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Rukario Romance by XD385


An Assassin's Mistake

May woke up at six in the morning. Quietly, she snuck out of the Ketchum household and ran up to the lab. Giddy with excitement, she banged on the door. Soon, Professor Oak answered it while still in his pajamas. "May? What are you doing here so early? I was just getting started on breakfast!" She giggled, "Sorry, but I just want to know if the baby has been born yet." He grinned, "Oh, that. Right this way."

They stopped in front of the room where Ruby and Ash were sleeping in. "They are both inside. However, they are still sleeping, so please be quiet." Oak explained with a whisper. May silently stepped inside and slowly approached Ash and Ruby. When she was right next to them, she felt her heart melt at the sight of their daughter snuggled against Ash's chest. (She's so beautiful...) She also noticed that Ruby was also embracing Ash while sleeping.

As May leaned over Ash to get a closer look at his daughter, a tear fell on his face. "Mmm... Huh?" May jumped when she noticed that Ash was awake. "May? What time is it?" She whispered, "It's not even 7. Is that your baby?" Before he could answer, his daughter woke up and stared at May with her cute dark brown eyes. May gasped, "OH! She has your eyes! Can I hold her?" When she picked her up, Ash's daughter tried to wiggle out of her grasp. Ash spoke, "Maybe you should let me hold her. I think she's a daddy's girl." May did as he asked and handed her back to him. Almost instantly, she calmed down. "She really adores you, Ash. Your mom would be so proud of you. Can I go tell everyone?" Ash nodded, "Sure. Just be sure to tell them that my daughter will only let her parents hold her." May silently left the building and ran down to Ash's house.

Ash just relaxed with his child in his arms while they waited for Ruby to wake up. It took another hour for her to awaken. Ash grinned, "Morning, Ruby. I think someone is hungry." Ruby smiled as she took her daughter and held her to her breast, allowing her to suckle. While Ash put the rest of his clothes on, Ruby could not take her eyes off the boy who she loved so much. She was already hoping that she would go into heat again. When Ash turned around to face her, he sweated at the sight of her gazing at him with a look of desire on her face. "Um... Why are you looking at me like that?" Ruby answered, "I just can't get enough of you. Your voice. Your body. Your eyes. Your personality. To me, you are perfection." Ash muttered, "Uh... Thanks. No one's ever complimented me like that before."

While the two lovers waited for their daughter to finish nursing, Ruby asked, "Ash? What should we name her?" Ash thought for a moment, " does Sapphire sound?" To their surprise, their daughter looked up at Ash as soon as she heard that name. Ruby giggled, "I think she approves." Once she had finished nursing, their daughter climbed onto Ash's chest and cooed. Ash whispered, "My little girl... Sapphire."

Finally, the two lovers made their way out of the lab and towards Ash's house. On their way, they bumped into Gary again. "Yo, Ash! Whatcha got there? Hey, did that Rukario shed some pounds? She looked really fat yesterday." Not wanting him to get away with that insult, Ruby punched Gary in the gut! "I wasn't overweight. I was pregnant. And another thing. That thing Ash is holding is my daughter. Our daughter." He choked at her revelation, "WHAT?! You're the dad to that Pokémon?!" Ash replied, "Yes. You have a problem with that?" Gary slowly backed away, "Uh...nope. Doesn't bug me. Say, can I see it?" Ash barked, "Her name is Sapphire." As Ash held out his daughter to Gary, she bopped him on the nose. "OW! For a baby, she's pretty strong!" Ash chuckled, "I don't think she likes you." To confirm it, Sapphire stuck her tongue out at Gary. Before she could offend Gary further, Ash and Ruby made a dash for his house.

After they had made some distance between themselves and Gary, Ash chuckled, "Man, I never expected you to really slug him one like that! You've gotten really bold!" Ruby giggled, "Now that you mention it, I'm surprised too." Minutes later, the two lovers stood before the front door of the Ketchum household. Taking a deep breath, Ash stepped into his house with Ruby by his side. His mother was preparing breakfast while everyone else was waiting in the living room. Ruby asked, "What is everyone waiting for?" May looked at them and exclaimed, "YES! Did you bring the baby?!" Ash held his daughter out, "Her name is Sapphire." In an instant, everyone had gathered around the newborn. Max marveled at how normal she looked, except for her eyes and dreadlocks. While Ash held her up, Sapphire took her first steps. Delia was in a photo-shooting frenzy, snapping photos every time she got the chance. The first one she took used a flash, which caused Sapphire to cry. After that, she made certain to avoid using the flash. It did not take long for Sapphire to recognize her grandmother. Even so, she still did not like to be held by anyone except her parents for long.

In under an hour, Sapphire had perfected walking. She explored the whole house, ever curious about the world. However, she would begin to cry when she lost sight of her father and mother. Unlike human infants, she sounded much like a puppy whining loudly. Therefore, Ash stayed close while she explored. He showed her to his room as well as the closets. While he lied down on his bed, Sapphire climbed on top of Ash's chest and got under his shirt. Soon, she poked her head out of his collar and nuzzled against his neck. "You precious thing." Ash smiled warmly. In a few minutes, they were asleep.

Ash began to dream about what seemed to be the near future. He was alone in a forest. Suddenly, he heard Ruby's voice calling out to him. As he ran towards the voice, he got a terrible sinking feeling. As a clearing came into view, Ash saw the silhouette of a male Rukario with the usual spikes on his chest and hands spring from the forest and dash to the left. When he could finally see what was happening, Ruby and Sapphire were unconscious. The male Rukario was standing over them. Finally, he raised his fist and growled; "Only death awaits traitors." As he saw the Rukario's fist impact his lover and daughter, Ash awoke in a cold sweat. Sapphire was kneeling on his chest while looking worried. After a moment of silence, Ash embraced his only child. (I don't know what that dream meant, but I promise that I won't let anything bad happen to you or Ruby.)

At the dinner table, Ash fed Sapphire the same way he would if she was a human infant. She seemed to like the special infant brand of food that Brock had cooked up for her. Her giggles were delightful to hear. Ruby asked, "Ash, when do you think you will resume the Hoenn League challenge?" Ash replied, "Could we start again tomorrow?" She answered, "Only if you think Sapphire will be all right." Sapphire looked up at Ash. "I think she wants to go." That night, Sapphire slept in Ash's arms while he slept on the couch. However, Sapphire would have an unusual dream of her own.

Sapphire looked around and saw that she was much taller than she was when she fell asleep. Her breasts were well developed and her legs were more like a humans' and less like the legs of an ordinary Rukario. Also, instead of the dreadlocks dangling at the sides of her head, she had long flowing black hair. When she heard herself speak, she gasped at the sound of her voice as it was somewhat deeper and much more mature.

When she took a look at her surroundings, Sapphire saw that she was in a forest. She thought she heard something ahead, so she approached it. When she came to a clearing, she saw her father. He spoke, "Hey, Sapphire! Are you coming to the wedding or what?!" She chased after him and into a stone building. She saw that Ash was standing near an alter with her mother. She then watched them kiss each other. At that moment, she felt as if they had become a real family. "Mom. Dad. I feel so happy for you..." At that moment, she felt someone tug on her blue pants. When she looked down, Sapphire saw a younger Rukario with the same dark brown eyes as hers. However, he was a boy. Somehow, even though she had never seen him before, Sapphire knew who he was. He was her little brother.

After the wedding came to a close, Sapphire woke up. She saw that Ash was still asleep. She crawled up to his face and spoke with the sweetest voice, "Daddy... Daddy, wake up." Somehow, he heard her words and woke up. When Sapphire saw that her father was awake, she squealed excitedly, "How was the wedding, Daddy?" He asked, "How did you know that I was dreaming about getting married?" Just then, it hit him. Sapphire had spoken her first words!

The following morning, Ash and his friends and family departed for Vermillion City to board a ferry for the Hoenn region. However, they chose to traverse rugged undeveloped terrain in order to save time, taking the most direct route possible towards their destination. They eventually managed to reach Vermillion City in just less than four weeks, boarding a ferry shortly after arrival. That night, the group attended a party in a ballroom, just like on the cruise ship, the St. Anne two years earlier. As Ash carried around his daughter, everyone could not get enough of her. However, Ash had trouble keeping them at bay when Sapphire became intimidated by the overwhelming attention she was receiving from strangers. The solution came in the form of Pikachu, who became their personal bodyguard that night. If someone came too close, he would make his cheeks spark. That would make anyone back away.

After a while, Ash and Sapphire stepped out onto the deck for some fresh air. Sapphire enjoyed the sea breeze, the scent of the ocean waves flowing into her nostrils. She gazed up at her father. He looked down at her as well. In the back of his mind, Ash wondered what the future held for him and his new family. His new life as a father had been wonderful so far. He was certain it could only get better.

After a week at sea, the gang was dropped off at Lilycove City. However, they would have to wait another day for the ferry to take them to Mossdeep City. Since the Safari Zone was nearby, the gang decided to try their luck there. Little did they know, someone had set his sights on Ruby and her child.

Less than an hour after leaving Lilycove City, Ruby froze as she detected a familiar scent. Brock asked, "Is something wrong, Ruby?" She whispered, "Make no sudden moves. We're being watched." The gang looked around quickly, but saw no one. Finally, Ruby yelled, "Show yourself, coward!" A masculine voice replied, "Coward? Whatever happened to that no self-esteem runt?" At those words, a male Rukario dropped from the trees. "I found you at last." Max asked, "Ruby, do you know this guy?" She replied, "Yes. His name is Shadow. He is a well-respected member of my clan. His hunting skills are some of the best we know of. He is also in charge of disposing of traitors of our clan. It is rumored that he can kill any opponent with a single blow from his fist." He nodded, "Yes, it is all true. Now then, you know why I am here, right?" Everyone remained silent.

Shadow sighed, "Do I have to spell it out for you? You, 'Ruby', if that is your name, have been marked for death." At this revelation, Ruby screamed, "Me?! What did I do?! I only left the clan! I never broke any codes! You have no right to harm me!" He replied, "Actually, you broke the most important code of our clan. You mated with an outsider, a human, no less! What was more, you succeeded in producing a child who has been tainted with human blood. By the authority trusted with me, I shall kill you and your offspring!"

Ash stepped in front of Ruby, "No way, Shadow. If you want to get to her, you'll have to beat me in a battle!" Shadow chuckled, "Fine. I never refuse a challenge. Show me what you've got!" Ash yelled, "Fine! Go, Torkoal!" Upon being released from his Poké Ball, the trusty tortoise Pokémon blew streams of smoke from his nostrils. Ash handed Sapphire to Brock, "Keep her safe." Shadow grumbled to himself, (A Fire type? This could be trouble. Better play it safe.) Torkoal made the first move. He suddenly launched a Flamethrower at Shadow. The Rukario managed to evade it and landed a Low Kick on him, causing Torkoal to flip onto his back. "Heh. Is that all he's got?" Ash snickered, "Not a chance. Torkoal, use Rapid Spin!" Torkoal tucked in his legs and head and began to spin like a top. With a well-aimed collision, he sent Shadow airborne. "Quick, use Heat Wave!" Before Shadow could hit the ground, Torkoal blasted him with his signature attack! Heavily singed, the Rukario collapsed in a heap.

Ash applauded Torkoal, "Way to go!" The Torkoal replied with a stream of happy tears. However, Ruby pointed, "Wait, I don't think he's done yet." Shadow was just barely climbing to his feet. "I... I have...never failed in my duty before. I won't start now!" He turned and faced Ash. "Time to show you my secret weapon." He crouched slightly and held one hand over the other. A sphere of blue energy began to gather in-between his palms. Max spoke, "Wait, that's an Aura Sphere! I've heard that Rukario is the only Pokémon specie that can use it!" Ash spoke, "It looks strong. Torkoal, brace yourself with Iron Defense!" The Torkoal withdrew into his shell.

Once he had gathered enough energy, Shadow spoke, "This attack will decide it. And what makes you think that I was aiming for the Torkoal?" Ash felt his eyes go wide with dread as he noticed that Ruby was standing off to the sidelines! "No..... You wouldn't dare!" Shadow yelled, "There's no saving you now, traitor! DIE!" With that, he launched the deadly Fighting type attack from his hands at Ruby! The young mother saw her whole troubled life flash before her eyes as her doom came at her. An instant later, there was a huge explosion and flash of bright blue light!

Shadow grinned, "Mission accomplished. Now all I have to do is slaughter the child and I'll be on my way. But first, I'll claim the traitor's corpse." May, Max, Brock, Pikachu, and Sapphire looked on in horror as the dust settled. Just then, Brock noticed something. "Hey, where's Ash?" May covered her mouth, "No..... He....." When the dust cleared, Ruby was shocked to find herself unharmed. However, Ash had jumped in at the last second and had taken the blast head on. He just stood there with his arms hanging. Ruby cried, "Ash, are you all right?" She gently laid a hand on his back, but let go as he fell forward. He collapsed face first into the ground. Nothing. No response at all.

Sapphire struggled free from Brock's grasp and ran to her father's side. She screamed over and over for him to wake up. Ruby turned him over and held his head under one hand. While shaking him, she pleaded, "No! Ash! Don't die now! Sapphire still needs you! I still need you! Don't die... Please..." Somehow, this scene looked eerily familiar to Shadow. In the back of his mind, he could see himself as a child in Sapphire's place with his mother in Ruby's. When he was just a child, his father made a bold attempt to kill a traitor of the clan. The traitor intended to slaughter the clan in their sleep. His father prevailed, but the traitor succeeded in firing a final Aura Sphere attack at him and his mother just before death took him. Fortunately for them, Shadow's father got in front of them and took the blast for them. He narrowly survived, but Ash was a human. His chances of surviving an Aura Sphere attack were slim. He realized that he had become the one kind of being that he hated the most. A murderer.

Ruby felt tears stream down her face and onto Ash's. She heard Shadow speak, "Ruby, he....." She cut him off, "He was my husband..... And you killed him. Are you happy now!? Are you happy that you just killed the most important person in my life!?" She held Ash's face against her chest, weeping bitterly.

With tears in his eyes, Shadow dashed over to Ruby and shoved her aside. He then snatched up Ash's body and jumped through the trees towards Lilycove City, dropping Torkoal's Poké Ball in the process. Ruby shouted, "Wait! What do you think you're doing with him?!" Max asked, "Why would he take him to Lilycove City?" After returning Ash's Torkoal to his Poké Ball, they ran back to the city gates and found Shadow waiting at it.

"Ruby, he's..." Shadow was cut off when Ruby hit him with a cross to the face. "What did you do with his body?!" Shadow spoke, "I took him to the Pokémon Center. He's alive, but barely." Ruby cried, "He's... alive?" Shadow replied, "Yes, he is. Now, I must be going." But before he left, Shadow faced Ruby once more, "Oh, and Ruby? I'm... sorry." With that said, he was gone.

While the gang waited in the lobby for Nurse Joy to come out, Sapphire clutched tightly at her mother's hand. She understood what had happened to her father. Finally, Nurse Joy came out of the ER. When she noticed the group sitting together, she asked, "Are you friends of the boy who was just brought in?" May answered, "We are. What is his condition?" Nurse Joy was silent for a moment before answering, "An Aura Sphere puts a tremendous amount of trauma on the target's body. Most humans don't survive it. Although he is alive right now, I'm afraid....." Everyone listened with bated breath. Nurse Joy then spoke the tragic truth, "I'm sorry to say that his chances of survival are.....less than 1%" The news hit the gang like a bomb. Nurse Joy solemnly bowed, "Please excuse me." She went back into the ER.

"Less than 1%? It has to be a lie. Ash can't die now! He's come too far!" Max yelled while choking back tears. May added, "I know. Ruby, are you OK? .......... Ruby?" Everyone saw that Ruby was just staring out into space. She was in shock. The young mother muttered, "Ash..... Less than..... 1%..... He...... I....." Brock laid a hand on her shoulder to try and calm her. Ruby then threw her arms around Brock and sobbed heavily. "It's not fair! Why him?! Why?!" It would be hours before she stopped crying.

Late into the night, Nurse Joy worked hard to try to keep Ash alive. All of his companions had turned in for the night, except Ruby. She stood right outside the door to the ER, never budging.

Suddenly, Ash's pulse went dead. During the time that Nurse Joy tried to revive him, Ash saw a bright white light above him in his subconscious. From that light descended an angel. "Child, the kingdom of Heaven awaits you. Please come with me." But as Ash reached for the angel's hand, he remembered Ruby and Sapphire. Even though the bright light of Heaven comforted him, the fear of what would happen to his lover and daughter frightened him. He pulled his hand back, "No, I'm not ready. Ruby and Sapphire still need me! I don't want to leave them! I still haven't even married Ruby! Please. I love them!" The angel was silent for a moment. He then spoke, "The Lord has spoken. He recognizes the feelings you have for her. He knows that the love you have for your lover and daughter is both rare and special. May your lives be filled with happiness and peace." At that instant, Ash regained consciousness. His vital signs rapidly stabilized.

Ruby thought back on what Shadow did to Ash. She could feel intense hatred for him and her entire clan. "What did he ever do to them? He wouldn't hurt anyone without reason... It should've been me who died. Ash, you deserve to live....." At that moment, the doors to the ER opened. Ruby spoke, "Thank you for trying. I..... I'll try to live without him." Joy replied, "Without him? Miss, he is alive. He has stabilized and is asleep." Ruby looked up at her, "He..... He's alive?" She nodded. Overwhelmed with relief, Ruby buried her face in Joy's dress, "Thank you."

The next morning, Ruby brought Sapphire into Ash's room to see him. As soon as Sapphire saw her father, she burst into tears. "Daddy! Daddy! I love you! Please don't go!" Ash gently embraced her, "Hey, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with you." Ruby sat down next to her lover. Ash could tell that she had been crying all night. "Looks like you had a rough night. Are you OK?" Ruby then climbed onto him, "I feel good enough for some of you." Ash blushed madly, "Oh c'mon. Not in front of Sapphire." As Ruby moved her face closer to Ash's, she muttered, "Let her look." She then pressed her lips against his and they embraced each other. Sapphire blushed at the sight of her parents kissing so tenderly. "Mommy and Daddy are so cute together!" Just then, everyone else walked in. Brock whispered at the sight of the two lovers kissing, "Why is it that everyone can find their soul mate except me?"

Meanwhile, Shadow contemplated his crime. "If I return empty-handed, I could face serious punishment..." He then pondered his next course of action. "Perhaps..... Um... Hmmm... Yeah, that'll work." He then made his way back to his clan. He had thought up a story that would save his own life as well as insure that Ruby would never be hunted by her clan again.
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