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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Duel of Dragons

"Good morning. I hope you don't mind having fish for breakfast." Ash looked ahead at his father as the smell of freshly cooked fish filled the cave. On what seemed to be a flat topped stalagmite were several fish that looked like they had been grilled. "I cooked them myself." Ash got up, still nude, and walked over to the 'table' and took a deep breath of the aroma. "They smell great, Dad." Lugia smiled, "They should taste great too. Try one." Lugia handed Ash some silverware that he had salvaged from a small shipwreck. They were not the least bit rusty. "Thanks, Dad." Ash started to carve the meat from the bones while Lugia chewed one whole, bones and all.

"Wow. You really know how to cook, Dad." Lugia blushed, "Actually, I just scorched them with fire. I really don't know very much about cooking, but I'm glad you like them." Ash hugged his father's face, "That's OK. I still love you, Dad." Lugia sighed, "And I will always love you, my son." The two of them just stood there for a moment, until Ash remembered something. "OH MAN! I FORGOT THAT I HAVE A MATCH TODAY! I'VE GOT TO GET GOING!" Ash scrambled over to his clothes and got dressed quickly. However, Lugia laughed, "Calm yourself! Your match doesn't begin until 1 p.m. today. You still have time." Ash looked back at his father, his shirt over his legs and one arm through one of his pant's legs. "Oh, thanks for letting me know. Um, could we go topside for awhile?" Lugia nodded, "Sure, but put your clothes on right first." Ash blushed when he saw his arm in his pants while he was wearing his shirt on his legs.

Once they were at the surface, Ash looked around the ruins where he had learned a fragment of his destiny. "This place really brings back memories." Lugia grinned, "Yes. It was truly enjoyable to fly with you on my back." Ash looked back at Lugia, but shocked him with a sad look. "What's wrong?" Ash sighed, "I just don't want to leave you. Will I ever see you again?" Lugia smiled, "I will always be with you. Ash, should you ever wish to see me, call my name when facing the ocean. I will hear you and will appear. Understand?" Ash grinned, "If I knew it was that easy, I would have done it at Mossdeep City!" The two of them laughed, but Ash stopped when he saw his father give him a stern look.

"Ash, heed what I am about to tell you well." Ash was surprised that Lugia would sound so serious so suddenly, but listened closely. "I can sense it. A great evil is somewhere in the Hoenn region, something...familiar..." Ash gasped, "Familiar?! What is it?!" Lugia frowned, "I'm not certain. It is very weak at the moment, as if it is waiting for the right time to emerge. It is so tiny; I can't pinpoint the exact location." Ash walked up to him and patted his blue belly, "Hey, I can handle it. I am the Chosen One, right?" Lugia smiled, "I know. I was just worried. Hm, it seems that your brother draws near. Watch over him, my son. I will see you again." Ash waved goodbye as his father disappeared beneath the waves. "I'll miss you, Dad..."

Ash looked up and saw a familiar shape descending. "I was wondering if you were awake yet." Latios lowered himself to the ground. "Did you enjoy your time here?" "Sure did. How were Amber and Onyx?" Ash asked while climbing aboard. "Oh man, a total nightmare. They wouldn't stop crying for you about one hour after you left. So I altered my form to look just like you. It worked, but they worked me into the ground. How do you handle them with all that energy?!" Ash burst into laughter, "I have no idea! Maybe you're just out of shape!" "Maybe..." Latios grumbled as he took off for Ever Grande City.

Ash stood outside the entrance to the hotel, "Well, I wonder what they're doing now?" Just then, the two children came soaring out the door and into Ash! "DADDY! WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Ash gasped for breath, "Hey...I'm glad to see you get off!" The two babies floated off of him. Amber spoke, "Daddy! Are you and Mommy going to battle today?" Ash nodded, "Yep! Latios is going to help out as well." Onyx cheered, "That's so cool! Can we battle too?" Ash laughed, "Sorry, but only two fighters can take part in this battle, and those places are already taken!" Amber and Onyx looked disappointed, but smiled, "That's OK. Be careful, Uncle Latios." The blue dragon grinned, "Of course I will. Your father will be guiding us, so victory is assured."

About ten minutes before the match started, Ash heard a voice as he waited in the challenger lobby. "So, you ready to show the world your Trainer skills?" Ash looked over in a corner to see Axl leaning against a wall. "Oh. Hey Axl. You here for your match?" Axl snickered a little, "I wish. After watching my flawless victory from yesterday, my opponent chickened out. So you'll be facing my for sure if you when today. OK?" Ash shook his head is disgust, "It's just not cool to back out like that. At least he was worried about his Pokemon instead of his image." Axl grinned, "I thought you would say something like that. By the way, I have something important for you."

Axl walked over to Ash with a pair of jewelry boxes in hand. "These are for you and Latias. I had a hard time finding these, so don't lose them." Ash started to open one out of curiosity, but Axl smacked his hand, "Not yet. You'll know when the right time to open them arrives. Promise me you'll open them only at that time. OK?" Ash shook his hand from the sting, but grinned, "OK. I'll wait." Axl waved as he headed out of the lobby, leaving Ash wondering what was in the boxes.

"Well, I never thought I'd have to face you here." Ash looked towards the door to see a young man with long spiky hair with a black cape. "Lance! It's cool to see you again!" "Likewise. I just wanted to wish you luck for our match. I don't plan on holding back, just so you know." Ash smirked, "I don't wantcha to! Come at me with everything you've got, or this match will be mine!" Lance smiled, "After making it this far, I'm sure you're not bluffing. I'll take your words to heart. May the better Trainer win." With a swish of his cape, Lance headed down the hall towards the other side of the stadium.

"Mr. Ketchum? This way, please." A young woman escorted Ash towards the entrance to the battlefield as the announcer spoke. Meanwhile, all of Ash's friends and family had gathered in a row at the sidelines. Jessie and James had gotten part time jobs as food vendors and had handed out a hot dog to everyone. "Man, I can't wait to see what Ash has planned for this battle!" Max said while snacking on a hot dog. Suddenly, May shrieked, "THERE HE IS!"

Ash marched out the entrance at one side of the stadium while Lance entered at the other end. "EEEK!!! YOU'RE THE BEST, DADDY!" "GO, DADDY! YOU CAN'T LOSE!" Ash blushed as he heard his children screaming over the roar of the crowd. Just then, the cheering died down as the judge spoke, "This is a 2-on-2 battle. Only two Pokemon are permitted from each Trainer. Whichever side's Pokemon are both unable to continue the battle, the other side will be declared the victor. There is no time limit. Let the match begin!"

"Ash! I'm sure you remember these two!" Lance yelled as he sent out a pair of Poke Balls. When the light receded, there stood Dragonite and the same red Gyarados Lance had captured at the Lake of Rage. Ash called out, "Hey, Gyarados! Are you feeling OK?" Although Lance couldn't understand him, the Gyarados replied, "Yes, I am much more relaxed now, but don't expect us to go easy on you, even if you are the Chosen One!" Ash chuckled, "That's fine. Hey! Get down here!" Ash waved towards the stands as two figures flew down to him.

"AMAZING! The challenger Ash has chosen Latios and Latias! Looks like this is going to be a battle of the dragons!" Latias nuzzled Ash, "Well, looks like I finally get to show the world what I can do!" Ash cuddled her, "Sounds good, but don't go easy on them. Those two are the real deal." Latios spoke, "We won't let you down. Let's do this, sister." "Alright." Lance was obviously stunned that Ash had two extremely rare Dragon type Pokemon in his possession, but that didn't mean he would lose. "Interesting combo, but don't get cocky! Dragonite! Gyarados! Use Dragonbreath!" In perfect unison, the two opponents fired potent blasts of energy at the two siblings! "Don't just float there! MOVE!" As directed, the two Eon Pokemon flew in opposite directions as the blasts hit the ground behind where they used to be. "NOW, SISTER!" Latios and Latias flew together and began to gather energy for a Luster Purge and Mist Ball. However, they soon began to combine the two energies into a single point! "Now, use Hyper Beam!" Dragonite and Gyarados began to gather energy to counter this new threat.

"Oh man, it looks like it's all coming down to one shot!" Brock yelled as the tension in the stadium had reached its breaking point. "NOW, FIRE!" The two dragons finally launched simultaneous Hyper Beams at Latios and Latias! "OK, let them have it!" Latias yelled, "Now brother! EON SOUL!" The combined energies ripped loose, slamming against the two Hyper Beams. At first, it seemed like a stalemate, both blasts remaining in one spot. "I never thought this could be matched!" Latias countered Latios's doubt, "NO! I won't let my husband down! RAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" With her reserved strength, Latias sent the Eon Soul blast plowing through the Hyper Beam, exploding with massive force into the opponents! When the smoke settled, Lance stood aghast at his unconscious Pokemon. "One attack...can it really be possible?"

The crowd went wild as the judge announced Ash as the winner. "Way to go, sister. Are you going to be alright?" Latias wheezed, "I'll be fine. Really." Ash ran up to the siblings and gave them both a big hug. "Thank you... You guys worked so hard for me..." Latias whispered, "Husbands and wives are supposed to support each other. Right?" Ash blushed, "You're right. But still..." Latios butted in, "We wanted you to face your brother in the finals. Don't lose to him."

"Ash." The three of them looked to see Lance standing before them. "You really have come far. You really are worthy of being the Chosen One." Lance bowed to Ash before turning to leave. "Axl is a powerful opponent. Be well prepared."

That night, Ash rested in his room with Latias clutching him at the side in bed. "Are you still thinking about Neo?" "Yeah. I wonder what happened to him. Do you think he really was grave robbed?" Latias frowned, "Just the thought of that makes me sick. I truly hope not. Still, don't go blaming yourself for his death. He wouldn't want you to." Ash sighed, "I know. I feel a little better now. I just need to focus on the match tomorrow." Ash surprised Latias with a little kiss on the nose. "Good night." Latias blushed, "Good night, my love."

The next day at noon, Ash was waiting for his turn to head into the stadium. As he held the two jewelry boxes in his hand, he wondered, "It must have been really expensive, whatever these are. If Axl paid so much for these, he must be a really nice guy after all." Just then, the same young lady from yesterday asked him to follow her. As he approached the entrance to the battlefield, Ash could feel hiccups in his throat.

The announcer spoke, "At last, the finals have arrived! And who would have thought that the finalists would be brothers? Who will win this sibling rivalry, Ash Ketchum or Axl Ketchum?" Ash could see Axl walk in from the other side of the stadium while hearing his children cheering for him again. Suddenly, Axl threw his hand up. "If it is OK, I'd like to propose a special challenge!"

This surprised everyone in the stadium, but what he said next blew them all away. Pointing at Ash, Axl spoke, "No Pokemon! Just you and me, Ash! One on one!" The judge spoke up, "Um, I'm not sure we can do that. This is a Pokemon Trainer tournament, not a Martial Arts contest." Ash intervened, "No, that's cool. If Axl wants to face me like that, I don't mind." There was a bit of an uproar as the crowd showed displeasure with Ash's decision.

Ash yelled out, "But before I go through with it, I need to know something!" Axl asked, "Sure! What's up?" Ash gathered his courage, "Why do you want to face me in an actual fight instead of a Pokemon Battle?" To Ash's surprise, Axl became eerily silent and looked to the ground. "Well? Why?" Axl muttered, "The reason for that is....." Suddenly, Axl looked at Ash and, with a voice he knew all too well, yelled, "Because only one of us can claim the title of Ultimate!" At that instant, Axl was covered in a blinding light! In the stands, Mewtwo whispered, "That can't be...!" After a moment, the light receded revealing "Axl's" hair had turned ruby red and his eyes sapphire blue! His clothes had changed to a different design and were completely green!

As Ash looked on in utter disbelief, one word escaped his lips. "NEO!"
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