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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Return to Altomare

A few days had passed since Ash acquired a new friend and bodyguard, XD-385, otherwise known as Neo. Team Rocket hadn't bothered them recently due to the shock treatment that XD-385 put them through, although he could still sense that they were nearby. Although he had proved himself loyal by doing everything Ash asked, Neo couldn't help but notice that Ash had become slightly more and more depressed with each passing day. He even showed no interest in battling. Pikachu came to Neo, asking for help. He agreed to do whatever he could to lighten Ash's spirits.

When they reached a Pokemon Center, Neo took the time to look through some travel magazines. He was certain that Ash was just in a slump and needed a vacation. However, the place had to be somewhere they could all agree on. Not too hot, not too cold, not too crowded, and not too fancy. Just then, he found what he was looking for. He waited for everyone to finish their business before calling them over.

"I've noticed that you have all seemed a little exhausted over the past few days, so I thought you all could use a vacation. I had to find a place that you could all agree on. Does this look OK to all of you?" Neo showed them the magazine he was reading. It was a special on Altomare.

May shrieked, "Oh, isn't that the city where the streets are paved with water?! I've always wanted to go there!" Max said, "That place has so many great museums! I'm in!" Brock added, "I've been there before. I would really like to go there again." That was three, only one left. Everyone looked at Ash. He seemed to be thinking deeply. (This could be my only chance to ever see her again. But what if she doesn't feel the same way about me?)

Neo spoke, "Master, we are waiting for your decision." A moment passed and Ash looked up at them with a nervous smile on his face. "Yeah, I'd like to go there." Neo exclaimed, "Well, that's everyone! Just give me a minute to make some reservations and we'll be on our way!" He then went over to a phone to call a hotel in Altomare.

Brock asked, "Won't it take weeks to get to Altomare?" Just then, Neo came back. "I made some reservations for us. We'll be in Altomare by tonight, at the latest." Everyone shouted, "TONIGHT?!" Neo remarked, "What, have you forgotten who I am?!" Everyone still glared at him as if he had just ruined their day. Neo muttered, "Just come outside. And don't forget your supplies."

Neo lead the gang 100 feet from the Pokemon Center before stopping. He turned around and said, "I need you to give me some room." They took a step back. "More." They took another step back. "More!" They took yet another step back. "GO LONG, GUYS!" They ran back about 50 feet before Neo told them to stop. Max mumbled, "Just how does he think he's going to us there before sundown?" Neo shouted over to them, "I going to get you guys there in style!"

After focusing himself, Neo became covered in a bright light, just like when he transformed into a Zangoose. May asked, "Is it just me, or is he getting bigger?" A moment later, she had her answer. Neo had transformed into a majestic Lugia! He spoke to them, "Well, is this stylish enough for you?"

Max ran over to him, "This is so awesome! You're really going to fly us there?!" Neo nodded, "Yeah, it would take too long to go on foot." He lowered a wing so they could climb on. After everyone was ready, Neo said, "You guys might want to hold onto my dorsal fins for the first few minutes." After a second, he yelled, "Hey, Max! Which way to Altomare?!" Max checked the Pokenav. "Uh, it's to the Northwest!" "Thanks! Now hold on!"

Neo began to slowly flap his massive wings, creating strong winds in the process. After a few moments, they were cruising through the sky towards Altomare. Despite flying at very high speed, the gang felt little wind. Neo was generating a barrier to prevent the wind from blowing anyone off.

After a few hours, plus a bathroom break, Neo landed in a forest near the docks where they would ride a boat to Altomare, since it is surrounded by water. Max scolded Neo after he took on his normal form again, "Why didn't you fly us over to Altomare?!" Neo glared at him, "Do you think it would have been a good idea for the inhabitants to know that there is a shape shifting bioweapon in their city?" Max's face turned red. "And I thought you were the brainy one." Without arguing, the group boarded a ferry to Altomare. May and Max couldn't stop babbling about what they wanted to do and see when they got there.

The sun had begun to set. Neo was watching it when he got an unexpected feeling. He could sense something in Altomare. Was it.....sorrow? Someone must have gone through terrible heartbreak there recently. He could also feel.....himself? (One of my brothers or sisters must be in that city. What are the chances?!) Still, Ash was the most important person in the world to him, so he would stay by his side at all times.

After they reached the hotel, Neo checked in with the receptionist. "Cash, check, or charge?" Neo replied, "Charge." Max looked on in surprise as he saw what seemed to be a credit card form from cybernetic encryptions and polygons between Neo's right hands' fingers. After he paid, the bellhop took them up to their room, which turned out to be the most expensive one in the building!

After the bellhop left, Max immediately brought up the credit card, "How did you do that?!" Neo asked, "You mean how I paid them?" "Yeah, what was that?!" Neo had a sly little grin on his face, "It's all thanks to my Porygon DNA." Brock asked, "You mean that Pokemon that can turn itself into cybernetic data?" Neo replied, "Yep. I can interact with machines that scan credit cards. It's a little difficult to explain, so let's just say I'm a walking bank account, meaning I can generate as much currency as I need."

May asked Neo, "Oh Neo, would you like to take me shopping for souvenirs?" Neo didn't like that look in her eyes. "Stop trying to sweet talk me and yeah, I'll take ya." First, he mentally scanned the city for any malicious intentions. Except for a few crafty street vendors, there didn't seem to be anything that seemed to want to harm Ash.

Ash went with them to get some takeout. May couldn't believe how much was available, especially all the glassworks. Neo even ate a piece of glass candy! He had to pay for it, of course. For takeout, they got a special entrée, pasta in a black sauce with cuttlefish. When they got back to the hotel, Ash seemed VERY disappointed, as if he didn't find what he was looking for. At the dinner table, Neo blurted out, "That sauce will stain, but not your clothes." just to be funny. It took everyone a minute to figure out what he meant by that, but when they did, they scolded him out of being so disgusting at the dinner table! After they finished eating, everyone turned in for the night, except Neo. He went out for a patrol of the city. He took on the form of a Latios since the narrow walkways seemed as if they were made for one. He had no idea that another Latios had patrolled this city a few months prior to his arrival.

As he went down a particular hallway, Neo sensed an immense amount of plant life nearby. When he found the source, he was greeted with the largest garden he had ever laid eyes on. Curious, he entered and felt that the strange feeling he got while on the ferry was much stronger here. He focused his eyes and saw, at the far edge of the garden on a low tree branch, a Latias! He immediately thought, "Sister? Is she the Latias who's DNA was used in creating me?"

Neo thought he noticed that she was moving back and forth slightly on the branch, so he focused his eyes a little more. The moment he could see clearly what she was doing, his mind and face went blank. His sister was moaning in delight as she masturbated on a small rounded nub at the base of the branch! She had her arms wrapped around the branch as she moved herself back and forth onto the nub. She was muttering someone's name as she did so, but Neo didn't stick around to listen! He got out of the garden as fast as he could without being noticed. "Oh man, I REALLY wasn't supposed to see that!" After calming down, Neo made a return trip to the hotel. He felt a little better that he had found one of his 385 relatives, in a certain sense.

That night, in a house not far from the secret garden, that same Latias was experiencing a dream she would not soon forget. She found herself in a clearing in a forest. It was raining. However, the rain seemed to taste salty, like tears. Latias could also hear soft weeping all around her; the voices of many Pokemon were mourning someone. Even the Earth itself seemed to be in mourning. Some of the trees and grass had shriveled up, as if they had lost their will to live.

Latias could sense something ahead of her. She flew through the forest towards what she sensed. When she entered another clearing, she was greeted with a sight that shattered her heart. In the center of the clearing was the boy she had fallen in love with, Ash Ketchum, his body impaled on a large golden sword with four spikes pointing out and up on each side of the double-edged blade. There were red runic inscriptions on the side of the blade and a green diamond was embedded near the hilt.

She flew over to him and used her psychic powers to lift the sword off of him, and then cast it aside. She immediately tried to use Recover on him while choking back tears, but tragically, he was already dead. Latias began sobbing into Ash's blood-soaked jacket; she could not believe that he was gone.

"Don't worry, you'll join him soon enough." Latias looked up to see who the voice belonged to. To her horror, a large humanoid creature wearing jet-black armor slashed her with the large golden sword, causing her to wake up with a cold sweat. The sun had begun to rise. It was morning.

Latias had been having dreams like that frequently since Ash left Altomare several months ago, except this was the first one where she found Ash dead. She didn't know what it was supposed to mean. Would everyone on the planet mourn Ash's death when he died? One thing was for certain; Latias was in love with Ash and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, even if he didn't love her.

Bianca had noticed that Latias had become terribly depressed since Ash left. She knew that Latias was suffering from heartache, but was troubled that she couldn't do much to help her. Latias had the ability to go looking for Ash, but she had to stay and guard the Soul Dew. She also couldn't take it with her, since doing so would cause the water in Altomare to disappear, meaning disaster for its inhabitants.

Latias went back to the secret garden. It was here that she first revealed herself to Ash. She looked at the tree she would frequently use to masturbate, but decided against it. It would always break her heart after she finished, knowing that she would never really perform the most sacred act of love with the boy she loved. She rested on a stone bench and began to quietly cry, silently scolding herself for falling in love with someone who couldn't love her back.

Ash was staring out of the window at the rest of the city, still just as depressed as the days before. May finally gathered the courage to ask Neo to try something new. "Neo, could you please try to make Ash a little happier?" Neo gave her a funny look, "You really have the hots for him huh?" May blushed heavily, "N-No! I'm just..." Neo cut her off, "In love with him?" Before May could respond, Neo added, "Don't try to hide it. He's someone you can't help but like. Even I was not immune to him. However, I'm not in love with him. That just wouldn't be proper!" Neo then went over to Ash. May felt a little better about her feelings after that and hoped that Ash felt the same way about her.

Neo asked Ash, "Master, is there anything I can do for you?" Ash thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, I need you to search Altomare for a hidden garden. When you find it, I want you to take me to it." Neo remembered that garden he saw last night. "Um, I already found it." Ash looked up at him with a look of urgency. "You have?! Take me there, now!" Neo Transformed into a Latios again and snatched Ash up in his arms, then flew out the window, turning invisible as he did so.

In minutes, they arrived at the secret garden. Ash stood at the entrance and told Neo, "I need to be alone here. Would you just watch the entrance for me?" Neo replied, "Of course. Take all the time you need." Ash then went inside, wondering if he would find who he was looking for.

Ash didn't go far before he heard what sounded like someone crying. He approached a stone bench from behind, since the sound seemed to be coming from it. When he looked over the back, his heart skipped a beat when he saw Latias lying down on it, crying softly. He placed his hand on her shoulder to try and clam her down. The moment she felt his hand touch her feathers, Latias looked up at Ash and wondered if this was another one of her dreams.

"Why are you crying?" Latias knew that it was really Ash when he spoke, since he never spoke to her in her dreams. She replied by tackling him and knocking him down, crying against his chest. Ash gently embraced her to try to get her to stop crying. He could feel tears building up in his own eyes.

Finally, she spoke. Not with her mind, but with her voice! "Ash, I thought I would never see you again!" Ash was stunned that she could speak without using telepathy. "You can talk?" She answered, "I have been training myself so hard. I wanted to be able to speak to you in a way you could understand." She had finally stopped crying.

Ash asked her, "Why were you crying?" Latias began shedding tears again. It was time for him to learn the truth. "Because I love you. When you left, I thought I could handle being apart from you, but everyday, it hurt so much. I was even losing my will to live." Ash was relieved that Latias loved him just as much as he loved her. He raised her head until she was looking at him with her beautiful golden eyes. "I felt it too. I came back because I love you too."

Latias felt her heart melt. The boy she loved also loved her! Latias couldn't contain her joy any longer. Without warning, she thrust her face towards his and accidentally rammed him! "OW!" Ash rubbed his nose, afraid it was broken. Latias was ashamed. She thought for sure he would hate her now. To her surprise, Ash said, "Let me help you with that." He gently rotated her head until it was on a 45 degree angle, then he brought his lips to hers.

Latias felt like she was in Heaven as she and Ash had their first kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck while Ash stroked her back. After a moment, Latias licked at Ash's lips to gain entry. He parted his lips to allow their tongues to intertwine. Finally, they broke the kiss and just lay there. They had finally found true love, despite the fact that they were completely different in specie. Latias began to cry again. Ash asked, "What's wrong?" a worried look on his face. Latias replied, "Nothing's wrong. I'm just so happy. I can't help it." She was shedding tears of joy. They embraced each other, never wanting to let go.

The whole time, a certain bioweapon was watching from a massive tree nearby. A tear fell from his face. His master had found love with his big sister. Maybe someday, his master would become his brother-in-law. Happy like never before, XD-385 flew of for the hotel while rendering himself invisible. Just then, something popped into his head. What would he say to May?
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