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Rukario Romance by XD385


Finding a Friend

Somewhere in the Hoenn region, there lived a pack of Rukario, a specie of Pokémon that had rarely been seen by humans outside of the distant Sinnoh region. However, there was one young female in the clan who was slightly deformed. Rukario grow three spikes on their bodies, one on the back of each hand and one on their chest. However, this Rukario was already eleven years old and had not grown any of her spikes. She should have grown them at the end of her first year, but they never grew in. Her clan members viewed her as a runt, a misfit. After ten years of no respect, she finally left the clan, wondering if there was someone out in the world who would respect her.

A few hours after she left, the Rukario stopped to snack on some Pecha berries. However, a Camerupt had the same idea. He spoke, "Hang on. I'm famished. Something like me needs more food than you, so I should go first to insure I get enough." But the Rukario objected, "But I haven't eaten in over a day! I need to eat something! I'll save enough for you." The two Pokémon argued for a moment. When push came to shove, the Rukario lost her patience and slugged the Camerupt in the face, a lethal mistake. Camerupt become enraged when struck in the face. "You..... You jerk! How dare you!" He then began to attack the Rukario with deadly Ground and Fire type attacks, both of which Rukario do not fare well against. After what felt like an eternity, the beating ended. The Camerupt left the poor Rukario after devouring all the berries on the bush. The Rukario felt like she was going to die, which suited her just fine. If she could not exist in the world without being beaten to near death or mutually respected for what she was, she did not even want to live at all.

That night, Ash Ketchum and his friends had just finished dinner at their campsite. As everyone fell asleep, Ash went for a walk since he was not sleepy yet. He did not go far when he came to an area where it seemed that a battle had occurred. Next to a bush seemed to be someone sleeping. When Ash approached it, he was shocked to find a Pokémon that he had never seen before. It was also in terrible shape. He was not sure how bad the injuries were, so he tried to patch it up himself rather than go back for Brock.

Ash pulled a first aid kit and flashlight out of his backpack. When he set the flashlight down so it was shining on the Pokémon, he blushed a little at the sight of her breasts on her chest. It was obvious that this Pokémon was a female. She was also in worse shape than he had initially deduced. He started to wrap her up in bandages the best he could. Lastly, he placed a band-aid on the top of her muzzle at the tip. He was too tired to carry her back to camp, so Ash just laid out his sleeping bag and fell asleep next to her. He also pulled her close to him, so that she might have a good dream in the presence of a friendly soul.

The Rukario woke up as the sun began to rise. She was surprised to find that she was alive. She also felt that something was holding onto her. Glancing at her side, she was shocked to see a human boy behind her. He was still asleep. (A human? Did he save me? Why would he do that?) She tried to slip out of his grasp, but woke him up in the process.

"Huh? Hey, you're OK! I was afraid you weren't gonna make it." The Rukario remained silent as the boy smiled. She was certain that he was just going to leave her. "Hey, I don't think I know what you are. But you do look kinda familiar..... Hold on a sec." He pulled out his Pokédex. It scanned the Pokémon before it and spoke, "Rukario, the Wave Guiding Pokémon. This Pokémon was only recently discovered, so not much is known about it. However, it is one of the few Pokémon that is capable of speaking human languages." Ash looked at the Rukario, "You can talk?" She did not answer. "Come on, is something wrong?" He then noticed that the three spikes that were on the Rukario picture in his Pokédex were not on this Rukario. Finally, she asked, "Why did you help me?" Ash replied, "That's a funny question. Why shouldn't I have helped you?" She began to cry, "No one has ever helped me before. I have always been viewed as an outcast because I am deformed. Since my spikes have not grown, I have always been seen as worthless." Ash sighed, "That's terrible. Do you want a friend?" The Rukario walked over to him. "What is a friend?" Ash grabbed her around the shoulder and held her at his side, "A friend is someone you like. Someone who looks out for you. Just because you don't have any spikes on you doesn't mean you're worthless. Everyone is good at something. Also, I think those spikes would only cause you problems. So it might be a good thing that you don't have any." The Rukario held her hand against her chest while shedding tears. He truly cared for her.

Ash asked her, "What's your name?" He asked her for her name?! Only someone who truly wanted to get to know her would want to know her identity! The Rukario clutched Ash tightly, "My name is..... Wait. I never had a name." Ash was puzzled, "You don't have one? Well, my name is Ash." Ash. Something about that odd name sounded sublime to her. Ash then asked, "Would you like me to give you a name?" The Rukario nodded, "Yes." Ash thought for a moment, "Hmmm... How does Ruby sound?" She thought about it, "I don't mind it. Thank you." She gently embraced her very first friend. The both of them watched the sunrise together. At least until they were interrupted by one of Ash's friends.

Max had woken up first and went looking for Ash. When he saw him with a Rukario, he totally flipped out. "WOW! Is that a Rukario?! They are so rare in the Hoenn region!" The two friends jumped at the sudden sound of his voice. As Max ran over to them, Ruby clutched Ash out of fear. Ash called out, "Whoa, chill out! Don't get so loud around her. She's had a tough life and needs to be in a quiet place for awhile." Max asked, "SHE?" He did not take long to notice her breasts. Max blushed, "Er...well...maybe you should get her some clothes. Hey, if you guys are hungry, I think Brock is cooking breakfast right now. I'll see you guys back at camp."

After Max left, Ash waited five more minutes before getting up. However, Ruby pulled him back down. "Ruby, I think we should get back to camp." She looked up at him, "Please, Ash. Just a little while longer." Ash did not know what she was thinking, but replied, "OK. We'll take as long as you want." Ruby leaned against him when he sat down again. Only instead of a few minutes, they stayed in that spot for two hours. It took the sound of Ash's grumbling belly to snap them out of the trance. Ash had to help Ruby walk to the campsite since she was still sore.

When the two friends walked into the campsite, the aroma of the breakfast stew that Brock was cooking really got Ruby hungry. Introductions were made as everyone did their best to make a good first impression on Ash's new friend. Even though the food was unfamiliar to her, she learned to like it. She watched how Ash ate and wondered where he kept all the food he devoured. Finally, May asked, "So, Ruby? What do you think you'll do now? Will you come with us or go back home?" Ruby replied, "I have no friends back home. I want to stay with Ash, but only if he will allow me to." Ash answered, "Of course you can stay with us! I wouldn't deny a friend the chance to stay with someone she likes!" She smiled for the first time since she was rejected by her clan. Still, leaving the clan was a difficult move for Ruby. And that night, she wanted to stay close to Ash.

When everyone was asleep, Ruby snuck into Ash's sleeping bag. He woke up when he felt her nudge him. "Too cold to sleep?" Ruby blushed, "Don't take this the wrong way, but may I sleep with you tonight?" Ash replied, "Sure. Just don't move around too much." She got comfortable and rested her head on Ash's shoulder. Somehow, she began to cry. "What's wrong?" Ruby answered, "You are the only person who has ever been kind to me, even though I'm deformed. I'm sorry for crying on you. I can't help it." He hugged her, "Cry all you want. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes." Ruby began sobbing softly on Ash's shoulder, letting her feelings of past sorrows flow out. She soon fell asleep in the gentle embrace of her only friend. Ash quietly whispered, "Sweet dreams, Ruby. I hope all your days are filled with joy from now on."

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    Reviewer: zackacas
    Date:Aug 8 2013 Chapter:Finding a Friend
    I couldn't stop reading it, and every time I had to for extened periods I would go through what seemed like a withdrawal.
    I really hope you build off of this and make a third story!!!!!!! {B>)