried to counter against Groundon, but was caught off guard by a Sheer Cold attack from behind! Kyogre had joined the fight by climbing the waterfalls at the edge of the island! Just then, a massive Hyper Beam blasted him from the sky! Rayquaza had arrived to avenge the Chosen One. Like Groundon, both Kyogre and Rayquaza had tears falling from their faces.

Before Nightmare could even speak, a rain of ice, fire and lightning pounded into him from above! Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres had joined the fight. After that, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou barraged Nightmare with elemental attacks while running at high speed around him! While he was reeling from those attacks, Neo and his nine siblings got into formation. They began to gather cold, heat, and electrical energy. When Nightmare noticed what they were doing, Mewtwo, Latias, and Latios used psychic force to hold Nightmare in place! The entire Hoenn region began to quake as the ten fighters reached their limit. Finally, Neo shouted, "FOR THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!! BIG BANG ATTACK TIMES FOUR!!!!!!" At those words, Rayquaza, Groundon, Kyogre, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and XD-385 unleashed four simultaneous Big Bang attacks that merged into one gargantuan wave of the three elements! Nightmare had no chance of evading such a force and was consumed by it. The blast pushed far out to sea and exploded with a rainbow of colors!

Neo relaxed, "We did it. It's over." A voice spoke from everywhere, "Oh really? I suppose I should tell you a little secret about attacking in a group; no matter how many weaklings fight against a single foe, they are still weaklings." Nightmare appeared in front of the group in a flash with sword in hand. "I have to say that last one really hurt. This time, I'll make sure none of you get up a-GRAH!" He was cut off by a Sacred Fire attack from above! Ho-oh had arrived at the last second to aid Earth's last line of defense. However, it was not enough. "NO MORE! NOW YOU ALL DIE!!!" Nightmare blew the flames away with a swing of his sword and slashed Ho-oh at light speed! The mighty phoenix collapsed to the ground while Nightmare used only his sword to attack the rest of his enemies. In less than a minute, only Neo was left standing.

As Neo struggled to stay out of reach of Nightmare's attacks, he sent a telepathic message to the Pokemon of the world, begging them for aid. Finally, Nightmare struck a painful slash on Neo's left shoulder, knocking him to the ground. Nightmare loomed overhead, "I must say that you are a severe disappointment to me. If this really is your best, I'm ashamed to have ever wanted to control you. Fare well." He thrust his sword down towards Neo's chest. Neo thought, (Think again.) Just before it pierced his chest, Neo grabbed the blade with just one hand! Nightmare strained to break free, but Neo's grip wouldn't budge. "You..... Where did you find this strength?!" Neo coolly replied, "It's not just mine." With a flick of his wrist, Neo broke the blade in half! His Emerald green hair and eyes began to shine brightly.

Nightmare jumped back, "What happened?! No one could have done that to my sword!" Neo laughed, "True, you may have been able to fight 385 pokemon at once, but now you face billions!" Nightmares eyes went wide with shock, "B-billions?!" Neo explained, "Even as I say these words, the Pokemon of the world are sharing their strength with me. All of that power is bonding with my body. They want me to win just as much as I want to see you die!" A massive shock wave came from his body as all the power being sent to him merged with his own. His Emerald green aura became a rainbow of 17 colors, one for each Pokemon element type! He took a stance as if he was about to sprint and said, "THE END HAS COME!!!"

In an instant, Neo dashed at speeds so great that the ground became upturned! An instant later, Nightmare felt a powerful elbow jab to his gut! He coughed up some blood at that blow. Neo sent him into the air with an upward kick to the chin! He then rocketed after him and bombarded him with Doubleslaps, Comet Punches, Double Kicks, Arm Thrusts, and Fury Attacks! Finally, he sent Nightmare flying towards the ground, but intercepted him and sent him upwards! He then began to bash Nightmare around in a figure eight pattern while moving too fast to be seen! He then grabbed him and sent Nightmare into the ground with a Seismic Toss! He then followed up with a Fissure attack to his back, cracking his armor! He then held both hands apart by a short distance and gathered light blue energy into them. "Let's see how you like this! HADOKEN!" He fired the blast from both palms straight down at Nightmare, causing a bright flash and a loud boom! Mewtwo thought, (Interesting. That attack is useable only by Lucario. It seems that he can use the signature attacks of the Pokemon who lended him their powers.)

Nightmare was stunned, (My armor... can't withstand this pounding! I just can't keep up! All I can do is wait for the right instant to counter!) He then began to gather a massive amount of Shadow energy into his right arm. However, Neo was attacking him with such speed and force that Nightmare was almost completely helpless! "SO... ARE... YOU... BEGGING... FOR... MERCY?! WELL... TOO... BAD! I'M... GONNA... MAKE... YOU... SUFFER!" Neo assaulted Nightmare with the strongest attacks he could think of. Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Volt Tackle, Aeroblast, even Horn Drill! At last, Neo used Hydro Cannon. Even though he wasn't affected by the recoil that much, Nightmare got his chance. He teleported behind Neo while he recovered from the recoil from using the mighty Water type attack. Quickly, Nightmare spoke, "HA HA HA HA HA! YOU TRIED SO HARD, BUT YOU WILL FAIL! I WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD ONCE I'M DONE WITH YOU! BUT NOW, YOU DIE!!!!!" When he finished that sentence, Nightmare unleashed a ridiculously powerful blast of Shadow energy from his hand! Everyone who had taken part in the battle looked on in sheer horror as the ultimate bioweapon was engulfed by the deadliest attack they had ever seen! When the smoke cleared, they saw Neo fly into a tree. He was barely conscious.

Nightmare walked over to Neo and held out his hand. "You were a fool. However, I respect you enough to make your end quick and painless." He began to gather Shadow energy for one final blast. Neo saw his entire life flash before his eyes. His life had lasted less than a year, but he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. Still, he felt terrible grief for failing to complete his duty as the Guardian of the Chosen One. His rainbow colored aura disappeared and his eyes and hair returned to their original colors. (Master. I have..... failed...)

Just before Nightmare ended Neo's life, he stopped at the sound of a cough. It got everyone's attention. The sound had come from Ash's corpse. He coughed again. He hardly moved, but he was alive. Just barely. Latias whispered, "Ash... My love... Thank you... Even if we die, at least we'll die within the same minute." Nightmare dissipated the Shadow energy in his hand, "So, he still lives." He then walked over to Ash and stood in front of him. He was lying face down in a puddle of his own blood. His wounds were mortal. Even though he was alive, Ash was dying.

Nightmare spoke, "So, Chosen One. Do you know why you are in this predicament?" Ash remained silent. "Never mind. I know you can hear me, but you are probably in too much pain to speak. Anyway, I'll tell why. You have always respected and befriended the weak. Think of the Pokemon you raised. Even after unlocking the first step of your potential you still treated them as equals. You had no use for them and yet, you still kept them by your side. How pathetic." Mewtwo thought, (Monster. He kept us by his side because he loved us. Not because we fought for him. He was our friend. My... friend...) Mewtwo could no longer think as he silently burst into tears.

Nightmare continued, "The Pokemon that you raised were always your biggest weakness. Even at the risk of injury, you always stopped my underlings from taking any Pokemon you had grown even remotely attached to. You even fell in love with one and became a father to that Pokemon's offspring. They were both inferior to your abilities and you kept them by your side and loved them. What nonsense. You've been a fool all along." Latias yelled, "Shut up! You could never know what it's like to fall in love and have children! You always been interested in nothing more than personal gain! You have no right to criticize him!"

Ignoring Latias, Nightmare went on, "Well, you can easily see that your pointless bond with your Pokemon and friends has led to your own death. Regardless of whether I strike now or not make no difference. You are losing so much blood that your life will soon come to an end. I don't pity the weak like you do. That is why you are dying and I am alive and well. I suppose that I'm just rambling now. Soon, you will die, AND I'LL MAKE THIS ENTIRE WORLD SUFFER! EVERYTHING WILL BURN TO THE GROUND! ESPECIALLY YOUR LOVED ONES! AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! I'll make sure your children and sweetheart get SPECIAL TREATMENT! FUH WAH HA HA HA HAA!"

Nightmare had no way of knowing, but everything he said was making Ash madder and madder. But when he spoke what he intended to do to Latias and his children, something snapped inside of him. In his mind, Ash saw the three orbs. The blood red one was still glowing with a maleficent aura while the golden one was a little dim. Just then, the golden orb began to shine just as brightly as the red one! Then, the third orb, the one in between the two, began to shine with an intense white light! The two other orbs began to gravitate towards the white one. The instant they touched, his vision ended. The time had come.

Nightmare thought he heard something and asked, "Hmm? Did you say something?" To everyone's shock, Ash began to slowly climb to his feet! His body was dripping with his blood and the hole made by Nightmare's sword could be seen in his jacket. Once Ash was standing he yelled, "I... won't... LET YOU!!!!" At that instant, red lightning emitted from his eyes and zapped Nightmare well! He let out a loud scream of pain and was blown a good distance away! Latios stuttered, "Wha..... When..... How did he do that?!" Mewtwo replied, "I think Nightmare just stirred up a hornet nest." Ash just stood there while his eyes glowed like red embers. He levitated a short distance into the air and covered his face with a cross shaped guard stance. He pulled up his legs and appeared to be in a fetal position.

"IMPOSSIBLE! IT CAN'T BE!" Nightmare flew at Ash, "I'm not going to wait for you to die on your own! It's over!" As he closed in on him, Ash let out a growl of a beast. Just when Nightmare was about to send his fist into Ash's face, Ash threw his arms and legs down and blew Nightmare away with a shout! With a yell, he ascended into his first form, his hair having turned silver while a golden flame enshrouded his body. Then, with a scream of rage, a sphere of darkness quickly expanded from his body as he entered his second form. Then, he lowered to a few inches off the ground in an instant and created a wide, but shallow crater below him! Two inter dimensional gates with runic inscriptions on their golden rims opened out of nowhere at his sides. His dark aura disappeared as lightning flashed across the sky! He curled up again as arcing bolts of unknown power entered his body from the gates! He let out an otherworldly groan as a runic gate appeared from inside his body and surrounded him. Suddenly, a third gate opened above him! Triangular arcs of energy flashed in between the three gates! Finally, Ash let out another strange groan as the earth began to shake as lightning rained down next to him. One by one, three runic gates closed in on his body. Once the third disappeared into him, Ash's body turned completely black. Suddenly, he let out a roar like a scream from a netherworld as the entire area was engulfed with white light! Trees were uprooted and boulders turned into sand!

Back at the gates of Ever Grande City, Amber, Onyx, Pikachu, and all the other Pokemon in the world stopped crying abruptly. May asked, "Are you feeling better now?" Amber yelled, "Daddy's OK!" Onyx added, "Yep, and he's really mad too!" Almost instantly, the rain stopped. Suddenly, a pillar of holy light shot into the sky from where Ash and his friends were! Meowth spoke, "Whoa, I don't think we want to get any closer than this. Something BIG is going on over there!" James asked, "Do you think it has something to do with that twerp?" Meowth replied, "Actually, I think it IS the twerp!" May could feel it too. (What is this I'm feeling? It feels like Ash, but not the Ash I know. Its light... no, dark! Wait, it's..... both?!)

The light receded on the battlefield. Latias felt her heart leap when she saw Ash standing up. His wounds had healed somehow. However, he was enveloped by red and black flames, a sure sign of the power of darkness. Also, two runic circles were spinning around him. They were changing from blood red to gold. Just then, the flames and circles disappeared, and everyone gasped at Ash's new form. His hair had grown to about 2 feet long and was pointing up and back! It had become pure white with some of it tinged with gold coloration. His clothes had also transformed. His shirt and pants had changed in appearance as well as in color. They had become black, white, and light blue while appearing to have the sturdiness of armor. However, the most shocking change was his eyes. They had become empty and white. He almost looked like some sort of spirit or demon! Neo managed to think, (What is this power? Could this be the true potential of the Chosen One? The... Ultimate Power to defend life on Earth? I can't believe that I've lived to see it...) He lost consciousness.

Nightmare flew over to Ash and stopped several feet from him. "What's this? A new level?" To everyone's horror, he created a new sword and held it above his head! "HA! A useless transformation! NOW DIE!" The instant he swung his sword, there was a sudden flash. Without moving another part of his body, Ash summoned a sword of dark energy and stopped Nightmare's attack. Suddenly, it changed. The sword became solid and was about a few inches longer than his whole body! The blade was black and was single edged. It had a faint golden glow all over it. Near the hilt were four spikes in an X shape sticking out from where the blade was attached. The blade also had a blood red edge on both sides. There were light blue runes on one half of the blade while gold ones were on the other. Lastly, the blade was somewhat serrated. Two extrusions that resembled curved fangs were pointing upwards from the cutting side of the blade, giving the blade three tips.

"WHAT?!" Nightmare shouted when Ash's sword materialized. Suddenly, in a flash of light, Ash sent Nightmare soaring over the horizon with a single slash! Nightmare screamed as he went flying. Just then, Ash appeared to vanish. As Nightmare hurdled through the uppermost atmosphere of the planet, Ash reappeared and flew after him while engulfed by black and red flames and the runic circles from a moment before. In the night sky, Ash appeared to be a bloody looking comet!

While still moving at high speed, Ash made his flames and rings disappear and took a stance. Nightmare came flying back at him to continue the fight. However, Ash slashed through him three times with his sword! Suddenly, Nightmare surrounded by darkness as he felt the sword cut into him three more times. Just then, he heard an extremely distorted voice shout, "DIE!" as a blood red wave of energy covered with runic inscriptions sliced through him! Ash then began to ram into Nightmare from many directions! He then slashed him from above and punched him from behind with the force of lightning! By this time, they had flown 25% around the Earth!

Ash then disappeared and opened a portal to another dimension. Somehow, Nightmare had gotten inside as well and was quickly pummeled by the Chosen One. After knocking Nightmare out through another portal, Ash smacked Nightmare around a little more to knock him off balance. Then, he began to blast him rapidly with powerful bursts of energy from his right palm! After blowing Nightmare away with a final blast at point blank, Ash had flown halfway around the planet! No Pokemon or human who saw him in the stratosphere couldn't stop themselves from cheering.

Ash caught up with Nightmare and slashed him a few more times with his wicked sword. After that, he disappeared while two portals opened at Nightmares sides! A shadow of Ash appeared in each one. Simultaneously, they blasted him with a burst of green energy! Ash appeared below Nightmare with a roar and slammed him through one of the portals! However, he ended up flying out the other one and into Ash's boot! He then grabbed him by the face and let a surge of light and dark energy zap Nightmare's body! Ash then quickly flew around Nightmare while screaming and slashing away at him! The last slash sent him towards the last 25% of space that they had not entered yet.

Suddenly, a whirlwind swallowed Nightmare and four orbs of energy were sucked in too! They began to blast Nightmare from all directions as they spun around him, causing him to wail in pain! After a minute of tormenting Nightmare, Ash shot through the whirlwind and snatched up one of the orbs. He fired three blasts from it before chucking it into Nightmare, which caused it to explode like a grenade. He did the same with another orb, but grabbed both of the remaining orbs and dumped all their power into on potent blast! After punching Nightmare into place, Ash began to hack away at him while screaming at the top of his lungs! The final slash created an X shaped tear in the dimensional field for an instant! Also, Nightmare was sent flying straight down towards Ever Grande City!

At the gates of Ever Grande City, Jessie finally brought up the question, "Um, where's the Boss, anyway?" Just then, Max yelled, "INCOMING! GET DOWN!" A second later, a screaming Nightmare barely overshot the group and crashed through a boulder ahead of them! He finally came to a stop on his back. James freaked, "YIKES! Don't tell me that's the Boss?!" Nightmare replied, "GRAHH, NOT ANYMORE I'M NOT! I have no use for you or anyone else!" Meowth sighed, "Guess dat means we're fired." Just then, Pikachu let out a shout when he looked up. Ash landed in front of the group with his back turned. Amber squealed, "DADDY! YOU'RE OK!" Before Ash could say anything back to her, his daughter was up in his face and kissing him. Ash remained silent, but gently embraced her. Onyx asked, "Wow, Dad! What happened to your clothes and hair?" He looked back at his son. Everyone jumped at the look of his empty eyes. They were completely white, making it impossible to guess what he was feeling by looking at them. Grovyle muttered, "So this is the power of the Chosen One." Finally, Ash spoke with his heavily distorted voice. However, his tone was gentle, "Amber, please stay with everyone. I'm not done yet." She looked like she was going to cry, but replied, "OK. Promise me that you'll come back alive with Mommy!" "I promise." He let go of her and turned to face Nightmare.

By this time, Nightmare had managed to climb to his feet. Shaken, he stuttered, "Wh...What? Wha...What are y..." However, he was cut off by a lightning backed blow to the face! He went sailing into a nearby forest. Frustrated beyond belief, the ancient evil within Nightmare took complete command of his body from Giovanni. He yelled, "Why you little freak!" Suddenly, a laser like blast of Shadow energy sent Ash into a wall! Taking the opportunity, Nightmare began to focus all his mental potential on unleashing all the Shadow energy sealed within his own body. The earth began to shake. Just then, Nightmare let out a roar of strain and frustration as he flooded the entire planet with Shadow energy in an instant! An intense blood red aura covered Nightmare's body while black mist billowed from his armor! The world was plunged into darkness as lightning streaked across the blackened sky. With all the Shadow energy he needed, Nightmare intended to end this fight once and for all.

Ash teleported in front of Nightmare and tried to slam him with his elbow. However, Nightmare was at his strongest now and blocked the bone crushing attack with ease! With a high kick, Nightmare sent Ash into the sky. For just a second, the two fighters matched each other blow for blow. Then Nightmare got the upper hand when he knocked Ash around and slashed him with his massive sword! This only awakened Ash's wrath as he got behind Nightmare in an instant and let out a scream like a sonic boom! However, he flew ahead of Nightmare and swooped into him and slashed him with his sword, only to intercept Nightmare and slash him again! However, after that, they locked blades. Before Ash could react, Nightmare landed a quick combo of painful slashes on Ash and kicked him towards Viridian Forest!

Ash had hardly landed when Nightmare caught up to him. He bashed his enemy around for a second before Ash sucker punched him away! However, Nightmare dropkicked Ash from behind at speeds that no one could detect! A moment later, a tree that was nearby fell over only seconds after Nightmare cut it by mistake. When Ash landed, he reverse ax kicked Nightmare over him! When Nightmare caught up to him again, they began to lock swords while trying to get the upper hand in the fight! Finally, they dashed at each other like in a jousting match! However, Nightmare won that scuffle when his sword clipped Ash's side, causing him to hold his ribs in pain. Not wasting any time, Nightmare quickly slashed away for a second before kicking Ash to the sky! When he caught up to him, Nightmare struck Ash with a roundhouse kick before following up with a barrage of punches and kicks. After another roundhouse kick, he performed a combo with his sword. Finally, Nightmare performed three consecutive roundhouse kicks to send Ash to the edge of Earth's atmosphere! However, Nightmare beat him to it and slammed him towards Ever Grande City. He wanted to make sure that his closest friends could see the death of the Chosen One. Finally, just before Ash hit the ground, Nightmare sucker punched him into a tree, causing him to let out a groan.

"HA HA HAA! I promised you that I would give your sweetheart SPEACIAL TREATMENT! What could be more special than making her watch you die?!" Before Latias, Bayleef, Nightmare, or anyone else could respond, Ash let out an inhuman roar, "NNNNIIIGGGHHHTTTMMMAAARRREEE!!!!" All Nightmare could say was, "NO WAY!" In an instant, Ash rammed him a good distance away! He began to somersault into the air as a golden aura emanated from his body while a golden runic circle closed in around him. The instant it entered his body, Ash let out a scream that was almost painful to hear! His body was surrounded by a fiercely pulsing golden sphere of light while red lightning streaked around its surface! Lastly, waves of darkness billowed around the sphere. Ash's rage had reached its peak and he had unleashed his potential to its fullest!

"You've been a thorn in my side for too long. THIS ENDS NOW!" Nightmare flew at Ash to finish him off! However, Ash ducked under him and hit him with a kick to the gut that sent him towards the edge of the Earth's atmosphere! In an instant, Ash was soaring toward him while twirling his sword in one hand while screaming in rage! When he caught up to the Nightmare, Ash lodged his sword in him! Then he began to thrust it in and out of him without even touching it! During the attack, Nightmare was also being engulfed by black explosions! He then grabbed the sword and began to slash away at Nightmare from one side and then the other. He then began firing massive blasts of light energy from his hands while giving his vocal cords a real workout! He then slashed away at Nightmare again with his sword while three shadows of him did the same from behind! Finally, he began to alternately fire light and dark energy from both hands in huge burst at extremely high speed! Nightmare was in agony at this brutal beating. At last, Ash summoned a sword made of dark energy and, with his solid sword, began to slash away at Nightmare while being fueled by nothing more than rage. Once that was over, Ash took his solid sword and thrust Nightmare into a portal that Ash made behind him! They were engulfed into the very same dark dimension that Ash acquired his dark energy from!

All around him, Nightmare could see only a kaleidoscope of spiraling colors, as well as the screams of countless demons undergoing punishment. He was in a frantic spin. Suddenly, Ash flew up at him from below and drilled right through Nightmare, cutting him in half at the waste! No words could describe the pain he felt. Finally, four interdimensional gates opened at different angles around Nightmare, with a shadow of Ash in each of them. Each was holding a large sphere of light energy in their hands! Nightmares last words were, "No....NO.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" All at once, the four shadows blasted Nightmare with massive blasts of pure light energy! Nightmare let out one last scream of agony as the light energy erased his dark soul. Giovanni was more fortunate. Ash had enough mercy left in his heart to not destroy him entirely.

The moment that Nightmare ceased to exist, the sky on Earth returned to its original blue or black color, depending on the time zone. In the Orange Islands, Lugia breathed a sigh of relief, "He did it. The Chosen One has saved us all." All Pokemon on the planet rejoiced at the triumph of their savior. Somehow, even humanity knew of what had happened and rejoiced as well.

Ash emerged from a portal from the dark realm at the battle field where his fiancé and friends laid, still too injured to move. With a bright flash, Ash let out a gentle breath as his friends wounds began to quickly heal. In a moment, everyone was back on their feet. The first two to approach Ash were Latias and Bayleef. With tears of joy, they embraced the boy they loved and nearly lost. Mewtwo and Latios came next. They too were in tears and they gently hugged their closest friend. Then, Ash saw Neo still unconscious. He was still leaning against the tree where Nightmare had left him. "Excuse me." Ash made his way past his friends towards his most trusted and valued ally.

As he got closer, Ash noticed that Neo's wounds had not healed. Was he just out of range? Ash's friends, as well as the Pokemon who tried to stop The Nightmare from enslaving the world, watched with dread. Neo was in bad shape, even for an immortal bioweapon. Ash kneeled down in front of Neo and, with his strangely distorted voice, gently spoke, "Neo, thank you. You tried so hard to keep me alive to fulfill my duty. You are a wonderful Guardian, but you are an even better friend. Thank y..." Ash stopped short of what he was going to say. Latias spoke, "Ash? Mewtwo, what's wrong with him?" Mewtwo's eyes went wide, "No..... It can't be...." Latias was shocked at the sight of tears falling from Mewtwo's face!

Ash placed his hand on Neo's shoulder. Just then, his empty eyes began to shed tears. With his voice breaking, Ash spoke, "No..... Oh Neo..... What have I done?" That last blast of Shadow energy The Nightmare got Neo with was too heavily concentrated. It was his only weakness and he got the worst of it. With the Shadow energy seeping into his body, no amount of self healing moves could save him. Ash embraced his closest friend and wept, "Neo, I'm sorry. I could have entered this form the minute Nightmare had finished pummeling me. But I was afraid. I thought that if I ascended into my ultimate form, I thought that I would have become even more uncontrollable than when I reached my second form for the first time. If I only knew that he would have..... If only I..... Oh Neo, forgive me!"

Ash tightly embraced his friend's corpse as he cried his eyes out. Soon, everyone around him joined in. They had lost a dear brother and friend. Some of them had lost the only family they had. Neo, Guardian of the Chosen One, XD-385, the Ultimate Bioweapon, was no more.
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