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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Father and Son

"OK! Well, I'm going for a walk to think up a strategy for the next match. Amber, Onyx, be good for Uncle Mewtwo. OK?" "OK, Daddy! We promise!" Ash headed out the revolving doors of the hotel. After hearing a Trainer by the name of Axl Ketchum claim that he was his brother, Ash was completely focused on making it to the finals.

"Hey, Ash! Were ya going?!" Ash stopped at the sound of his own voice. "Wow, I didn't think I could sound that loud just by thinking." He heard his voice again, "I'm over here! Don't make me chase you!" Ash suddenly realized that it wasn't him that was talking at all and looked around. His eyes rested on what he thought was himself, but realized that his reflection was wearing his former Trainer garbs. "What the...?! YOU! YOU'RE AXL!!!"

"Yeah, I'm Axl. Are you really so surprised to see your own brother?" Ash pointed at him, "Yeah, right! Mom told me that I never had a brother! Now, who are you?!" Axl shook his head, "Come on, I know we've never seen each other, but just relax. Oh yeah, I came to tell you about your next opponent." This made Ash shut up. "I don't know if you know him, but his name is Lance. OK, see ya!" Axl turned and headed towards the Pokemon Center.

"Lance.....I never thought I'd face him here..." Ash wondered as he took a stroll. "I'll bet his Dragonite is as tough as ever. I wonder if that red Gyarados is OK now." The more Ash thought about it, the more fired up he got. "Yeah. He's the champion from Johto! This will be one heck of a match! What the?!" Something had swooped under Ash and took off with him into the sky! However, he couldn't see what was carrying him! "What's going on here?! Is it a ghost?!" Soon, a familiar voice spoke, "Just calm down. I'm taking you somewhere special."

After a minute of flying, Ash was set down in a vast field of flowers. "Ever Grande City is surrounded by patches of flower fields like this." The invisible figure revealed itself. "Latios! Why did you bring me here?" The dragon smiled, "As peaceful as it is here, I thought it would be a great place to think." Ash lay down in the flowers and tried to think of the best way to take on Lance.

Latios lay on his back with his head parallel to Ash's. "You know, Dragon Type Pokemon are weak against their own element. I had a word with Latias and she wants to take part in the battle. I also heard it will be a Double Battle, so we will be fighting side by side. What do you say?" Ash grinned, "OK. But you better not let anything bad happen to her." Latios chuckled, "No worries. Oh, I wanted to give you something." Latios floated up and over Ash. He then set himself down on top of him and embraced him. "Uh, Latios...this is really awkward." Latios sighed, "You're like the little brother I never had. I've always liked you." Ash blushed a little and embraced Latios back, running his hands through his feathers.

"Um, Latios?" The blue dragon looked at Ash. "Could you fly me to the Orange Islands?" Latios smiled, "Absolutely. Climb aboard." Latios let go of Ash and turned himself upright. Once Ash was safely onboard, Latios tucked in his arms and took off at supersonic speed. "YAAAHHHHH!!!! YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME ABOUT THIS!!!" Ash was gripping Latios's neck in sheer terror.

In under an hour, the two brothers were in the Orange Islands. Latios slowed down and asked, "We're here. Where should I drop you off?" Ash looked around and saw where he wanted to go. "That island down there." Latios began to descend. As soon as Ash touched the ground, he dropped to his knees. "Ah, solid ground!" Latios asked, "So, when would you like me to come back for you?" Ash gave this some thought and replied, "Tomorrow." Latios was curious of what Ash planned on doing overnight on a deserted island, but he wasn't going to interrupt him. "OK. I'll try to keep your kids entertained. Take care!" Latios took to the sky and rocketed back towards Ever Grande City.

Once Latios was out of sight, Ash turned to face the ocean. "Lugia, come out!" Almost immediately, a large figure erupted out of the water and landed before Ash. "You called?" Ash embraced his friend, "It's been a while." Lugia asked, "So, what do you need from me?" Ash backed away and blushed a little, "Well, I just wanted to spend the day with you. Is that OK?" Lugia smiled, "Of course. What kind of father would refuse a day with his child?" Ash looked up in surprise, but calmed down when he remembered their last meeting.

"Well, climb aboard." Lugia lowered his wing for Ash. "OK. Where are we going?" Ash asked as he climbed aboard. "Home." Lugia made a dive into the sea, but Ash was completely dry due to a psychic barrier Lugia was projecting over his back. As they moved over the seafloor, Ash marveled at all the life around them. The corals and other filter feeders lined the floor with color. Any Water type Pokemon they passed gave Ash an odd stare, wondering why he wasn't drowning.

"Well, there it is." Ash looked ahead and saw a domed rock formation only several meters under the surface. At its base was an opening large enough for Lugia to pass through. Soon, they were passing through it and up a tunnel. Before long, they emerged from a pool of water. Ash marveled at the home of Lugia. It was surprisingly roomy. Many light blue crystals adorned the ceiling. He also noticed a wide pile of what seemed to be silver feathers. Lugia noticed and said, "That is a bed that I crafted from my own feathers." Ash ran over to it and belly flopped onto it. He didn't bounce at all and was slightly swallowed. "Wow, this is soft!" Lugia chuckled, "Well, feathers aren't exactly bouncy!"

Back at Ever Grande City, Axl was looking around for a jewelry store. "There's just got to be one somewhere! Oh, there!" Axl ran inside one that was across the street. "Welcome! Oh my, it's uncommon for someone so young to visit!" Axl laughed, "I guess, but I need to get something for my brother and his girlfriend. They're getting married eventually and I was wondering if I could get them a pair of wedding bracelets." The store clerk sighed, "Ah, young love...wait. Did you say wedding BRACELETS?" Axl nodded. "Well, I suppose we have a few. Let me look in the back." Axl looked around the store as he waited. He discovered that he was the only customer. "I guess there aren't many customers during the League Championships."

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting long. It would seem that there is only a single set. Take a look." Axl opened the velvet case and marveled at what he saw. They were a pair of gold bracelets with a ruby on one and a sapphire on the other. "Those have been here for quite some time. I heard that the crafter of them based them on the two Pokemon Latios and Latias. He claims that for only a minute, he saw a loving pair soaring through the sky, hand in hand, their blue and red feathers complimenting each other. These bracelets represent the most powerful bond thinkable, capable of transcending species."

Axl gazed at the red and blue gemstones. The ruby reminded him of his sister-in-law's reddish pink feathers while the sapphire reminded him of his brother, who had a habit of wearing a lot of blue. Tears falling, he spoke, "They're perfect. I'll take them." Axl handed the clerk his credit card and paid for them. "If it's not too much trouble, may I come to the wedding?" Axl grinned, "You got it. As soon as I figure out the date, I'll tell you. Thanks again!" Axl ran down the street with a spring in his step, overjoyed that he had found the perfect wedding gift.

".....And that is how I brought an end to that dark cult." Lugia said as he told Ash the tale of the dark cult that created the Nightmare. Ash had been bathing in a hot spring that was in the cave as he listened to Lugia tell the tale. Ash yawned, "Man, I'm tired. I guess it's gotten late. "Are you sleepy?" Lugia rubbed his eyes, "Yes, I am." Ash started to look around for his backpack, but remembered that he left it at the hotel. Lugia chuckled at Ash's frustration and picked him up in his massive hands, "There is no need for clothes. Silver never wore any, so I don't mind it." Lugia walked over to the bed and relaxed on his side. At first, Ash felt embarrassed that he was completely nude, but he became calm in the powerful grip of his father. He felt secure and even felt almost as if he had just been born. Lugia brought Ash to his chest, letting Ash hug him. It reminded him of the moment when his son was born.

"Ash...I should have told you this last time." Ash looked up at Lugia. "I love you. I've always loved you. You're like the son I never had. I always want to be there for you, to watch over you as I did Silver." Ash crawled up to Lugia's face and embraced him. In tears, he whispered, "I love you, Dad." Lugia reached out with his tongue and gently stroked Ash's face. As the stars shone in the sky, the Chosen One fell asleep in the hands of the father he always wanted.
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