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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


The Ultimate Evil

As the group closed in on Ever Grande City, May and Bayleef had their hands full entertaining Onyx and Amber, who had been born the previous night. They asked many questions while their aunts usually had the answers. More than anything, they had their father's loving personality. Onyx and Amber also got along very well. Even their uncles, Mewtwo and Latios, seemed like different people around them. Neo was too busy transporting everyone, so he was unavailable to play with them. Still, he enjoyed listening to their playful romping.

Finally, the two infants surprised Ash, "Daddy? How did you and Mommy first meet?" Ash blushed, "Well, we met about a year ago in the city of Altomare. While I was there, we bonded and she ended up falling in love with me. Just before I left, she gave me my first kiss. Several months later, I couldn't stand being away from her any longer and went back to her. After that, we never left each other." Amber cried, "That's so beautiful! You look so cute together! Are you gonna get married someday?" Latias gave Ash a very seductive look. Ash answered, "You bet we are! We just have to decide on a date!" Amber yelled, "I get to be the flower girl!" Onyx added, "I get to carry the ring!" Latias spoke, "I really don't think a ring will fit on my arm. We'll have to settle for a bracelet."

Eventually, they got caught in a rainstorm. No one minded getting a little wet. In fact, Amber and Onyx liked getting wet. Even Ash put his hat in his backpack so his hair would get wet. Latias was thinking back on all the days that she and Ash had spent together. However, that one nightmare she experienced on the night before Ash found her again was on her mind. Finally, she spoke to Ash. "Dear, do you think that nightmares can come true?" Ash looked at her funny, "Why do you ask that?" She clutched at him tightly, "That day you came back to me? The night before, I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that I was in a forest. It was raining. However, the rain almost tasted like tears. I could hear Pokemon crying all around me. I went ahead of where I was and came to a clearing. In the middle were you, impaled on a golden sword. I pulled it out and cast it aside. I then tried to use Recover on you, but you were already dead. I will never forget the feeling of sorrow and loss I felt when I held your lifeless body in my arms. A moment later, someone behind me spoke. When I turned around, a powerful and tall humanoid creature struck me with that golden sword. I woke up right then." Ash asked, "OK, but why did you ask me that question?" Latias clutched at him even tighter, "I feel like I'm about to lose you. Somehow, I feel like this is the last day that I'll ever see you." Ash looked at her with concern. Latias squeezed his hand, "Ash, please. Promise me that I'll wake up with you next to me tomorrow! Promise me that we'll be together forever!" Ash embraced her, "I promise. I'll never leave you. I'll always be there for you and our kids." Tears began to trickle down his face. Somehow, he also had a nagging feeling that this would be the last day that he would be alive.

After about an hour, they landed on the outskirts of Ever Grande City. Everyone saw why Neo had to fly them there. The place was surrounded by sheer cliffs and waterfalls! Ash yelled, "ALL RIGHT! The Pokemon League is just ahead! Let's go!" Ash ran off with everyone trying to keep up. After about a minute of sprinting, an explosion occurred ahead of Ash! Once everyone caught up, Neo jumped in front of everyone. He could sense a massive amount of Shadow energy ahead, an amount far greater than what Black Tulip used. When the smoke cleared, they saw Giovanni standing there unharmed.

"I do believe that this is the first time we've ever met, XD-385. I am Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket and your future master." Amber asked Latias, "Mommy, who is XD-385?" Latias replied, "That was the name that Neo had at first, but your father gave him a new name because Neo didn't like his old name." Neo scoffed, "That's too bad." Giovanni was puzzled, "What is too bad?" Neo explained, "I'm afraid that I am stuck protecting my current master. Also, by the time I would be relieved of my duty, you would be dead. It is his destiny to kill you."

Giovanni laughed, "His destiny? I think not. Tell you what. Let's make a bargain. If you come with me, I'll spare the lives of your friends. Does that sound reasonable?" Ash stepped forward, "He's not my servant, and he's my friend." Onyx yelled, "Dad, you're so cool!" Giovanni got a twisted idea just then, "So, I see that you and that Latias actually succeeded in producing offspring. I remember that it was you and you alone who killed Black Tulip. I wonder if your children have the same abilities as you." At the sound of this, Ash ascended to his first powered up form! "Don't you dare touch them!" Giovanni laughed, "I was only joking! There's no way that they can hold their own against the ultimate bioweapon. Now, I'll ask one last time. Will you come with me?"

Ash said to everyone, "Get out of here, now. Keep Onyx and Amber safe." Latias flew over to Ash. "No way. I promised that I would never leave you and I'm not going back on my word now." Neo stepped forward, "Me too. If you fight, I'll back you up." Bayleef came forward, "I can keep up now. I won't let him take you away from us." Latios flew next to them. "You are one of the only family I have. I won't abandon you now." Lastly, Mewtwo stood next to his only friend. "I vowed to always love you as a friend. Leaving you would mean breaking that vow. Also, I have a score to settle." Ash sighed, "What am I gonna do with you guys? Fine. Pikachu! I'm counting on you to keep everyone safe!" He released his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. "Guys, I want you to keep everyone safe with Pikachu. Get them to Ever Grande City. I'll see you all later." Grovyle gave his trainer a salute and ran off with everyone else towards Ever Grande City. Amber asked May, "Will Mommy and Daddy be OK?" May smiled, "They've been through tough challenges before. I'm sure they'll be OK."

Giovanni spoke to his opponents, "You are all fools to deny me. I promise to make this quick." A black swirling aura engulfed his body. After a moment, a bright flash lit up the whole area for a moment! When the light dimmed, Giovanni was wearing a suit of black armor that was made out of solidified Shadow energy! Only his upper face was uncovered. Two spikes were jutting up from the back while three were on top of his helmet. He raised his fists to signal that he was ready to fight. Neo whispered, "If he is the Great Evil, he must be much stronger than he looks. Do not hold back at all if you want to live, my friends."

In an instant, Giovanni blew everyone away with a blast from his boot! Latias was the first to recover and made three Dragon Claw slashes at him. However, he blocked them with a shield of Shadow energy on his arm and punched her away! Bayleef activated her secret armor system and slashed at Giovanni with an energy charged Leaf Blade! Giovanni countered with a punch and reached a stalemate for a second when his fist collided with Bayleef's head. He then kicked her away when he thought the moment was right. Latios swooped in for a Dragon Claw attack, but was intercepted at the last second with an uppercut! Just then, Mewtwo saw his chance and kicked Giovanni in the chest, sending him straight towards Bayleef! She sent him back with a horse kick towards Neo! He scored a Take Down attack on him, sending him back towards Bayleef! She quickly slashed Giovanni with her Leaf Blade three times, but ducked when Mewtwo flew right over her head and dropkicked Giovanni towards Ash! He elbow jabbed him towards Mewtwo, but Giovanni blew them away with a sudden burst of Shadow energy from his whole body! Latias tried to get in another Dragon Claw slash, but was slammed by another punch. He then performed a quick 3-hit combo on Bayleef when she tried to ram him from behind. Then he sucker punched Neo when HE tried to sneak attack him.

Things were not looking good for Ash and his friends. Giovanni knocked Ash, Latias and Latios into a row and split into three shadows. They landed three heavy blows on each of them, following up with three simultaneous explosions of kinetic energy! He then pummeled Bayleef for a few seconds and turned his attention on Mewtwo. However, he got in a quick blow to Giovanni and tried to score another hit. Unfortunately, Giovanni warped behind Mewtwo at the last second and blasted him with streams of dark flames from his arms. He then knocked Mewtwo out with a quick barrage of punishing blows. Lastly, he landed a flurry of kicks on Latias, a barrage of punches on Latios, and then summoned a large golden sword that was identical to the one the one from Latias's dream. He slashed Neo just once, and then slashed Ash three times and punched him away. By some weird twist, all six of them landed within just inches from each other. As Giovanni looked at the unconscious bodies of his enemies, he let out a long chuckle.

Amber and Onyx refused to enter Ever Grande City without their parents, so the group waited just outside the city gates. Max muttered, "I know Ash is tough. Neo is almost unstoppable, and the rest of them are really strong too, but I don't think that guy would have decided to take them on alone unless he was feeling really confident." May scolded him, "Max! Don't say stuff like that! You might jinx them!" Amber and Onyx yelled, "YEAH! JINXER!" Max blushed out of shame. "Well, so the twerp's not here, huh?" Everyone looked inside the city gates. Jessie, James, and Meowth were looking really proud of something. Brock groaned, "What do you guys want this time?" James spoke first, "Oh, nothing. The boss is only interested in XD-385 now, so we wouldn't get much if we were to steal Pikachu. Hmmm?" He noticed the tiny Latios and Latias floating near May. "What happened to that Latios and Latias?! Did they shrink and change colors?!" May giggled, "Of course they didn't! This is Amber and Onyx. They're the children of Ash and Latias." Meowth yelled, "WHHHAAATTT?! Dat kid and Latias had babies?! Isn't that illegal?!" Brock yelled, "This coming from criminals?!" Jessie was just over whelmed by their cuteness and just walked right over to them. May yelled, "HEY! Get away from them!" Pikachu was ready to zap her, just in case. However, Jessie replied, "Oh, come on! I just want to see them! They're just too cute for me to not hold." Before May could object, Amber and Onyx were flying all around Jessie. "You have really pretty hair! Can I try on your earrings? Hey! Why are your lips red?" James and Meowth decided to just join in as well. Playing with the infants was the only thing they could think of to pass the time.

Giovanni looked over the bodies of his opponents. "Such a shame. If that was your best, XD-385, then I really don't need you after all." Suddenly, Neo said, "Want to bet?" Both he and Ash flew a few feet off the ground and let out a scream! The instant they did, a black orb expanded from Ash while an Emerald green one came from Neo! They expanded to the sky and caused a bright flash that could be seen from Ever Grande City! When Giovanni could see again, Ash had become one with the power of darkness again. His eyes were white and his hair was a fiery hue. A dark blue and Blood red aura surged around him. Neo's eyes and hair had become Emerald green, indicating that his powers were at their limit! A fierce green aura surrounded him. Also, he was holding a pair of Bone Clubs, one in each hand.

All Giovanni could say was, "W-what's this?!" Before he knew what happened, Ash and Neo slammed him skyward! When Giovanni was a full mile in the sky, Ash body slammed him while Neo whacked him with his Bone Clubs! After a second, Ash sliced through him at light speed while Neo detonated two Selfdestruct orbs on Giovanni! Ash flew around Giovanni while pummeling him from all sides! Neo then bashed him while zooming by, causing him to not feel the blow for an instant. Ash split into three shadows and attacked Giovanni all at once, followed by the explosive attack that Neo inflicted a second before! Neo then created a Substitute, who then dash punched Giovanni three times while Ash did the same from the other side! Lastly, the Substitute caught Giovanni in a pincer grab and used Explosion! Ash then summoned a sword made of dark energy and slashed away at Giovanni in unison with Neo's Bone clubs! After Neo rocketed through Giovanni, Ash performed a downward slash while two shadows rammed Giovanni and exploded! Lastly, Neo bashed him two more times, and then blasted him with a Sonicboom! Dazed, Giovanni fell towards the ground.

By this time, Latias, Latios, Bayleef, and Mewtwo had woken up. When they saw Giovanni falling towards them, Latias made the first move. She made a quick double Dragon Claw attack before Bayleef got there and slashed him with an energy charged Leaf Blade while Latias continued to hack away. Latias then performed a Headbutt and Bayleef caught Giovanni with a Vine Whip. Then she and Latios performed a devastating six slash combo on him! After that, Bayleef spun her Leaf Blade around to slice away at Giovanni! She then fired three Solarbeams from the solar panel covered leaves on her neck! Finally, she launched as much solar energy she could harness all at once, blasting Giovanni with a barrage of multiple bursts! Then it was Latios's turn. All he did was perform an uncountable number of Dragon Claw attacks on him. Still, there was so many that it didn't matter what attack he used! Next was Mewtwo. He first dealt a flurry of kicks to his former master and followed up by scattering a few dozen Shadow Balls around him and then causing them to all explode into him! He then began to slash away with Iron Tail and ended it with a powerful Hyper Beam! Latias was next. After head butting him again, Latias gathered as much power as possible to destroy the man who intended to kill the boy she loved. Once she was ready, Latias unleashed all her draconic fury on this monster! She constantly slashed away at him with Steel Wing while firing Mist Balls from both arms and shooting laser like light from her eyes! It was so painful, Giovanni was screaming in agony! After ten painful seconds, she slashed away with Dragon claw a few more times and then thrust her arms into his belly from below! After a second, she managed to use Fire Spin to send him into the sky!

High in the sky, Neo resumed his assault on Giovanni with a lightning fast barrage of blows from his Bone Clubs by wielding them like dual swords. After an uncertain amount of blows, he struck Giovanni with both clubs at once, sending him straight down! However, Ash swooped in and grabbed him from behind! While screaming at the top of his lungs, the Chosen One nosedived towards the ground while spiraling out of control! At the last second, he let go of Giovanni, causing him to plunge headfirst into the ground! The only thing everyone heard was a loud yell of pain.

While Giovanni lied on the brink of death, he heard a voice in his head. (I can help you. Allow me to merge with you and we will destroy this child. Trust me.) Taking the word of this voice for granted, Giovanni felt something of supreme darkness fill his body and mind.

Ash floated over the crater. It didn't seem like Giovanni was going to climb out. Latias screamed, "Ash! Did we get him?!" As he started to give his sweet heart a thumbs up, a green laser blasted him from the crater! Ash let out a startled shout of pain as he was sent high up! Everyone looked on at what rose out of the crater. The sky turned blood red as a green pyramid of light encased Giovanni. He let out a loud groan. When the pyramid disappeared, Giovanni's armor had changed! His chest armor was thicker while his boots and gauntlets had a single large spike pointing upwards. His shoulder pads had widened and two wing like appendages were on his back. Also, there were black markings above and below his eyes. Mewtwo stuttered, "What a-are you?" When he spoke, Giovanni sounded like there were two voices speaking at once. Aside from his voice, there was a darker, distorted voice speaking. "Do not call me that. Giovanni is the name of a man who failed in his ambitions. From now on, I will be forever known to this world as "The Nightmare." Latias was frozen with dread. The armor he was wearing was the same as the armor her attacker wore in that nightmare she had! The Nightmare was the one who would murder Ash!

With nothing else to say, The Nightmare began his reign of terror by attacking his opponents! He blasted all four of them at once with a sinister ray from his eyes! One by one, using nothing more than his brute strength, Nightmare went after Ash's closest friends. He started with Latias, pummeling her until she was no longer conscious. He then did the same to Mewtwo. Then he targeted Bayleef, except this time, he used his massive sword. After five slashes, Bayleef passed out. Fortunately, her armor prevented the blade from getting through. After dealing with Latios, Nightmare set his sights on XD-385. When Neo closed in, Nightmare blasted him with his eye beam attack. Neo then Teleported behind him and threw his Bone Clubs as Bonemerangs! While Nightmare was busy knocking them out of the way, Neo charged up energy for a Hyper Beam. When Nightmare was right up in his face, Neo let him have it. The blast engulfed Nightmare entirely. When the smoke cleared, Neo was dumbfounded to see him without a scratch! He was fighting at his greatest power, and he hadn't even put a dent in his armor! With no way to defend himself, Neo was bombarded with ruthless physical blows laced with Shadow energy. Once Neo was knocked out of the fight, Ash tried to attack Nightmare from behind. However, he back flipped over him. The two fighters just stared at each other for a moment. Telepathically, Neo spoke to Ash, (Master, you must get away. He... he's unstoppable. Please escape. You have to live! Please.....) Ignoring his guardian's pleas, Ash let out a scream of pure rage and charged Nightmare. At the speed of light, they took the fight to the air.

After a moment, they reappeared in front of each other. Nightmare began to pummel Ash at high speed. However, Ash blew him away with a roar of energy and scored a very powerful and painful attack from behind. Sadly, that was the last time Ash would succeed in harming him. Nightmare began to attack Ash without mercy, causing Ash to let out screams of sheer agony. With brute force and deadly slashes, the beating continued for an agonizing 20 seconds. Further into the beating, Nightmare began to rely more on his sword. At one point, he thrust the sword through Ash and dislodged him by sending a blast of Shadow energy through the blade! At the end, Nightmare grabbed Ash by the top of his head. Ash was too weak to move at all.

Nightmare said one last thing to his enemy, "Chosen One. I'll put you out of your misery right now!" He pressed his open hand against Ash's chest. All five of his allies were watching in fear. What was going to happen? Soon, they had their answer. In one last brutal act, Nightmare simultaneously let go of Ash and blasted a wave of Shadow energy right through his body! Ash didn't even scream. As Latias, Bayleef, and everyone else watched the Chosen One fall from the sky with a trail of blood following him, an indescribable sorrow filled their hearts. However, no one felt worse than Latias. Her nightmare had come true. She had just lost the love of her life. Even worse, the Earth had lost its savior. The Chosen One had fallen.
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