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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Sibling Rivalry

Latias was stunned. Her brother had always been very protective of her, but this was going too far! Could it be that something had happened to his soul during his absence from the living world?

"I don't understand, Brother. Why can't I leave Altomare?" Latios replied, "You're still too weak. You could very easily die like I did. You're my responsibility and I won't have you leave the only place where you can be safe!" Ash and his friends were furious at Latios for preventing his sister from leading her life the way she wanted.

Latias then made an unexpected demand, "Brother, if you won't let me travel with the boy I love, I'll fight you for that right!" No one could believe what she just said, especially Latios. Latias had always been so meek that he never expected her to question him! Now she was challenging him to combat?

"Your will has grown strong sister. I accept." He created a portal to a dimensional battlefield. He and Latias entered the portal while everyone else watched. They could see the two Pokemon in a sphere shaped screen. (Don't push yourself too hard Latias. I don't want to lose you.) Ash prayed for her success.

The two fighters seemed to be in a dark meadow. They dashed at each other, but Latios knocked Latias away using just physical strength! She quickly flew at him again, but he Teleported behind her and slammed her with a straight arm punch, only to knock her back and forth at high speed for a second! She tried to counter, but Latios blasted her with a Flamethrower attack!

The sphere shaped screen went white for a second and the field changed to a star filled night sky. Latias had had enough of being bashed around like a rubber ball. She gathered her strength and began to fight back against her brother with power that seemed to equal, or surpass his own! Her speed was great and it was her who began laying a beating on Latios for a moment! The screen went white again and the two Pokemon were over an ocean this time.

Latios made the first move. He came out of nowhere and sent his sister into the ocean. When he flew after her, Latias punched him back! She flew out of the water and tried to punch Latios when he flew at her again. Instead, he flew around her at light speed while laying explosive attacks on her! The screen went white again and they were now at a high-tech base.

Latias was on the ground when Latios swooped in and sent her flying! When she dashed at him, he back dropped her into the metal floor! Latias then turned the tables and began pounding Latios with high speed attacks that left no room for escape. She even began using afterimages that were surprisingly solid, ending the barrage with two of them simultaneously punching him from the sides, exploding as they did so. The screen went white again and it showed Latias in what appeared to be outer space.

Suddenly, Latios appeared and let out a roar. He was surrounded in a blue aura. He was not going to let the fight continue any further. Latias had no hope of victory as her brother pounded her with high speed and powerful blows, ending with a massive Luster Purge! The screen went white again and it showed Latias lying unconscious in a strange temple. Ash looked on in horror as Latios flew in for the finishing blow. At the last second, there was a sudden flash of light. When it dimmed, everyone stood aghast as they saw XD-385 Slam Latios away from his sister!

"Enough." Latios was seething. "You, how did you get in here?! I don't care if you are my little brother. I will make you pay for interrupting this fight!" Neo frowned and replied, "I'd like to see you try, cheater." Everyone was shocked at what he said. Cheater? Surely Latios wouldn't cheat against his little sister! Would he?

Latios yelled, "Cheater?! Do you know what you just said?!" Neo's eyes turned Ruby red again, a sign that he was quite angry. "Idiot. You healed yourself after every dimensional shift!" Latios looked just as shocked as everyone else. Neo then became enshrouded with a swirling red aura again. Latios quickly made another dimensional shift and the two of them were in a crystal cavern.

Neo dashed at Latios and performed a horse kick to his face, followed by a reverse ax kick. He then blasted him with a Selfdestruct attack in the form of an orb of energy launched from his hand! After Neo socked Latios with a Mach Punch, the screen went white for just an instant. When the light faded, some of the viewers had to choke back a laugh as they saw Neo with the back of his fist in Latios face! Neo had disrupted the shift by sucker punching him! Latios had a look on his face that showed he didn't know what hit him. Neo then said, "I don't think so."

After being knocked away, Latios tried to fight back, but the powerful bioweapon in this ascended state was proving to be too much for him. After an uncertain number of physical blows, projectile attacks, and Leaf Blade slashes, Latios decided to pull out all the stops. As Neo closed in, Latios paralyzed him with Disable! He then began charging up power for a last ditch attack.

Latios blasted his brother with the strongest Luster Purge he could muster. Neo took the blast head-on. Ash stood there watching, praying that his guardian would survive. When the smoke cleared, everyone saw that Neo was still standing, but had lost his left arm. Latios dashed at Neo for a finishing blow, but was knocked away by an unseen force!

A sudden flash of blue light filled the screen and when it dimmed, everyone saw Neo letting out a scream as he reached an even more unstable form than the one he was already in! His eyes had become Sapphire blue again, but so did his hair! His left arm had also been restored! His fists were covered in Ruby red flames while his body was surrounded with a Sapphire blue aura! He then stared at Latios, filling him with terror with his cold, unfeeling eyes.

Before Latios knew what was happening, XD-385 was pummeling him with the Ruby red flames around like whips. He then began slaming him back and forth with explosive Dynamicpunch attacks! He then threw the flames from his hands, which then split into six flames. They surrounded Latios and slammed into him at once, exploding with great force! After pummeling Latios with brute force for three seconds, Neo ended with an Explosion, blowing up the dimesional battlefield! The screen shattered and the three combatants fell to the ground. Ash rushed to Latias, but everyone else was too scared to get any closer to the crazy bioweapon. Neo left the secret garden to try and calm down. Ash and his friends got Latias and Latios to Bianca's house to apply first aid.

Latias regained consciousness first and was quite worried about Latios, who was in bed next to her. She noticed that Ash was holding her hand tightly. While blushing, she asked, "Did I win?" Ash shook his head, "No. Neo had to step in to stop Latios from going too far. Although in the end, Neo went too far himself." He pointed to Latios. Some of his feathers were scorched and he was heavily bruised. He was still unconscious.

"Neo did that to him?" Ash tried to comfort her, "Yeah, he got pretty mad when he saw that Latios was cheating." Latias couldn't believe what she heard. "He cheated? How could he?" Ash explained everything. Latias couldn't understand why her own brother would cheat against her to keep her in Altomare. A few hours later, at midnight, Neo arrived. He had calmed down enough that his eyes and hair were back to their normal colors. Without saying a word, he took a seat near Latios. He had some questions to ask him when he woke up.

A few minutes later, Latios finally awoke. "Why, brother? Why did you go so far to keep your sister imprisoned here?!" Latios was silent for a moment. His eyes were filled with shame. Finally, he answered, "I'm sorry. Latias is the only family I have. I wanted her to stay so she would always be safe. I can't stand the thought of her being harmed by anyone. Please understand." Ash was furious over that last one. "Then why did you harm her?! It was you who put Latias in this bed!" Latios then began to cry, "I know. I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed that I went to such measures to keep her here. Please, can you ever forgive a prideful Pokemon like me?" Ash laid his hand on Latios' shoulder. "You're not just a Pokemon, you're a person too." Struggling against the pain, Latios embraced his future Brother-in-Law.

"Thank you. I have decided to allow my sister to accompany you on your journey. I'm sure you will be able to defend her against any threat. That goes for you too, Neo." Latias reached out for Latios and they joined claws for a moment. After they let go, Latias had been completely healed! "I used Recover on you. You are free to go." Latias gently embraced her brother, "Thank you." Neo spoke up, "Actually, we still have about a week left till our reservations expire at the hotel. I'll be patrolling the city in your place until we leave, Brother." Latios thanked him and they left for the hotel, leaving Bianca and her Grandpa to look after him.

Later, Ash and Latias were in the same bed. Ash had no problem falling asleep, but Latias had something on her mind. As she clutched Ash tightly against her, she felt a little moist in between her feet. She thought about it and made a decision. "Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I'll ask him. Maybe my dream will finally come true." She fell asleep, dreaming of the moment when she would lose her virginity to the boy she loved.
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