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Rukario Romance by XD385


Ruby claims her Man

Every day, Ruby stayed close to her dearest friend, Ash Ketchum. They did everything together, rarely separating from each other. Even Pikachu was a little jealous. Ash thought Ruby was just too sweet, much like a little sister. He also could not understand how quickly she recovered from her past pains. But unbeknownst to Ash, Ruby knew the answer. Ash gave her a reason to live. However, she would sometimes feel herself blush whenever she looked at him. No matter how much she pondered the reason, Ruby just could not understand it.

One night, Ruby had a most unusual dream. When she looked around herself, she was in a stone building with many stained-glass windows. She had never seen a building like it before. She looked down at herself and gasped. She was wearing a flowing white dress. She then looked behind her. There were many humans sitting on wooden benches, most of them she had never seen before. A pair of young girls was crying. Ruby recognized one of them as May. The other was a redhead who might have been an old friend of Ash. It was then that it occurred to her. Where was Ash?

Ruby looked around in fear and saw Ash standing to her right. He was wearing a black suit, most likely a tuxedo. In front of them was a middle-aged man wearing a white robe and holding a sacred book. He asked, "Do you, Ash Ketchum, take Ruby to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Ash replied, "I do." Ruby was confused. What was a wife? The way she was dressed. The gathering of close friends. The fact that they were the only two who were before the alter while everyone else watched. Could this be a joining of soul mates?! The priest then turned to her and asked, "Do you, Ruby, take Ash to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Ruby wondered what a husband might be. Still, she answered, "I do." The priest then said, "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Ash turned to Ruby and kneeled, since she was more or less a foot shorter than he was. He lifted a veil over her face; a veil she did not even know was there. His face came closer. (What is this feeling? I feel so.....happy. A husband and wife..... Could it be the humans' way of being mates? Does Ash really love me this way?) As their lips met, Ruby awoke from her dream. Her heart was pounding against her chest. What did it mean?

That day, Ruby decided to speak to May about her dream. "May, I need to ask you something." May answered, "Sure, what is it?" Ruby was not sure how to put it, so she spoke bluntly, "I had a dream last night where I was in a stone building. I was wearing a flowing white dress. There was a boy standing next to me and an older man in front of us. He asked us something about a 'husband' and 'wife'. What did it mean?" May's jaw dropped, "AHHH! You were dreaming that you were getting married! Who was it?! Who was the lucky guy?!" Ruby blushed, "I.....don't know. I didn't see his face. But...what does it mean to get married?" May explained, "When a man and woman get married, they forge a sacred bond that is supposed to last forever. They devote their lives to each other, never allowing themselves to fall in love with another person." Ruby muttered, "" May grinned, "You must really love someone to dream about something like that. If you ever figure out who your man is, please tell me. OK?" Ruby nodded, but then gasped, "Wait. What if the two are just friends?!" May laughed, "That's how most relationships start out. Over time, their bond deepens. Just because you're friends now doesn't mean that you can't take it to the next level." Ruby sighed, "Thank you."

The next few days passed with little incident. However, one day, Ruby felt a strange burning sensation inside her body. She knew that she was in heat. Ruby had been in heat many times throughout her life, but never mated with anyone. Her lack of love for someone helped her ignore it. She thought it would pass just like all the previous times. However, her mother once told her about being in heat. "When you are in love with someone, the burning becomes unbearable. If you don't find a mate when that happens, it can drive you mad." All of Ash's Pokémon could smell the pheromones coming from Ruby, but since they were not compatible with her, they were able to ignore them.

One night, Ruby began to feel the full affects of her heat. Ash and the group had gone out for some shopping for supplies after checking into a hotel. Ruby stayed behind. As the night dragged on, she tried everything to sooth the burning in her womb. She tried to masturbate, but it was not enough. She tried to cool herself by using a cold pack after removing her blue pants, which are made from the dried-up birth sack that Rukario are born in. All that did was make her numb. She lastly tried to use meditation to ignore it entirely. However, all she could think about was Ash. All of those caring gazes he gave her. The moment that he embraced her when they first met. And the fact that he saved her life when her own clan would have left her for dead. She was finding it becoming harder and harder to keep a grip on her mind. "I can't deny it anymore. I love him... I want him... Oh, Ash..... Why do you have to be so perfect?"

Ash was the last one to return to the hotel. As he unlocked the door to his room, he thought he heard strange moaning sounds inside. When he stepped inside, he froze in embarrassment at the sight of Ruby pawing at her womanhood! "Uh, Ruby? Am I interrupting?" At the sound of Ash's gentle voice, Ruby's mind became clouded with lust. She leapt off the bed and threw Ash down onto it! She then pinned Ash with her powerful arms and tried to slide his pants off with her feet! Just before he was stripped, Pikachu arrived and zapped Ruby with a Thunder Wave, leaving her body immobilized. Ruby collapsed onto Ash, trembling with desire and shame.

"Why...? Why did you do that, Ruby?" Ash asked as he regained his composure. The Rukario sobbed, "I'm in heat... I need someone to mate with me. It's never been this bad before... However, I don't want to mate with just anyone..... I want to mate with you!" Ash staggered back, "W...what are you saying?!" Ruby managed to touch Ash's hand, "I love you. Over the past few months, I have started to fall in love with you. I even had a dream a few days ago...of us getting married. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just love you so much, Ash..." She began to sob heavily. Not wanting to just leave her paralyzed, Ash gave her some Parlyz Heal to cure her paralysis. He then sat quietly next to her for a moment. Then, to Ruby's surprise, he embraced her. "I love you too... And I...would be happy to marry you in the future." Overwhelmed with shock and joy, Ruby sobbed against his chest. She was beyond just happy. This was a dream come true.

Ash lifted Ruby's face so she was looking at him. He then pressed his lips against hers. She became dazed as she had her first kiss. The feeling of her lover against her body made Ruby drunk with pleasure. She licked at his lips and managed to get her tongue into his mouth. The two lovers swirled their tongues around each other's to perform a dance of love. When they broke the kiss, Ruby felt her insides throb from her heat.

"Ash, please. I need you to mate with me. I can't take this much more..." Ruby pleaded, starting to cringe from the intensity of her heat. Ash replied, "OK. How should we do it?" Ruby had Ash lie down and she slid his pants and underwear off. His member was already hard and erect. She positioned herself above him and gently lowered herself onto it. As it slid inside her, Ruby gasped in pleasure. Ash also let out a moan of bliss, never expecting his first time to feel so enjoyable so quickly. Ruby then added some force and made Ash break through her hymen. She gasped in pain as she lost her virginity. Ash noticed a small trickle of blood slide down his member. "Ruby, you're bleeding!" Ruby answered, "I'm all right. It's my first time, so I will bleed a little." She then moved up and down again to remove the pain and replace it with pleasure.

As the two lovers rocked in pleasure together, Ruby thought back to the dream she had. She could imagine the future. She thought of what Ash's family would say. She thought about all the years they would be together. She even thought of their children. Ash would be so caring for them. She could see their child saying its first words. Ash's face would be swollen with joy. Finally, the two lovers had their very first orgasm. Ruby's juices flowed out onto Ash's legs while he fired his sperm into her womb. The moment his seed touched her inner walls, Ruby felt immense relief as some of the burning subsided.

Some of the burning remained. "It was not enough. I need more. Please." Ruby got down on all fours and raised her tail. Ash took the hint.. He grabbed Ruby's shapely hips and began to thrust into her again. The pleasure returned to both of them. The knowledge that they were getting what they wanted the most only gave them more pleasure. Ruby was panting heavily as she put her stamina into the process. Ash was also tired, but was determined to give his love what she wanted. After some time, they orgasmed a second time. Ruby felt her juices trickle down her legs while Ash shot his sperm into his lover once again. After this time, Ruby felt her heat subside entirely. It was over.

Ash barely managed to climb in bed. When Ruby joined him, he pulled the covers over them. They gave another kiss to each other. "Ash, thank you. I feel so much better." Ruby smiled with a deep blush. Ash replied, "No problem. I wouldn't have done that if I didn't love you. You are so beautiful and innocent that you won my heart weeks ago." Ash fell asleep after he said that and Ruby followed.

The next day, everyone continued on the journey as if nothing happened. Ruby stayed close to Ash, as always, though they were careful to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. However, Ash was dealt an unexpected hurdle a few weeks later. One night, Ruby was not with the group as they prepared for bed. Ash went off to look for her. The search did not take long, as he found her in a small cave. "Ruby, what's wrong?" She turned to face him. "I... I think I'm...." Ash looked down a little and stared at a bulge in her abdomen. Though somewhat naïve, he understood what was growing inside his lover. He walked over to her and embraced her. "I won't leave you. I'll make sure the baby will meet both parents. I promise." Having not expected her mate to accept her pregnancy unconditionally, Ruby cried gently against Ash's chest. In a couple of months, he was going to be a father. That night, they fell asleep in the same sleeping bag, both dreaming of the day that their child was to be born into the world.
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