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Rukario Romance by XD385


The Rival Returns

The day after Ash discovered that Ruby was pregnant; he decided to let the rest of the group know about it. He had no idea what they would do when they found out, but they needed an explanation for what he was about to do. He waited until after everyone had finished breakfast before bringing the subject up.

Ruby spoke first, "Everyone, I need to tell you something." May was especially curious, as he had noticed the unusual bulge in her belly a few days before. "As you can probably see.....I'm pregnant. I'm going to have my first pup." May screamed, "Oh my god! I'm so happy for you, Ruby! Who is it?! Who's the daddy?!" Ash answered, "I am..." Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Max stuttered, "W...what did you say?" Ash blushed, "I'm the father. sex with Ruby a few weeks ago." Brock yelled, "ASH! How could you?! You violated a helpless Pokémon?!" Ruby objected, "No, he didn't! I was in heat. It was then that I knew how much I loved Ash. I wanted him, and he let me take him." May wiped away a tear, "Oh, I always get choked up when I hear about young romance. You have no idea how happy I am for you." Ash added, "Also, I've decided to quit the Hoenn League challenge for now and return home. I know this is sudden, but Ruby comes before everything else for me." Everyone went silent. They never expected Ash to turn his back on a chance to win a league challenge.

Brock spoke, "It's OK, Ash. I'll stick with you no matter what you do." May added, "I'm not leaving you either! I can't wait to see the baby!" Max also smiled, "Me too. I can't wait to see what a human/Rukario hybrid looks like!" Ruby grabbed Ash's hand. When he looked at her, Ruby just gave him a look that showed no regret from their actions. Brock added, "You know, Ash? There's nothing wrong about marrying a Pokémon. There's no law against it. It's just extremely uncommon for a human and Pokémon to have those kinds of feelings for each other. Don't feel ashamed." Both Ash and Ruby breathed a big sigh of relief at this. Max spoke, "Well, if we're going to Pallet Town, the closest port would be in Lilycove City. We should get there by sunset if we keep a steady pace." Once everything was packed up, the gang set off for Pallet Town. The whole way, Ruby clutched Ash's arm tightly.

That evening on the ferry, Ruby and Ash had a cabin to themselves. However, as the hours went by, Ruby noticed that Ash could not sleep. She asked, "Ash, what's wrong?" He sighed, "I'm just worried about what my mom will do when she finds out that she's gonna be a grandmother before I even turn 13. Also, I'm afraid of how she'll treat you." After a moment of silence, Ash got up for the bathroom. While he was gone, Ruby tried to think of a way to help make him fall asleep. She thought back to when she was in heat. The moment he penetrated her and impregnated her to the part when they fell asleep afterwards. (Wait, that's it!) Before Ash came back, Ruby climbed out of bed and hid behind a chair.

When Ash sat down on the bed, Ruby sprang out from behind the chair and pinned him to the bed with her arms, just like before. "Oof! Ruby! What are you doing?!" He felt a cold sweat form on his face as he gazed into her eyes. They were filled with lust and compassion. She spoke, "I just thought of a way to help you get to sleep." To Ash's shock, she used her feet to slide his shorts off! "Remember when we first made love? You were so exhausted afterwards that you couldn't help but fall asleep." She gently kissed him, causing him to become slightly aroused. "Ruby, don't tell me you're in heat again!" Ruby giggled, "Of course not. I just want to help you. I'm also feeling kinda horny. Please, suck on my breast." Ash did as she asked and took her left breast into his mouth and began to suckle. Ruby moaned at this new sensation. Ash was becoming even more aroused and was surprised to feel a liquid fill his mouth. He liked the flavor and began to drink it.

While Ash was suckling from Ruby, she was busy removing her pants. She could also feel her breast becoming lighter as it was drained of her milk. Once Ash took a breather, he began to suckle her other breast. It was also filled with milk and Ruby welcomed the loss of weight from her chest. After a few more minutes, Ash let go after having his fill. Before he could do anything else, Ruby lowered herself onto his member. Ash yelled, "Ruby, wait! You're already pregnant! Won't this hurt your baby?!" Ruby began to move up and down, "Don't worry. Your sperm really can't do anything to our child. Also, when we're done, I'd like to try something new." Ruby sped up over time. Ash was also fully enjoying himself. Finally, he felt his testicles tremble as he shot his sperm into his lover. Ruby pulled herself off and lied down next to Ash's member.

"Er... Ruby? What are yooooohhhh." Ash was cut off by an unexpected feeling. Ruby had taken his whole member into her mouth and began to suck on it. The sweet flavor of her own juices surprised her. Ash moaned in deep pleasure as his lover began deepthroating his limp member, steadily causing him to regain his erection. Finally, Ash could hold out no longer and released his seed into Ruby's mouth. Ruby savored the sweet and salty taste of Ash's semen. Completely spent, Ash could not even pull the blanket over himself. However, Ruby had enough energy left to do it herself. "Are you sleepy yet, love?" Ash whispered, "Yeah. You were right. There's no way I can stay awake now. Good night....." Ash fell asleep in mid sentence. Ruby pulled him close to her before falling asleep herself. She remembered what Ash said about the spikes she never grew getting in the way. She could imagine the agony that Ash would have been in if she tried to embrace him. The very thought of putting him in pain made chills run down Ruby's spine.

The next morning, the group disembarked from the ferry. Ash and Ruby seemed unusually refreshed, but no one wanted to know how. After a few weeks, mostly through rugged shortcuts as a mean to save time, they arrived in Pallet Town. By this time, Ruby's belly had become quite robust. She even had some problems walking, but Ash held onto her to keep her from falling over. As they walked towards Ash's house, he began to have second thoughts. Would his mother disown him after discovering that he had mated with a Pokémon? Since Ruby was sentient, she qualified as a person, but she was still vastly different from humans. When his house came within sight, Ash felt a wave of dread flow through him when he saw his mother gardening in the front yard. This was it. The moment of truth.

Delia was so into her gardening that she did not even notice her son walk up to her. "Hi, Mom." When Delia looked up, she quickly gave her son a big hug. "Ash! I didn't think you would be coming home so soon! I'll get started on your favorite dish! Oh?" She noticed his three friends behind him. "Hello, Brock. I'm not surprised that you're with Ash. But who are you two?" May answered, "I'm May, and this is my brother, Max. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Ketchum." Just then, she noticed a timid-looking canine Pokémon trying to hide behind Brock. "Oh my. What is that? She's huge!" Ash gulped, (Oh man. It's now or never.) The Trainer explained, "Mom, that's Ruby. She's a Rukario." Delia replied, "She is very beautiful. Don't you have problems while she is...well...topless?" Ash chuckled, "Nah. I've gotten used to it. Her fur is pretty thick up there anyway. But more importantly, I need to tell you something that might change your life." Delia was surprised, "You can tell me anything, Ash. What is it?" An eerie silence descended over the area. After a moment, Ash spoke, "You're right, Mom. Ruby is pregnant. And....... I'm the father. Ruby and I have come to love each other and know. I don't want to leave her. Please don't force me to send her away." He was in tears as he spoke the truth.

Delia woke up on the sofa in her house. She had fainted when she heard that she was going to be a grandmother. She could smell Ash's favorite dish being cooked by Brock, who had read the recipe. Ash was sitting nearby. "Are you OK, Mom? You sort of just conked out back there." She looked at her son as she remembered what he had told her, "Ash, I'm not sure if falling in love with a Pokémon is the best thing you can do. How can you have a successful marriage if your wife can't even speak?" Ruby interrupted, "Actually, I can speak just fine." Delia thought about this for a second, "Ruby? I would like to speak with you in private for a moment, please." She escorted Ruby up to her bedroom while Ash looked on with a terrible sinking feeling in his gut.

Once they were alone, Delia asked, "Ruby, please. Tell me everything that brought you and Ash together. And please don't skip any details." Ruby began, "I was born about eleven years ago in the Hoenn region. My clan treated me normally up until I turned one. Unlike me, Rukario grow three spikes on their first birthday, one on their chest and one on the back of each hand. However, mine never grew in. From that day forward, I was treated like an outcast. After another ten years, I mustered up the courage to leave my clan. I didn't go far before I came across a bush that grew berries. I was hungry, so I stopped to eat some. However, a Camerupt also wanted some. We got into an argument and I punched him in the face, a deadly mistake. He attacked me so ruthlessly that I thought that I was going to die. When I woke up, Ash was sleeping next to me. I was in bandages, so I assumed he had helped me. When he woke up, he told me how he thought that I wasn't going to survive. He became my first friend. I stayed near him at all times. He even gave me a name since I never had one before. After a few months, I had a dream where I was getting married to Ash. In that dream, I felt so happy. A few days later, I went into heat, but this time, it was worse than ever before. The more I thought about him, the worse it felt. I wanted him. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. When I explained my feelings to him, he claimed that he felt the same way about me. After that, we made love. A few weeks later, I discovered that I was going to have a baby. When Ash found out, he showed nothing but love for me. He promised to stay with me. That is mostly what happened before we got here."

To Ruby's shock, Delia was crying! She sobbed, "I have never heard such a touching story..." Ruby jumped, "Does that mean..." Delia nodded, "Yes. You have my consent. You are free to marry Ash. I'm looking forward to meeting my grandchild." Ruby cried, "Thank you, Mom." The two hugged each other. This was one of the happiest days of either one's life.

When Ash heard his mother and lover coming down the stairs, he was sure that Ruby would be in tears. Instead, she came sailing into his arms! "She gave me her consent! I'm so happy! We can stay together!" Ash was speechless. Tears began to stream down his face while his guests cheered for them.

Once everyone was finished eating lunch, Delia insisted that Ash take Ruby up to Professor Oak's lab. He would be able to help her when she finally gave birth. Taking her advice, the two lovers set out for the lab with Max in tow. Going up the hill to the lab was a real struggle for Ruby. She needed help from BOTH boys to keep her from falling over backwards or sideways! All three of them could not stop laughing and were out of breath when they reached the front door. Ash wheezed, "Phew... Man, Ruby. How can you stand carrying around all that extra weight?!" Ruby joked, "Are you kidding? I can carry that weight on one hand!" They all laughed.

When Professor Oak answered his door, he was not expecting to see Ash. "Well, hello Ash! I must say I wasn't expecting to see you here in Pallet Town for another four months at least!" Max yelled, "Wow, this is your house?! It's huge!" Oak chuckled, "Well, it also contains my laboratory, you know. Now, what brings you to my home?" When Ruby stepped forward, Oak was shocked by her girth. "Oh my. It is rare enough to see a Rukario here, but it is even rarer still to see one that is pregnant!" Ash spoke, "Actually, her name is Ruby. You're right, she's pregnant, but I'm the father." Oak spewed the tea he was drinking all over Ash when he heard that. "Er...sorry about that. But you said that you're the father?" Ash nodded. "Hmmm. Well, I suppose it's not my job to ask why. Are you here so she can stay here so I can help when the baby is born?" They all nodded. "Well then, please come with me."

Professor Oak showed Ash to a guest room where Ruby could stay. There were two beds. Ash asked, "Um, Professor? May I stay here too?" Oak replied, "Well, I believe that's for Ruby to decide." Ruby spoke, "Of course I want you to stay." Oak was shocked that Ruby could speak, but left the two lovers alone. It was getting late and they were both exhausted from the climb up the hill. Max went back to Ash's house after taking a tour of the lab.

About a week passed with few oddities. Ruby had become slightly larger, but was not ready yet. However, someone was coming who would threaten her relationship.

While Ash was walking back to Professor Oak's lab after going home for dinner, he heard a familiar voice call out, "Hey, Ashy boy! What're you doing at Gramp's place?!" Ash felt a sense of anger fill his mind when he heard that tone. "Whatever it is doesn't have anything to do with you, Gary!" Ash's rival laughed, "Come on, I thought we were pals now! I just came here to check something out!" Ash was curious, "What did you hear about?" Just then, Ruby walked out of the house to check on Ash. Gary yelled, "Is that it?! Yeah, it must be! Come on, Blastoise!" To their surprise, Gary sent out his Blastoise, the turtle-like Pokémon aiming its water cannons at Ruby.

Ash yelled, "What the...?! Just what are you doing?!" Gary answered, "I heard that you had brought in a Pokémon that didn't have a Trainer. I also heard that it was a specie that was very rare. So I came here to claim it." Ash clenched his fists and said something to Gary that really scared him. " hurt Ruby...I'll kill you!" Gary was stunned. Did Ash just give him a death threat? Before anything else could happen, Professor Oak came outside to break up the fight.

"Gary. What are you up to now?" Gary quickly explained everything. Oak then yelled, "You spoiled brat! Just because something doesn't belong to anyone doesn't give you the right to claim it! That Rukario may not have a Trainer, but she does belong to someone in a certain sense. Now leave us. I don't want to see you here for the rest of the day." The three of them went back inside, leaving Gary to think about what his grandfather meant.

Later that night, Ash and Ruby were gazing at the stars through a moon roof. Just then, Ruby began to moan strangely. Ash asked, "Are you OK?" Ruby gasped, "Ergh... I... The baby's coming!" Ash immediately went for Professor Oak. After asking Ash to stay outside, Oak took Ruby into an operation room. Over the next ten minutes, Ash cringed at the groans of his lover. He felt terrible remorse for forcing her through this, even though she had wanted it. Finally, it was silent. Too silent. Suddenly, a sickening possibility passed through Ash's mind. Had she died during childbirth? The Trainer clasped his hands together and tearfully muttered a prayer as he waited for Professor Oak to come out.

Finally, the professor came out. Ash asked, " she..." Oak grinned, "She's fine. She is also wanting to see you." Ash took a deep breath and walked in. The only light was coming from a bedside lamp. He saw Ruby holding something to her chest. She had her eyes closed. Nervous, Ash slowly approached his lover and took a seat next to her. "Ruby?" She opened her eyes and gazed lovingly at him. "Are you OK?" She whispered, "I'm fine. By the way, someone wants to say hello." Ash reached for the little bundle of cloth Ruby was holding against her chest and lifted a part off of it. Underneath was a tiny newborn female Rukario whose fur was barely dry. She did not look much different from an ordinary Rukario, but when she looked at Ash, he saw that her eyes were not the usual ruby red color that Ruby had. Instead, they were that gentle dark brown color that Ash's eyes had. "She has your eyes." The newborn gazed at her father. Ash felt a terrible feeling that she would reject him because he did nott look at all like her mother. To his shock, she reached out for him. Ruby smiled, "She knows who you are." Ash slowly reached out for her and carefully picked her up in his hands. When he held her up to his face, his daughter kissed him. She then wrapped her tiny arms around his neck the best she could. Without warning, tears began to stream down Ash's face. This was the happiest moment of his life. Even though he was not even a teenager yet, Ash was feeling the pure joy of being a parent to such a beautiful little girl.

As Ash handed her back to Ruby for breastfeeding, their daughter began to desperately grasp at Ash. Ruby handed her back to him, feeling just a tad jealous. She was not surprise. If she fell in love with Ash, what was to stop her daughter from loving him too? She clutched at him tightly, as if she was afraid that if she let go she would never see him again. Ash also held her tightly, but gently. Just then, he felt Ruby tug on his shirt. Understanding what she wanted, he climbed in bed with her. They shared one tender kiss before falling asleep with the result of their love. Both were certain that life was only going to get better for them from now on.
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