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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


First time

The day after Latias got her brothers' consent to leave Altomare, Ash and his friends just decided to enjoy their time in Altomare before returning to the Hoenn region. Max and Brock checked out more of the museums, May and Pikachu had a blast feeding Pidgeys in a certain square, while Ash and Latias went wherever they want. Of course, Neo was always close by to defend them from any danger. Latios was still bedridden and had to rely on Bianca and her Grandpa for sustenance.

Team Rocket had finally made it to Altomare after a great deal of pedaling in their Magikarp submarine. "So, Jess, how do ya think we should get Pikachu this time?" "First off, I don't want to get anywhere near that freak after what he tried to do last time. I say we should take him out first." James interrupted, "WHAT?! How do you expect us to stop something like that?!" Jessie smirked, "Don't worry. We won't, but he will!"

Ash and Latias, as well as Neo, were resting together at a large fountain in a large square. Against her better judgment, Latias had remained visible and in her normal form, only because Ash asked her to. Some passerby's stared, but no one made any rude remarks. Bianca was doing some shopping when she noticed the two lovers, their hands grasping each others' while they rested against each others' bodies.

Suddenly, Neo detected Team Rocket approaching. "Pre-" Neo cut Jessie off with, "SHUT IT! WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME?!" Ash thought, (Whoa. She didn't even complete the first word.) Neo stood between Ash and Team Rocket. "Didn't think I would see you goofballs again. Do you want me to really kill you this time?" Jessie laughed, "Not this time, twerp! Come out, Wobbuffet!" The light blue Pokemon gave his signature salute when he appeared. Neo glanced back at Ash, "Should I use Hyper Beam again?" Ash answered, "OK. Just don't go too far!" "Fine. I'll use just one hand."

Neo began gathering energy into an orange sphere in his right hand, just like before. "This will leave you guys sore for a while!" He then fired the powerful blast at the surprisingly calm Rockets. At least, Jessie was calm. At the last second, Wobbuffet used Counter! The Hyper Beam was being held back by a powerful barrier from Wobbuffet! Neo began to struggle and applied more force to the blast. Just then, the Hyper Beam was reflected back at him!

"NO WAY!!!" Neo had no hope of dodging the blast as it came back at him. To Ash and Latias's horror, Neo took the blast head on, seemingly disintegrating as his body was consumed by the blast! "NEO!!!" When the smoke cleared, there was not even a trace of the brave bioweapon left. Latias screamed at Team Rocket, "YOU MONSTERS! How could you do that to him?!" Jessie replied, "The only way we were going to get Pikachu was to get that freak out of the way. Now that he's gone, there's no one to stop us from taking Pikachu and YOU!" Ash was furious at the thought of Team Rocket abducting Latias. Sadly, all his Pokemon were back at the secret garden relaxing, so he couldn't do much to stop them.

(Don't get full of yourselves. I'm not done yet.) Everyone looked around for the voice that seemed to come from everywhere. Suddenly, shining sparks littered around the square began to join together! As they did, they began to grow. A glowing human silhouette formed from them and when the light receded, there was Neo, completely restored! Of course, his uniform was still intact as well. "Ready for round 2?"

Team Rocket was terrified at the seemingly indestructible fighter before them. "Jessie, we can't fight someone like that! I vote for a retreat!" Jessie responded to James, "Uh, right! Let's get out of here!" As they ran away, Neo joked, "Looks like I didn't have to kill them after all."

A few minutes later, Team Rocket had finally stopped to catch their breath. "Huh, huh, phew. Jessie, I really do not believe we can get Pikachu with that weirdo in our way." "Don't remind me. Just how does he do it? Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Recover, it's as if he's some sort of all-powerful....." Jessie stopped and put on a very sneaky grin. Meowth spoke up, "Um, Jess? What are you thinking about?" Jessie replied, "I'm thinking that we should have a talk with the boss right away. Just imagine what he'll give us when we tell him that we've discovered something much more valuable than any Pikachu!" James thought for a moment, "I like the way you think, Jessie." "YEAH, we'll be stinking, filthy rich, and I'll be top cat again!"

XD-385 walked over to Ash and Latias. "Didn't see that coming, did you?" Ash and Latias seemed to be holding back tears. Finally, Ash broke down first, "I thought you were a goner." Neo yelled, "Oh come on! You really didn't think that I could be killed by my own attack, did you?!" Latias asked, "Of course we were worried! Still, how did you survive?" Neo gave them a sly look, "You know about Pokemon with gelatinous bodies? Well, just like them, I can regenerate my entire body if some of my nervous system survives. A single molecule of it is all I need to regenerate." Ash stared at him, "Whoa. I had no idea you were THAT tough! I'll bet you could beat anyone in a battle!" Neo replied, "Well, I haven't lost yet, have I?"

On their way back to the hotel, Neo spoke to his sister with telepathy, (Go for it, sis. He wants you just as much as you want him.) Latias felt reassured that her plan would go well. Although she wasn't looking forward to the pain, she knew it would only happen just this once. Any other time afterwards would be filled with nothing but sheer pleasure.

That night at the hotel, Latias finally gathered the courage to put her plan to work. Neo had made sure that their session would have no interruptions by taking everyone except Ash and Latias out to dinner. They had the whole room to themselves. While Ash was out for a brief time, Latias was busy laying out decorations. She set up small candles on the floor to light the way to the bed. She played soft music on a radio near the bed. Lastly, she turned the lights off so that the only light in the room was coming from the candles. She then made herself invisible and waited for her love to return.

Ash came back up to the room after taking some laundry down to the washroom and was surprised to find the room deserted and dark, except for a path of candles leading to his bed. He also noticed soft music playing. Thinking Latias was already in bed, he quietly made his way over to the bed while removing his jacket and pants. When he laid down on the bed, he noticed that Latias wasn't in bed after all. He jumped at the touch of her claw on his shoulder.

"I've been waiting for you, love." Ash replied while embracing her, "Sorry to keep you waiting. It's just you and me tonight, beautiful." Now came the hard part. "Ash, may I ask you a favor?" Ash was taken by surprise by this question. "Uh, sure. You don't have to be so uptight with me about favors." He noticed Latias's face turn red under her white feathers. He was certain she was going to ask him something personal. (This is it. I might never have this chance again. But what if he rejects me? What if he refuses because I'm a Pokemon?) "Latias?" She finally responded while shedding tears, "Will you.....please..... make love with me?" Ash wasn't certain what she meant by that.

"I already love you, Latias. Do you mean something else?" Latias smiled at the fact that Ash was so innocent with such matters. "I meant this." She lay on her back and reached down between her feet. Since the light was poor, Ash had to look closely to make out what she was touching. When he saw it, his face went red. She was holding open her vagina with her claws!

"You want me to have sex with you?!" Latias nervously nodded. (I knew I shouldn't have asked him that. He's probably angry. He'll leave me behind for sure.) Ash got close to her face and asked, "Why do you want me to do that to you?" Latias looked at his eyes and saw no anger in them. Still, she was too nervous to speak. So she did the next best thing. She pulled him to her and kissed him even more intimately than the first time.

Ash broke the kiss and said, "I would be honored to make love with you." He then removed his undershirt. Latias was quite impressed with his body. The two years he spent walking around as a Trainer had toned his body well. He then removed his underpants. Latias blushed a little at the sight of his member. "I hope I'm not offending you." Latias replied, "No. I just think it's beautiful. I've never seen one before." The only problem was Ash wasn't aroused at all. "Don't move. I think I can help you." Ash rested on his knees as Latias gently licked his member to try and stiffen it. She didn't mind the odd taste and the smell was starting to make her very wet between her feet. Ash blurted out, "That feels really strange, but I kinda like it." "Would this be your first time?" "Yeah, I've never done this before." Latias felt much happier that Ash was a virgin like her.

After a minute of gentle licking, Latias positioned herself on her back, staring into the eyes of the boy she loved. Ash's member was hard and pointed. He carefully held himself up above her. "Ready?" Latias replied, "I've been ready for months!" Ash gently pushed into her, enjoying her soft, warm passage while enjoying her moans of pleasure. Just then, he felt something in the way. He stopped and looked at Latias with a concerned look. She said, "Don't stop. You have to break through. It won't hurt next time." Ash couldn't stand the thought of putting the girl he loved in pain. "I don't want to hurt you." Latias reassured him, "Please, Ash. I've wanted this for so long. It will only last a moment, then it will be gone and I'll never feel it again. So please. End my virginity."

Ash felt uneasy, but said, "OK. Brace yourself." Ash pulled out a little and waited for Latias to give him the signal. He then plunged through her hymen, causing her to let out a shrill cry. Ash felt terrible that he had hurt the girl he loved. To his surprise, Latias rested her claws against his palms. She was crying a little, but she also seemed to be enjoying it. He held on to her hands and began to thrust in and out of her, slightly speeding up over time. Neither of them had ever felt such pleasure before and the knowledge that they were finally getting what they wanted the most only made it better.

The moment they orgasmed, the two lovers let out a loud yell. Latias felt her juices splurt out of her past Ash's member while Ash fired his seed deep into her womb. They had done what few humans would ever have thought possible. They had made love. Ash pulled himself out of his lover and collapsed at her side, too exhausted to move. Latias rested her head against Ash and began to cry. "I'm sorry. I feel terrible that I hurt you." Latias kissed him gently and said, "The pain is gone. I'm crying because I finally got what I've always desired. What we just did never happened even in my dreams. I love you, Ash. I love you so much." Ash managed to get his arm over her and whispered, "I love you, too."

When Neo and his friends returned to the hotel, he stepped into Ash's room by phasing through the door like a Ghost type Pokemon. He saw the candles had burned out and the music was still playing. He also noticed that all of Ash's clothes were scattered across the floor. He also noticed that the two lovers were fast asleep. A small section of the bed seemed to have been wet at the time. Neo grinned to himself. The impossible had happened. He then scanned his sister's body for signs of life within her. To his disappointment, he found that she had not become pregnant. (Oh well. Another time, perhaps. I promise. I will make sure that you both live so you can become parents someday.) He fell asleep in his bed, wondering what he would say to his big brother tomorrow. He was dreaming of the day his future nephew and niece would be born.

However, in an unspecified location, Team Rocket was explaining the situation to Giovanni. The Leader listened with great interest at this discovery. At the end of the briefing, Giovanni had new orders for them. Pikachu was no longer important. A new target had been assigned: The Ultimate Bioweapon, XD-385!
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