AGNPH Stories

Rukario Romance by XD385


Heat of a Thousand Flames

Zandria let out a yawn as she fed Anabel in her arms. "Are you sure my boy is all right after four days?" Pearl, who was breastfeeding her son, replied, "He was just fine when I left. I wouldn't be surprised if he returns today." Sol cooed softly as he suckled from his mother's breast. Lucash and Sapphire had decided to sleep late, so they were nowhere to be seen. But before long, Zandria's ears perked up. "Speak of the devil." She walked to the hotel room's door and opened it to find Ash about to knock on it. "Mom?" The Zangoose grinned as she cradled her daughter in her arms, "How's my boy doing, huh? You get Lucy back safe and sound?" The Trainer blushed as Lucy clung to his side, "A lot more than just that, Mom..."

Ash and the rest of his companions came inside and explained everything that had occurred minus the details about Lucy's eternal fate and the Angel of Doom. Zandria gasped, "Ash, you're serious?! You and Lucy?!" Ash replied with a nod as he held Lucy close to him. The Lucario maiden blushed as she smiled, "It's true... Ash proposed to me... We've decided to wait until we get back home before deciding on a wedding date." Pearl suddenly ran forward and embraced both of them, "I just knew you two would work things out. I'm proud of you both." Lucy giggled, "Thanks, Pearl. Are you sure you don't mind?" The Genetrix beamed happily, "Are you kidding? I still have the love of my life and a beautiful baby to feed. I've never been happier!" But Ash chuckled, "Just remember. Lucy comes first from now on." 

Chiara glanced around before asking, "Zandria, where is your.....captive? You didn't eat him, did you?" Zandria laughed, "No, though I wish I did! I handed him over to the cops once we were done with him. He was actually kinda glad I did too." The Lugia chuckled, "I'm not surprised! I was half-expecting you to have prepared a meal with him as some of the ingredients!" The Zangoose sighed, "Yeah... I wish I could make that stew again. Human meat is hard to come by legally." 

Pearl handed Sol to his father, "Sol missed you, darling." The tiny Riolu pup smiled as he reached out to Ash, "Papa!" The Trainer snickered as he held his newborn son in his hands. Lucy gazed up at her fiancé cuddling with his son, hopeful that she too would have a child of her own someday soon. (I finally have the love of my life. Will we have a child too? A baby of my own?) Half-expecting the Angel of Doom to add some input, Lucy listened carefully for any voices in her head. Much to her surprise, she heard no voices in her mind. "Strange..." Sol asked, "What's strange, Auntie Lucy?" The Lucario maiden replied, "I'm just not used to not hearing Doom's voice anymore... She used to speak up at unexpected times." Ash smiled as her kissed her on the ear, "Don't worry about that monster anymore. She's gone. Ashton saw to that." Lucy smiled calmly, "I know... It's just...hard to believe she's finally out of my life... I never dreamed this would happen..." She then gazed up at the ceiling, "I'm" 

Moments later, Lucash and Sapphire walked into the room. Sapphire asked, "Grandma, is Daddy home yet?" Zandria pointed towards Ash with a smile, "See for yourself." Lucash rushed to his father's side, "Dad! Aunt Lucy! Are you OK?" Lucy replied with a smile, "We're both fine, Lucash. Don't worry about us." Sapphire then walked over with Ash's hat and gloves in hand. "You left these behind, Daddy. I held onto them for you." Her father smiled as he slid his gloves back on, "Thanks, Sapphire. I'd hate to lose these." But Lucy then whispered into Ash's ear, "Should we tell them?" But Ash replied, "Nah, let's wait." 

Ashton was the last to enter the room. Anabel noticed first as she spoke up, "Papa!" Hearing her daughter's words, Zandria went sailing into her lover's arms. Ashton chuckled, "I see someone missed me." Zandria embraced him tightly, "You bet I did. I was kinda worried of what might happen." The viscount blushed as he felt the Zangoose's large breasts pressing against his chest. He soon felt a slightly moistness there too. "Zandria... I think you are leaking." Puzzled, she took a step back and glanced down. Her shirt had two noticeable wet spots located where her nipples were. "Hmm... Guess I better feed Anabel some more." 

After Ash and Lucy had explained their desire to return home to Pallet Town, everyone agreed to spend the remainder of the day in Eterna City until next morning. But while their companions went whichever way they chose, Ash and Lucy remained together at all times. They sat on a bench on the hotel's rooftop plaza while gazing out at the horizon. Lucy asked, "Will your mother have any problems with me becoming your wife?" Ash smiled, "She'll love you, Lucy. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see us as a couple. Believe me." The Lucario maiden giggled, "If you say so." 

As they chatted, Ash remembered what the Angel of Doom had revealed to him just before they clashed. He then frowned, "Lucy... Um..." Hearing Ash's hesitation, Lucy asked, "Yes?" The Trainer gulped as he began to sweat, "Were you serious...when you wanted to start a family with me?" At her beloved's words, Lucy blushed deeply. But she soon replied, "Yes..." Ash then asked, "Um... But you're not in heat yet, are you?" Lucy nodded, "True." But Ash then asked with a blush, "Well... Would you like to 'rehearse' for that day tonight?" 

Lucy froze at Ash's question. "Rehearse... As in...mate?" Ash nodded, "Yeah. We don't have to if you don't want to." But Lucy shuddered, "Ash... You forget. My first time was..." The Trainer held her hand and smiled warmly, "I know. The first time you mated was when you were raped. I know you must be scared of it after that. The main reason why I would like to do it with you before you go into heat is for you to overcome the fear. I don't want our baby to be conceived while you're scared outta your mind." Lucy thought the proposal over in her head for a moment. While the thought of mating with the boy she loved excited her somewhat, the concept of mating in general brought up unpleasant memories of her rape at the hands of Outcast years before. Trying to avoid worrying her beloved, she smiled sheepishly, "I... Thank you, Ash. I would love to try it tonight..." Ash cuddled with her gently, "I'll be as gentle as possible. I won't do anything until you say so." Reassured, Lucy curled her hand over Ash's. "I trust you, Ash..... I really do."

That evening, Ash and Lucy locked themselves in their hotel room together. "OK... You ready to start?" Ash asked, somewhat anxious of what was about to occur. Lucy nodded, "I am... Go ahead and undress." Ash nodded and slid off his jacket and black undershirt. He was quick to notice her blushing at the sight of his toned upper body. "You like what you see?" The Lucario maiden stuttered, "I... Uh... You look... Is that what all this walking does to your body?" Ash shrugged, "I guess." He slid off his gloves and shoes before removing his pants. When he dropped his underwear, Lucy froze. "I'm all set. You still feeling OK, Lucy?"

Lucy remained rooted to the spot as she gazed at Ash's manhood in fear despite knowing he would never force himself onto her against her wishes. She began to hyperventilate as memories of Outcast raping her began to resurface. (It hurt so much... But...) However, beneath her mental pain, Lucy could feel a faint attraction towards it. "Lucy...?" Ash asked, somewhat worried during Lucy's prolonged silence. In response, Lucy pleaded, "Ash... The fear is too strong..... Please help me relax..." 

Ash walked over to Lucy and kneeled behind her. "OK. I'm gonna try something new. Ruby gave me some pointers on how to please a girl." Lucy gulped, somewhat nervous about what her bold 'sister' had suggested to him. However, she soon shuddered as Ash began to repeatedly kiss her on the neck. "A...Ash..." The Trainer began to slowly rub his fiancée's sides from her ribs to her hips. The Lucario maiden shuddered at her lover's touch, the sensations she was experiencing being completely alien to her. Her body tensed up constantly as she shivered in his grasp. Her breathing became erratic as she gasped in pleasure.

Believing Lucy to be calmed enough; Ash gently gripped her blue shorts and slowly slid them down. Lucy's tail swayed slowly as she silently gave her fiancé her consent. Once her blue shorts were around her ankles, Ash began to lift her yellow vest over her head. Lucy raised her arms up, having complete faith in her beloved. Once her upper body was bare, Lucy turned to face Ash with a nervous smile, " I look?" Ash's eyes scanned her petite frame, slender body, and small breasts before smiling with a blush. "You're beautiful, Lucy."

Hearing Ash's words, tears began to well up in Lucy's eyes. "I'm...beautiful?" Ash nodded, "Yes. Very beautiful. You're like a little angel." Lucy muttered as her tears fell, "I've been called cute, attractive, and adorable, but no one has ever said I'm beautiful before..." Her eyes soon fell upon Ash's manhood, her fear becoming stronger as it slowly became erect from her beautiful nude body. "Ash... I'm still afraid..." The Trainer smiled and turned her around. "Leave it to me." 

Lucy waited silently as she wondered what Ash was going to do next. She gasped as his hands rubbed her hips. "You have lovely hips, Lucy." Ash said with a smile. Lucy's only reply was a light blush. He then began to stroke her blue tail before caressing her soft buttocks. Lucy shuddered at his touch, not resisting at all. He then reached up and lightly traced his fingers over her breasts. Lucy gasped as his fingers touched her lightly. Ash then felt under her fur and rubbed her firm nipples. With his spare hand, he ran them up her slender belly. Lucy could only shudder and gasp in ecstasy as she relaxed in her lover's grasp. 

After a few minutes of caressing his fiancée's body, Ash asked, "Is the fear gone yet?" Lucy shuddered as she whispered, "Not yet... It's still there... I want to... I really do... But...the fear remains..." Ash frowned as he tried to think of a means to further relax his lover. After a moment of thought, he smiled, "How about a hot shower? That always relaxes me." Lucy smiled, "That's a brilliant idea. Shall we?" The Lucario maiden took her fiancé's hand as she blushed. Ash smiled, "Let's." 

Minutes later, Ash and Lucy were bathing together in their hotel room's bathroom. "Did you remember to lock the door?" Lucy asked as she relaxed while being drenched. "Yeah. It would be really embarrassing if someone walked in on us." Ash chuckled as he continued to caress Lucy's soaked body from behind. Lucy closed her eyes as she felt the warm water washing over her. The sound of running water filled her ears. More relaxed than before, Lucy let out a long sigh. 

Ash began to refocus his attention onto Lucy's breasts, fondling them gently. "You have a lovely body, Lucy." The Lucario maiden blushed, "Even though I don't have the same assets as Ruby or Pearl? You really are fine with how I look?" The Trainer kissed her on the neck, "I mean it. Besides, I didn't fall in love with you because of how you look. It goes far deeper than that." Lucy smiled warmly as she held her hand over his, "I know... I remember. And I'm grateful to have you in my life..." But as she enjoyed Ash's caressing touch, Lucy began to gather her courage. "Ash... I'm sorry..." Ash asked, "Sorry? About what?" Lucy turned around and gazed into his eyes, "I couldn't find the right words before. I'm not actually afraid of mating. It's just....mating brings to mind what happened that day. I felt both pain and pleasure that day, but I still felt awful. Even to this day, I feel awful about it." She bowed her head, "I don't like being reminded of what happened... I'm sorry, but I would prefer to not mate with you just yet. Only after we're married, or officially engaged at the earliest." Ash sighed in some disappointment, but soon asked, "Well... Could I just pleasure you until then?" 

Lucy cocked her head to one side at Ash's question. "Pleasure me...?" Ash nodded, "Yeah. Like last time." Lucy tried to remember the previous time her lover was referring to. "We did it before.....oh! You mean after you.....attempted..." Ash solemnly frowned, "Yeah... The day when I tried to kill myself..." The Lucario maiden then smiled, "Yes... I would be fine with that." However, Ash blushed, "But...when I finish pleasuring you, would you...pleasure me?" Though not prepared for Ash's request, Lucy soon smiled with a blush, "Um... I would be glad to. But I don't know anything about these things aside from just how to mate in general. Could you give me advice on how to do it?" Her lover nodded, "You bet. Should I start now?" Lucy blushed deeply, "Yes... Pleasure me however you want, Ash. I trust you."

Very slowly to avoid startling her, Ash dragged his fingers down Lucy's chest to her belly before reaching her womanhood. As soon as his fingers touched her, Lucy gasped. Ash started by gently rubbing her moist girlhood as Lucy shuddered in pleasure. "Oh... Ash..." Hearing his fiancée's moans, Ash slowly inserted his fingers inside her. Lucy's body froze up as her muscles became taut. "A...mazing..." But after a moment more of pleasuring her, Ash suddenly stopped. "Lucy, may I taste you?" The pleasure-stricken Lucario panted, "Taste... What do you mean?" Ash replied by getting down on all fours and licking her needy girlhood. Not expecting such an approach, Lucy yelped in surprise, but soon sighed in ecstasy. "Ash... I don't know what you're doing, but...don't stop..." 

Ash continued to lick at Lucy's girlhood while his lover shuddered and gasped in pleasure. (She tastes so sweet... Sweeter than any berries or candy I've ever tasted...) His tongue lapped at her vigorously, trying to pleasure her as much as he could. Before long, Lucy began to grit her teeth as she tried to restrain herself. With a loud groan, Lucy experienced a powerful orgasm as a gush of sweet fluid splashed onto Ash's face. The Trainer was quick to lick up whatever nectar he could before the shower could wash it away. Lucy fell backwards and leaned against the wall as she basked in the afterglow. Ash blushed, "You tasted wonderful, Lucy. The only thing sweeter than you is your personality." The Lucario lightly giggled, but soon sighed, "That was close..." Certain he knew what she was referring to, Ash laid a hand on her shoulder, "Were you afraid Doom would take over if you got too caught up in the pleasure? Forget about her. She can't do anything to you anymore." Lucy smiled sheepishly, "I know... It's just so hard to believe she's out of my life. I guess it was just out of habit." But Ash then grinned, "But now that I've pleasured you, it's your turn to pleasure me." 

Lucy froze at Ash's request. "" She asked sheepishly. Ash nodded, "Yeah. Is that all right with you?" With little hesitation, Lucy nodded, "Um... All right. But I...don't know how." Her lover snickered, "It's not that hard when it comes to guys." He then stood up and pointed towards his manhood, "Just lick and suck it. That's all you have to do." Lucy gulped, "Um... Is that safe?" Ash smiled reassuringly, "I wouldn't ask you to do this if it was unsafe. Just follow my advice." After a moment of thinking her instructions over, Lucy got down on her knees before the Trainer. Despite the warm water from the shower soaking it, Lucy noticed a faint musk coming from it. "Here I go..." She gently licked the tip of it, tasting the musk slightly. "Keep going, Lucy. I trust you." Ash smiled, stroking his lover's head. 

Bit by bit, Lucy began to show more confidence as she licked Ash's manhood. (This musk... It smells...nice... It's his scent... And I'm liking it.) As she became more enthralled with Ash's musk, Lucy began to take the entire length into her mouth. Ash gasped at her sudden change of tactics, "Lucy...! That's.... Is this really your first time?" He shuddered as Lucy slowly deep-throated him. Lucy soon closed her eyes as she took in the scent and taste of the boy she loved. Her movements quickened as her tongue caressed him from the underside. "Lucy... I'm close..." Ash groaned as his manhood began to throb. Before she could react, Lucy's eyes shot wide open as several gushes of a salty yet sweet fluid began to fill her mouth. "!" Ash groaned in orgasm, spilling his sperm into her mouth. Once her lover's orgasm had run its course, Lucy pulled back with her mouth shut. She was uncertain if the substance in her mouth was safe to consume or if she should spit it out. But Ash panted, "It's OK... You can swallow it. It's all protein..." Placing complete faith in Ash's advice, Lucy swallowed his seed. The unique combination of sweet and salty flavors was pleasing to her as she blushed deeply. "That...tasted nice..."

Unable to remain standing, Ash dropped to his knees and embraced Lucy for support. The Lucario maiden gazed into his eyes with a tearful smile. "I enjoyed our session, Ash. Thank you." Ash asked, "I'm glad you enjoyed it... But is the fear still there?" Lucy blushed, "I don't think that memory will ever truly be gone. But when the time is right, I will enjoy it thoroughly. I promise." She then smiled, "Ash... Let's wait until I go into heat before we do this again. And after that, let's do it only once in a great while. I want this sacred activity to remain that way." Ash blushed as he held his fiancée's hand, "I wouldn't have it any other way. Saving this stuff for special occasions sounds wonderful." He then embraced her tightly, "I love you, Lucy." His lover blushed, "I love much, Ash..." 

The following morning, everyone gathered up their gear and belongings before meeting in the hotel's lobby. "Which route should we take to return home?" Pearl asked as she cradled Sol in her arms. Ash shrugged his shoulders, "Um... Back through Eterna Forest?" Lucy nodded, "I think that would be best. If we go east, we'll take far longer to reach a port city. And we can only use the southern path if we have bicycles." Ruby smiled, "That's not a problem. Eterna Forest is a nice place for a stroll. I'm all for it." With their destination being Sandgem Town, the group made their way outside and headed west. 

Ashton gazed down at his right hand as he walked along with his friends and family. When they were just outside Eterna Forest, he spoke up, "Ash, one moment please." Ash turned to face his ancestor, "OK. What's up?" The viscount asked, "Since we are returning to Green Mi...I mean Pallet Town, does this mean your Sinnoh League challenge has concluded?" The Trainer replied, "Just for now. I'll pick up where I left off eventually. Might take a few years, so I hope you're patient." Ashton then smiled, "If that is the case, I have some business to attend to. I will see you all back home when you arrive." 

Zandria spoke up upon hearing Ashton's claim, "Business? Where are you going?" The viscount chuckled, "I made a promise to Latias. And since Ash's Sinnoh League challenge has ended, I must return to her in order to fulfill my vow to her." Rukaria asked, "Latias...? Your daughter?! She's still alive?!" Ashton nodded, "Alive and well. You will be able to ask her yourself next time we meet." Ash gulped silently, worried about meeting Latias again now that he was effectively engaged to Lucy. Ashton proceeded to remove his cloak before handing it to Chiara. "This will only get in the way of my wings. Could I trust you to hold onto this for me?" The Lugia bundled up the large blanket of cloth and placed it in her medicine satchel, "It will be safe with me, dear. And tell Latias hello for us." Ashton then gave Chiara and Zandria a quick kiss. Anabel then reached out to him, "Are you going, Papa?" Ashton smiled as he stroked her head, "Yes, but only for a short while. You'll see me again when you and your mother get back home. I love you, sweetheart." The Zangoose child giggled as she kissed her father, "I love you too, Papa." Zandria then smirked, "I'll take good care of her while you're away." Ashton waved goodbye to his friends and family as his pair of flaming wings emerged from his back. He then took to the sky and flew south. 

After a short while, Ashton could see Oreburgh City looming on the horizon. "Oreburgh... With Ironspike City just to the southeast... Wait... Ironspike?" The viscount pondered to himself, "Was I supposed to retrieve something from there? What was it... I know I promised Night Claw I would return for something..." A moment later, he snapped his fingers. "Ah... Yes! That!" Remembering his priorities, Ashton veered to the left slightly and drifted towards Ironspike City. 

"Hmm... All those modest huts and farmland make it easy to spot." Ashton muttered as Ironspike City came into view. He went into a shallow dive as he neared his destination. The viscount soon swooped over the farmland as many Lucario and Riolu waved and called out to him. Ashton then set down near the museum that sat at the outskirts. "Here they come again..." Ashton gulped as he prepared himself for the swarm of admirers. 

Many Lucario and Riolu came rushing over to Ashton's location in droves. "That's far enough! Don't swarm me!" The mass of canines stopped before him at his words. One young male smiled, "We haven't seen you for some time, Sir Ashton. What brings you back to Ironspike?" The viscount replied, "Just a small errand. I won't be staying long. But I really must speak to the Alpha female. Where is Night Claw?" A familiar voice spoke up, "I am right here, Sir Ashton." A female Lucario pushed her way through the crowd. "Long time no see, Sir Ashton. Welcome back."

Ashton bowed before the Ironspike clan's leader. "A pleasure to see you again, Lady Night Claw." She replied, "Likewise." But she then asked, "Are you alone? Where are your companions?" Ashton explained, "Eterna Forest at the moment. I have some business in Johto, but stopped by here to retrieve something on the way." The Lucario nodded, "I recall. Come. I shall take you to your keepsake." She then turned and addressed her people before taking Ashton into the museum that chronicled his previous life. 

As he followed Night Claw down the hall, Ashton noticed that a handful of humans and Riolu were examining the exhibits. "There are more visitors today." Night Claw nodded, "Since this museum is so far off the beaten path, it does not get very many visitors. The people of Ironspike City only visit every now and then. Travelers often visit before leaving too." She then led Ashton into the chamber that contained information about his parents. The two then walked over to a display case that stood between the mannequins of Maria and Akien Crimson. "I shall let you do the honors, Sir Ashton." Night Claw smiled as she took a step back. Ashton then stepped forward and opened the case before removing its contents. He then held the Crimson family's heirloom sword in his hands. "At long last. Seeker is back in its rightful place." 

Ashton looked Seeker's heavy blade over as he held his father's weapon in his hands. "I will take good care of this. Thank you for keeping it safe for so long, Lady Night Claw." The Ironspike Alpha smiled, "It was a pleasure, Sir Ashton. But before you go, here." She gave him a holster of sorts that seemed to be made for wearing on the hip. "But...Seeker's blade will still be exposed. Is that safe?" Ashton asked, worried that his sword may harm someone while he is walking. Night Claw chuckled, "I believe I recall you claiming it can be as sharp or blunt as you will it. So wouldn't it not cut if you did not wish it to?" Ashton sighed, "I suppose so..." He then tied the holster to his right side and hung Seeker from it. "Now I'm carrying three swords. I'm not used to this..." 

While Night Claw followed Ashton out of the museum, she noticed he was walking with an uneasy gait. "Are you all right?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Ashton looked at himself, "I feel like I'm going to hurt myself with all these swords on me! I've never carried so many before!" Night Claw laughed at Ashton's uneasiness, "I'm sure you will manage." The viscount grumbled, "Well, I'll be home by tonight. I'll take it off as soon as I get inside." He then shook Night Claw's hand, "I pray we meet again soon." She smiled, "As do I. Give my regards to the others." Ashton then spread his flaming wings and took to the air as he headed south.

Ashton was quick to cross the ocean as he reached the Kanto mainland in under an hour. "Hm... There's Rota to the east. I'm definitely going in the right direction." He continued to fly south as he remained watchful of the landscape below him. When Pewter City came into view, he began to veer to his right. "Altomare is in Johto, if memory serves. And that is to the west." He eventually passed the towering Mt. Silver and then Violet City. "I am not too familiar with the layout of Johto... Though I do recall Altomare is south of a port town on the western coast of the mainland." He continued to fly further west until he came across the western coastline. Hoping he was headed in the right direction, Ashton turned south once again.

"Hmmm... That is certainly a port town." Ashton muttered as Goldenrod City came into view. Hoping it was the location he was thinking of, he continued to fly south while maintaining a high altitude. After a few hours of soaring, Ashton became disheartened as he reached the very southernmost tip of the Johto region with Azalea Town to the north. "Drat... And still no sign of..... Hm? What's that...?" The viscount raised a hand to his brow as he squinted his eyes. In the far-off distance seemed to be a small landmass. "An island... Could it be Altomare?" Having no other leads to go by, Ash flew towards the distant island. 

A short while later, Ashton began to make out the island's features as he drew near. "Canal's leading into a city... Architecture that is reminiscent of my previous lifetime... Yes, that must be Altomare!" Eager to see his daughter again, he flapped his wings to speed up. Once above the island city, Ashton scanned the area far below him. "I do not wish to draw unwanted attention to a man with wings of flames. Where could I drop in without being detected?" His eyes soon noticed a large green area near the center of the city. "All that green means it is covered in plant life. And the only place in the city that has that much shrubbery is..." He then flew directly over the massive garden and dismissed his wings as they faded away in a flurry of embers. "I hope Latias does not mind me dropping in unexpected." 

With nothing keeping him aloft, Ashton went into a freefall as he plummeted towards his destination. "I need to time this carefully....." The viscount brought his hands together to form a hand sign. His feet inside his boots began to give off a blue glow as a large amount of his Chakra was focused into them. Less than a minute later, Ashton fell through the canopy of the secret garden of Altomare. "!" Ashton released the Chakra he had built up from the bottom of his feet the instant he was about to touch the ground. The sheer intensity of the Chakra being released created a temporary air cushion that forced Ashton to stop for a second, halting his descent. Upon landing, Ashton breathed a sigh of relief, "I was actually a little scared for a moment..." 

Ashton began to wander around the secret garden of Altomare, trying to find his daughter. "Latias? Are you here? It's me! Your father!" After several minutes of exploring the garden, Ashton was rammed from behind by something. "What the devil?!" He barely managed to avoid falling as a familiar voice giggled behind him. "Gotcha, Papa!" The viscount turned and saw a familiar Latias floating above the ground with her hands near her mouth as she giggled. Ashton smirked, "Cheeky as always. You really are the spitting image of your mother, Latias." Father and child then tenderly embraced each other. "I missed you, Papa. Welcome back." 

Once she had collected herself, Latias asked, "Is Ash here too?" Ashton chuckled, "I'm afraid not. I literally just dropped in." The Eon Pokémon giggled, "I see why he isn't here. He probably doesn't have wings." She then remembered Ashton's promise to her before he and his companions departed from Altomare months before. "Papa, if you're here, does this mean we can go home?!" The viscount grinned, "Not just yet. I need to see your brother first. Where is he again?" Excited to see her former home again, Latias took her father's hand, "Right this way, Papa." 

Latias led her father to the Soul Dew that rested where he last saw it. "I think he's sleeping right now." But Ashton slowly approached the stone pedestal it sat upon, "Not for much longer." Curious of what her father was planning, Latias watched from a distance. Ashton opened his right hand as a small flame formed in his palm. "I've been saving this for you, my son." Ashton then gently closed his hand over the crystalline orb as the flame engulfed it. Fearing for her brother's soul, Latias swooped over to her father. "What happened?!" But Ashton smiled calmly, "Stand back. Your brother needs some space."

The flames that engulfed the Soul Dew began to rise and take on a familiar shape without separating from the orb. Latias stared in awe as she began to recognize the shape. "Papa... Is he...coming back?" Ashton remained silent as he watched. Moments later, the flames began to fade away. The arms were revealed first, covered in white and blue feathers. Tears began to form in Latias' eyes, "Brother..." More and more of the flames faded away to reveal the creature beneath them. Once every last ember had faded, a revived Latios fell onto the stone balcony before the Soul Dew while seemingly unconscious. Ashton gazed down at his right hand and whispered in tears, "Lady Ho-Oh... Thank you." 

Hardly able to believe her eyes, Latias reached out to her brother. "Latios... Are you really here?" Ashton kneeled next to his son and stroked his ears, "Awaken, my son." At his father's coaxing, Latios began to stir. "Mmph... Who is that...?" He slowly opened his eyes to find his sister tearfully smiling at him. "Sister... How did you get inside the Soul Dew?" Latias sobbed happily, "I'm not inside with you. You're out here with us. You're home now, brother." Latios muttered, "Home... Wait... Why do I feel wind?" He glanced around, recognizing the garden that had once been his home. He then gazed up at Ashton with tears streaming down his feathered face. "Father... Did you really...?" The viscount smiled tearfully, "I did. Welcome back, my son." 

Latios levitated himself off the ground as he realized he was no longer deceased. "Father... How did you..." Ashton smiled, "Lady Ho-Oh. She gave me what I needed to bring you back." Latios, recalling his father's promise before he left Altomare, burst into laughter. "You actually found her...after less than a year?! And by chance?! Father, you are one lucky fellow!" Ashton muttered under his breath, "Yes... Most fortunate." Latios then embraced his tearful sister, "I missed you so dearly, Latias..." His sister smiled, "Lorenzo and Bianca will be so happy to see you again..." 

Once he and his sister had calmed down from his unexpected resurrection, Latios faced his father and smiled, "Father... I never thought I would ever see you in person in this life..." The viscount held his son in a tender embrace, "Neither did I, Latios. Bless Lady Ho-Oh for her generosity." However, a thought crossed Ashton's mind. "Wait... If you died defending Altomare, surely the Eternal Flame within you would've saved you. How did it fail?" Latias nervously chuckled, "That's because... Well, we've both died once before." Hearing this revelation, Ashton stuttered, "Wait... W...what? Both of you? When?!" 

With a heavy sigh, Latios explained, "It happened quite some time ago. Perhaps half a century? Latias and I had been living here for a long time. I...even fell in love with a human woman and we started a family together. She bore twins. A Latios and Latias. But our good fortune did not last very long..." He then asked, "Father, are you familiar with ancient Pokémon with stone-like bodies? Namely Aerodactyl and Kabutops?" The viscount brought a hand to his chin, "I thought they only appeared in legend." Latios shook his head, "That is because they have long been thought to be extinct. As I was saying, a vile Pokémon Trainer came to Altomare and unleashed a horde of those two Pokémon species into the city to torment the population. My wife and children... They were among the dead." 

Ashton scowled angrily as he heard Latios' tell the tale of his family's fate. "That bastard... What became of him?" Latias replied, "I dealt with him. While Latios handled the rampaging Pokémon, I killed their Trainer." Ashton nodded in relief, satisfied that the murderer did not escape justice. Latios continued, "Of course, my children inherited the Eternal Flame from me. As a result, they were revived moments after their death. I ordered them to flee to safety, but they stayed behind to help me....." Ashton remained silent as he saw his son bow his head with a most sorrowful expression on his face. He asked, "But they...did not survive, did they?" Latios replied with a silent nod. 

Seeing that her brother was still hurt by the loss of his children and wife, Latias floated forward. "I'll explain the rest. Latios and I forced the Aerodactyl down into the roads of Altomare and used our Psychic abilities to draw in water from the ocean to flood the roads. This created the canals that you see all over the place. It also drowned the Aerodactyl. However, the Kabutops were able to breathe underwater, so this tactic did not help against them. They were...savage. Murderous beasts without a sense of right or wrong. I had never seen Pokémon like them before..." Ashton gazed downward, distraught that creatures he had always believed to possess souls and intelligence could be little more than killing machines. Latias then explained, "We were outnumbered. In a desperate attempt, we unleashed all of our strength in a combined effort to utterly destroy our enemies. But the strain of our efforts destroyed our bodies in the process." Ashton nodded, "And that is how you two died once before?" Latios sighed, "Yes... But there was a problem. The Eternal Flame could no longer revive us as we no longer had bodies to inhabit. We had no choice but to use the corpses of my children in order to live again. The Eternal Flame within each of us restored their bodies to pristine condition while changing their cellular structure to match ours." Latias smiled slightly, "Because of this, many of the people of Altomare believed that the two Eon Pokémon lost their father that day. They believed us to be his children. They were right, in a sense." 

Understanding the loss his two children had suffered in the past, Ashton stepped forward and held them both in a tender embrace. "I never imagined you two had been through such hardships. I wish I could've done something to help." But Latios solemnly smiled, "It is all right, Father. My children will return to this world someday. Just as you did. It's only a matter of time." The viscount nodded, "I suppose you are right about that." Latias then asked, "Papa, is there anything you want to do before we go home?" The viscount remained silent for a moment as he thought up a response. "I believe it's rather obvious. I want to make up for lost time with you two." 

Latias and Latios looked at each other before looking back at their father. "Make up for lost time?" Ashton smiled, "It will be getting dark soon. And Latias will be leaving with me for Rohta tonight. Before that, I would like to spend the remainder of the evening with you two." Latios then smiled, "So...a night out on the town?" But Latias asked, "Brother, you'll need a disguise. I have one, but you never had a human form before." The Eon Pokémon brought a hand to his chin as he pondered what form he should take. He soon smiled, "I know what should suffice." His body was engulfed in shimmering light as he refracted the light around him. A moment later, he stood on the ground on two feet. "How's this?"

Ashton smirked as he beheld his son's disguise. "Masquerading as my own descendant? I doubt he would be happy with this." Latios had taken on the form of Ash Ketchum. His attire matched what the Trainer wore during his first visit to Altomare, minus his precious hat. Latios snickered, "At least this way we look related." His voice remained unchanged as he still sounded like a boy in his mid to late teens. Latias giggled as she too altered her form to look like her closest friend, Bianca. Like her brother, the only thing missing from her disguise was a hat. She giggled, "I don't wear a hat because it makes it hard for people to tell me and Bianca apart." Ashton chuckled, "Well, if anyone asks, you are my children. Now, as I do not know this town's layout very well, would you two please guide me?" Latios and Latias chuckled as they led their father out of the garden. 

"What would be the best place to start with?" Ashton asked as his children led him down the stone streets. Latias glanced around as he noticed the sun was becoming rather low in the sky. "Since it is starting to get late, how about dinner?" Latias grinned, "We'll need money for that. I'll be right back! Take Papa to Renato's Cucina!" Latias then ran down the street and vanished into the many people going about their business in the narrow path. "Cucina? The Italian term for kitchen?" Latios chuckled, "Indeed. And I know where it is. Come with me, Father." 

A short while later, Ashton and Latios sat at a table in a humble little restaurant while looking over the menu. "So many to choose from..." Ashton muttered as he looked the menu over. After nearly half an hour, Latias emerged through the door and glanced around. When she saw Latios waving at her, she ran to their table and took a seat. "Sorry if I was gone a while. I got held up with Bianca and Lorenzo." Latios nodded, "I thought you were taking too long. It should've taken you a little over ten minutes to get from here to Bianca's house." The disguised Latias sighed, "I know. I had to say my goodbyes. That's why I took longer than usual." Ashton asked, "Goodbye? What did you tell them?" Latias solemnly smiled with a blush, "I was as honest as I could be. I told them there is someone I love and I am going to go find him. Bianca cried a little, but she gave me her best wishes. Lorenzo laughed and asked if they could come to the wedding. I promised I would let them know when." Latios nodded, "Hm. They'll probably have gone to bed by the time we finish business tonight. Don't worry, Latias. I'll watch over them while you're gone." 

Latias and Latios ordered various seafood dishes, such as salmon and sea bass. Ashton was hardly surprised when they ordered theirs rare as they had been known to eat undercooked fish as youngsters and had even grown fond of it. Out of curiosity, Ashton had ordered spaghetti with an ink sauce and cuttlefish. Once the orders had been brought out, Ashton winced at the sight of his entree. Latios asked, "What's with that look?" The viscount replied, "This black..." Latias giggled, "Of course it is. Ink is supposed to be black, right?" Latios grinned, "I assure you that it is much tastier than it looks." Ashton snorted, "Well...I won't knock it until I try it." He took a fork and twirled some of his pasta up with some of the meat. When he took a bite, Ashton smiled at the flavor. "So bold and rich... I'm amazed. And the chewy texture of this cuttlefish is delightful too." Latias smiled, "I knew you'd like it. Eat up." 

After dinner, Latias and Latios led their father to a gondola that was moored at the edge of the canal. "This is one of the very few cities in the world to have traditional gondolas still in use, Father. Before you leave, let's take a ride." Latios smiled brightly. Ashton chuckled, "I rode one during my last visit, but I'm always up for another." But Latias then pointed to a local shop. "But let's check out that shop there! They specialize in glassworks!" Ashton grinned, "Glassworks? As in Venetian glass? This, I need to see!" Latios chuckled as he watched his father rush over to the shop and stepped inside. 

"Glass as far as the eye can see. And in so many forms and colors." Ashton marveled at his surroundings as he browsed through the store. Latios and Latias entered and browsed through the selection too. "Vases... Horses... Flowers... And...candy? Surely that isn't edible." Latias giggled, "When it comes to Venetian glasswork, anything is possible." Ashton nodded, "I'm amazed with all the shapes. And the colors are simply fabulous. I really must take some home." Latios smiled, "I'll be sure to send you some this week. Though it may take a while to arrive. Should I send it to Ash's address?" Ashton pondered the question, "Address?" Latias shook her head with a chuckle, "Yeah. That would be best." 

A short while later, Ashton and his children returned to Altomare's secret garden. Latios smiled, "I enjoyed our evening together, Father. How long has it been since the last time? 590 years? 580?" Ashton chuckled, "More than likely the second guess." As there were no human eyes watching, Latios and Latias cast off their human disguises in a flurry of sparkling particles. Latios then embraced his father, "I suppose this is goodbye for now. Give my best to Ash and the others when you see them again." The viscount held his son tightly, "I shall. And I will visit sometime. I really must meet your friends." Latias giggled, "They'll be delighted to see you again, Latios." The two siblings gave each other a warm embrace. "Altomare is in your hands now, brother. Take good care of it." The blue Eon Pokémon smiled, "And I shall, sister. You look after Ash in the meantime." Latias whispered, "Next time we meet, you just might have a nephew and niece." Latios snickered, "I see. Don't ravage him too badly." Ashton then smiled, "It's time to go home, Latias. Do you have everything you need?" Latias smiled, "Just let me pack my bags... Oh, wait. I don't have any. I'm ready to see Rohta again." Ashton chuckled as a pair of large wings of rainbow flames emerged from his back. Latios grinned, "Now there's something I haven't seen in ages. And just as colorful as I recall." Ashton grinned as he flapped his mighty wings, "Take care, my son. Latias, let's be off." She nodded, "OK! Lead on, Papa!" Father and daughter rose through the garden's canopy into the night sky as Latios looked on with a smile. "Oh my... If Latias is every bit as lively as Mother was, Ash is in for a wild time when they meet again."

Latias flew close behind her father as they headed northeast over the ocean. She giggled in anticipation, "Oh, I can't wait to see how Rohta has changed!" Ashton nodded, "I hardly recognize it anymore. Green Mile has become a quiet rural town instead of the bustling capital we used to know." Latias smiled longingly as she muttered, "A quiet little town... Wide open spaces... The perfect place to raise a family." Ashton chuckled, "Raise a family? You have your eyes on a certain young man?" The Eon Pokémon beamed joyously, "You bet I do! The one and only boy who has ever won my heart! And you know who he is, Papa!" Ashton pondered the answer for a moment before glancing at his daughter, "Don't tell me it's Ash!" She replied with a toothy grin, "As always, Papa! That will never change!"

Shocked that Latias was still dead-set on marrying Ash, he asked, "I thought you settled for being brother and sister!" Latias smiled, "I thought so too! At first. While you were gone, I couldn't get my mind off of him. The longer we were apart, the more I longed for him. I've seen many boys, Papa. Hundreds, if not thousands. And that's saying something as I've been around for 600 years!" She then sighed with a blush, "No one... No boy has ever touched my heart like he has. I don't care if we're related anymore! I want to marry him! I want to have his babies!" She then grinned with a determined gaze, "I...want to be Mrs. Ash Ketchum!" 

Much to Latias' surprise, Ashton burst into laughter. "What?! I'm serious, Papa! And I don't care if you're against it! I'm gonna marry him someday!" But Ashton laughed, "Latias, I told you last time! I have nothing against your feelings for him! By all means, you have my approval! However, there is something you must know. Do you recall Lucy?" Latias replied, "You mean the Lucario girl whose right ear was always drooping forward? What about her?" Ashton explained, "A great deal has happened since we left Altomare. Ash and Lucy are now engaged." Latias gasped, "Wait... Really? But what about Ruby?! I thought she was his lover!" Ashton grinned, "Oh, they're still together! Those two are like sisters, show they're quite close. What is more, male Lucario are sometimes known to have more than one mate at a time. So they are rather accustomed with sharing a mate." Latias then blushed, "Then they can add one more, right? I mean, you and Mother made it work with the others too!" Ashton scratched his head while blushing, "Heheheh... That we did..." Latias, her resolve as strong as ever, smiled boldly. "I'll respect Ash's bond with Lucy. But that still won't stop me." She then turned her gaze towards the moon, "I love you, Ash. And that will never change." 

The following day, Ash and his companions gathered around the campfire for lunch. Zandria had decided on "How does beef stew sound today? With lots of potatoes and carrots?" Sol smiled, "Yes, please! With lots of gravy!" Zandria got to work dicing up the vegetables and meat while putting the pot over the fire to boil. However, Shadow and Lucius had begun to keep their distance from Rukaria as they seemed repulsed by something. Chiara whispered, "Is something wrong? I've noticed that you two have been keeping your distance from Rukaria today." Lucius grumbled, "We have nothing against her, but she' heat. And we are not in the mood for a lustful sex drive right now." Shadow added, "Not to mention she's already taken. And I want to keep my balls." But Chiara smiled, "I am at least glad that the operation was a complete success." 

Over time, Rukaria began to show signs of discomfort. Her hand rested on her belly as she panted faintly. "It burns... Is this what heat feels like?" Ash noticed that his lover seemed to be in pain and rushed to her side. "What's wrong? Stomachache?" Suddenly, Rukaria hunkered over as she groaned loudly, " burns!" Most of the other Pokémon present began to cover there noses as Rukaria's scent intensified. "What an odor!" Pearl gagged as she covered her nose. Lucash blushed, "I feel funny... Something's happening in my pants." But Sapphire frowned, "Don't think naughty thoughts, Lucash!" Lucius also blushed, "She hot... Makes me want to... NO NO NO! Keep it together, Lucius!" Before long, Rukaria staggered to her feet and ran off into the forest in a daze with her heat disorienting her. 

"It burns! Augh!" Rukaria yelled as she fell against a tree. "It's like all my missed heats are coming back all at once!" Trying to soothe the burning, she gently rubbed her womanhood which was concealed beneath her thick gray fur. "Ooooh... Oh god, I can't believe how much better this feels..." But a more maternal thought soon passed through her mind. "This means...I'm actually fertile now. I... I can have a baby..." Moments later, Ash burst through the bushes nearby as he came searching for her. "Rukaria! What's wrong?" The Trainer asked as he came to a stop in front of the heat-stricken Lucario. She panted with a blush, "Ash... It's finally time... My body wants you and I can't wait any longer..." She then spread her legs wide, revealing her drenched womanhood, "Please! Mate me! Breed me! Make me yours!" 

Ash took a step back as Rukaria begged him to mate with her while spouting a few more vulgar sexual terms in her delirium. "Rukaria, you're starting to freak me out. I know you're in heat, but try to control yourself!" But the blind Lucario maiden blushed with a smile as her hormones and burning of the womb deluded her. "Come on, Ash. I love you. I need you now. Please, let's have puppies." She then got down on all fours and raised her tail. Ash brought a hand to his face and grumbled, "I know we were planning on having kids, but the way you're doing this is making things very awkward. I want to be able to enjoy this, not be freaked out the whole time!" He then kneeled next to Rukaria and held her face in his hands. "Rukaria, do you know who I am? Do you know what's wrong? Tell me. Please." 

In the hands of her lover, Rukaria steadily came to her senses while trying to resist the powerful primal desires fueled by her surging heat. "Y...yes... You're my mate... Ash Ketchum." Ash nodded, "OK, that's better. Now tell me what's wrong." Rukaria groaned as she held her hand to her belly, "It's the heat...'s never been this bad before! If I had to describe it, it's like there are hot coals inside me! If anything, all of my previous heats were not missed but instead held back. Once I went into heat again, they all hit at once. It burns... God, it even hurts! And there's only one way to stop it..." Ash then smiled as he held her hand, "And that's to get you pregnant. Right?" 

Rukaria froze at her lover's words. "We...can really do that?" Ash nodded, "You're in heat, right? That means you can have kids now." Rukaria's sightless eyes began to pour tears. "I...can have a family..." She then pleaded, "Ash... Let's not wait any longer..." The Trainer smiled as he had Rukaria lean against a tree, "OK. Let's do this quick before someone can show up." He then pulled his pants down, revealing his manhood. "I just need a little stimulation first." With a smirk, Rukaria pulled Ash to his knees and forced his head down towards her crotch. "No man can resist this scent."

At first, Ash was puzzled by Rukaria's actions. However, the instant he took a breath, his nostrils were assaulted by a powerful odor the likes of which he had never smelled before. "Rukaira... W...what is this smell? It's really spicy-smelling and..." He soon felt his manhood rapidly getting hard. Rukaria blushed, "That is the scent of my pheromones. A Lucario in heat. I had a hunch you'd be able to smell them this time." Ash breathed her scent in deeply, "It's starting to smell really good... But I thought humans CAN'T smell pheromones! Unless the heat is so intense that the pheromones are much stronger than usual..." The blind Lucario maiden smiled, "That's more than likely the reason. How do you feel?" 

Ash brought a hand to his head as he felt his mind beginning to be filled with more primal thoughts. (What's wrong with me... I'm more human than anything, but I still wanna...) In his mind, he could see himself passionately mating with Rukaria. (Mmmm... Want to...mate... Breed... Make...pups...) He could almost see Rukaria pregnant with their child while he caressed her swollen belly. (I breed her... Want to make offspring...) Ash smiled warmly, deciding to let his urges guide as starting a family was what Rukaria desired most. He then gazed up at her while his manhood throbbed painfully. "Rukaria... Should we start?" She smiled tearfully, "Please..."

Partially blinded by Rukaria's pheromones, Ash spread her legs wide as he aligned himself with her needy womanhood. "Please... Do it." Rukaria begged. With unexpected force, Ash plunged his manhood into her. Rukaria gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure, "" Ash growled, "Not gonna stop until we're done." He then held onto her hips as he began to thrust harshly. Rukaria held onto her lover, unable to remember the last time she had ever felt such bliss. 

Ash soon began to grope Rukaria's breasts as he mated with her. "These are gonna get full of milk soon." He smirked. Rukaria, desiring a child, blushed, "I can hardly wait..." To Ash's surprise, she threw her arms around him and pulled him in close for a kiss. His mind cleared as Rukaria sealed lips with him, now feeling more love for her than lust. His thrusting slowed as he closed his eyes, kissing his lover passionately as their tongues touched. As Rukaria neared orgasm, she folded her legs over his lower back to keep him near her. Before she even knew what had happened, Rukaria groaned as she experienced the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. Her heat-stricken folds spasm around Ash's manhood rapidly. Unable to endure the quick massaging of his member, Ash pushed in as deeply as he could before releasing his sperm in Rukaria's impossibly needy womb. 

Rukaria felt herself become weak as her eyes rolled back into her head. The feel of Ash's seed coating her uterus' walls brought sweet indescribable relief as her heat rapidly vanished. "Oh god..." Ash panted as he pulled out and sat down. "Whoa... Amazing..." As she came to her senses, Rukaria brought a hand to her lower belly. "It really happened. I'm... I'm finally..." The cursed maiden began to sob in joy, "Thank you, Ash... Thank you..." She then lunged forward and held her mate in a tight embrace. "I love you... Thank you for coming into my life..." The Trainer weakly patted her on the back, "I'm glad this day finally came... I love you too, Rukaria." She then asked, "W...what should we name it? Will it be a boy or a girl? So many things to prepare for..." Ash chuckled, "Easy there, Rukaria. We still have two months before that day arrives." But the blind maiden smirked, "Two years? I've been waiting for this for around two CENTURIES at the very least! Can you imagine having to wait that long for your most precious dream to become a reality?!" Ash chuckled, "Dang... I honestly can't imagine having to wait that long. Sorry. You're right. You have every right to get excited about this.... Huh?" The Trainer gasped as he felt Rukaria licking his manhood clean of their juices. "I'll clean you up, dear... And I hear this stuff is good for the baby. I want our child to be as healthy as possible." Ash blushed with a touched smile, "Rukaria... Our baby is gonna love you." Rukaria giggled with a grin, knowing that in two months she would finally become a mother. 

Nearly two weeks later, the group was on their way home on a ferry out of Sandgem Town. Just after the ferry left port, Ash watched from the stern as the land of Sinnoh slowly drifted out of sight. "Are you going to miss this place?" Lucy asked as she walked up alongside him. He sighed, "I'll be back later. Not sure when, but I'll return someday." He then popped open his badge case to examine the Coal and Forest badges he had earned from Roark and Gardenia. Lucy looked at them and sighed, "It seems you've been having hard luck since Hoenn. First six badges and now two? I really hope I'm not dragging you down..." But Ash shook his head as he closed his badge case, "It's not your fault, Lucy. I had to leave Hoenn early because of the Blackflame clan wanting me dead. As for Sinnoh, it's just temporary. I'll be back someday to finish my challenge." Lucy smiled as she grasped her fiancé's hand, "And I'll be right there with you." 

Ash smiled as Sinnoh's landmass vanished over the horizon. "The Skydiamond clan turned out to be pretty nice people, huh?" He asked with a smile. Lucy nodded, "I owe Ashton my thanks. They would still be hunting me if he had not sealed Doom away." Ash held his fiancée close to him with his hand on her shoulder. "Tia turned out to be a really nice lady. She gave us her support when they left. And that Oracle... What was his name? Shynn? Or was it a she?" He then asked, "Lucy, do you know if the Oracle is a guy or girl?" The Lucario maiden giggled, "To be honest, I could never once figure it out." The two lovers chuckled in unison, happy to be in each other's company. 

On their way back inside the ferry, Lucy asked, "How has Rukaria been? Is she really with child now?" Ash blushed, "Yeah, I can hardly believe it. I actually had my doubts at first, but she's already showing." They soon came to their cabin and knocked on the door. "Just a second." Rukaria's voice answered before opening the door. Lucy's eyes trailed downwards before falling upon Rukaria's belly. With a gestation period of only sixty days, she almost seemed to be a quarter through her pregnancy. "How have you been feeling, Rukaria?" Lucy asked as she eyed the blind maiden's belly. Rukaria giggled, "I've never felt better. And are you looking at my belly?" Lucy blushed, "Yes... May I feel it?" Rukaria smiled warmly, "Go right ahead. And let me know if you can feel your nephew's movements."

Lucy kneeled down and placed her hands on Rukaria's lower belly. As expected, there was a noticeable bulge and firmness. Lucy smiled warmly as she slowly ran her hands over it. "A baby growing inside... How beautiful..." Rukaria sighed happily, "There's nothing like it in the world. What is it about a tiny life growing inside you that is just so magical?" Lucy blushed as she closed her eyes, "I... I hope I also...get to experience it someday... Someday soon..." Ash smiled as he kneeled and embraced his lover from behind. "You will, Lucy. All we can do now is wait for your next heat cycle." But the Lucario maiden gasped, "Huh? Did I just feel..." Her hands remained still as a tiny movement was felt in Rukaria's womb. "I did! It's moving! Even if just a little." Rukaria placed her hands on her own belly to feel the movements of her unborn child. "I can feel it... Oh, Ash... I..." She suddenly fell into her mate's arms while weeping in sheer joy. Ash gulped nervously as he comforted her, "Are you all right?" Rukaria sobbed, "I'm happy... You don't know what this means to me..." 

That night, Ash and Rukaria rested in bed together. "Are you sure it's all right that we sleep together? I don't want to get between you and Lucy..." Rukaria asked, feeling somewhat guilty about keeping Ash away from his wife-to-be. The Trainer smiled, "It's OK. Really. Lucy understands that you're carrying a baby right now and she wants to make sure you spend as much time with the father as possible. Which is me." The blind Lucario giggled, "Lucy amazes me. She's so strong and understanding. Though I must admit I'm afraid she may be a little too selfless for her own good. Please don't ever leave her. I know she needs you more than anyone else." Ash nodded with a warm smile, "You don't have to remind me. I haven't forgotten my promise." He then turned his gaze to the ceiling, "To make sure Lucy lives the rest of her life in peace and in happiness..... That's my life goal." Rukaria smiled as she gripped her lover's hand, "You won't be alone. I'll be there every step of the way to help." Ash placed a soft kiss on his lover's muzzle and smiled warmly, "Thank you, Rukaria. I love you." The blind Lucario held him in a tender embrace, "I love you too..... Forever."

Days later, Ash and his friend and family stood at the front door of his home in Pallet Town. "I'm worried, Ash. What if your mother doesn't like the idea of us getting married?" But Ruby chuckled as she rested a hand on her shoulder, "Oh, you worry too much. She'll love to have you as a daughter-in-law. Trust me on this." Ash nodded, "Ruby's right. I know my mom well." He then opened the front door and called out, "Mom, I'm ho-" But the Trainer was cut off as something bolted through the doorway and tackled him, crashing right through his companions and sending them scattering with some even being launched airborne from the sheer force of the impact. A moment later, Delia stepped outside and asked, "Did someone get a strike?! And who built a bowling alley out here?!" 

Lucius grumbled as he found himself hanging on the fence in front of the house. "What the hell was that?! I didn't even see it coming!" Just behind Delia was Ashton, who shook his head with a chuckle as he observed his friends and family scattered all over the place. "Oh dear... I should've known this would've happened once he got home." Nearly fifty feet away from the front door was Latias lying atop a stunned Ash, smothering him with kisses. "I knew you'd be back soon, Ash! Now we'll never be apart again!" But while Latias smothered her 'brother' in affection, Anabel was quick to see her father standing at the doorway. "Papa!" The tiny Zangoose child ran over to the viscount, who quickly snatched her up in his hands. "There's my little girl. Did you miss me?" Anabel nuzzled her father's face, "Soooo much, Papa! And Mommy missed you too!" At that moment, Zandria approached Ashton and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "More than you know, honey." 

Everyone gathered around Ash and Latias as the Eon Pokémon continued to smother her little brother with kisses. "Latias, let him breathe!" Pearl shouted as she began to fear her mate was on the verge of suffocating. Reminded of the others, Latias floated off of Ash with a blush. "Oops. I guess I got carried away." A moment later, Ash regained his senses and sat up. "Ugh... Why do I feel like a bowling pin? And I could swear I heard someone bowl a strike a minute ago..." Shadow chuckled, "Uh... It's not that unlikely. We were the pins too." Latias then smiled brightly, "Never mind that! The important thing is that we're together again! Now we can get married!" 

Ash blushed deeply at Latias' exclamation. "M...m...married?! But I thought we couldn't do that! Aren't we related?! Even if very distantly?" Latias giggled, "I don't care anymore! Blood ties or not, I love you! Our time apart only made my desire for you grow stronger. I've never met a boy like you, Ash. And that's saying something since I've met hundreds in my life!" But Ash gulped, "But... You have to understand. I've decided to marry Lucy. And I'm not changing my mind." Lucy nodded with a blush, "It's true... We're engaged." But Latias smiled brightly, "I know. Papa told me everything. And OK, I guess I just got carried away with that getting married stuff. I respect your bond. And really, you are one lucky girl, Lucy." The Lucario maiden giggled, "I did not expect you to be so understanding of this... And thank you. You don't know what he means to me." Latias then smirked, "But that doesn't mean you can't fit one more in. Right, Ruby?" 

Ruby laughed as Latias reminded her of her bond with Ash as well as Pearl and Rukaria. "I've never seen a girl as passionate in her feelings as you, Latias. And truth be told, I have nothing against your feelings for him. What about you, Lucy? Ash is your husband-to-be. Do you mind the Alpha having another sweetheart?" Latias stared at Lucy with a pleading expression. Lucy giggled, "Well... I suppose that's all right. I can't ignore her feelings for him." Latias rose into the air with a delighted shriek before tackling Ash once again. But Ash groaned, "Hang on! What about your dad's approval?!" At this, Ashton chuckled, "I already gave it, Ash. I know my daughter will be in good hands with you." Ash's face became pale, knowing that he could no longer resist the advances of the love-struck Latias any longer. Ashton then turned his back and muttered, "Good luck. You're going to need it..." Pearl overheard the viscount and asked, "Wait... What was that?" But Ashton chuckled, "Did I say something? I'm sorry, I was just mumbling. Pay me no mind." After a moment more of enduring Latias' affection, Ash managed to push her off him. "OK, I'll give it a chance. But just remember this, Latias. Lucy is the most important person in the world to me. Not to mention my bride-to-be. This means she comes first. Got it?" Latias nodded with a grin, "Clear as bell! I can't wait to see you two get married."

Once everyone had been brought up to date on recent events and introductions had been made, Latias cuddled her new baby sister in her arms. "Ooooh, you're so adorable! I'm Latias, little Anabel!" The Zangoose infant giggled, "Big sister pretty!" But Delia then came forward and smiled, "Ash, I heard the news. You and Lucy are an item now?" Worried that Delia was going to be against it, Lucy quickly rushed to Ash's side and clutched his hand. The Trainer nodded, "That's right, Mom. I don't know if we can do it just yet, but Lucy and I are gonna get married as soon as we can." Delia giggled as she gazed down at Lucy. "Lucy, you found yourself a good man. Promise me you'll make him the happiest boy in the world." On the verge of tears, Lucy smiled and bowed, "I will do my best, Delia. And thank you for giving us your approval." But Delia then smirked, "And Ash. You make sure you don't neglect the others. They need your love too." Everyone present burst into laughter as Ash blushed a deep red. They then followed Delia inside for tea while Pearl chatted with her. "How is the new house coming along?" Delia replied while cradling Sol in her arms, "I'd say about three months to go. And don't worry about the furniture. I'll help you pick them out."

That night, Ash and Lucy lied awake in bed in his bedroom. "This bed's a bit small for two people..." Ash muttered as he tried to make sure Lucy would not fall off. "It's not that bad. It helps that I have a slender frame." She then reached out and grasped her lover's hand. "Ash..." She then smiled warmly, "Really... Thank you for coming into my life. If I had never met you, I... I don't even want to think about where I would be now..." The Trainer gave Lucy a tender kiss on her muzzle, "I'm really glad I met you too, Lucy. And from now on, we'll never be apart." They then held each other in a firm embrace. "I love you, Lucy." Ash said with a smile. Lucy silently shed a few tears, " you, Ash... More than you know..."

As they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, Ash smiled smugly as he thought to himself. (I almost forgot. I need to talk it over with the others. Can't believe it's almost been a full year...)

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