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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Forbidden Truth Revealed

An eerie silence had settled on the battlefield that nearly became Team Rockets' grave. Ash was staring into the ruby red eyes of the person who would most likely kill him in the next minute. His friends were too afraid to get any closer. One false move could mean the end for Ash. The bizarre bioweapon XD-385 stared at Ash, wondering why he had stopped him from destroying the criminals who intended to do him harm.

He made up his mind, "Get up now, or I'll kill you." Ash quickly climbed to his feet. "Now don't move." With that, XD-385 placed his hand on Ash's face. He then began to look into his memories, hoping to find some insight as to why he defended Team Rocket.

He saw all the way back to when he competed with that jerk, Gary, on any subject. He witnessed where Ash nearly gave his life to defend Pikachu from a flock of Spearows. He marveled at this boys' adventures and comical situations where he had to hold back a laugh. There was a particular red headed girl who he could tell had a big crush on Ash, but was quite skilled in hiding it. He even witnessed several situations where different Team Rocket members confronted Ash and his friends. Compared to them, the ones he had just tried to kill were pretty free spirited.

Finally, XD-385 witnessed the trials Ash overcame at the Orange Islands when a obsessed collector threw nature out of balance by attempting to capture Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia. He saw that according to a mysterious stone tablet, Ash was the Chosen One, the human who would unite humans and Pokemon as well as defend the world from a powerful evil. However, there was a particular occurrence in his subconscious memory that had taken place several months before that great crisis. If it was there and not in his normal memory, it meant that someone or something had tried to erase it. Against his better judgment, XD-385 accessed this memory.

What he saw was a nightmarish situation, Pokemon and their clones tearing into each other without any regard for their own survival. He witnessed the creator of this disaster, Mewtwo, squaring off with his original self, Mew. When it seemed that there was no end in sight, Ash charged into the center of the arena, directly into the path of Mew and Mewtwo's energy blasts! The moment they struck him, XD-385 was cut off from the memory by a blast of pain!

"GRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" was all that came from his mouth as he was blown away by a wave of purple energy! XD-385 slammed into a tree about 50 feet behind him. As he sat upon the ground, Ash wondered if he was hurt and began to approach him. XD-385 understood everything now. Even though his view was cut short, he knew Ash perished when struck by those two blasts. How he was revived, he did not know. But he knew why he did that; Ash valued all life. That is why he stopped him from killing Team Rocket.

When Ash got to him, he asked, "Are you OK?" XD-385 looked up at him. Ash saw that his eyes had returned to their original sapphire blue color, a sign that he had calmed down. In an instant, he jumped to his feet, startling Ash and causing him to back away. His friends ran over to him and Pikachu jumped in front of him, ready to zap XD-385 again.

XD-385 slowly walked over to the group and, to everyone's surprise, kneeled before Ash. "Wha-what do you want?" XD-385 replied, "I have decided. Considering whom you are, you definitely need a guardian." May, Max, and Brock were stumped by this. Max nudged Ash playfully and said, "Heeeyyy Ash, you never told us you were a celebrity!" XD-385 gave him a glare, "This is a serious matter. Do any of you remember a freakish storm about one year ago, originating from the Orange Islands?" Brock remembered it well since he was at Professor Ivy's lab at the time, although he still didn't want to think about her right now. May and Max also remembered the crazy weather that day.

May said, "Do you mean the day that countless Pokemon were trying to get to the Orange Islands?" XD-385 replied, "Exactly. Ash is the Chosen One spoken of in legend and you all might not be here now if it wasn't for him!" Everyone shouted, "WHAT?!" Ash's face went red from the attention he got. "Uh, he's right. I don't like bragging about it, but I am mentioned in a stone tablet down there. I nearly died that day too." XD-385 spoke, "That is why I have decided to become your guardian. You don't know it, but your duty isn't over yet. Someday, you will have to do battle against a great evil and I intend to make sure you live to see that day."

Max yelled, "Yeah right! You think he's gonna let you come with us after what you did?!" Max pointed to the mountain that XD-385 had blasted only minutes before. XD-385 sighed, "I guess you need to know the truth about me. HOWEVER, you must not tell ANYONE who is not close to any of you. Understand?" Everyone nodded. "As you may have suspected, I am not human, even though I look like one. I am a bioweapon created by Team Magma and Team Aqua. They intended to use me to conquer this world to preserve the environment by force." Brock said, "But just what are you exactly?" XD-385 looked at him funny. "My name should give it away! I was created from the DNA of nearly all Pokemon that have been discovered to date. That's 385 species. Therefore, I have the ability to use ANY of their powers at will, including all their moves. The reason I look human is because of my Ditto DNA. I can alter my appearance to just about anything. However, I can't change my gender. When I discovered what they intended to use me for, I tried to escape from the lab where I was created. However, they captured me and banished me into space when they decided I was too dangerous."

When he turned around, he had to choke back a laugh since they were staring at him with their mouths hanging open! "That is what I am. I hope you can understand that." They still looked like they were comatose. XD-385 looked down at Pikachu and said, "Care to do the honors?" Pikachu nodded and zapped the gang awake! "Now then, shall we be going?" Everyone looked at Ash. "Sure you can come. I don't judge, I train." May spoke up, "Um, how about we give you a name? XD-385 sure sounds hard to remember!" Max and Brock took the initiative, arguing over names for him. After about 30 seconds of their bickering, an annoyed XD-385 shouted, "ENOUGH! Only my master can decide my name!" Ash blushed, no one had EVER called him something so formally before! He thought for a moment, "Uh, hmmmm, errrr, I got it!" Everyone listened. "How does "Neo" sound?" XD-385 thought about it. "Hmmm, I like it! Neo it is!" After introductions were completed, XD-385, or Neo, spoke up, "It's gotten pretty late. Have you guys eaten dinner yet?" At the sound of this, Brock groaned, "NOOOO! I forgot all about the soup I was cooking! It'll be burned if the fire isn't put out soon!" Neo asked, "Which way to camp?" Brock pointed away from the crash site, "That way, but..." Before for he could say anything else, Neo was gone. "Where did he go?!" Max replied, "Maybe he Teleported to camp." When they got back to camp, a 15 minute walk, they saw Neo rapidly stirring the soup. The fire had also been put out.

Neo welcomed them, "That was close. I got to it just before it was burned." Everyone ran to the camp site. May was delighted that Ash was back to his old hungry self again. "All right guys! It's chow time!" Ash shouted as he released all his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. May and Brock did the same. When they noticed Neo's odd scent, they immediately took an aggressive mood to him. Ash convinced them that he was no enemy to them, though.

While everyone was feasting on the soup and Poke chow made by Brock, Neo was keeping watch. After a minute passed by, May asked him, "Come on Neo! There's enough for all of us. Are you just not hungry?" Neo replied, "Oh all right." However, he noticed that the Pokemon were not eating any of the soup, just that bland looking Poke chow. Knowing that he was all Pokemon and no human, he snatched up a piece and started eating it.

It took a moment, but he noticed everyone, the Pokemon and humans were just staring him. Not sure of what was wrong, Neo asked, "What?" Brock replied, "Don't you want some soup?" Neo shook his head and said, "Sorry, but I have to eat this stuff. I am all Pokemon, you know. Besides, it doesn't taste bad at all." Ash thought to himself, (Guess it's time for a change.) He offered his bowl of soup to Grovyle. He seemed confused, but Ash reassured him. To everyone's surprise, Grovyle started drinking the soup rather quickly, enjoying every last drop.

Brock was stumped by this unexpected move but then said, "Guess I better get started on another pot." Neo smiled, (He really is different. He is a master worth serving!) That night, everyone went to sleep with their bellies full of soup. Neo stayed awake to keep watch for danger. If his first few hours back on Earth were this blessed, he could only imagine what lay in store for him and his new friends.
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